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Local and Personal News Notes
bre rain to-day.
Bng Friday night?
|ke, the plumber,
kier sells it for less.
bnday, Red Cross work.
fct it done at Doggett's.
[g line racket goods at Lair's.
b mask ball at Fraternal hall Feb
in't forget, Laier sells it for
ib wood at the Prairie Lum
Baldwin line of pianos at
p wanted at Red Cross work
: social Friday night at the 'Com
y eh urch.
tig or short hauls quick—Ber
[Iray line.
to the Artie and get a glimpse of
(tside world.
Ill paper at Lair's, where you
1 for less.
pt-class cobbler at the A. R.
harness store.
fero ministrels Friday night at
immunity church.
|Harrnett went to Lewiston Sun
I visit his parents,
p- changes of program week
ly at the Artie.
I stingy with coal at The
i Always warm.
Isnow is all gone and the frost
B leaving the ground.
IJake, the plumber, to make
■ewer connections.
Kir Rowe returned Saturday from
(fcss trip to Lewiston.
Krs good pictures at The Artie,
■al Wednesday night,
fer L. N. Swift was a business
in Lewiston yesterday.
iNezpcrce Roller Mills now
Bgp supply alfalfa hay.
Biohart was over Saturday from
Bliome in the Winona section.
BClla Mills left this morning
■ston, where she will reside.
pv cords of dry kindling
■ The Prairie Lumber Co.
K LUNCHES served at Nez
fetel lunch counter any time.
■Witters, of Winchester, was a
■ visitor in Nezperce last Sat
it's hauling you want,
b. Doggett. Phone 7538
ale—Good hob sled with
:0. Rom Galloway, Nez
32-3 #
are here, those hoAvl-frost
S—at the G. Electric Light
ed lai
Co 'Sri
pan Clarke of the N. &. I. is
I to his home with a light at
Ihe flu.
tack ?
le Lumber Co., headquar
j the best Utah and Bock
I Coal.
t. O. AV. 's are preparing to
■the public with a grand mask
|F eh. 14.
(Billow was an arrival from
I Saturday, where he had been
piow ready to repair and
Iharne.ss and will do it for
iek Laier.
land transfer work—on
lall the time. Doggett.
K8 or 4638.
■to Covey spent Sunday as
■of Mrs. Ralph Stellmon on
2h west of town.
■gens, came in Monday from
Bor a visit with relatives and
fter local interests.
Ikou can't get your work
■where else, bring it to
H—they can do it.
■ B. L. Cole of the Roch
Rp t to Spokane Tuesday with
ifcgs for that market.
E Mrs. Geo. Reinhardt came
Splarkston Friday to attend
ipof her cousin, Harry Billow.
HE. Crumpacker and daught
■amie, were passengers yes
■Lewiston and other points
ale i
he i
png to Eph Testerman last
Inld have been stated he is
lof C company, 2nd U. S.
-eek 1
Mrs. H. C. Billow returned
tom Clarkston, where they
|by the death of their son,
in the
iCross work room
S' cm pie will reopen Mon
Bpers are needed to carry
I in hand.
" I
iza Patients
lave had good eyesight
Bre your illness—
[but, NOW?
7on -1
A. Schilling
fecialist, visits Nezperce,
»onth—Monday and
(day of third week
Laier sells it lor less.
Red Cross work room open Monday.
Complete line of furniture at
Laier 's, for less.
Go-carts at Lair's, and you can
get them for less.
See the coons at „ the Community
church Friday night. .
The wily wild cat stock vendor is
again abroad in the land.
Alfalfa hay now on tap at the
Nezperce Roller Mills.
Tne Artie pictures will relieve the
monotony of these quiet times.
The rainy weather is said to he dis
pelling the flu in many sections.
Frank Primus went to Lewiston Fri
day to attend the Black-Primus wed
Mrs. T. P. O'Connor went to Spo
kane Tuesday for a visit with rela
Hary Cranke was ] a Spokane visitoi
the later part of the week, returning
They are here, those bowl-frost
ed lumps—at the G. Electric Light
Co's, store.
Take your car troubles to the
Dant's service garage—the old
Herren plant.
The best la carpenter work sup
plied by Edwards & Monsen. Try
as. Phone 7238. 31w4*
Place your orders now for your
winter coal supply with the Prai
rie Lumber Co.
It will pay you to figure with
Jake, the plumber, if you have any
work in his line.
Dant has 14 years' experience
in car repairing. A trial is all he
asks. At Herren's old stand.
They are here, those bowl-frost
ed lamps—at the G. Electric Light
Co's, store.
Miss Blanche Sweet returned Thurs
day evening from Ilo,^ where she was
nursing influenza patients.
Attorney G. Orr McHinimy was ovei
from llo Friday on business with the
board of county commissioners.
Foster Brownfield was up from Lew
iston the latter part of the week n
business connected with the Nezperci
Roller Mills.
John and Andy Stellmon left yes
terday morning for the Ft. Benton,
Montana, country to look after land
interests they have there.
Mr. and Airs. Theo. Primus return
ed Monday from Lewiston, where they
attended the wedding of Lewis Primus
and Miss Winnie Black last Sunday.
Mr. and Airs. Sunderlin returned
Tuesday from Spokane, where ho was
in attendance at the Northwestern
Hardware Dealers' convention last
To dairymen that produce fine, clean,
rich cream we offer a special market,
poor cream not wanted.
Mutual Creamery Company,
Lewiston, Idaho
Air. and Mrs. Roy Thompson attend
ed the funeral of Frank Brocke in
Kendrick on Wednesday of last week.
Roy returning immediately thereafter
and Mrs. Thompson returning last Mon
day evening.
Wm. Sullivan is now talking real
estate and entertaining his friends cos
ily in his new brick office building,
which is practically completed and
which is one of the most attractive im
provements our little city has recent
ly enjoyed.
The community owes a vote of
thanks to Chairman York Herren, Sec
retary-Treasurer C. W. Kettman and
the other officers and directors who
ffieiently and effectively handled
so e
the Red Cross work of this section dur
The fine results
ing the past year,
shown in the annual report, published
elsewhere in this paper, speak for them
Mr. and Mrs. Leo L. Robertson came
Tuesday from Cottonwood, where
they had been visiting for a few- days
at the home of his father, after Leo's
return from Camp Lewis, where on the
ATth he received his final discharge
from the army. He is now back in
diarge of his drug store here, having
lalen up the thread of civil life where
he left off when Uncle Sam called him
to the colors.
George Medved, a member of the
mechanical force of the Grageville
Free Press during the past eight years
and'for some time foreman of the
plant, last Monday bought the Cotton
wo'd Chronicle, one of the best news
paper properties in North Idaho, and
will conduct the destinies of the same
George is the eldest
in the future.
of Mr. and Mrs. John Medved,
of this city, where he grew to young
manhood. He is a young man of excel
lent qualities and The Herald is glad
to see him getting on in the journal
istic field.
In a note from Captain Chancey AVal
iace, Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., un
der date of Jan. 13, he says: "It
is warm and like summer today. Noth
ing now; am still here and will bo until
I get orders to move, end these one
doesn't know anything about till they
are handed him. The flu has been with
us again. Not so bad, but bad enough.
Suppose the soldier boys are coming
home eviry few days now, except some
who will never come. Just had a notj
from Olfri« Kettman telling me ah-int
Carr II Ko wo. Extend to his homo
folks my deepest sympathy.
A little snow Monday night.
Need hay? Call up the mill.
Frank Cargill is an Ilo visitor today.
LOST—X. H. S. class '13 pin. Jas.
Some farmers are getting ready for
spring work.
Frank Johnson returned to Spokane
Tuesday morning.
TRADE—Three or four work horses,
for cattle. G. H. Ellis.
Miss Carrie Gchrke returned Thurs
day night from a visit to Lewiston.
WOOD For Sale.—Good, dry 16-inch
wood,'at the Tramway. A. Kachelnder
Geo. Hines returned last Thursday
evening from a brief visit to Lewis
Good chance to get some nice house
hold furnishings at Peterson 's sale
Feb. 1.
County Agent A. E. Wade is in Ho
today on business connectedwith his
Walter Zimmerman, the Vollmer
banker, is a business visitor in this
city today.
Air. and Mrs. Frank R. Roe went to
Lewiston this morning for a visit with
Elmer E. Thomas* has opened a bar
ber shop in what was formerly the par
lor of the Nezperce Hotel.
Dr. E. A. Schilling, the eye special
ist, was over from Ilo the first of the
week looking after business here.
Mrs. E. S. Peterson will sell her
household goods at public auction in
the vacant store room of the Fraternal
Temple on Feb. L
Lost—Boston bull dog; collar
with brass plate on top; answers
o name of Ted. Reward for infor
mation. Ernst Wienss.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rowe have tak
en up their temporary residence in Spo
kane, where Mrs. Rowe will receive
special medical treatment.
Is your hair falling out or have you
dandruff? If so try the genuine Cocoa
Nut Oil Scalp treatment and watch the
results. At the Gem State Barber Shop.
Auctioneer Harry C. Cranke on Mon
day received a message stating that
tue. San Francisco live stock show, to
have been held Feb. 8-15 and at which
he was to handle the pure bred short
horn sales, had been annulcd on ac
count of the influenza epidemic.
Captain and Mrs. J. L. Kelly were
over from Winchester Monday evening
brief visit with old Nezperce
This was their first trip to
on a
Nezperce since the Doctor returned
from army service as surgeon at Port
Riley, Kansas, and Fort Sheridan, HI.
He had much experience during the
few weeks he was with the colors, and
had just made full preparation for over.
when the armistice was
seas service
signed. Ho has been placed on the of
ficers' reserve list.
Frank Brocke, a cousin of Mrs. Gay
Miller and Mrs. Roy Thompson of this
city, died at his home in the Kendrick
section on the 12th instant, from pneu
monia following an atack of influenza.
The deceased was ill hut a few days.
He was a highly esteemed and popular
citizen of his community, being a mem
ber of the Masonic and W. O. W. fra
ternities. He was 39 years of age and
leaves a wife' and five children. In
chronicleing his death, the Kendrick
Gazette said:
''Mr. Brocke was a man of splendid
His .quiet, modest, sincere
personality endeared him to his neigh
bors and friends in this community. A
of his character need have no fear
of death, hut his passing has left a
sorrow in the hearts of his family and
his friends that will always be keenly
Notice is hereby given, that under
and by virtues of the impounding
ordinances of the Village of Nezperce,
Idaho, I have taken up the following
stock, viz:
1 gray team, a mare and a gelding,
about 9 and weight about 1200
1 brown pony weight about 800.
No disfinguishible brands and all of
said stock is shod.
Notice is further given that unless
said stock is sooner redeemed, I will
soil the same to the highest and best
bidder for cash, at the village pound
in the Village of Nezperce, Idaho, on
Saturday Feb. 1st, 1919, at the hour of
2 o'clock p. m. to satisfy the cost of
impounding, feed and sale.
Dated this 22nd day of Jan. 1919.
A. Farmer, Poundmastér.
As the mid-winter sale season is now
I take this medium of thanking the
public, for their loyal support in the
past year 1918, and trust that they will
date their sales at The Herald office
the same as heretofore, and they can
depend on the same being conducted
in the same business-like manner ns
heretofore. Thanking you again one
and nil for your liberal support, I beg
to remain
Tours for business,
Harry C. Cranke, Auct. Nezperce, Ido.
All amounts due the Nezperce Gar
age must be paid on or before Feb. 1,
or same will be placed in thé hands of
an attorney and additional costs of col
lection added.
B. L. Kienholz.
John Schadt moved his bean thresh
er down to Mando Thomas's bean
stacks and worked them over last week.
Mr. West's team became frightened
the other day and, running away, threw
him out of the rig and injured him ser
Grover Anderson, accompanied by
Ralph* Tu'l, took a herd of horses and
mules to Agatha for winter pasture.
T. A. Holmes and family visited rel
atives and friends in Peck a few days
last week.
Mrs. John Warlick 's brother is visit
ing at her home this week.
Mrs. Bruce Senter returned home last
Tuesday from a few days' visit with
her parents.
Jas. Pardue, of the Vollmer section,
was a Steele caller Saturday.
Arthur Shoemaker returned home
Thursday from Myrtle, where he had
been visiting.
T. A. Holmes, one of our most enter
prising citizens, is installing an elec
tric light plant on his farm.
The many Nezperce friends of Mr.
and Mrs. Conrad Martin and family
will be glad to get a line from them
and know that they are doing nicely
on their ranch near Nyssn, Ore. In
renewing his subscription to the Her
ald recently, Air. Martin said:
We are here nearly a year now and
Mrs. M. and I and also the children are
very well pleased with the change.
We had good crops and got"good pric
es. If we have the same next season
and the north and south road is com
pleted we may get to have another look
at Nezperce and some of her people.
We have had real winter weather
here, about 6 or 7 degrees above in
December and the ground white with
snow. For Thanksgiving and Christ
mas dinners we had turkeys of our own
raising; which wore very nice and
juicy, so our neighbors who helped ns
eat them said, and I voted, aye!
We were very sorry to hoar that
Nezperce was so hard hit by the fin.
So far we have been very fortunate,
with only two or three cases in this
With wishing all our Kezpcrcn
friends a very prosperous year, I will
The N. H. 8. Literary Society had
its regular program last Friday, which
comes regularly every other Friday
It was a very well conducted pro
gram and there were a large number
of visitors present. The part played
by Miss Edith Wright and Mrs. Stouf
er was especially good and rather mys
terious. They got everybody wonder
ing what was going to happen and then
invited them up to have a glass of
punch. ^
The afternoon's bill was as follows:
Piano duet by Misses Sylvesta Gross
and Edna Cargill.
Current Events by Delmar Sullivan.
Cornet solo by Herschnll Baskett, ac
companied by Sylvesta Gross.
Vocal duct by Clayton Miller and
Guy Kienholz.
Talk by Rev. Martin.
Violin solo by Earl Stellmon, accom
panied by Edna Cargill.
Song by mixed quartet.
Play by Mias Edith AVright and Mrs,
Stdufer, called Punch & Judy.
All visitors are Cordially invited and
we would like to have them on the
Idaho will not experience difficulty
in securing her teachers for 1919-20,
says Prof. P. H. Soulen in the Moscow
"Although January is very early to
predict just what the situation will be,
it is safe to presume that with the dis
charge of teachers in service and the
increasing number of students who are
looking forward to teaching, that ev
ery vacancy will have an applicant."
Prof. Soulen believes that a certain
number of disabled soldiers are hound
to look to the teaching profession as
a splendid opportunity for them and
their disability.
Idaho is one of the states that has
come to the front in offering good
salaries. Nearly every school has in
creased the wages of its teachers dur
ing the past two years. Only a few
days ago the Education Department of
the University was asked to make an
appointment for a school position pay
ing $2,200.
(Edited by the local Secretary.)
The local AV. C. T. U. wishes to thank
those who so generously contributed to
the emergency fund of that organiza
tion through fhe farmer-give-a-bushel
The next regular meeting of the local
AV. C. T. U. will be held at the home
of Mrs. AVylie Johnson on Tuesday,
Jan. 28, at 2 p.m. The first part of
the meeting will be devoted to a mis
mionary prayer program, after which
there will be a short business session.
It Is safer to buy It from the adver
Saving Is basy, Once You Start
It's largely a habit, like many another proceeding.
Save at least some of your earnings- The future ought
to be looked out for-your old age, when earnings will
probably lessen.
Something should be laid aside for emergencies, for
it's the unexpected which always happens.
Why not open a savings account today and let us add
interest to it twice a year?
Our Motto:
Lewiston Business College
A modern business
training school for
young men and women. Oders thorough course in Shorthand, Bookkeep
ing, Typewriting, and all commercial studies. Write for catalog.
How to Realize Most Money from
Your Live Stock
FIRST, select the nearest market that pays top prices for your
SECOND, consign your shipment to the commission firm that gives
you best service.
The Spokane Union Stockyards, with its reputation for the highest
prices in the Northwest answers the first requirement. That our
firm handles more sto:k than all our competitors combined indi
cates what shippers think of our service.
We can fill your feeder and stocker orders.
P. W. Murphy Commission Co.
E ARE now in position to handle your
harness-to oil and repair them the beast
way. Let us figure with you. ßest
Neatselene Oil used.
A. R. FIKE, The Harness Man ;
Vacation Time Is Over
School has resumed its work and parents of children can
save money by buying School Supplies at the
M. D. DeMoude, Prop.
Prescriptions compounded as the Doctors prescribe
Day or Night
Phone No. 1238
you betcha!
* ç
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chew, longer life is
what makes Genuine
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chew than ordinary
The more a man
knows about genu
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surer he is to see
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