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Thursday, February 20, 1919.
W. P. Conger & P. W. Mitchell
Editors and Owners
Entered at the Nezperce, Idaho, Post
office as Second-Class Mail Matter.
In Session Friday, Order Elec
tion Prairie Highway Dis
trict.—New Audit Coun
ty Records.—Other
January term—eighth day,
January 14, 1919.
The board of county commis
iouers met pursuant to recess
taken January 24th, 1919, pres
ent J. F. Pomeroy, chairman;
I. J. Longeteig and Harley Hug
gins, and E. L. Schnell clerk, by
Alva O. White, deputy.
The following business was
transacted :
Minutes of last meeting read
and approved.
Official bond of Geo. M. Beck,
overseer of road dist. No. 1 was
examined and approved.
Report of E. H. Ratliff, assess
or, of auto licenses collected in
January, 1919, was examined
and approved.
The board here canvassed the
returns of the election held Feb.
11th, 1919, for the purpose
submitting the question off the
organization of the North High
District!. For,ty one votes
were cast, forty of which were,
in favor of creating said High
way District, and one against the!
It is therefore ordered that ;
said Highway District be, and |
the same hereby is organized as
a highway district to be known
as "North Highway District."
The petition of H. J. Wester
man, et al, for the formation
of a highway district to lie
known as the "Prairie Highway
District," was here granted, and
it is ordered that an election be
held in said proposed highway
district to determine whether or
not such highway- district shall
lie organized. Said election is to
he held on Tuesday, March 11th,
1919, between the hours of eight
o'clock a. m. and 7 o'clock p. ra.
The eity hall iu Nezperce and the
Russell hall are designated as
polling places for said election.
For the purpose of this election,
Russell precinct shall comprise
all that part of Russell and Greer
precincts, not-included in an or
ganized highway district, and
Nezperce precinct shall comprise
all of East and West Nezperce
and Mohler precincts not includ
ed within an organized highway
The following judges of elec
tion were appointed :
Nezperce, Joe Dunham,
Bell, and T. F. Jacobs.
light h our
A Tractor that Makes Good
A CRE for acre—hour for hour,—the Huber Light Four chal
lenges competition for economical work. Under reasonable
conditions pulling three 14" plows, set 8 inches deep, it
easily turns an acre an hour on a gallon and a half to two gallons
of gasoline. In the 5,000 lb. class. It does not pack the ground.
Never stalls.
Steers itself when plowing. And such power! A steady stream of energy
from v a 4-cylinder motor, transmitted direct to the drive. ^ Does not over
heat in extreme weather. Self-lubricating anti-friction bearings. It turns in
a six-foot radius and is mounted on its powerful frame so as to adjust itself to
the roughest fields.
12 h. p. at the draw-bar wjth a road speed from 2p£ to 4 miles per hour.
2d h. p. at the belt, operating separator, silo filler, saw, pump, dynamo, shred
der, sheller, baler, and other farm machinery. Built for lifetime service by the
Huber Mfg. Company, Marion, Ohio. Established more than forty years „
A number of these tractors are being very successfully operated
in the Genesee country where they give fine satisfaction—their users
thereîclaiming they can't be beaten.
Farmers interested in tractors find it pays them well to see and
inquire about these machines in use around Genesee. Write or phone
Christ Lange, Agent
Phone No. 147H
Russell, E. If,. Waters, Nick
Schinder and Fred Sweet.
The board here proceeded to
inspect the depository bonds of
the various banks of the coun
ty and finds bonds on file as fol
lows :
Bank of Winchester, in the
amount of $5,000.00, with the
United States Fidelity and Guar
anty Company. .
State Bank ol Eannah in the
amount ot $5,000.00, with the
Aetna Accident and Liability
Union State Bank, in the
amount of $100,000.00, personal.
bond; expires Sept. 10th, 1920.
Bank ot \ ollmer, in
amount of $10,000.00, with the
United States Fidelity and Guar-,
NLi'T'Vü,™*, in the
amount of $7,000.00, with the
American Surety Company of
New York.
Farmers Slate Bank, in the
amount of $8,000.00, with the
United States Fidelity find Guar- '
anty Company. j
the amount of $35,000.00. person-,
al bond, was here examined and
approved and placed on file,
Such bond expires February 14,
The Board here appropriated
the sum of $3,525.00 to help pay,
1 he cost of conducting tarn ex
eoimtv a V griculturist n ànd county
club leader iu Lewis county.
understood that the Ex
sity ot Idaho will set aside $2,4bU
from slate and federal funds to
assist in paying the salary am
expenses of said county' agent,
The board here entered into a
contract with Byron Defenbach
expert accountant, to make
complete audit of the books.and
financial accounts ot all county
officers of Lewis county,
Compensation for such audit
is here fixed at $750
There being no further busi
ness, the board here took recess
nntil Friday, March 14th, 1919.
J- E. Pomeroy Chairman,
Attest: E. L. Schnell, Clerk,
Ey Alva O. White, Deputy,
It is
tension Division of the
a '
\A as that buck private complain
ing oi army fare?"
ile didn t exactly complain, bat
he said the longer a soldier ate army j
food the shorter the time seemed be
tween breakfast and dinner and din
ner and supper. ' Birmingham Age
"I see Slack is sporting a new set
of false teeth."
"Yes. His natural ones wouldn't
exempt him from army service."—
Detroit Free Press.
The Herald, $1.50 a year.
spoonfuls in
ghou]d be ent ertainin
. . +1 p dour and
or ° ne ° f
mathematical Y ashingtouians.
So it was a day or two ago that
Assistant Food Administrator Malt
),i e was traveling in the diner with
^Administrator Sproul of \ irginia,
and tbe wa jter served canteloupe.
i<Here waiter » sa j ( ] Mr. Sproul,
"* "W the «„teloeps.
please. I like it that way.
"Sorry, sah," said the waiter, but
;the guv'ment done 'ministrafed
again' it. No sugar for nothing,
5ub) except cereal and also coffee, if
ou as k f or it.
''Well," said Mr. Sproul, "you
Sweet Substance Is Doled Out in Nig
gardly Fashion by Order of the
Food Administrator.
If you are well acquainted wiU
the Virginians, you know how irre
sistible is their love for sugar. No
F. V. will accept less than two
his coffee unless he
Mr. Hoover
, . fnr
haven ' bro "f ht me "
my coffee. Bring it and I will put
some on my melon."
-The waiter nodded, hurried out,
[returned and laid the sugar at Mr.
gp rou p s pi a t e . It was lump sugar,
g uch are the newest of the food
1 administration regu l at ions. The
! sugar bowls have been banished from
the dining cars, and no sugar is
served to any diner, except for his
., , ,
his coffee if he asks for it.
Sugar for cereals will be served in
gma ]j envelopes, and it is necessary
. , .
He can have lump sugar for
to make that much do. Nobody—
not even a food administrator—gets
' more than that.—Baltimore News.
American Girls Giving Real Aid to the
Unfortunate Inhabitants of the
Devastated Area.
There is in France at the present
time a number of girls from an
American college who are perform
ing relief work of a unique kind.
They have taken upon themselves
the functions of peddlers, ragpickers
and hucksters in the villages over
which the battle wave has ebbed,
(Every girl is trained in social serv
ice, and they travel about with stores
0 f tinware, pots, pans, clothing and
farm implements. The "peddlers"
a ] so 8e ]i m ilk, chickens, rabbits and
goats. Another service they are try
j n g re nder, to reduce costs and
foster trade, is the opening up of a
chain of grocery stores. In nearly
every hamlet are peasants who had
little shops before the war, but who
have now neither the capital nor
the courage to start afresh. To them
the "peddlers" sell staple produce
below cost price, usually on the in
stalment system. The "peddlers
have done a good service toward re
creating the conditions of village life
in the devastated land.
Except for flanged wheels, the new
railway skates are much like the
ordinary roller skates, says Popu
j lar Mechanics Magazine. They are
intended for sporting purposes and
also as aids to the individual who is,
more or less, dependent upon his
legs for Jlong-distance transporta
I tion. To enable one to maintain
equilibrium while making successive
I strokes, a balancing rod is provided,
j This is shaped somewhat like the
j handle of a scythe and is equipped
at its outer end with a flanged roller
that is held to the opposite rail. Fair
speed without undue exertion is
■ easily maintained on a level track.
"I can't say that a paternalistic
form of government, as exemplified
by the central powers, strikes me as
being an unqualified success.
"What's the idea ?"
"The idea now seems to be to grab
all the food for the rich and to give
the poor a permit to eat anything
they can get."—Louisville Courier
J ournal.
Mistress—We must conserve, No
rah. Not a bit of food must be
Cook—-Not a bit is, mum. Officer
Kerrigan calls here every evening
and sees to all that.
"So you're goin' to work," said
Meandering Mike.
"You bet I am," replied Plodding
Pete, "The I. W. W. lue took all
the Aignity out o' loafin'."
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Gents' Furnishings
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Not the Cheapest but the Best
We have secured the agency for
If you are thinking about buying
a tractor come in and see us
Thomas & Jamison Co
! i
•* C
Successors to Western Hardware & Implement Co., Nezperce, Idaho
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