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Thursday, February"27, 1919.
W. P. Conger & P. W. Mitchell
Editors and Owners
Entered at the Nezperçe, Idaho, Post
office as Second-Class Mail Matter.
Returns Must Be Filed On Oi
Before March 15.—Failure
Means Heavy Penalties.
ot the act reach the pocket-book
in the
Washington,-D. 0.—Work on
the collection of $6,000,000,000
has been begun by the Bureau oi
Internal Revenue. This is the es
timated yield of the new revenue
The income tax provision.
of every single person
United States whose net incomt
for 1918 was $1,000, or more, and
of every married person whose
net income was $2,000 or more.
Persons whose net income equall
ed or exceeded these amounts
according to their marital status,
must file a return of income with
the collector of internal revenue
for the district in which the.s
live on or before March 15.
This means that millions ol
Americans must go to work at
once( to prepare their returns,
and for the guidance of taxpay
ers the internal revenue bureau
has issued explicit instructions
covering the preparation and fil
ing of returns. This is the A. B.
C. of the procedure.
First get a tax return
from the revenue collector's of
fice or from a bank. There arc
many kinds of these forms.
person's income was below $5000(of
he should ask for the form es
pecially intended for the small-1
er incomes. It might he advis I
able to get two or three of these
forms, since one may he spoiled j
in the preparation. The form is
a six-page printed sheet, with de I
tailed instructions for reporting
various items of income and for
calculating the tax due. By fol- 1
lowing this form closely even au
inexperienced person probably
will have little difficulty, parti-1
ularly if his source of income
was not complicated or if it was
in wages or salary rather than in
business transactions.
• I
form I
The tiix rate for most iudivid-1
utils is' 6 per cent. For a single
person this is imposed on the dif-|
ferenee between the total net in-1
come for the year and $1000, the
so called exempted amount. For
a married man, o rthe head of
family, the exemption is $2000
*v._ c • •
and the 6 per cent, tax is impos
ed on the difference between
that and Lie total income. There
is provision for an additional
exemption of $200 for each child
or other dependent person, un
der 18 years of age or incapable
of self support. Thus a married
man with one child or an aged
parent would have an exemption
of $2200 and would pay tax on
xi Ti*/* ï .
the difference between this and
his net income. A man with two
children would have an exemp-|and
lion ot $2400 ; three children,
$2600, and so on.
To illustrate the calculation ol
A single man with a net in
come of $2000 will be taxed $60 :
income of $3000, tax $120; in
C n^ O I $4000 Æ $180: ineome
of $5,000. tax $240.
The regular or normal tax is
in r; Ä5 "T wo °?
L f th Tfinnn persons and
more than $6000 in the ease of
married persons without child-J
Pe11 •, 'Î 1 °ther words, the tax is
doubled on incomes of $40001
tax :
more than the specific exemp
lion. In addition, so-called sur-(f
taxes superimposed on the regu
Jar or normal tax are assessed
net incomes of more than $5000,(be
the additional rate being* 1 per
(cent, for the first $1000 above
, _
suni » - P er 0(in l i° r ^e next
$2UUU and 1 per cent increase for
each additional $2000. Both the!
J~ per cent, rate and the sur
taxes may be ignored by persons
with incomes of less than $5000.
After the tax is figured, a per
son must count at least on pay
in g one fourth of the sum hy|
.March L>. The second install-J
rnent. oi one-foiudh is due
To; the third quarter, Septem
her 15, and the last installment,
December 15,
. . 1 en alties are pro-1
vided for failure to file on timo
or to pay the tax promptly, and
tax olheials welcome returns
and payments before March 15. |
.^'mGiP m full by March 15 also I
will he welcomed on the ground
that the government needs the
A husband and wife^ whose
combined net income for 1.118
»mount«! «M0 or more muet
tnî H r 1r f Tp n either separately or
jointly. If separate returns are
filed either may claim the per
sonal exemption of $_000, or this
•gewptom may be dmM.
Bammgs of dependent children I
must he included as part of the
income of the head of the family.
If an unmarried person supports
either partially or wholly, a par
cut or some other relative or
friend, not living in the same
household, this person is not con
sidered the head of a family and?
is therefore entitled only to the
$1000 exemption. If the parent
is wholly dependent, however,
and lives in the taxpayer's house-1
and de- 1
|h°lcl, this makes the
person the head ot the family.
If, because of the special ex
emption for children
pendents or because of the ex
emption of soldier's and sailor's
pay, an unmarried person's in
come of more than $1000 of a |
married person's income of more j
than $2000 is found not to be [
taxable, this condition does not
free the individual from filing
a return. Thus many persons |
who do not have to pay a tax
must file returns.
A head of a family is describ
ed officially as "a person who
iupports one or more
interest mainly to men who
Expenses paid or incurred
(during 1918 in carrying on any
trade or business, including ren
'als and a reasonable allowance
(for salaries. ,
Interest paid or
11918, except on indebtedness in
furred for the purchase of tax
exempt stocks or bonds,
closely connected
blood relationship,
by marriage or by adoption."
with him by
viee,- either as an enlisted man or
an officer, is wholly exempt from
taxation, provided this did not
execed $3500. Income of sol-1
diers or sailors from private
iourees is taxable, however, if it
exceeds the exemptions.
r ... , . i -,
hi figuring net income deduc-1
tions may not be made tor per
sonal, family or living expenses.
The compensation in 1918 of
man in the military or naval ser
The law does provide
for a
number or deductions, however,
from gross income, and these are
uade a living out of business en
These allowable de
ductions include the following
accrued in
Taxes paid or accrued, except
income, war profits and excess
profits, taxes and those assessed
against local benefits of a kind
tending to improve the value of
Losses in business or trade, if
not compensated for by insur
(•i.u.ee otherwise,
Losses in ,anv transaction on-1
altered into for profit in some side
| , e of nisi" e!s
I T inihiuesh.
Losses of property not coir
| uected with the taxpayer's regu
Mar business if arising from fires,
J storms or other casualties, if not
I covered by insurance.
1 Worthless délits charged off
j during the year. "
A reasonable allowance for de
I predation of property used in
( business or trade.
. lin p -,
, A reasonable allow anee lor de
fiction as well as depreciation of
property in the case of mines, oil
gas wells and other natural
J deposits.
j Contributions to concerns op
(orated exclusively for charitable,
religious, educational or scientif
Mq purposes, not in excess of 15
p er pent, of the taxpayer's net I
Amortization on buildings,
machinery emiinment or other
facilities constructed or acquired
f " " ,e 5 Ä
contributing to the prosecution
0 f war. I
Tim preceding items must lie |
(reported to the return and de-,
ducted the
set forth in the return blank
The fallowing items are ex
oiijcnipt from taxation and need not
included in the returns:
Proceeds of life insurance poli
.lies, returns of premium on life,
I endowment ond annuity policies,
| «gifts bequests
(income from gifts is taxable
however), interest on bonds of
anv sta te, county or municipal
i tv ' t interest, on $5000 or less of
liberty bonds and on larger
amounts in certain eases provid
e( j hv the bond a et, payments
account of accident or health in
June||suranee or under workman's
compensation acts,
detect inaccuracies or
fraud in returns the internal,
hrevenue bureau has instituted a
I.system of cheeking returns with
other reports required from all
persons or interests' which paid
out $1000 or more to anv indi
vidual during the year. The lat
ter reports constitute the tax]
collecting machinery's ''informa
tion at the source" which proved
so valuable last year in prevent
i„„ d«lgi„ K ,
Tu addition to income taxes,
there is a multiplicity of other
taxes to he assessed this year,
incorporated businesses are re
„uircfl to pay taxe» on net in.
comes at the rate of 12 per cent,
with an exemption of $2000.
War profits and excess profitât
are assessed against corporations
The revenue bureau has made
a provision for accepting tenta
tive estimates of income in cases
where taxpayers are. not able to
figure accurately their incomes
before March 15. In these cases,:
(however, an installment payment
of one-fourth of the estimated
amount, is required on that date!
and tax officials will guard
against any attempt to evade or
minimize the tax payment thru
setting an unusally low esti
" v/f ff CnJ I
Af 1 A IM 'A A I ï CH
1 (J 1 till LULUKü
By MRS. A. S. BALDWIN, Chairman
Woman's Liberty Loan Committee
of the Twelfth Reserve District.
We have at the present time about
I *- wo million men in Europe who must
I Provided with all that Is accessary
to keep them in good spirits and con
dition; and when their work shall have
been finished, they must be brought
home and demobilized. The Govern
me nt must make good the contracts It
has entered into for the construction of
all war munitions, and for food sup
Plies already bought,
| rnent s -calls in the past, and-having
' oaned , our monfi y ungrudgingly to
hurry forward the men and supplies,
;uul viclorv having come t0 us because
Having responded to the Govern
r \
of this, shall we hesitate for a moment
g !j"l he h last Cdll - th * Vict °7
, f , ty L can do 80 by
P. s ' ng ° Ur ?" dit> perh , aps Wlth *T e
little personal inconvenience, sacrifice
1 or small discomfort?
The blood of the young manhood of
I America is not now required. That
I was generously given before the arml
(slice was signed, and now we may give
| thanR * that no more will be taken,
The credit and good faith of
' country lB at stake - We hav « won the
war, and the cost Is small compared
with what has been won. The men of
the West with red blood In their veins
yqjj not need to be annealed to because
they will subscribe to this las't call of
the Government as ungrudgingly as
they did in the past,
however, who may not be so keenly and
conscientiously alive to the duty of re
*P 0I1 ding to the Nation's call, and it is
to those that the women must direct
f helr most untiring efforts,
This last call is truly a Victory Loan,
What greater pride can men and wo
" eaex f r 'f t ce than in contributing
1 a victory Bond will be worth
T™ l lt8 prica expre88ed ln do J
country to fulfill its pledge to those
who have been spared as well as those
who have made the supreme sacrifice.
There are others.
Dreadful Cured.
A severe cold is often follow
ed by a rough cough for which
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
has proven especially valuable.
Mrs. F. W.
Mo., writes :
ago my little boy Jean caught a
severe cold and coughed dread
fully for days. I*tried a number
of cough medicines but nothing
did him any good until I gave
him Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. It relieved his cough right
away and before he had finished
taking one bottle he was cured.
T think it is just fine for child
''About two years
Do you have periodic attacks
of headache accompanied bv
sickness of the stomach or voni-i
iting, a sallow skin and dull
eye»! If ™ can set oui,;" I
relief by taking Chamberlain's
Tablets as directed for bilious
ness, and you may he able to !
avoid these attacks If i*-,. i i
"ervo the di,wt"mm 5 °" ° b ' 1
Trade with
and save money.
That Terrible Headache.
with each I
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