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Twelve Years of Success and Satisfaction Prove that Our Members
are Getting Their
Insurance at Cost
• • • •
• • • •
and that the cost is lower than other insurance.
Ask Fred Riggers, Local Director, Nezperce, Ida.
or Write Jesse Hoffman, Sec.-Treas., Lela^, Ida.
Nezperce Farmers County Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
Science says that old age begins with
, , , , , ,
weakened kidneys and digestive organs,
This being true, it is easy to believe
that by keeping the kidneys and di
gestive organs cleansed and In proper
working order old age can be deferred
and life prolonged far beyond that en
joyed by the average person.
For over 200 years (IOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil has been relieving the
weaknesses and disability due to ad
vancing years. It Is a standard old
time home remedy and needs no Intro
duction. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil is
Inclosed in odorless, tasteless capsules
containing about 5 drops each. Take
them as you would a pill, with a small
light fo ur
7 T
A Tractor that Makes Good
CRE for acre -hour for hour,—the Huber Light Four chal
lenges competition for economical work. Under reasonable
conditions pulling three 14" plows, set 8 inches deep, it
easily turns an acre an hour on a gallon and a half to two gallons
of gasoline. In the 5,000 lb. class. It does not pack the ground
Never stalls.
Steers itself when plowing. And such power! A steady stream of energy
from . a 4-cylinder motor, transmitted direct to the drive. Does not over*
heat in extreme weather. Self-lubricating anti-friction bearings. It turns in
a six-foot radius and is mounted on its powerful frame so as to adjust itself to
the roughest fields.
12 h. p. at the draw-bar with a road speed from 23 ^ to 4 miles per hour.
2a h. p. at the belt, operating separator, silo filler, saw, pump, dynamo, shred
der, sheher, baler, and other farm machinery. Built for lifetime service by the
Huber Mfg. Company, Marion, Ohio. Established more than forty years .
A number of these tractors are being very successfully operated
in the Genesee country where they give fine satisfaction— their users
therejclaiming they can't be beaten.
Farmers interested in tractors find it pays them well to see and
inquire about these machines in use around Genesee. Write or phone
, Christ Lange, Agent
Phone No. 147H
Public Sales!
Having been called to Sacramento, Cal
ifornia, for a sale on March 27th, I will
ask anyone desirous of a sale date to place
before March 24th, as I will
be away until March 30th. Thanking
one and all for past and future favors, I
Yours for business,
same on or
Harry C.Cranke,Auc.
Nezperce, Idaho
We Buy All Issues of Liberty Bonds
If you are compelled through force of circurnstjnces to sell your
bonds, take them to your banker and ask him to draw a sight draft on
us with bonds attached, or send the bonds to us yourself by registered
mail. We will remit on day received at the best market price. Tele
phone, wire or write for quotations on Liberty Bonds or any security
quotations. Your banker is our reference.
Box 25
Spokane, Wash.
Davenport Hotel Bldg.
The oil stimulates
aud enables the
organs to throw otr the poisons which
str U en e gth e incre^e 0i a8 a you continu! 'the
treatment. When completely restored
d!y. tln GOLD k Mf]54L Mallem OU elf
au-les will keep you In health and vigor
and prevent a return of the disease
Do not wait until old age or disease
have settled down for good. Go to your
TI and eet a box of GOLD
MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules. Money
refunded if they do not help you. Three
sizes. But remember to ask for the
original imported GOLD MEDAL brand
In sealed packages.
swallow of water,
the kidney
It all began by my following an im
; pulse to ride on the merry-go-round at
j Old Orchard last summer. I felt ex
i tremely foolish after seating myself
I on one of the prancing ponies and
glanced around at the people stand
Ing near, hoping I should see no one
I knew. Carefully I Inspected the
crowd and recognized none of them,
so proceeded to enjoy my ride.
Soon a young man walked around
the corner of the ticket stand and
stopped In front of the now moving
horses. It was Tom Campbell, the
very same tall, good-looking Tom I
had chummed around with in Law
rence a year or so before. Through
& Sllght nilSUnderStandlng ' before my
return to Maine, I had lost track of
hlm ' WhICh fuIly ex P lalned ®y H " r '
prise on seeing him at this summer
resort. In spite of our disagreement
I still held a friendly feeling toward
him and thrilled with pleasure at see
Ing him once again.
"As soon as this merry-go-round
stops I will go and speak to hlm," I
reassured myself. Thus thinking, I
kept my eyes on him at every turn,
I waiting for him to glance In my direc
tion. He soon spied me In my ridicu
lous position, and I smiled toward
1 him. Again he looked at me, then
j turning walked to the end of the
i pier.
This was too much for my reason
[ Ing ability and utterly unlike Tom
i Therefore I felt Inclined to think he
still remembered our difference of the
I previous year. Otherwise how could.I
\ he have failed to recognize me.
The fault having been mine, I has
tened after him as soon as the merry
go-round slowed down, Intent upon be
i coming friends afealn. He -was soon
found leaning Idly against the pier
railing, watching the waves on the
I bench below.
"Won't you speak to an old friend,
j Tom?" I began.
"Yes— «r —Indeed; of course I am
! glad to speak to you, Miss— er —"
I This last was followed by a signlfl
: cant pause. At his first words I had
i looked at his face again. Looking at
him at close range showed me not
j Tom Campbell but a darker looking
1 young man, greatly resembling Tom.
I I was frightened at my mistake and
j could not speak.
Really you must pardon my for
: getfulness, but your name has actu
ally slipped my mind."
I His voice stirred me and I hastened
Î to apologize, explaining how I had
mistaken him for Mr. Campbell, a
J friend of mine. Very politely he told
me his name, that his home was far
I from Lawrence—In fact, he lived ln
Canada, and while he was sorry he
I wasn't the original Mr. Campbell, he
! had no grievance against being mis
taken for him.
Perhaps It was his frank, good-na
; tured smile that won me. At any rate,
I I soon found myself laughing over my

mistake, and he appeared so little
j like a stranger that I told him my
; name and where I was staying. With
j that I dared not prolong the scene
I further, for fear he would mistake my
Joining my friends again, I re
turned to the cottage, my thoughts
far from their ever-cheering chatter.
Several times during the following
week we passed on the beach. At
first he merely tipped his hat, whllp
I acknowledged his greeting with a
smile, and ns I thought, very proper
"How do you do?
amused me, and when he stopped me
on one of my morning walks to ask
permission to accompany me, I put
formality aside and gave him permis
sion. A. few such meetings left mo
firmly convinced that If there wasn't
such a thing as love at first sight
there surely was at second or third
, sight
Fate befriended us and we were
formally Introduced at one of the cot
tages where I visited now and then.
Then followed a series of walks, ex
cursions, boating trips and dances,
ending In my return to town at the
end of the season the proud posses- j
for of a bright new diamond ring and j
his return to Canada to prepare for an -,
early wedding.
(Copyright, 1918, by the McClure Newspa- !
per Syndicate.)
The situation
He Had Proof.
Bobby Is three years old. He has a
new pair of white shoes, and on first
donning them last Sunday Insisted on
being taken to his aunt's house to ex
hibit the spotless footgear.
Auntie lives several squares from j
Bobby's home, and before half the dis- 1
tance was covered Bobby gave evl
dence of waning enthusiasm. Finally
he asked to be. taken home. "I'm aw- j
ful tired," he declared. "Oh, no," fa- ;
you're not tired al
ther answered,
"Yes, I Is," Bobby answered, begin- |
nlng to snivel. "I Is too tired. You I
feel my feet daddy, and see If I Isn't." I
Fish Flour In Norway.
The royal Norwegian provisions de
partaient has officially announced that
recent experiments at Bergen to pro
duce bread containing 20 per cent of
fish having proved successful, a. trial
In the same direction will now be made
In Christiania.
It Is the Intention of the provisions
department to co-operate with the
state for the purchase of the neces
sary machinery for the preparation of
the fish, which will be mixed with
bread grain In order to make the ra
tions larger. The bread prepared in
this manner is said to be good and
> I
rish Hi R Sff)ing
March IS, IQIQ
f} ,
n' :
v Mi
& Ä| ,
I m

L AY your smoketaste
_j, flush up against a
listening post—and you'll
get the Prince Albert call, all right!
You'll hunt a jimmy pipe so quick and
get so much tobacco joy out of every
puff you'll wish you had been bom
twins! For, Prince Albert puts over a turn
new to every man fond of a pipe or a home
made cigarette. It wins your glad hand com
pletely. That's because it has the quality!
And, right behind this quality flavor and quality fra
grance is Prince Albert's freedom from bite and parch
which is cut out by our exclusive patented process.
We tell you to smoke your fill at any clip—jimmy
pipe or makin's cigarette—without a comeback I
Toppy red bags, tidy red tint, handsome pound and
half pound tin humidore — and—that clever, practical
pound crystal glass humidor with sponge moietener
top that keeps the tobacco in euch perfect condition.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Winston-Salem, N. C
Copyright till by
R. J. Reynolds
Tobacco Co.
r •m
»J t]

Help Us to Help You
DEFORE long you are going to be very busy.
To make your crop, you are going to need the
service of every machine you have. There is a lit
tle lull right now. This time can be put to mighty
good use.
How arc your farm machines? Wouldn't it be a
wise precaution to look them over carefully to as
sure yourself that there are no parts needing re
placement now or later on?
By making a list of present or possible future
requirements and giving it to us before or
during Repair and Inspection Week, March
3rd-8th, we shall be able to furnish you what
you want when you want it.
If there is any item on your list we do not happen
to carry in stock, we can procure it and hold it in
readiness for you. It takes the delay, and conse
quent loss of time out of farm emergencies. The
question of a day or two during the busy season on
the farm is a serious one. Make up that list now
and let us have it.
Nezperce Hdw. Co.

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