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A quick view of things that
happened in this neck o' the
woods 13 and 17 years ago this
week, as taken from The Herald
, t j?
The store and a bunch ot eus
tomers were held up at Green
creek by three masked men, who
secured about $100 in booty and
made their get-away. When the
order of "hands up" was given,
Father Campbell, the parish
priest, who happened to be in the
store when the robbers entered,
thought it was all a joke and did
not comply. A shot from one of
1 : 1 il- c ,i
baiKlits convinced him ol n
reality of the af air -
J. W. Jenkins and Miss El ma
V. Hess were married at the
This Aveek 13 years ago—
DeMoude & Sou Avere groAving
a crop of oranges on ,a tree in
their drug store in Nezperce.
John Hicks, aged 20, died at
the home of his parents north
Avest of Nezperce.
An up-to-date bolting system
Avas being installed in the Nez
perce Roller Mills and the capa
city Avas increased 125 barrels
per day. ^
A. C. Eitzen sent a fine collec
tion of prairie grains, etc., to
New York, for exhibition pur
of Nezperce.
Oscar Johnson lost his saddle
horse and came near drowning
himself Avhile fording the Clear
water at Kamiah '
Plowing and spring work was
stopped by a six-inch snoAV fall.
Some Avere rejoicing over the
fect that the railroads had re
., , , , t •
ceiyed a permit to haul liquor in
reservation tei i itoiy.^
Fishing tackle was on display
in local shops.
Ea angelist John Fuller closed
a very successful revival meeting
at the Nezperce Christian church,
Ho"* were verv scarce on the
Frank Chandler's
son sustained a broken arm.
prairie and (!eo.
local buyer, Avas
for them.
This Aveek 17 years ago—
The local Christian church had
35 new members as a result of a
revival meeting by Rev. Pine, of
A son Avas born to Posl master
and Mrs. Mark Harding.
Allen W. Summers, a well
known homesteader five miles
northeast of Nezperce, died of
heart failure.
Ben Schultz took charge of Hie
Johnson & Winder mercantile
business at Nezperce.
A big crowd helped celebrate
the 30th Avedding anniversary of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hobart, at
their home west of this city.
Among those making final
proof on their homesteads Avere
Norton B. Miller, Nelson Waide,
Susan M. Summers, Ralph Stig
um, Roy W. Adams, Thomas
Clare, Eric Rost, Geo. B. Arnold,
D. B. Moorman, Halvor H. Dyb
Tony Bunders opened a gener
al merchandise store at Dublin.
Farmers Avere busy ploAving
and getting ready for spring
Lewis County Ranks 19th in W.
S. S. Drive.
The record of LcAvis county
for last year in the War Saving
Stamp sales Avas as folloAvs :
Rank, 19; quota, $136,500;
sales, $103,210.78; per capita,
We did not reach Our quota,
but feel that we* did splendidly
undent the circumstances, and
Avant to thank the people of Lew
is county for their support of this
great movement.
But to stop now is to go back
ward and not forward. It is not
hoAv much you make, but how
much you save. You Avili not
saA'e it if you keep it in your
pocket. If you want to save
your money, invest it in good se
curities. There is no better iu
vet^ ment than War Saving
Stamps and then you are helping
your country. Be a patriot and
do Avhat your country Avants you
to do. Hold your 1918 War Sav
ing stamps, and buy all the 1919
War Saving Stamps you possibly
can. Help your country and help
Take a few doses of Chamber
lain's Tablets as directed for in
digestion, and you Avili soon for
gol about your stomach troubles.
Try it.
When you can't got your work
done anywhere else, bring it to
Doggctt's—they can do it.
Nick Lair sails it for less.
> »>»»»» »*»*» » »»* » * * ***»* * » * » * »*»
Silently the committee followed Ted
Hammond down the street. At the
ffth house from the corner they sol
emnly paused. Ted gave one appeal
ing look and mounted the steps. There
was such a prompt response to his
ring that they almost seemed to have
been waiting for him.
Ted waited miserably in the recep
tion room while the butler went to an
nounce his important business. He
rather envied little Silbon who was
getting off light. What was simulat
ing an epileptic fit In a crowded dry
goods store to trying to sell the most
luxurious liver in town a copy of "The
Simple Life?"
The committee on Initiation had
been most Ingenious this year. The
tasks they allotted the candidates
were positively fiendish, but to order
j,j ra t0 see j,. se n a CO py 0 f ti ia j took
Chester Ackerman seemed to Invite
him to self-destruction,
Nervously he followed the butler
down the long hall and Into the library,
Ackerman looked up at his entrance.
"What can I do for you?" he asked
"* have a book " explained Ted. "It's
* very celebrated book and I thought
y°u m gMJlke to buy a copy."
A book agent!" thundered Acker
man as he reached for the bell,
"See here," pleaded Ted. "Give me
c j iance# Here is a book that every*
one's been talking about."
"Don't Avant It," snapped Ackermaa
"Have a look, anyway," Insisted
Ted. "It's'The Simple Life ;'the book
that the president thought avqs such
*>ot stuff. I'll bet you've never read
and >' et it's been talked about for
the ,ast two years - You never dld
r ''a<i it, did you?'
, And I.n not going to now" de
J 1 «* Ackerman "If I thought you
meant that I needed to read that—
,. Tou ()n Beed t0 „ reltorated Tpd .
"Not the Avay you mean, but because a
man needs to keep posted. By your
«Avn admission, you're tAvo years be
hind. You can have a laugh, any
i He held the book Invitingly toward
hli victim and almost unconsciously
Ackerman took It. He glanced over
' tfce P n « es With an occasional grunt.
! He Avus by no means an exponent of
the simple life, and he found much to
"Didn't I tell you It was good for a
laugh?" insisted Ted. Ackermaa look
ad up with a smile.
"How much Is It?" he demanded.
"You cun satisfy your pride Avlth tho
knowledge that you're the first book
agent that ever sold me anything."
In that case make It a dollar," sug
Thanks. Good morning.
gested Ted.
I can find my OAvn way out."
He Avas gone before Ackerman could
ring, eluted OA'er his success and de
voutly thankful that he had not been
thrown out. He was Just opening the
front door when a girl came running
doAvn the stairs.
"Mr. Hammond?" she cried. Ted
"Mias Drury I" he gasped. "What
brings you here?"
"Mr. Ackerman Is my guardian," she
explained. "I thought that perhaps—■"
She caught herself with a blush.
"No," said Ted. "That was not It.
You and your party left the Point so
suddenly that I could get no trace of
you. The fact is that I was In selling
Mr. Ackerman a book."
"You are a book agent?" she cried
In shocked surprise.
"Amateur," he explained. "They
want to make me feel properly humble
before they admit me to fellowship in
the fraternity. I had to sell a copy of
'The Simple Life.' "
"To Uncle Chester?" she cried.
"How did you ever do It?"
"I don't know myself," he admitted
There are three of the com
mittee outside now waiting to see me
throAvn doAvn the steps. I did not ex
pect to disappoint them."
"I could call the butler,
"No, thanks. If you will permit me
I'll take another chance with your
she sug
"How," she asked curiously.
"You know what I AA-as trying to ask
you last .summer," he said boldly. "You
left before I could propose. I was, and
am, conceited enough to think that you
do care for me. May I go In and ask
his consent to our marriage AA-hen I
"This Is so sudden," she protested. ,
"Not a bit of It. I've been seven j
months getting It ont. I think you've
had notice enough."
His eyes pleaded more eloquently
than his tongue, and blushlngly she hid
her face on his shoulder os she whis
pered "yes."
For a second time that morning
Chester Ackerman was shocked oiit of
his accustomed placidity, and for a
second time Ted won. This time his
pleading Avas far more eloquent. He
could not go «Avay at once but at last
he said good-by.
In the shadoAV of the trees three
huddled figures with chattering teeth
greeted him.
"Sorry to keep you waiting," said |
Ted politely. "Here's a dollar I got
for the book."
"Tell us about It," commanded the
What detained you?
That's quite another story,"
But I'm really very
plained Ted.
much obliged to you for your amiable
efforts to provide me with sudden
death. I am Indeed."
(Copyright, 1918, by the McClure Newspa
per Syndicate.)
Slogging through the mud of
Camping in the rain;
Hiking in a frozen trance
Down some German plain;
"Fall in!"—hear the sergeant yell,
Far from home and clover:
Tell me, who the bally hell
Said the war "was over?"
Chow for breakfast—slum for
Who says men are free
While the bugler's foolish tune
Pipes the reveille?
"Right dress!"—hear the sergeant
From Mainz across to Dover;
Tell me who the hell it wuz
Said the war "was over?"
Cleaning up a mass of wire,
Stained with clotted blood
Where the big trucks bog and mire
In the winter mud;
Full of filth and fleas and fuzz—
Cannoneer and drover,
Tell me who the fat-head wuz
Said the Avar "was over?"
—Grantland Rice.
Latest —Com meneem en t
_ 'aduation folders and invita
tions at the Herald office. Priced
The best confections to be bad
and they're always fresh, at Ihe
The undersigned will offer at public sale, at the Hobart place, 6 mi. west of Nezper.e and l mi. north and 4 east of Vollmer
TUESDAY. MAR. 4-10 A. M.
29 Head of Horses
Bay Filly coming- 3 years, weight 1500.
Bay Filly coming 3 years, weight 1400
Bay Gelding coming 3 years, weight 1400
Bay Mare, 5 years old, weight 1200
Black Gelding 5 years old, weight 1300
Bay Mare 5 years old, weight 1200
Buckskin Gelding, 13 years old, wt. 1300
Gray Mare, 5 years old, weight 1200
Gray Gelding, 4 years old, weight 1200
Gray Gelding, 11 years old, weight 1250
Sorrel Gelding, 13 years old, weight 1250
Brown Mare, 8 years old, weight 1250
Black Gelding, 3 years old, weight 1150
Roan Mare, 6 years old, weight 1200
Roan Gelding, 6 years old, weight 1200
Black Gelding, 5 years old, weight 1400
Rcan Mare, 7 years old, weight 1300
Bay Gelding, 9 years old, weight 1250
Brown Mare, 9 years old, weight 1250
2 roan geldings, coming 3 years, wt. 1200
Sorrel saddle horse, 7 years old, wt. 1000
Brown saddle horse, 6 years old, wt. 900 I
Bay gelding, 2 years old, weight 1000 j
2 Black Yearlings, gelding and filly I
Yearling Bay Filly, Brown Mare Colt, and
a black colt
9 Head
6 Sows with pigs at side
Two year old Boar . J
Four Gilts, 9 months old to farrow in April!
Fifteen 7 months old gilts to farrow in May!
5 Sows to farrow soon
Ten 9 months old Boars ...
Hereford cow and calf
Durham cow and calf
Two Hereford hulls
Red cow and calf
Jersey and Holstein cow
■ ■
Farm Implements, Household and Kitchen Furnitur
Heavy Buggy
Mandt Bob Sled
314 Webber Wagon
31/4 Mitchell Wagon
3y 2 Shuttler Wagon
3i/ 4 Bain Wagon
314 Shuttler Wagon
Crown Wagon
Mitchell Hack
6 foot Disk
14 inch E Mason Gang
14 inch Clinton Gang
Five shovel Cultivator
McCormick Mower and Rake
Cloverleaf Manure Spreader
Weston Chief Forge
Pair of hack Sled Runners
Steel Harrow
Wood Harrow
Jackson fork
No. 2 Superior Fanning Mill
Economy Gasoline Engine
Young Grant Chop Mill
Grind Stone
Pruning- Hook
18 Horse Collars
6 sets Harness
2 Heating- Stoves
2 dozen Hens
Household Goods
4 Mattresses
3 Bedsteads and Spring's
Folding Bed
And other articles
Studebaker Bob Sled
Columbia Bod Sled
8 foot McCormick Binder
8 foot Deering Binder
9 foot Monitor Drill
Terms of Sale; OI^Novrniber'1° ^ Un< k f ' cash * On sums over $ 10 credit will be given ufl
interest. Everything; must be settled for be (orè remol" ^ dràWing t0pe,C "'
Harry C. Cranke, Auct.
Walter Zimmerman, Clerk
D. L. Rosengrants
Notice to Creditors.
f the
( 'ourt
j in the Probate
' county of Lewis, state ol Idaho.
I In the matter of the estate of
j ,T. T. Price, deceased,
i Notice is hereby given by the
undersigned administrator of tlie
I estate of T. Price, deceased, to
. the creditors of, and a
claims against the
deceased, to exhibit
the necessary vouchers,
months after the first publi
cation of tliis notice, to the said
his residence
them with
a vit bin
administrator, at
near Nezperce, or the office of
the Probate Court, the same be
ing the place for the transaction
of the business of .said estate, in
Nezperce, county of Lewis, state
of Idaho.
Signed and dated ot Nezperce,
Idaho, this 24th day of February,
A. D. 1919.
Percy F. Price, Administrator.
39 w4
.With -ill the highway plans
and talk, the little old drag will
still be found the best maker of
good roads in these parts for
quite a spell yet. •
For Sale —15 good homestead
relinquishments in Montana, at
snap prices. Write J. B. William
son, Washtucna, Wash.
Barley j
For Sale —Beardless
for seed. Mark Means Co., Lcav- j
iston, Idaho.
39av 4. i
Opening of the
Temple Theater
BELLE BENNETT in "The Last Rebel"—a 7 reel Feature
Keystone Comedy, "The Pawn Broker's Heart."
Introducing an entirely new service here, from the Select Fu
tures Service. A great feature show for this date, starring Norma
fallmadge; and each Friday night an unusual attraction from this
service will be given, with a good comedy.
LITTLE ZOE RAY in "My Little Boy"—5 reels.
A Comedy and a Weekly.
SUNDAY, MARCH 2—2:30 P. M.
"His Enemy, the Law," featuring JACK RICHARDSON.
"The Ice Man's Bride," Comedy.
We'll Please You at The Temple
SHOW STARTS 7:15—Doors open at 7:00

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