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Vol. 21. No. 41
Circulation, 1,400
Official Paper Lewis County
awarded war cross.
Corporal H. C. VanAmburg,
Once Russell Resident, Wins
Glory as Dispatch Rider.
Corporal H. C. VanAmburg,
nephew of W. J. Ramey of this
city, whose father was! an em
ployee in the Ramey lumber mill
:it Russell in the earlier days,
made a record in the army ser
vice in France that his old home
friends "'ill learn of with much
nride and pleasure. The young
hero's home is now in Portland,
and from that eitv he entered
the service, joining the' Marines
at the opening of the war. Of
his valiant service and high
award, the Oregonian recently
had the following to say;
Corporal H. C. Van Amburg,
who has been awarded a distin
guished service cross by General
Pershing for heroism in action,
resides at 7836 Lents avenue.
No details have been received
by his relatives regarding the
particular deeds that led to the
granting of the cross, but it is
reported that Corporal Van Am
u c > ' /hWifr.u
burgh as a motorcycle dispatch
rider, made trip after trip across
the shell swept roads in apassed
amt, before 1ml darin* the cop
turc of Vierzy and during its oc
cupation by the Germans crawl
hack' 1 information of'great value
. , . i r, ®_...i
lo his commander. Corporal \ au
Amburgh has not written to his
parents since May.
Van Amhurat. was formed, a
messenger in
knoAA-n all over the city. When
the Avar broke out he Avas an ap
prentice machinist in the smelt
ers at Tacoma, and immediately
left the shop to enlist in the
United States Marine Corps.
A brother, Rolland A. Van
Amburgh, enlisted recently in
the naA-y.
In General Pershing's official
report and recommendation for
awards for gallant service ap
peared the folloAving paragraph :
As a motorcycle dispatch rid
er, Corporal Van Amburgh of
Oregon, made repeated trips
along shell sAvent roads and in
a gassed area before and during
the capture of Vierzy. When it
AA r as still in German hands he
dismounted in front of the town
and Avith great coolness crawled
into it and brought hack infor
mation of the greatest value to
his brigade commander.
Woodmen Adopt Big Class.
The Nezpercd Camp,
men of the World, is an active in
stitution these fine spring days
and nights, and, Avhile no espec
ial driA r e is on for neAV members,
the results along that line are
flattering indeed,
lar session
night eleven
taken OA-er the mysterious
of the order by the well dr
local team, gaining for them
selves the title and benefits of
I full-fledged Woodmen and fur
nishing amusement for about 70
; spectators, t\A-elve of whom Avere
A-isitors from outside camps. Be
sides these additions there are
several more on the waiting list
of the Order.
After 4110 initiatory work, a
-repast of good things Avas served
in the banquet rooms of the Tem
ple hall, and over this the large
assemblage made merry until the
hour of final adjournment.
At the regu
of the lodge last
candidates were
Now Audit County Records.
Byron Defenbach, .head of the
finn of Defenbach & Sous, ex
pert. accountants and auditors,
is in the city to commence the
audit of the LeAvis county rec
ords under the conti'act award
ed at the last session
hoard 1 of county commissioners.
He will be joined in the Avork
shortly by his elder son, Ralph ;
the younger member of this Avell
knoAvn organization being yet
detained Avith the American E. F.
This is the eighteenth county
contract the Defenbachs ha Am
closed since their entry into the
field of expert accountancy, and
the fact that it is their second
audit of the LeAvis county rec
ords shoAvs that their previous
job was quite satisfactory. Their
former Avork was done here in
of the
The new hats and new shoes
f>''e in at Carlson's.
Yes, Easter comes April 20.
Coming, March 17-18,
Schilling. r •
A. W. Dant was a Vollmer vis
itor today.
Still time for that Easter suit
at Carlson's.
John Jorgens was a passenger
for Spokane Tuesday.
Dr. E. S. Peterson was a Voll
mer visitor last Friday.
D. E. Bell spent Sunday with
his wife in Lewiston.
Carlson 's styles
They pass muster anywhere.
Dr. Coggins was a visitor
the city from Ilo Saturday.
Hartman guaranteed shoes at
Carlson's. The best buyable.
Harry Crankc was a Grange
ville visitor the first of the week.
Dr. Schilling, eyesight special
ist, is coming here March 17-18.
Mrs. Elmer' Bolin
songer for Clarkston this
are correct,
was a pas

j c
® hePlff A - W. Mitchell was in
Vollmqr yesterday on official
, • J
*£.■£■ » <Mferei.ee how you
*7 ' Zn'* " PP
,, C „ ■ , T
^Æesly S Tvisit wbh
Dr. J. L. Kelly and son, Lynn,
^ in * the eit ÿ
winetegt lasf night .
Chas. J. McCollister is a busi
, S1 , the lty .„day
from the Mobler section.
Brakeman Clark of the N. &
I. returned yesterday from a vis
it with relatives at Lewiston.
I have a buyer for a ranch and
operating outfit. If you are sell
ing, see me quick. B. J. Fike.
Eggs—R. O. Rhode Island
Red, prize-winning stock—$2.50
per 15.
N. H. Jacobs visited at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. John
Gilbert, in Ferdinand the last of
the week.
Li ncm an Hartnett of the Pa
cific States Telephone Co., was
here from Orangeville yesterday
making repairs on the local
John McKinley returned, last
night from Lewiston, where he
spent the first of the week with
his wife, who is convalescing in
a hospital there.
W. J. Ramey arrived in this
city last Friday evening from
Prosser, Wn., and is looking af
Mrs. Frank Blake!v
, Avent to
Spokane, yesterday to \isit rel
John Carlson spent Sunday in
Lewiston visiting friends and
1 relatives.
Mrs. C. J. McCollister,
ter business interests on the prai
rie and visiting with old friends.
Albert Huff, of the Nezperce
Hardware Co., in Monday reced
ed a message announcing the
serious illness of his father at
the old family home in Olathe,
Virgil Grant, Avho received his
, discharge from the service at
j Camp LeAvis a feAv Aveeks ago
an d returned to his home in
Clarkston, came up the first of
the Aveek to spend a few days
Avith old Nezperce friends.
The state high school basket
ball tournament Avili be held at
Moscoav on March 21 and 22, and
Nezperce will be there Avith her
strong team. The earlier date
was cancelled on account of a
recent flu flurry iu the Univer
sity city.
John Ellis, of Hartline, Wash.,
is in the city today looking into
local conditions Avitli the view of
into business here. He im
presses one as being a desirable
citizen, for any community and
should be decide to become a
fixture in this one, avc predict
for him success.
County Agent A. E. Wade re
turned last evening from a visit
to the Nyassa, Oregon, section.
In his search for clover seed he
found the article scarce, but got
in touch with some Avhich can be
supplied to local planters. He
also noted that the farmers in
that section haAm been compelled
to feed their herds liberally from
their granaries for some time
J. P. Jefferis, of .Pipestone,
Minn., Avho has been visiting at
the home of his brother, Bert.
Jefferis, for the past ten days,
left Monday for Hoquiam, Wn.,
Avhere he Avili visit at . the home
of his sister, Mrs. May Ocheltree,
and other coast points before re
turning home,
panied by his mother, Mrs. Laura
Jefferis. who Avili visit at her
daughter's home for some time.
He Avas aceom
Base Ball Talk.
This weather is taking effect
on the local base ball fans, and
yesterday one of the more en
thusiastiw of the old reliables
called our attention to the fact
that Nezperce is going to have
ample material for a right good
team of the willow-wielders this
It is certainly not too early to
begin plans for a nine here. The
boys back from the service will
be ready for the sport, and in a
glance over the material at hand
for a team, one is favorably im
pressed with the prospect.
Orangeville, Cottonwood, Kara
iah, Vollmer-llo, Winchester,
and, in fact, all the neighbor
communities are showing strong
base ball symptoms, with the out
look very encouraging for the
formation of a league in this sec
tion that will put over a series of
contests such as have not been
enjoyed for a long time. It 's a
safe prediction that the business
interests of Nezperce will be
Tight in line with the boys in
helping to finance and render
such other assistance in their ca
pacity as may be needed to put
our town back on the base ball
map with an old time bang. Say
when ! >'
Meeting at Nezperce Tuesday
Night Opens Way to Per
manent County Post.
A itemporary organization of
the Great War veterans Avas ef
fected at a meeting of some 20
returned soldiers, held in the
Red Cross rooms at the Temple
Building iu this city on last
Tuesday evening. The Avork
done Aims preliminary to the gen
eral county organization) Avhich
is planned Avhen the men have all
come back from the service.
Corporal Ai. D. Eichenbergcr,
who has been largely instrumen
tal in Avorking up the movement
for the A r eterans' organization in
this county, presided at the meet
ing and in presenting its plans
and purposes, read the constitu
tion and by-laAvs Avhich Avere
adopted by a like organization
in Nez Perce county, recently ef
fected at LeAviston.
After some discussion of the
matter, the conclusion Avas reach
ed that this meeting Avas not suf
ficiently represented to proceed
with a plan of permanent organ
ization, but the necessary tem
porary action w r as taken to in
sure permanent results later.
Under this arrangement the fol
lowing officers were elected and
committees appointed;
Camp Commander, .Corp. A. D.
Senior Vice-Commander, Leo
L. Robertson.
Junior Vice-Commander,
Claude Miller.
Judge AdA'ocate, Chester
Adjutant, Wm. Ingram.
Quartermaster, Opal Yates.
Sergeant-Major, Ralph Ken
Sergeant of the Guard, Harold
Corpora 1J of the Guard, Val
C. Farrar.
The executive committee is
com nosed of the first six officers
above named.
Finançai committee, Ferdi
nand Beck and Elmer Mitchell.
Entertainment committee, Ber
nard Stach, B. II. Bettis and
Clarence Tupper.
Membership committee, Claude
Miller and four others to he
named by him.
It Avas the general suggestion
that another meeting be held
Avithin a fortnight to forward
the movement, but the date Avas
not fixed. Plans for financing
the organization were also dis
cussed and a dance for the pur
pose is planned for the near fu
ture. These dates Avili be given
out as soon as decided upon by
*hc committees controlling them.
Thus Lewis county gets in on
the ground floor, as it Avere, of
a movement which is becoming
nation-wide and which will
amalgamate in a large measure
the entire strength of the A r eter
ans of the Great War on any
'pulilid question that may arise
in this country.
Among the \dsitors at the W.
O. W. lodge meeting in this city
last night Avere Messrs. Richards,
Aekridge and Clerk. Ambler, of
Grangeville; Byron Defenbach,
of Lewiston; A. G. and Claude
Gross, Chas. McCollister and L.
C, Hays, of Mohler.
Cupid Wakes Up.
The lethargy in the local mat
rimonial market was broken yes
terday afternoon when William
J. Poole and Miss Jessie Schadt,
two well known young people
the Mob 1er section, shyly ap
proached County Recorder
Schnell and informed him that
their principle business in life
just then was the procuring of
marriage licensel Mr. Schnell
assured himself of their title to
the document in question and
had them supplied with the lat
est spring pattern in short order.
With this passport to connubial
bjiss carefully deposited in his
breast pocket, the lucky lad led
his blushing choice of all the fair
maids in this land of many fair
maids to the office of Probate
Judge Niles, where the twain
were duly and impressively
transposed into the happy, tho
sometimes complex, state of hus
band and wife.
After receiving the congratu
lations and well wishes of the
Judge and attendant witnesses,
the young couple adjourned to
the Commdr dial Hotdl prepara
tory to returning to Mobler,
where the groom is engaged in
.ranch work . The bride is the
pretty daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Schadt, well known and
nroperous farmer folk of the
Mobler district.
Names North Highway Commis
Word wag received here last
Friday that Governor Davis had
appointed P. H. Sanger, Ira
Coon and J. W. Henderson com
missioners of the. North Highway
district—a trio of mighty good
men- and thoroughly conversant
Avitli the needs of the rich do
main oA - er which they will have
jurisdiction in road building.
The North Highway district,
embraces the Central Ridge sec
tv n of Lewis county, to the fame
of which "Press" Ragan and
men of his stamp added not a
little in the good roads they con
structed and maintained, and
that this find highway record
311 be kept up in that territory
not doubted for a moment by
a' one avIio knows the Central
Ridge people.
Kirby Fined On Gambling
On complaint that gambling
was being carried on in the pool
ball conducted by Wm. Kirby at
Ho, the county officials took
steps to procure the necessary
evidence for stopping the evil,
and on Monday, Kirby was hail
ed before Probate Judge Niles in
fronted Avith the evidence in
frinted Avith the evidence in
hand, he plead guilty to the
charge of conducting a gambling
house. Judge Niles forthwith
assessed his fine at $300 and 30
days in the county jail. He was
permitted to return to Ho and ar
range his affairs preparatory to
serving his jail term, and re
turned to Nezperce last night to
begin the ordeal.
Community Church.
Claude B. Martin, minister.
Sunday school at 10:00 a. m.
Every class may or 'may not have
a victory class Sunday; that Avili
depend upon every member of
the school.
Morning service
11:00. An
them by the choir—Mrs. Eliza
beth Pennell, director. Sermon :
"The Churches AnsAver to Bol
shevism, or the Centenary in Ac
E\'ening serwiee at 7:30. Ser
mon by the minister.
Rr K.
whose home is nine miles north
of Nezperce, Avas recently dis
charged and arrived here from
France. He was a member of
the ?46th Field Artillery and
wears the six months' overseas
service stripe. Though the com
mand he was in did not get into
the fight, it had been brought, up
and was ready to go on the line
when peace came. Corporal Ack
ridge entered the army from
Benton county, Wash., Avhere the
family imskled before remoAÛng
to their farm on this prairie,
last fall.
County Agent Wade brings
back Avord from Conrad Martin
and family, Avhom he visited last
week at Nyassa, Oregon, that
Mrs. Martin and the tAvo child
are ill of the influenza; from
which it is hoped by their many
Nezperce friends they will speed
ily reeoA'er.
Lewiston Bidding' for Willard
Dempsey Fight.
Lewiston is a bidder for the
Wiillard-Dempsey world's
championship contest, a message
giving notice of a proposal to
submitted having been sent yes
terday to Tex Rickard, promot
er, at New York. The proposal
was submitted by the athletic
committee of the Commercial
club, the personnel of the com
mittee being: C. J. Breier, J. E.
Nickerson, Wallace B. Stainton,
A. H. Cash and Harry Lydon.
Lewiston will bid for the
championship contest under the
provisions of the now law enact-1
ed by the state legislature. This
law is a development of the sen
timent created by the large num
her of returned soldiers and sail
ors who have witnessed the box
ing contests in the army and
navy during the periods of their
enlistments. The two women
members of the legislature,
mothers of young men who were
in the service, were champions
of the measure, their arguments
in behalf of the bill having great
weight in securing it's passage
by large majorities n both hous
os of the legislature.
Lewiston offers unusual ad
vantages for contests of this
character, the general climatic
conditions being especially fav
orable, while accessibility of var
iation of altitude, possibilities of
continuous outside work, hill
climbing ancf established facili
ties for training quarters would
naturally have a special appeal
to men in training for champion
ship contests.—Lewiston Tri
'Young Mrs. Winthrop' Pleases
It is keeping well Avithin the
bounds of truth to say that no
Nezperce audience has been more
agreeably entertained by a home
talent production than was that
AAdiich filled the opera house last
Thursday evening and passed
judgment onj the interpretation
of the several characters in
"Young Mrs. Winthrop" by
local players. The drama is a
cle\ r er, four-act comedy of a
depth someAvhat beyond that us
ually attempted by home tal
ent organizations, but the finer
points were very nicely brought
out, and, as one spectator ex
pressed it, "one often found
himself forgetting that the char
acters Avere our OAvn home peo
ple, so theoroughly Avere they
imparting the impressions in
tended by the author."
It Avould be bal'd to discrim
inate between the several actors
as to the cleverness of his Avork,
and that will be passed to the
individual of the audience. Those
giving the play Avere ; Miss
Edith Wright, Nolan Hollen,
Miss Lottie Sorenson, C. J. Skin
ner, Mrs. G. C. Pennell, Miss
Nellie Ratliff, Gten) Miller and
Clayton Miller.
The proceeds totaled $101,
and the net from this "ill go to
enrich the public school library.
A worthy cause for so worthy
an entertainment.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Larson
came in Monday from Reubens,
where they Avere guests for a
feAv days of Mr. Larson 's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Larson;
Mrs. A. R. having stopped over
there on her Avay home from a
visit at various points, folloAving
her siege in a Spokane hospilal,
and Albert having joined her
Adjutant Emma J. Anderson,
field solicitor for the Salvation
Arniv Rescue Home in Spokane,
made her semi-annual visit to
Nezperce the first of the Aveek
and met Avith the usual liberal
response made by this commun
ity to her appeal.
The frame annex to the Hotel
de France liu LeAviston was
burned yesterday morning, but
the damage was confined to that
portion of the well known hos
There's a heavy penalty for
those Avho have not made their
income tax report by the 15th
of this month, and the govern
ment has a Avay of finding out.
P. C. Jensen, of Ilo, Avas being
entertained here Tuesday by Dr.
Peterson, our dentist.
\When the roads get a trifle
dryer in Nezperce they'll he [
ready to drag.

^ " e v0 *° was P°b^d at two
Po«*« m the district—Nezperce
[Russell, the former giving
^9 tor and <5 against; the lat
fer . -0 tor and 14 against. This
represents about one-fifth ot the
v °t ,n g strength of the territory
winded in the district,
A stronger showing favorable
f° th Ç district s creation would
,av ® been made, but many of
tavormg it presuming
1 l' ere would be little opposition,
1 I( ^ 11°* vo * c - ie opposition
manifested was largely impelled
b y. , th ? mistaken impression
'mich had gotten abroad that
"î Tb the establishing of the dis
_ti*i<*t would come a large bond
,ssu f for financing any highway
"PI,' that might be planned,
The co " nty commissioners will
canvass the returns of the elec
f 10, l an adjourned session to
b f held to-morrow and will sup
the final official detail nec
I ssar ' ,0 make the district a fact
1U law; then the matter of ac
ua j highway building under
state specifications and tor con
nection with the general trunk
mnstruction will be taken under
consideration by all the people
here concerned, as will also the
orovision of funds for the same.
At. present there is no fixed plan
in this connection.
The Prairie Highway District
embraces the strip extending
north and south of Nezperce to
the county line, bounded on the
east by the Kamiah Highway
District and the Clearwater
rivelr, and on the west by the
Central and North Highway Dis
tricts. It has an area of about
70,000 acres and an assessed val
uation of $2,577,000.
ft might be said that within
'his district was started the
road dragging system in the
nrairie country, which has given
♦o Lewis county the reputation
>f having Hie best highways in
Idaho, and that the district will
do its share to sustain this repu
tation is hardly to be questioned.
Rich Section Now Ready to Par
ticipate Effectively in
Greater Highway Con.
struct! on.
The electors of this portion of
Lewis county, now pretty gener
ally known at the Prairie High
way District, on Tuesday sanc
tioned the creation of such dis
trict by a vote of 149 for and
89 against the project.
Lewis County Has 67D Autos.
The county assessor reports
only fifty automobile oAvners, of
the five hundred and seventy in
the county, that have applied for
the necessary license that gives
them the privilege of running on
the public highways. This license
money should be available for
road work by April 1st.
stale Avants its share,
way Districts need their part.
Spring is coming. Before you
back venir car out of the garage
to take a joy ride the law says
you must have attached a num
ber plate furnished by the Sec
retary of State. Better attend
to this matter before you forget
The car license this year will
be the same as last, for the sev
eral different makes of machin
The High
The total license lax collected
in this county for
Christian Sunday School Notes.
A new high water mark in at
tendance was set last Sunday.
There were 109 present and the
collection amounted to $6.86.
This is a good showing when it
is remembered that the basket
ball team and several other reg
ulars Avere unable to be out.
All lady members of the Sun
day school and church are asked
to make candy to be sold at the
play Saturday night.
The. Young People's class par
ty will be held at the annex on
Friday night of next week.
Come to Sunday School Sun
day. You can do us good and
avc hope you will receive a bene
fit. The school is growing sure
ly and steadily.
Change Train Time.
Commencing next Sunday,
the jitney will leave for Voll
mer, on the afternoon run, at 4
o'clock, instead of 3. This change
effects the Sunday run only.

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