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Local and Personal News Notes
Jake, the plumber.
Laier sells it for less. •
(let it done at Doggett's.
It is safer to buy it from the adver
Don't forget, Laier sells it for
jood hay. 8ee P. H.
Do you believe in home rule?
—March 15.
Long or short hauls quick — Ber
ry 's dray line.'
First-class cobbler at the A. ß.
Fike harness store.
A show worth seeing—"When
Irish Eyes are Smiling."
When you buy time, go to the
time specialist—Stoufer.
Get Jake, the plumber, to make
your sewer connections.
Peacock Rock Springs coal at
the Prairie Lumber Co.
The chirrup of the spring
chick is abroad in the land.
If you want to sell your farm
list it with Curtis J. Miller.
" When Irish Eyes Are Smil
ing"—Saturday, March 15th.
ljUICK LUNCHES sewed at Nez
perce Hotel lunch counter any time.
Standard and Aberdeen Utah
coal at the Prairie Lumber* Co.
Fog Sale —One span young
mares. Inquire of Bert Jefferis.
Go to the Prairie Lumber Co.
for hardwood and hardwood ve
The best confections to be had
and they're always fresh, at the
R. II. Y. Moser returned Fri
day from a siege in a Lewiston
Stoufer guarantees a fit—not
only the defective vision, but
your face.
For squirrels, many
prefer the Remington
: and cartridges.
1. S. Billow came up from
Clarkston Sunday for a visit
with prairie relatives.
All you need is $1.15 to get
your harness oiled with fhe best
Neatesline oil. A. R. Fike.
After July 1, next, one can
i send letters and postals at -the
old rate of two and one cents.
The local Masonic lodge is
just now quite active, and is ab
sorbing some fine new blood, so
to speak.
"Grandma" Robinson, who
I was seriously ill the first of the
week, is reported much better, at
this time,
I "When Irish Eyes are Smil
hng" is having the best advance
bale of the year. Hurry to get
hour tickets.
[ For Sale—Full Blood Rhode
[island Red eggs—$1.50 setting
|5. Phone 1112, or see Mrs. L.
■/ Henderson.
I Leo Ratliff, manager
Kezpcrce Rochdale warehouse at
Ereer, was visiting relatives and
»lends here the past week.
.22 rifle
of the
I Geo. Reinhardt was up from
Blarkston the first of the week,
fcoking after farm interests here
Bncl; visiting relatives and old
I It adds to the appearance of
lour car. Repair your top and
Back curtain. .New tops made
Bid put on. A. R. Fike.
■ For Sale —4 good work horses :
Bgc 4 to 10, and weight, 1100 to
»00. Choice of 12 head. Price
■75 to $200. Ira Coon,
■ Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Walmsley
Bid little son were over from the
Bo section Saturday, having
Bine dental work done for the
Bttle fellow.
■ AIREDALES for sale— Full
Bond pups now ready for deliv
By. Best farm dogs yet. Phone
Bo, 10912. or see John Nedrow,
B. F.*D. No. 2.
B A letter received last week
Bom Hugo Medved announced
Bis departure from France for
Be F. S. A. and he is expected
B reach home now at any date.
■ Strayed from Little Canyon
Bst November, hay cayuse filly,
■ years old; no brand; one ear
■»lit. Also 2 yearling calves.;
Bop in left ear and I C brand on
Bft hip. Reward. Ira Coon,
BcCe, Idaho.
41 w4*.
reating Eye strain
pyes carefully examined without
J the use of drugs, by a skilled
I specialist
Food, work, habits and conditions
I of patient enter into correct
I eye service
I Take a treatment for relief of
I eyestrain by
*r. E. A. Schilling
rorrect analysis of your eyes will
j convince you of Dr. Schilling's
i ability for taking your case
r e him at Hotel on March 17-18
Laier sells it lor less.
Get it clone at Doggett's.
Stoufer 's guarantee is good.
Next Monday is St. Patrick's
Latest styles in eyeglasses at
Stoufer 's.
The squirrels
the canyon breaks.
Try our room and board at $10 per
week. Nezperce Hotel.
Buy your cedar posts at the
Prairie Lumber Co.
For Sale —4 good brood
and some shoals.
Take your car troubles to the
Dant's service garage—the old
Herren plant.
It will pay you to figure with
Jake, the plumbex 1 , if you have any
work in his line.
Oscar Nelson, of the Peck
tion, was a business visitor in
Nezperce Monday.
Reserve your seats for the
play Saturday night at Leo's—
and be quick about it.
Dant has 14 years' experience
in car repairing. A trial is all he
asks. At Herren's old stand.
For Sale —Good team work
horses and wagon. Cheap for
cash. See Mrs. Walter Booth. 1
If you want good seed oats,
write for samples and prices.
Mark Means Co., Lewiston, Ida
out along
A. P. Larson.
Don't place orders for school
commencement invitations, etc.,
until you've seen The Herald
Why not consider a Fed
eral Farm Loan? Inquire of C.
H. Nugent, Secretary-Treasurer,
Harry C. Cranke, auctioneer,
Nezperce, Idaho, will appreciate
your dating your sale at The
Herald office as usual.
representative T. O.
Green of the Lewiston Tribune
wae in Nezperce the first of the
week mingling with the natives.
The ladies of the W. C. T. U.
organization will meet at the
home of Mrs. Frank Billups on
Tuesday, March 18, at 2 :30 p. m.
Ira Coon, one of the newly ap
pointed commissioners of the
North Highway district, was a
business visitor in
Editor and Mrs. George Med
ved were over from Cottonwood
the first of the week for a visit
with his folks. Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Medved and family.
County Auditor E. L. Schnell
was in Winchester Friday on
official business connected with
the naturalization of a number
of employees in the big lumber
mill there.
Mrs. Flora M. Richardson, as
sistant State Club Leader, was
an arrival in this city Friday
from Boise, to confer with Coun
ty Club Leader Miss Near on
Boys .and Girls' club work in
Lewis county.
The sunshine and balmy air of
the past two days have brought
the buttercups out here. The
first bloom of the season at this
point was found along the N. & I.
track yesterday by Section Fore
man Metzger.
Failure of congress to amend
the Daylight Saving Act means
that we must set our clocks
ahead one hour March 30. Keep
this in mind so that you may not
miss your train,, breakfast, or
softie other important engage
Floyd Newkirk, who was dis
charged from the coast defense
service at Fort Stevens, Ore.,
some weeks ago and returned to
his home in the RusSell section,
was in Nezperce the first of the
week shaking hands with his
many old friends.
While in Spokane this last
week I made arrangements to
work with one of the largest real
estate "firms in that city,
agreement is, I am to furnish the
listings and they guarantee me,
buyers. If you wish to sell, list t
Curtis J. Miller. t
at once.
A nine-pound baby girl came
to make her home with Mr. and
Mrs. A Ivy Senters, of Moliler, on
the 10th instant. Both mother
and daughter are said to be do
ing nicely, but it seems father's
case is very serious; however, it
is probable that he will he on the
road to recovery soon.
Arthur and
Messrs. Fred,
Lloyd Turner and their families
returned last week from a very
pleasant winter's sojourn at San
Diego, Cal., to resume their big
farm operations here. Their fath
J. K. Turner, some time ago
in San
purchased a fine home
Diego and he and his wife will
remain there, at least until the
call of the fine prairie summer
readier gets too strong to resist.
The returned members of the
family report a. very satisfactory
visit to the sunshine state, but
they are glad to be back in the
big game on the prairid- and their
friends are glad to have them.
New goods at Stoufer 's.
Cet it done at Doggett's.
The Herald, $1.50 a year.
Buy slabwood at the Prairie
Lumber Co.
Stoufer, the reliable jeweler
and optician.
Room and board at the Nezperce
Hotel, $10 per week.
II. Cr. Paige
visitor last Friday.
Go to the Prairie Lumber Co
for your building plans.
" When Irish Eves Are Smil
mg"—Saturday. March 15th.
was a Vollmei
If your birthday or wedding
gift eomes from Stoufer 's, you
know it is good .
Shoes are high. Save the old
ones by having them repaired at
A. R. Fike 's shop.
Bring along an extra quarter
Saturday night and get some of
that good home-made candy.
W. P.
Byrom, of Potlatch,
Idaho, is. saying "next" at the
seepnd chair in the Gem State
Barber Shop.
or trade —Cash
register; good as new. On dis
play at Gem State Barber Shop
J. D. McCown.
Mrs. Sarah Sweet returned
Tuesday evening from a three
month's visit at Arhuekle, Cal.,
and Lewiston. She reports a
very pleasant sojourn, and is
glad to get back to the old prai
rie friends.
popular and efficient dentist,
has opened a branch office at
Vollmer, where Dr. J. C. Skaer
'S in charge and where will he
found the same courteous con
sideration that is characteristic
of the local office.
Martin and Sven Thompson
and Ralph Jones, three of our
local hoys who took big men's
narts in the American activities
against the Hun on the west
front, have arrived in New York
from overseas, according to word
received here last week from
Ralnh Jones. Their relatives
and many old friends here im
patiently await their home-com
In a letter to his young friend,
Wm. Conger, Jr., Capt. Chancey
Wallace, writing under date of
March 5, from Camp Hancock,
Georgia, says, in part: "I am
well and fine. Some climate
this ; only frosted a few times
this winter, and I have enjoyed
it here. We had strawberries
for dinner today. This camp will
close in a week or ten days.,
Don't know yet whether I will
get to go across. They are send
ing few men and as so many
want to go, it makes it hard to
tell who will be the lucky ones.
I -wall he in the'R. C. service any
way till fall, as I ascertained at
a recent conference at Atlanta.
I see by the Herald most of the
soldier boys are getting home.
I will be back some day, hut
don't just know when. Kindest
to everybody."
11 «
[rt "
Wasteful 1
cream separation
dumps gallons of pure
cream (in the skim milk) into ihe pigs'
troughs every year. Put an end
to this costly, needless waste I
You can do it by installing a Viking
Cream Separator on your farm. It is
the closest-skimming machine ever per*
fected. With it you can—
Add Dollars and Dollars To
Your Cream Profits— Use a
It is guaranteed to have 100 pounds more capacity per hour than
many separators that cost more. In fact, the Viking is surprisingly
low priced—because it is produced in great numbers in the l.argest
Cream Separator Factory In The World.
Come in and let us show you this simplest, easiest-running, easiest
cleaned separator ever put on the market
For Sale by Nick Laier
All the newest things in this season's offerings at the
new store just opened by
Mrs. Fred Rainville
at the old Robinson piano store in Nezperce
Call and inspect my line, ladies*, before making your
! spring and summer selections
Nick Lair sells it for less.
Save your eyes. Dr. Schill
ing's method will save your eyes.!
Here March 17-18,
When you can't get your work
done anywhere else, bring it
Doggett's—they can do it.
John Stoufer took in the bas
ket ball game at Clarkston Sat
urday night and spent 'Sunday
with his mother in Lewiston.
Jacob Xedrow went with the
basket ball team to Lapwai and
Clarkston last Friday and Satur
day and returning with the team
Sunday evening.
L. H. Dybvig, who has been
enjoying the sunshine and beau
ties of California the past throe
months, came back to his old
stomping ground Sunday.
The report comes that Mrs. D.
E. Bell continues making satis
factory recovery at the hospital
in Lewiston and expects to rc
turn home the first of next week.
The Lewis county commission
ers will meet tomorrow, the 14th,
to canvass the vote of the Prai
rie Highway District and Iran-j
sact other accrued county busi-1
Rebekahs, you arc requested
by your noble grand and cap
tain to be on hand early at the
next Tuesday night's meeting of
the lodge, for practice for initia
tors' work.
Auctioneer Harry Crankc
bought of beef cattle at
Winona yesterday which he is
preparing, to ship next week.-He
paid $13 tier hundred for this
stuff, and the average was $155
per head.
A Hun helmet is on display at
the Nezperce Hardware. This
interesting relie of the Great
War was sent by R. E. Byrne to
his wife, who is the daughter of
Manager Sunderlin of the Nez
percc Hardware Co. Mr. Byrne's
home is in Spokane, whence he
entered the army service, and he
is in the Motor Supply Trains
division of the American forces
in France.
Joe Baldus on Tuesday even
ing received in the mail a Ger
man war helmet, sent from"over
there" by his brother Benjamin
H. Baldus. who is a member of
the Veterinary Field Units, 34fi
Field Artillery, American E. F.
While the speciman shows no
battle scars, it is complete with
the lining and chin strap and
gives a clear idea of what the
wearing of this 2 1 /, pounds of
steel means. The helmet
exhibition at the Nezperce Trad
mg t-°
is on
Card of Thanks.
From the depth of our hearts
we wish to thank our neighbors
and friends for the many kind
ly acts, consoling expressions
and beautiful floral tributes ex
tended in the hour of our great
loss of husband and father.
Mrs. Tina Hicks.
Fred and Bert Hicks.

Feel Like
starting Something
So do we—let's make it a
You come across with a DOLLAR and we'll come back
at you with interest. WE PAY 4% ON SAVINGS
Our Motto:
More young men and women for office positions. We
furnish help to 200 responsible firms, including 37
Our personal-kelp-plan trains you in shortest time. Write for
Established fourteen years.
Real Service for Livestock Shippers
Few shippers realize the advantage of marketing their stock
through a reliable commission firm, thoroughly familiar with all the
market conditions from day to day, whose keen selling experience
enables it to command the highest prices for its offerings.
Our record of having served more shippers in the year just
passed than all of our competitors indicates hew well we are serving
our patrons.
We fill feeder and stocker orders,
ket Letter with quotations.
Send for our Weekly Mar
P. W. Murphy Commission Co.
OW is the time to look over your tops
and cushions and have them repaired
while you are not using youf car. New
top recovers in stock.
A. R. FIKE, The Harness Man
Oh, How My Face Hurts
and the chaps will disappear
A Full Line of Toilet Requisites on Hand
M. D. DeMoude, Prop.
Jim tetts it <
to the Boss
W \
Tisn't the size of
a plug that counts,
says Jim. "It's the
way it tastes—and
how it lasts,
couple of squares of
Real Gravely keeps
me satisfied.
Good taste, smaller
chew, longer life is
what makes Genuine
Gravely cost less to
chew than ordinary
Write to ;—
Genuine Gravely
for booklet on chewing plug.
1 9
Peyton Brand
Plug packed in pouch.
Medved's Market
The Old Reliable
Fresh and Cured Meats
Best Artificial Ice at Your Call

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