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Gilbert Thornton went to the hills Sun
J H. Lewis visited Cambridge Wed
nesday returning Thursday. He brought
home a new press drill.
Jim Sipe journeved into the hills Sun
Gilbert Thornton went to Weiser Tues
There are many bands of sheep just,
without this valley now
The youngest daughter of Henry
Thomason is reported quite sick.
liillie Thomason was hunting horses
for Mr. Summerville last Tuesday.
Jo-Jo is plowing for William Thomason
this week.
I. W. Irbv visited Weiser Fridav
Jas Ross left, tliis valley Thursday in
search of a winter job AVe all wish
good luck to tile ' Wild Irishman."
Henry Thomason sent a team to Cam
bridge in charge of liis son AViilie last
Mrs. A A. Seay visited with Mrs.
Titomason Thursday.
William Thomason and wife went to
town Thursday and have not yet return
ed. In their absence Erastus Jones.
Newt, Thomason and Jo-Jo are''baching. "
Ask Jo-Jo who queered tlie bread.
There will be Mormon services held in
the S' hoo) house livre on next Sunday.
Speakers from Indian Valley will cotidnoi
Hie meeting
>v\ Sheepmen and oilier travelers are dis
appointed in camping privelege on Crane
for there is not a place where one can
"buy,'beg, borrow or steal" a pound of
hay. Nov. 8.
Pleasant weather again after a week of
. A number of Mrs. Shaw's friends gave
her a surprise party last Thursday. A
jolly time is reported.
The Woodman gave a ball in their
lodge room last Friday night, which was
a decided success both socially and fl
limidially. Mr. Cassett gave the supper
which was excellent.
Bills ure out announcing a show for
Friday night,.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Duree of Middle
valley Hre spending a few days here
among relatives
Mark Krigbaum and Oscar Jenkins
started to Warren Sunday with grain
Mr and Mrs. Conner Young moved in
to their new house during the
Mr. Cox is putting up a new dwelling
house in the Mathias addition.
Mr. Peterson lias moved his family in
to John Root's house.
Mr Philips is just home from a business
trip to Weiser
Miss Nellie Connaughton
ing on Crooked river, came d"W
to spend a few days with Imme folks
Mrs. Ketclium has opened a lodging
house in tile Berg building
Two of Rev. Guy Foster's children are
reported quite sick with fever
The Aid society met with Mrs. McMa
han last Thursday evening, but owing to
a misunderstanding as to
meeting, there was not many out
Mrs. Lakey lias moved to town for the
The Macabee hall is being moved to a
new location. It will be put just east of
the post office.
Mel Norman is on a busimss trip to
Mr Dixon has closed the cand' kitclte
Mr and Mrs. Hendelite and son. Aubry,
have gone to Salmon river to be gone a
mon lit.
wlio is teauh
lime of
A. G Butterfield sloped sixteen hun
dred lambs front this pince last Tuesday.
Tite sewing circle meets with Mrs.
Piper next Thursday afternoon.
The stage leaves here early in tite
over here 30
morning now instead of
causing passengers to lay
hours The change is due to
schedule between Meadows a'<t Warren.
Aller I lie first of November mail only
goes to AVarren three times
Mr. On mil In rs of S
change of
m n river was
doing business with our merchants last
Friday. Almost every day
pass through here lookii g lor In
Mesdames Powell and Adams of L
d' re. mother and sistei ol Mis Piper are
spending a couple of w. eks lieie
Weiser Valley.
Miss Mary Madison came down from
Boise last Saturday to spend the
with lier brother Dave
About twenty-five you ne prop egather
ed at tite home of Mr. and Mrs. Frances
last Saturday evening and enjoyed the
pleasure incident to tripptig ilie light
Mrs Joseph Stover, who has been verv
low with typhoid fever the last two
weeks,is slowli getting better.
Mr. G T. Connell
bought of Harrison Jones in Middle A r al
ley 100
family up there in a few days.
Tite young people met last Thursday
night at the clnipei and organized
literary which will be held at the chape]
every Saturday night, at 7:30 o'clock. All
are cordially invited.
f this vallev has
acres ami will
move ills
Middle Valley
Carpenters Gariaud and Potter expect
to finish the Newman house ihis week.
Saloonist Meesatn is building a new
barroom in our lit 1 1- village. Arthur
Edison of the west side is carpetuer-iti
There iB quite a force oui today work
ing the roads in
Jackson, road overseer.
\ari"VS places.
will Complete his
road work this week if the weather stavs
Line Deaton was working out his road
tax last week.
Thus, Mackey
road hands culling
Sage Hal today.
Win. Barber and son went down to
Weiser last Tuesday to work on the Ore
gon Short Line R. R
Levi Keithley was in town Tuesday
with a fine lot of honey w hielt lie sold to
Deaton and Toweil.
Mr. Andrew Miberof southern Kansas
arrived in nurvailey Saturday,
a car load of nousehold goods, farming
implements and stock on the road Mr.
Miller has lived in Kaus .s for ihTiy years
but now he expects to locale in Idaho
We wish him good luck.
Jake Auer and fand y will move to
Oregon the first of the week where they
will remain unlit spring.
Sheep are passing through our valley
daily going to the lower country for win
ter quarters
Hopp- r Bros went deer hunting last
week but have not returned yet
Ed. Ki'born is working for his brother.
Ira, clearing land Ira has gone to Cal
ifornia for his health
Theie was church at the 8alem school
aliouëe 8&iui\.a\ evening
is reported that Thos.
is working a force
out ii road through
He lias
Mackey sold
his calves the other day. Mr. Mackey
thinks sheep are better than cattle and
expects to deal in wool in the future.
Will Keithly and Dan Couts were round
in>r up horses last Friday.
Tite Morris-Fergusnn contest suit came
in Boise off last week, hut has not been
/decided yet.
Daniel Putter is hauling his winter's
wood from Burke mountains
Mann Creek,
Mr. Vernon Sheff was up to Mr. Lee
Barton's and Ed Garner's on quarantine
business last Monday. They were quar
antined last Sunday by Deputy Sheriff
Henry Landson.
Mr. Joe Wiseman was up the creek
last Saturday buying hogs.
A. A. Walton went to Weiser last
Owing to quarantine here last Sundav
and Monday we w. re not able to get
much news.
Cambridge Clippings.
From die Citize
Residents of Pine creek have petitioned
for a postoffice at W. F. Bennett's to be
called Advent.
The Richardson store building is being
remodeled inside and will be occupied by
Mouratt's restuarant in the near future.
R. C. Redman, the man who bought
Mr. AVinde's furniture business, arrived
from Portland with his family last week.
Joint C. Dahl,
half-brother of Deter
Gaarten, arrived from Denmark last
AVednesday and will make Washington
county his future home
Children and sons have purchased the
red barn near the depot known as the
barn and will hereafter conduct
a livery and feed stable therein.
Geo. Hoffstatler has J.H. Phillips' new
residence nearly completed. It is a sub
stantial 8-roomed dwelling and is evidence
of what a tiirify farmer can accomplish
in this valley.
The show has come and gone, likewise
many hard earned dollars from tile
pockets of the people and giving nothing
of value in return.
What Mr. Hall's Mining Attorney Says
Regarding Recent Rumors.
AA'eiser, Nov. 14, 1901.
My Dear Mr. Lockwood:—
Answering your note of last eve
ning 1 will say that the statements
published respectively on page 8 of
last Tuesday's Statesman and page
1 of the Salt Lake Herald of the
same day, relating to Mr. Hall's
mining interest in the Seven Devils
District are eroneous. The assertion
that Mr. Hall has been victimized
by his agents is without any truth
whatever. The story is untrue and
absurd. You may deny it absolutely
As to the abandonment of the
option on the nine sixteenths inter
est of the American Mining Co. Ld.,
in the Peacock claims, the facts are
these: That company asks a price
for its interest which Mr. Hall's
pany will nut pay.
partition suit is pending brought by
an owner of one o f the other inter
ests, which will soon result in the
sale of the claims. Uuder these
circumstances the option in question
became of no value,
reason the option was given up.
That is all there is to the matter.
This affects only the option on the
interest of the American Mining Co.
Ld., in those claims. Mr. Hall
still holds his contracts from the
owners of the other interests in
those claims and still has his other
In addition a
For this
properties in the Seven Devils Dis
Yours trulyq
0. F. Paxton.
That sleigh needs painting.
Moyer about it.
Window shades at McBratney &
Abernathy, 45c each. Telephone
38 N.
Lecture. Will Be Delivered.
Avery C. Moore, who was to
lecture here last week under the
auspices of the Outlook club but
who was compelled to cancel the
engagement because of the abandon
ment of bis train, has agreed to give
the lecture for the Club sometime
within the next two
weeks. The
date wiil be announcement later.
Money to loan on farms, favorable
terms given.
R. C. McKinney, Weiser.
Neal's Carriage Paint at Moyer's
Big Paint and Paper store.
77—W. of AV. —77
Good News front Boise.
Weiser is soon to have a new
bridge across the Snake. AVater
works and an electric light system
will also be installed in the near
future —Idaho American.
Buy your paint of a practical
painter, who can tell you what to use
and how to use it This knowledge
will be worth a great deal to you, but
will cost you nothing, if you buy
your paint from Moyer, the painter
Largest stock of paints, oils, etc., in
Lowest prices for good
! Most Promising Outlook For Settlement of
Bl« Strip of Weiser Territory.
Dead Ox Flat Objective Point of Pro
posed Ditch.
The Artesian Springs AVaters and
Land Co. has been incorporated
under the laws of Oregon, with J.
S. Stark as president and S. F. Stark
secretary. It is capitalized at $100,
000, and headquarters are at the
office of R. C. McKinney, in this
city. The object of the company is
to irrigate about 20,000 acres of
land, about 4,000 of which lie along
the Malheur river and the remain
ing 10,000 on Dead Ox flat, opposite
the city of Weiser.
The ditch, the permanent survey
of which will be begun by Engineer
Utter tomorrow, will be 22 miles
long. The first two miles is the
expensive part of the ditch, and after
that is passed it runs through
twenty miles of fine farm land
susceptible of irrigation. The com
pany has a number of large reservoirs
fed by Willow creek that will be
drawn upon when the Malheur be
comes lotv in the summer. In and
around these reservoirs are innumer
able flowing springs which will
ment the water supply. AVork lias
been under way on the reservoirs for
two years, and last year they were
used to some extent. The company
expects to complete the heavy work—
the first two miles—by next fall.
Shares are on the market for $10
each, and call for an inch of water.
Settlers can pay for water shares by
work on the ditch, which is now
under way. The terminus of the
canal will be at the mouth of Moore's
The country that the proposed
canal will open is tributary to Weiser,
and is one of the prettiest bodies of
sage brush land in the state of Idaho.
Given water, it will make a rich and
thickly populated district Its set
tlement would he greatly facilitated
by a bridge across Snake river.
In an advertisement in another
column of tite Signal AVill C. Shields
makes a novel announcement to his
Every dollar's worth of
goods purchased entitles you to a
coupon, which may be the lucky
number to draw the elegant and
and beautiful set of pearl-handle
knives and forks, valued at $40
will be a splendid New Year's gift
and costs you absolutely nothing.
Every time you purchase a dollar's
worth of goods, get a numbered
coupon. There are many novelties
in his jewelry store which will elicit
admiration. The holidays are com
ing on a pace. Make your selections.
Piano, organ and voice lessons
given at pupil's homes. Terms of
twenty lesson, $10. Half term,same
rate. Address,
Mrs. Ida Sciioenauer,
77—AV. of W.—77
Moyer will mix any color you
want, out of Collier's pure lead, zinc
and linseed oil at less than the usual
price of best mixed paints. See it
mixed and you will know what you
buy. _
Spreads Like Wild Fire
When things are "the best" they
become the "best selling." Abra
ham Hare, a leading druggist of
Belleville, O.,
writes: "Electric
Bitters are the best selling bitters I
have handled in 20 years."
know why? Most diseases begin in
disorders of stomach, liver, kidneys,
bowels, blood and nerves. Electric
Bitters tones up the stomach, regu
lates liver, kidneys and bowels, pur
ifies the blood, strengthens the nerves,
hence cures multitudes of maladies.
It builds up the entire system. Puts
new life and vigor into any weak,
sickly, run-down man or woman.
Price 50 cents. Sold by L. Church
ill, Druggist.
The Heaviest Buyer ;
For Cash !
é a ■■
t.- s
Always Sell I lie
For the
Least Money. 1
Two carloads of celebrated Airtight STOVES and STEEL RANGES just received by Haas Bros. ®
In addition to low prices, we are able to give you a bigger stock to select from. You can get Jgf
just exactly any size and st\le you want.
weiser's Mammoth
®®!®!®'.®!®[email protected]!®!®!®!®!©!®!®!®!®!®!!®!®!®;®!®!®!®!®.'©!®!©*.©!©!®!®
Prominent Young: People United in
Yesterday two of Washington
county's most popular young people
were made happy, when Roy Car
rutliers and Miss Ollie Jeanette A r an
Sicklin were united in marriage.
The ceremony occurred at high noon
at the residence of the bride's parents
in this city, and was a quiet one,
there being present only the imme
diate family, AA'ill Carruthers, brother
of the groom, Miss Redway of Boise
and Airs. Hovie of AA'eiser. Rev.
Henry G. Taylor, of St. Luke's
church, officiated; Miss Redway was
bridesmaid and JAA'ill Carruthers
groomsman. The bride wore a hand
some dress of crepe de chine with
white sash and carried carnations.
After the ceremony those present
partook of a sumptuous wedding
breakfast. The couple were the re
cipients of many handsome presents
from a host of friends and the bride's
father gave them a check for $1,000.
The happy pair took the east bound
train at 5 o'clock for Chicago, where
they will visit friends and relatives
for the next thirty days.
The bride is the charming and
petite daughter of E. A. VanSickhn,
one of AA T ashington county's most
successful business men. She has
grown up in this county and is one
of our most popular young Iadie9.
She graduated last June from St.
Margaret's, Boise.
The groom, Mr. Roy Carruthers,
is the broad-guage member of the
firm of Carruthers & O'Toole, and
has had charge of the Council
branch. He is a young man of brains,
business ability and attractive per
sonality—a prince of a fellow—and
to his energy is due the larger part
of the firm's success, \\ T herever his
methods and ideas have been per
mitted to govern the business results
have been flattering and we congrat
ulate the county that he intends to
enter permanently and on a large
scope into local business circles on
bis return from his wedding tour.
Riggs Case.
The testimony in the Riggs case
closes tomorrow. A large number
of witnesses have been examined.
The outcome of the examination wili
probably not be known for several
Ready for business—Moyer's New
Carriage Paint Shop.
Always awake to the needs of the
diversity of tastes in AVeiser, 1 have
constantly on hand boiled bam sliced
in quantities to suit. Will also slice
small or large quantities of my deli
cious home made breakfast bacon
and head cheese.
Have weinne
wurst and all kinds of
corned beef and pickled pork.
fit your table with any delicacy.
F. Korup.
77—W. of W.—77
All kinds of Brushes at Moyer's.
Card of Thanks
We desire to express our heartfelt
thanks to our kind friends who so
kindly assisted us in our recent sad
Chas. Green and Family,
Spokane, Wash.
A. RUF & OO.
City Meat Market!
W oisor, Idaho.
LUvn Li
Mrs. Frank Harris is able to be
out after a long seige of sickne-s.
J. AV. Dougherty of this place
was registered Monday at the Over
land in Boise.
A sidewalk was laid in front of
This ex
cellent business corner is the property
of J. J. Fuller.
The work of leveling the yard at
Dr. Shirley's new residence has been
completed, and when covered with
grass next spring it will be one of
Weiser's prettiest lawns
Weiser Academy and the Boise
High School are advertised to play a
game of foot ball Saturday afternoon.
The Thanksgiving game for this year
"Will be between the second teams of
of Weiser and Payette.
A. McPherson of Boise was here
this week and purchased the season's
tite Ennor barn this week
prune product of the local drier,
will be shipped to various points in this
Mr. McPherson has purchas
ed practically all the prunes dried in
Idaho this year and
the same to Idaho merchants.
disposed of
paid au average price of 4c per
Tom Neighbors arrived from
Boise, yesterday, and is on Itis waj
borne to the Thunder Mountain
country. Mr. Neighbors has in Itis
charge the mail sack for Thunder
Mountain and in addition to itis regu
lar supplies has also made a ship
ment of fruit trees of various kinds.
The assortment is in part for the
Caswell Brothers, and shows that the
intermountain land is able to
duce something besides
You will please notice that the mail
and merchandise go via Weiser and
the P. & I. N. to Thunder Moun
tain, ihe most practicable route.
Hon Avery C. Moore, who was
recently appointed commissioner for
Idaho to the South Carolina exposi
deavoring to secure literature about
the Weiser valley for Charleston.
He found the business men willing
and anxious that a pamplet descrip
tive of our great and varied resources
be printed for the exposition. The
opinion seems to be general that
funds for the printing of such mat
ter should be appropriated by the
county commissioners and this will
undoubtedly be done immediately.
Weiser cannot afford to miss this op
portunity of having herself adver
tised in tl • south
The Christian Endeavor social at
the Congregational church Friday
evening was a novel affair. Partners
for supper were secured by lottery,
and as usual proved a happy method.
Impromptu addresses on "pins and
points" were secured from several,
those of Carl Keyes and Mr. Luck
being voted the wittiest and best.
A peanut race furnished lots of fun,
the contestants being required tocarry
the nu ts trout one plate to another
on table knives. Success depended
on the steadiness of the nerves. If
quantity of nerve had been tite
criterion the contest would have been
won b\ the young couple that put
their knives under toe plate and
moved that and its contents at one
trio. The young folk- enjov these
events hugely, and invite all who will
to attend tite in.
Patton's Carriage Paint at Moyer's
Big Paint and Paper note.
aeter and good reputation in en. -h state (one in
this county required) to represent and advertise
old established wealthy business house ot solid
cial standing. Salary $18 00 weekly with
additional, all payable in cash each
Horse and
Wednesday direct from head «»111
carriage furnished, when i
Enclose self-addressed sta
M»ed envelope,
ager. 316Caxton Building. Chicago.
Ai a n -
If so, you will !>•• interested
in a monthly mag zine devot
ed solely to tour
title is
A JOURNAL for the
and every issue contain- Departments
on practical subjects, su It a these:
Offii-e Manag. m< n
Great Busines- Institutions
Legal Decision
Credits and C 'dee tons
Commercial low
Practical Accounting
Profitable Publicity
AVhelher you are well established,
whether you have just start'd, or
whether y ou have not \ el begun,
BUSINESS will lie sure to be of ben
efit to you. Send 10c f-r a copy. Per
year. $1. _
Books fur Business- Men
Prom iss 'ry Notas, Checks. Drifts, etc.
$2 00
200 P'g'-s bou <i in cioth.
Snccesstiii Men o'' Busin ss....
Bookkeeping Fr uds and Meth
ods for their Detect i"ti.
American Tract Bui ding,
N w York.
A. P. Armstrong, LL. B., Principal
A practical, progressive school, conspicuous
for thorough work, with hundreds of graduates
in {tositions as bookkeepers and stenographers
Already proud of a high standing wherever
known, it steadily grows lietter and better.
Open all the year. Students admitted any time.
Private or class instruction. Learn what and
how we teach, and what it costs Catalogue free.
-Board of Directors -
acter and good limitation In euch state (one in
this countv required) to represent and advestise
old established wealthy business house of solid
financial stnnding Sularv 918-00 weeky with
exoenses additional all payable in rash each
Wednesday direct from head offices. Horse and
carriage furnished, when necessary. References.
Enclose self-addressed stamnod envelope. Man
ager, 810Caxton Building. Chicago.

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