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to sim us.
Mrs. Ashmun, Miss Mary Harper
and Rev. Taylor met yesterday
morning and went over the letters
sent to Santa Claus through the Sig
nal. There were many excellent let
ters, some excelled in penmanship,
others in composition. The judges
weighed all points very carefully and,
unanimously, their decision was
First prize for girls ($5.00) Hazel
First prize for boys (skates) Gor
don Everett.
Prize for girls of six—Laura V.
Prize for girls of eight—Susie
y Prize for boys of seven—Maurice
* Some letters received from distant
districts were very meritorious in
deed and in fact remarkable cousid
sidering the very short terms
school held, and the boys and girls
who wrote them will undoubtedly
win some of the future prizes if tbey
Will persist.
Below we give the prize letters and
a number of others worthy of
place in the paper. Two letters
had no signatures. Mary aud
Ocia Hitt received the 50 cents for
for first definition of procrastination.
Weiser, Idaho.
Dec.. 10, 1902;
Dear Santa Claus.
h am a little girl only a eleven
years old and I want. oh. so many things
for Christmas.
1 want an opal riug, a doll with
golden curls, with blue eyes that open
and shut, a nice book, some games,
oranges, candy and nuts.
There Is a big chimney in our
house so you will have no trouble in get
ting in.
You may come as early as you
wish for I am going to bed early.
If you cannot bring these 1 wish
Id bring Mr. Lockwood.s offer of
And oblige
Hazel Hopkins.
Weiser, Valley.
Dec., 18lh, 1902.
you wou
five dollars.
Dear Santa,—
I am a country boy and live not
very far from town. I hope you will
come and leave me a few presents just
the same as you do in town also leave the
other boys and girls here some presents.
You are going to have a cold time this
Chris)mas Santa, unless the weather
changes very mnoh. Santa 1 am only
twelve years old. Well I guess I will
quit because it is getting late.
Good-by Santa
From Your Friend
Gordon Everett
Weiser, Flat.
Deo., 18, 1902.
Dear Santa;—
I should like to have a doll, stove,
bed, dishes and some candy and nuts.
Please bring me a pair of mittens, a
new dress, bracelet, a ring, a handker
chief and a pair of new shoes.
Hoping my letter will not be over
I am Your Little Friend.
Susie Smith.
1 am Eight years old.
Weiset. Idaho, Dec., 21,1902.
Dear Santa Claus.
Here comes a little 7 year oil boy
to tell you What he wants for Christmas
Please'bring me an Air gun. One that
will shoot sure enough shot, a Sled so
eon coast bown the hill with my lilt[e
sister, a little Drum. Some nice candy,
oranges, outs, apples, cake, and please
dear Santa dont forget to bring my little
sister a doll baby, she is to small to
write you a letter. If you have not
enough for both Stockings, please put all
in hers. So good by dear Santa until
your little friend
Maurice Equals,
P. S Mamma says dont forget to bring
a bottle of castor oil.
Weiser, Ida Dec, 30 1902.
Dear Old Santa Claus
please will you bring me a nice set of
furs for 1 need them to wear to school it
is so cold.
I also would like a new doll as my old
one has lost one leg. And most of its hair,
in fact I wish I would bring all of our
family and Grandma & Grandpa nice
presents If you have enough to go around.
With best regards
I remain your friend.
Laura V. Watkins.
Age 6 year.
Weiser, Idaho.
Deo. 17, 1002,
Dear Santa Clause:
The last Christmas present 1 got was a
get of dishes, I want a stove that I can
cook on and that does not melt when you
built a fire in It and that has a stove
pipe in it.
And a sack of candy and nuts, and
some gum and a slnhg af heeds.
I have not been so fate or out since I ve
went to school this year.
I am ten years old.
Your Truly
Julia Kennedy
Dale, Idaho,
Dear Mr. Santa Clauses.
When you come up Hornet Creek will
you kindly bring me a fancy work box
And a little writing desk. And please
leave a little wooley Iamb for Brother
Lincoln. I am eleven years old, and
Brother Lincoln is two years old.
From Yours Truly
Minnie Elliott.
To Santa Claus.
Weiser, Idaho.
Dec., 17. 1902.
Dear Santa:—
It has been so long since I have
written to you. This time I am going to
tell you what I would like to have best,
and that is a pair oj skates. There is no
reason why you shouldent haye a good
time. We are going to have a nice
Christmas tree for yon to put the things
on. I epect this letter to meet you at the
North Po e. Now Santa 1 wish you a
Merry Christmas.
Yor Frend
Ina Jenney
Nine years old.
Weiser, Ida.
Deo. 21, 1902.
Dear Santa Clause,
I want a sled and a trane and a trunk
and a pair of skates, and a watch and
some candy, and boy dolls, how many
Raindaers have you ganta Claus. I want
a toy monkey that will crawl up a string,
and a horse, and a oup and a toy gun.
and some marbles and a wagon wheel
and some solgers. Howard Snider. I
will be 10 years old one mouth from
Christmas day.
Weiser. Ida.
Dec., 18, 1902.
Dear ganta Claus:
I am ten years old.
I'd like for you to
bring me something, for Papa said that
you were poor this year. If you think
that you cannot afford to bring me any
thing, Please bring Ourrey something.
Fori head to take care of him when
mamma was so sick.
Yours Until next Xmas.
Sarah Mitchell.
Weiser, Ida.
Deo., 18. 1902.
Dear Santa:
I should like to have a pair of
skates, drum, wagon, train, tool box,
book, horn, gun, ark, fiddle, boots and
lot of candy and nuts.
Hoping that I have not ask for to
much, and that you will not forget me,<>
I am yours truly,
Tom Smith.
I am ten years old. Flat.
Weiser, Idaho.
Deo., 10, 1902.
A letter to Santa Claus.
I want a doll that gows to sleep,
a trunk to. The baby wants a drum.
Guy wants a tole box. 1 want a book.
I want a dresses and table.
Good by Santa Claus.
I want
Sadie Roberts.
Weiser, Ida.
Dec., 21, 1702.
Dear Santa Claus
on Christmas all boys and girls are
glad and their hearts are free. All I owe
I owe to my mother. How many rein
deers has Santa Claus. My teacher's
name is Miss Dale and I like her. And
we had a Entertainment at our school
fri-day. And santa clause came and
gave us sum nuts and we eat them and
had a good lime that day.
Harry Snider.
I will be ten yean old oae month from
Christmas dsy.
Weiser, Ida,
Deb 20,1903,
Dear Santa Claus;
Please bring me a bicycle and I want
doll too.
Oh yea 1 want [my stockings full of
And Dear Santa Claus Charley my little
brother wants a horn and a drum.
Aud things tqat make lots of noys.
Well Dear Santa this is all l can think
of now.
If I think of anything mare I will write
Bo good by Banta
Your friend
Verta Rhea
Weiser, Ida.,
Dec. 3s, 1902.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am ten yeers old. This is the first
year I ever went to school. Mamma
always taught me at home. I am in the
fourth grade now. Now I want you
bring a story book, skates, ring and
sleeping doll and some candy and nuts.
Dear Santa do you think I have asked'for
too much? Santa I want you to bring all
I have asked for. Santa I wish you
merry Christmas. Santa I will hang iny
stocking up in the corner.
Your Little
Ina Reeves.
Council, Idaho.
Deo 21, 1902.
Dear old Santa Claus.
I am a little girl eleven years old, and
live on Hornet creek In the snow.
Now I will tell you
what I want for Christmas,
nice organ and would like to have a pair
of vaocs set on it.
I would like to have a sled as we have
flna place for coasting Hollie wanted me
to teU you to bring him some ABC
I have
I will close for this time. Come and see
me every year.
Good By.
From Della Jackson to SantaClaus.
Weiser, Dec. 12, 1002.
Dear Santa Claus.
I want a trunk piano.
and a watch and a doll cradle
and a Doll chair,
and a Doll baby brigy
and a Doll hat
Santa Claus has 8 eqens raindea.
Floy Snider I an 8 even
Dear Santa
I am a little girl ten years old and have
tried to be good all the years through
but for fear that you might forget to
come to our house I am going to write
you a little letter, I should like to have
a large Doll with curls and red slippers
with fur tops. I have a little brother
Marshal who is the sweety brother in
the wold so please bring him a rocking
horse drum and ball.
There are many other things, Dear
Santa that I should like to have but I am
afraid that your tiny rein dears will not
be able to to carry your sled so bring me
only a doll and diveda my other toys
witn the poor little children across the
way whose papa is very sick And ff
their chimneys are to small for you to
creep throng.
You may leave them on my stockings
and I will deliver them early in the
Thanking you Dear Santa for you
kindness to all little boys and girls and
wishing you and your tiny reindear a
merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
remain your little sweetheart
Hazel Smith.
Weiser, Idaho.
Dec, 7, 1902
Dear Mr. Santa Claus.
Please will you bring me a big doll fif
teen inches long Chrismas Santa Clans.
One with slippers and buckles and
You are the best man in the world.
I like you so well that I will write you
a letter I love you very well. You are
so good that I think I will get some pres
ants. I got presants Isst Christmas and I
think that Santa Claus will bring some
presants this Christmas.
I am eihht years old.
From your loving
Ocia Hitt
Weiser, Idaho.
Dec. 10, 1902.
Dear Santa Claus;—
I wrote to you last Christmas. So I
thought I would write to you now. We
are not going to have a Christmas tree
here. I boni want you to forge me. I
want a doll because I broke my other one.
When you go round you wont forget me
I will close now
from Dollie Shaw
Age. 8. years.
Weiser Ida, 20th.
Dear Santa Claus,
Please bring me a Piano a real one not
a toy Piano, and please remember all my
little school mates, and my good kind
Teacher, and bring Baby Sister a doll
and doll buggy, and candy and nuts
enough for us all.
good Bye.
Your little Friend Edith Watkins.
Weiser, Idaho.
Dec. 17, 1902.
Dear Santa Claus.
I nad a birthday party last Saturday and
I had eight little friends come to spend
the day with me.
Dear Santa Claus you will not find
at the Congregational church Christmas
We are going to Baker City Christmas
Dear Santa Claus I want a large doll that
will go to sleep and some candy
Dear Santa Claus vou will half to excuse
me from writing with pen and ink. Be
cause in are roon at, school we do not
write with pen and ink in are grade.
Flora Burrows
8 years old.
Dear Santa Claus.
1 am ten years old, and I attend tne Haas
school. I want lot lots of nice things for
Christmas. I want a doll and a book
and a set of dishes, and a doll bed and a
doll stove. But we're snowed in and 1
am afraid you can get here.
Miss Bell Dailey.
Weiser, Idaho;
Dec. 16, 1902.
Dec. 17, 1902.
Dear Santa Claus.
1 will write this letter to dear old Santa
And if I don't spell all the words just
right next time I'll do better.
Santa Claus knows all the naughty
things we do
I live out in the country and we have
no happy times.
If I just had one doll, I would
her you.
At Christmas what happy times
We will have no christm&s tree in
valley where we live.
And you can Imagine how welcome a
little present would be.
Well t well close my letter now hoping
to hear from you at Christmas time.
Your friend,
Gertrude Shaw.
Dec., 20, 1903.
Dear Santa Clause,—
I am very glad it is
lime lor you to come around again.
When you come please bring me a
pretty wax doll about one foot and one
half long, bring a carriage for her, and
also an iron bedstand.
It is snowing, and 1 hope it will
enough so you can come in your sleigh.
Good bye.
Your loving friend
Nellie Watson.
Weiser, Ida.
Dec. 17, 1002.
Dear Santa Claus. I am looking for you
Christmas night.
1 am expecting a now pair of skates.and
I want you to bring the poor people's
children tqings to eat, but there ate not
very many, of them here, but there
others in other places.
Dear Santa Claus why I want a new pair
of skates'is why my skates will not fit
me, and I have to ware the boys skates.
Ray Burrows.
10 years old.
Dec 17, 1902.
Dear Santa Claus.
I will write you a few lines.
Santa Claus, von are the best man I ever
did see.
I like yov so much that I will write you
a letter. I know that you will be glad to
give good little girls presants.
V» s ' l H i 'f v> <
Bes t to use.
Best to give away.
I wish you would give me a doll H feet
long. Santa Claus, Vancie said that you
would come down the pope-pipe Christ
I am ten years old. I will close for this
From your loving
Mary G. Hitt.
Weiser Idaho
Gladys coakley
Dear Santa Claus.
Mamma say the signal office will give
five dollars to the little girl who writs
you the best letter.
I an eight years old and will try for that
five dollars.
Christmas tree with some nice ' presents
on it.
So you may leave me one [for Christ
I wonld like to have a
I have a Utile Brouther two years old he
would like a drum a train of cars and a
little hatchet so bring themtohim please,
as this is all we want 1 will close my
letter give my love to Mrs santa Clause
and keep a share for yourself.
Gladly Coakley.
If you have any little santa clauses give
then my love to them.
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Finest Line of GROCERIES
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J. A. Wiseman
Successor to Withy's Market.
, I

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