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Bad Blood
Is the cause of all humors, eruptions, j
boils, pimples, scrofulous sores, eczema
or salt rheum, as well as of rheuma- j
tism, catarrh and other troubles. The
greatest blood remedy for all these:
troubles, proved by its unequaled
record of cures, is
— — ,, _ :
Hood's Sarsaparilla
• ,
In usual liquid form or In chocolated
tablets known as Sarsatabs. 100 doses $1
Captain Bender, who ifj in command
of the Canadian exploring expedition
in the Arctic regions, reports taking
possession, in the name of the govern
ment, ot 14 islands.
State op Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County,
Frank J. Chenky makes oath that he Ij
»enior partner of the firm of F. J. Ciiknky &
Co., doing business in the CiVy of Toledo, Coun
ty and State afoiesaid, an3 that said firm will
pay the sum of ONE HUNDKF.D DOLLARS for
each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in mv
presence, thi 6 th day of December, A. D., 188é.
Notary Public.
Hall's Tatarrh Cure is taken internally, And
acLs directly on the blood and mucous surface?
of the system. Send L-r testimonials, free.
F. .1. ( IIKNEV A CO., Toledo, O.
Hold by Druggists,
Hall's Family Fills are the best.
General Leonard Wood is booked by
army opinion in Washington for the
post *f Governor's island, the most
desirable in the service, upon the re
tirement of Major General Wade.
Thoroughly Reliable.
If ever there was a reliable and safe
remedy it is that old and famous por
ous plaster—Allcock's. It has been in
use for sixty years, and is as popular
today as ever, and we doubt if there
is a civilized community on the face cf
the globe where this wonderful pain
reliever cannot be found. In the selec
tion of the ingredients and in their
manufacture the greatest care is taken
to keep each plaster up to the highest
standard of excellence, and so pure
and simple are the ingredients that
even a child can use them.
Allcock's are the original and genu
ine porous plasters and are sold by
Druggists In every part of the civil
Led world.
Druggists refund money if it fails to cure. E.
W. GROVE'S signature »
each kox. aye.
Emperor William has been buying
blooded trotting horses in this country
and ft large consignment is now on the
way across to the royal stables.
A Most Dreadful Case of Kidney
Trouble and How It Was Cured.
Thomas N. McCullough, 321 South
Weber St., Colorado Springs, Colo.,
says: "For twelve
or fifteen years I
was sulfering fre
quent attacks of
pain in the back
and kidneys that
lasted for three
weeks at a time. I
would be unable
to turn In bed.
The urine was in a terrible condition,
at times a complete stoppage occur
ring. I began with Doan's Kidney
Pills, and soon felt better. Keeping on,
I found complete freedom from kidney
trouble. The cure has been perman
ent; I owe my good health to Doan's
Kidney Pills."
Sold by all dealers, 50 cents a box.
Fostcr-Miibinii Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
f REE BOOK It gives 1 000 uses of 20-MULE
TCAM BORAX in the Home, farm arul Dairy.
Tree on request.
20-Mule-Tefim Borax for FAle at nil dcAlors,
Sample and Souvenir Picture in colors, 5 cents
and dealer's name. Pacific Coast Bora« Co..
Qah-.inH, ( al.
. „if >y CLOTHING
l ö give you com
1 1 / 1 1 _ h / pîete protection
I ir /A"l • t.nd long service
a./ You can't afford
/ Y/ to buy any other
Every garment
The best dealers se3 it
[<£?**-■ !
/ A
Insure your live
I Hcuinst death from any cause
StOCK Agents Wanted.
Write home ofiii-e for terms und fiarticular..
The North we» tern l.ive Stock I
Co., 1 7 tO Broadway, Seattle.
No. 5 7
Sp N U
charleston, W. Va. . Jan. 30 —With ,
a detonation hca rt for miles and hurl- !
lug debris hunderds of feet in the air, ,
j c,_I
dust in te Stewart mine near Payette-;
who were at work 500 feet below the
sm face. Thera is no chance that any
will be taker, ont alive.for it is htonght
that the terrible force of the explosion
snuffed ont their lives instantly. It
will not be possible for rescuers to
reach the bottom of the shaft foi two
days at least.
The disaster is perhaps the worst, in
the number of killed, in the history of
Most of the men were
the state.
Americans aud many of them were
married aud hud large families. There
were a dozen or more colored men and
about 20 aliens among the victims.
The rescue work was begun as soon
i.s the shaft house could be repaired.
About two hours after the explosion
thtee men were lowered into the shaft
in an improvised bucket. Before de
scending 62 feet two were overcome
aud ih;i ether was barely able to give
the signal to hoist. Further attempts
were abandoned. Air was supplied bv
arge fans, but the mechanism was
damaged aud the fans were idle for
about two hours. The fans have been
started again aud if the men were not
all killed it mav be that they will have
air enough until the nscuers reach
The shaft has three compartments,
two for the cages aud one for air.
Smoke aud dust poured into the air
shafts for hundreds of feet from the
ventilating compartments aud it was
wrecked. It is stated that nearly all
the men were at work in the entries
near the bottom of the shaft. No offi
cial announcement of the disaster or
its cause has yet been made by the offi
cers of the company. That dust caused
the explosion is stated by persons at
the scene, but the investigation may
prove otherwise. It isolated that little

Saarbrueoken, Rhinish Prussia, Jan.
30.—An official report, revised this
afternoon, places the number of dead
in the mine disaster at 148, of which
62 have been 1 rought out. During the
mon i :g (B japing gas from the Bild
et ok shaft was caught aud analyzed
by chemists,and the result showed that
the fire was dimishiug. The disaster
would have be *n much greater but for
the fact that three months ago a gal
lery was cut through to the other shaft.
It was by means of this that many of
the 600 men escaped. According to
the latest information the explosion
was caused bye oal dost.
Governor General Davidoff, of Peo
dosia, Russia, in fear of assassination,
has issued orders that all men who
meet him on the street shall turn their
backs and throw up their hands until
ho has passed out of sight.
A. J. Miner, aged 93 years, died re
cently in Spoknae. The deceased was
a veteran of the Meixcan war. He is
survived by bis wife. Mr. Miner was
one'of the pioneers of the northwest,
having gone to the centrai Idaho gold
fields about 40 yea's a o
He was a noted prospector continuing
his annual trips in search of miu- s un
til just a few summers ago.
The picture that comes before the
imagination at the mention of Death
Valley, is a level, sun-blistered waste
of sand, heat quivering as it radiates
from the plain, and a glare of sun re
flecting on bleached bones of horses and
men that have died of thirst. It has re
mained for the unusual severity of this
w inter to change the scene to the other
extreme, aud disclose the blizzard
swept plain on which a familv is some
where lost, aud probably frozen to
Washington officials at the state de
partment'refuse to say that Governor
Swertcnham has withdarwn his letter
to Admiral Davis. It is pointed ont
that the president has taken every
j means known to him to make it evi
! dent that ho regards the Kingston epi
I sode as a closed incident, so the offi
cials decline to comment on it.
The latest reports from American
consular offices in China regarding the
famine aud resulting conditions fur
ther confirm the stories of suffering
aud hardship.
Archbishop S. G Mes-mor, in an
interview, favors reestablishment of
tho canteen in military posts and sold
iers' homes. ''I am firmly convinced
that the can^edc is a strong temperance
factor," he said.
The plant of the Phelps Publishing
company at Springfield, Mas -1 ., was de
stroyed by fire recently. The estimated
loss is $ 1,000 000.
Butter and Eggs Retail Prices.
i The following prices are quoted on
; butter, eggs and cheese:
I Choie*: butter, Hazelwood 45c lb; Ya
kima Jersey 45c; Edgewood. 45c lb
j Mapleleaf, 35c; Columbia, 35c; Prem
lum. 40c; Rose-bud, 30c.
agreement with the metal selling agen
cies in this country not to compete
with the American concerns and that
a division ot territory in Europe has
been made by them. It is also alleged
that this trust has stored large sup
plies of copper, both in this country
and in Europe, causing an artificial
scarcity of the metal.
„ . ,
1 resident James Norton, speaking of
(ho complaints made by the associa
, .
uon, said that ia members in the as
' ... ,
' ier ""™:iHy. and that the western cop
' 1pr b ">" îr3 . f ere thorough sympathy
Wlth tbe ob J ects °. the association,
Mr - Norton wUl , to Washington
D «t week to see the attorney general
City Attorney Burke Ready to Prove
San Francisco. Jan. 28.—City At
torney Burke, who has charge ot the
Japanese school question for the San
Francisco board of education, has
declared that the board has investi
gated the subject of nationality of the
Japanese and has conclusive proof
that the Japanese are Mongolians.
Burke said:
"Eminent ethnologists and oriental
scholars are amazed that the federal
department of justice should have
been tricked by Us Japanese advisers
into making the allegation that the
people of Nippon are in no sense Mon
golians. The government complaint
partially rests on this contention.
"We have made careful investiga
tion of this question and are prepared
to show not only that there is a very
large admixture of Mongolian blood in
the Japanese people, blit that Japanese
civilization, up to the opening of Jap
an to foreign trade, was entirely de
rived from Korea and China, and was
essentially a Mongolian civilization.
"Our first knowledge ot the Japan
ese dates from 900 B. C., when Jim
moterro and his Yamato warriors ap
peared in Nippon. No sensible Japan
ese of today believes the legend that
these warriors came from heaven. Au
thorities like Dr. Julius Rein, Rev. Wil
liam Elliott Griffiths and Sir Ernest
Satow all agree that these Yamato
warriors were Mongols, kindred to
Koreans. Even if they were not Mon
gols their subsequent mixing with
Koreans and native tribes like Idzumo,
Kumaso and EmishI, all of undoubted
Mongo! stock, would make them large
ly Mongolian."
City Attorney Burke is also engaged
in preparing data to show that Ameri
can citizens in Japan have been denied
all privileges that Japanese are com
plaining they have been denied here.
The Sait Lake Herald says that the
Wood-Haganbarth ranch in the states
of Sonora and Chihuahua. Mexico, has
been purchased by John D. Ryan,
Thomas F. Cole and Colonel W. C..
Greene, copper mine owners, from J.
D. Wood. Frank J. Hagenbarth, W S.
McCormick and H. C. Woid, all of
Salt Lake City. The consideration for
the ranch alone is approximately a mil
lion dollars and the transfer of 25,000
cattle at from $12.50 to $35 a head
brings the sum involved far above the
million mark. The ranch contains 4000
square miles. It is twice as large as
the state of Connecticut. It is under
500 miles of fence. Title Is vested ln
a Mexican corporation and delivery
... .__ . ....
wHI b ° b? the transfer of stock.
- ■■ -
Prices to Producers.
The following list may be taken as
a fair standard of prices paid by the
city markets for the commodities
'poultry _Live hens, 12c; dressed,
lie old roosters. 8c; spring chickens,
10c dressed 11c ; fancy turkeys, 17 <S ' 1
18c lb- dressed, [email protected]; geese, 11c; 1
tircssed 12 l-2c
E g g s—St i i et 1 y fresh ranch, 35c ;
doz. ;°$10.50 per case.
Bn! ter—37 l-2c lb.; second grade j
butter. 32 i-2c.
Stoc 'l ? _Lj ve hogs, [email protected] cwt.;
dressed. S® 8 l-2c lb.; cows, live,
Î2.25 cwt.- dressed. [email protected] lb.; steers,
live S 3 cwt.; dressed 5 c; hides 8c.
Cheese—Wisconsin and Hazelwood,
j 5c jfc
Mutton _ Live, wethers 4c; ewes.
9 ur
Veal _Fancy small 7 1 -2 8c* live
4c; large, weighing from 200 to 250.
5 c dressed
Vegetables—Potatoes, [email protected] cwt.;
hects 75c(fï)îl ner cwt.' cabbage 1 <S
j-'., .
1 l-4c lb; turnips Tacit $1 cwt.; ruta
bagas, $1 cwt.; carrots, 80c cwt.; hot
house lettuce 35c lb; mushrooms, 50c
lb' pears. [email protected] per box; Hubbard
-quash, $1 dozen; pumpkins, 40c to
|1 doz.; dry onions. [email protected],40 cwt.;
rooking apples [email protected] box; fancy
apples. $1 @2 box; celery, 60c doz.
Eggs — Strictly fresh ranch, 45'7?55c.
Cheese—Factory 20c to 25c; Swiss
cheese. 40c lb.
"I suppose you put a great deal of
thought into your speech?"
"Yes." answered the new member o'
thought into arranging for a chance
to deliver It. '—Washington Star.
"And a great deal more
North Dakota All Right Yet.
Representative Marshall of North
Dakota, in an interview at the national
capita! Sunday night, declared tha:
while there is a shortage of fuel at
seme points in North Dakota ami
danger ot shortage at other points
growing primai ily out of the so-cailod
car shortage and later out of unusual
snow storms. North Dakota is in no
need of financial assistance.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Alien '8 Foot-K»se. A powder. It makes tight
er ne. v new shoes feel easy it is lertaln core
tor sweating, < allons ana hot, tired, aching
Itet- Sold by all Druggists. Price 2fte. Tria,
package umilled FUEL. Address Allen S
olmsied, LeKoy, Now York.
His Sacrifice.
"Are you going to give up cigars
when you marry me?"
'No, but I'll swear off giving them
up to your father and two brothers
every time I call."—Cleveland Leader.
I'AZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to cure any
of itching, blind, bleeding or protruding
piles in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50 c.
King Goes to London.
King Edward will return to London
from Windsor castle during the com in ;
week to inaugurate a series of notable
ceremonies connected with the Loudon
The most Important of those will be
(he opening of parliament February
12, when the king has announced his
intention of being present with the
queen for a full state ceremonial.
Nine Men Blown to Pieces.
Richmond, W. Va. —Nine men. all
foreigners, were blown to pieces by a
dynamite explosion Saturday on the
Tidewater railroad. The laborers were
at dinner and a quantity of the ex
plosive which was being thawed in
front of a fire blew up.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow't
Soothing Syrup the best remedy to nsr
for their children during teething period.
"What do you think of iny presiden
tial boom';'"
"It's loo early." answered Senator
Sorghum. "Yon won't even be one of
those who also ran. You'll merely be
one of those previously mentioned."—
Washington Star.
For Lung
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral cer
tainly cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, consumption. And
it certainly strengthens weak
throats and weak lungs.
There can be no mistake about
this. You know it is true. And
your own doctor will say so.
Tho best kind of a testimonial —
Sold lor over sixty years."
A Kwl6 lT,o'manîr«oturor8 of
/I > sarsaparilla.
/ \ | 1/? f*Ç pills.
JLUCi O hair v.OOB.
wo pubtt.h
the for m ulas of nil o -r medicine».
UMSUCW 1 V 1 » wb ws uu s w na n a wnnwiii
Keep the bowels regi Jar with Ayer's
Pills and thus hasten recovery.
I-owoll, Mass.
Whenever a sore refuses to heal it Is because the blood Is* not pure ani
healthy, as it should be, but is infected with poisonous germs or some old
blood taint which has corrupted and polluted the circulation. Those most
usually afflicted with old sores are persons who have reached or passed mid
Idle life. The vitality of the blood and strength of the system have naturally
begun to decline, and the poisonous germs which have accumulated because
of a sluggish and inactive condition of the system, or some hereditary taint
which has hitherto been held in check, now force an outlet on the face, arms,
legs or other part of the body. The place grows red and angry, festers and.
eats i Q to the surrounding tissue until it becomes a chronic and stubborn
ulcer, fed and kept open by the impurities with which the blood is saturated.
Nothing is more trying and disagreeable than a stubborn, non-healing sore,
The very fact that it resists ordinary remedies and treatments is good reason
for suspicion; the same germ-producing cancerous ulcers is back of every
old sore, and especially is this true if the trouble is an inherited
Washes, salves, nor indeed anything else, applied directly to the sore,
x . . ... _ do any permanent good : neither will remov
face of four years' standing-, it luff the sore with caustic plasters or the
SitäS&c&flSm'' «S|woUS surgeon's knife make a lasting cure.
111 ©very way until X becamo every particle of lac diseased ilcsli werr.
ÄL? 1 taken away another sore would come, be
treated mo but tbo eoro continued cause the trouble IS in the blood, and the
to prow worse. I saw B. B. B. ad- DLOOZ3 CAMMOT Ê2B1 f'HT éVil V*
vortised and commenced Iti use " OSIWUI Ut U,/ « »•«*•
and efter taking It n while I was I he cure must come by a thorough cleans
SÖÄÄMähf/ 1&ÄS ing of the blood,
effect of B. S. S., and there baa not a remedy forsores and ulcers of every land,
s? £L à^couîe d?t. Cf Bore It is an unequalled blood jmriller—-one that
THOS. OWEN goes directly into the circulation and
** on ' 10 * promptly cleanses it of a.l poisons and
>^7 taints. It gets down to the very bottom of
•fiC'4 V->7 the trouble and forces out every trace of Im
punty and makes a complete and lasting
LvO Li ^ O f" re -, S - , S - S. changes the quality of the
blood so that instead of feeding the diseased
PURELY VEGETABLE parts with impurities, it nourishes the
irritated, inflamed flesh with healthy blood.
Then the sore begins to heal, new flesh is formed, all pain and inflammatio»
leaves, the place scabs over, and when S. S. S. has purified the blood the
sorets permanently cured. S. S. S. is for sale at all first class drug store*.
Write for our special book on sores an 1 ulcers and any other medical advico
you desire. Y»'c make no charge for the book or advice.
In S. S. S. will be found

hays Pe-ru-na Is a Gocd Med
Hon. C. C Brooks, mayor of Sun
bury, Ohio, abo attorney for F.- rmci»'
iiftnk and Suubury Building aud
Co., writes:
"T have the utmost confidence in tba
It is a great medi
virtue of Périma.
I have used it and I have known
I con
many of my friends who luive
beneficial results from its
t ot praiiC Peruna loo highly."
' •

: :
I J?
[ X|

v NS
V'.v N ,
There are a host of petty ailment«
which are the direct result of the weath
This is more true of the excessive bent
of summer and the intense cold <ji
winter, hut it is partly true of all sea
sons of the year.
Whether it he a cold or a cough, ca
tarrh of the head or bowel complaint,
whether the liver tie affected or the
kidneys, the cause is very liable to tie
the same.
The weather slightly deranges
membranes of tire organs and
the result is some functional disease.
Peruna has become a standby in thous
ands of homes lor minor üilmenls of tha
Ask your Druggist for Tree Peruna Al
manac for 1907.
tl i*
No Americans Dead There.
The American vice consul at King
ston, Jamaica, has advised the state
department that no American dead
have been reported so far In Jamacia.
The situation is improving and the
earthquake shocks have ceased.
St. Vitus Dance and all Nervoos Dise a ses
permanently cured b> Dr, K line's Cl real
Nerve neslorer. Fond for KHKK fä trial
bottle and treatise. Dr U. U. K lino Ld., SSI
Arch 8 t., fhila., Fa.
Th „
The complete Indian appropriation
b11 carries $1,500,000 to reimbuse the
p ol r in « :f ° r l' 500 '™ 0
land ceded by them from the reserva
tion. The bill will be reported to the
scaata in amended form this week.
An Ingenious Confession.
"What is your favorite poem?" ask
ed the literary young woman.
"I haven't any," answered Mr. Cum
iox. "The only verses 1 can remember
arc those of Mother Goose, and they
aren't the kind of nonsense that critic«
approve of."—Washington Star.

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