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Official Paper of Uatah County
Troy Weekly News
VOL. 13
NO 31
The Fertile Potlatch.
As evidence of what can be done by
a farmer in the Potlatch section of the
Inland Empire the experience of W.
W. Wilcox, of Driscoll ridge south of
Troy, is pretty good evidence. Mr.
Wilcox gives us the following bit of
interesting evidence regarding this
point. He says: "This year I had
thirty acres from which I got $210
worth of white navy beans; $192
worth of hay; 100 sacks of good po
tatoes, and still have thirty sacks of
potatoes in the ground which I will
dig and market in the spring."
Figuring the potatoes at fifty cents per
sack the total income from the thirty
acre tract was $667, or a little better
than $22.20 per acre.
Nor is the experience of Mr. Wilcox
something not within the possibility of
every farmer of this grest section,
where corn and beans grow and ma
ture, making it unnecessary to let any
portion of the farm land lie idle once
every three years. True, Driscoll
ridge soil is exceedingly fertile, and
wonderfully productive, but that is true
■of the entire Potlatch country and that
is why the Potlatch is the "Cream of
Creation." That is why farm land
here is worth a great deal more than it
is now selling for and why land values
are certain to advance materially.
How To Do It.
An eastern exchange gives the fol
lowing set of rules for the guidance of
rural route patrons:
1— Do not stamp letters, particularly
in the winter, as the carrier has taken
off his mittens and will spend some
time in any event looking for pennies.
2— Avoid placing the correct change
in the box as the carrier carries a
bank in his vest pocket.
3— If you desire a two cent stamp,
a postal card or stamped envelope, do
not write your needs on a slip of paper
thus annoying the carrier. Just drop
your money in the box. The carrier
is a mind reader and will know what
you want.
4— We most earnestly advise buy
ing postal cards one at a time, request
ing the carrier to wait while you write
it. It is so pleasant when the ther
mometer is about zero, and it is rest
for the horse.
5— Please attach your mail box to a
tree or the fence, as they are to serve
the carrier as a guide during storms
and deep snow.
6— Report the carrier every time you
are not otherwise engaged. It will
•make him alert and happy.
7— In telephoning to the carrier to
Tiring out a couple of plow points and
a twenty-five pound sack of flour drop
an apple in the box—not a dime, mind
as apples help to make a horse's hair
shine and look slick.
8— Under no circumstances place a
spare-rib in the box, as the only record
of a rural carrier eating any meat was
made five years ago when a farmer
who had slaughtered twenty-five nogs
gave the carrier a liver for his Christ
mas dinner.
Lumber Is Scarce.
The people here in the west have no
idea of the real value of lumber nor
the scarcity of the stuff in the eastern
states. A. A. Olson, of Colton, Wash,
who recently returned from a visit
Crescent Egg
Phosphate Baking
Is composed of the whole wheat
ingredients of the unbolted flour
25c per pound.
All Grocers.
in Minnesota, where a few years ago
the principal industry was lumbering,
is authority for the statement that the |
independent mills have disappeared
that what little timbei is left is in the
hands of the Wyerhauser timber syn
. . ...
stumpage was now worth in Minnesota,
and he said he did not know but it was
very nip^n, find triât lumber held be- i
J . , , . , ,
come a luxury. At Brainard he said
the timber had almost disappeared and
the people were now turning their at
tention to making farms out of stump
We asked Mr. Olson what
_ , , . , I
So scarce has lumber become
and so valuable is it that houses are ;
now being made out of paper. He ,
said that paper mills are springing up
wherever there is any kind of refuse or ;
scrubby timber from which pulp can |
be made, and from this they are actual-1
ly making paper lumber. These paper |
boards are very strong and so hard
that one can scarcely cut them with a
knife. All the lumber or wood used is
the frane which is Covered with paper
lumber and makes a most excel
lent building. There is no doubt
to the truth of the above and there
is no doubt about the fact that there is
a great scarcity of lumber in the United
States. Not that there is not sufficient
lumber to supply the present needs of
the nation but the visible supply will be
reduced to a mere nothing within the
next quarter of a century and long be
fore the men who are now selling
their timber claims for a mere song are
old enough to be oslerized they will
wonder why they were so foolish as to
sell timber for a dollar or two stumpage
and throw in a good piece of land in
bargain. The advice of the best au
thorities is to hold timber.
Warehouse Collapsed
About 100 feet of the west end of
Duthie's main warehouse collapsed
Wednesday morning under the weight
of snow on the roof. The building is
a total loss, but the grain, being sacked
and well piled, is but little damaged
Occurring early in the morning, no one
was in the part that fell. A force of
men and boys was put to work shovel
ing snow and clearing up the debris.
The grain will be shipped at once to
save extra handling and prevent dam
age from the weather.
Teachers' Examination.
The regular quarterly teachers' ex
amination will be held in Moscow
in the Court House, on Tnursday, Fri
day and Saturday, February 21, 22 and
23. Examinations will be given in
the branches required for all grades of
county certifiées; also state certificates
and diplomas.
County Superintendent of Schools.
School Notes
Sadie Smith is still unable to return
to school.
Denton Tucker's classmates gave
him a surprise party Saturday night.
Everyody, including Denton, had a
fine time.
The school is to receive 25 per cent,
of the proceeds on the night of Feb.
21, when the Jubilee Singers are here.
We hope that there will be a good
Everybody is satisfied with the re
sult of the basket social. The proceeds
$81.20. Who wouldn't be
Now watch the library I
Notice is hereby given that the firm
of Smith Bros- Implement Company ,
has this day been dissolved by mutual!
consent, Charles Smith retiring. All
accounts due said firm will be payable '
to George Smith, who will pay all ac-1
counts due said business, and who
will pay all accounts owing by said
firm. George Smith,
Charles Smith.
Troy, Idaho, January 16, '07.
Rising From the Grave.
A prominent inanafacturer, Wm, A.
Fertwell, of Lucama, N. C., relatee
most remarkable experience. He says:
I ''After taking less than three bottles of
! Electric Bittere, I feel like one rising!
bom the grave. My trouble is Bright's!
1 disease, in the Diabetes stage. I fully
! tielieve Electric Bitters will cure me
permanently, for it lias alaeady stopped
the liver "and bladder complications
which have troubled me for years."
Guaranteed at C- V. Johnson, druggist,
Price only 50c.
Chemical Plant Soon be in Operation,
"Made In Troy."
The first annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Troy Chemical & ;
Manufacturing Co. was held at the '
office of J. F. Ogden last Saturday eve
ni Nea rly all of the stockholders
werg present ^ considerable interest
l • «tm _ „
was mown m the meeting. I he re
ports of the different officers showed
that the company is in excellent con- j
dition, and by placing another small [
amount of stock on the market there
win bg sufficient funds with which l0
start the plant and begin operations,
After disposing of the routine busi
ness tbe .stockholders proceeded to the
election of dire ctors for the
year. The following directors were
chosen by unanimous vote <sf all the
stockholde rs present: Hugh Rovill, S
A. Anderson, John Linthicum, A. H.
Oversmith and Peter Brown.
the adjournment of the stockholders
the new board of directors met and
the following officers were chosen,
president and general manager, Hugh
Rovill; vice president, A. H. Over
smith; secretary and treasurer, S. A.
Anderson. The directors decided to
place a limited amount of stock on the
market at 50cts. per share to raise
enough money to complete the plant
and put it in working order. Under
the new patent process of making tar
and other by-products of wood, large
profits should be realized by the com
pany, as they have the exclusive right
to the patent. Such an industry will
do much to build up Troy and the
surrounding country. It will give em
ployment to a number of people and
will also be of great assistance to many
settlers for they will have a home mar
ket for timber and wood that is now
wasted. The character of the men
elected to manage the affairs_of the
Company is a guarantee in itself that
industry in 00 operation a Ti^rin
tention of the present board to build a
number of other factories as soon as
the present factory is in successful
Neighbors Got Fooled.
' I was literally coughing myself to
death, and had become too weak to leave
my bed; and neighbors predicted tliat I
would never leave it alive; but they got
fooled, for thanks be to God, 1 was in-j
duced to try Dr. King's New Discovery.
It took just four one dollar bottles to
completely cure the cough and restore
me to good sound health," writes Mrs.
Eva Uncapher, of Grovertown, Stark
Co., Ind. This King of cough and cold!
cures, and healer of throat and lungs, is
guaranteed by C. V. Johnson, Druggist.
5()c. and £1.00. Trial bottle free.
call for bids
Not ire is hereby given tl
be received at the otti
District N
UP to 2
led bids
t i
f the Clerk of Sell
31. Fatal
inty. State of Ida)
on the
we of Two Thousand,
ids issued by School
•lock I*. M ,
f. r the perchai
I hree Hundred Dollars hot
l day of
Jl, for the puriH>be of Haying off
jri suit! School District No. 81, |
to be pa cable and redeemable
District No.
.id bondi
i.l bonds
ti rst da y of Junuary, I'M ,
\ bonds will bear interest at the rate of live
per cent j»er annum from the date of if»lie,
nice of the
payable semi-annually at the
County Treasurer of Latah C
Bids will be received, opened and eon- I
bide red by the director! of »aid district, at the
office of the clerk thereof at Troy, Idaho
Said bids will be opened and considered on
Hie above named day and at the above named |
St at
re requested to name t tie price
which they will pay for said bonds. The right
is reserved to reject any and all bids.
Clerk of School District No. 31,
Latah County, Idaho.
Dated at Trov, Idaho, this 21th day of Jan 1907.
+ *
1 A 1^ I A/»*! l-lA f
F f\ r* |^I|Or|T f
* I *• 1 • » » ■ 1(^1 It *
« wm I.,,,. ,,„u ..ii *
A '' J all stand- à
F -, ,, _ .nit , , §
j aid Coeui d Alone Stocks. j
* .... _ -, , +
't ^ 11 JOUI orders at OUT ex- s*
F pense. |
Cor. Wall & Riverside,
Bank of Troy
T. H. BREWER. President
OI.OF OLSON, Vice President
i> m. KM AN, Cashier
J EN NIK Y. ECKMAN, A-st. Cashier
T. it li RE'VER
W. 11. EHLEN
The Bank of Troy will continue to pay
4 per cent, on time deposits.
4 Per Cent.
Good Bread
Gold Seal
It makes no differ
ence how much there is
op your table it is a poor
meal without good bread
and good bread calls for
Good Flour.
If you use either the
Troida or (iold Seal you
will he satisfied.
Best Brands of Flour.
The Troy Roller Mills have been thoroughly over
hauled and placed in charge of one of the best millers in the
Northwest. Now we invite the public to give Troy Flour
ft fair t rial. When you do you will have good bread.
Ï Latah County Abstract & Title Guarantee Co. ?
A 5
Only Bonded Abstract Company in Latah County.
Bonded by the American Surety Company of New York in
the sum of $10,000. Address all orders to S. H. I<. McGowan,
Moscow, Idaho.
Hec y- (■
üO-JO iir- tir: • -
K Oi r Four
Cardinal Principles
FVt fl a g 111
Oü. This Ba sis We Will ßoCxlad
to MÿkeYôur Business Acquaintance
First Bank of Troy.
1 have just received a shipment of Caliornia M ine and fear
quality is fine, which I am going to sell for just
$1.25 Per Gal.
I have Claret, Fort Cherry, Angelica, and Riesling. A trial
will satiffy the most exacting that this wine is No. 1.
It's fine. Try a gallon.
W. M. Dutliie quotes the following
prices, Troy :
Genesee Patent Flour. fl.20
Genesee Silver Drop Flour. 1.00
Moscow Bell. 1.10
Moscow Crown.
S Rolled $0c toft-15
11.20 and up.
Barley .
.90 to f 1.20
90c to 95c
. .50c to 60c
(J to $5.50
,a . dry hides 12<'<iUe.
Cord wood

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