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Troy Weekly News
NO. 33
VOL- l- 1
at Moscow.
TV* are some things being done
w-mmty capital that are of general
8 '.« s to the readers of the News.
* ( is the substantial itnprov
"". .Su «m**» •• H »" 1
TLl This building was recently
M M for about «30,000, and the new
Idetor is spending «35,000 more
P P remodeling it. When completed
itwitt be one of the best hotels in the
Every room is provided with
C ° U m heat hot and cold water, and
for th e accommodation of the guests
?... are sixteen bath rooms. Nothing
Sever been done of so much im
nortance to Moscow, and her citizens
ought to be proud of their new hotel.
Moscow will now be noted for her
for the traveling public.
has also, during recent
years, done much work on public roads
leading into that town, and now,
wtead of impassible high-ways, her
•public roads can be traveled at any
season of the year. It is work in which
the public is generally interested, and
which ought to receive the attention of
other town in the
■■ OR
Troy and every
Good Insurance.
A few days ago a house and contents
Cornwall was destroyed by fire and
There was not a cent
Doming saved,
of insurance. The neighbors took up
a collection. Like mrny others this
neglected to get insured. He
suffered the consequences of his own
foolishness. Suppose you burn out?
Unie s you are insured you will be
soiry when it is too late. Fire never
waits for any man to get ready. It
will not wait for you. The best kind
insurance can be had at 80 per cent of
the board rate by Thompson Bros.,
Moscow, Idaho. Write them today.
An Important Decision.
Judge Steele has decided that Joseph
|R. Collins, postmaster of Moscow,
must pay back «308.65 with interest
and costs, the amount the Moscow dis
trict has paid the firm of Collins & Or
land for supplies furnished the schools
while Mr. Collins has been a director
of the school board. The case was
started by Frank L. Moore. Mr. Col
lins did not defend the issue in the
court, permitting the case to go to
final hearing with no objection. It is
a very imoortant case and will be a
precedent for future action the part of
public officials.
held For Incest.
Jacob McGarvey, 53 years of age,
»is arrested Monday at h s home near
Moscow mountain charged with incest.
Mrs. McGarvey died seven years ago
since when the accused man, with his
children, has lived north of Troy near
Ûî mountain. There are three girls,
¥«21, 16 and 13 years, the oldest of
itiem being the alleged victim,
pi's brother George is the complain
ing witness.
Hunting for Trouble.
"I've lived in California 20 years, and
I*? *t'll hunting for trouble in the way
I" " arn9 . sores, wounds, boils, cuts,
ppruiM, or a case of piles that Bucklen's
|Armca Salve won't quickly cure," writes
W alters, of Alleghaney, Sierra
P No use hunting Mr. Walter«; it
I uresor money refunded at C. V. John
«m e drug store. 25c.
25c-Full Pound Can--25c
^ i
[ Baking Powder.
Health *R lf ,T he 1>rice Tlie
1 ealth-Rackmg Cream Of Tar
Hood °if er8 . And Twice As
1>Ure ' And
Let the last republican platform speak lor itself. We leproduce herewith
five planks and defy the repudiators of the republican party to explain why
every one of these planks were either repudiated or ignored;
Economy in Administration of Affairs of State, find Equable Assesment of Prop
erty Favored.—We believe in the assessment of the oroperty of all citizens,
whether individual or corporate, at a fair valuation, so that the business of gov
ernment may be equalized.
State Anti-Trust Law Favored We are in favor of a comprehensive and ef
fective state anti-trùst law and we pledge our legislative and other candidates
to support the enactment of such a law.
Opposed to Free Transportation—We are opposed to the issuance of passes
by transportation companies to state and other officials and promise the enact
ment of legislation which will bring about such reform.
Primary Election Law Favored We favor the enactment of a primary elec
tion law in order that elections may be brought nearer the people.
Employer's Liability Law—We realize that the families of workingmen
not afforded deserved protection because of the absence of an employer's lia
bility law from the statutes of Idaho and we demand the enactment of such
a measure modeled after the national legislation on this subject.
The Railroad Commission Bill, recommended by the Governor, defeated by
republican legislators.
Out of the ten planks pledging legislative action five were either ignored
or repudiated, and when a bill, practically pledged by the republican platform,
and recommended by Governor Gooding, the railroad commission bill, came
up, it, too, was defeated by republican votes. Taken as a whole, the republi
can platform represents something like 54 per cent of repudition, and stand to
day as a monument of dishonor. The News does not believe that the republi
can voters of north Idaho will willingly forget their duty in the coming cam- j
paign. The Troy News will not spend time apologizing for republican repudi- j
alors, nor assist in whitewashing the dirty record of political leaders. We serve 1
notice, once and for all, that the republican party of Idaho must not only
go before the people with a platform satisfactory to the people, but must not
nominate a single repudiator. Brady must not be nominated.
Columbia Conference
The Columbia Conference of the -
Pacific Northwest will hold its annual
convention at Troy Feb. 19-24. The
following pastors will attend the con
vention: Rev. N. J. W. Nelson, Mos
cow, president conference; Rev. G. A.
Anderson, D. D., LaConner, Wash.;jpany
Rev. C. E. Frisk, Tacoma; Rev. J.
Jesperson, Coeur d'Alene, president 1
Coeur d'Alene College; Rev. M. L
Larson, Seattle; Rev. J. E. Levin, Ab- 1
erdeen, Wash.; Rev. Herman Lind, !
Ballard, Wash.; Rev. B. b. Nystrom,
Hockinson, Wash.; Rev. C. J. Ren
hard, Portland, Ore., treasurer of con
ference; Rev. V. N. Thoren, Belling
ham, Wash.; Rev. G. E. Rydquist,
Astoria, Oregon, secretary conference;
Rev. C. A. Tolin, East Portland; Rev.
O. R. Karlstrom, of Green Lake, Wash.;
Rev. O. Linden, Vancouver, B. C.;
Rev. B. F. Bengston, Marshfield, Ore.;
Rev. D. S. Hawkins, the local pastor.
The churches throughout the con
ference will also be represented by lay
The conference will convene at the
Swedish Luthem church Wednesday,
Feb. 19, at 3 p. m., and will be opened
by the president, Rev. N. J. W. Nel
who will deliver the introductory
sermon in Swedish. The same evening
at 7:30 there will be English services
with speaking by Rev. G. A. Anderson,
D. D. whose subject will be: "The
Power of the Gospel," Rom. 1:16; and
by Rev. C. E. Frisk on the subject:
"Loss and Gain," Mark 8:35-36.
These services will be exclusively in
the English language, with special
selections from the choir, including
"Praise Ye the Father," and others.
All are most cordially invited to attend
these services.
Thursday morning, Feb. 20, at 9
o'clock the conference will organize
for the transaction of its regular busi
There will be three meetings
daily—morning afternoon and evening,
—consisting of festivals, services, pray
er meetings, discussions of Biblical
topics, and transaction of conference
business. These will be chiefly in
^During the convention of the Co
lumbia Conference will be guests of
the Swedish Lutheran church of Troy.
The church building has been remod
eled and improved generally, and pre
They look
sents a neat appearance,
forward to the coming convention with
anticipation and pleasure, beseeching
the Lord to shower abundant spiritual
blessings on the church and others
who may attend the meetings to be
held during the convention.
A Valuable Lesson.
"Six years ago I leaned a valuable les
son«*' writes John Pleasant, of Mag
nolia, Ind. "1 then began taking Dr.
King's New Life Pills, and the longer I
take them the better I find them.
They please everybody. Guaranteed at
C. V. Johnson's, druggist. 25c.
Visited the Mine.
The management of the Inland Em
pire Copper Mine has been busy the j
past week taking prominent business j,
men of Troy to their property six miles j
east of town. The object is to show I
the people of Troy just what the corr.
has, and to put a stop to the I
knocker. The showing is so good
that nothing pleases the owners better
than to take the people out and let
them see for themselves,
tors were all well pleased.
The visi
Fine Work.
While in Moscow Saturday the News'
editor visited the Hotel Moscow and
the carpenters putting together the
beautiful interior finishings. We asked
Contractor Zeigler where the mill work
was turned out. He answered: "Troy,
and its as good as can be had in Spo
kane or any other place." Mr. Zeig
ler said the mill work from Troy always
fit, was always up to specification, and
that a factory like the one in Troy was
a credit to any town.
Trade in Troy.
A little investigation will convince
even the most skeptical that there is a
reason why there is a constantly in
creasing business at this point.
Troy merchants realize that people
will trade wherever they can get the
best goods for the least money and on
this theory have simply gone after the
business of this entire section and got
it. If you are not now trading in
Troy you had better get the habit. It
will pay. _
Ed Green will, within the next four
Johnson, in Odd Fellow's Hall. Mr. j
Green has been training with Donner
since he went against Bagley, and with
little more training believes he can
handle him. Green, according to
Donner, is a powerful man, able to j
handle Bagley if once onto the game. !
Green will endeavor to get into the i
best of condition and work up
enogh wind to make the Canadian work
lor his money.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to the undersigned, please call
and settle within 30 days by cash or
Hay For Sale.
25 tons of bundle wheat and oat
hay, 4 miles south of Troy.
E. A. Whitesel,
. R. F. D. 1.
When in Troy try a sack of Genesee
flour. Sold by W. M. Duthie.
Valuable Remedy for Colds and Croup.
W. \y. Gray, an attorney at Wenat
I have used Cham
chee, Wash., says:
berlain's Cough Remedy in my family
for colds and croup with good results. I
aim to always keep this remedy in the
house." Sold by C. V. Johnson.
Bank of Troy
T. H. BREWER, President
|( W. M. DUTHIK, Vice President
D M. ECKMAN, Cashier
JENNIE V. ECKMAN, A>st. Cashier
I« ('«ring for many interest«
while capitalizing none,
the people of Latah County and con
sireel method« of ''High-Finance' 1
Considerate Conservatism in Banking
We give onr attention to the concerns of
Horve the interest« of onr customer«. Wall
are not practiced at this hank. When you deposit your money here you cun rest
assured it will be ready for you when you want it. Don't wait—open an ac
count now.
Good Bread
Gold Seal
It makes no differ
ence how much there is
on your table it is a poor
meal without good bread
and good bread calls for
Good Flour.
If you use either the
Troida or Gold Seal you
will be satisfied.
Best Brands of Flour.
The Troy Roller Mills have been thoroughly over
hauled and placed in charge of one of the best millers in the
Northwest. Now we invite the public to give Troy Flour
a fair trial. When you do you will have good bread.
£ Latah County Abstract & Title Guarantee Co.
Only Bonded Abstract Company in Latah County.
Bonded by the American Surety Company of New York in
the sum of $10,000. Address all orders to S. H. R. McGowan
Moscow, Idaho.
First Bank of Troy
Capital Fully Paid $20,000.00
First, To extend to the Troy Public the Advantages of a
First Class Home-Banking Institution.
O. A. Johnson, President,
Jno. P. Pollmer, Vice President.
S. A. Anderson, Cashier.
T. J. Cooper, Asst. Cashier.
Oscar Larson.
Emil Nelson.
Jnd. P. Vollmer.
O. A. Johnson.
S. A. Anderson,
Your business, small or large, solicited and appreciated.
We pledge our best services for your convenience and safety.
it the same day if you desire—and you know it will be done right, if
you leave your repairing with
B. F, Nesbit, Jeweler and Optician.
Famcrs, Attention !
We believe the time is close at hand when you will want
your Lumber bills figured. Call at our office at Troy and
let us give you our prices. Lumber is going up in prices so
do not wait until tomorrow* do it today.
Falls City Lumber Co.

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