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Lewiston Teller.
A. Forbsman, Publisher.
■ption to weekly.........$f.5° B y ear
, months.................................... ?5
months..............................- *5°
Entered st the Lewiston Postoffice as
Koud class mail matter.
Hare Democratic Comments on the
Ohio Democrats.
The widespiead dissatisfaction
with Mr. Bryan and "BryOnism"
that has found expression in many
Democratic papers the country
over, and which we have quoted
from time to time, is again seen in
the comment on the refusal of the
Ohio D. mocratic convention to in
dorse the silver hader and the
Chicago and Kansas City plat
forms. Even Charles A. Towne,
the leader of the Silver Republi
cans, who stumped the northwest
for Bryan last fall, says in an
interview published in the New
York Herald (Ind.):
"Free silver is an issue absolute*
ly dead in the West. I do not be
lieve it will be mentiored in the
Democratic platform or campaign
of 1904. The feeling among
Democrats in the west is that
they want to win, and they do
not care a rap what kind of
platform they have so long as it
brings victory.....
"I believe that the platform
adopted by the next Democratic
national convention will be re*
actionary. I expect to see David
B. Hill nominated for President,
and I would not be at all surprised
if Mr. Bryan should lead a faction
composed of the elements which
still uphold the principles of the
Chicago and Kansas Ctty plat
forms. There is a strong feeling
in the west in favor of the nomina
tion of Mr. Hill or some other
man from the East. The Dem
ocrats there are tired of defeat,
and the drift is toward the adop
tion of a platform which will
ignore the issues of the last two
Presidential campaigns."
Mr Newlands, of Nevada, per
haps the leading silver man in the
House, also intimated a few days
ago in Washington that silver
agitation just now is unseasonable
altho be expresses the hope that
some future exigency will bring
the question to the front again
He says:
"It is the increased quantity of
gold that has restored prices and
stimulated industrial enterprises
The quantitative theory has won
and the men who advocated the
free coinage of silver as a means
simply to secure for the world's
business a greater quantity of
money have been vindicated. If
the supply of gold should diminish
it would be but a short time be
fore the demand for silver coinage
would be renewed with increased
vigor. We all know that the pro
duction of gold is very variable
and that an era of scanty supply
always follows an era of abundant
supply. The war in Africa has
seriously interfered with the out
put of the African gold-mines, and
I am informed that already Europe
is beginning to feel the slow but
suie results of a diminution of the
flow of gold to her mints. Per
haps next time the demand tor
silver coinage will come from the
other side of the water."
The Nashville American (Dem.)
declares that the Ohio slight to
Mr. Bryan is "the beginning of the
end," and adds: "Mr. Bryan is
grip, slowly, surely,
He is not a dead duck,
a lame duck, and the
time is approaching when he will
be politically moribund. He
sprang upon the popular political
stage with dizzy suddenness. His
exit will be slower, but none the
less certain." The Memphis
Commercial (Dem.) similarly re
losing his
but he is
marks: "One year ago Bryan's
name was on every Ohioan's lip.
Now he is lecturing in small Miss
issippi towns, making a few dol
lars while it is yet day and before
bis sun goes down permanently.
Such is the ingratitude of politi
cians!" As a Democratic leader,"
says the the Macon Telegraph
(Dem.), "his race is run." "The
party has tried free silverism
twice," observes the Atlanta
Journal (Dem.), "and twice has
placed its standard in the hands of
Mr. Bryan. Nothing less than a
miracle can make it possible that
it shall do either of these things in
1904." To the Charleston News
and Courier (Dem.) it seems that
"Mr. Bryan has proved his courage
and sincerity—he ought to give
the party a chance to try the old
plan which gave the country the
only Democratic President it has
had since the war." The St. Paul
Globe (Dem.) regards the aban
donment of Bryanism as "a return
to true pplitical concepts," and the
Charleston Post (Dem.) thinks
that the Ohio Democrats have "set
an excellent example." The Mo
bile Register (Dem.) hopes the
time is near when the party "will
cut loose from association with re
pudiation and win Sack the con
fidence of the country," and the
Augusta Herald (Pern.) remarks
that "the tip from Ohio Democrats
is that they have thrown off the
yoke." "The silver- question is
not a live question," says the
Raleigh News and Observer
(Dem.), and, adds the Montgomery
Advertiser (Dem.), "Bryanism
must be dropped." The Ohio
Democrats, the Memphis Scimitar
(Dem.) believes, "have set an ex
ample which will be followed in
other States," and the A'bftny Ar
gus (Dem.) remarks similarly that
"the Ohio convention is merely a
sort, of first fruits or visible
evidence of the practical unanimity
of the Democratic Party in de
manding that dead isssues and
disastrous alliances be dropped."
A numjser of papers express this
view. "We do not conceal our
opinion." declares the Columbia
State (Dem.), "that the Ohio plan
is likely to be very generally
adopted by the Democratic conven
tions of this year and next," and
the Natchez Democrat (Dem.) says
"Other state conventions will fol
low in* the same line before the
next naiional convention will be
called to order, and the indications
point to the fact that the eclipse ot
Colonel Bryan and his fads will be
the feature at each and every one,
It begins to look as tho the rank
and file will have a chance." "If
Mr. Bryan wants to make another
battle on the free-silver issue,
remarks tue Pittsburg Post (Dem.)
"he will find himself very lone
Idaho's Resources.
Hundreds of people anxiously
loosing for a suitable place to
which to emigrate have peen favor'
ably attracted by the picture of
Idaho as pained by her exhibit
at the Pan-American, and litera
ture relative to particular sections
and localities as well as that des
criptive of general acts and
sources is in great demand. Idaho
offers more inducements to the
prospective settler and tourist than
does any other state of the great
northwest. Mining, which
probably the best developed
dustry, is still in its infancy
Hardly a foot of ground along
Snake river but carries gold in
greater or less quantities and the
precious metal goes hand in hand
with silver, lead and copper in
many other sections of the state
It requires only a glance at our
magnificent grains, fruits and
vegetables to show what we are
capable of producing in that line
and anyone at all versed in the
lore of irrigation, who will ride
over our vast sage brush plains
where "he who rues may read,"
that a little government aid only is
required to make them "blossom
as the rose," will know that the
fountain of our agricultural re
sources has not been even tapped.
As for stock raising, no state in'
the west affords greater facilities
in any line of industry than does
The tourist seeking beauty and
grandeur as well as the ms
woman who desires to get away
from the worries or business and
rusticate in the mountains for a
season could not fail to be charmed
by the picturesque versatility of
Idaho scenery. Our many natural
hot springs (all possessing medi
cinal properties) are fast becoming
favorite bathing resorts. What
re in the way of a resort for
pleasure seekers could be asked
than, "A land where nature has
strung her mountain chains on
wires of Silver and gold; where the
brightest jewels in those chains
are crowned with sparkling snow;
where the beatiful mountain trout
darts to and fro In its pearly home;
where lofty snow-capped peaks
look down into sparkling lakes and
see their own deathless images
mirrored there."—Evening Capital
Vice-Chancellor Pitney, New
Jersey, issued an injunction against
some striking ribbon weavers of
Paterson, N. J., in which he for
bade picketing in all its forms, and
even prohibited the strikers from
spending money to carry on their
contest. When this injunction
came before Chancellor Magee for
review, be cut the extreme pro
visions of the order and left the
strikers free to post pickets and
urge nonunion men« to join their
forces, provided the pickets acted
a peaceable and orderly way.
Jersey justice is not the shadow of
a name.—Oregonian.
Government by injunction has
laid a heavy hand on the editor of
the republican paper at Northport,
Wash., where the smelter union
men are on a strike. He is in the
ne category with the strikers.
He cannot publish news of the
strikt , do printing for them, talk
with the new men, spend his
motfey on the strike, or go upon
the streets near the smelter. If
the poor editor is permitted to
breathe, to have the sunshine fall
upon him, be is in luck, under the
government by injunction.
Department of the Interior. Land Office at Lewis
ton, Idaho. August 3.1901. .,
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof In support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Register and Receiver at Lewis
ton. Idaho, on September 16,1901. vit:
of Forest, Idaho, for lots 2, 3. s e qr n w qr. s w qr
n e qr, sec 3, tp 32, n r 3 w B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon an cultivation of said
land, via;
Bemjamia F Aytch, of Forest, Idaho.
Herbert T. Hosley, " "
Samuel O Olson,
Elias F. Nelson, " " *'
J. B. West, Register.
Department of the Interior, land office at Lewiston,
Idaho, August 3, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler hat filed notice of his Intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before Register and Receiver at Lewiston,
Idaho, on September 16. 1901, vit:
of Forest, Idaho for the w H s w qr, sec I, n e qr s e
qr. s e qr n e qr sec 2, tp 32 n r 3 w B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his con
tlnuous residence upon and cultivation of said land
Andrew Erickson, of Forest, Idaho.
Frank Aytch,
Samuel O. Olson, " " "
Elias F. Nelson. " "
J. B West Register.
In the District Court of the Second Judicial Dis
trict of the State of Idaho, kt and for the county of
Net Perce. The Lewiston National Bank, a corpora
t iuu, plaintiff vs. Jacob Schaefer aud T. O. Crosier,
co-partners as and doing business as Schaefer St
Crotier, defendants.
Notice is hereby given that an attachment has
been issued against the property of the above named
Attest my hand and the seal of said court hereto
affixed, this 1st day of August A. D. 1901.
P. E. Stookey.
Clerk of the District Court of the Second Judicial
District of the State of Idaho, in and for Net
Perce County.
Attorney for plaintiff, I. N. Smith.
In the district court of the Second judicial district
uf the State of Idaho, in and for the County of Net
Perce. Adolph G. Arnold,plaintiff, vs. M. C. Murtagh
and Idaho Consolidated Gold Placer Mining com
pany, defendants.
Notice is hereby given that an attachment has
been issued against the property of the above named
Attest my hand and seal of said court hereto affixed
this 2lst day uf July A. D.. 1901.
jSeai] -' Clerk uf the District Court
Douglas W. Bailey. Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the District Court ot the Second Judicial Dis
trict of the State of Idaho. In and for the county ot
Net Perce. ......
In the matter of the application of the Universalis!
General Convention, a foreign religious corporation
for leave to sell certain real properly of said corpora
tion situated in Lewiston, Net Perce County, Idaho.
A petition duly verified having been Plied In this
court by the Universellst General Convention, a
religious corporation praying for an order of sale of
certain real property situated in the cl»y of Lewiston,
county of Net Perce and state of Idnho, described
ns follows towit:
Lot Pve in block G of the Le Francois tract of land
in said city the said lot fronting on the north side of
E street sixty-five and three-tents feet and on the
east side of Eugene stieet one huhdred and one feet
and slxty-'wo and two tenths feet on line of lot four
of said block G and one hundred and twenty feet on
the west line of block twenty of said city, the same
being a corner lot and fronting on E and Eugene
streets of said city.
It is therefore orderld that all persons interested
In said corporation appear before the said District
Court on the 9th day of September 1901, upon con
vening of said Court, or ns soon thereafter as the ap
plication can be heard, at the Court house in Lewis
ton. Idaho, to show causa why an order should not
be granted to said corporation to sell said real pro
perty, and that a copy of this order be published at
least tour consecutive weeks In three newspapers
printed and published in said county. Dated this
27th day of July 1901.
Honorable Edgar C. Steele.
District Judge.
Johnson St Halsey, Attorneys h>r Petitioner
In the district court of the Second judicial district
of the State of Idaho, in and for Nei Perce county.
Salvador Maranda, plaintiff, va. Anthony Berardl,
defendant. Action brought in the district court of
the Second judicial district of the state of Idaho, in
and for Net Perce county, and the complaint filed In
said county of Nex Perce, in the office of the clerk
of said district.
The state of Idaho sepds greeting to Anthony
Berardl. You are hereby required to appear in an
action brought against you by the above named
plaintiff In the district court of the Second judicial
district, state of Idaho in and for Net Perce county,
and to answer the complaint filed therein within ten
days (exclusive of the service) after the service on
you of this summons if served within this county; or
If served without this county, but within this district,
within twenty days, or if served elsewhere, within
r days, or judgment by default will be taken
nst you according to the prayer of said com
Said action Is brought lo obtain a decree of this
court for the foreclosure of one certain mortgage
described in the complaint and executed by the said
Anthony Berardi to one George Rea, and by said
George Rea duly assigned to plaintiff, Salvador Mar
anda, said mortgage being executed on the 24th day
of October lS9fl,to secure the payment of tourcertaln
promissory notes, each bearing date of said October
24, 1899 each for the sum of $1» and due respective
ly, October 24, 19U0, October 24, 1901, October 24 L
1902 and October 24,1903, each executed by the said
defandant, Anthony Berardl to the said George Rea,
each being payable in gold coinjof the United States of
America, of the present standard value and each bear
ing interest in like gold coin at the rate of 8 per cent
nr annum from their sald^date until paid, interest to
m paid annually, and It not su paid, the whole sum
both principal and interest to become immediately
due and collectible at the option of the owner of the
note without notice, and in case of suit or action o r
proceeding instituted to collect said notes or any
portion thereof the said maker promises and agrees
therein to pay in addition to the costs and disburse
ments provided by statute, a reasonable sum in gold
coin as attorney fees In said suit or actiun, each of
said notes having thereon and cancelled four cents
of Internal revenue stamps, and each of said notes '
is alleged was on the 17th day of December 1900, by
endorsement thereon in writing duly assigned, to the
the plaintiff, ths present owner and holder of the
same. And to secure the payment of the said notes
and each of them, according to their tenor and effect,
the said mortgage was duly executed by said An
thony Berardi, mortgaging to the said George Rea
as security for the pavment of the said promissory
notes certain lands described In plaintiff's com
plaint, to which complaint reference Is hereby made
and described In the said mortgage recorded In book
65 of mortgages at pages 334 of the records of Net
Perce county, to which reference is also made, The
execution of said mortgage before its delivery was
entitle the same to be recorded, and was recurded on
October 27, 1899 in the said.book 65. page 334. which
said mortgage on said December 17th was also duly
assigned by said George Rea to said Salvador Mar
anda, the present owner and holder of said, mortgage
Said mortgage among others, it is alleged in said
complaint, contains the condition that if default be
made in the payment Of the principal sums
money or any part thereof, as provided In said notes,
or If the interest be nut paid as therein specified,
then and from thenceforth, it shall be optional with
rhe party of the second part, his heirs, executors,
ilnistrators and assigns to consider the whule of
said principal sums expressed in suid notes as imme
diately due an '
administrators and assigns to consider the whule
al sums expressed in suid notes as imn
and payable, although the time expressed
jn said i.otes for the payment thereof shall not have
T arrived a:,d to immediately sell and dispose of the
same, and all benefit and equity uf redemption ot the
said party of the first part, his heirs, executors ad
ministrators and assigns according to law, and apply
the proceeds to the payment of said notes, costs and
charges of > foreclosure suit, including reasonable
counsel fees, alleged to be $60, and plaintiff in his
said cumplainnprays that in case said proceeds are
r,ot sufficient to pay the same then to obtain an ex
ecution against the said Anthony Berardi for the part
remaining due, and also that the said defendant and
all persons claiming by, or through, or under him,
may be barred and foreclosed of all right, title,
claim, lien, equity of redemption and interest in and
to said mortgaged premises, and for other and fur
ther relief.
And if you fail to appearand answer said complaint
as above required, ine plaintiff will take default
against you and apply to the court for the relief de
manded in the complaint.
Given under my hand and seal of said district
court of the Second judicial district of Idaho, in and
for Net Perce county, this 13th day of June, in the
year of our Lord une thousand nine hundred ai,
one. P. E. Stookey,
J Seal of) Clerk,
District y By J. HOWARD Howb,
Court ) Deputy,
b. O'Neill, attorney for plaintiff.
Department of the Interior. United Stetes Land
Office, Lewiston, Idaho, Julv 13, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Register and Receiver
Lewiston Idaho, on September 7, 1901, vit:
EMIL GEIGER.'of Beeman. Idaho
for the NWSi tec 28. T 36. N r 2, W B M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, vit:
Louis H. Clark, John L. Btewit, Alfred E Miller, and
John H. Black all uf Beeman Idaho.
J. B. West, Register,
In the District Court of the Second Judicial Dis
trict of the State ol Idaho, in and for Nex Perce
Edward Baumelater, Wallace Scott and John
Vollmer, partners, under the firm name of
Baumeister flt Co., plaintiffs, vs. Jack O'Keefe and
Mary O'Keele, defendants.
Notice is hereby given that an attachment has
been issued against the property of the above named
Attest my hand and the seal of said court hereto
affixed this 13th day of June, 190!.
[Seal] P. E. Stookey.
Clerk of the District Court of the Second Judicial
District of the State of Idaho, in and for Net Perce
Frank J Young attorney for plaintiffs.
In the District Court of the United States of the
Northern Division, District of Idaho.
In re Edward Daniels Bankrupt.
To the creditors of Edward Daniels: This Is
give notice, that on the 23rd day of July. 1901,
Lewiston in said district, one bdwatd Daniels was
his own petition adjudged a bankrupt, and at the
first meeting of the creditors of said bankrnpt for
the purpose of filing and establishing their claims,
for choosing a Trustee of his estate, for examining
the said bankrupt by oath, and tor the transaction
of such other, business as can lawfully come before
such meeting, will be held before the undersign id
referee at his ufiice in the city of Lewiston, county
of Net Perce and state of Idaho or the fifth day
September. 1901, at ten o'clock a. m.
Claims duly proved as provided by section $7 of
law of 1898, may be mailed to. or filed with, the un
dersigned prior to such meeting.
Dated at Lewiston, Idaho July 23rd, A. D., 1901
Van W. Hasbkouck,
Referee in Bankruptcy.
!. c. Bunnell, W.F. Kettenbacb,
. Alexander, R- C. Beach,
B. F. Morris, George H. Renter,
Grace Kettenbacb Pfafflin.
Sight exchange sold on the principal Cities of the United State*
and Europe.
W F. Kettenbach, President
J. Alexander, Vice President
Geo. H. Rester, Cashier.
Corner of Fourth and Main Streets.
John P. Vollmer, Presold
Strongest Bank in Idaho
R. Vollmer, Vice PresitU ni
B. W. Baves, Cashier.
Capital and Surplus
Ivy and seu exchange.
Range Meat Mai ket.
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats.
Sausages and Fancy Meats a specialty. We would
be pleased to receive a portion of your patronage
Bast Mala Street Lewiston, lomho.
Mallory & Lydon Livery Stable
[Martin Collin's Old Stand)
Lewiston, Idaho.
New Rigs, New Stock, Everything up tc date. Calls
will receive prompt attention. 'Phone No. 17.
Lewiston Bakery & Grocery.
S. Wildenthaler, Prop.
Pmh bread every day. oar owa
«pedal delivery.
Main Street.
Choice groceries, sate, caadles,
pastry aad traita.
Telephone No. 28.
M. Donzac & €0.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars*
A Gentleman's Resort !
- F Otft
Oliver Plows,
Plant. Jr., Garden Tools
Osborn Drags and
Rolling Harrows,
Monitor Seeders and
McCormick Mowers and
Osborn Mowers and
Rakes, •
McCormick Binders,
Osborn Binders,
McCormick Headers,
J. I. Case Threshers.
The Best Lines in the Wotfd
j Yours for business,
mrw ▼wrv -' 1

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