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New this week:
Give us a call....
Lace Curtains, Table Linen
and Carpets
McGilvery & Boston
Paragrapbkally Cold
Myrtle Rosen of Rusaell la visiting
friends in tbe city.
William Bollinger baa gone to Grange,
ville on a business trip.
Horton McCallie, aon of Or. McCallie
is ill with typhoid fever.
Dr. J. W. Stoneburner of Leland was a
visitor to the city Monday.
Harlan Fefley of Boise is visiting with
his porents here this week.
J. B. Winn of Colfax is no employed as
barber in Gant's basement baroer shop.
Chris Oamers and B. L. Alford left to
day on a business trip to the Camas prai
rie cpnntry.
Pnd H. Wood returned yesterday to
Pierce to look after the mining interests
at his company.
G. W. Wicker of Leland was in the city
this week with businem before the com
missioners court.
Thatcher ft Kling have a fine display
•f Copley prints, water color drawings
and life photographs at the Book Store
this week.
A. M. Clark of Salmon river shipped a
carload of wool from the Vollmer-Clear
watsr warehouse yesterday dltect to
Boston» Mam.
M. L. Goldsmith contracted yesterday
-hr the delivery of too tons of hay from
Ms Rim Rock farm to parties in the city.
The contract price is $9 per ton.
Geo. W. Bel dt bought the premium
Batkahin shown at the Interstate fair by
J. Olson and will engage in breeding
fine hogs on his rasaruation ranch.
A now concrete aide walk is being
mads in front of the new Mounce build
ing this week. The work on the interior
is in pr o gr ess and the tenant, Mr. Parker,
wiU Ob."py the premises about Novem
bar tab „
Harvey Gant is laid up temporarily
fegga work by a ease of blood poisoning.
This wound which caused the trouble was
made by a splinter of wood which
scratched the first finger of his right
T. J. Henderson, who has been visiting
with his daughters, Mrs. J. B. and-R. C.
West, left yesterday morning for his
hogw in Carlock, Tenu. Mrs. J. B.
West and two children will accompany
him as Ihr as St Paul.
• The county board has drawn a war
rant to satisfy the lodgment in favor of
Dr. J. B. Morris for $7*3.43, given on an
action to recover an amount due him fa
on excess credit sent the state while he
was county treasurer.
Jag. A. Wilkinson returned Tuesday
morning to Pomeroy where he is en
gaged by the Vollmer-CIearwater Co. in
handling its barley shipments. Mr.
Wilkinson has bought over 400,000 bu
shels of barley at that point this season.
This has been shipped to Milwaukee and
Chicago markets.
Dennis Holland, proprietor of the
Hotel de Prance has decided to construct
a two story brick structure on the lot
Joining his hotel. The new building
will occupy the ground now occupied by
the frame lodging house and will be
fitted with rooms to be used as an adjunct
to the hotel.
Jap Mounce left this morning for New
York where he will meet his son Owen
Mounce who has been riding this season
for the August Belmont stables. Mr.
Mounce and son will then go to Califor
nia for the winter racing season. Young
Mounce'a work has been highly satis
factory this season and his present
employe' wants to re-engage him for next
of character and good reputation in each
state (one in this county required) to
represent and advertise old established
wealthy business bouse of solid financial
.standing. Salary $18.00 weekly with ex
penses additional, all payable in cash
Wednesday direct from head offices.
Hone and carriage furnished, when
necessary. References. Enclose self
addressed stamped envelop. Manager,
316 Caxton Building, Chicago.
WANTBD—Salesman to sell a choice
line of Nursery Stock. Seady work, and
extra inducements to the right persons.
All stock guaranteed. Write now for
terms and secure a good situation for the
fell and winter. Address, Tbe Hawks
Nuraèiy Codipany, Milwaukee, Wis.
Prin Wtaocn
Continued from third page
Robt. Leighton, Vancouver; Mr. Dr.
Pulton, Asotin, judges.)
Painting—Prat prise—Best sketch from
nature, Mrs. B. W. Eaves, Lewiston; best
head, Mrs. E. W. Eaves Lewiston
flowers from nature, Miss D. G. Bllworth
Lewiston; copy in painting, Miss M
Saux, Lewiston; originial work, Mrs. E.
W. Bayes, Lewiston.
Decorated China—Fret prise—Best col
lection decorated China, Mrs. McGilvery,
Lewiston; single piece, Mrs. J. P. Vol
Imer; cup and saucer, flower design, to
be original, Mrs. McGilvery; best plate,
original design, Mrs. McGilvery.
Children's prise—Best collection flower
studies, Claudia Rainwater, Clarkston.
Special Merchants' Prive.
Best collection of Indian curios, en
te red for Nes Perce Indians by C. T.
Bedspreads, etc. — First Prise — Bed
spread Mrs. E. Maple; Lace bed spread,
Mrs. J. Roberts, Clarkston; patchwork
quilt, silk, Mrs. B. Baumiestec, Asotin;
patchwork quilt, cotton, Mrs. T. Under
wood, Lewiston; patchwork quilt,
worsted, Mrs. A. C. Elliot, Lewiston;
home made rugs, Mrs. J. Bailey, Clarks
ton; rag carpet, Mrs. A. C. Elliott, Lew
iston; crochet or knit afghan, Mrs. G. K.
Faunce, Lewiston; crochet skirt. Miss
Emma Strang, Cottonwood; crochet slip
pers, Mrs. J. Armstrong, Lewiston; fancy
knit mittens, Mrs. W. Foresman, sr.,
Lewiston; tablecloth and napkin, hem
med by Mrs S. O. Tannahill, Lewiston;
baby's hand made dress, Mrs. B. J,
Olspn; baby's machine made dress, Mrs.
W. P. Kettenbach. Lewiston; fancy lace
aprun, Mrs. M. f. Decrdorf, Lewiston;
white skirt, Mrs. M. A.Jamiesion, Lewis
Fancy Work—First Prise—Lunch cloth,
drawn work, No. 86; lunch doth, embroi
dered, Mrs. W. F. Kettenbach; lunch
doth battenberg, Mrs. J. S. Cox, Lewis
ton; doilies, six pieces, Miss Ruth Gro*
stein; doiliea three pieces, netting work,
No. 86, center piece embroidered, Mrs.
Gertrude Weeks; initial embroidetey,
Mrs. W. F. Kettenbach; picture embroi
dery, Tinah J. Cox; Berlin work, Mrs.
Mary Läufer, Clarkston; lace battenberg,
Mrs. J. S. Cox, Lewiston; real lace hand
kerchiefs, Ruth Grostein, Lewiston;
fancy hemstitched handkerchiefs, Alette
Thompson, Lewiston; tatting, Mrs. M.
Shelton, Clarkston; crochet work, No.
86; sideboard scarf, Mrs. Geo. Crippen;
embroidered tea cloth, Mrs. Gertrude
Weeks; pin cushion, Mrs. H. C. William
son, Lewiston; sofs pillows, Mrs. Jas.
Mallory, Lewiston; novelty sofa pillow,
Mrs. H. C. Williamson.
(J. W. Gomond, Lewiston, judge.)
Photography—First prise—Best col
lection landscapes, H. Fair, Lewiston.
Amateur Photography—First Prize
Best collection, E. P. Dorris, Lewiston.
Butter— (N. W. Webber, Preston, Ida
ho, judge.)—Beat five, one or two pounds
ranch butter, Mrs. I. Bell, Lewiston;
second prise, Mrs. Chas. French, Asotin;
first prise creamery butter, C. M. Evans
ft Co., Vineland.
Bread and Cake, etc.—(Mrs. M. E. Ed
wards, Clarkston, Mrs. C. H. Vining,
Clarkston, Mrs. Wm. Dose Lewiston,
judges.)—Best loaf of white bread, Mrs.
L. T. Roberts, Clarkstor ; best loaf steam
brown, Mrs. H. J. Williamson, Lewiston;
second prise, steam brown, Mrs. C. Fores
man, Lewiston.
Layer Cake—Fist prise, best layer cake,
Mrs. H. Foresman, Lewiston; best fruit
cake, Miss Ida Trats, Clarkston; second,
Mrs. G. W. Bailey, Asotin; first prise,
best not loaf, Mrs. Anna Williams, Aso
tin; second, Mrs. H. Foresman, Lewiston;
first prise, Angel cake, Miss Ida Trats,
Clarkston; first prise, home made candy,
assorted, Mias Ids Trats, Clarkston; sec
ond prise, Mrs. H. Foresman, Lewiston;
first prise, collection potted plants, not
less than 18, Mrs. Wm. Dose. Lewiston;
first pnse potted plants grown by ama
teurs, Mrs Commodore Nelson, Lewis
ton; first prize, collection cut flowers,
Wm. Dose. Lewiston.
Early Day Relics—(Judged by L. A.
Buell, Seattle.)—First prise, R. W. Leech
Mrs. Mary Läufer secured the first prize
a sweepstake for Berlin work. Her ex
hibit was an excellent one and repres
ented a mountain scene with a pair of
deer in the foreground.
The Garfield'grain and feed separator.
was one of tbe exhibits on the grounds
that attracted a great deal of attention
and helped to promote discordant noise
on the grounds during feir week. The
Chatem fanning mill and seeker com
pany of Wisconsin also had a like ma
chine on the grounds and called on tbe
management for a test of the two ma
chiuro. Chas. Fairbanks and D. A.
Benedict were appointed judges of the
demonstration. Tbe result it seen
too evidently in favor of tbe home ma
chine to cause any doubt in the minds of
the judges as to who should be awarded
the diploma.
The moat elegant prize awarded at tbe
fair in tbe eyes of the ladies, was that of
■ »et of Haviland China presented by Mc
Gilvery ft Boston for the beat collection
of fancy villowa. This prise was awarded
to Mrs. Chas. Mix, whose collection of
eight was decided to bettbe most orig
inal in design and execution. '
Following is a list of the awards made
in other depart menu at tbe fair:
First prise, beat exhibit of agricultural
machinery, Cadi Hardware store.
Best gold qua its specimen, University
of Idaho.
Best silver, galena, iron, coal, mica,
cinabar, cobalt, opal, University of Idaho.
A gold medal was awarded the univer
sity for the best collection of minerals.
For tbe best display of merchandise,
Lewiston Mercantile company.
Best exhibit of old coins, O. A. Kjos.
Best collection of hand made lace, Mrs
George Bailey, Asotin.
Beat braided rug, Mrs. J. Bailey, Asotin
Best embroidered - dress set, Mrs. J
Bailey, Asotin.
Best hair wreath, Mrs. Brierly. Clarks
Best hops, C. D. Stranahan. Lapwai.
Lewiston Mercantile Co.'s prize of 100
Gateway cigars for beat home grown and
evaporated fruits—Fry Bros., Lewiston.
For beat single exhibit of evaporated ap
ples, two packages of Gateway tea, Fry
Bros.; for best single exhibit of evapor
ated Italian prunes, G. W. Burford, Nes
perce; for best single exhibit of evapor
ated French prunes, Fry Bros.; best
single exhibit of evaporated petite prunes,
G. W. Burford; for best single exhibit of
evaporated apricots, Fry Bros.; for best
single exhibit of evaporated French
prunes, Fry Bros.
J. S. Cox & Son's award of $5 copper
boiler for display of laigest apples, 10 Or
more, Mr. C. Mangus. Peck Idaho.
Ten dollar baby cab for best baby, R. D.
Walker, Lewiston.
J. H. Bethel's award of one ailver,em
bossed jardinier for best collection of
potted plants by amateur grower, Mrs.
Commodore Nelson, Lewiston.
O. A. Kjos' prize of $5 pair of shoes to
lady exhibiting best loaf of bread, Mrs.
S. T. Roberts, Vineland. Five dollar
pair lace curtains to lady exhibiting can
ned, fruits, five or more varieties, Mrs. E.
W. Eaves, Lewiston. Seven dollars and
one-half, gents furnishing goods for best
display of apples, not less than five
varieties, Weldon Wilson, Alpowai.
Five dollars for best pnd most varied
exhibit of canned fruits, p re ser v e s and
jellies, Mrs. Wm. Dwyer, Clarkston.
Fifteen dollars cash for best exhibit of
vegetables by grower, quality and num
ber of varieties being considered. First
prise $10, C. Mangus, Peck; second
prise, $s, A. J. Baldwin, Asotin.
Meuli ft Lomax $5 Stetson hat for best
watermelon, Mr. Thompson, Clazkston,
Cash Hardware store, special prises,
$10 hydraulic cream separator for best 1
pound roll of ranch butter not less than
four to contest - Mrs. f. Bell Lewiston;
$a 50 wagon umbrella, Roadrnck, Clarks
Johnson Bros., Asotin flourmill, awaid
of one barrel of flour to best exhibit in
culinary art, Miss Ida Träte, Clarkston.
Fletcher hardware company, one blue
iame oil stove for best exhibit of cakes,
not less than five exhibits, by maker,
Mrs. Harvey Foresman, Lewiston.
McGilvery ft Boston, complete set of
50 nieces of Haviland China tea set for
best exhibit of fancy sofa pillows, Mrs.
Chas. Mix.
The Fair Clothing Store, one pair $5
shoes for largest pumpkin, Kemp & Be
bieu, Hatwai.
E. L. Russell, $3 worth of Chase &
Sanborn's coffee for best bushel of club
wheat, Ben Ayres.
Lewiston Milling company, $2 50 for
best loaf of white bread made by girl not
more than 16, made from Clearwater flour
by exhibitor, Anna Ricks, Clarkston.
Lewiston Water and Power company,
$S cash for beat and largest variety of
Weldon Wilson, Alpowai; $10 cash for
best exhibit of flowers grown in Vine
land, to be exhibited by grower; First
$5, Mrs. A. P. Whetstone, Clarkston;
second prise, $3, Mrs. S. J. Roberts,
Clarkston; third prise, $3, no award.
Iu tbe needlework deportment Mrs. J.
Bailey had a braided rug exhibited that
is 30 years old. It won first prize.
Geo. H, Storer and wife returned Tues
day . from a trip to Portland, .Sun 1
Francisco and the Sound. i
by H. F. Alps, u. s.
U. S. Department of Agriculture— Lew
ston, Idaho:
For week end- Temperature Precip
ing Oct. 16
Min itation
M. Doozac has purchased from Denny
& McGuire the billiard ball equipment
located in Bis building and will conduct
the business.
Special low prices this week in New
Furniture, Bedding, Lounges, Stoves,
Couches, Carpets, Rugs, etc. Second
Hand Furniture almost given away to
get rid of it- If you are out for bar
gains, come and see us. Don't forget
our heavy, hand-made Concord Har
oumniNG co.
380 Grot tela Block
Main Street
^s)iLGiillUliiAiAaAiiAaAmiikitiiii istittiintij
We have on display a line of .
Water Color Drawings, Copley
Prints, Platinum Copies, Arto
Types and Life Pictures, rang
ing in price from 50 cts to $15.
Yon are in rited to call and see
them. Exhibit closes Saturduy
We arc now r«$dy to
show you our Fall and
Winter Goods. We have
a Large and Varied Stock
of Underwear, Hosiery
and Shirts. All the newest
shapes in Hats. A Tine
line of Umbrellas, all
Meuli & Lomax
Men's Furnishers.
, Suits and Shirts Made to order
Thompson & Brashears
Phon* IS3. Cor Main and Fifth
Assortment of
Ladies' Trimmed and
Walking Hats,
Flannel Waists,
Fur Collarettes,
Walking Skirts,
Dress Skirts,
Capes and Jackets.
in the city
'Largest Flour Mill in the State
Manufactures CENTURY 1900 PATENT,
Whole Wheat Flour made on burrs. Feed
of all kinds in stock. All orders promptly
An Appetite.....
,THE loser can be put into ^
possession of his property ^
by callin g at the..... ^
"""•***..................Tnftfi a nftnnnftfl i MflnflnflwyBHiftnflfMWiw ^
Sec'y and Treasurer
Furniture and Undertaking Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Coffins, Caskets,
Robes, Embalming
MATTING are made a spec*
Phene IU.
Ctyd Fellows*
* J* H. Bethel j
ft Main Street Lewiston, Idaho |
Ail Work Bum Promptly.
Atriaa R. Sweet. |
Binnard Block. j

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