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The Lewiston Teller.
Number 10
YOU should sec
our Wall Pape
assortment. It is
up to date and
Jj Dent & Butler
***** **** ** * ****** ******-*-** "■ A *-* 1 *-»i i W i » i 'tj' L r'Lii
Before you by. Best
on earth, at right prices
Now is the time to buy
Heaters or Cook
-See our line of
..Special Sale..
Ladies' Wrappers we place on
sale this week all our fleeced
and percale
also plain black satren.after the
season's run. We find some of
the lines are broken sises, but
in running several lines into
one we will have all sizes, and
in 6rder to reduce the lots, we
have made extraordinary prices
to sell out quick. They are all
df tue well-known good-fitting
kind. Every one guaranted to
fit or money refunded.
All our percale and fleeced
wrappers, value up to $1.75,
r at.'..,....................... 98 c
our percale and fleeced
wrappers; values up to $2.25,
*°*t..........................$ 1.48
All fleeced and trimmed wrap
pers; value up to $3 oo, go
•t..............................$ 1.98
All fancy fleeced, lace trimmed
wrappers; value up to (3.50,
*0 *t............... $ 9.88
Holiday goods now on
display. Please look over
the line when in.
D elicious foods.... crano.
■ U .............—....... - ...... MALT BREAKFAST FOOD
Lewiston Bakery and Groce ry vrros wheat fooh.
Q T n
i. O. VA88AR,
Sec'y and Treasurer
Furniture ami Undertaking Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Coffins* Caekcts*
Robes# Embalming
NATTINQ arc mads a spec*
Odd Fellows* Bonding,
NW» Ubmmi Iddde
A peddler's license «ras today issued h»
the estate .iwepider to thaMomiag
Oregooian, the Portland newspaper.
The paper is aald to be canvassing far
■* 1 attached
the Hct as e waa thits rendered nee
r J- The ceet of the licedee wes $35.
There will le a dinnerfor the Most
fastidious at the trsideoce of Rev. Father
Post, Dec. 10. The dinner will he ail
home cooked, and served by the ladies
of the church who will also coodnct a
aaliot fancy goods.
Clerk Steunenberg Did
a Large Business Mon
Pries was above Appraised Valua
tion in Most Inst. neu —Other
Sales for Jan. ^ and 10 .
That the state lands of Idaho are
recognized as valuable is evidenced by
the recent sales by Mr C. B. Steuuen
berg of the state land department. On
Monday he opened a sale at Moecow.
The sale was conducted in the court room
and the large room was crowded to its
utmost capacity by prospective purchasers.
The work began at 10 in the morning
and closed at 4 in the evening when 4000
acres were diapoeed of and $65,400 were
added to the atate funds. This gave an
average valuation per acre of oyer $16.
In the lot was a 40 acre tract which
brought $1000 and one to acre tract
which went for $520. All the lands sold
are in Latah county. The Idaho and
Nez Perce county lend aa'e will not take
place until January 10. There is at
present an unprecedented demand for
agricultural lands. The state lend de
partment is allowed by law to dispose of
only 16,000 acres annually and the agent
declares be could dispoae of fully as much
more at good figures. .
One tract of state timber land was die-*
posed of for $150,000. The cruisers are
still in the field making more valuable
selections. Mr. Steunenmtg is the right
man in the right place.
A Big War Is On.
The people along the Clearwater Short
line have for some time agitated a better
mail sud train service. They are practi
cally isolated so far as the railroad ia
concerned. They are required to lay
over here 34 hours in order to transact
any kind of business. They get their
mail equally late.
The moving spirit In the matter is C.
C. Fuller, secretary of the Orofino com
mercial dub. One of his communications
called forth e letter from J. M. Hanna
ford of the Northern Pacific in which
that gentleman states the present service
is the beat the company can give. He
says: "It ia the desire of a majority of
the patrons to have it con tinned as at
t: Leave Lewiston in the morn
ing and arrivT Ut Spokane in tfie after
noon before the banka close and leave
äpokane in the morning and arrive at
Lewiston as early as possible in the after
noon." He further says that to make
the - change asked for would compel the
people to , Wee Stiùs et 5 »5 in the morn
ing, and does pot believe the people de
sire this inconvenience/
This did not phase the genial Mr. Ful
ler and be went buck at Mr. Haaaaford
with a strong argument and aim has
gone to the general poet office with hie
troubles. ■
Mr. Fuller claims the mail can be
handled either from Kendrick or Pot'
latch over mar tontet, ami mack points
at lernt it boon eatlier then the time
made to seme points by the railroad. He
also nays that people can wot do banking
K| Lewiston wi th o u t laying oyer 14 boars
u the banks are cloead before the train
arrivas and cloned the neat morning when
it leaves. He also mys that because of
the train service grain iasotd stall pointe
at s to 7 cento lost per bswhel than at
pointe in the Palowae eooatry, atthoogh
the tame rate applies.
Just what will result from the agitation
being made cannot be foretold. Rail
way corporations have n raaton usually
for all their actions, and thi> public takes
what it gets and pays Amt it
Lapwal Noa Dai.
moral _
t M
suddenly at the Bollinger house from
hemorrhage of the lungs. For some
time past Mr. Dooley had beçn in poor
health and during his short stay in the
city seemed to be rapidly gaining
strength. He was an unmarried man
possessed of a fine farm in the vicinity of
Lapwai. The remains were shipped to
his brother in Kosedale, Wisconsin, for
Portland Chamber of Commerce Patses Reso
lutions in Favor of Open River.
Monday at the meeting of the Cham
ber of Commerce at Portland the follow
ing resolutions were passed and ordered
sent to the Washington, Idaho and Ore
gon delegations in Congress:
First—That the plan for the improve
ment of the Dalles-Celilo reach of the
Columbia recommended by Capt. Harts,
be adopted; that congress set aside the
required amount of money in one appro
priation; that the work lie lieguti at once
and carried on without interruption, to
tbe end that steamers may be enabled to
run between Portland and Lewiston with
out breaking cargo by 1P05 or an earlier
date if possible.
Second—As a temporary relief the build
ing of a portage railway between The
Dalles and Celilo and the removal of Mi
nor obstructions between Celilo and tbe
foot of Priest rapids and between the
mouth of the Snake and Lewiston.
• Third—Surveys of the Columbia river
between the foot of Priest rapids and the
British Columbia boundary with a view
determining bow much of the same can
be made navigable, what plan of im
provement ia necessary and feasible and
the estimated coat of the same.
Fourth—That all the tributaries of the
upper Columbia and Snake rivera which
can be made navigable shall he opened
to navigation.
Railroad Movements.
Just at present there is considerable
activity in the construction department
of the O. R. & N. Tbe cut off that was
graded years ago to avoid tbe Alto bill
will be built to Wallula. The branch
from Dayton to Covello is now being
laid. The side line from Riparia to
Lewiston ia »till on paper, and is likely
to remain there until tbe Snake river bed
ia dry enough to be used for a fruit
evaporator. _________
The Old Sweet Story.
Since the old world began human
hearts bave found the acme of hsippi
in the bonds of holy wedlock. Tbe story
of loving hearts is just as sweet this year
last and will be so while time lasts.
And in this county, events in this line
are coming with great rapidity. John
Berry, a well-to-do young farmer resid
ing near Mclroae was united in marriage
with Miss Louise Autmiller, the lovely
daughter of Jacob Autmiller, one of the
best known men on the reservation.
Then came the marriage of Mr. George
Pecuniar and Mist Fannie Stephens, also
of Melrose. George Nichols of Nez pc ret
aim found it "was not good for man to be
alone," and told bis story to pretty Irene
Chapman, and last Sunday all lonesome
seas vanished. Central Ridge furnished
pretty wedding when Miss Daisy,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Seuter,
became the wife of M. Johnson. This
wedding occurred at Nezperce.
. Kosteten of the World.
On the 18th day of December there
will lie a grand .jubilee meeting of the
Woodmen of the World held in Lewiston.
For this occasion the Knighta of Pythias
have surrendered their meeting night in
order tbit the Woodmen may have a
suitable place to meet. At this time at
least 500 visitors will, be in the city to
me in members taken into tbe mysteries
of this growing fraternal order. The
order now baa nearly three-quarters of à
million membership, and bas expended
in funeral and death benefits a sum gnat
than tbe taxable property of Idaho,
Latah and NetWares counties Besides it
has nearly $1.000,000 of areaervofirad
against the rainy day. No other secret
order has enjoyed the rapid growth of
the Woodmen.
from the initiations at the
jufaftm meeting there will be a social
Mature that will cclipm any thing ever
hold In Idaho, and the Woodmen ose the
fellows to make 'things lively enough for
tho boat of thorn. It is said that trees
Ms feet through «rill be handled as easily
m Bert .Yoonkman handles his «Talking
•tick and City Marshal Schaidt «nil give
an exhibition of axe s«ringing that «rill
mrptm All bis efforts on the city wood
W^it till tbe 18th and enjoy your
Follow Senator Heitfeld
Into Democratic Camp
This Year.
While the Senator Want« the
Retrograde Movement to Pro
ceed Rapidly.
"There's many a slip 'twixt cup and
lip." _ Senator Heitfield realizes this now
more tban ever before in life. Because
of the high position given him by the
yoters of the peoples party in the days
when it stood alone and made honorable
warfare with its political enemies, tbe
senator's head became swollen. He grew
to believe that he was tbe whole thing,
and held the Pops in the hollow of his
hand and could play with them as a cat
would with a mouse. But he was mis
A a few days since he wrote a letter tw
Chairman Andrews, urging that gentle
man to call a meeting and declare the
peoples party dead. Andrews, it appears,
is no fool, and knows a living thing from
a dead one. Tomorrow Mr. Andrews
makes his reply to Senator Heltfield'a
proposition tq kill the peoples party,
Andrews will my be is no butcher and
will give the senator a "solar plexus"
jab that will put him out of business for
all time to coma
This attempt of tbe senator to feed the
peoples party into tbe capacious maw of
democracy, noted for swallowing any old
thing that will give it office, is a col os
sal political blunder on his part. It de
stroys his only hope of being returned.
It destroys fusion. And even if the
démocrate should succeed in capturing
the legislatgre next November under the
infamous gerrymander, Heitfield will
have to go just the same.
Republicans are the only ones who
«rear a smile to-day.
The Gty Council.
The meeting held Monday night was
one strictly of business. The C street
sidewalk ordinance was passed. A resolu
tion was aim carried notifying tbe Ray
mond house to remove Hs porch within
3P days and instructing the city marshal
to have the same torn down unless the
terms of tly resolution are complied with.
Ernest McCullough, as building in
spector, notified the council that an ad
Is the
, Keynote
dition had been made to the Henley
building on West Main street contiary to
the ordinance. An order was made di
recting the marshal to arrest the offenders.
The Cash Hardware company received
the contract to place a fence around the
city park. The petition of Cole Fi
field to place au electric clock in front of
their place of business was referred to
the street committee.
The city physician reported two births
during November and three deaths.
The local military company was granted
the use of the council chamber for a
meeting place. The next meeting of the
council will lie held Dec. to.
The Mud.
It is all a mistake about the looseness
of the soil in the Lewiston valley absorb
ing water as fast as it is applied. This is
fully demonstrated by the present condi
tions of the streets and alleys. For two
or three weeks there have been slight
showers, and as there is no waterproof
roof over the city, the water reached the
ground. It did not find its way down
and could uot again go up; heute when
the water and soil mixed, mud resulted.
The depth of the mud varies. In some
places it is just right to soil polished
shoes and in other places a battle ship
could float in safety—notably the streets
leading to the depot and Main street to
the court house.
But we only see mud about two months
out of the calendar year and hence, we ap
preciate it just as we do the Fourth of
July, Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is a
brgak in the monotony of tbe long months
of sunshine and drought, when a man
may atand for seven long hours wi>h a
garden bote in bis band and not see a
drop of water strike the earth about him.
The mud of today insures a pretty lawn
next rummer, and a harvest greater than
we would care to conjecture. Don't
swear at at the mud; it is a blessing in
You want good hon
est dependable shoes*
shoes that wear* that
fit* that have style and
snap* sold as closely
as the grade of goods
will permit Then
buy your footwear of

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