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Lewiston Teller.
C. A. Forhsman, Publisher.
dffibecription to weekly.........$1.50 a year
Six month*..................................- 7 s
Three month*..............................- 5 °
Entered at the Lewiston Postoffice as
econd class mail matter.
HeltieM's Mistake.
Following the example of his
conferee Dubois, Senator Heitfeld
has announced to his party that be
is now a democrat and in the future
will affiliate with that party. He
asks that Chairman Andrews call
the state populist committee to
gether and make a formal dissolu
tion of the populist party of Idaho.
But Chairman Andrews demurs to
the proposition and evidently ad
heres to the ideas held by Ex Sen
ator Allen of Nebraska and other
populist leaders that though fusion
may be dead the populist party is
yet very much alive and will main
tain its organization.
Senator Heitfeld is at great
varience with other populist lead
ears upon the question of party
loyalty. In his letter to Chairman
Andrews he says: "Since both
the democratic and peoples parties
are now striving for the same pur
poses I am unable to see why we
should keep up separate organiza
Senator Allen's view set out in
a recent interview are quite in con
trast with this. He says: "There
is a well defined line of demarca
tion between the two parties,
which will not permit them to be
brought together. The faith of
the populists is too clear and strong
and well founded to allow them to
be absorbed by any other organiza
tion. The democratic and popu
list parties do not agree upon
many essential points of political
Senator Allen is well sustained
in his views by other populists of
national influence and it is a well
fixed conviction with these leaders
that if the democrats make any de
parture from the radical positions
they now hold in the concessions
made to populism in the Chicago
and Kansas City platforms that
the populists party will stand otit
bold» y for the ancient tenets of
their faith. In this regard Senator
Allen says: "If the democrats
should return to Clevelandism,
there will doubtless be three tickets
in the field in 1904, for no populist
will accept Mr. Cleveland or any
one holding his political views as
a candidate for the presidency."
Chairman Andrews and other
state leaders of the populist party
are doubtless in touch with the na
tional leaders and hence not in
sympathy with the attitude of
Senator Heitfeld in his abandon
ment of the populist party. The
reason for Senator Heitfelds posi
tion is easily found. He and Sena
tor Dubois planned in the cam
paign of 1900 to make fusion sub
serve their ambition to land in the
senate and from that commanding
position take the leadership of the
reorganized democracy of Idaho,
relying on the fact that their p*r
sonal following could be switched
into the democratic lines when the
time comes. But in the present
attitude of Chairman Andrews we
reckon that Senator Heitfeld has
made a mistake. Populism will
maintain Us integrity in state and
national organizations and will not
be stampeded to subserve the in
terests of personal political ambi
President's Message.
The message of President Roose
velt to the national legislative body
is a comprehensive one. Upon all
questions of vital importance to
the well being of our national wel
fare his statements are so clear
that no room for doubt or un
certainty is left. Especially will
the west feel kindly to. his stand
upon the irrigation of arid lands;
rural mail delivery; Chinese ex
clusion and the Nicaragau canal.
The trust question is dwelt upon
at greater length than all other
questions dealt with in the docu
ment. Upon the tariff he favors
reciprocal feature, and abhors tink
ering. He indorses the present
gold standard and favors safe
guards against panics or com
mercial crisis. He is firm in the
belief that the Monroe doctrine
should be maintained. He wants
a new cabinet office created—the
new official to be styled Secretary
of Commerce.
Upon the labor question the
president is the first to make $0
certain and clear to congress the
demands that organized labor has
worked for for several years. He
recommends the re-enactment of
the Chinese exclusion law, and
the enforcement of the eight hour
law on all government work, even
on the sub-contracts and last he
recommends that the foul blight
•upon American labor—-womem
and children working at night —
be no longer a part of American
Press Comment.
The Republican meeting held at
Boise this week, for the purpose of
recommet ding a successor to Sena
tor Shoup, as a member of the Re
publican National Committee, was
altogether a sore disappointment.
There was no slaughter of
antiquated war horses to make a
Young Republican holiday. The
Jo Jos were not immolated on the
altar of nobler aspirations and
higher ideals; the guard was not
knocked down and kicked out.
On the other hand, the "new ele
ment" was not squashed; the
Young Captains were'not deplumed
in short, nothing was done
which was hopefully expected and
confidently predicted. The whole
business was sadly disappointing
and pitifully distressing to the en
tire Democratic parly.—Caldwell
D. W. Stanrod, of Pocatello, was
unanimously chosen as national
committeeman for the Republicans
in Idaho, by a conference, of the
state committee, chairman of the
county committees and mem
ber* to the last national conven
tion, held at Boise on No
vember 25. The selection of Judge
Stanrod was a happy and wise
solution of a problem, that the
wise prophets feared could not be
solved. The Judge is a splendid
selection and all may rest assured
that the interests of the party will
be wisely and carefully attended
to.—Orofino Courier.
The selection of Judge Stanrod
as National Committeeman by the
Republicans of Idaho is a disap
pointment to no one but the oppo
sition. The opposition thought
they saw a big row in sight, but
have been taught a new lesson on
the high purpose and aims of Re
publicanism. The Boise confer
ence strengthened the party. Be
lieving that the election of Judge
Stanrod was identical with the
best interests of the party in Koot
enai, the delegation from this
county cast their vote- for him,
but by so doing they do not in any
way intend to discredit the great
worth to the party of any oftheother
distinguished names that came up
for consideration.—Kootenai Her
With the tariff and the trusta
and other octopuses that have
fastened themselves on the country
the farmer is kept so busy market
his products, buying more land,
adding to his improvements and
piling up a bank account that he
finds precious little time to devote
to the ineividual who still finds
pleasure in street corner calamity
howling. Some people would
rather have an octopus than a fat
Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner,
but most of us will take turkey
today.—Payette Independent.
A murder has occurred in the
Coeur d'Alene for which the Min
ers Union is in nowise responsible.
Here is a chance for Goveruor
Hunt to stand forth boldly for law
and order.— Caldwell Tribune.
By th« Republican Convention Halil in Boise,
Nov. 24 th and 26th. 1901.
Be it resolved by the Republican party
here aseembled: That fully recognizing
the patriotic services rendered to the
State of Idaho, by Senator George L.
Shoup, throughout his long term of pub
lic service: That we learn of his final
determination to retire from his place,
as the representative of this State upon
the Republican National Committee:
And we further realize the difficulty of
the task entrusted to us, of recommend
ing as his successor one who will as ably
discharge the duties devolving upon this
important place.
Be it further Resolved: That this
Convention has the fullest confidence in
the integrity of Senator Shoup and the
highest appreciation of his distinguished
services. We realize that he has served
the public interests faithfully, often neg
lecting his private interests for the pub
lic welfare; and we hereby acknowledge
our appreciation of his unselfish devotion
to the interests of this young State, and
high esteem in which he is held by all
the people, without regard to party af
filiations. -
Theodor* Turner,
L. L. Ormsby,
George A. Robethan,
S. D. Taylor,
R. V. Cozier,
Unionism not Dead in Idano.
Pocatello achool trustee* have troubles,
too, of their own. Miss Kate Stevenson,
teacher of the sixth and seventh grades
in the West Side achool, without notice,
permission or question, pulled up stakes
recently and left Prof. Siders and the
school board in the lurch. She was get
ting $55 a month there and claimed she
had an offer of $75 a month in Everett,
Washington, and the trustees might de
duct one week's wages doe her, or hunt
up enongh to make the two week's for
feiture required by the rules, if they
could find it, or do any other old thing.
She was going to Washington, and
when a school ma'am wills, she wills,
and there's the end of it.—Pocatello
Make the coming Christmas pleasant.
In th* natter of the titatcof Jesse T.llant, a
minor, Martin D. Goldsmith, the guardian of the
estate of Jesse Tallant. a minor, having filed In this
court his petition duly verified, praying for an order
of sale of all of the real estate of said Jesse Tallant
for the purposes therein sat forth.
It la therefor* ordered that ell penons Interested
in said estate of said Jees* Tallant. appear before
this said Probata court on the 27th day of December.
1901,at;the hour^of 10 o'clock a. m. of said|day, at the
courtroom of laid court at th* courthouse in the city
of Lewiston, county of Net Perce, State of Idaho, to
show cause why an order should not be granted to the
said Martin L. Goldsmith to sell all of the real estate
of the said Jess* Tallant and that a copy of this
order be published at least four successive weeks, in
the Lewiston Teller a newspaper printed and pub
lished In said city and county
Dated this 25th da^of November. 1901,
Reese, Probate Judge.
In the District coart of tht Second Judicial District
of the State of Idaho, In and for the county of Nex
Perce. ,
Ethel Jones, plaintiff, vs. Frank Jones, defendant.
To Frank Jones, defendant. Th* state of Idaho
sends Greeting: You are hereby notified and re
quired to be and appear In th* above entitled cause
ut action, and to answer the complaint of the plain
tiff filed herein, against you. This within ten (10)
days (exclusiv* of th* day of service) after the
service of this summons upon you, If served within
the county of Not Perce, state of Idaho. If sarved
out of this county but within this judicial district,
within twenty (20) days, otherwise within forty (40)
days, (in either cat* exclusive of thaday of service),
or judgment will be demanded agalnet you in ac
cordance with th* prayer of the plaintiff complaint
filed herein.
This action Is brought by the plaintiff against the
defendant for the purpose of dissolving the bonds of
matrimony existing between said plaintiff and tht
dafandant, and to grant said plaintiff an absolute de
cree of divorce from the said dafandant, this on the
grounds of wilfull desertion, same being continuous
on the part of th* dafandant for more than one year
last past, and prior to th* filing ol the complaint here
more fully appear in the plaintifi's complaint filed
here, a copy of which Is attached to a eopv of the
summons served upon you. and which Is made a part
of th* same, all of which Is refered to and made a
part thereof.
Plaintiff further alleges that the intermarriage of
the plaintiff and th* dafandant to have legally oc
curad at the city of Spokan* in the stat* of Wash
plaintiff has bean an inhabitant of the state
of Idaho for mor* than one year last past, and next
prior to the date of the filing of the complaint herein.
That the defendant, without cause or excuse end
against her will, voluntarily and wilfully dtserted
this plaintiff.
Plaintiff further charges the defendant with wilfull
neglect towards the plaintiff of the failure lo pro
vide said plaintiff with the common necessaries of
life through his Idleness, profligacy and dissipation.
He having the ability so to do.
And you are heraby further notified that If you fall
to appear and and anewer the said complaint within
the time, as above specified, the plaintiff will apply
to this honorable Court for the relief demanded
in bar complaint.
In wltnaas whereof. I have hereunto set my hand
and affixed my seal and the seal of the above en
titled court this Ijth day of November, A. D. 1901.
P. E. Stookey,
Clerk of th* above entitled court.
By J. Howard Howe.
_ _ Deputy Clerk,
Seal of th* laid Court of th* Second Judicial Dis
trlct of the Stat* of Idaho.
K. S. Anderson, attorney fur plaintiff.
In the District Court, Second Judicial ^**' ri £*
Ihc state of Idaho, in and for the County of we*
P vîol. Bush. plaintiff. vs. Howard Bush defendant.
The state ut Idaho to Howard Bush, defendant.
You are hereby notified that there te now on file in
the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the
Second Judicial District of the said State. In end tor
the county of Nei Perce, at Lewiston, the complaint
of the above named plaintiff, wherein judgment s
demanded against you dissolving the bonds of met
rimonv now existing between plaintiff and defendant
and entered into October 22, thüü on the grounds
that defendant willfully and withoiit cause for more
then one year last pest without cause deserted and
abandoned plaintiff and for more than one year last
past has failed to provide plaintiff common neces
saries of life he having the ability so to do.
And you are' also notified that unless you appear
and answer to said complaint within ten days after
the service hereof, if served within Nei Perce county
end within twenty days if served out of said county,
but within said Judicial District and within forty
days if served out of said district, (exclusive of the
day of service.) the plaintiff will apply to the court
for the relief Jemanded in the complaint.
Given under mv hand and the seal of the District
Court of the Second Judicial District of the
Siale of Idaho, in and for the Connty of Nei
Perce this I9ih day of Nov. A. D . 1901.
P. E. Stookey, Clerk.
Johnson & Halsey attorneys for plaintiff __
A-r s. Surveyor General, Boise City, Idaho, Oct o
bar 16, 1901. Seeled proposals will be recelvedat
this office until 12 o'clock noon November 30, I9tu.
tor running, measuring and marking, in accordance
with official existing regulations, and such special
instructions as mav be Issued bv the Surveyor Gen
eral for the following described surveys, via: Town
ships 6 N , R. 3 E.;»N„ Rs. 1. 2 W. ft 3 E.; 17 N
Rs 3. 4. 5 W.;1S N., Rs. 4. 5 W. & 5 E ; 19 and 20
N . K. 5 E ; 20 N. R. 14 E.: 21 N.. R. 3 W.;22N..
R. 1 E.. 23. 24, 25 N , Rs. 1 E. and I W ; 27 N..R.
2 E.; 30 N.; Rs 1 E. and 1 W.;31 N.. R. 1 W.;34N..
H. 3 E.; 3» N.. R. 3 E.; 39 N„ Hs. 1 W.. 2 and 4 fc.;
40 N.. Rs. 4 and 5 W.;41N.. R. 4 E.: 42 N.. R. 3 E.;
43 N„ Rs. I, 2, 3 E. & 5 W.;44 N„ Hs 1,2 E„ 2 and
6 W.; 45 N.. R. 5 E.;46 N.. H, 2 E ; 48 N.. R.4 fc.,
2 and 5 W.,55 N . K. 3 E ; 57 N., R. 2 W.;59 N.. K.
I E.; (SO N.. H.2 W.; 58, 59, 60 N., Rs. 2. 3 E.;
61 N., Rs. 2. 3 E.; 65 N., R. 2 E. Bond with approved
securities for the faithful performance of the con
tract will be required of the successful bidders. The
right is reserved to reject any and all bids, to waive
technical defects, and to accept anv part of any bid
or reject the other part, if the interests of the Gov
eminent requires it. Proposals must be submitted in
duplicate to the undersigned and endorsed on the
LIC SURVEYS." The proposals received will be
opened at the time and place above stated, and bid
ders are Invited to be present et such opening.
Further information in regard to the work will be
furnished upon application to the undersigned.
U. S. Surveyor General for Idaho.
In Probate court, county of Nei Perce, State of
Idaho, In the matter of the estate of John B
Gwinn, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned ex
ecutors of the estate of John B. Gwinn, deceased,
to the creditors of, and ell persons having claims
against said deceased, to exhibit them with the
necessary vouchers, within HI months after the first
publication of this notice, to said executors, David
Howard Gwinn, at his residence at Winchester, Nex
Perce county, state of Idaho, the same being the
place for the transaction of the business of said
estate in the county of Nex Perce, Idaho.
Dated 26th day of Nov., 1901.
David Howard Gwinn, Executor.
A. C. Sweet, attorney fot executor.
Department of the Interior, Land Office at Lewis
ton, Idaho. Nov. 21, i90t.
Notice is herebv given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before Register and Receiver et Lewiston,
Idaho, on Jan. 9, 1902, vlx:
of Summit, leahu. tor the s* K sw K sec 10, e 5* se
se % ne V* sec 9, tp 36 n, range Z, W. B. M.
He names fhe following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, vix:
Islah S Bruce, of Lenore, Idaho.
Edward Cheuvrynt. of Summit, Idaho.
Henry M. Berreman, " "
Robert M. Cleveland, of Gifford, Idaho.
J. B. West. Register.
Department of the Interior, land office at Lewiston.
Idaho, Nov. 26, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that the fallowing named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
commutation proof in support of his claim, and that
said proof wilt be made before Register and He
celver at Lewiston Idaho, on Jan. 9. 1902,vix:
Forest, Idaho, for the tot 1, sec 3. tp 32 n, r3 W. B
He names the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon and cultivation of said land,
Elias E. Nelson, of Forest, Idaho.
Hans Holee, "
Ole Fide, " "
Samuel Olson,
J. B West Register
Department ot the Interior, United States Land
Office, Lewiston, Idaho. Nov. 9th, 1901.
A sufficient contest affidavit having been tiled in
this office by Edna M. Newman, contestant, against
homestead entry No. 4719, made July 26, 1H96. for
lot 29. section 4, township 35 n, range 4 W. B. M. by
Byron T. Chaplin, contestée, in which it is alleged
that Byron T. Chaplin has Wholly abandoned said
land and has been absent therefrom for more than
six months last past. He has never established a
residence on said land and never made any improve
ments on said land nor cultivated any of the same,
said parties are hereby notified to appear, respond
and offer evidence touching said allegation at 10
o'clock a. m. on Dec. 22nd, 1901, before the register
and receiver at the United States Land Office in
Lewiston, Idaho,
The said contestant having« in a proper affidavit,
filed November 6th, 1601 , set forth facts which show
that after due diligence personal service of this no
tice can not be made, it is hereby ordered and di
reeled that such notice be given by due and proper
Charles H. Garby, Receiver.
Department of the Interior, United States Land
Office, Lewiston, Idaho, Oct. 14,1901.
A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed in
this office by Theodore Roller, contestant, against
Homestead entry No. 7Ö20. made March 16, 1900,
for s e qr s w qr sec 3, and n e qr n w qr, w % n e
qr section 10, township 36 n, range 4 w B. M. by
Henry Schmidt contestée, in which it is alleged that
Henry Schmidt the entry man has wholly abandoned
said tract of land for more than six months prior to
date hereof. That he has wholly and entirely failed
and neglected to comply with the requirements of
the homestead law in the matter of settlement,
residence and cultivation; that he did not enter said
land in good faith originaliy and that he is now hold
ing said land for speculative purposes and is and
has been offering said land for sale and the re
linquishment thereto. Said parties are hereby noti
fied to appear, respond and offer evidence touching
said allegation at 10 o'clock a m. on Dec. 6, 1901
before the register and receiver at the United States
Land Office in Lewiston, Idaho
The said contestant having, in a proper affidavit,
bled October 12, 1901, set forth facts which show
that after due diligence personal service of this no
tice can not be made, it is hereby ordered and di
rected that such notice be given by due and proper
Charles H. Garby, Receiver.
of character and good reputation in each
state (one in this county required) to
represent and advertise oid established
wealthy business house of solid financial
standing. Salary $18.00 weekly with ex
penses additional, all payable in cash
Wednesday direct from head offices.
Horse and carriage furnished, when
necessary. References. Enclose self
addressed stamped envelop. Manager,
316 Caxton Building, Chicago.
Found! By the people of Lewiston
that Chase & Sanborn's Teas and Coffees
are the finest grown, The Russell Grocery
•ells the line exclusively.
(j. C. Bunnell, W. F. Ketten uacb,
J. Alexander, B. U. Beach
B. F. Morris, Ueorge H. Rester ,
Grace Ketten bach Pfaffltn.
W F. Kettenbach, Pre^l
J. Alexander, Vice p S«
Geo. H. Rester, Cash? 6 "' 6 "' <
NffTlWAL B-! ;
Corner ol Fourth and Main Streets.
LEWISTON............ Ibflho.
"E A Kl OS [] @
Sight exchange sold on the principal Cities of the United Sta t
and Europe.
John P. Volltner it*.,,
■ Vollmer, Vice/Ä
K. W. Have», Ca»hitr'*' 1,ni
Strongest Bank in Idaho
I _ Capital and Surplus
Fire proof vault for the uae of customer» for eafe keeping of valuables. Burglar proof sieti «
protectedby Sargent ft Greenleaf time lock. CorreaponaenTi in all the principal cities of the
Buy and aeU exchange.
Range Meal Mai ket. j
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats, ft
________v*_______*____ii;_______i- [
Sausages and Fancy Meats a specialty. We woulc |
be pleased to receive a portion of your patronage
Bast Main Street Lewiston, lo*ho. |
Mallory & Lydon Livery Stable
(Martin Collin's Old »tend)
Lewiston, Idaho.
I New Rigs, New Stock, Evexything up tc date. Calls
will receive prompt attention. 'Phone No. 17.
[Log : : Cabin
Full Pints
of Whisky
50 c
t Main Street,
Full Half Pints
of Whisky -
^Manufacturers' : Agents * 1
Morrissey & Baker, Proprietors.
Choice Liquors, Wines, Brandies and Cigars. A club
room in connection. Clark Building, Main Street.
Taken up, by A. E. Harrington, two
miles north east of Myrtle post cffice,
one black mare branded JL on left hip,
one iron grey mare branded JL on left
hip, one sorrel horse colt branded RD on
right hip, one sorrel colt, no brand.
The above described stock will be sold
according to law, if not claimed by the
A. E. Harrington.
Nothing like it!
That is what everybody
■are about the
Strictly a first class article w
and absolutely pure. Cau a
be had In keg or bottle. F
The Sallforala Brewery, a
0.R.& N. Saloon
Sqalre's Block
m mm 1
J* M. Smith F
Fresh and
~ured Meat*.
n season.
Adams Block

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