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The Lewiston Teller.
Volume 27
Number 35
, y y y^^ vv w wv vv -r vvvYvvvvv v wv vw v •
Base Ball
Everything at .
Eastern prices
DENT and
Full Dress Suits
Ties and
That's all
We have just re
ceived the largest
and most select
stock of Linole
ums and Floor
Oilcloths ever
offered in Lewis
ton. Linoleum in 6 and 12 foot widths. Oilcloths
in 3, 4 Yi and 6 foot widths. We also offer you a
new line of Carpets to select from.
MORRIS CHAIRS, Library and center tables in
weathered Flemish and golden oak finish. Call in.
I Studebaker Wagons and Hacks, ♦
I Shelf Hardware and Mixed Paints jtj
\ Full line of Spray Hose, Garden and J
Mechanic's Tools *£


O. C. ' iirlev Meet* With an Accident on
Central Ridge Grade — Peck News In
Pkck, May 28, (Teller correspondent)
Coming down Central Ridg grade, Sat
urday last with a load of bundle hay, just
below the Wing residence, Ol. Fairley
took a tumble over the side of the grade,
beneath the hay and wagon, coming out
of the occurrence with a bruised shoulder,
a scraped upper arm, a slightly sprained
wrist, a pale face and a pnlse beating a
hundred and fifty a minute. No damage
to team, the wagon escaping with
broken coupling pole.
The Peck and Central Ridge base ball
teams crossed bats on Central Ridge
Saturday last the game ending 37 to 20
in favor of Central Ridge. The Peck
boys' not discouraged by this defeat,
weut over to Cavendish Sunday to wreak
vengeance out on the Cavendish nine.
The game ended 14 to 13 in favor of
Caveudish. The Peck hoys sneaked iu
home Sunday evening muttering to
themselves "we met the enemy and we
are theirn."
Tom Kirby, J. C. Peterson and Baily
Rugg journeyed over to Spokane Mon
day to mept President Roosevelt. Their
friends fear upou their reiurn, the town
will not be big enough to hold them.
The clariou notes of " Bob White "
were heard to echo from canyon side to
Canyon side on Monday evening.
More spring showers to gladden the
hearts of the sons of toil, and insure big
crops of grain this fall.
Mrs. Laura Reeves returned Tuesday
evening from an extended visit to rela
tives and friends iu the Palonse country.
The family of James Kaler is recover
ing from a severe attack of the measles.
L. J. Harris and wife spent Sunday in
Cavendish visiting friends and incident
ally watchiug the base hall game.
Editor Peterson of the Peck Press, had
the distinguished honor of being a mem
ber of the Presidential reception com
mittee at Spokane Tuesday. This com
mittee was composed of five hundred
representative men of the northwest and
no doubt Mr. Peterson got in very close
touch with Teddy.
The travel into and out of Peck has
become so great that the stageananager
was compelled to put 011 a trail hack to
accommodate the public.
Rev. E. P. Smith Bids Farewell to Lewiston.
A farewell reception was given Rev.
K P. Smith of the Episcopal church at
ihe Guild room last evening. A large
number of his congregation and friends
were present to wish him a happy future.
Rev. Smith will leave for Spokane to
morrow where he will be married. He
will tlit'ii go to Pocatello where he has
been chosen rector of the j arish.
Idaho Affairs at National Capital.
Washington, May 26—The following
postotfices have been established:
Harrisburg, Idaho county, Woodland
three and three-quartei miles west,Gregg
about six miles south, Frank R Harris,
Tile following postmasters have been
Thalia L. Owen, Genesee; Geo. F.
Wasem, Rosetta; Frances I Shissler,
Roy L. Hartley lias been appointed
rural letter carrier on route t, Nezperce,
Frank M. Hartley, substitute.
Representative Burton L- French has
recommended the appointment of JessW.
Baer as postmaster at Gem, Idaho, and
has also recommended that Mr. W. B.
Bodystun be appointed postmaster at
Free Delivery for Lcwiiton.
June first Lewiston will have the long
looked for free delivery. Postmaster J.
K. Chapman has recommended Orville
Livensparger and George P. Sullivan de
liverymen for the service and Charles
Grimstead substitue. Every person is
requested to have their street and num
ber placed on letters should they wish
their mail delivered The following is a
list of the places where receiving boxes
will he located:
Southwest corner of Eighteenth and
Southwest corner of Fifteenth and G.
Southwest corner of Thirteenth and
Southwest corner of Idaho and Adams.
Southwest corner of Ninth and Main.
Northeast corner of Fifth and Main.
Southeast corner of Fourth and Main.
Southeast corner of Second and C.
Southwest corner of Sixth avenue and
Sixth street.
In front of the postoffice.
Southwest corner of First and B.
Snake River avenue, opposite O. R. &
N. dock.
Southeast corner of First aveuuc and
Third street.
Southwest comer of Fourth avenue
Sixth street.
Northeast corner of Seventh avenue
and Sixth street.
Rtdmtn Arc Preparing for a Royal Time
Next Week—War Dances by Nez Perce
Indians a Feature.
The enclosure made ou Third, C and I)
streets has been completed, booths have
been erected, a baud stand lias been built
for the occupation of the Redmen's street
carnival next week. R. M. Roose has
his merry go round in readiness on
the old court house lot.
Monday's ceremonies will begin with
a grand parade led by the Lewiston Band
which will furnish the crowds with con
tinuous band concerts during the week.
Miss Nida Mounce w ill he queen of the
day and she has chosen as her maids of
honor Misses E. Bernice Morey, Zella
Morris, Lillian Sherbourtia and Errneth
McCouville. She has also selected
Vivian Butler, Madga-bmgeufelter, Auna
Mitchell,* Neva Randall and Mariou
Leeper. All the lodges will he ill line
and the Artisans will act as escort to the
The new automobile will he in liue
with a load of ladies. The enclosed
streets have been covered with sawdust
to do away with the dust.
Large booths have been erected for the
merchants. A midway show will he a
feature of the show. Large crowds are
expected from north Idaho and Washing
ton and a grand time will be had.
Play Ball Sunday.
After an unlimited amount of joking
the "ware veudors" have concluded that
they win try to break the Bank checks
next Sunday afternoon at the hall park.
W. F. Kettenbach, the Lewiston Na
tional bank captain of the bankers and
George LaPointe, captain of the mer
chants, have at last decided to play hall.
The most important rag that these bril
liant Fans have been holding up is the
adoption of the first rule on putouts sent
out by the national league which stated
that "no man should he put out by lieing
hit by a thrown hall between bas s."
All this was settled amicably and no one
will be crippled.
The proceeds of the game will go to
the city band organization and a band
concert will be a feature of the game.
Following is a list of the players and
their positions:
Merchants—T. Donovan, pitcher; W.
Ninneman, catcher; Joseph Howley, first
base; G. LaPointe, second base; C. Alex
ander, third base; D. Ninneman, short
stop; C. Ritchie, ltfi field; John Little,
center field; Joe Kincaid, right field.
Bankers— W. F. Kettenliach, pitcher;
O. Kettenbach, catcher; W. L Thompson,
first base; J. W. Bradburry, second base;
B. Chapman, third base; Win. Lambden,
shortstop; J. Kauffman, left fi Id; George
Kester, center field; E. W. Eaves, right
Hoodlum Boys Caught Steal ng.
Wednesday evening Alliert Coburn was
absent from his paint shopa few moiiients
conversing wi;li a customer about a sign
painting. On bis return lie fo -nd that a
bucket of paint that lie had left upon a
work bench had disappeared. A few
moments later he discovered two urchins
about to years old, that belong to the
hoodlum gang iu this part of town, iu an
alley near by with the bucket in hand.
One was using his knife locutthetop
from the bucket. Mr. Coburn nufde
raid on tjie boys with a shingle and re
covered his paiul, at the same time turn
iug the hoy with the knife over to the
police officers. In a little while the
boys' mother came on the grounds aud
secured the boys release aud after hear
ing the boys' tail of woe turned upon
Mr. Coburn and gave him a sound
tongue lashing for the abuse of her iu
nocent off spring. No arrests have lieen
made but it is to he hoped that there will
be less depredations here in the future.
Kamiah will not Ctlcbrate.
The citizens of Kamiah had a meeting
last week and decided to celebrate. The
.-olicitiug committee went around and se
cured an appropriation of two hundred
dollars. Another mass meeting was
called Monday evening and it was found
that popular opinion had changed and
the money secu-ed by subscription was
voted for the benefit of the Lolo road lie
tween Kamiah and Pierce City.
The Official Tickst Made Up.
Yesterday was the last day on which
pelitiona for nominations for positions on
the official ballot for city officers could
be filed and three names bad lieen placed
on the ticket by request of citizens. The
ticket as made will s'and as follows:
For Mayor— C. W. Colby and C. G.
Kress. '
For Treasurer—I. Howard Howe and
Misa Sadie Poe.
For Alde.meu First Ward—J. M.
Thompson two years term and L Le
Quime one year term
For Alderman Second Ward—O A.
For Alderman Third Ward—W. A.
j Morey and R. T. Thompson.
I These will be voted upon the 8th day
1 of June.
The Disciples of Christ will hold Camp Meet
ing at Orofino—They Will Purchase Camp
The annual camp meeting of the Dis
ciples of Christ in North Idaho will lie
held near Orofino on the Frank Edmun
son place, Jnne nth to 21st. Convey
ances will go from the station to the
grounds Special rates can lie secured
on the railroad if each visitor aud dele
gate will secure a certificate of the agent
when purchasing a ticket to the conven
tion. The clerk of the district can secure
one and one-third fare if one of these are
The assembly will probably decide on
the purchase of permanent camp grounds
and the erection of large temple. The
Disciples have four assemblies in the
uorthwest. Their meetings are held at
Turner, Pendleton, Ore.; Walla Walla,
Wash., and Nez Perce Co.
The Turner assembly at present is the
oldest and largest but the promoters of
the assembly here have in view the idea
that in the near future railroads will con
nect south Idaho and northern Montana
with the Clearwater country. Then this
camp will be a central location for au
immense territory and large membership.
This will be a most delightful ten days'
outing for everybody. All necessary pre
parations will be made to accommodate a
large crowd. A lunch stand will be
placed on the ground. There will lie nil
abundance of spring water, plenty of
shade, and most beautiful scenery. These
meetings have proven very pleasant in
the past and it is expected that this will
be the best ever held. Everybody is
invited. The program is as follows:
1-vangelistic services will be held each
evening, J. B. Da sley, minister at Cul
desac, doing the preaching. A. McLean
of Cincinnati, Ohio, one of the noted men
of the day, who is making a tour of the
conventions on the Pacific Coast, will be
present to speak Sunday, June 14th.
W. F. Cowden will also lie at the con
vention Saturday 13th to Monday 15th,
and will address the convention on some
of his themes During these two days
a C. W. B. M. session will also be held,
Mrs. McCullough of Nezperce will pre
pare a program and preside. Mrs. J H.
Himes of Spokane, district organizer of
the uorthwest, will lie present and ad
dress the session.
A general outline of the program of the
day sessions of the second wtek is as
Monday 15th—Address by W. F. Cowden,
Needsof the Ministry. Business session.
Tuesday 16th—A Bible school session led
by W. L McCullough of Nezperce, who
will prepare the program. Preaching.
Wednesday 17th—Address by E B. Harris
of Moscow, (Ehuienlsof a Successful
Minister.) Business Session.
Thursday 18th— C. E Session lt d by R.
Harold of Genesee, who will prepare
the program. Address on the district
work, J. A. Pine.
Frida.- 191h —Address by W. H. Harris,
Moscow, (What organization has done
for the growth of the Kingdom.)
Saturday 201h —Address by K. Harold,
The liquor question. Final business
Suuday 21—Bible school Preaching dur
ing ihe day.
Ollier preachers wil*. he present who
have been asked to make addresses, hut
have not yet replied to letters of request.
It is expected that the sessions mentioned
will lie strengthened, and breaks in the
program will lie filled by the following
Horace Sibberal, Clarkstou; J. Nanks,
Winchester; John Lowe, Gifford; C. Mc
Donald, Graugeville; W. L. McCullough,
Nezperce; J. M. Chasteen, Russell; John
McDonald, Lewiston; Mr. Wyrick, Lowe ;
R A. Ladow, Troy.
People of various religious fellowships
are cordially invited to attend and enjoy
all these sessions.
Judd Carpenter Dead
At the home of his parents on east
Main street, Judd Carpenter passed away
Wednesday evening. Early in the week
he was attacked by hemorrhage of the
lungs brought on by a severe spell of
coughing. The physicians were uuable
to stop the flow of blood aud he gradually
sank away. Mr Carpenter was a young
man well known in Lewiston. He was
respected by all. who knew him.
*t**t**t* , t' *t**t"(h*fr*f*^
We sell everything good to eat
New York Full Cream Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Gromartz Bloaters,
French Peas, French Mushrooms, Russian Caviar, French
Sardines, Flaked Hominy, Special Herring
Lewiston Bakery and Grocery
r^l 10111^1 rgi r ^t 1 j^i «Qs r | r r^ r i | t
Captain Gordon Triad Hi» New Auto
Chauffeur T. A. Brady of Chigago Coma*
to Expert the Machine.
Yesterday morning T. A. Brady of
Chicago, an expert automobilest, run one
of the finest machines ever brought to
the northwest from the platform of the
Northern Pacific depot. The ease and
grace with which the machine moved
could not fail to engender in the hearts
of the spectators a pride in Ameriaan
skill and workmanship. This auto was
purchased by Captain Gordon for the
purpose of making regular trips from
East Main street to Clarkston and Nor
mal Hill. It has a shipping weight of
five thausaiul pounds. The propelling
power is a gasolene engine of 24 horse
power and the graduated brake will al
low a maximum speed of 16 miles per
hour. At the same time it can be stopped
when under this high speed within its
own length. It is provided with four
wide seals which can lie r.ached with
ease upon wide steps. The entire rig is
covered with a beautifu awning top.
Captain Goidon will not put the ma
chine on a regular schedule until after
the street fair hi the meantime he will
make trial trips and study the the condi
tions in order to secure the liest route for
the convenience of the public. For the
trial trip in the morning Captain Gordon
has City Marshal Masters as his invited
The horses of the town looked around
iu wonderment as they passed quickly
along but noue became frightened and
no accidents are rocorded. The steam
exhaust of the smaller machines was not
present to scare the animals. The en
gine makes a noise very like an electric
street car with the absence of the harsh
wheel grinding. During the day a num
ber of jieople took advantage of free ride
given by the affable owner. In theeveu
ing Mr. Kjos gave the first automobile
partv of the season.
Crop Outlook in Ntz Perce County.
The Idaho section of the United States
weather bureau issued its weekly last
Friday from Boise and a standstill iu
crops all over the state is repotted. Cor
respondents of the bureau from Nez Perce
county report the following conditions:
Kippen —Raiu and snow fell at the be
ginning of the week; grain is up and
looks well; fruit trees are in bloom; gar
dening is nearly complete; (>eas and on
ions, lettuce, etc , are up and growing
nicely.—John Philips.
Nezperce—A cold north-west wind has
blown most of the week; snow fell during
the early part of the week; freezing tem
perature occurred on the 2otn and and—
J. M. Garrison.
Russell—The weather lias been cool
with heavy fn-st on the 19th, 2oCh and
21st, doing much dumage to fruit —Franlc
South wick—Growth of vegetation has
been checked by c Id weather, and cher
ries and prunes, which were in full
bloom, are thought to have been badly
injured.—J. C. Gellespie.
Training School Clotct.
The training department of the Nor
mal school doted Monday. The teach« r.
Mrs. S. B. Hawes, left yesterday for
Hailey where she will teach in a summer
institute. Ou her way she will visit with
her husband and daughter at Boise.
ywwvwv . w vrWWW
Mining and
j The Shoe Man

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