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Successors to Fletcher Hardware Co.
Headquarters for Hardware
Paints and Oil
Sole agents for Studebaker,
Wagons and Hacks
Full Line of Leather Belting
Drapers, Draper Sticks, Compound, Ma
.-chine Oil, Cylinder Oil,Jackson Feeder
Chain, Cylinder Teeth. Also a full line of
various makes of Sickle Sections, j* J*
Artistic Effects in
Mining and Milling Machinery
Prepared to furnish estimates on any kind of mechanical
LEWISTON, 294 Main St.
Speaks on Question dt Socialism.
E. G. Miller of Boise addressed a
medium sized audience on the question
of socialism at the Modern Woodmen's
hall last Sunday evening. He is a very
interesting talker. He will deliver an
address on the same subject at tbs corner
of Fourth and Main street this evening
and at Clarkston Hall tomorrow evening
Frightened by Dogs.
A team belonging to the Star Dray Co.
was hitched near the Tribune office yes
terday morning. A young boy came
down the street herding a pack of dogs
from his horse and the howling canines
ran under the dray team frightening
them so that they ran away. The driver
caught the horse's bits but was unable to
hold them. After a run of two blocks
they came in contact with one of
Mathew's drays and fell. Nothing was
Electrolytic Copper Company Meets.
F. B. Platt and H C. Tracy of St. Paul
and D. D. Ferrell aud Dr. J. H. Philips
and wife of Preston, Maine, came in on
the train yesterday afternoon to attend a
meeting of the stock holders of the
Electrolvtic Copper Mining company,
which will be held tomorrow afternoon.
At this meeting the company will elect
directors and officers for the ensuing
year. The claims owned by this corpor
ation are located 18 miles above Imnalia
on the Oiegon side of the Snake river.
They show a good test of copper, gold
and silver. Little has lieeu said of this
property through the papers but at the
same time regular stock has been selling
at 50 cents. Col. Frank Burke of this
city haa been actively engaged in the
work of the company. As soon as the
steamer Imnalia is in commission it will
a special trip up the Snake river to
accommodate the stock holders, directors
•ad officers of the Electrolytic company,
Buys Fruit on Potlatch.
Will Fenders of the firm of Fenders &
Wil iams, has been on the big Potlatch
the first of the week making arrange
ments to secure a supply of smaM fruit
after the Lewiston valley product is all
gone. He expects to handle a large
amount of strawberries and cherries.
Small Boy* Defeated at Keadrkk.
The small boys of Lewiston went to
Kendrick Saturday and crossed bats
with a ball team on the diamond at that
place. The boys complain that it was
team much their seniors. The game was
called at 10 o'clock and it was a foot race
from the beginning to end. The score
stood 38 to 33 in favor of Kendrick bard
School Bonds Sold.
Last Saturday the directors of Inde
pendent school district met and con
sidered the bids for the $35,000 bonds
sold for the purpose of erecting a high
school building. They found that the
offer of L S. Roberts of Spokane, for
Rudolph, Klevbolte & Co., of Chicago,
to be the best bid and their proposition
was accepted. This will give the board
$ 35-535 for their use on the new slruc
ture. The money will be paid as soon
as the bonds are ready and work will be
begun immediately in order to furnish
rooms for recitationa this fall.
Stwm Will Nat Flaw.
The city authorities have more que»
lions than the water question to bother
them. The rains Sunday night settled
the water question but it did not make
the sewers work. Fcr the last week
there has been a force of men working
on the sewers. At the time of the drouth
the sewer lines filled up and the high
water in Clearwater stopped the over
flow at the mouth of the sewer main and
the entire system was blocked. The fire
company's ho e have been attached to
the hydrants located near the Mallory &
Lydon barn and several attempts have
been made to flood the mains.
Myrtle Breezes.
Robert Hammond and wife are visiting
in Lewiston today.
The Myrtle poet office has been moved
to the Thomas McIntyre store.
F. Spivey and Mr. Dewit went to Lew
iston today to look after business.
The Basalt ferry is again running after
three months tie up on account of high
Everybody is glad of the rain that fell
last evening here. The crops look like
they will make fifty bushels to the acre,
The school board met yesterday and
transacted routiue business. The expect
to improve the school house and furnish
it with a teacher's chair and desk and
desks for the children before fall school
The Teller prints the news
Prank Kellogg, of Culdesac, was in the
city yesterday.
Miss Olive Neal is visiting in Grange
ville this week.
Mat Jacobs of Kendrick was visiting in
Lewiston Saturday.
Miss Alice Goldsmith is visiting here
from Spalding today.
Charles Holm of Nezperce was a visitor
in the city yesterday.
Mrs. R. C. Beach returned Friday
evening from the east.
Mrs. A. B. Towne has returned from
Moscow to her home in Clarkston.
Calvin Thomason left Saturday for his
home at Walla Walla
J. M. Pierce and family of Lenore are in
the city trading today.
John Goldsmith and wife of Hatwai
were here trading yesterday.
Robert Hammond and wife, of Myrtle
are visiting in Lewiston today.
Rev. C L. Emerson, of Winchester
was visiting in the city yesterday.
G. W. Bashor and wife of Gifford are
in the city today visiting friends.
Lewis Harris, merchant at Spalding ia
in Lewiston today purchasing stock.
Mrs. G. E- Beeson is in the city from
Vancouver, Wash., visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Waldman left yes
terday for Cameron to visit relatives.
W. M. Chandler, a prominent citizen
of Orofino, was in Lewiston yesterday.
Mrs. John E. Long was a passenger on
the Hpokane train yesterday morning.
John Manley was at Moscow yesterday
He reports that his little son is doing fine.
G. W. Philips and two sons left for
their mine on the North Fork this morn
The Idaho Steam Laundry has three
wagons at work gathering laundry thia
Misses Mary and Blanche Krob left
yesterday for their new home at Spo
Smith Monnce has found abundant
supply of water at his ranch south of
Will Dubuc, student atGouzaga college
Spokane, ia at home for the summer
Dr. F. J. Boston and son left yester
day to take care of his fruit crop on
Capt. Kane, an old land mark among
the Indiana at Spalding was in the city
Thomas Barton, merchant at Lapwai
was buying his fourth of July goods here
Wesley Wooden, Rosa Porter and
William Oglsby of Peck were trading here
The surveyors have been locating the
corners for the new Wiesgerber block on
Fifth street.
Robert Emmett of the Normal school
was ia Spokane last week returning Sun
day afternoon.
Frank French, of Crescent, has been
visiting relatives here. He left for Nez
perce yesterday.
Mark Means left yesterday for* Orofino
where he will look after hia general
mercantile store.
Dr. J. Marion Smith and L. Beach left
yesterday for Utopia, Wash., to look over
prospective investments.
The city authorities have of late been
busy opening up a street from Adam
laue to the Hadley grade.
Mias Gertrude Dow neu passed through
the city yesterday from Asotin to visit
friends in Rockford, Wash.
A. Erickson and wife of Kippen passe
through the city enroule home from a
visit in Spokane yesterday.
Jack Langdon and sister and Miss
Brasbears returned thia morning from
the Pierce City timber section,
Prof. C. O. Zinn, principal of the
Uniontown, Wash , city schools was in
Lewiston visiting friends Saturday.
Prof. J. S. feut, of Lenore, left yester
day for Dayton, Wash , where he will
take part in a shooting tournament.
Joe Alexander left thia afternoon for
Grangeville, where the will look after
hia mercantile and banking interests.
Prof. Clif M. Wilson, who has been
teaching a spring school near Moscow,
returned Sunday evening to hit home on
the Alpowa.
Rev. R. T. Guernsey returned last
evening from Diamond, Wash., where he
attended the Palouse association of Bap
tist ministers.
1 rs Gräber, mail messenger on the
Clearwater short line, returned last even
ing from a rest in Spokane and took his
run again this morning.
C. W. Mount, agent of the O. R. & N.
company, left this afternoon for the
North Fork timber belt where he will
take a claim and hunt.
J. W. Miller's little daughter Kattie
has been suffering from an attack of
ppendicitis. Dr. Philips is attending
her and she is improving.
Otto Kettenbach left yesterday for
Kamiah, where he is taking over the
Kerr, Gifford & Co'a. warehouse to the
ICettenbach Grain company.
Victor Spensley, a stockman of Spald
ing, was in the city yesterday. He
reports great rejoicing over the rain last
evening in bis neighborhood.
O. A. Kjos will leave tomorrow for
New York, where Mrs. Kjos now is.
They will sail for Europe about July 8 to
spend the summer on the continent.
Geo. W. Tannahill and Herbert Cole
left yesterday for Dayton, Wash., where
they will take part in a tournament shoot
representing the Lewiston gun club.
A force of men has been at work clear
ing the saw dust from Third and D
streets. This will p-event fires from
spreading that might have been started.
Rev. Thomas Warren, of Lapwai, was
in the etty today trading. He received
word while here that the case of his
father's homestead has been decided
favor of the heirs.
The Snake river has receded from the
lower story of the O R & N. warehouse
sud the company has had a team of
horses scraping out mud preparatory to
removing the freight department from
the upper story.
D. S. Dent and family and R C. Beach
and family left Sunday for Soldier mea
dows on Craig mountain where they will
spend the summer. E. W. Eaves and
family will occupy the Knepper cottage
in the same locality next week.
T. J. Taylor was in the city yesterday
from Orofino. Mr. Taylor has three
kilns busy now at his lime plant at
Orofino and finda the market readily
accepting his product. The builders
here report that the Orofino lime is equal
to any other shipped to this point.
Dr. Henry Brown and wife of Spokane
are visiting friends in the city this week.
Doctor Brown was for many years pastor
of the Methodist church here and has
many friends and acquaintances in this
section. He is presiding elder of the
Spokat e district now with his residence
in that city.
Warren P. Hunt returned last Saturday
from a trip overland through the reserva
tion country returning via Craig mountain
and Tammany. Mr. Hunt reports very
favorably on crop conditions throughout
the country. On Nezierce prairie and
in fact all the upper country the crops
though late are in excellent coudition
From the mountain this way there is
need of moisture but there will be a fair
crop everywhere even in Lower Tam
many where the worst reports come from
Lewiston Markets.
The following market prices are being
paid for produce in Lewiston:
Wheat (club)................................ 63c
Flax, F.O.B................................ 76c
Oats.......................................... 80c
Barley......................................... 70c
Fat hogs, per lb........................... 5*^c
Stall fed cattle, per lb.................. 4c
Cows, per lb................................ stfc
Mutton, sheared per lb.................. 3c
Veal, per lb................................. 9c
Butter, per lb..............................zzj^c
Eggs, per doz.............................. 30c
Chickens, old, per doz........$4.00 to $4.50
" spring,
per doz............ $4-5<>
Bacon is retailed.
Hams "
Shoulders "
........-............... IOC.
Lard "
Merchandise Broker
■T H E
Our Hosiery Department
Is replete with money savers. Spot
cash purchases in large quantities
direct from the manufacturers have
given us the strongest line of hosiery
ever shown in Lewiston. We offer
Ladies' Lisle Thread Lace Hose
Regular 65c value, at..............
And you can have as many pairs as
you wish. •** j* j* &
Hot Weather Coats
And pants have been enormous the '
last two weeks, and our stock in
that line is nearly closed out. If we
can fit you in a seersucker, crash,
linen or alpaca coat the opportunity
is afforded you to secure one at &
One-half Price
When we cut prices we use an axe,
not a pen knife j* j* j*
Shirt Waists
Are now in
and on exhi
bition in our
new depart
ment j* j* j*
John P. Vollmer & Co
|fc. A A Aik A A A A A
] Lewiston Milling Co. Ltd 1
Largest Flour Mill in the State $
GRAHAM and WHOLE Vt HEAT FLOUR made on burrs. Feed ol
{ all kinds in stock, orders promptly filled
twwvvwe r w w 1
id ol "
Clyde j. vassar
Residence 1923
/AVW.Vfft» rt it ir\
Isn't : carpentering.
It's art. We do not
make th os e s t i ff,
awkward frames you
are never pie a s e d
with. We produce
artistic results.
To the
We Invite you to cell on
us and inspect
purchased for you- AU
We have just received
an invoice of Shoes,
made for hard knocks
and comfort
Meuli & Lomax
OotUcM »«• Fvrnilfa***-

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