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The Lewiston Teller.
C. A. Forhsman, Publisher.
Entered at the Lewiston Fostoffiee as
second class mail matter.
One year in advance.......................$2.50
Si* months.................................... 1.50
Three months................................75
Official Paper of Nez Perce County
National Republican Ticket:
For Presidential Electors
JUDGE \V 11 HRYIU'RN of Shoshone
J VV ROWTON of Idaho.
For Congress
For Supreme Court Justice
For Governor
1) W STANDROD of Bannock.
For Lieutenant Governor
A A CRANK of Kootenai.
For Secretary of State
MART M FATRIK of Fremont.
For State Auditor
HARRY J SYMS of Klmote.
For State Treasurer
GFl.RGR H KKSTKR of Nez Perce.
For Attorney General
GF.ORGK F. GRAY of Oneida.
For Superintendent of Public Instruction
Foi Mine Inspector
ROBKRT HELL of Custer.
The democrats say we are not
prosperous, and this too. in the
face of such facts and figures as
are hereinafter given relative to the
savings hanks in the state of New
York, a reliable index of the eondi
tionof these institutions throughout
the eastern states. When one takes
into consideration the fact that this
money is the savings of the labor
ing people, a seif evident fact ol
better times, the improvement in
the condition of affairs in this
country is indeed gratifying to
note. The reports of savings
banks in the state of New York
show a constant accumulation of
capital. The 129 institutions in
the state contain over $1,000,000,
000, an increase of nearly $69.000,*
for the year ending June 30. Of
this total $922,081,509 is due de
positors and $115,381,622 is sur
plus. There are 2,036,017 ac
counts and 107,000 more were op
ened than closed during the year.
The amount paid in interest was
over $30,388,000, and the total cost
of caring for the deposits was $t,
2x8,420. This mass of savings en
ters into the active capital of the
community through loans.
The Kansas City convention at
tempted to square a ciicle wheu it
tried to construct a sound money
Iree-silver platfonu and nominate
a pair ot free-silver-souud money
candidates. The two things will
not tnix. One is right and the
other is wrong; and no amount ol
word juggling, wool pulling,
hedging or evasion can deceive the
people. Those who sincerely be
lieve in the free and unlimited
coinage of silver at the ratio of 1
to I, without awaiting the aid or
cooperation of any other nation on
earth, should vote for Bryan, for
he is pledged to that very thing
All other citizens of the Republic,
no matter what their previous po
litical a Hi lint ions may have been,
should and must unite against the
financial heresy, which, if adopted,
would plunge the country into a
state of business anarchy, such as
has never been experienced by auy
people since the invention of coined
1 money.
Present indications point to a
! sweeping away of Coebelism in
1 Kentucky. The tide is rising and
I it is a question of Init a few
months when this infamous law
(will be swept from the statute
j books and burieil by the justice
loving portion of Kentucky's pop
illation so deep that its resurrec
tion would be impossible. It is
indeed gratifying to learn that the
people of this state are gradually
awakening to a realization of the
intent of such a law, and its vil
lainous application as was recently
shown, and are now seeking to
erase it front the statute book.
The democratic party has been
ranting for months through its
chosen and accepted mouthpiece
Mr. Bryan, about the poor colored
illiterates of the Philippines, for
whom they possess so much re
gard, and at the same time this
same aggregation of political acro
bats are putting forth every possi
ble effort in the south to deprive
the colored voters—who are intel
lectual giants wheu compared with
the Filipinos—of the right ol fran
chise. This is but one of the
many instances in which the dem
ocratic party has shown its incon
sistent frlticiples.
In his letter of withdiawal, says
the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Mr.
Towne contemplates with extreme
pleasure the enunciation of "those
sublime doctrines of human rights
and liberties" so beautifully ex
pressed in the Kansas City plat
form, and so tenderly nurtured and
enforced in North Carolina.
From the way Tammany acted
at the Kansas City convention, it
would seem that it was determined
to make Bryan democracy so ludi
crous, and its defeat so severe,
that the old paity would never
again be bothtred with the hoy
colonel-orator of the Platte.
Bryan in his Indianapolis speech
devoted 8,000 words to "imperial
ism " In 1806 he devoted 8,000,
000 words to free silver. He
should not be criticised for this.
Boss Bryan objects to an imag
inary national imperialism, but lie
is as firm as ever a believer in in
dividuali mpcrialism.
I)*pnrimrni ol ihn Interior. United States Land
Olht e, Lewiston, IJalm, July 26. 1 'Mi.
A sufficient contest affidavit bavin* been tiled in
ihisullue hv Mail W frousdaie, cunteslaut.against
Charles M I'leger, entry No 71SS, made Agusi Is
ItWIi. tot «s »»ît et* swk ve, Kip. H nr t. W H
M. by Chattes M. I'leger, contestée, in which it is al
letted that Charles M. I'leger has never esiablishel
a residence ou said land, has not resided on sard land
lor more than sis months Iasi past and next prior to
this date and haa whotlv abandoned stud claim saij
parties are hereby notified to appear, respond and
otter evidence touching seid allegation at III o'clock
t. «1. un Sept 17, item, before the register and re
ceiver at the United Stales land Offne in Lewiston
The said contestant having, in a proper affidavit,
hied Julv 27, IWsi. vet forth tacts which show that
alter due diligence personal service ol this notice
cannul be made, it is hereby ordered and directed
that vuch notice be given hv due and proper publica
J. K. WHST. Kegister.
s K Hogan, alt'y lor contestant.
R efu BI.ICAN PR i mari ks.
Pursuant 1er an order rtf the republican central
Committee of Nes Perce county, pninai.ee will be
held in the old voting precincts in saht munie at the
last polling place lescepting the West Lewiston pre
cinct, which will be held at tire city hallt on Septem
bet 1st. |UUI. between the hours ol I .. clock and I r.
m., excepting in the tact and west Lewiston and
Nez Perce pre.incts, m which precincts the primaries
will be held front 2 o'clock to 7 p. m . to elect Jele
gates loa county convention to be held at live court
hsuce in Lewiston on September nth all o'clock p,
in . lu nominate a full county tkk«t.
Il I* »uggevied that «»ne or more delegate* be
elected from mh lion» comprising the new t're «.i nets
m orJer that they may name the piecinct officers and
the central committeemen
The following reptesenutlon will be allowed
Big Canyon t. B g tddy *. Bed Rock 7. Cold
springs ... i learwater <. Centrai Hide* 2. Hetcher
Hatwaf 2. lap*a> V I rland % West Lew.stun 2*2
Iasi Lewiston. .Ha von ♦. Ne/ Perve lit. Rim rock V
I aiding 4. Tammany 4 Waha V
Department ol the Interior, Land Office si lew.s
ton. Idaho. August ? IdtSi.
N.nlce is hereby given that the following named
sellier has hied nolle« ot her intention to make ht.al
proov In support or her ciaim, and thaï said pr.n.l
will be made betöre Hegister and Receiver al lewis
ton Idaho. .«I September 19. 1 usa t, x,, Ldna A.
Bruce, lor the nk, sw 5 sec It, tp o n range 2 w.
Site names the follow ng witnesses to prove her
continuous residence upon and cultivation ot said
lanJ. vu. kdward D. Cheurront. Thomas .1 Durbin
Hemv M. Heneman and Albert K. McCollum allof
Willola. IJutto
J B W est. Register.
Wanted — Immediately first class lady
waitress for summer hotel. Call at this
—Wildenthaler delivers fresh bread
twice a day all over the city. Leave
orders with the delivery man for
To all whom it may concern:
Pursuant to section 2202 of title XII of
the revised statutes of the state of Idaho,
notice is hereby given that an entry was
made by the probate judge of Nez Perce
county, Idaho, on the 16th day of June,
A. I)., 1900, in trust for the inhabitants
of the town of Melrose, of lot (15) fifteen,
section {4) four, Tp. (351 thirty-five, r. 1
whin., containing (20) twenty .acres, in
Nez Perce comity, state of Idaho.
Any person claiming to be entitled to
any block, lot or parcel of said land i
required to file his application within
sixty days after the date of the first pul
lication of this notice or his rights shall
be forever barred as provided in section
2203 of title XII of the revised statutes
of the stute of Idaho.
R. A. Languor!),
Probate judge of Nez. l'erce county,
Idaho, in trust for the inhabitants of the
town of Melrose.
Dated July iKtli A. I)., 1900. 113
daho. July 41. 19tjt>
Notic« is hereby given that the following-name*!
»«•tiler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof In support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Kegister and Receiver at Lewis
ton. Idaho, t»n September 18, I9U0 vi/: Stephen 1).
Taylor, for the east halt nw qr se qr sec. 3, tp. JS n,
range I w.
Me names the following witnesses to prove his
Continuous residence upon and cultivation rf said
land, vi/ Charles Hlliger and (Jeorge Woodward of
Lapwai, Idaho; Archie Newman of Lapwui. Idaho,
and Kirk Jackson of Spalding, Idaht
ding, Idaho.
J. U Wist, Register.
1 state of James S Brown, deceased Notice is
hereby given, that letters of administration on the
estate of James S. Brown, deceased were granted to
the undersigned on the 9«h Jay of July. 1'Xlri, by the
obale court of Ne/ Perce county.
Al! persons having claims against said estate are
required to exhibit them to me for allowance, at
Westlake post office, within four months after the
date ot the first publication of this notice, or they
shall be forever barred,
Tills 14th day of July. 1900.
08 CHÀRLI S HOKbNSON, Administrator
Tstate of Charles H. Boise, Jeceased.
Notice is hereby given, that Letters of Administra
tion on the estate of Charles H. Boice, deceased.
e granted to the unJersigned on the 14th day of
August. 1900, by the Probate Court of Ne/ Perce
All persons having claims against the said estate
are required to exhibit them to me for allowance, ai
the law office of t. O Neill, Lewiston, Idaho, within
four months after the date of the first publication .if
this notice, or they shall be forever rarred.
This 4th. day of August, 1900.
Ada I,. Davis,
fcstate of Trank Henderson, deceased.
Notice is hereby given, that letters of administra
tion on the estate of Trunk Henderson, deceased,
were granted to the undersigned on ihe 7th day of
August 1900, by the probate court of Ne/ Perce
All persons having claims against said estate aie
required to exhibit them to me for allowance, at my
office in Lewiston, Idaho, within four months after
the dale of the first publication of this notice or they
shall be forever barred.
C. a. Hastings,
Public administrator.
This 7th Jay of August 1900 141
Department of the Interior, United States Land
Office, Lewiston. Idaho. July 7, 1900.
A sufficient contest affidavit having oeen filed In
this office by S. J. Lindsay, contestant, against
Abraham L. Batterton, entry No. 44*6, made April
-Nth, I8*k>, for 1. 2. 4. 4. 14, It, Hand 20. Sec. 43, Tp.
.44. Nr 1, wbut. by Abraham !.. Battieron conteste«,
winch it is alleged that said Abraham L. Batterton
has wholly abandoned said land and has been absent
therefrom for more than six months last past and lie
not improved or cultivated said land or raised
any crops thereon, said parties are hereby notified to
appear, respond and otter evidence touching said al
legation at 10 o'clock a m. on Oct. 8th, I90U, before
the register and receiver at the United States land
office in Lewiston, Idaho.
Ihe said contestant having, in a proper affidavit,
filed July 18, 1900, set forth facts which show that af
ter due diligence personal service of this notice can
not be made, It Is hereby ordered and directed that
such notice be given by due and proper uublication
Cmawles H. Gakby, Receiver.
United States Land Office. Lewiston, Idaho, May
29. 1900.
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance with the
provisions of the act of Congress of June 3. »878.
entitled "An aid tot the sale of timber lands in the
Mates of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washing
ton Territory." as extended to all the Public Land
States by Act ol August 4, 1892. James Madden, of
Lewiston, county ot Ne/ Perce, Stale of Idaho, has
this day filed in this office his sworn statement No.
for the purchase of the SE V* NT Vi of section
No. 40, in township No. 4S N, range No * w. B M..
anJ will otter proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable for its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish his claim to said
land before the Register and Receiver of this office
at Lewiston. Idaho, on Saturday, the 18th ddy of
August, 1900.
He names as witnesses Mike Mitchell, of Lewis
ton. Idaho George Horseman and William Stevens,
of Waha, Idaho, and Patrick MaJJen. of Lewiston,
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to tile their claims in
tins office on or before said 19th day of Augusi, 1900.
•Glut J B Wist, Register.
In the district court of the Se«.md ludictai district,
state of Idaho, in and for Ne/ Perce county. Arme
L Sparrow, plaintiff, vs. Henrv A Sparrow, defend
ant. 1 he stau of Idaho sends greeting: To Henry
A. Sparrow, defendant.
You are heiebv summoned, and required to appear
in an aetkm brought aga nst you by said plaintif!, in
the said district court, and to answer the complaint
of the above named plainiltt, fi*ed therein, within ten
dass (exclusive of the day of service) after the ser
vice on you of this summons, if served within thi>
county, «ir if se.ved out of this county, but within
judicial district, within twenty days; or. it served
elsewhere, within forty days. This action is brought
to obtain a decree of said comt dissolving the bonds
of matrimony heretofore and now existing between
you anJ the plaintiff «>n the grounds -
1 irst. Of having on or about the 2 4rd day of De
cember. Ivig, wilfully and without cause deserted and
abandoned plaintiff and still continuing to wilfully
and without cause desert and abandon the plaintiff,
and to live separate and apart tr.iin her without cause
or reason and against plaintiff's consent.
Second. Tor fadure for a period of more than «»ne
year last past to provide for the plaintiff the common
necessaries of life, having the ability so to do.
Plaintiff pravs for general relief and for her coats
in the *avtion. AM «il which m«»re fully appears by
reference 6» plaintiff x «omplaint. to which refrretne
is hereb\ made
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to ap
pear and answer said complaint as abovr required
the said plaintiff will apply lo the court for the relief
demanded in her said complaint.
Attest mv hand and the seal of the district court
of the Second judicial district, state of
[Seal I Idaho, in and for Ne/ Perce county, this
2£th. day of July A. D. 1 Am.
c ^ P. E. STOOICEY. Clerk.
E O Neill. Attorney for piainuit
( ifrt,
j Ben Silverman |
-S Imported and Domestic Suitings in holt S
;5 Best ot Workmanship Guaranteed ï
I Your Clothes tvrry »UII of cluihrs Ï
•Ï 1 uur volumes |naJe by nle w m bt . 5
s p.wccwd Free 1 slK "k J *nJ pressed f
f ,» I rcaaCU l rcc ♦ hree . f charge during 2*
the hft t»f the suit SF
Tj This is a yearly saving o» from >10 to $12. Ç
All other repair wurkdtvm lowest prices gT
\ No stingy samples to se'ect from. The en- J
rg tire bolt is on hand for inspection and ab- jc
solute fit assured. Î
* 286. a/tAIN STREET 5'
; W.WWWWWW v mmwmaiwP :
Jeweler and
I Next Door to Post Ooffice |
First class work at reasonable
Office Boom«, Vollmer Building.
Hours—Kye, Kar amt Throat, 10 to
in. All other cases, 1 to 8 |>. in.
E H. BROWN, M. I). V. D.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office Main Ht., opposite Teller of
fice Special attention jiiveit to the
Kye, Kar, Note ami Throat, and
chronic diseases.
L. W. INMAN, M. 1).,
Homoeopathic Physician
Hurgeon and K|»ecia!ist.
Chronic and nervous diseases of both
women and men. Electricity used in
all of Its forms as medicine. Office
two doors east of the Bee Hive. Con
sultation free.
Attorney at Law,
Office over Lewiston National Bank.
Attorney at Law.
I.ewistou National Bauk Building. I.rwixton
Idaho. Practice» iu State and Federal Court» ot
Washington and Idaho, and owns complete
Abitract Books of Nez Perce Co
mckarland & McFarland,
Attorneys • at - Law,
Lewiston, Idaho.
Will practice in all Courts.
Attorney at Law.
Probate matters ami settlement of
estates carefully attended to. Office in
Allants Block.
Attorney at Law.
Legal business of all kinds given
prompt attention. Lewiston National
Bank building, next door to U. H
Land Offica
Attorney at Law and No
tary Public.
All bu»'ne»» carefully attended to. Will prac
tice In all courts of Washington and Idaho Of
lice on Mam street, I.ewKton in Deni «t Butler
Daniel Needham, Ray 1). Walker
Late of Wisconsin Bar.
Attorneys at Law,
Lewiston, Idaho
Will practice in all state and federal
courts. Office, room 2, Eewiston Na
tional bank building.
Frederick U. Culver, timer fc Halsey.
Late of the Minnesota Bar Lale Receiver U. S Land
ONic«. Marquent* M« h I
Mills S. Johnson 1
Formerly of the Colorado Bar
A t / orney s and Conn selors.
Office in Attains Block.
Ixc wistoii, Jttaho.
U. H. Laud office and Department
practice. Title litigation and Probate
matters. Htate and Federal f'ourts.
ERNEST McCullough*
Deputy Mineral Surveyor
497, Mam Street ^
Cable Mac*««'
Code McNeil
LeiSïsp NÏtIwal
Corner ol Fourth ami Main Streets.
LEWISTON,.....*..... I&AH 0 .
Grace KHtenl.ncl. Frafttin.______ jjj __ JPISINESS.
Sight exchange sold on the principal Cities of the United States
j and Kuroi>e.
^__ _ * R^ouiu.r 1 v"c ' Pr<-S ' ,l '' u
_• * w *•««*.
- nr LEWISTON, mane ^
l _ Capital and Surplus
Strongest Bank in Idaho
Pire proof vault for the use of customers for safe keeping of valuables. Burglar proof steel
protected by Sargent ik (it eeuleaf time lock. Correspondents in all the principal cities of the w
Buy ami sell exchange.
FOR SALK : Fruit ami Vegetable Lands in 5-acre lots or less
two miles from town. Also the best Frldt and Vegetable Ranch
in this valley To Rent to the right party, containing 12 acres,
full improved. 2 lots in city, Main street.
The Boss Meat Market.
S. J. Fisher, Prop'r
(Successors to Dowd, Hltaw A On.)
Fresh Meats. Sausage.
Cured Meats. Lard.
Poultry. Game.
Nothing but the Very Best Kept on Hand
Etc. Etc.
Adams Building, Main Street.
Morrissey & Baker, Proprietors.
Choice Liquors, Wines, Brandies and Cigars. A club
room iu connection. Clark Building, Main Street.
Traction or Portable, Simple or
Compound Wood or Straw
* 4 ^
Automatic Stackers, Wind
Stackers, Horse Powers, +* &
Threshermen's Supplies of all
kinds ^ **
OSBORNE Binders, Mowers and Rakes
The Nez Perce Implement fo.
¥ A. Ü. GRITMAN , manager 4
t ^ 1

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