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<b A. Forf.sman, Publisher.
One year in advance.......................#5 00
Si* months.................................... 3.00
Three months.............................. . 1.50
Subscription to weekly.........Jll.50 » year
Entered at the Lewiston Postoffice as
second class mail matter.
Official Paper of Ne z Perce County
Happy New Year.
The twentieth century is the
cfentury of promise for Idaho. No
State in the Pacific northwest is
richer in resources, no state is
thore tardy in its development.
Lack of transportation facilities
l^as held Idaho in check. The tide
Of immigration and of capital has
drifted past Idaho on all sides fol
lowing the lines of transportation.
But the return wave has set in tor
Idaho and in the concluding years
f the century her boundless
ealth of natusal resources have
been fairly exploited. She begins
the new century with the fairest
prospects that its opening decades
Will witness a marvelous growth.
Lines of transportation are push
ihg into the interior and the twen
tieth century will not pass many
milestones till at least two great
trunk lines will be constructed
through the interior of the state
Ï id numerous brauches open up
e resources of the rich interior.
Idaho has untold wealth in her
mineral resources. Aside from
this her timber resources would
qive her first rank among the
states of the nation, but to these
ihust be enumerated agricultural
resources equal in area and great
er in variety and quality of
product to those that have made
Î any an eastern state famous,
laho is the land of promise. In
le decade just passed she leads all
the states of the union in growth
ijnd population. This growth is
qnly a promise of what is to be as
the opening years of the century
ring to Idaho the development
hich her rich aud varied resour :es
insure to the capitalist who ex
loits their values.
News culled from tlie state ex
changes gives evidence ol the
athering of the lobby at the state
capital. Meu with axes to grind
.re on the ground in due season to
ay traps for the unwary legisla
:or. Idaho is promised, this sea
>n, something spectacular in the
way of lobby coutrol. The fu sion
ist campaign, in its beginning, was
under control of a lobby ot poli
ticians. They controlled the party
nominations, they have .pledged
the legislature to certain acts, they
nre present at Boise now to see
Hhat those pledges are carried out.
Successful iu this they have
mapped out certain lines of legis
latiou ior the members to follow
during the session. There is now
fair promise that Idaho will open
the century with the majority of
the legislature in control oi the po
litical lobby and unless same in
dependent spirits develop in one or
both bodies of the legislature all
the work of the session is a cut aud
dried proposition, the result oi bar
gain and sale, government by con
sent of the party leaders who dis
tribute the patronage. Idaho, at
the dawn of the new century, does
not present, in its political en
tanglement, any high order of en
lightened statecraft.
The nineteeuih century was a
century of achievement. It was
itfce golden age of the civilized
world. Its history is written. The
'entietb century is the century of
Her*'» to pie dawn of a new
■rtttrjr and wishing you many
mpt «Hurd».
Slate Teacher»' Association.
"The State Teachers' Association at
Mountain Home last week was very
poorly attended" said Miss Harrington
today. "There was 65 enrolled and ouly
flve of them came strum North Kiaho aud
three of these were of the faculty of the
■. , . .
I mversity and two county superintend
etits. Evervbodv was contrasting the
Everybody was contrasting the
meeting to the largê one enjoyed in Lew
iston three years ago. The next meeting
will be held at Moscow."
Fine, dry, hard roads for driv
ing on.now. Better drive over
and note improvements of the
last year of the old century.
Over $125,000 in buildings
and waterworks. As much
more in orchards; 50,000 new
trees set during the year.
Realty values are rapidly ad
vancing. Better select your
lots while prices are low. One
man invested $ 1,000 and in
30 months sold half his place
for $2,000. During past sea
son he made $240 per acre pro
fit on the other half. His pres
ent holding is worth $ 3 . 000 .
Total profit of 4 OO per cent in
four years. You can not pos
sibly make a better investment
of $125 to $500. Take a 'rive
in our carriage or your own;
give the matter careful investi
gation. The rest will do itself.
Department of the Interior, United States Land
Office, Lewiston. Idaho, Nov. 19. 1900.
À sufficient contest affidavit having oeen filed in
this office by Robert C. Michael contestant, against
Jane A. Armstrong, entry No. «,097. made April 19,
l»97, for w% neH and nw}L sec 31, tp 37 n r 1
M B M., by Jane A Armstrong, contestée, in which
it is alleged that said Jane A Armstrong is fraudu
h.rï.,_„ ..i 4 . . ä. • •
iently holding said land, having since filing on same
married and is now residing un land held by her hus
band, thus abandoning her said homestead, iliis for
a period of nine months or more prior to date hereof
and further having ottered said place for sale, all
this prior to securing.» leave or absence from said
land, said parties are hereby notified to appear, re
spond and offer evidence touching raid allegation at
10o'clock a. m., on February IT. 1901 before the
Kegister and Keceiver at the United States Land
Office in Lewiston, Idaho.
The said contenant having. In a proper affidavit,
tiled Dec. 17, 190U, set forth tacs which show that af
ter due diligence personal seivice of this notice can
not be made, it Is hereby ordered and directed that
such notice be given by due and proper publication
Charles H. Garry. Keceiver
Department of the interior, office of U S. surveyor
general. Boise City, Idaho. November 27, 191»),
Sealed proposals will be received at this oftice mnl
12 o'clock noon, January I. 1901, for running, meas
uring and marking In accordance with official exist
ing regulations, and such special instructions as
tuay he Issued by the surveyor general lor ihe fol
lowing described surveys, via: Townships J n., 5 e;
3 n. r 4 e; 5 n, r 4 e; 6 n. r 4 e: I» n, r 2 e; 29 n, r 1 w;
32 n, r i w; 40 n, rs 4 and 5 w; 43 n. r 5 w: 14 n. r 6 w;
42 n. r 4 w;49 n. rs 3 and 4 w; 55 n. r 3 e; 13 and I 4 n,
rs 43 and 44 c; 15 n, r 4j er 45 n, rs 3. 4 , 5 e; 58 . 59 ,
90 n, rs I, 2. 3 e; ol n rs 2 3 e; 23. 24, 25. 2b n. rs I e
and 1 w; 27, 28 n. r 1 w; north boundary Coeur d'
Alene Indian reservation through twps 47 n. rs 1 , 2
and 3 w, and subdivisionf in said townships, along
said boundary. Bond with approved securities tor
Ihe faithful performance of th* contract will be re
quited of tlie successful bidders. The right is re
served to reject any and all bids, Jo waive technical
defects, and to accept any part ot any bid, or reiect
the other part, if the interests ot the government re
quire it. Proposa'« must be submitted in duplicate
to the undersigned and endorsed on the envelope
"Proposals for Executing Public Surveys." The
proposals received will be opened at the time and
place above staled, and bidders are invited to be
present at such opening. Further information in re
gard to the work will be furnished upon application
to the undersigned. Joseph Perrault. U. S. Sur
veyor Geneial for Idaho. 69-2w
Department of the Interior, Land Office at Lewis
ton. Idaho, Dec 14, 19W).
Notice is hereby given that the following named
sellier has tiled notice of his intention to make final
proof In support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before Register anj Keceiver at Lewis
ton. Idaho on Jan. 26.1901, via: Willard P. Bounds,
for w half s half and s half w half n half lot 6 ; s half
and s half n half, and w half n half n half and w hall
« ", h * ,f n ha " lot 7 w half lot 12 and lots 8
». 10. 11. 2.3, 24, sec 35. Ip 36 n r 4, W.
He names the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon and cultivation ot said land
vis. James Connely and kdson D. Briggs of Lew
ten. Idaho. Lewis Fordney of Lapwa
Hughes of Spalding, Idaho.
Idaho, John
J. B. West. Register.
Department of the lnt<
Notice is hereby given that the follow! ne
ntler has filed notice of his intention to mai. ti„„i
Department of the Interior. Land Office at
settler has filed notice iif'bfsïntVntkmi'u'biaL
proof In support of his claim, and "hat said r rT.
will be tradi before register inSrece ver at Leite
ton, Idaho, on Feb. 19, 19n0. v„ Charles!
Scott for the s w 1 a set 32 tr r I w H vt
He names the following witnesses to prove his cun
tinuiKis residence upon and cultivation of sa* t ian i
viz: Samuel (.addle, Henry McQuS Samnli
Holt, Theodore Price, all of SI ckpoo. Idaho
I R Kr i .
WfcST> Ke iMer -
Estate of William Andernaeht, de
ceased. Notice is hereby gtveii, that let
ters of ».
. ft 1 *'-**, lildL Ici
ters ot administration on the estate of
William Andernaeht, deceased, were
granted to the undersigned on the 21st
day of December 1900, bv the probate
court of Ne* Perce county. All persons
havimr plattna au iinci ....... .
________ v t A
haring claims against said"estate are^re
qniretf to exhibit them to me fo/aîlow
ance, at uiy place of business in Kamiah
Idaho, within four mouths after the daté
of the first publication of this notice or
they shall be forever barred. '
This 21st day of December, igoo
71- Robert LSPiKiUL.AdÆuator. 1
Department of the Interior, Land ofhee at Lewis
tor. Idaho. Nov. 13. 19HU.
Notice is herehv given that the following named ;
Mftiier has hied notice of his intention to make final
pTt*of in support of his claim, and that said prtxjf
* i! te made before register and receiver at Lewiston,
Idaho, on December. 27. 1900. viz. George Parker
ror the r.e qr se.tion Si. township 33, n r l w. B rn.
H« names tit following witnesses to prove his Con
tinuous residence up«>n and cultivation of said land
j v * Joseph Kauffman, Frank W. Julian, lou's J.
^wannack .lohn G. Downs, all of Morrow, Idaho
WfcST - Kegister
Commuted Homestead.
lune 28. 1899.
Notice > hereby given that the following named
settler has tiîeJ notice of his intention to make final
proof m support of his claim, and that said proof
wiii te made before Kegister and Receiver at Lewis
ion. Idaho, or January 2d, 1901. viz Jacob Hosen
bein for lots 7, 10. 23 and n half, and n half s Ik* If
ot lot 2c sec. y twp 34. n r 3 W B M
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous res dence upon and cultivation of said
land viz Samuel Holt. George Horn. Enoch S. Brown
and Henry K Baldwin, all of Lapwai, Idaho.
J B. West. Register
Department of the Interior. Land office at Lewis
ton. Idaho, Nov. 3, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of h-s intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Register and Receiver at
Lewiston. Idaho, on Dec. 22, 1900, viz; Fermin L.
Hoskins, for the ne qr nw qr. sec 3, tp 36 nr 2 , W.
K. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz:
Joseph Horr, of Smmmit. Idaho.
Charles Bramlett, of Myrtle, Idaho,
James L. Pearson, of Myrtle, Idaho,
William O. Boyd, of Myrtle, Idaho.
3* J. B. West, Register.
Estate of Thomas Hall deceased.
Notice is hereby given, that Letters of Administra
tion on the Estate of Thomas Hall deceased,
were granted to the undersigned on the 26th day of
November, 1900,by the Probate Court of Ne* Perce
All persons having claims against said Estate are
required to exhibit them to me for allowance, at my
residence. Jfc miles south of Juliaetta within four
months after the date of the first publication of this
notice, <>r they shall be forever barred.
I his 27th day of November, 1900.
Levi B. Grossclose,
In the district court of the Second judicial district
of the state of Idaho, in and for the county of Nez
Perce: C. O. Vincent, plaintiff, vs. Jessie Vincent,
defendant. The state of Idaho sends greeting: To
Jessie Vincent, defendant.
You are hereby summoned and required to appear
in an action brought against you by said plaintiff in
said district court, and to answer the complaint of
the above named plaintiff filed therein, within ten days
(exclusive of the day of service) after the service on
yc u of this summons, if served within this County;
if served out of this county, but within this judicial
district, within twenty days; or if served elsewhere,
within forty days.
The said action is brought to secure a decree of
this court annulling the marriage now existing be
tween plaintiff and defendant and releasing plaintiff
from all the obligations thereof, and for general rell if.
Plaintiff alleges intermarriage of himself and de
fendant and his residence in this state for six months
immediately proceeding the commencement of this
action. That said plaintiff was forced and compelled
to participate in said marriage ceremony between
himself and defendant by threats made by defendant
and by her father and mother, who had him arrested
and threatened to swear falsely against him and to
accuse him in a court of justice of attempting to
commit an abortion, and to send him to the state's
prison, , anJ ,hat he participated in said marriage cer
emony in order to avert the shame and scandal and
the loss of his liberty arising therefrom; that no con
tract of marriage was ever entered into by plaintiff with
defendant prior to the said marriage ceremony; that
plaintiff then refused to.and never since the perform
lance »t said marriage ceremony did live or cohabit
j w nh said defendant; that defendant . n June 2, I9tc,
i further Mates that the heirs have en
! îîïfi " nv rl * ht «** saiJ land
gave birth to a baatard child, and that said child
not the issue oi said marriage and that at the tii
ot said marriage ceremony defendant was not compe
tent to take part therein.
The particulars will more fully appear front the
plaintiff's complaint, a true copy of which is served
herewith and made a part hereof. And you are here
by notified that if you fail to appear and answer
plaintiff will apply to th.- court tor the relief de
Attest my hand and the seal of the district court of
the Second judicial district of the stale of Idaho, in
and for the county of Nez Perce, this tOth day of
November, 1900,
, [SealJ p. E. STOOKBY, Clerk.
J. F. Ailshie, attorney for plaintiff.
Department of the Interior, United State, land of
fice. Lewiston, Idaho. Nov. 23, 1900.
A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed in this
office by Jessie G. Beans contestant against Isaac
Manning, entry No. 403.3, made Dec. 3. 1895. f ur lots
10, 20, 21, 22, 20,60. 31 and .32, section 7 tp .35 n range
2 W B M by Isaac Manning, contestée, in which n
is alleged that said Isaac Manning has wholly aban
doned the said tract and has changed his residence
therefrom, this for more than six months since mak
ing said entry and next prior to date hereof. That
Ihe said tract is not sealed upon, cultivated or im
proved ajf required by law in such cases. That the
entry man is not now a resident of the state of
Idaho and has moved therefrom to parts unknown to
affiant. Said parties are hereby notified to appearr
respond and offer evidence touching said allegation
at 10 o'clock a. m. cn Feb. 14, 1901 before the regis
ter and receiver at the United States land office in
Lewiston Idaho.
T he said contestant having, in a proper affidavit
filed Dec. 7 t'KJU, set forth facts which show that
after due diligence personal service of this nolice
can not be made, it is hereby ordered and directed
that such notice be given due and proper publication
CHAS. H. Gakby, Keceiver
Department uf the Interior, United States land of
fice. Lewiston, Idaho. December 29, 1700.
A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed in
this office by Mike D. Glover, conlestani. against
Ihe unknown heirs at law, next of kin, devisees and
personal representatives uf John P. Gilbert!, entry
man, now deceased con'estees, same being entry
No, 5316, made July 2»th, 1897, for the southwest
quarter section 14, township 33, north range 1 e B
M., by John P. Gilbert!, enlryman, now deceased
in which It is alleged and charged by and on the pari
of the contestant that Ihe heirs at law next of kin
devisees or personal representatives of the deceased
entryman nor any or either of them collectively or
individually, have not cullivated, resided upon ' nor
improved said tract of land since the decease of the
entryman aforesaid, which occurred ou or about Jan
U try.ioth, 19131, as required by law, in such cuses on
their part. It is further alleged and charged lhat'the
heirs al law next of kin. devisees and personal repre
sentatives have failed and neglected so to do This
for a period of more than six months last rast and
next prior to date thereof.
Affiant further states upon his information and
belief that the heirs are not residents of the United
States, and do not live within the jurisdiction thereof
and contestant further states that the heirs have en '
i "tînt 10 said land
, ™ L , , ,he '' n ' r '' m '»n; that they
i and Ä 5u!?,J° Tîh''**- an > K Jon,ain " ver *•*
! I , »! ?'tif that said iand, as af
: ,lf jnfonnew, is not held or controlled by per
1 heiii at'law* n!? 5 ?*/?- cla j m . an > right thereto as
1 <*h S 1 * i ' ° r k,n uf the deceased entryman.
^ Pattes are hereby notified fo appear, respond
i o'clock*« m V ^fn FÎ.Fr. ,UC h 't/^v.*'** 2 ation 10
' c ock f m * on February 18th. 1901. before the ree
j j sler an '* receiver ot the United States land office in
ÄAw ÄmÄ k'th*
; Ä7h*7ohc.* clnÄ*Ä' 7r
i Jer ,* J anJ Jùected thaï such notice bv given by due
: an « proper publication. Charles H. Garby
Beeman, Nov. 24 » 1900 .
»ui î?". Ve ta ^ up at "'Y resi( Rnce on
w e n W iä' 0ftheSeqr,Se C 3 «,tp 36, nn,
A. T
' !" are about , el 8 ht years old,
ab ® ut 95 « Pounds, brand on left
*I uart er B about 4 inches long.
<-wner can get the same by proving
1 °' V,,ershipamlpa y ,n « c<,sts ' ,
«I* »I* *£•*$»*§**§*
#|* YOU GET SHAVED atthk
t t M I N T BA R
* * E V E R V T H I N G I N
t t t t t t
t f t t f t t
[eweler and
Next Door to Post Ooffice
H enley Bros., 1NC
And Commission Merchants,
Cor. First and Main st., Lewiston, Idaho
:lass work at reasonable
Ofltee Rooms, Vollmer Building.
Hours—Eye, Eivr ami Throat, 10 to 12
iu. All other eases, 1 to 3 p. m.
Homoeopathic Physician
Surgeon autl Siieeia'.ist.
Chronic and nervous diseases of ttoth
women and men. Electricity used iu
all of its forms as medicine. Office
j two doors east of tlie Bee Hive. Con
! sultation free.
Attorney at Law,
Office over Lewiston National Punk.
Attorney at Law.
Lewiston National dank Building. Lewiston
Idaho. Practices in State amt Pede courts of
Washington and Idaho, end owns complete
Abstract Books oi Ne* Perce Co
McFarland & McFarland,
Attorneys • at - Law,
Lewiston, Idaho.
Will practice in all Courts.
Attorney at Law.
Probate matters' aud settlement of
estat43s carefully attended to. Office in
Adams Block.
Attorney at Law.
Legal business of all kiuds given
prompt attention. Lewiston National
Bank building, next door to U. 8.
Land Offica
Attorney at Law and No
tary Public.
All bustuesacarefully attended to Will prac
tice id all courts of Washington and Idaho Of
6 ce on Main street, Lewiston in Dent & Butler
Daniel Needham, Ray D. Walker
Late of Wisconsin Bar.
Attorneys at Law,
Lewiston, Idaho
Will practice in all state and federal
i courts. Office, room io, Lewiston Na
I tional bank building.
! Miles S. Johnson
timer E. Halsey,
Late Receiver U.S. Land
Office, Marquette Mch.
Attorneys and Counselors.
Office in Adams Block.
Lewiston, Idaho.
i 1.8. Land office and Department
practice Minina litigation State and
rederal C ourts. Washington and Idaho
ernest McCullough,
Deputy Mineral Surveyor
39J M.m Street LEWISTON
Cable Macsee Coda McNeil
$ W. P. Hurl but, President. G. W. Thompson, Vice-Pr«l4 - Ï
Î F.M.Hinkley, Cashier ♦
♦ Transacts a General Banking Business. Is prepared to tram t
J customs« the most liberal accommodations consistent with' " *
J banking. Sells exchange in all parts of the world. ï ' ou ' 1 ♦
— ■' V y Ketteu, >ach. Preside
J. Alexander, Vice Preside
Deo. H. Rester, Cashier.
Corner oi Fourth and-Main Streets
D 1 R 6 CTORS.
(J. V. Bunnell, W. F. Kettenbaeli, t
J. Alexander, R. U. Beach,
B. F. Morris, George H. Kester,/
Grace Kettenbach Pfafllin.
' amdro®
- Sight exchange sold on the principal Cities ot the United States
and Europe.
_• i oh ,? Vollmer, Preside,,
»• R Vollmer, Vice Preside«*
• K. W Haves. Cashier.
.or LEWISTON, Ibons.
Strongest Bank in Idaho
Capital and Surplus
Fire proof vault for the use of customers for safe keeping of valuables. Burglar proof steel sa
protected by Sargent & Greenteaf time lock. Corres^udents in all the principal cities ot the wo.
Buy and sell exchange. ™
*** * 4»
FOR SALE : Fruit and Vegetable Lands in 5-acre lots or It ss
two tuiles from town. Also the best Fruit and Vegetable Ranch
in this valley To Rent to the right party, containing 12 acres,
full improved. 2 lots in city, Main street.'
Morrissey & Baker, Proprietors.
Choice Liquors, Wines, Brandies and Cigars. A dut
room in connection. Clark Building, Main Street.
ttttttttttftt t tttttttttff*
Lewiston Bakery & Grocery.
S. Wildenthaler, Prop.
Fresh bread every day, our own
special delivery.
Main Street.
Choice groceries, nuts, candles.
pastry and fruits.
Telephone No. 28
Russell Engines, Threshers
and Saw Mills
Bucher and Gibbs
Gang Plows
McSherry Drills
i *
« 3»
These Goods can now
be purchased at Cost.
The Nez Perce Implement Co.
, ^ A. D. GRITMÀN, manager
t »
< 44 44444'44444'**4**4''t4'***44

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