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The Wallace-Griffin
For fifteen years we have been trying to
Çlease you. Come in and see the store
and see if we have succeeded. The larg
gest stock of Diamonds, Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry and Silverware in Northern Idaho.
The arrangements effected between
the Hercules Mining company ana the
Humming Bird company a year or
more ago, whereby the Hercules com
pany is permitted to use the half mile
of tunnel already constructed by the
Humming Bird company and extend
the same to the Hercules ground, is
to be carried out in the very near
future. Preparations are now in pro
gress to begin active work.
This tunnel when completed will
rank among the biggest enterprises of
the country. Practically two miles in
length when it reaches the Hercules
ore body, it will make it possible to
deliver the product of the Hercules
mine to the railroad right at the up
per end of the business portion of
Burke. It will cut the Hercules ore
WASHINGTON, Oct. 23.—A national
movement to erect a statue of the late
Rear Admiral Winfield Scott Schley
is already talked of, and it has now
developed that because of objections
of the widow, no death mask of the
admiral's face was made. This is re
gretted by artists and the friends of
the late admiral, as the making of a
death mask would have insured an
exact and true reproduction of the ad
miral's head and features in any
statue cast from it.
Moscow—W. B. Rowland, S. F. ; E.
W. Bllensart and wife, Kamiah; A. C.
McGowan, Deary; Minnie Woodruff,
Asotin; T. R. Smith, Spokane; Miss
Emma Bunty, Metropolis, Ill.; Harry
E. Le Roy; E. E. Lumnadue, Ana
mosa; H. A. Sutherland, Seattle; P. K.
Pankhurst, Portland; Mrs. W. O. Mead
or, Monmouth; B. H. Felts, Wallace;
Chas. F. Weske, Spokane; J. W. Brad
en, Kendrick; W. D. Van Liew, Chi
cago; E. Willman, Spokane; Elmer
Inman, Spokane; Wm. H. Retterath;
Harry Phillips, Spokane; G. O. Olden
berg, Lewiston; J. T. Wicken; F. C.
Stevens, Portland; George D. Merri
field, Seattle; J, McClain, Joplin; Dr.
J. H. Bodlie, Boise; L. L. Brown, Neck
tie Valley, Cal.; Cecil Strohm, Art
Sly; N. P. Miller, E. Inman; W. A.
Dissmore, Kamiah; Gus Dissmore,
Kamiah; J. F. Peneuy, Kamiah; E.
Inman, Spokane; Bert Graves, Mos
cow; Chas. J. Phillips, La Mont; W.
E. Stevens, Racine, Wis.; H. W. Drake,
Cleveland; Charles Ball, Spokane; H.
B. Martin, Omaha; E. J. Carssow, Liv
ingston; A. E. Carsow, Livingston.
Del Norte—Charles Smith, Spokane;
M. C. Miller, Spokane; Frank Nowak,
Chicago; G. C. Johnson, Chicago; W. P.
Acton, Spokane; Wm. Gemmill, Troy;
Fred Herbert, Kendrick; Oscar Olsen,
Colfax; W. L. Grover,
Emma A. Bruntz,
Harry E, Le Roy; James Green, Spo
kane; Jack Tracy, Portland; Lee
Logan, Waterville; Edwin Anderson,
Pullman; L. Reynolds, Pullman; G. S.
Metropolis, HI.;
Largest and Best Stock in
the City. The Prices are
Right . . . . . . .
body 700 feet perpendicular below the
present lowest workings. Starting
with half a mile of completed work
on the Humming Bird, it will require
6,000 feet more of tunnel to reach the
boundary line of the Hercules group.
The Hercules company will next
Week put on a crew of 8 or 10 men
in the upper works of the Humming
Bird. A compressor building, bunk
house, blacksmith shop and other im
provements for this purpose are now
practically completed. The work here
will consist of drifting and raising to
connect the upper levels and to fur
ther develop the present showing in
the Humming Bird. It is hoped the
information gained by this develop
ment will be of such a nature as to
give a line on what may be encoun
tered lower down.
Soon after the arrival of the body
in Washington from New York last
week, a naval officer in Washington
suggested to Dr. Winfield Schley, son
of the admiral, that a death mask be
made. The admiral's son approved
the suggestion, and so did his sister.
The consent of Mrs. Schley, the widow
was secured, and preparations begun
for making the mask. Mrs. Schley
changed her mind, however, before the
preparations were complete. Her
wishes were respected.
Wilson, Lewiston; N. Skelton, Lewis
ton; J. Rudolph, Lewiston; James
Green, Spokane; T. B. White and
family. La Cross; J. B. Ricketts,
Clarkia; D. R. Wilcox, Grangeville;
C. A. Bartholomew, H. C. Bartholom
ew, D. E. Howell, Cottonwood; Chris
Durtshe, Moscow; W. C. McLain, Pull
Idaho— C. G. Winfield, Spokane; Tom
Hampton, Potlach; F. H. and F. G.
Pottratz, Portland; J. B. Ferguson,
Hartford, Wis.; J. L. Moore, Chicago;
P. Barry, Chico; Mrs. E. Smith, city;
L. E. Elkins, Tacoma; Chas. E. Wool
gard, Missoula; Robert Fleming, Port
land; Guy E. Reeder, Chicago; S. L.
Stebbins, Soap Lake; J. B. Furnsen,
Norway; Ole Olsen, Spokane; Mrs.
Ellis, Morristown, Minn.; Rev. A.
Steiner; L. Gibson, city; Col. B.
Sparks, Caliente.
Every lady appreciates good hair
dressing, massage, manicuring, chiro
ody. It Improves appearances and
health. Corns treated. Mrs. Walser's
beauty parlor at Miss Weirick's, on
Third street.
Deaths from kidney disease have
reached nearly 90,000 a year. Com
petent authorities declare it becomes
incurable about the sixth month. Call
for free diet list and pamphlet that
may prolong or save your life.
Alward's Corner Drag Store.
Moscow Is becoming quite an apple
center, now having three houses de
voted to this business. The latest
firm to launch in this line is that of
Fred Veatch and L. F. Parsons, who
have leased the old Brewery on upper
Main street. Already they have pack
ed and shipped some twelve cars, send
ing them to the north central states.
In addition to the buying and ship
ping of apples they have installed a
vinegar plant, and for the first time
are turning out a by-product that will
enable them to utilize apples of all
kinds. There is a good market for all
the vinegar that can be manufactured,
the Pullman plant, recently organized,
having been swamped with orders.
Pure food laws are making it possible
for pure apple vinegar to hold its own.
The Star-Mirror hopes to see the de
velopment of the apple industry at
Moscow so far improved that there will
be ample means to handle all grades
of apples. We need driers and vinegar
plhnts up to the standard of our acre
age. Messrs. Veatch and Parsons de
serve credit for their enterprise.
Many Masters Stolen.
PARIS, Oct. 23.—Out of 41 pictures
left to the Louvre in 1856 from a pri
vate collection, says the Paris Jour
nal, 32 have disappeared. The missing
works include a Roberts, a Fragonard,
a Miereveld, (portrait of Queen Eliza
beth), a Lely, representing Queen
Henrietta Maris, consort of Charles 1.
Cavaliere's Pose Daring.
PARIS, Oct. 23.—Lina Cavalieri's
portrait, for which she posed in a
"harem skirt" before the famous artist
La Gandara, is said to be most daring.
It will be exposed et the Salon of
French artists soon to be opened here.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 23.—The practice
of asking a contribution at the door
of almost all Roman Catholic churches,
or of charging a fee for a seat in the
church, is ordered discontinued in a
circular letter addressed to all arch
bishops and bishops of the church in
the United States, which Monsignor
D. Falconio, apostolic delegate at
Washington, D. C., has sent out. It
was received here yesterday. It is
phrased in the most sweeping terms
and condemns present day practices in
the strongest manner. Monsignor
Falconio speaks of the practices as
"bringing scandal to both Catholics
and non-Catholics. The circular warns
that any clergyman who disobeys the
order will be "condignly punished."
PARIS, Oct. 23.—A woman named
Pauline Gazeau has been arrested at
Berek on the charge of burying her
baby alive. She was seen to enter a
cemètery with a bundle under her arm
and leave without it. A guard, hear
ing low moans, whicn seemed to come
from a pile pf fresh dirt, dug down
a few inches and unearthed a few
weeks' old baby. It will live. The
mother is believed to have murdered
a former child in the same manner, it
having suddenly disappeared.
Alias Summons.
In the Probate Court of Latah County,
State of Idaho, M. W. Griffith, plain
tiff, vs. H. J. Michaelson, defendant.
The State of Idaho sends greeting
to the above named defendant:
You are hereby summoned to appear
in the above entitled Court to be held
at my office in Moscow, in the County
of Latah, in the above entitled cause,
at 10 o'clock a. m,, upon the 1st day
of December, 1911, and answer plain
tiff's complaint on file in said Court,
or plaintiff will take judgment against
you as prayed in said complaint.
Witness my hand this 13th day of
October, 1911.
Probate Judge.
M. W. GRIFFITH, Attorney,
Moscow, Idaho.
Catarrh Germs Must Be Conquered or
Health will be Destroyed.
If you have catarrh you must van
quish an army of persistent, destruc
tive microbes before you can get rid
of it.
You might as well choose your
weapons, declare war and annihilate
this army of catarrh germs right now.
Stomach dosing won't kill them;
neither will sprays or douches.
Hyomei, a pleasant, antiseptic,
germ destroying air breathed over the
The world's greatest aggregation of Bell Ringers, who
open the High School Lecture Course
Eggan's Hall, Tonight, Oct
Season Course Ticket $2.50
Plat opens Saturday, October 21, at 9 o'clock at
Hodgins' Drug Store.
entire membrane will put catarrh
germs out of business in short order.
•Hyomei (pronounce it High-o-me)
is guaranteed by R. Hodgins to end
catarrh, asthma, bronchitis, coughs,
colds and croup, or money back. If
you own a little Hyomei hard rub
ber pocket inhaler you can get a sep
arate bottle of Hyomei for only 50
cents. If you haven't an inhaler buy
a complete outfit that only costs
When you have a bad cold you want
the best medicine obtainable so as to
cure it with as little delay as possi
ble. Here is a druggist's opinion; "I
have sold Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy for fifteen years,' says Enos Lol
lar of Saratoga, Ind., "and consider
it the best on the market.' For sale by
the Owl Drug Store.
When the chest feels on fire and
the throat burns, you have indiges
tion, and you need Herbine to get rid
of the disagreeable feeling. It drives
out badly digested food, strengthens
the stomach and purifies the bowels.
Price 50c. Sold by the Owl Druge
Store, S. L. Willis, Prop.
Tickling in the throat, hoarseness,
loss of voice, Indicate the need of Bal
lard's Horehound Syrup. It eases the
lungs, quiets the cough and restores
health in the bronchial tubes. Price
25c, 60c and $1.00 per bottle. Sold by
the Owl Drug Store, S. L. Willis,
Call for Mass Meeting.
A call is issued to directors of all
phone lines and persons interested in
phones in Latah county to a general
mass meeting to be held in Troy at j
1:30 p. m., on Saturday, November 4th. j
This meeting will present the propo- '
sition of uniting all the farmers' lines
into one county mutual system.
R. C. FAUST, M. D.,
How Many Men Know How to Keep
It at Par.
Thousands: yes tens of thousands of
men, grow old ten years too soon.
If you are a man and realize that
your efficiency is on the wane and
that you are losing money and happi
ness in consequence, get a 60 cent box
of Mi-o-na stomach tablets today and
take two after or with each meal for
three days; then take one with each
meal regularly until you feel well and
Mi-o-na stomach tablets disinfect,
tone up, restore elasticity to the stom
ach, and intestinal canal and end in
digestion. They do more: they in
crease the nutrition of the body and
in case of nerve exhaustion, sleepless
ness, night sweats, bad dreams or any
For Freezing Weather to order Vour Coal
We have a complete stock of Rock Springs, Owl Creek,
Bear Creek and Anthracite Coal.
Call and inspect our $10.00 Common Lumber. Rustic and Flooring from
$12.00 per thousand up.
Phone Main 60
condition that requires a restoration
they act with astonishing rapidity.
They can be found at R. Hodgins and
helpful druggists the world over. 20-22
Order to Show Cause Why Order of
Sale of Real Estate Should Not
Be Made.
In the Probate Court in and for the
County of Latah, State of Idaho.
In the matter of the estate of
Andrew P. Hankinson, deceased.
George R. Knowles, the administra
tor of the estate of Andrew P. Hankin
son, deceased, having filed his petition
herein praying for an order of sale of
a portion of the real estate of said
decedent, for the purposes therein
set forth.
It Is Therefore Ordered by the Judge
of said Court, that all persons inter
ested in the estate of the said de
ceased, be and appear before the said
Probate Court, on Monday, the 6th day
of November, 1911, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon of said day, at the Court
Room of said Probate Court, in the
Court House, in said Latah County,
to show cause why an order should not
be granted to the said administrator
to sell so much of the real estate of
the said deceased, Andrew P. Hankin
son, as shall be necessary.
It Is Further Ordered, That a copy
of this order be published at least
four successive weeks before ihe said
6th day of November, 1911, in the
Star-Mirror, a newspaper printed and
published in the said Latah County.
State of Idaho.
Probate Judge.
Dated this 27th day of September,
A. D. 1911.
Here is a woman who speaks from
personal knowledge and long experi
ence, viz., Mrs. P. H Brogan of Wil
son. Pa., who says, "I know from ex
perience that Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is far superior to any other.
For croup there is nothing that excels
it." For sale by the Owl Drug Store. O
If the child starts in its sleep,
grinds its teeth while sleeping, picks
at the nose, has a bad breath, fickle
appetite, pale complexion, and dark
rings under the eyes; it has worms'
and as long as they remain in the in
testines, that child will be sickly.
White's Cream Vermifuge 'clears out
the worms, strengthens the stomach
and bowels and puts the little one on
the road to health and cheerfulness.
Price 25c per bottle. Sold by the Owl
Drug Store, S. L. Willis, Prop.
If you have young children you
have perhaps noticed that disorders of
the stomach are their most common
ailment. To correct this you will find
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lets excellent,
pleasant to take, and mild and gentle
in effect. For sale by the Owl Drug
They are easy and
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