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ions to "take a walk." They want to get out into
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t .a
Both Church and State in high Circles, Including
Royalty, Put the Ban on the Much Talked of
Dance—Some Comment on its Origin.
By Carlton Ten Eyck.
(Written for the United Press.)
« NEW YORK, Jan. 19.—Molehills
often have been made into mountains,
and in this serio-comic age tempests
In teapots are of hourly occurauce. but
certainly never before was there a
greater hub-bub over a more insignifi
cant matter than all this hue and cry
after the tango. The poor old tango is
being talked and written to death.
And why? Nobody seems to know.
Nobody eFer yet was kidnapped, drag
ged by the hair onto a ball-room floor
and made to dance the tango. Those
who do not like it are at liberty to
let it alone.
The dance, though, may be said to
have received several death blows
within the last few days. The Catholic
church turned its thumbs down on the
tango and it had an immediate effect
in New York. About the same time
several Irish peeresses, who are among
the leading London hostesses publicly
announced a boycott of the dance. Sev
eral weeks ago (he tango was given
a nasty cut in the north of Europe
when the kaiser ordered it suppressed
wherever the German army officers
danced, and this was followed by an
attack in the south of Europe that
while not so vigorous was equally ef
forbade the
Whether the tango is good or bad,Los
it received a considerable set back
King Barred tiie Dance.
King Victor Emmanuel, of Italy,
without making a speech about it, bar
red the tango from his state ball and
ail the diplomats and the social leaders
of Rome followed the king's example.
Perhaps the first important personage
to set her heel on the neck of the gy
rating monster of the bail 'room and
the cabaret was Queen Mary of Eng
land, who called it a South American
"negroid" dance and
young Princess Mary to learn it.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature ot
and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
' /iAllow no one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " -Just-as-good " are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor-Oil, Pare«
gorlc. Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it
has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, Wind Colic, all (Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural Bleep.
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
THi cutw« ooMWmr, tt gjw« TWirr, »w res« citt.
when Cardinal Farley and high Protes
tant clergymen let it he known that
they opposed It and that everything
possible be done to discourage it. Pope
Pius has not banned the tango but
he has made it , plain that he disap
proves of it and prelates the world
over are now fighting the tango. The
New York cardinal did not ban the
dance, but his known disapproval is as
effective as a ban. When the secre
tary of His Eminence announced the
cardinal's attitude, thousands of Cath
olics in the metropolis frowned on (he
tango. The cardinal feels that the
tango is degarding and he has resolved
to do all he can to discourage it," the
secretary said. A Monsigner high in
Catholic affairs in New York went fur
ther in his condemnation of the tango.
He said:
"Any person of intelligence can see,
by watching any ball or cabaret in the
greater city that the present mode of
dancing is open to the charge of im
propriety, if not actual indecency."
Abandoned the Tango.
Because of the elearlcal opposition
to the tango, the Junior Auxiliary In
stitute, an organization of fashionable
women, abandoned a dance and eter
tainment they had arranged at Del
monlco's and recalled 600 invitations
that already were out. For the same
reason the Knights of Columbus an
nounced there would be no tango at
their gigantic ball in Madison Square
Garden next month. Ten thousand peo
ple will dance at this ball, and the
Knights of Columbus have appointed
a censorship committee of 150 to see.
there is no tangoing.
But while these crusades against the
tango are under way and undoubtedly
are doing great execution, the dance
continues popular in many quarters
is even gaining ground. Out in
Angeles one of the vaudeville thea
très has arranged intermissions be
I tween the acts, during which time the
I patrons are at liberty to tango up and
I down the aisles and in the foyer. It
is safe to say that not a performance
is given in any one of New York's hun
dred-odd vaudeville theatres that there
Is not at least one dancing number on
the program that includes an exhibi
tion of the tango. It is an even safer
assertion to say that there is not one
restaurant in the thousands in the
greater city where a cabaret is main
tained, that the tango is not danced.
Experts portray the tango on the plat
forms and the guests in the spaces be
tween the tables.
Matter of Opinion.
Broad minded people say that the
goodness and badness of the tango
is a matter of opinion and of tlie per
sonal equasion. All that dips is not
tango, say the experts. There is tango
and tango. The dance, they say, may
be done gracefully and beautifully, so
that the most prurient cannot object,
while there are varieties of dops,
leaps and hugs, unjustly called the
tango, that are undeniably shocking.
Some persons with a smattering ot
Latin think that tango comes from
the Latin verb meaning to touch, and
evidently that is why they like it. But
the tango of polite ball rooms is not
of Latin extraction. Latin-American
perhaps, but in no wise dead. Such
well known women as .Miss Anne Mor
gan and Mrs. James Lees Laidiaw, so
cial lenders, have come to the rescue
of the maligned dance. They say that
the tango, as done in their set. is as
modest as a waltz, and those who see
evil in it have themselves to blame.
Taking It by and large, being neither
for or against the much discussed
South American dance, it may be said
without qualification that the tango is
in great danger of decadence when
both church and state, the prelates and
the royalties who are social arbiters,
turn against it.
Lincoln Memorial Hearing.
Jan. 19. — Former
President Taft and other Lincoln me
morial commission representatives
were expected today to attend the hear
ing by Secretary of War Garrison rela
tive to the Georgia protest against, the
award of the $2,000,000 temple con
tract to F'uller Bros., a New York firm,
Georgia claims that undue considera
tion was made in favor of use of Colo
rado yule marble.
Alins .Summons.
In the District Court, Second Judicial
District of the State of Idaho, in and
for the County of Latah.
Bayard T. Byrns, Plaintiff.
Frank C. Keyes and G. J. Parker,
To Frank C. Keyes and G. J. Parker.
You are hereby notified that there is
now on file in the office of the Clerk
of the District Court of the Second Ju
dicial District of the State of Idaho,
in and for the County of Latah, at
Moscow, Idaho, the complaint of the
above named plaintiff in an action
brought against you of the nature in
general terms as follows:
To quiet title to Lots Ten (TO) and
Eleven (II) in Block Seven (7) of
Sunnyside Addition to .Moscow, as
shown by his recorded plat thereof.
You are hereby directed to appear
and answer to said complaint within
twenty days after the service hereof,
if served within this district, and
within forty days it served elsewhere.
And unless you so appear and answer,
the plaintiff will take judgment
against you as prayed for in said com
Given under my hand and the seal of
the District Court ot the Second Judic
ial District of the State of Idaho, in
and for the County of Latah, this 13th
day of January A. D. 1914.
Residence, Moscow, Idaho,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Representative Sent to America to
Pick the Cream of the Country and
Bring Back 100 Men.
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19.—Major
Frank Pooley, British army officer, re
tired, is the busiest man in San Fran
cisco. One hundred dusky belles of
Eastern Island in the South Sea want
as many white men for husbands and
Major Pooley is here today to get them
and arrange for their transportation.
"Men of the desirable kind," said Ma
jor Pooley in an advertisement inserted
in a San Francisco newspaper, "are
scarce in Easter Island. The women
outnumber the men three to one. The
women want husbands and I am here
to get them. 1 represent one hundred
of the best lookig women on the island.
They are wealthy. Their husbands will
ease and comfort for the rest of their
Many Men .Show Up.
The next day more than 500 men
appeared at Major Pooley's headquar
ters in the Alaska Pacific Steamship
company offices to qualify as South
Sea bridegrooms. It was estimated to
day that more than 5000 white men
have volunteered since the advertise
ment was first Inserted.
Some of the would-be husbands are
fat. Others are lean. Dozens are short
and others are tall. A youth of nine
teen weighing about 90 pounds was an
xious to know if the Easter Island
belles are slight and slender creatures.
I He nearly wept when told that the
average weight was not less than 175
pounds. Hundreds of letters from
other applicants have been received by
Major Pooley. One signed A. Tenner
and A. Mossum read:
Too Lazy to Work.
"We are both young and handsome
but we are too lazy to work." Another
signed by John Hunter read. "1 am the
very finest specimen of manhood to
be found in the United States. I am
33 years old, (> feet 1 inch tall, nad
weigh 290 pounds. I know 1 can lie
around all day and be contented. Just
give me the proper instruction and I'll
soon be on my way."
Major Pooley is a particular person
and is determined that only the best
f /pcs of men shall go to the South Seas,
Out of the hundreds who have applied,
The Star-Mirror Press
'only 10 mon wore placed anions the
"I shall take about a week longer
for this registration," said Major I'ool
ey." By that time
the names of too, physically perfect
men. Two thirds of these will be
then eliminated in the final selection,
expect to have
I have the money furnished by the
women to pay all
The men accepted will travel first
Great Karin Week Demonstration
Opened Today at State Farm to
Receive Instruction.
LINCOLN. Jan. 19.—A huge stuffed
steer, once a prize winner but long
since disintegrated into steaks, and
short ribs, was the first thing that
greeted the eyes of three thousand
farmers who met at the state farm
today for the first session of Organized
Agriculture. Fully 50()b men. interest
ed in various phases of farm work are
expected to attend the four day session
which opened with a discussion of beef
producing steers, with the stuffed mon
ter on the rostrum a heroic example.
agerated. After the Rosenthal case
died ont. Rose bought a farm up in
Connecticut and went in for the quiet
life. A few days ago he returned with
his family and has taken up his resi
dence in one of the fashionable up
town hotels.
to comprise Organized Agriculture in
Nebraska. These meet in buildings on
the farm campus and in the city and
are prepared to discuss anything from
the proper coddling of queen bees to |
the use of monster traction engines.
Chancellor Avery was one of the main
speakers this morning and he was aid
ed by Dean E. A, Burnet! of the ex
perimental farm and Dr. C. W. Pugslay
of the faculty. Many women were in
attendance. They were particularly in
evidence in the poultry' department.
Several experts from the department
of agriculture are expected to address
various sections of the organizations.
New York Rural Service.
New York City is able to boast of a
real rural free delivery route such as is
maintained in country districts
throughout the United States. This
route has been established by Alfred
J, Kennedy, postmaster of the Flush
ing post office, to deliver mail to the
residents of Little Neck and Douglas
ton sections of Long Island. With this
innovation passes the last vestige of
tiie farming regime in this most easter
ly section of the greater city.
Yachting Circles Startled.
Notico of Attachment.
In the District Court of the Second
Judicial District of Idaho, In and For
Latah County. First Trust & Sav
ings Bank, a corporation, plaintiff,
versus H. Woods and Mary L. Woods,
To Whom it May Concern: State of
Idaho, County ot Latah, ss.
I, Homer FI. Estes, clerk of the
above entitled court, do hereby certify
that I have issued a Writ of Attach
ment in tiie above entitled cause,
against the property of Hie said de
fendant. lu witness whereof, I here
unto set my hand and affix tiie seal
of said court, this 3rd day of January
A. D„ 1914.
Yachting circles have been stirred
by the announcement that Alexander
S. Cochran lias ordered a great schoon
er yacht, to he built by William Gard
ner. the yacht designer, in addition to
tiie boat lie is haring built b
the America's cup.
Tiie new schooner
will exceed in size any fore and aft
pleasure craft, ever built, and will cost
in the neighborhood of $350,000,
will be more than Hie cost of Mr. Coch- 1
rail's enp yacht. This floating palace '
is intended to lie Hie last word in !
naval architecture.
Saw Senators at Circus.
Antonio Rieeo appeared before ,ius
Jan. 15-29 tiee Crane in the supreme court a few
The Very Latest.
indeed is It that filters down the wires
NEW YORK, Jan. 19.—Strange news
; from Alabny, where the solons of the
s t a te are in legislatures assembled. Pri
maries and tax incomes may be agit ad
] ing the minds of assemblymen and sen
ators. but ns far as Governor Glyiyi is
concerned, they do say that be slips
away to a quiet nook each day for
secret lesson in tangoing and turkey
Mrs. Glynn has formed a
dancing class that is the subject of
much discussion in up-slate social cir
cles. No one has come forth to say
what the scholars have learned, but
both the governor and his charming
wife are expert dancers, and who could
be an expert without knowing bow to
trot, tango, wiggle-wabble glide
Farm Life \o Dream.
Jack Hose, tho former gambler whose
testimony in the Rosenthal murder
ease was largely responsible for the
conviction of Lient. Charles Decker, of
the New York police force, declares
that the joys of the farmer's life are ex
days ago for admittance to citizenship.
This is what happened:
"What body meets at Albany?" asked
the Justice.
"The assembly," was the hesitating
"Who compose the Assembly?"
"Senators and assemblymen.
"What is a senator?"
"I don't know."
"Did you ever see one?"
"Ob. yes. I see them."
"They keep them in circuses
them there."
The applicant was ordered to make a
further study of American institutions.
I sea
It pays to advertise in The Daily
oilee for Publication of Time Appoint
ed for Proving Mill, Etc.
In tlie Probate Court of the State of
Idaho, in and for
in the Matter of the Estate of John W.
Potter, Deceased.
Pursuant to an order of said Probate
the County of
Court, made on the 5th day of Janu
ary, 19X4, notice is hereby given that
Wednesday the 2Sth day of January.
1914, at 1 o'clock p, m. of said day at
the court room of said Court , at the
Court House in the County of Latah,
has been appointed as the time and
place for proving the Will of said John
W. Potter, deceased, and for hearing
the application of Emma G. Potter for
the issuance to lier of Letters Testa
mentary when and where any person
interested may appear and contest the
Dated January 5, 1914.
Probate Judge.
Jan. S-22
New and Second Hand Goods
Upholstering and Furniture Repairing
to order
Cur. Fifth and Main Sts.
Neruuis mid Chronic Diseases
Rooms 7-10 Brown Block Phone 20*J
Chas. I). üermain, D. C.
Chronic and Nervous Dii
Office Over Willis' Drug Store
Moscow', Idaho
I ses

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