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Everything From the Tops of Our Tango Heads to
the Tips of Our Tango Shoes, Carry Out the
Tangled Tango of Tangoism.
By Margaret Mason.
(Written for the United Press.)
There was a tango maiden
And she had a tango smile,
She wore a tango bonnet
And she danced a tango mile:
She met a tango teacher
And became his tango wife;
And ever since they've lived, 1 hear,
A tangled tango life.
NEW YORK, Feb. 6.
-There's a tang
in the tango that lias gotten into ev
eryone's blood.
The tango is every
thing, and everything is tango.
Strong men and fair actresses have
had stronger cigars and weaker per
fumes named after them but nowadays
everything from tobacco to toothpaste,
from hardware to haberdashery is
done in the name of the tango. Cer
tain it is that the little milliners and
dressmakers and bootmakers and cor
seEleres and hairdressers and jewel
ers have gotten busy and brought
forth enough tango togs to cover us
frpm the tops of our tango heads to
the Ups of our tango toes.
'à '■
New Tango Hair.
First and topmost of all is the new
tango hair which is of the most hectic
of hues dubbed tango red. Perfectly
good tango hair may also be done in
other equally riotously radient shades
such a cobalt blue, mauve, nile green,
or orange. Then your tango dyed
locks should be done in the tango cof
fure which means that it must all he
loosely waved, drawn neatly back
from the face and the back hair fast
ened and tucked under at one side of
the head with a jeweled tango comb
or two jeweled tango pins. Perch on
top of ail is one of those fascinating
little lace tango caps exploited by Mrs.
Vernon Castle and the tango head is
fashionably complete.
The tango corset should be the start
and foundation of your tango toilette
de luxe. The accepted model is of
silk tricot with but one bone in the
front and back. It allows the figure
full play and yet is so admirably con
structed that it confines and holds
well in Us proper place any undue em
Tnke Your Choice.
Over this foundation you may take
one of three choices. The tango pan
talets which start from the waist and
fasten sniigiy with elastic about your
ankles, the tango garter pantalets
which are dainty lace and chiffon ruf
fles fastened to either knee with a
satin garter, or the dainty lace in
crusted tango petticoat, scant and
diaphanous and slit at either side to
allow your dip and glide full sway.
The favored tango frock of the mo
ment is of softest taffeta. It almost
invariably boasts a tunic a la Minaret
although a model simply dubbed "tan
go" which is being exploited by a well
known Paris firm has a decided pan
nier in its first and original form.
Tango stockings are aglow witli
headed or spangled flora and fauna
while the favored tango slipper is the
by the Direct Route and through
(without additional charge)
Salt Lake City
and Denver
via the
0.=W. R. & N.
All the Comforts and Modern Advantages of Railroad travel are
provided—Steel Coaches, electric-lighted trains, a fine roadbed,
Standard Pullman and Tourist Sleeping cars, observation cars,
splendid dining car service and courteous, obliging employees.
Let us help you plan your trip.
For further information call on
D. HOUSE, Agent
lloscow, Idaho
VV. MOUNT, D. F, & P, A,
Spokane, >Vu.
a DVERTISE home industries
■ with printed matter made
- at home.
Every Calendar shown in Mos
cow in 1915 should be made in
Moscow. We make them, and can
give you as much for your money
as you can get anywhere.
cothurne with its jeweled tango slides
and buckles.
New Faugied Slipper.
Next in favor to the cothurne is a
plain satin slipper with a rhinestone
buckle and tile newest variation to he
sprung in the buckle ornamentations
line are tiny jeweled tassels fastened
on the instep which hob and sparkle
seductively at every tango twist and
It is with just these fascinating and
expensive touches that the jewelers
get in the dance. They have yon by
the ears with lovely long bobbing tan
go eardrops, glistening with semi- pre
cious gems that scintillate with every
toss and quiver of a lovely tango head.
Charming waist long strands of vari
colored tango beads they offer also
and their latest chef d'ouevre is the
tango ring.
The Dinner Ring.
it is of a large design, the dimensions
of a dinner ring, barbarlcaliy Oriental
in effect and
composed of
sparkling stones that fall not to catch
the light and
twinkling toe.
These rings show up well on either
fair hand whether it be the one coyly
held out stiffly at right angles to the
body in the tango partners clasp or the
one that rests coyly upon his manly
tango shoulder.
Of course as the last
twinkle even as the
essence tan
go perfection you must spray your
hair and hanky with the newest tango
perfume and there you are a finished
Oh, there's no doubt
we're not
we've already
tango product,
about it, clothes and all,
merely tangoing mad
Florida Wants Canal Diggers.
6 .—
State -Manager of tile Southern Settle
ment and Development organization,
H. H. Richardson returned from the
Panama canal zone today, where he
went to Panama for the purpose of
putting before the number of Ameri
cans there the attractions of Florida
as a residence state.
Camp breaking in the canal zone
has started and many Americans have
come to like the southern climate. Mr.
Richardson believes Florida is the log
-cal state for these men to come to,
and in the interests of furthering the
work of the Southern Settlement or
ganization made the trip.
«'ill Admit Russians.
WASHINGTON, Feb. G.—Secretary
of Labor AViison has announced that
tlie 12 Russians, bound for Portland
and detained temporarily at Ellis is
land pending inquiry into their de
sirability as citizens, will be admitted.
Graduate of the American School of
Osteopathy. Kirlcsville, Mo. Office rooms
over Creighton's store. Phone 48-J, resi
dence phone 93. Office hours from 8:00
a. m. to 12, 1:30 to 5:30 p. m., and 7:30 to
Moscow, Idaho
Women on Grand Jury Like Work
Well Will Keep it Up.
REDWOOD, Cal., Feb. 6.—Califor
nia's first women grand jurors, those
of San Mateo county, like their work
so well that they are going to keep
up. even if they must do so in an un
official capacity. As a preliminary
step, plans were completed today for
the organization of a county «tornmlt
tee of women to investigate' everything
that looks like it needs investigation.
The leader of the movement is Mrs.
McCroskey, who was a member of the
jury. The other jurettes are also in
cluded as are many well-known San
Mateo county women who had not the
good fortune to serve on the inquisi
torial body. While the women's future
investigations will be extra-legal, the
leaders say they will be extremely
thorough and that by the time they are
concluded San Mateo county will be
thoroughly purified. Judge Buck sug
gested such an organization when he
discharged the jurettes recently.
Bulletins Issued to Aid Fire Frotcc
tion is Favored.
COLUMBUS. Feb. 6.—The secretary
of the National Fire Protection asso
ciation of Boston. Mass,, delivered an
address at the chamber of commerce
today. Mr. Wentworth is a recogniz
ed authority on fire protection, and is
carrying on a campaign of education
with the view of lessening fire hazard,
and if possible, reducing fire insurance
over the city.
Bulletin No. 1 of a series regarding
fire protection bore the following
words: "Do you or your employees
know the location of the fire alarm
box nearest your business?"
tional bulletins calling attention to ar
rangements in business houses with
reference to danger from fire will he
issued from time to time. Sub- com
mittees are studying the recommenda
tions of the National Board of Fire
Underwriters, contained in its report
on tlie city.
Don't Grow Bald—Use Parisian Sage.
If yoar hair is getting thin, losing
its natural color, or has that matted,
lifeless and scraggy appearance, the
reason is evident—dandruff and fail
ure to keep the hair roots properly
Parisian Sage applied daily for a
week and then occasionally is all that
is needed. It removes dandruff with
.... , , . ....
one application; almost immediately
..... , . ... , ,
stops tailing hair and itching head;
., , , , , „
invigorates the scalp and makes dull,
. , ... , ,
stringy hair soft, abundant and radi
ant with life. Equally good for men,
women or children—every one needs
A large bottle of this delightful hair
tonic can be had from S. L. Willis or
any drug counter for 50 cents. You
will surely like Parisian Sage. There
is no other "Jnst-as-good"—Try it
Christian Church Services.
The special services despite the in
clement weather are well attended and
a splendid spirit is manifested.
The question box is proving itself a
most helpful and interesting feature.
Tlie meetings will continue all of
next week if all is well. You are in^
vited to come and help and enjoy. If
the Kingdom of God is to grow in
Moscow we must all work in harmony
and love. AVe hope and pray that the
time will come when we shall all be
one in fact as well as one in purpose.
This will come when we learn to know
one another better and have more of
the Grace of the Divine. We need tlie
prayers and sympathy of all.
The subjects for the remainder of
the meeting are the following:
Sunday, Feb. 8th, 11 a. m., "The
Evidence of the New Life." Sunday,
7:30 p. m„ "Coming to One's self."
Mouuday, 7:30 p. m., ''Some Urgent
Things of the Gospel." Tuesday,'
"God's Emancipated Sons;" Wednes
day, "The Man that Shall Never Die:"
Thursday, "A Marvelous Operation;"
Friday, "The Soul's Question Answer
ed;'' Sunday. Feh. 15, 11 a. m„
"Christ's Supreme Promise to His
Church;" Sunday, 7:30 p. m„ "A Pro
test from Heaven. Sunday School at
10 a. m.; Y. P, S. C. E., 6:30 Sunday
Question box, good singing, helpful
GEO. FOWLER, Minister.
Corporations Fight Çnse.
PORTLAND, Feh. 6.—The supreme
court will decide whether public serv
ice corporations are required to pay 3
per cent of their gross earnings to the
city in conformance with an initiative
measure adopted by the people some
time ago. City Attorney LeRoche has
been authorized by the city council to
carry the case to the supreme court
an attempt to secure a reversal of
the decision rendered in the circuit
Hating for Golfers.
NEW YORK, Feb. 6.—The handicap
committee of the Metropolitan Golf as
sociation received final returns from
the clubs today regarding those
golfers in the district entitled to a
rating of eleven strokes or less in
1914 Hat. This ■will obviate much
difficulty in matching players and ar
ranging their handicaps.
Bed Cross Worker Made Some Startl
ing Discoveries While Investigat
ing Conditions in Fight Zone.
HOUSTON, Tex., Feb. 6.—The sc
heret is out. The public long ago be
gan to aeept as a joke published re
ports that hundreds were killed in
Mexican battles, for the number in
variably dwindled down to a score or
so. But thei'e is a reason.
The exaggeration of killed and
wounded in battle is directly due to
the Mexicans' laziness. The Mexican,
both federal and rebel he it known,
with few exceptions, carry the small
est army rifle in the world—a .
bre. Some carry a 30-30. The Mex
icans dislike to carry heavy guns or
heavy ammunition and these light
rifles are no burden. The Mexican
loves to fight, but when it comes to
marching and carrying a gun, that is
work, and he wants to get out of as
much of that as possible. There is
no glory in carrying a heavy gun.
This discovery was made by Will
iam H. McGrath, representing the Na
tional Red Cross society. He found
that Mexicans who had fallen in bat
tle suffered from very small bullet
wounds and further investigation re
vealed the fact that they carried the
lightest weapons possible. McGrath
has just returned from a trip along
the border and throughout north Mex
ico where he saw much fighting. Dur
ing the day of the heaviest fighting at
Uuevo Laredo when the rebels tried to
capture the town. 125 "fatally'' wound
2 cali
ed soldiers who were counted as dead,
were cared for by the Red Cross
corps. Only four of the Mexicans died
as the wounds of the majority were
slight. This is about the average
percentage of, deaths of those cared
foi, aserts McGrath, which leads to
the reports being sent out that a great
many are killed,
fall and they are
stretchers and the correspondents and
even the generals are honestly
reived. So when one reads a head
line: "200 Die in Mexican Battle" it
may be generally taken for granted
that there is one cipher too many.
This has been the case in every Mex
ican battle in the last several years.
The slaughter is not so terrible as
They are seen to
carried away on
_ , „ .
according to the Red Cross agent, i.
6 ,
not on the battlefield but the camps
, . , ,
and in homes, where there is need of
food, fuel and clothes. Bècausc small
The greatest suffering.
•calibre gnus are used." McGrath says,
"the war may continue for a much
longer period than expected; in lact
that is the reason why it already has
lasted so long."
Demonstrate Air Warfare.
POMONA, Cal., Feb, G.—March 3 and
4 are the new dates for Aviator Glenn
"battle of the clouds," in
which five noted birdmen are to par
ticipate and in which the warfare of
ten years bench will be demonstrated.
Tlie meet, to take place on the site ol
the Pomona speedway, was postponed
,at the request of the Santa Monica
race committee.
Charit} Bull Social Success.
NEW YORK, Feh. 6.—The annual
charity ball, which takes place at the
Waldorf Astoria tonight will equal
in splendor these society events of
former years. Among the patrons
are: Mrs. Frank S. Witherbee, Mrs.
John M. Bowers, Mrs. Warren Thorpe,
.Mrs. Joseph Eastman, Mrs. T. J. Oak
ley Rhinelander, 'Mrs. Robert
Adams, Mrs. Samuel H. Valentine,
Mrs. Charles Boughton Wood, Mrs.
Robert E. Adams, Mrs. William Orr
Barclay, Miss Annie Jennings, Thomas
F. Ryan and Edwin J. Berwind.
mits. Notice is hereby given that all
applications for permits to graze cat
tle, horses and sheep within the St.
Joe National Forest during tlie sea
son of 1914 must be filed in my office
at St. Maries, Idaho on or before
April 1, 1914. Pull information in
regard to the grazing fees to be charg
ed, and blank permits to be used in
making application will be furnish'od
upon request. E. A. Holcomb, Super
To AH Subscribers ot the
& Telegraph
We will commence at once
on a New Directory. If you
wish to make any correc
tions, or to reserve any ad
vertising space, call Main
296 immediately.
T. A. MEEKER, Mgr.
You would put on another clerk
in a minute, if you were reasonably
sure he could increase your sales
enough to justify it.
Put the price of a good man in
to advertising with us, and we'll sell
more goods for you than he would.
We can't open up in the morning or
help sweep out, but we can sell
good goods.
Succeeds Holding Up Uontirmatioa of
BInckfuot Postmaster.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 6—Former
Senator Dubois though denied the
right to name the new postmaster at
Blackfoot, Iiis home town, lias suc
ceeded in holding up the nomination
of George Jones appointed ou the rec
ommendation of John F. Nugent and
will appear before the postoffice com
mittee to protest against Jones' con
To Vote on Chicago Subways.
Feb. G.—The ordinance
providing for the system of subways
to be leased to the surface street rail-j
way lines, went into the hands of the
It will j
election commissioners today.
be on the ballot in the spring election. |
municipally j
be a
The subway will
owned affair.
Oregon Gets Lake Beds.
has introduced
a hill
ative Sinnott
granting to the state of Oregon hie
to the beds of "certain unnavii ..n e
lakes," to-wit, Lakes Albert, and Sum
Oregon has an interest in the
commercial production of salts from
these lakes.
Big Dirigible n( the Fair.
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 6.—The con
cessions department of the 1915 exposi
tion has closed an arrangement with
the Parseval company of Hamburg to
have a $250,000 dirigible at the fair.
It. will be 480 feet long and will make
50-mile trips out from the grounds,
at $25 ench.
carrying passengers
When you want storage room
Prompt Service.
Standard Dray
Heavy Scrap Brass and heavy
Gray Iron machinery castings.
Stove plate and malleable cast
ings cannot
Idaho National Harvester Co.
Sells anything, anywhere,
sales a specialty. Have had over 30
years experience, terms reasonable,
and satisfaction guaranteed,
me draw your bill up tor you tree of
Moscow, Idaho
Phone 260-J
Women are (joltting (he Habit and
Using Uncle Sam's Postal Sin lags
WASHINGTON, Feb, 6.—-AVomen are
abandoning their "lisle-thread banks."
and depositing their spare change in
stead in Uncle Sam's postal savings
banks, according lo a report today in
the hands of postoffice department of
ficials. The report was submitted by
the postmaster at Pittsburgh. He
says that a woman recently went to
his postoffice, pulled $2000 out of lier
stocking ,and asked for a pass book
from the postal savings department.
Failure of banks is also benefiting
the postal savings service, according
to Third Assistant Postmaster General
Dockery. In cities where hanks have
failed recently, many bank depositors
hare opened new accounts with the
postoffiees. Five days after a run on
the United States Trust company in
this city last November, 147 new ae
counts with deposits of $15,650 were
opened with the postal savings ac
cording to a report by the postmaster
here. At Pittsburgh a similar in
Children Cry for Fletcher's
ii :
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
- and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
/-Cocc*ii4/! Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " -Tust-as-good " are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment,
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it
has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
'Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
Advertising is not specu
lating or gambling. The
merchant who does not
advertise takes a 11 the
stance is reported,
(losing there last July
if the First
j creased greatly, the Pittsburgh post
master reports.
National bank, deposits in
Another Uoxey Army.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. G.—Charles
in "Coxey's
commander in
W. Kelly,
army" and a division
a lieutenant
army" a little later, has be
gun a series of open air speeches to
tlie unemployed here with a view to a
still longer cross country hike to
Washington to lay their grievances be
fore the president and congress.
At Y. M. C. A. Convention.
VANCOUVER, B. C„ Feb. 6.—A
three-day session for the annual con
vention of delegates of the Pacifie
Coast A'. M. C. A. opened here this
morning. Nearly four hundred dele
gates are present from Oregon, Wash
ington and Idaho. Among the speak
ers are Fred B. Smith, of New York
City., a famous speaker
Y. M. C. A. at Hankow. China, and
R. C. Goodwin,
San Francisco.
to men: Hugii
if the
moral secretary at

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