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in the platform of the republican
party arid *the nominees for the legts
lature from the 49th legislative dis>
trict be instructed to advocate the
«ership of farm lands, horses.
Undoubtedly the most radical de
parture ever attempted in this coun
try, from our American form of gov
ernment as provided by our consti
tution, is embodied in the following
^so lution adopted by the nonpartizan
■■^ue after securing control of the
^^mblican county central committee
^BHettingfer and Adams counties,
The resolution says:
^nie it resolved that our state com
miteemen be instructed to have placed
I state own
I cattle and machinery and that the
f same be acquired on the basis of value
for the three years immediately pre
I ceding the war."
»Do you as a citizen of the United
States realize what this means?
The success of this proposal means
I the establishment of socialism in its
most advanced form in this nation.
„ It means the overthrow of every
principle of our American form of
This step is the forerunner of com
plete state ownership of property and
If carried out it means that the
rights of the individual are completely
swallowed up by the state.
It means that in the future there
Would be no private ownership of
It means that labor of the individ
ual would be used to operate every
thing in the name of the state.
There would be no indiviudal profit,
other than enough to pay rent on
property held from the state. Any
profit there might be would go to
the state to maintain the political
The great beason light which here
tofore has been ever in the vision of
the struggling toiler in Europe was
the hope that some day he could get
to America and own a home.
America has been the land of free
dom and private initiative. It has
been the land where the individual
received the rewards of his labor. It
has been the land which, due to this
r very freedom of the individual, has
' B
Candidate for Congress Tells Where Stands and What he Stands For
generally may have the other side of the story so maliciously
circulated in the Harris letters.
Supported by National Committee
the platform and the president far more loyally than Mr. Day.
I told S. D. Taylor, chairman of the Republican state
tral committee, last March; I wrote Congressman Smith about
the same time, and I told other party leaders that unless the Re
ubplican state platform convention indorsed the principles for
which the farmers and the laboring men are fighting, and unless
the party cut loose from the special interests which have plund
ered the state, and are fighting President Wilson to keep control
of the nation, I would not support the ticket. I was not a candi
date for congress at that time and did not have the remotest idea
that I would be, hence I have in no way been influenced by the
lure of office. I simply proposed to do what I considered right,
and no man who is at heart a Democrat and a sincere supporter
of President Wilson will assail my position or question my sin
cerity, as I said in a statement issued earlier in the campaign.
The fight, is on between the people and the profiteers, and
progressive Republicans with whom I have fought for several
years, and progressive Democrats with whom we are aligned in
this fight, are going to stand together and win. I have had noth
ing in common with the corporation Republicans in Idaho, and
as a member of that party tried earnestly and sincerely to get the
honest men in the organization to stand together and repudiate
them. In this I failed, and to have continued submitting year
in and year out to a leadership as repugnant as kaiserism would
have been dishonest and absolutely unpatriotic. With the pro
gressive Republicans lined up with the progressive Democrats
for a housecleaning there was but one honest course open to
men and I have chosen it without regard to consequences to
myself or the slightest mental reservation. My country is greater
than any party and so long as Woodrow Wilson is guiding us to
a glorious victory against the Huns in Europe, and promises to
lead us to just as important a victory against the commercial Huns
on American soil, I am willing to follow his leadership. And
I might add that a thing which worries the enemy most is that
they know the people will not have to wait for a package of garden
seeds, or a letter along about campaign time, to find ont that I
am on the job and looking after their interests.
I have lived in Weiser eight years and if there is a single indi
vidual who can honestly say I have in that time owed an obliga
tion I have failed to meet ; that I have betrayed a single trust ;
that I have not stood squarely for good citizenship and clean pol
itics, or that I have intentionally wronged any citizen I am willing
to withdraw from the race for congress and ask the Democratic
committee to select a candidate more worthy of the trust. There
are those who differ with me as to the best method of obtaining
the results I am after, but there are none who can honestly say
I am not now advocating the same principles I have advocated
from the hour I set foot on Idaho soil and have advocated all my
life. The success or defeat of Senator Nugent, Mr. Samuels
or myself, as individuals, would be of little consequence, as wo
are but the instruments chosen to carry out the platform against
grafters and profiteers, but the defeat of the princples we stand
for means that the people of this country must continue to remain
the beasts of burden upon whose backs the idle rich and political
parasites will continue to ride.
These statements are made without consulting the power
trust, the timber trust, the mining trust, the packing trust, the
insurance trust or the Minneapolis milling and elevator trust,
and the signature hereto will be my own. and will be appended
without the least mental reservation, and I will not deny at some
future date, that I signed it.
With a consciousness that the man who fights for a right
eous cause must endure misrepresentation and suffer abuse, and
that the pathway to victory is never strewn with roses, I remain.
Most Sincerely,
"(Signed) C. L. AUSTIN,
Democratic County Chairman ;
Democratic County Secretary ;
Member Democratic State Central Committee ;
Ex. State Central Committee ;
Ex. State Central Committee ;
Democratic Committee ;
Under date of October 9th, 1918, a letter to Mr. Purcell
from the Democratic National Committee contained the fol
lowing :
"We are greatly interested in your success and will be glad
to serve you in any way we can. Advise me if there is any
particular work that you think we could do in promoting your
(Signed) W. R. HOLLISTER,
"Assistant Secretary.
11 ' \
Indorsed by home Democrats
Weiser, Idaho, Oct. 29, 1918.,
To the Democrats of the First Congressional District:
We, the undersigned, do hereby certify and declare that we
are Democrats and have always been loyal Democrats and that
we are in this present election supporting the Democratic ticket
from top to bottom. A short time ago there appeared in the
public press a letter from Frank Harris of this place in which
Mr. Harris made some very vitrolic statements about L. I.
Purcell, of Weiser, our Democratic nominee for Congress. At
the time we thought little about the letter because, we know Mr.
Harris and knew that the people of this section know him and
therefore knew that his letter would not have any weight or
influence with them, but seeing the letter has been givep wide
publicity by the Republicans, and a few Democrats who are
assisting them, and realizing that in sections where Harris is
not known the letter may have some effect, we deem it only fair
to Mr. Purcell and to the people who do not know Harris, to
make the following statements :
"When Mr. Harris states in his article in substance that the
regular old-line Democrats are not supporting Mr. Purcell, he
makes a false statement. We think that we are conservative in
stating that ninety per cent of the Democrats of this community
are not only supporting Mr. Purcell, but are supporting Mr.
Samuels, Senator Nugent and the entire Democratic ticket. Only
a few 'disgruntled office seekers and their little coterie of satel
lites are opposing the regular Democratic nominees. As an
evidence of a lack of influence of these bolters, we have only to
point to the poor showing of some of them in the recent Demo
cratic primaries in their own county. Mr. Purcell has been a
citizen of this community for some eight years, during which
time he has been running the Weiser Signal. While for some
years Mr. Purcell has been a Republican, he has been a Progres
sive Republican. It is untrue that he has opposed the President
in his war policy ; in fact, the Signal has supported the President
in the present war and has been ever loyal in rendering valuable
assistance. Mr. Purcell through the Signal was one of the first
newspaper men in the state to advocate the principles of -the
farmers' organization. He has always, in season and out of
season, fought graft, the trusts and profiteering. His record
along these lines arid especially in opposing the power trust in
. this state is one of the reasons why some of these disgruntled
bolters in this section are so vigorously opposing him. We aas
akin g these statements in order that thelvoters of this distri.fi '
"Lewiston, Idaho, Oct. 30, 1918.
"In the southern counties in the first congressional district,
where I am better known, it is not necessary for me to reply to
attacks of the opposition, hut as the letter of Frank Harris of
Weiser has been supplemented by one of the same character by
Harry L. Day, I feel that a statement from me may not be out
of place.
"The letter of Mr. Harris has been so emphatically answered
by the statement of the Democratic^County Committee of Wash
ington County and prominent Democrats of Weiser, that I need
not add to it. The quotation from a letter from the Democratic
National Committee also answers the charge of Mr. Day that I am
not standing on the Democratic platform and supporting President
Wilson. The National Committee would not want to see me
elected if I did not stand right on the issues before the people.
"As to the statement of Mr. Day that I have never been a
Democrat or participated in any Democratic proceedings, allow
me to state that I was born and raised a Democrat ; that I was
active as a Democrat in politics in Kansas until the time of the
Philippine war when the party made what I considered the same
fatal blunder that Theodore Roosevelt and the Republican leaders
are making tpday—i. e., attacked the administration from the
rear and hampered the government in its effort to whip a foreign
foe. If it was patriotic to break with the Democratic party when
I felt its leaders were not giving a Republican president full
support in the fight with Spain, is it not-just as patriotic, and
thoroughly consistent, to break with the Republicans when I feel
they are not giving a Democratic president the support he should
have in an hour of much greater national peril?
"From the hour that war was declared against Germany I
have stood by President Wilson, and a year ago I wrote the head
of the publicity bureau of the Republican national committee
that I did not approve of the attacks being made on the President,
and that all of the committee's publicity matter was being con
signed to my .office waste basket as fast as it was received instead
of being given space in my newspaper. As an evidence that this
fact is well understood where I am best known, and that my
honesty of purpose is not questioned by all fair-minded people
there, I need only to point to the fact that I carried my home
county in the primary by a majority of 217, while Mr. Day's
candidate for governor, a resident of the same county, and a very
wealthy man, lost the county by 62 votes. I do not think Mr.
Day intended to misrepresent my position, but the statement
am not standing on the Democratic platform is absolutely
'w The reason the Non *■' m League filed on the Demo
^ ''«ras because they could indorse that platform and the
support it. As a matter of fact I am supporting
Signed, L. I. PURCELL.
bred the most energetic and progres
sive nation in the world.
Now, a political party, comprising
all the elements of discontent it can
draw together, proposes to overthrow
the work of ages and place the people
of this nation in a position of com
plete servitude, making them landless,
rent-paying tenants.
The proposal seems so preposterous
that one is tempted to think a mistake
was made in the newspaper reports,
but the North Dakota papers say not.
' The nonpartizan league is trying to
g a i a control of the state of Idaho
anc j w hile state ownership of land and
ca ttle is not yet proposed, it is the
only outcome of the league's cam
paign to take over all other so-called
"big business'' for after the state
owns the industries it must control
the land which furnishes the sup
plies of raw material.
Unless we have developed a race
with less red blood in their veins than
an evaporated jelly fish, no program
of this kind can be carried out in
Idaho when the mask is finally torn
from the socialistic plans of this so
called nonpartizan league, than which
no ranker partisan class and boss
ruled organization ever existed.
"You democrats of the state of
Idaho—be not deceived by the talk of
the nonpartizans; that they intend to
vote the democratic ticket in the
county and state. They will vote for
their candidates, members of the non
partizan league. All the leaders care
for is that the governor and the legis
lative ticket secure control of the
state government this election, and
two years hence to fortify themselves
so strongly in the state that they will
be able to elect all the state and
county officers.''
The league has endorsed Nugent
and Borah for the United States
senate. This in itself should defeat
them both. Every man on the ticket
nominated and endorsed by the non
partizans should be defeated.
Are Nugent and Borah playing for
their votes? Certainly looks that
way. What strange bed-fellows this
makes—a democrat, a republican and
nonpartizans sleeping in the same
bed, while they are sleeping together
let the voters on the 5th of November
bury them with such an avalanche of
votes that will send them in Salt
river never to return.
' Hon. Frank Moore of Moscow is the
democratic nominee for U. S. senator
against Mr. Borah and should be
elected. He is a safe to elect to the
U. S. senate. The people of Idaho
know where Frank Moore stands.
He is not affiliated with the nonparti
zans, the I. W. W.'s or socialists, he
will not trade his party for votes,
he will support the administration at
all times he will be true to his con
stituents and to the citizens of the
state, he is a man well versed in law,
a man of the people, for the people
and will hew to the line, let the chips
fall where they may. He is not en
dorsed by the nonpartizan league,
don't want their endorsement, would
repudiate it if they had endorsed him.
He is entitled to the vote of every
democrat and republican in the state
of Idaho. The nonpartizans must be
defeated in Idaho, we cannot afford to
let them gain control -of ' the state or
send a man to the senate from the
state of Idaho. Voters when you
go to the polls to vote on Nov. 6th
be sure that you vote for Frank
L. Moore for U. S. senator.
Frank R. Gooding, the republican
candidate for U. S. senate in opposi
tion to Senator Nugent who has been
endorsed by the nonpartizan league,
should also be elected. Mr. Gooding
is the only candidate on the state
ticket that is openly fighting the non
partizan league. Republicans and
democrats should vote for Gooding,
and defeat Nugent and elect Moore
and Gooding to the U. S. senate. Both
are true to their parties. Burton
L. French should be elected as con
gressman from this district, his op
ponent Mr. Purcell formerly a re
publican is the nonpartizan candidate
and should be defeated. Democratis of
the state of Idaho, we cannot afford
to Vote for a nonpartizan, then vote
cans of the state you cannot afford
to vote for a nonpartizan, the vote
for Burton L. French the republican
nominee and present incumbent, who
has beeh tried and found not wanting.
Mr. French has been a staunch sup
porter of President Wilson's admin
istration and has promised if re-elect
ed to stand by the president and the
people. We know where Burton L.
French stands, know where to find
him, he stands for peace with victory
for national prohibition and woman
suffrage for the budget system in the
handling of national expenditures, a
supporter of President Wilson's ad
ministration. He is a Moscow boy,
and we are proud of him, voters when
you go to the polls on November 5th
to cast your vote be sure you place
an X to the right of Burton L.
French's name for congress. He is a
safe man for the position and de
serves your vote. His record is 100
per cent loyalty to the government
The people of Idaho have two candi
dates for the office of governor, Mr.
Samuels who is the nonpartizan can
didate and Mr. Davis the republican
candidate, can the people of the state
of Idaho afford to vote for Mr. Sam
uels, would it be policy to elect Sam
uels and turn the state over to the
nonpartizan leaders, do you want the
same condition in Idaho as it is in
N. Dakota if not then vote for Mr.
Davis. The democrats have no candi
date for governor. The nonpartizans
stole the democrat name and are try
ing to fool the people of Idaho by
placing their candidates on the demo
cratic ticket, the only way to defeat
them is to vote for Davis. While it
will go hard with a loyal democrat
to vote for a republican it can be
done and will be done and of the two
evils choose ye the least.
* + *** + ** + + * + ***

♦ ♦ ♦
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net, delivered to warehouses $2.02%
Wheat, Bluestem, No. 1, sacked
net, delivered to warehouses 2.11%
Wheat, Fortyfold, No. 1, bulk,
net, delivered to warehouses 2.02%
Wheat, Fortyfold, No. 1, sTted,
net, delivered to warehouses 2.11%
Wheat, White Club, No. 1 bulk, •
net, delivered to warehouses 2.00%
Wheat, White Club, No. 1, sTced
net, delivered to warehouses 2.09%
Wheat, Red Russian, No. 1 bulk
net, delivered to warehouses 1.97%
Wheat, Red Russian, No. 1 sTc'd
net, delivered to warehouses 2.06%
No. 1 Feed Oats sacked, per
hundred .
No. 1 Timothy Hay....
White Beans, per pound
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Eggs, per doz.
Butter, creamery, per lb.
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Veal, live wt., per lb..
Veal, dressed, per lb
Spring Lambs, per lb.
Mutton, per lb.
6 at 8c
Hotel Moscow Arrivals.
Nov. 1.— L. M. Thornton, Spokane;
J. H. Vogel, Seattle; Pete C. Snyder,
Portland; O. S. Parker, Denver; Frank
Wood, Portland; John Williamson,
Spokane; Amos A. Doyle, Spokane;
V. J. Franco, Helena; Alice Brown,
Seattle. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Wollen
berg, San Francisco; W. S. Bingham,
Portland; H. P. Marsing and wife,
Claytonia; L. H. Henry, Idaho Falls;
D. J. Murray, Seattle; C. T. Clark,
Spokane; O. E. Tesank, Spokane; G.
W. Popp, Spokane; W. D. Crane
1 Spokane; V. p. Fawcett, Spokane;
F. S. Stroebel, Little Potlatch; James
Griggs, Tacoma.
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