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Issued Every Wednesday and Baturday
- Editor
The, deveh>]>r«K'itt of our mining re
■ iiii the continual discovery *»t new
of different fca
portant ledges,
turcs in the character and extent of ores
ami ;
i Hiver
end mineral In the upper Wi
» otintry, and especially upon the various
stream« directly tributary to Kotchuih,
has proceeded with greater vigor and
more flattering fesidts during the pres
ent «■ .muer than ever Info,.. Tho re
action m business pursuit» comiequeut
from the fate which iwlcil this country
last fail and even during the past spring
owing to wild exaggerations on the part
of u few blind Journal» and their cranks,
i ». p' rcoptlhiy worn tuvuj. A lew per
sistent prospectors, whose former suc
cess induced theta to return and carry
• ait tlie dictai loin, of their beliefs, liuvtt
i/ndc new and Sbirtloig discoveries in
out m. iiiednite vicinity,where for mouth»
ami mouths In the season., ol 'nil, 'at turd
Vi the weary seeker pawed over "thou
sands ' which lay "biiud to the surface
been followed
Huceess lui
ledge hunter,
by doubled n search. Mon have spread
m great number» over tlie region« of
ï nui creek, Luke creak, Elkin in, East
: 11 . and Warm Spring ci, eg, to »ay
nothing of tu»- fiawtooth. Everywhere
:■» ir untiring energy hu» been crowned
i ith moat tiutiering «ueeiV-t, and dully
report» nrHva of guieuu itère, a ooppw
; my oro dlscov, ry there ami newly
dgveh petl ledge# every vvli r«. to some
» ï xteut, true, tlie KkutTuxa bus a voided
t utiuu ul Uum# reporta, ami perhaps
isely but tin
majority of them have
bow U true coloi >, cud a visit in uny
putt of the »tuionudlug country where
. lew initiera huvo it. v doped a newly
d; **.' *vcrod belt or cast their lot in the
brighi mdieutioii# of (run and galena ur
■ opper uud dry urea i» the most oou
vi,.ling, wliilo it i trug;, u very grutily
ing tiling. Tlie bu»iuc».-i of the Deputy
»P" -nier lu this town im» bim two
nuuditd per cent, greater, and we dare
»ay in behalf of prospect» atm per cuut.
Hoher Hum during any previous »eason.
• mi the jiercvgub!« eon
act is marked in Ui
ivqucueu of tili»
uprising and
uoaithy growth otun industriouseoiuunt
U i» niui h- i\ iu tu« ctUH«urn#iug
..UtUfH.-v tif |h« futur«« ï»
tot« »ur tu and iudieated evcry hand
, , . , !
. ml ny uv«rv action ami »eiitiuicut an»- I
mg froui utira untl neighlionug people,
il is tue Uaivuis.il I ii Ward tUclatioii mat
iumra grwvt of Idaho, not only of
d o..4 Hirer, I« do»:ia»d, and vci
1 1 o 'Ule m thi# very place,
the meirojK-U*.
it Uiiuiug rcsouice# at the present |
> were chietty prospreta one year i
c, amt auch prospects as now »cent
Very « usiv to jot Uic hilts and llioUU- ï
tidu side# ill no lea# than u iiuif denen 1
large and promising trtliufujn», which ;
e herein Ketehum very like to the j
»piike» in » great wheel,
we have mentioned urv iwrg
lie# and each ul them pus», » .tug dis
tinct and valuable uum i.d ladt*. Chai- I
li*, Ihiuiiuhii, luiybor>», Custer ami tit#
mitmou to the north. Haw tooth, Vienna, !
Bouih IMso and Rig Bmoky to tho |
routh-w c»t. Little Knsuky, War
spring.«. Boy I# Mountain tuivl cirernhorn
to Ik« » <•*,(, an t cr«x)k. Trail erewk,
Kikhoru. lia at Fork uud Slur Mountain
to tho «act,arc ah of tb :u »i
y »oou, j
Kotohutu, i
inbtiiu- '
naturally to di- ,
* depend- j
..«•« in the
n;ighty wheel that ii
reut connection and at»*«iiuti
once for outer ciuumtvaiiMtn.a
it. the great hub from which they
u, and the iuiiusumi importance of
»« «lay m«»et
thaae ndgbty »ps>«
th>* t«-<biration uf our pion>« rs und Cu«
turc «ettlen» in revolving wealth ami la.
dtwtry into the great centr*
natural unton.
umr. huig on. "hen .1 coiumu uext to i
reading niatvcr.
of their
Lydin Piukhani'a body lie» moulder
lug in the touib, but her picture goes
The Smelting Company Driven Abroad
for Flux.
A Contrnct Signed with the Railway
Company to Bring Iron Ore from Raw
lins and Tlntk - The Cause of this
( hange of Hase, Etc.
Lost evening the Philadelphia Mining
and Smelting Company olgncfl a con
tract, with the Union Pacific amt Oregon
Shoft Line companies, dccording to the I
terms o{ which the smoking company
agrees to import from Rnwt
lug, or Tintie, Utah, all the iron ore
which the smelting company will re
quire f«« flux. A» the rapacity of the
company « works is Ihci tons of </ ;>»*r
day, the company is liable to require aw
much uh 2,569 ton# of iron per month, or
O Hl fflJllKD A
Philadelphia Company has felt
on tlie outside for Dux
compelled to g(
licenuMf of an attempt, on the part of lo
cal owners of iron mines, to
the smelting t'oiupauy «ml «nuke it pay
morn than it considered the Iiuat Fork
iroft worth. Tlie company has, Iront
tli« »tu«, boon buying Iron ore from the
mine» ou the East Fork of Wood River,
but recently a Mr. Burton, who claims
to tie operating hero fur « corn pony in
which Renat*>r Tatior, tho Colorado mil |
liouaire, Js u stockholder, »ecurod tlie \
control of two of tlie mines, amt E. S.
(Binse secured the other by exchanging "I
hi« interest in tlie Htur group for it; and
they ut once raised the price oh the ore
Oil tlie Philadelphia Company—with the
result above »tided.
This new departure, on the part of
the Philadelphia Company, i» to b« de
plored, as tbe traffic in iron ore kept
many men ami team# busy, both ou tlie
East Fork of Wood River and in Ketch
urn: and tlie cash paid for tlie ore con
tributed in no small degree to our pros
perity mid tlie development of our re
source»,- Hailey Time#, Aug. 2d.
We understand from what wo consider
good authority that tho "corner" on
these iron mitte» is the work of tlie Idaho
Land Improvement Co., whose Hailey
interests huve publicly shown their ef
forts to interfewe In every maimer w ith
the interests or the Philadelphia Co., at
Kotchuui. Tho result is several fitr
slghted (?) capitalists hare put their!
money into iron mines where it will :
probably stay for Home time to come.
Thin I# just retribution. Tine', tho im
portance ut retaining home i mille is con
Hidetabie lint tho greater importance of
successful operation of the great works
ut this place, 1» first to lie considered.
Homebody has out off another nose to
spite a facu, ami vve are glad to see this
independence of tho l'. M. A H. Co.
Silt er.
It ï» pfobubl« timt the ocean contain»
a Utile of everything .soluble in wa
1er, and it is onrtotw to find from the |
experimcnU of foreign chemists timt »civ
water continua un .appreciable quantity |
ert silver in solution. Midagtiti, Duro
eher ami Siirvamml have useertuiued that
a .snutil QU&utity of Milvoi* oi'cum lu hou i
milt. Ht*tt wivtor itM*lf contains abouti
om ''d* 1 '«'' 1 »"" 1 *' '» DM) litre#. Vallons I
! sea weed», the "Incus »errat us'' and '•fit- I
I ,
j cu# ceramoides contain at least Hid- I
product» for the preparation of which
»onimoii «ait i» used, a«, for instance, iu ;
! carl»matf of «oda ami li vdriK'liiorio i
[t i» also present In chemical ;
f land plants and the inooluWo !
I portion contain# more silver than Ha
| soltihlc portion.
| «list
I acid.
I asile»
Silver is ItkcWi#
fourni in the
ash of
>x blood.
rock ..nit, and most probably coal, also,
I eont-Uns uiinii' trace» of this precious
1 metal.—Mini
fhe cry about cigarettes laving un
Tlit-rc 1» no
[I'vcK'b at s.j
healthy is all fi
strength in the tolaieeo of which they
»rc umile. All tlio atreugtli hue beon
of tobacco lie
' taken out by Hie ehe
j fore it t» made up into cigarette«.
■ »burning army of tlm United
state- h .- 1 een fearfully depleted with
! in the liait tan days. Three private sol
•*r» have committed »uieide within
Tbe country would be illy
ui prep.-red for war. until the places of
.* three privat« » ara filled.
bishop who organized adl
»f ht., own by placing dyna
bad of three of hi*
to bave hi« conduct impaired
, iuto by a church c*«niiuittee. Fven in
j ^ ' church attempts t«« iHiutrol ii
A M or
mite under the
, W i VI « l
man # i tuusotuent.
Beedirr ia color
a r«»i stiH-king
1 hat must iw« a very
for a man in his Imsi
Au evchange uji
bit ml and cannot tell
blue one.
as affliction
: ed from the Horu gilwr since tlie i^t of
January, 1H»4, $1,7&t'>.5i>0; present totid
to i tal of it# shipments, ♦t ) «55,500.-0 8 dcu
j Pilot, 1st.
The shipments of She Horn Silver for
the week amounted to 2.1 cars, valued at
shipments previously report
of its ahipnaents. #l,8ik5.500; preavut to
The single eye-glass is worn by the
dude and the theory is, that he con see
much more than he can comprehend.
Parasols, hats, drosses, entire suits of
velvet, silk, satin or cloth, in Puri», are
red 'Jiis summer, even the trimmings are
rod; in fact, everything is red in Paris ■
except the Hiblé.
A Jersey City undertaker advertises j
that he furnishes "every requisite fora
funeral," and it in therefore supposed
that ho must be a doctor well as an
Fond father: "May we hope forth
pleasure of your company at our
to-morrow, doctor? We shall have a lit
tle instrumental and vocal music. My
daughter Alice will sing, and afterward
Beatrice will recite her new poem. At
nine o'clock wo shall sup." Doctor:
"Many tlianka. you are very kind. I
will be with you at nine sharp."
"Vos," said Mrs. Towner, as she expa
tiated upon the beauties of her Hewer
garden, "1 have given it great care, and
if you come over in a we« « or two I ex
pect to be able to show you so rue beau
tiful scarlet pneumonias."
lie had turned and twisted in his seat
-> a j
for nearly tut hour, vainly trying to
make an impre« «ion upon the young In
dy who sut behind him: At-laat, he
naked: "Doe» this train stop at CiCi-ro?"
"I don't know, Mr," »he quickly replied,
adding, "but I hope eo, if you think of
getting off them."
Buyer Sint Springs at Xetchnm Idaho,
In every tobacco factory ut Key Vent
there Is u "reader." Cuban» cannot talk
without gesticulation, and in order to
keep them from talking u person is em
ployed to read aloud to tire "hands"
during working hours.
"Why is it that a little country like
France i«, in proportion to resource#, so
much richer Hum America?" asks an ex
change, and the Buffalo News thinks it
is became Frenchmen sell American wo
men bonnets.
"it must have been slippery weutiier
whether when tho
prodigal son ro
The Harlem man asked, "Why,
in your opinion, was it slip; t ry?"
, ' returned the small buy, "tho old
man. fell ou his neck."—Faribault Dem
I,urge and commodios building# have
erected containing parlor» and
rooms for guest» and visitor» »ifftably
A good instaurant connect
ed whore hoard and lodging 1» furnished
at reasonable price», a number of buth
room», ai»o a large plundgeand swiming
iiatti for both ladies ami gentlemen pro
vided, for all who umy call to enjoy the
exhil,-rating and medical effects of this
celebrated water of which
muH gives the following
Prof. Dore
Bodimn Chloride
per gal in gr. 8,578.
StvcUnm Carbonates "
Calcium Sulphate "
Mugnesium Sulphate '
Magnesium Chloride
Traces of Iron
Total Solids
J. I. Lew i«, Manager.
22 , 806 .
The body of a Jew, who died in Chicn
go recently, was laid out in front of a
window facing west. Tito centre pane,
whtch now on oxhlbttion between 7
ami 8 o'clock every evening, present» a
likeness of the demi man. At u'o other
tlme dnrinff tho (lliv iH th J
Btrango np
Wuahing with chcm
pcnrance viaablc.
iv'nl» I as failed to obliterate the mystor
iona image, which doc« not fade.
The coinage in the United States mint
at rhiladeiphi# the past month aggr» -
gated 9.056,006 piece«, valued at $1.228,
900. Thi# amount includes 1 200,000 »11
rer doilars.
"An Iowa man is on trial charged with
starving his wife to death,
the kind of men Iowa has it ia no wou
if that i,s
dev Uiut the statement 1» made that the
State is out of debt. Any State ought
to get out of debt with audit economy ns
----- - —
The Wood Uivrr Smelting Company.
Thc annual meeting of stockholders
whs held on the 25th instant, when tlie
following Trustees were unanimously
elected: Constant A. Andrews, Hugh
AuAuicloss and James Deuriug, to bike
the pine# or Messrs,
Hn q Prii'e, who
Tho capital c««nsists of 4.1810 shares, Rt
S2> each, par value, of which 1,641 shares
Uarev, Cowpland
declined re-election.
arc still in the treasury <«f the eompan',
together with $6,825 remaining du« ou
installment« from shxikholdera.
The company's works are nearly ready
to commence operations. It is further
proposed to consolidate with this com
pany the valuable galena property of the
Pet Company, tlie atockholdcr# of each
company living almost all equally own
ers in both companies. The. company,
ss thus consoli«lnte<i. would own their
preaent two valuable iron mines for
ttuxiug purpoa«», and a galena mine.
m!îke'tlie smelt"5*''bUm^'roAr proàu
able.—The Mining Itacord.

Tinware, Hardware, Miners' Tools, Table
Pocket Cutlery, Guns, Pistols, Ammuni
Tackle and Sporting Goods.
tion, Fisliing
Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes and Smo; .ers' Articles.
! ' ! '*.x on < 'lese luitrsrins, and have both Imponed and Domestic Cigars
We sell Cigars
im i:aad i- u rk.r to anything in this market for the money. •
Tin anf Sheet Iron Work to Order.
Sv'Onierh l.y Mall will'receive prompt attention. Wc aim to give satisfaction,
Ketehum, Idaho.
Gillette & Evans, • :
ii y
j jj ï
M -I, M
Ketehum, Idaho.
Main Street,
PAUL P. BAITER, Proprietor.
Tliis is the largest, and in fact
The Only First Glass and Complete
Hotel in Ketclmm.
A Veranda Extends the Entire Length of the Hotel, with
Shade Trees in Front. Every Convenience, Including
well Regulated water works, in connection.
It i» Located in the Centre of the City next door to Stage Office, and
is thus especially convenient for business men.
Free Bath R,ooms Attached to the House.
Main Street,
Ketehum, Idaho.
W. J). HATHAWAY & CO., Proprietors.
Imported WINES,
Fine Cigars a Specialty.
A fine Billiard and Pool table for the amusement of patrons.
W. I). Hat AAV ay it Co., Proprietors.
Palace Hotel.
Main Street,
Ketdmm, Idaho. •
Mrs. A. HIMES, Proprietress.
Dining Room
run on the European Plan by the Old Reliable
Meals at all hours of the Day or Night.
Order what you want and pay accordingly.
? •
Pioneer Store.
Healer in
General Merchandise,
Groceries and Provisions.
Importer of
Liquors, Cigars, Tobacco and Milwaukee Beer.
Always on hand
Fresh California Fruits at Wholesale Prices.
Call, and see us.
P. öcBWASTX, Katahtun; ltidU®.

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