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Ketchum daily keystone. (Ketchum, Idaho) 1884-1884, June 21, 1884, Image 4

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'notice JYe. S3.
TtxirEn States Land Office, >
Hailey, Idaho Ty., April », 1S84. (
.Hones 1* hereby Riven that William H. ' Bte- i
vena, of Detroit, State of Michigan, by T. W. |
nano, hie attorney in fact, whom? Postofllce |
address I* Ketchum. Idaho Tv., ha« made an- >
plication for a United States Patent for the {
Mlniug daim and Tom Rogers mill site clakn.
•Ituate In Warn» Springs Creek Mining District, !
Mturns County. Idaho Territory, consisting of
•boat two linear feet of the lode, and surface !
ground about 400 feet wide, being Lots No. 54 A
and 6* B, and described In the held notes and
plat of the official survey on tile In this office,
with magnetic variation at 19 degrees cast, as
follow* :
Halil Thom Rogers mining claim is described
byootwneiiotnggl Urn south-«nd e »iter there
of, whence U. H. Miners I Monument No. 5 bears
H. 44 .s# W.. S44.fi fee:.distant; thonon from said .
norr.er H. TO*«T W.. 574 feet to post No. 4 ; thence
N. I* 7' W., Iillif feet to post No, 1 ; thence N. 7 i ;
m K.. 4ifi tout to i . « No. 2, und then«« to jiao ;
of beginning. B «' n' E.. J *so feet, oontaimng ]
area of IMu s ores, and designated as Lot No. ;
•4 A.
Haid Tom Royer* mill site I« described by
eonimencitiu a* the north-west corner thereof,
wh-meoU. H. Min -rai Monument No 5 hears N.
41*51' W. lstfi.7 feet distant; thence from suhl
earner ti. 41 s sh' K.,«Ml hut tu post No. 2; tiionoe
1 fk •* W.. •*»* firt to post o. »; them»* b. 47 5
IN' W., 3fw to post No. 4, i»«d thence to place or
begfnnlvig, s. B K. «ist ft» t, 0 ntalning area of
X,91 »ores, and designs ed a- lev ■(*. 54 11.
The said mint ft« ehy m and mill site beRnr of
record In the office of tlm County Recorder of
said Cnnntv, a. Hailey, in Aitnras Cnunty, Id»
known ittuafion luting the
"Alpine" mining «lalm, on the «:<»t.
1 diveif Hmt this noti«« bo published in the
SETOHUM KEY Ti kB. Wie n wsi ft|*pr published
aearost the said mining claim, fertile period of
aixty da vs «OME» L. Pound,
ia«. U Beatty, Register.
Salley, xtty. I Apr,).
'ftie ii "-'iv -
Notice No, 52.
UsiTED mtatem Land Office, *
iladxv, Idaho, April 5, IflSl. f
tl'»f ti.o Haiti more
•ttd Viotori* Mining Company, an otgatmal'on
teeurtKiirated under tlie i*iw of Ftsh Territory
hv it« attornev In tant. Joseph M. liiirltett.
whose Iv.stolllcM address is Hailey. Altéras
•onntv Wabo, ha» nmd# application for a
Unlust Ht a lex Patent 1er tim Haltimore lode
mining claim, situate in Warm Bprlngi* Creek
Miiilax District, AU um- County, IdahoTorrito- (
yy, o,insisting of un linear feet of the lode, and i
»itrfxoo ground AVt.a root Wide average. Iieing j
Islt No Ii V. and dWOTlbcd III the Held notes
*»d piat of Hl« officia! survey nil hie hi this or- ;
flc#. with I, um netto variation «.t I» degtees east, ;
•»follows' Comroenelng at the discovery stake ,
and running thonoo N «7" tv. 3'JK).*> feet to N. K.
ro'lot claim, titane*' K 'AC m' K - feet to Cor
ner No, i; llienee V 23'30' W., 541 feet Ui tkir
ner No. *; Utenoe 8 47" :*• W„ Itsil fret to Cor
ner No If; thence H. VSi" :*( K„ Kin feel to Corner
No 4; thence N. 4.V if E., ITItl feet to Corner
8* 1 1,cnee N **,' il K, 11« i feet to Corner*!
iiÄri'Ä Ä. in Ä"HUng ri ÏÏÎS&
s'rom C'.msf No. 3 sec, Ion corner coin mon to
flections ii, 15,112* !» T. 4., N. it, 18 K., bears
ti. t>T ist W.. 2750 feet distent.
AvitUcaU**u ts also m*do for the
H.rf.TIMi»«* Mibb 8 itk,
Nornrit 1« her^b «ivi
I.W. 43 ». In conunetton there with, desoribefl |
iUtii>n ut t» degrees cast, as j
with magnetic
loi Ions :
Coimiitmclng at Un* initial point, marked Cor- !
mr No. 1, and running limticv S* «•' W., *'»31 ;
■ihw 8. 80 K.. **mi feet, to
rt -W' F.i 4113 feet to Corner |
' W, XiK) fi*#t to Corner I
Oou'.sining 3 07
tool to Corner No. 3; t
Corner No d; tlienor N.
No. 4: tliciu» N. 37" I
No. i, tiir place of betrtnnimi.
»orc». From Corner No. 1. «cotton ootner cum- i
mull to H**, :loi,- 11, lft, U3A 24. T. 4, N It. 17 !*.,
'ittarafl mm*' E., 147« ri el distant. The «»id 1
nilnlag i-'aim being of eeutd In the *dt!oe Of the
Ueoordei of said mining district at Hailey, in |
cmnitv, Idaho, 'i ii« nearest known lo- j
(„-ing Victoria and tint Ottiuberlaud itsi# j
mtiitag elaitn* ,, ,
I dtrrct Rial this mnioc )«< pniduiied 111 Hie
Kalvill vi KkYSTONE, till news]*«twr published
nearest t he «aid milling oSaini, for Ihn period of
sixty tl« vs. Humph L I'ccnu.
Wh-IliiiiiiMli. R«gi*tec
Arty forApplioant lAphi
VNtrg-U 8 'vater b».Ni) Offu k, i
Not^b I» her-bv triv* *.i that the Haltimore
bv Its atuirm-v iu Io. Jom ph M. Burkett, |
whose i'ustoffiei add res* Is titdieV, Altera-*
•ooaiv. IdahoTwritffiT. ■:*« Bt»d# »VPlffisUott (
|„ * l mull SU.C-K I »tent for the j
Notice No. 61.
minis« I'Uim, sReaWd in «'arm Springs
Creak Mining Dtstmii, Altura« Cnunty, !
IdatM) twUvrv, iKtuxtstiuit of IMm linear
ffs.» of I is** Usi**. and sui lsi'c groutui last ii*et
wid% imnfif W m#. * * / ,
nolo* i4>d plat of the official hid vey on tile in
thin ottievk with umimeUo vat lath
«»*1 , »* follow» ; Ciunmvn.-tng »! vhvfllsr*
ooini ami runiltng thfluoo fl* •»'■ »* "*, H«iki*t
to S. W. cud of claim; thence S. *i •»• l* , 261
isst Itt Comer No. ïi ibeiuai N, » ' W*. >41
f.*«t It, Curnar No- 4; tltauoe K. 7«' « . K.. UOlS I
t«a*t to Corner No. s; liteii.-r a •/.i "' i*... **'.iloot i
It) Corna» No. ti Mitmye ».Ta* 57 W*. l-W.2 fwt \
luxnM No. I, tu.* place o* beginning survey ol
axiArlor boHiularlas «f 'daim. Cuntaitrlug Id. jh 1
* »»" i m i n*' iifio
»HM '»
ut l«d
From Comer No. % section »orner oummoa to
SecUons it. IA. n Ar W, T. 4, N. K. IN E., bears K i
«E i« W., ttv* féat distant, 1
Tin* said mluing oi«ini iietag of ri-cad tn tin
•die«- of the Recorder rt «W ndnlng di.triet at
Mailt v tu ARuros eoiinty, Idaho. TU« Heures! I
known location» »» in« tho Ralumoro and the
Cunüwrlaud lode mining claims i
i dirts)*, that this notice is* pobtlslml tn the j
KK2ÇIMM KkvhWNP, '«be newsiwper jiuffitshed
it. wrest the said mining rlolut, for the perioti of
sixty dav»- HoMKM I.- Fl'I NU,
Win. iiy mUtiau. Begister
Vit* toi t'hil-.iimit. : Ai'i •
Notlc* No. Ail.
UxiTKt» Ktatcsi Land Omt, «
ÜHiit*y, itlhim* Aprtl I8M4.
NtYTb'K in hiicb) givrai tbML tho HtUtmorr :
hm«I Vlvtum Mtotn»; OotiuMy« aïi or«B;ui»'Um j
irimr»tiKl mttUra th« Uws Vtah 'l'orritory :
D* auortMty in fftot, Jtotwph M Hu» kott,
u for h l

rmnte i
in Hadev, ItialKt, !»a« rnade
Lino Stat«** l^aUnt for Che
'«# torn
I sale mining claim, situate tu Warm 8;>*kui» ;
t took Minina DUtriri. Alturas ooutvtr, Idaltu *
Terril.«v. qnnslstlng of I4»S linear fWt of the '
nd he fe«t wide, being
,<• «mi ,»ç-«erli..si tu the field ootea and i
*Wr** y nfl hie In thh offieeaj
d„«i>e# oast **«;
b*, «h» discoïépÿ iwiint.f
• »> K , V*feat U» N. ctid t
n' W„ annua#to Corner |
t to OtnfiorNo.
» »V HL. **«tfflet to Cqrne# No. sj t
*»>' 1433 h**t to Corner No. 4; ]
, Me, fee# to Comer No. t, tlie
■lac*af ba*uuM,>- *». ve* of sXierior bounda
,*f eiaire t ,M*t«!iiihtg !-*4 ter,«
tv*An Cora»« Nta I. -eettnn «orner oomr.-..-.#.
14, 15. * 24, I' 4. N. it K* K., boar»
S. 7S" 41 ' W„ lews feet ids sat.
T*.. — o. m-t^* *... nlxim t«-|Hg,of. tuoord in the
'•«> ! ••Mag dist-wtat
H***v. tt%fiwr»«c eib-sb»*- The ii.-ire-t
i « '.us « »ut M tftm
» *»t s
Whî . 4
S *
tf el
kg, tfttwncu.H v
; ; thJfcfN
i .V
'wiffit N.
true* H 73 4T W .
* » Bäo io
DK.!t j- n«:r»% siul the
ii* bfc'ou hf
» l
lia tbvri
i«nt thD Hè pw%»lWhé»î in toe
Jt'-Jff Kb-TST« ?»c. Ih * l'SitltRÉMâ
il»»- ?T*e=ri»>4i of
mini nn efeyaci«?
i*y?CHS. u Hu »VI*.
ffc-gjrtt »'-r
« n I
J. JfiTViTo
-THE -
First National Bank
.... _
V*,! 1,'.
Authorized Capital,.
».«,»« n . , .
; IB A AC I. LLWJB, President,
_ _
.. fM\()öü
K. C. Corny, Vice President.
GEO. W. G BII'FIN, Cashier;
11. C. Lewis, As»t. Cashier.
Board of Directors.
I. I, Lewis,
Geo. B. Moulton,
Geo. W, Grililn,
E. 0. Coffin,
Tho*. La veil.
General Banking
; — Q . . y-s a I
; (jRF S A/ Rill I |ON
, w 1 * uwui-iwm
Busiuflflfl Transacted.
Advances Made
Intercut paid on Ttme Dciioslt.
| , .
j Kxchangt Sold on Lantern ana Hentern
Ciliet: also, Exchange at Lownnt
England, France,
Germany, Austria,.Vor
iru if, Sweden,
And alt Foreign Countries.
1 MariW-tfl
r _ . ,
Tmnsnct a gonoval banking business
iu ail its brandies.
Buy and sdl Exghnngc on the looiTing
eitles of the l lilted Staten.
mi s-rMif « «*<* f#jjrt»i *;»";"
| oi Great Hritiiiu , Irulimd, bwitzerlniwi,
l-'nilu-e, Hdgiuul, liulltUid. NuTWllV, j
( gw.»ten, DcnuiflrK, Italy, liuxsia, «er- !
j umnV nuù A list ri it. :
! !
ColieetiotiH math' With prompt returns j
at lowest rates. I
Cert!hi'::U'S of deposits i«*ued payable I
! oil demand. !
Aooounta aolioitod. I
M...CS4 t, /nsa !
F irtfo * CO. i
I «AN » BANt'ikCo. .
i *s,r.*i*
*" .
1 New York,
Count*, VOX Li enth ;
Weils, F irgo A- Co,
.First National Hunk
l T. Morgan & Co
rnuram i *■% Oonctal KAuking Kurin««*. Buy and
i Holl Str»lira: Lxvbamiv Kuy tuui Soil Kx
ttw* i *. Ii itiBlI *-'*-- fHm.U ■
Co» t rtcatt H »*f Ptpi^lt Usueil l^H^abloon De
I m?iud.
• l itM'iul HVtv»ntU>n jiiv^n toçoll#eUouH and iiu
! mUauüK'î* müde on day of paymoni.
v- *• . I
Ne.* * OF*
- - Suit Utkd city |
A "W i—
Wa I ta I
m m
J. T, JdOKiMA A Co,,
Vi Kfijt. F.Miilt* A ft».,
t »> „ , , ^ e*
| j' K, ^' • *'*»tui*A A I O.,
I'p>*i;rr >-' • Haw,
t fc i *b N u Uanb
Snil Pfiim-iseo
Diitlen. Utah
MTTSS \ CO-of th# Mnmw AMTOTCAW.con
R9 lk»H©ii*«l fvf h«en*i, Cavvtstw Trmd«
tyristM, for tb# Uniiott £C&JU'*. Car. wi*,
4rkrHi, Geraumv. etc. Hind Book àbout
FA*enu B*ai frv»*. ThtrtŸ.flfve« years' experience.
HüMK k CO. arenotlwl
* An Ike a»ci* Xtmr Am»,kha\, the Urge»», tes», tuid
icofrt wkkiy drcshMl scieatifra puuer. #»2Usy«ir.
\Vmtkiy. %ritms aud interv.suns io
fmrnuSâ^m. ff p eétmc a »^py ^>f th*» Kkuiillc A
A4*n»* Ml^:s 4CXV.K lEATIJnC
•* 4
fees nmU trm
Ant KStaiy OtKte. 3ßl Braart^ray, New York.
Notice No. 58.
United States Land Office, > !
, Halley, Idaho, April il, DW4. i |
; Notice is hen by glvtn that. Isaac I. Lewis
I lias made application for a United States Pat
! ent for the |
! Lode mining claim, situate in Warm Springs
' Crei k Mining District, Alturas County, Idaho :
; Territory, consisting of Wl linear feet of the 1
1 lode, and surface ground 475 feet wide, beim;
I Lot No. 41 A, and described In the Held notes
I and plat of the official survey on Hie ill this of
: Hee, with magnetic variation at 1» degrees east, ;
! as follows:
1 Commencing at the discovery point and ran
j nlmr tUencf- $■ lift' W., 'Mÿ i et to N. W. end ,
I ot eJftlm; thence N. '20° 25' E., 175 feet to corner ;
Ko. l; thence H. 20° 25' W.,.475 icet to corner No.
>* thence 8 . 48 t/ ;ft'E., l ;; 1 ) foot to corner No. :i: i
^ :;enc0 X. !4o'' 25' E., 475 foot to corner No. 4; ;
thence N. 4t>° :wi' VV., R18l foot to corner No. 1. 1
tin « lac!0 loginning «m-vey of exterior bound a- j
i riew* of claim. Containing 14.W acre«. From j
corner No. 1, sec. cor or common to section« 1
; 9, io, F, ,v Jft, T. 4, N. It. lb K.» bear» N. 29 Vi' j
I W-. 2792.2 feet (llxtftiit. ,
I Applicatioti is »l«o made f< r the j
"Fi'YsToNr" Mil I site !
' ' ' 1
! In connection tterewit In being Lot 41 ii, and (Its •
, crlbed with mxgne-.lo variai ion at I«' nasi, as I
ked O'.r
Commenctng at the initial point, ....
d running thence N. 78' ID' K., 62(1.3 ;
F 10' K„ 400 feet j
46' V.'., M<i feet
feet t.
nor No 1, a
feet to corner No. 2; thence 8
to corner No. 3; thence 8
to corner No. 4; theuce N :
corner No. 1, the plan • of beginning survey of
exterior boundaries of claim. Containing 4.7
acres. From corner No. l. section corner com
mon to sentions 7, 12, 13 A is. T. 4, N. R. 13 E,
" ».T W„
' I
N. »;)'• oo' E„ U007.1 teat disiant.
n •
being of
T):c said mining claim and mill ito
record in the otlloe of the Recorder of said min
In« district at Hailey, in Atturas County. Ida 1
ho. The nearest known locations b ing the!
"Elkliom' and tlie "Noonday" lode mining ,
1 direct that this notice be published In ill
, KKTi HUM KliYSTONy. the news; aptir published
! nearest the said mining claim, for the period of .
I sixty days.
tVra. Ilym
HoMt.li L. Found,
[Apr 16 !
Atty. for Claimant.
Notice No. CO.
United State« Land ofki*
Hailey, Idaho, April 21, 1884 \
Notice 1h hereby given that tin* Wmm
SpringM Consolidated Mining Company, an « •
ganlzation incorporated under the laws**
State of New Jersey bv J. H. Moyle, it.
noy in fact, wiiose Postothco add» f-m \
lira, Alturns County, Idaho, has made
tion for a United State» Patent for the
Lode mining claim, »Rust« in Warm Spu
Creek Mining Diatrlot, Alturas County i< *
Territory, oonHistinu of i'4*1-1 linear i e
lode, ami surface ground c*(H) feet win *, i* i
Lot No. 59 A, and described in tin tie-el
and plat of the official survey on tile in C. ■ ■
lice, with magnotio variation at W ile ,e.
as f ol lows :
Commencing at the discovary point ami
nitig thence N. 92" <»' W.. 47« feet u N.
of claim ; thence 8. 82" 02 W , u* o f* et
No. 1 ; thence N, 8u° o2' K., uou feet in m
•2; thence 8. 32° OB' E., 1233 feet to em u
thence 8. «2° <«' W., ('■«) feet to emu**!
thence N. :«* 06' W„ 1283 foot to r* i n
the pluoe of beginning survey of exterior
ilariim of claim. Containing 15.5aci <*s.
From corner No. i, U. S. M. M. No. * ben*
44 34' W., *iHi) feet distant.
Application is also made for the
Sunday Mibb Hue
W. ci
In connection therewith, being Lot 5!) I r
described with inognetie variation at l.) *
follows :
Commencing at the Initial point, murki d
ner No. 1, and running thence N. »>' i:.
lent to corner No. 2; thence S. fin *
I leet to corner No. «; thence S. 41- Il W
! icet to corner No. 4; thence N. .«i i
Minier No. 1, tlio piuoo of lieginui *
feet t
vey of exterior boundaries of claim,
lug 4.ill) acres.
From corner No. 2 U. H. M . M . No. 3 )>,-■■ *
.ill" :rj' VV., lMi:i.4 feet distant.
The «aid mining claim being of record ,
i office of the Recorder of said minim: di.-ii
! Halley, in Alturas County, Idaho. The m
j known locat ions being tho "Krvine" in
I "Hathaway" lode mining claims.
I direct that this notice bo published n.
Ketchum Keystone, the newstai er pub.i
nearest tlio said milling claim, for the u*
Home« L. Foum
sixty days.
1 Win . Hyndman,
I Att'v for Claimant,
A J __
Notice No. o4.
United States Land Offu e.
TC na, of Detroit, State of Michigan, by 1
j 11 lino, his attorney In fact, wlios Fostoffi.i
! «ddres« Is Ketohuni, Itlttho le«lt<>0'. hh'* bj«i
: 'Itwwm r
! 001 lONWOOD
! Mining claim *k mill site, situate in Avaim
j springs Creek Mining District, Alturas couiu*
I Idaho Territory, consisting of UW) linear n ,
; of tlie lode, and surface ground m>0 f e wid -
I Itelng Lot" No. sit A * 68 »•■ and desenned u
! ^[Jj J 1 /jpwu magnetto variation a l. |
I ''^TtÄw^nü.ilng claim I« described
! hy ooiuiuuncintî «t tira 8outli-ca»t cornet ttieif'
: of, w henoe oorn^ir No. 1, Lot No. 5ft L, hoar N.
* 28 ' 29' K . H«9i feet cHntaJit: w hence L. t 1 ». Mln
l er» 1 Monument No. 5 hears N . tU" 94' W .. 1SS2.1
1 foot dUtaut ; thonoe from «aid «outh-c»Ht oor
! ttt4r n. h7 u Tï W.. ft*K) feet; llieuoo N. ft' a«» >N.,
! U».h) feet to punt No. \\ thence H. H7
i fwi tu 0Kt No . J; am i t-henoo to the place ot
I hotriuuiiur H. 9 ao' K.« 14014 feet oontainimr area
of 29.12 aoreH, and deHiirnated a» L«»t No. 50 A.
Said Cottonwood mill nlte 1« describe« hv
acHunrane.iut at the north-west corner thereof,
w lienee V, S. Mineral Monument No. r> bears N.
ft!' 04 W.» 1882.1 feet distant; thence trom auid
corner N. 40® 49' K., MW feet to post No. a; thence
H. ft VV., ä»H) feet to post No. 3; thence B. 45'- 4.»
' VV.. :uu feet to post No. 4; and thence N. ft" L..
feet to place of hetfinniiur. oontajuimr area
! of 2.29 acres, and de^htnated as Lot No, 5ft lb
I TU*» said ml nt n« tiialm and mill site beim? o.
) record in the oftioti of the County Hcooidor i*t
said county at liatlisy, in Alturas County, Ida
ho. The nearest known location beimr the A1
ku, on the north end. • |
i direct that this notice Ira published in the
Kktohum Kkyhtone. the newspaper published
»icarest the said miulHix oltvm for the period ot j
aixty day». HomkkL*. Pound,
i.U Ulster.
I Apr«

lialloy, atty.
Treasury Dep a hvwst
WaSIIINOTON, M»iroJi 21,1884
W., «.„.„„.n- . . . I
! to tira uudorslimcd, it inw Imh*u mad*' to appear
"The First National Hank of KcVeiniin,"
m of Ketchum, in the County of Al
j tn the Tv
turns and Teiritory of Idaho, has convpfwS with !
j all the provisions of the Revised Statutes of j
! the United States, required to be complied.with
j before an assignation shall be authorised to j
i ootnmesce the business of Hanking,
I * Now therefore 1. John Jay Knox, Comptroller ;
of the Cuvreucv, do hereby certify that "The s
| Finn National Hank *>r Ketchum," In the Town (
of Ketchum. in the t r—,r v of Alturas »nd Fer- |
ritory of lUnhts if*
SS Sietuu» Of
, * sîidsèai of office tbbi. list
^ s 1 March, isni. J no. Jay Knox
Cl mp4 roller of the titrn-nc
. ....
a; tho lied to commeuoe the ;
cf llsukiu, as provided tu bectaiii
died and sixty nine ot tlio lu- 1
u* !

e ,i* ill cl and sixty-nine ot t
United Sta.es.
»cd 1
whereof, 'vi~ne~* ray j
No. :U42.
I nöi7C Seiul rtJE cent» f
M riiltttiYwivç ff»'
a eo*G V Hex
>1 '
V. »
rticr eei. to i
i an y tJllng "1
ci»e worker« ah«< iRt**lv
Ai onoe llLtca àc Co.-, du
vlll iiei;» all- of *
i : kht *w*y th«
Fori on«
WOT 19.
Notice No. SO.
! United States lux» Officb, >
| Halley, Idaho. April 5, law. t
Notice is hereby given Mint the Baltimore
and Victoria Minina Company, an organization ! ,,f
| incorporated under the laws of Utah Territory
hy its attorney in fact, Joseph M. Burkett, |
whose I ustofflçe address is Hailey, Idaho, has i
ado application for a United States Patent for i
1 the
. „
Lode Mining claim, situate in Warm Sirring» !
Creek Mining District, Altnros Comity, Idaho i
; Territory, consisting of 1500 linear feet of the 1
lode, and surface ground BOO feet wide, being ; re
Lot No. 47 nnd described in the held noies and ;
, plat of the oîîîeial survey on file fa this ottice,
; v.itti magnetic variation at 19 degrees cant, as
follow«: Commencing ut u»e lUncovery point 1
i amt running thenre N. H3° E,, 750 feet to N.
; ft. end of claim; thence 8. iû° E. 200 feet to
1 Corner No. 1; thence N. 16° W\, ftoo feet to Cor- y
j per No> 2; thence 8. 79° .'17' W.. H77.8 feet to j
j Corner No. 2; thenc*• S. 3ft K.. ft'K» feet to Cor- ,
1 ner No. 4; thence N. c: i*.' E.,750 feet to Corner
j No. 5; thence N. k.F F., 750 feet to Corner
, No. J, the place nl beginning survey of exterior *
j boundaries of claim. C .ntalning IH.17 acre«. *
! From Corner No. • *•. mu ern-r common to .
Sections It ir. «■! ,t- 'I - I,.];. M K. bears
j,- jVry' ]s:;;i • mat
I * u.pn »'aid rnieia-elm urn vf record in the
of mining district
irv. Idaho. The near
..... Dm Independence of
oubilelud in the
D aj er published
1 111 , for the period of
, . i; j j4 pu-jNp. 1 N
! office of the It- <•
at: Halley, In Allu:
est kno
and Minnie M»v.
1 direct that ii.i
! Ketchum Key n s
i nearost the »aid in n r,

no< let
sixty dav
I Win'. Hvndroai .
A tty. for Claim a
/APPLICATION for patent.
<■■■//•■■ lu
. o'«' 11 >
• i i mi Office,*
', April 1HK1. i
. n II. 8to
iiy T. W.
i made ati
•ii for the
! ,
i Sp5
f at
; M j
! line:.
•oimd nbv u
l 57 B.. and
a of tue *>f- I
•* '\ tna g etic 1
« li
5 Im . 'i
-rtis*u. atm im
and ogltivatl*:
v. '
; ÄS!Si.„
•f Ketohnro. I'.t
n d V i*
'.lilt, till,
4l :MrZ A ''
' Jl ,vVl
. Wall, , May
■ :
.1 E-VI'

i N. j
• i' ll
i to the I
■Cl tl*
- ii, for
ui June I
isce :
, ' ialio:
1 la! o;
.< Idaho;
i K TIT.
\v y.
■ .o. May 7, 1884.
will Ira pub
,v • » i.nk, printed at
t o eby «ie^innate äh
-H r ml ti;e land des
iUh *i
ih ■ n.
■\i l: Ji. 1 *ound, KeffiHter.
Ma> t
A Good
; W a ^ h, House
£\ i
Ah Deng. , ho o-li liratod laundrymun of Relie- ft
* uly Ci'ina l.an on YYoid River j
oeu iaundrv work, is coated on I
vue, »n. I ti
Vi'U«) «
Second «riecl, Unco Iffooks from Main.
s hint
( n(
| H
Da. E. 0. Wkst's Nkbvk akb Blu.n Iuat*
-.>- iüo fur Hy»u*n«, Di2fi- !
_ w j Nervous Ntuml^ria,
__, Nervous Proxlratiun caused bj tlwme
; of alooh.ii or tohocco, Wakefnlneeo, Menial De
pressât®, Softening of tlie Brain reeultiuB in in
1 sanity and leading to misery, decay and t
t p,..mature Old Age. Barrenness. Loss of piowei
i *Htlior oex. Involuntary I .oasis, aid b rein* at
! oi rtsxu caused by over-exertion of the biain.seU
■ dune or over-indulgence,
nan month's treatment.
i »nr
, a guaranteed 6peed
Convulsions, Fits,
MS, ! OO
! alcohol
?. Each box certain, |
$1.00a hoj, «r «ix box* j
omdor mvqrt of pro * ;
MMior reeennorwn ,
q, cure auy case. WitVwh order rcccivcd lij c !
1 for six boxes, accompanied wilb fLOO, we wi i
send the purchaser our written gnanutee tor* 1
I fund tlie money if the treatment doee not eût* I
a cure. Guarantees ieamxl only by '
II'OODAK», 4I.AHK * <'0„ •
•wixsiaasla srxd. JKetail X-x-iaeelctæ
Ordere by mail will receive prvmpt tltOLtion
j in wir mx
Wt VfVtecwMi
Notier No. 5(1.
wrren htatfs T and o»wm> .
ItaHev Idaho'"v., April ilaA'C
NOTICE Is hereby given that 'Vni tl steTenu
! ,,f Detroit. State of Michigan iiv hi» n: l omet in
taet _ y W. Iluzzo, whose Pos.ofUc- address ,s
| Ketchum, Idatio Territory, has marie appiica
i lo!I f or a United States Patent tor tile
. „ . _ _ . ,,, . .. .
! bmjjias '-reck Mining Distil
i Idaho lerriuory, consist mg ot about
1 the lode, and sur. aoe err.one. shout 51.»
; re JJ wide, being Lo> No. ■>.> A and ... 1, ami dea
; cribed in tr.o held notes and pH ' ' : : - officii!
survey on die in tins office, with mu t
at.lmi at i J degi ers ■ »st. r.s follows :
Said Allen mining claim is dcecriV
ineiicliig at the north-east corn -rthc
Mining claim and mill site, sitoatr in V.'arm
*oun ty.
Altai »
>(» j;n
tic Vi

No. 2, vaioncejhmted SU».oa «.Rnmal Mi u
y '■ (> 1)1 '* rs • ;
j thence nom «ni l corner ^.19
, intersectv ui vd f-outh lim oj J , (>jri ï o>:: r:
111 1cet to po-'t No. thence .v,
jw met to l> st No. i t.ici < *
* eo? Hau * Jfut-i line of '« u in lV;re
* ee f t0 P°f^ No. 1, and tiiciicc* ? s . 87 :9
. <eet to place of b. mnnin.-. but cu-Thrv so
much thereof as is in conthoi with am Iliorn
Roger» claim, being nn nri a of i , i-a leu«.
area in conflict ot .»'J acre-, and d. d an
Lot No. 56 A. Said Alien Mill Kite is dose I bed
by commencing at Che m rt h east, cor or ihcre
of at post No. 2, whence United butt?.« Minerai
Mimument No. 5 bears N 41°r>l'V>'., l:-..' 7 loch
distant; tlnnne from said e mer 8. fi c W.,»*»
feet to post No. ii. hence S. 49° lfi' t\ . 292.5 foot
of to 1-OSfc No 4; thence N. 2 10 W., CO tei.t io ] o»4
1 N 1. and tlienoe to place of begi nine. N. 5ft*
i by eo:n
1 post
■ nient
» feet to
' W..
W., 1 1 414.4,
■.'»3 4
N. in
SO' K. you leet; cun taint iu aiea of r,4 acres,
and designated as lot. No. 55 B, The said min
im-claim and mil, »He 1> il g ot record in tint
office of t!\e County lire nier o, »aid county
at Hatley, in Altovas County, Idaho. The near
est known location being the Cottonwood, ad
joining on the sooth.
1 direct, thatthi» notice he published in th-v
Ketchum Keystone, the newspaper j uhliahert
nearest the said minin', claim, for the period
Homeu L. Found,
of sixty days,
Ja . H. Iteat'y,
Hailey, atty.
fn tKe District Conrt < f the Seceiid Judicial
I)i»triet of the Territory of Idaho in and for
the County,of Aituran.
John W. Moore, Plaintiff, vm, Abra May Moore*
The Pewj'le of the United Pt.aten in the Terri
j terv of Idaho «end greeting to Abra May Moore*,
Von are Iiereby required to appear in an ac
1 tion brought avainntyou by the above-najtned.
dîaintitf. in the District Court of tlte Second Ju
dicial District of the Territory of Idaho» in and
tortile County of Alturas, and to a um wer the
Complaint tiled therein, within len days (ex
citiKiVQ ol the day of ftervlceb artter the servico
f n yon of this StiniiRtms—if served within this
count y ; or, if served ont < f this county, but in
ijjis district, within twenty days; otherwise»
'viddn forty days— or judgment In'default will
be taken atiainst you according to the prayer of
aid Complaint.
The Maid action is brought to <lisMo)ve the
b r.tis of matrimony now existing? between the 1
bo vert-na mod Plaintiff and Defendant, alleg
I ,; that on the 20th day of August, 1882, at
ni;*T City, Baker Co.. State of Oregon, Plain
»: and Defendant intermarried and ever since
* n vo been, and now are, husband and wife.
..t, said Defendant, without just cause or
vocation, deserted bed and hoard of Plain
. , * n or about t he 21st day of Novemlter, 1882,
> < mîjco aaid date said Defendant lias lived
mate and apart from said Plaintiff, who ha«
<.c sal able provision for her.
e facts more fully appearing in Plaintiff'*
, hunt, a certified copy of w hich is herew ith
. d you ar* 1 hereby notified that if y^n fail
; porr and answer the said Comp] imt, a»
e r qu roil, tue said Plniiiiiff will ai pi/ to
4. - ;.. t for Mu r* lief demanded in saiu s-om
Given under my hand and the Heal
of flic District C nrt of the Second
~ ~ -'Judicial Distriot of tho Territory of
■ in and for the County of Alturas, this,
• l 5I*y. Vn the year of our Loid on*
und night hundred and eighty-four.
K. Richards,
Deputy Clerk.
Notice to Creditors.
, . of tVm. Robbins, deceased:
ic*: is iiereby given by the undersigned,
■ irostrator of the Estate of Wra. Robbins.
.-, d. to the «redltors of, and all persons
ng claims against, said deceased, to e.xbtb
em. with Hie necessary vouchers, within
■ i inoiithsaftcrthelirstpuWicationiifthlsno
to said Administrator, at his office in the
• I, Office building, at Ketchum, Alturas coun
Geokbe Steward,
. Idaho Territory.
inis tracer of the Estate of 'William Kob
ens, deceased.
[Mar 15—4m.
. M Kearney Street, San Francisco, CaLJ
; rt als all Chronic and Special diseases.
Yoiig Itlcn
VViio may he suffering from the effects of
difnl follies or indiscretion will do wellte
est boon *?vf>r
avail biiemsctveS öf this, the J
• laid at the altar of suffering humanity. Dr.
spinney will guarantee to forfeit $ôtiü for every
case of weakness or private disease of every
N. j kind or character which he undertakes and
ll fails to cure.
Middle-Aged Men.
I troubled
bladder, often accompanied by a burning or
smurfing sou-atiou and a weakening of the sys
tem in a manner the patient, cannot account
I for. On examining the urinary deposit a ropy
sediment will often he found, and sometime*
! small particles of albumen will appear, er tii«
color will be a thin, mitkish hue, again changing
to a dark and torpid appearance. There arc
many men who die of thiskiffloulty, ignorant of
second stage of seminal
weakness. Dr. S, will guarantee a perfekt cure
in all such cases, and a healthy restoration of
the gcnito-urinary organs. Office hours—10 to 4
and (i to H. Sundays from 10 to 11 A. M. Con
sultation free. Thorough examination and »d
Cail or address Dit. SPINNEY A- Co.,
j There are many at the age of 30 to 35 who are
ith too frequent avacuatlon ot the
tira cause, which is the
vice, $6.
No. 11 Kearney St., San Francisco. {Sept.2ft-l.v.
The Great English Remedy
B| Is a never failing cora
Kl for Nervous Debility,
M Seminal
3JI Spm œatorrhœa.
|W lmpotcncy. Paralysis,
Ig] prostAtorrhœa: and all
W terrible effects of Self
« Abuse, youthful fol
SS lies, and excesses iu
B maturer yearn—such
B us Loss of Memory,
! Lassitude, Noctemal Emission. Aversion to
Society, Dimness ot Visum, Noises in the Bead;
the vital iluid passing unobserved into the
urine, and many other diseases leading to in
sanity and death. UK. Tl 8 N TIE will agree
to forfeit Five II «: nd red ttollnrs for a
of this kind the Y Hal Ke.loraUve
lander his special advice and treatment)
not cure, or for anything tniimre or injurious
UK. JUiMTE treats all privat«
on I
found in 1L
diseases successfully wit hont mercuryC tou
Thorougli examination
and advice, including analysis of urine, &'>.
Prioeof Vital K csl or h I i ve, «i.fiiia tiou le,,«
tour times the quantity, 45; sent to any ad
dress upon receipt of price, or C. 0. D., ob
scure from observation, and in private name
! Ire **
Sampk Bottle Ftf-t;
Bent on application by lotu-r, stating pyrnr»
| tc.us, sex and age Communications atriefly
j cotifiaatitial b\ nil. 1. J«» ■!*.• I I
* ; Kearney Street. Sau Ernnrivco, C al.
, BR< Jf, RT1E ^ Kidney lîe.nedy,
c ! NepbreticHtB, cures all kinds , or Kidney
wi i and Bladder Goroplainls, Gononho a, /«leet.
1 Lciichorriuea. For sale by ail druggists; n
I per bottle, vr ejx hottlM for ».
' OR. Te S >1 I I-.'S Daune ...
• bett and cher pest spepsin and Biii«««
cure tn the market. For sale by all druggists.
lion nils are

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