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Ktiteiv«! «} tin; Posl office at
urn. 1. r
heteh j
as second elu** matter.
Post Office Honrs.
! he K n tciiuiTi Postoffice is open from
No Money
< irdcr or Registry business on Sundays,
■ r week days after 4 r. \i.
7 ». u. !
< p. m. every day.
.Tames Stover has got a pet beaver at
the Guy er Hot Spring*.
Fine bdogua aaasages just received at
Schwartz'«. Try it.
Mr. Lacliroan, the popular San Fran
Go to Diak's whtyi at Ilailoy foe a
*"i»co cigar deaiar, is among us.
«■ juar.i meal.
Mias Nelli* Easley, for several days
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Lewis,
went to hor home at Boulder, jester- i
A flrst-cla«» storo to rent. Apply to
U. C. West, Enterprise Restaurant, tf
The new building adjoing the "Cor- i
nncopia" is being connected wikh the 1
same by a continuous front, and wiil be
occupied as a barber shop.
fxavo your orders with Jarnos Tiro's
for haniburg steak.
Messrs. Blossom A
Griswold have
'built a flue store on Second street one
lilock we*t of Main and will soon be pre
pared to open-out in business
LI. Lewis Sc. Son. druggist«, have just
received a fine lot of fishing tackle. Call
and see it.
Report reached here yesterday that \
-Jack Hillme.ii had made a new and rich
strike in the Emma, between tile Balti
more group and the East Fork.
lires;* making and plain «owing by
Mrs. 8. A. Maison. «LesdviiJe and
Seventh streets.
. o
Gillette i Evans' new •warehouse is
entirely of stone and iron, aetnmodious,
and fire proof. It contain« upwards of
>M2.00L) worth of hard ware,-doors, sasb,
blinds, etc.
The celebrated Paul ST-rrphy import
ed cigar is the finest in the market and
ia sure-to win. For sale at Judge's.
L H. Russell mot with a serious ac
<ndt-nt yesterday and received an in
jury iu the buck, but expects to be ail
well again in a week. He has boon in
the same fix before and is not at all
Go To tbe popular Fl.dley Restaurant
when down the river end get a square
Every Ketchumite will learn with
gladness that one of our saloon keepers
■contemplate, introducing an orchestra
of bagpipe players, and they should all
Variety is the
encourage the move
spice of life.
slip in rud look at the fine line of
gents' clothing just received ut Piukham
The mother of E. O. Wheeler, Depu
ty District Attorney, 'arrived yesterday
from Sau Francisco and will spend a
portion of'tho-summer at the Springs.
Mr. Wheeler «met her at Hailey yes
terday with private conveyance.
• 4 Lewis's
Fine pickles by the quart at Old Joe
J. F. Jacobs, a well-known business
man of oui; Lake and Silver Reef, Utah,
arrived here from Cœur d'Alene last
-evening. He »ays that will be a good
, o.inntry when properly opened, but that
a large amount of capital will lie re
quired, ms w. lies time. Mr. Jacobs is
highly pleased with Ketchum.
une khousond dollars worth of gents'
received tt Piukhnoi Sc
.clothing just
\ large elevator has been c uistructefl
at the Pliil ulelphia smelters to convey
slag and matte from the dumps to the
fed floor It is run by a novel water
power, consisting
w ;oh is titied from a large tank fed by
th ditch, anti, lowering to the ground
*h he « levator ascends, is emptied by
a - in pie motion when it ia time to low
a the elevator. The machine ia in the
st ufcheast corner of the building.
- f a large bucket
I 'nie assortment of Eastern sash, doors,
weights and pulleys,
mt counter tops, wain-cotting.
to., just received at Pinkham
m «tin
black wa
fl -illg
A Lewis's.
t . pinions as to the value of t he Nash
ville Students concert .seem to be some
But the writer here
wimt at variance,
of having had the pleasure On several
L «e<' ciuiis «ff listening to the genuine
"Nashville Students" before larg«J houses
in the East, cannot find any comparison
between them and the "Original Nash
ville Students," as the troupe here was
called. The "Nashville Students" have
never found it necessary to visit out of
the way village* to find a suitable au.U
Mr. A. B. Roberts, the Pioneer totub
iton«» dealer of Idaho, came up jester
gay ami erect-cl a fine monument at the
grave of Jaa. Coppock. Mr. Robert*
wiUIhi in Ketchum next \\»-ek faking
enlors for tombstone work. -Inlf-tf
It is Progressing Rapidly.
Already Completed.
Five Miles
The Oregon Short Line grader* em
ployed on the Ketch tun extension are
i progressing much mere rapidly than it
was at first supposed they would, and
the work ulready completed is sufficient
o show that there is no longer any
ionht that the work cannot lx; com
pleted try August 1st. Five miles of the
grade has been thrown Up in one week,
i and there are nearly live weeks to work
in. flareful estimates made along the i
line of work place the amount done up
to date even more. Graders are within
one-half mile of Ketchum, and fre
queutly spend their evenings at thi* j
Dr. M. IV. Johnson having put an in- J
i UDCtion on grading operations through j
hi» property at the Cold Spring», made j
; a settlement with Right of Way Agent !
Stull yesterday, receiving a cash con- j
sidération of $1.000. This is the birg- j
est «urn paid for right of way throngh 1
any property «>n the line. This road j
takes the very jieart of the Cold Spring
I ranche.
Mr. Stull has now succeeded in elear
a way for the entire
there will be nothing to |
arrest operations. Large quan- !
titles of spikes nn»l steel rails have
1 ing
j ine
arrived at the Hailey side tracks and
track laying will begin promptly upon ,
completion of the grade. Two bridges
will be constructed over Wood River«
One at Gimlet and one above Cold
Springs ' i
Again wo are Called upon to note the
rntIdeas custom of defying justice and i
the laws of our land in the prevalency
of destroying game and fish by forbid*- !
den means. But a few davs since a man
Giant Powder rs. Jnstice.
from unknown parts sold 160 pounds of
trout to Hailey restaurants in one day.
He received a handsome sum for the
same and as fish were in great demand
was subject to no qnerries as to w here 1
they came from. No one knew, and ev
iuently no one cared; until on Wednes
day the vender was casually identified
by a Ketchum party as one who had j
been seen on Lake creek. Now, last
resident of
this town returned from a prospecting
evening a well-known
trip on Lake creek, and at once came to
the Kxy'stose office to inform us that in
pa-ssing the small lake or pond about
three miles from the mouth of the creek,
he had seen many hundred dead trout ,
lying on their backs in the bottom of |
the pond, evidently having suffered the
fate of extermination by giant powder
The pond bed was literally covered with
them, and a raft was found on the pond
that indicated unlawful doings. It will
he remembered by all prospector* that
this pond on Lake creek has always
been a famous fishing place, supplying
the weary traveler in time of need with
This defiance of
many a sweet m *;tl.
the game laws should be rigidly reached
after and punished.
The Cornstock-G riffln Wedding.
Mr. Comstock appeared in the Key
stone office yesterday at 2 F. m. looking
as cheerful as a June bug, and gave tis a
few it.-ms concerning the wedding,
Among the pre ents not mentioned in
yesterday's issue were two gold napkin
rings by Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ldwis. an
elegant set of suives, forks and spoons
by Thus. Lavell. a shopping basket and
carving set by Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Gil
lette, a lamp by Jake Lockman, a hand
some toilet set by Misses Leona and
Mollte Griffin, a set of goblets und salt
cellars by Miss Mollte jliriflin. a set. of
table and tea spoons by Ed. Wiilhuns
and Miss Nellie Easley, a handkerchief
box by Mrs. John Easley, and last, but
not least, a pair of feather pillows by Mr,
Frank Queren«.
If the average youth of Ketchum could
count on such good fortune us this we
are. inclined to think there would tie an
everything yon
immediate stampede into matrimony.
But. boys, there » only one chance in
hundred for gettinj
need to keep house without digging up
most gloriously, aud you may as well let
good enough alone, for a while al least.
A Veteran Gone.
Last evening, ai 7 o'clock. Samuel H.
Britton, au out and faithful soldier, and
a member of E. D. P««at. G. A. K.. died
at ttte Miners' Hospital. Ir« «m ts.uges
tiou of the internal organs, «-au»- d ov
exptisure. Deceased was hateny . n o.d
prospector. 44 years oi age a ml un mar
ried. He enlisted at the beginning ot the
war, iu the 11th Michigan lutatitry.
commanded by Colonel, afterward Gen
eral W. II. Stoughton, and wa* ueai the
General at the bailie of Chieauiauga,
where that officer's leg was shot off, and
assisted in beariug the wounded gener
al from the field. Comrade Britton was
also in his regiment in th# army at the
Rotoume, aud ia Sherman's memorable
march to the se*-. News-Miner.
Bmh-Icss corn beef at GtHtding'* mar
Territorial New*.
Gen. Oco. H. Robert» ond Mrs. Rob- Ml
erts, of Hailey, wore in Shoshone last 1
night, on their way to Ogden to meet
their daughters, who have been attend- !
ing Brownell Hal! at Omaha. The Gen- I
oral is nn old time Nebraskan, formerly
Attorney General of the State. Ho ha#
Hhogfimap Jav ma L
recently formed a co-partnership wit
Hon. Ja». H. Hawlev, and ibis new le- ! P
gal firm make a combination hard to ,
The Grand Jury is «till in session, and
are investigating the act» of the Al- j
I tliras county offleiala. The people wifi
j try the case at the next election. There
j is a growing demand for j? clean «weep,
! a new «leal all round, and a full tnvesti
I gation of our county administration.
"With malice towards none, but with
charity for all," the citizens of Aitnraa
must unite in putting the best men into
office this fall.
The proposed road crosses the lava in
1 a northwesterly direction from Shoshone
j to tbo Wood, or Malad river—a dis
I* 00 ® of about six miles; thence up an
: easy incline und grade from the base of
* the foothills of the Wood River moun
""Hea; the Little Smoky in 50 to 55 miles
and Rockv Bar in bO to &5 miles. The
tains, following near the canyon formed
by Thome creek, cnatsing the tlivfde.
, . .
and reaching Camas prairie in about 25 I
, frP « ht HnP8 runuiD ? *° Kooky Bar and
At ^ all,a won l ft aVfS ui the terrible road
* rom iIoantaiu Home, and not only
8ave thousands of dollars of toll, but
i have a solid roadbed most of the
! free from snow on the Shoshone end of
j the route, lying between the \Y'o«xi River
j and the Camas range of mountains. A
^ irt ct ronte from Shoshone to the ccn
i ^ ° f Cani ** t ' rairie * making a junction
Wlth tbn old Bock >' Bar rofld - !,nd tlle
! new rnad bf ' ing b,,iSt »P ,hc ^ ,|di( ' r
CrePk t;an T on to L 11 "® Smoky min
ing dirtrict, uniting at a common point
near the new towns of Crichton and
amas G.ty.
Been somewhat backward, took a start
recently, are now looming up finely, and
farmers are happy,
j The Snake is demoralizing the ferry
business this year. On the 13th T. T.
Danilson's ferry at American Fails
washed away and a man drowned, and
On tbe same
Idaho World.
Crops in Garden valley, which have
a horse and buggy lost,
day Robert Henderson caught a ferrv
boat passing his ferry and aaw fotir
harnessed dead horses floating past.—
, Caldwell Tribune.
: Prof ' Butler, who was found
dead near Hailey the other day, taught
I the public school of this place for three
or four years, and removed to Bellevue
! last year with his family. He wasan ex
ceient teacher, was of a kind hearted
The Boise City Horn iboosters will
again parade on the glorious Fourth in
fanttetie ••fixtures" and langharousing
rigs, and with funny-spot-tickling take
offs, and varions other comicalities will
no doubt sustain their established repu
tation as successful caterers to a regular
Fourth of July appetite for funny busi
disposition, and no tea.-her who ever
taught here, won the love of the »•hooi
children so universally as did Prof.
I Butler.
Last week a hail storm in Boise val
* ft T »tripped the foliage from the sage
and green shrubs for all of a mile wide.
a correspondent of the Democrat,
: Between the ranches of John Mammon
and Wa. Warner hail fell in thirty min
ntef to the depth of two feet or more,
At one spot a large cotton wood tree was i
shorn completely of its bark,
«tone» an inch in diameter were no
lieved to l>e g«*o«1 diggings in the old
sonth channel of Boise river, which i t
Theie is some excitement in Boise
valley over the diaoovery i»f win-t is la»
some period ran throngh Dixie si«uigh.
Gold is found for a distance of 13 miles
in the old river t<ed. The haraet* r of
the gold is different from tha on Sn ke
a river. This is a fl; t scale gold, white]
that of Snake river te a fine flour gold.
od uutny locations have lieen made.
■- if A tea
IF 1
The old river «Tum «ei h.-s tew ii *r ml
np tin* er ek s far ; Raven, w her
men washed $14 from six »«a r » ■
anch'Ut W
turning on
but the
rents*- that it no U nger excit* - ; r- mark
in i-. nip.
I Eillch is
every 21 1
fr- .iu- nt «
* H>r ****- ^ ut found no taker*. At the
j °f fh«' l rinn Pacific direc
] tory, j-r* -aident Sidney Pillion resigned,
and Charles Francis Adams was .-h ett'd to
succeed him. A change in the manag--
ment of the road will foltew, by which
- vu
i he Oregon Sh-irt ! in
that the U P. h;
the G. K. & R. !
work of , tuple; i u would bt> pushed.
circula* ed
w* re
ar-ti titehasei-f
and that the
'.'s line.
and the Shu.t Line s <cm opened to the
Pacific Ctv.st
Bets ot $Ud to $ot> were
offered that th«> Shoshone shops would
in* running in full blast be-fore Scptem
tin* business will be conducted nutter t.!ie
supervision of four rice presidents. each
at the bead of a separate bare*«. Tin
Ml the meeting of dirra-tors on the 18th
1 se,tM tllß fatnr< * poHcy ami manage
meHt of the u - r > n "> energetic mens -
! ares were exported, but with a magnifi
I CPnt P*»PMr*y extending through Idaho
an-1 on to tie; coast by its connections.
tbe U ' P wiiI *«»*" advance to the front
in traffic, while the development and
! P ro >-perjty oi this country will follow as
, naturally as water follows the channel
j which nature be» established. It is not i
1 vet known what interest will have eon •
I yes Known *;us interest win nave eon
t trol of the O. K. A K. Co.'s line, but the ,
question must l>e settle«l soon, and we ;
h«>pe the U. P. will get the lease, and a
fh ough line to tbe coast.—Shoshone j

None* is he ebv riven that I hot«l a WH of
sale of all the mininsr timber* and saw toss e-n 1
by Geo. Wbitmry f«>r J. PillmeT, a jiwt of which
ha* been deliver e«J. »cd ali petm«i« are Wtrt.ïi
asain-t pn «chasing the same The «aid tim- '
ber» awl iojo< are bow oa t he s;de-Esiil aix/o*
«>ne-haif mile taeiow tbe town r/f K tchuai.
F. H. iSOWK.
Prop. Hailey Saw Mill,

Jane 1«, ISM.
Dissolution Notice.
. SnmcT It hereby rivea that tbe eo-partaer
I »hip heretofore t-ri-tiDj; between the ander -
itentd, and«' the Ora name of Jam s Brrj*„.
h this day dissolved by mit nai oonseat.
The business wfll be cr-rttiBued by Geo.
James at the place of bntriaess heret?««reo oc
ipied by tbe old gnu.
Said Geo. James is hereby authorised to *ei- i
tie ail ifcabiü'ir» m l «»ilect ail «mtstanfhng in
dtWednew flue sai«i briu ot James Bp».
WiWe» our baud and seals this, -«th day of
June. A. I>. 10*4. CEDtfiC Jubh,
JbUwSI Chastes Ja3*ks.

Notice of Disolution.
' r
Notice is hereby riven that the «-o-parteer-
Aip heretofore e-fauimr bet wen the -
-l„nvC. unC- r the firm name o? J. W. Ha-ri» A
Co., t* thi» d»v dtoolnd by mutual r»a*«:
The will be crmtinnel by YV M.
foin hart, st the place of «rinces beret« fere
occnpie«l )>y tbe oi«t firm.
Said \V. \ foiohart i* hereby anthorix«?«! to
•ertbt all lia hi lit!;:* an«! collect stl cnt*t*n«!jne
ih«lebte«lBerj. «i
said hrra of J. W. Him« A
WUb«b nor har.d» and »eat* this Ttfa day of
June. A. 1>. ISM.
J. W. Harki».
YV. S. Ehishart
KCàmm, Jnne T, l*M-:»na.
m *
Ö "
m >
? H
4 n—!
O {—; ~I~
I >

. £ .
a (\ —
Jt* no.
NEW fiOOui* NEW eûüÜS!
, \- '
t »
J 1 J to.- -jCr.f 4 tjf I
—Dealer* ia—
j Timcftrv, Hartl ;r*irt'. Aliner* Tods, TnlJr anti Pocket Cutter
; Huns. MmniunittHH, Fishing Tackle
and Sporting (lauds.
- o -
Doors. Sash and Blinds.
! * J iV -, y - V**t «ril! ree-.*« *« **c. te stv# **dKs*h
Gillette fc Imu, : i
; Iritkan.
«*>*. a hereby?!
*0,^1, ""«'inTC'
<g isonUter ere
forest in «ski Ttetche
Krtrtrn:». IdiMo, June 7. DM.
ih&t a?i ft^Tr-cn?
nm WfUiam
r-r ffoim.
2*mt % Kill
rt lock rahiß. ä*-* i *.*vl h*
: #**Sd fmasç r
' A* C#s5-»
** l cbwm >f t
une a mnvir-i^ $.«ri
«! ! .
xàid r-r.-nl 7 -- sn'i Sr
1. r
S. w. I;«au>i.r>
i Mr.rrmï. àfenurocwrt ha« honyii*. a '.»if in
• *«**«•» dw feast»«»* of Mr. Jan«» fit Mr.
nMn y MetropoMim fcd-wn for «ur year lot-.
, dmp; fmrtaer- aip iyinimen^mc jane i. I**t.
; Mo^kStkIcc
Xefohmn. May 31.-«

For Sale— Easley*» Station.
, Thi* is Gateu aji/i m.rU-1
i am. I« cuneis* of « sansi bovuu? end bam. art
h** rood »Sr» «prlnc mi thej4aor For «ai»
cheap for carh. Inquire of j. V. f«*!<ry C«
tent eaioms. Syïï-tf
Notice of Forfeiture.
To J. M. Lj
. You arv
■ pended ere «am of Six Hmwtred DoUara in
; bor ami imp-"
C&m*ts*€tz \rwi
t*v>th Xtxrn «
tfvrv. being ü
îo-f lä» y «rar»
j oar
JWL? 4. M irSC
eiarritfa' kp
wie m .
üœ v*>
rr that we er
the Wir«- SHver
n*ninx clximm, »iMatn ia rmw
.«? 'ic A; taras Co . Utah» Terr.
• i»'- «.»jairod to hoid vutm.
-.and »»-a. ao«', that aniet
• • i -rpenditure 4v- - •
- tort, it iehe 1rs ter . t -
b .ir.t paid hv yon. he pai«i
a* imbHeatise cf thi* Ro
ar* will become th
•*' ander SeefioB
I'di red Satew
• . .
Josrws Prroc-.
Lotus Has***
May H. :-~i.
P. B. Higgin,
General Job Wagon.
' l»ay* ;a !
lEf to any S;
G 'Tî! Job Ha»
; i Shs Vit-ic -
ily. Eeari .s
« Onio * J
•y>.- SM»m.
ihsl Satlaficlk t
G cira r.

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