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Ketchum daily keystone. (Ketchum, Idaho) 1884-1884, June 29, 1884, Image 4

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IlatiCf No. 58.
Ukjtcd StarKs Là ym Orner., i
Halley, Idaho Ty,,AprfJ 3. 1*84. C
NftTJCÉ J* hereby given {hat .William II. Bts
, 'PH, ot !M'troit, State of Michigan, by T. W.
liuetô, l)fit attorney in fact, whose Postnlttc ;
»Hinan'l* Ketchnm, IdahuTv., h«« made ap- :
IlcafJoE for a United States Patent for the
Vi ini claim ami Tom Rogers mill j-ltc claim, •
Httuaie in Warm Hpringp Creek Minina District.
Alturas County, Idaho Territory. conniKtinp:
»bout liWO linear of the lode, and Hiirface
ground about 450 feet wide, being Dot h No. 64 A
nd 54 I), and de«cribcd fn the Held note« and
(fiat of the official survey on file In this ortice,
»rirh mngnotic variation at 19 degreos east,
Said Thom Rogers mining claim i* described
hy commend rig at 1 lie south-end o
itly whsrrne U. S. WiiMiral Monument No. r< lioars
S. 44 f * W. W4.0 feof distant; thence from said'
corner H. 7'./'<r./ W., 574 feet to post No. 4 ; thence
H. V* 1' W., bTJß feet w> viost No. 1 ; »hencf* N. 7tf° t
*»• 446 feet Ui l- H' Mi. % ami thence L, place j
,.l beginning, H. #*W K., list) feet, oontslnlng
ares nf 16.Ui uercs. «ml (ie>stgnatc<! iis Lot No. !
74 A.
Saul Tom Rogers mill site I. ileneriticii by j
«Nimmenotnif at the norUi-west cor ner thereof,
»hence II. ». Mineral Monument No. 6 heurs N.
4U61 W,, 1 *g,.7 fi-et iltstant; thence from
eorner N. 47" 2s' E,, MUOfcnt to post No, '2; thence I
Ù. i," w., MW feet t<> post ho, a; thence H. 17 |
*j' W., M6o to post Nu. 4, and thence to place of i
neglnntnK. N. 6" K., «xi fflet,. o mtsining area ot ;
M.34 acres, and désigna i«l as Lot No, 5| It
The said mining claim and mill site being of j
record In the oWtos of the County Recorder of i
•aid County, at tiatlcy, in Alturas County, Ida
The nearest known location being the
"Alpine'' mining claim, on the east.
I direct that this notice is: published |u the
tmnm Kdt'sToyii. tlie n '»sj a|s r published
nearest the said iidnina ctatm, r..r tie period of
sixty days.
■las. H. IK*'tv,
llaiioy, stiy.
'' j
er the
IlOAEIl I,. PollNb,
IA nrO.
Notice No. 52.
Usitkij HT4TEH Land OmcR, 1
Hailey. Idaho, Aprils. 1884 f
Notice in hereby Kivou thai the ltalrimore
Mid Victoria Mtnliiu Colo|ianv, mi orimnt/ai'oii
iffflor|K)ral4Hi under the law» of Utah Territory
by it» attorney in fact, Jowepti M liurkrtt,
wliftwe PoaDiffioe iiddri-MH 1« Halley, Alturas
««untv, Maho, ha* made application for u
linltpcl Htaiew Fatont. for the Haiti
minim* cittim, aitnato In Wurm Kprlntrx Crock j
Mining DlKtrtct, Altmux County, IdulioTerrito- i
ry, «HiBiatin« of HW litmar■ tcei or the lode, »nd ;
wtirface ground 556.5 reel wide average lining
Lot No Pi i, und de-erllMul In the Held notes ,
and jilat of the officiai anrvey on tilo in thin of- !
floe, with magnetic variation at Hi degree* enat,
nein« Ht. thcdiecoveiy «take
and running thence N 67" K., ïîfo.6 feet to N. K.
end of eiatui. thence H 2U MO K . 26i feet to ('or
ner No. t; thence N y:: MU' W.,541 feet to Coi
ner No, *2; Uienci H. 47 mu' W., I4»2 fiel, to Cor
ner No m; thence K -jr M»; E. 57« Diet to Onrnnr j
Nu 4; Giene,* N 45 24 K., 1,176 feci to Corner |
■e lode
». folio
So. 5; thence N 5 h' 17 K . lis t feet to (Timer j
No. 1. th« place of lu-gluniug survey of exterior i
Containing 17.44 acres. |
on to I
boundivrh*» of claim
From Corn** No, 2. section corner com
Sections it, »5, 72 A- JM T. i., N. R. is E., bea
s, m" nr.' W., 175« foci dis laid.
made f r the
Application U itl
lUi/HMOiut Mu.i. Sire,
Ud 4M D. In i
with magnetio varioalon at I« degree« cut, ns |
loilows :
mending at the initial point, marked ('or
\V„ 521 I
E., :m»i feet to
M; thence N. * i ' K., 4l«i feetto Corner
W ui»> feel w Corner I
Costainlng M.07 i
tbm oorn^r am
mon Bcmtlnu* l b 15. 22 tV jl T. 4. N H, 17 K,, |
hPitiK H. 69 Mi' K.,
mining claim filing of n
H^corvlor of i
l.ftini rininiutf tli*
if N
fi «t to Corner No. 2; thurui** S. »in
('•»riivr N
No. 4; thcnco N. <n fta
No l, the ttli&ofl of Iwtftanitu
trw. From I'min-r «No. 1. '
The -aid
47s feet dlslaiil
id in Die office "1 tho I
ng district at Hslley. In |
ty, Idaho. Thu nearest kuowu lo
cations being Victoria and lie Cumberland liste I
mining tilahns
I dir«n tiiatUiH police in' published In the
Ketchum Keystone, tic m w-puper published ;
nearest the »aid milling claim, fm the period of I
Vit mas.
iiuMt.n L Pound.
Mjeiy tiny»*.
l Aids
Atty. for Applicant
\ Pi'Ll ('ATI ON FOR
Notice No. 61.
'toidev Idaho* 1 lpriU. n [«st t I
Notice « hereby given that tint Baltimore j
and Victoria Mining Company-, an orgauixation
luoortairafcd und' t the laws ui Blah Territory, |
by Its attocoev in (»ei Jit«epb M. Bmketl, |
»Pos,. IVwlotflee tuhliT-s Is Ibtiloy, Altiira« I
TSJtOllV. Idaho'Terruoi v, *:as
(or a United Stall « Paient for the
ado application

bode mining claim, situated In Warm Sprlnes
ut y,
< '
Minin «
/Wt ot the knU\
L«'i No, H
ßote« and plat of »hr
« t
I de n ibt d In Hi. field
fv cm tho In
md »'*♦«!
v • » tieiii at P.Mlem oi s
Id« otl ee, with ui«« e
rant a« follows;
point ami ru
to B VV
loir hi Mu* diKpovery
i" W.,
. In
» eel
• tv
fioui : Uiemv S ;
f*mt to Cornet No. I ; the I
tnet to Coruor Nee 2; them
ftn*t to lictruer No 3; ihem *
it« Corner No. 4, ti o
to writer No ». the phu* « *| beuiuumu
iDütirior boumlarltw o4 eliilm ('ontaiulu^ 19.28
N 2 .» to' W., 5*1
N 7« t . K . IV Hi. 5
23 3« K ,
W., l>
e H. «
U2 feet
l'orner No. 2
«inter com
14, 15, 22 »V «? ». T », N. il. is K., hearsS.
» W , 2759 fe.u «I
b *in.: of record i
iuhiu district al
The wild iiiinin:
ndk« «»f the R«hh»m
Halley, in àltttr»« tsmidy, Idaho. Thi
known It nations be um the IîaIuiu»
Cnmlierland lode mtninu eluims.
f said
md th
l-H* published l
1 direct that tld» noue
KwreHU« Kkv m»KE. the »
nearest the sai l imniutt oh
nl^t y days.
per pfibli^iKH»
r iho poiiotl of
Ibttlt u I» is
m llvmtimin,
Attv for ( luimmit,
Notice No. 4».
UNrii D St AT; « Land On n k, i
H ailev. Matin, (prit 5, |s,t.
he ltalrimore
l,l a.
Sont* ir hereby iri
ria Mining ( onipaux
red under ti e law
ruev In faet, Joseph M Hi
add te»
„toi Viel
t TvrrRu;
Im Undi'v, bln ho, has mm
vpplU ii.h n fin a Unified SlaU *« UaU nt fin Utc
bv u
hod,' mbd'vjf flklo» 'i.o-Uo in Wa
, utnn
ot I
HUIIHV, lo.'lfit
file. Heim*
' uli
i*dd not.
d in
U4 No
with maan*t i<ï vs
*■« file Ut fid
i .in
■vrv iHUm
■ Ik,
ni * it.
: K :.*U'u! toN.umi
îl* \\ . i«»!» 1 f-vt fi» Cornet
; ud rnunim: t
• f claim; the
fi» t orner Nu
'•* W .. I
i t than«
»mer Nu.
. : t hence N
î K. t
HseniîV H» 73
place *»f l^ariuniui: si
IN, pui
F rom CM>nu*r No. I
fÖH* Itj
t*umr No. I;
No. t. the
s'\ of «'Xtofiei ix»uiida
Itf Is a
., T. 4, N. U» |M b beam
r m* k., m* feet t
• X! W.,(2H
riet id claim.
ner cmninou
ta Heto Jon» U, l.V ri «v
fi 0
I «timet that thi* notice 1«e publistuHl In the
\ tmx 4. »i k* v* i.vt t !t>i ti,>«si'M"i'v iir.hlr >ho< l
K>vfi lib u k d.u V,;. LfrSlL np-ii d '
»• ine «»id niiuiu. claim, r >r tfu periraJ » t
lii MfcR L.
H» TX 41 W.. 1'MrJ fort »'ta i
The *afil minime claim i
of tlit IfivniiT u! n
ikflry, in Alton**
know?* tocntidUK 1 win« the BaUlmorc nun t!ie
t*ie of record t
t mhutui ähttricc »nt
county, I : nu*\
ne« it's?
Ida ItaflM'I.
klxty »my«.
riat( r.
*%,ru. ilviwtmar
Ali.y. for eut
First National Bank!
; as
. -

j WAAC j , wyja iVcsiu,
,r,AAl ' *• "*"• ,T,,1UI
j GEO. W. OIHFFIX, Cashier;
Raid up Cfunital..
j Autljorlzrd Capital...
.I 50,1»
500,000 t j
E. C. Coffin, Vice President.
11. 0. Lewis, Asst. Caslilor.
Board of Directors.
L I. Lewis,
(leo. B, Moulton,
Geo. W. Griffin.
E. C. Coffin,
Thus. Lavoll,
General Banking
Bnsinesa Transacted.
; r-, r-jr-O O n I n ■ «/■'vm
l Inr S rv rSlJI I I L J IM
, 1 1 L-V -' UUU.L.IUM
Advances Made
Interest paid on Time DopoRlt.
Exchange Suhl on /faxtern and Western
Cities: also, Exchange at Lowest
Hates, on England, France,
Hermann, Austria, Nor
>"nu, Sweden,
A nd all Foreign Countries.
i Mar»-tfl
Transmit n gpnorul banking businea
in all its brancliPH.
Huy and sell Kxghmigu on tho leading
cities of tho t inted States.
,, ,
U *-T' !
I Sell Exeliungt) on the principal cities
j Dltiufc Hrituiu, Il'elumi, hwitzeriulul,
FiHUOe, Helgiutn, Holliuni, Norwiiy,
| Sweden. lVnutnrk, Itidv, Ktltwiu,
| , ■ , . ,
I ,UW,1 J * um A,,wr,u '
OuUcotiona made with prompt returns
~ S.

; lit loiVUHt riltt'8.
rort-iftputpH of dopoflitä issued payable
oa demand.
Accounts solicited.
Ban Fuanciüco, .
salt Lake,.
('me a (jo.
New York, .,..,
.WellA, Ftr-oÆ Co.
.First Nation« l Dunk
.. ..Wells, Firyo »t Co.
J. T, Ionian & Do
i T - ii'.n.t a Denen
; Soll (Re-Ii.us Ka
eiuuive olVAlie
Pauklmi Du-in-ss. Buy and ,
and Sei
i-iesul Um Lui.i ,1 !. ,i
vf |H'| oHit j Pnyuble on I>e
kniB und Uc
' ulrtli nlhi
von tocolh
c on »I
•Î. T. Momi n ^ Co.,
? w n.i.s, 1 'aRdo A ('
Wi u,s. Faiudi A Co.,
ID'sru! s Nu Pam;.
I' ut Ni. Him;
Sun UruneiHei» I
New York :
Suit Luke city j
< > .b n Club
I »>:
I ri
MFNN A CO., of tho BciENTtFir AMFntrA'v
ttnuu to act ns SoHfitora for Patenta, throats. Trad*
Marks, OupjrrUrhts. for the United States. Oamuin,
Kurland, Krauce. Germany, etc. Hand Book nbout
Patenta sent free. Thirty-seven years' experience.
Patciatsobtatned thruuah HUNK A CO. arc noticed
tn the 8 *'ientivic American, the largest, best, and
neost widely elrouloted scientific paper. $3,2Uayear.
l Weekly. Splendid engravings ana irvt creating In
' formation. Speeimen oopy of the Hcteuiftte A»fr.
t lean «ent fret». Address MUNN h CO., St'DtMTino
Amkrican Office» 361 Broadway, Now York.
Notice No. 58
United States Land Office, i
Hailey, Idaho, April 11, 1884. I |
Notice is hereby given that Isaac I. Lewis
In* made application for a United States Pat- !
eat for the I
I-ode mining claim, situate in Warm Springs .
Creek Mining District, Altnras County, Idaho
Territory, consisting of i:«I linear feet of the •
lode, soil narface g'rounrl 475 feet wide, being
Lot No. 41 A, and described ill the held notes
I plat of the official survey on tile in this of
flee, with magnetic variation at 1!) degrees east.,
as follows: :
Commencing at the discovery point and run
riing thence N. 4s bo' W., M'S f et to N. W. end ■
of claim ; thence N. 2b Hi' K., 175 feet to corner ,
No. 1 ; thence H. 2b" 2.V \Y., 475 iect to corner No.
■i; thence 8. 4s K., l.'isl feet to corner No. a;
thence N. 3*' aft' K., 475 feet to corner No. 4; .
_re N. 4M' aß* W., laal feet to corner No. 1, ,
the place beginning survey of exterior bounds
ries of claim. Containing 14. bis acres. From
corner No. 1, sec. core er common to sections
.. .. ... , , , i :
In connection therewith, being Lot 41 B, and des- |
cribed with magnetic variation at ir east, as ,
follows: ........ . , , , !
ner^fTnnd^imn^nJ thence N 7«« W ir r F d BM )
fAfbVv!«,^No n 5^h«we»H wi'- Ml' F Alio feet 1
feet to corner No. 2: thence H. 2.i Iff L.,4IX) feet
to corner No. M; theneu M. H.I 41, W., ..4 1 feet,
to corner No. 4, thence N. ...» MU Vi., 300 feet to
corner No. 1, the place of begin nlnjr hu rvey of
exterior bo un darl c» of claim._ Containing 4.7 H
acres From corner No. 1, »option corner com
mon to sections 7, 12 l.i W is, 14, N. H. iS E,
bears N. 8.1 06 K., 11007.1 feet distant. No con
The saW mining claim and mill site being of
fi?.m. The . ttt ' ar, ;" r V. k "".M n 1 Tt»°m,i bcin 'f î he
h. Ik horn and the Noonday lode mining
, , J ^
1 direct that thi« notice be published in the
KkTv'HUM Kevktone. tlie newspaper published
nearest the said mining claim, for the period of
Hoäier L. Pound,
j 1( .
it, 10, in At in, T. 4, N. it. is E.. bears N. 2'J l i'
\Y'., '2702.2 feet distant.
Application is ai
made for the
"Keystone" Midi, Hite
sixty days.
Wm. Hyndman,
Atty. for Claimant.
, . . , .. . . .. .... .
Dot. No. 50 A, and desoribed in the field notes
and plat of the official survey on file in this of
fine, with magnetic variation at 1') degrees east,
4 4.
Commencing nt the discovery point and run- !
nin g thence N. 32'06 W., 479 feet to N >\. end !
of claim; thence S. 82 02 V\ , aeo f< e. to corner !
No, 1; thence N, m u2 L., «00 feet to corner No. |
2; thence B. 32 or.' K1233 feet to corner No. 3; I
thcnco >.82 02 W., «00 feet to corner No. 4;
5 \V., 1233 loot to corner No. 1, |
the place of beginning survey of exterior bdun- i
daries of claim. Containing 15.5 acres I
i 1 rom corner No. 1, U. S. M. M. No. 3 bears S.
44 34 W .. 2-880 feet distant. j
Application is also made for the |
f ,, ,
C ?ü; :
toot to on nier No ÜthcmU H m 4.V E.', mVmi
foot to n.inifir No. a; thence K. 41 il'W., 681.5 1
tool U) «orner No. 4; thence N. 56 45' W„ 275
it No. 1, the place of beginning sur
vcy of exterior boundaries of claim. Contain
tug 4 99 acres.
Notice No. 60.
United States Land Office, I
Hailev, Idaho, April 21, 1884. I
Notice 1h lieretiy given that the Warm
Spring« Consolidated Mining Company, an or
ganization incorporated under the laws of the
State of New Jersey liv J. II. Moyle, its attor
ney in fact, whose Postotiice address 1 h Ketch
um, Alturas County, Idaho, lias made applica
tion for a United States Patent for the
Lode mining claim, situate in Warm Springs
Creek Mining District, Alturas County. Idaho
Territory, consisting of 12MM linear feet of the
lode, and surface ground 600 feet wide, being
as follows :
thence N.
Sunday Mim Site
In connection therewith, being Lot so IS, and
•ith magnetic variation at Hi" east,
tuot to cor
corner No. 2 U. S. M. M . No. 3 bears S. j
... W.. IS3M.4 feel, distant.
The said milling claim being of record in the i
office of the Recorder ot said mining district at j
Hailey, in Alturas Comity, Idaho. The nearest
known locations bring the "Krvhie" and the
'Tiathau ay" lode mining claims.
1 direct that this notice be published in the
Ketchum Keystone, the newspai cr published
nearest the said mining claim, for the period of
sixty days. lioMEi; !.. I'ouNl),
VV««. Hyndman, Register.
Att'y tor Claimant. lApriU
59' :
Notice No. 34.
United States Land Office, [
Hail«y, Idaho, Ain
Notice is hereby given that Wi
vena, ot Detroit, State of Michigan, by T. W.
Buzzo, his attorney In fact, wbos ■ Postoffice
address is Ketchum, Idaho Territory, lias made
application tor a United States Patent for the
•11 3, 1884.
illiam It. Sto
ituate in Warm
Mining claim <v- mill site.
Springs Creek Mining District. Alturas county.
Idaho Territory, consisting of 146« linear feet
of the lode, and surface ground 600 f c wide,
being Lots No. 56 A «V 50 IT, and described in
the Held notes and plat of tlie official survey on
file in this office, with magnetic variation at 19
cast., as follows :
Said Cottonwood mining claim is described
bv commencing at the south-east cor
■orner No. 1, Lot No. nil B, bear- N.
28" 29' F.„ 1(194 feet distant:
oral Mo
feet distant: tlienee from said south-«
N. 87« 22' W.. 600 feet: thence N. 3"
469 foot to post Nu. il t hence S. 87' 2:
so to tlie place of
14(4(1 feet containing urea
ires, and designated as Lot No. 56 A.
I mill site is described by
th-west coiner thereof,
irai Monument No. 5 bears N.
64 in' VV., may.I feet distant; thcnco from said
comer N. 4Ä 49's... 30» feet to pool No. 2; thence
S. 0 VV.. mu feet to post No. 3: thence S. 45
VV., mom feet to pest No. 4; and thence N. 6 K..
UK) feet to place of beginning, containing area
of 3.20 acres, end do iminted as Lot No. 50 B.
The said milling claim and mill site being of
record in the office of tho County Recorder of,
said county at Hailey, In Altnras County, Ida- I
ho. Tin* nearest known location being the Al- I
len, on the north end.
I direct that this notice be published in tin |
Ketc hum Keystone, tho nowsi-aiwr published
nearest thp said mining ein m for iho period m
sixty «lays.
J. U ilenity,
Ualley, atty.
*r there
hence II. B. Min
5 bears N . «4 »>4' VV.. 1882.1 I
•nt N
ast cor
;»»' W.,
E.» 600
feet to post No. 2;audtbo
of 20.12
t S. 3' 30 K
Said ( otto h
com mem utc at the
wlieoo*' C. B. Mine
llosit.u L. Bound,
i. gister.
I April
OFFICE OF CoMl'Tlîol ï M4UF TilliCffUUhNi V. \
\V 4SHlN«m>N, Mardi 21, lf*>1
Whore».«*, by paiisfatTory evidotico presemod
ed, it h:is boon uia<Kv t o appear
to the underalm
that "l'he 1'irMl NiPiomU Hank of K Mehum/
Kep;liim» N iu UieCoAint-v of Ai -
11 « i r \ of hl.'tho. has oouiple tl with
si uns of Uu* K-vi
in the Tam *i o
it s ntnl T
I Hutn.es (.1
antliorixcii lo
r *d I.* »
U.e l imed St
vs. req
i Ko dint
u sinII hi
;—i H'l.'lt
s I" It.iuki
« The I
*»>• Town j
1 .lohn .1 tv Knox (
d > her d
»>: fie- i
ert»i v
Ko. chu
:«i U
in ni" C ' 1 v of Altnras an I Ter
u th >rUed to eouimenc** « I»
kb;,» as provided in Stuioi
sixty-nine of tho lie
»se i Stnluof tho Uni-.i'd Sin us.
■■V N.ui.
• • • d et I
Ftftv o
. wliiies«
•al ..f office I bis, 9 1 si dayol
J NO. J A l K\'ll\,
Cuiuptrotlur ot lie Curre
No. ait2.
i tin lu I au'l
i Mardi H
*1, s
S U.| si Y
M« heb
ri iaht a
II. cf ou
icr «ex. ti»
auy chlmr <
•»ait ihc
mJüre** TitUK * Co„ A
fork er« «l
* ortet
i Apri.»yi
Ma lue.
Notice No. 50.
United States Land Office, (
Hailey, Idaho. April 5, iw. i |
Notice is hereby Riven that, the Baltimore,
! and Victoria Milling Company, an organization
I incorporated under the laws of Utah Territory
] by its attorney in fact, Joseph Si. Burkett,
! whose Postotiice address is Hailey. Idaho, has
United .States Patent for
. .
matte application for -

Lode Mining claim, situate in Warm Springs -
Creek Mining District, Alturas County, Idaho I
Territory, consisting of 1560 linear feet of the
: lode, and surface ground 60(1 feet wide, being
Lot No. 47 and described in the held notes ami
■ j.lat of the official survey on tile in tills office,
, witli magnetic variation at ID degrees east, as
follows: Commencing at the discovery point
and running thence N. h:i" Mb' E., 75b feet to N.
. K. end of claim; thence H. ns E., sue feet to
, Corner No. 1; thence N. 16 W., «00 feet to Cor- ,
ner No. 2; thence K. 7»° S47' W., 1477.S feet, lo 1
Corner No. a; thence H. Iß' E., one feet to Cor- i
ner No. 4 ; thence N. 83" 45' IS., 750 feet to Corner
] No. 5; thence N. s:i° so' K., 750 feet to Corner
I No. 1, the place of beginning survey of exterior .
i boundaries of claim. Containing 18. 17 acres. ;
I From Corner No. a section corner common to
: Heottons 14, is, 2-i * g:i, T. 4, N. K. la K. bears
| -y jw ibm 4 feet distant.
, The said mining claim being of record in the
! office of the Recorder of said mining district
at ,,R ' lu > r ' in Alturas county, Idaho. The near
1,81 known '"cations being the independence
and Minnie May.
1 direct that this notice bo published in the
KETCHUM Keystone, the ncwspaixT published
near eat the «aid raining claim, lor the period of ,
H lxty days. Homer L. Pound, !
Wm. Hvndman, Register.
Atty. for Claimant. |Apl5. ;
. ' :
NotirTiw. »5. 1
TT , M _
United States Ijamx Office, *
ifniiev hinhn 4.nrii i i«nt : [
Vnllw/iTl . , inaao, Am I a, ihm4. i :
Notice 1h hereby »hen that \\dliam H. Ht e-;
y eI1K » of Detroit, State of MichiKan, by T. W.
Huzzo, his attorney In fact, whowe P» stoffice |
address is Ketchum, Idaho Ty., has made ap
plication for a United States Patent for the? i
... . , , .
Milling claim and mill site, situate in Warm
Springs (.reek Mining District, Altnras Conn
ty, Idaho Territory, consisting of about 1500
linear teetof the lode, and surface ground about i
400 feet wide, being Lots No. 57 A & r,7 D„ and
ucsoriberi in tlie field uofcen a-tul jilat of the of
hcial mirvey « n til • in this office, with magnetic
variation at ill r de t rreeB eaat, as follows ; •
bald Alpine mining claim i« described by
i commencing at the south-west corner thereof,
whence U. S : Mineral Monument No. 5 be.trs B.
41 40 Y\., 529 feet distant ; thence from said
conier ». 80 25 h ., 31.3 feet to intersection of
Bast line of the 1 horn Rogers mining claim, 405
feet to post No. 2; thence N. 12 c 60' W., 980 feet
to pest No. 8; thence N. 12® 10' K., 500 feet to
post No. 4; thence N. 80 25 W., 405 feet to post
No. o; thence 8. IT 10 W, 83.7 feet to internee
t '°i 1 °*r 1/ ?? r Y 1 A enfi "S® ° r »aid Thom Rogers
claim, 500 feet to post No.«, and thence to place
of beginning, B . vy 50' E„ üho feet, excepting
therefrom the conflict with said Thom Rogers
claim, being area of 15 acres, less area of 2.58
! acres m conflict with said Tom Rogers claim,
! and designated ns Lot No. 57 A. Said Alpine
! mill site is described by commencing at the
| north-east corner thereof, whence U. 8 Mineral
I Monument No. r> bears N. G4° t t' W., 1882.1 feet;
thence from said corner S. 6° W., coo feet;
| thence H. 33® 4«' VV., 363 feet to post No. 4;
i thence N. «° E-, «00 feet to post No. l ; ilienco N. i
I 3;r 48' E., 363 feet to place of beginning, con
tain Ing area of 2.33 acres, and designated as Lot j
j No, 57 B.
| 1 he said mining claim and mill site being of I
record in the office of the County Recorder of 1
, said county, at Hailey, in Alturas county, Ida- !
4 , The nearest known location being said
, 'Thom Rogers" claim, on Hie west. j
: K«Ä KEY^N^U^ew^m'llcfpubth^ I
T &, rloU ° 1 '
1 i,, K h ' ilp.ttv HOMEE L. Iom.D, ,
Jas ' S'.Â. K K r >^''> I
3 |.Apu
Land Office at Hailey, Idaho, (.
_ May 12, 1884. |
I, Neison Bridge, of Alturas County, Idaho,
who made Homestead applicncion No. 4», for the
W. 0.4 N. E 0.4 * N. h. 8. K.0.4A.-N. E. 0.4 «St N.
E. .4 H. W. .4, Section 19, 4N. 18 East, do hereby
give notice of my intention to commute to casn
and make final proof to establish my claim to
the land above described, ami that Ï expect to
prove my rcsidence.and cultivation before Reg
ister & Receiver at Hailey, Idaho, on June 2M,
1HH4, by two of tlie following witnesses:
John S. Lind, of Ketchum, Idaho;
John Holman, of Ketchum, Idaho;
John Diesen, o' Ketchum, Idaho;
Gearge I". Hodson, of Ketchum, Idaho.
Nelson Bkidoe,
Land Office at Hailey, Idaho, May 12, 18S4.
Notice of the above application will be pub
lished in the Ketchum Keystone, i rinted at
Ketc nun, Idaho, which I hereby designate as
the newspaper published nearest the land des
crided in said application.
HoMEIt L. roUND,
Land Office at Hailey. Idaho, I
May 7,1884. f
I. William H. Pettit, of Ketchum. Idaho, who
made Pre-emption Declaratory Statement. No.
for tho E. of S. E. >,j A- S. E. >4 of N . K. '«,
Sec. 1. T. 4 N. It. 17 E„ ,(- lot 7. Seo, 6, T. 4, N.
R. IS K, do hereby give notice of my intention
make final proof to establish mv eiaim to the
land above described, and that I expect to
prove mv residence ami cultivation before
Uegister «V Receiver at Hailev. Idaho, on June
loth, isst, bv two of the following Witnesses
II. M. Stewart, of Ketchum, Idaho;
Frank R. (Toodiiig, of Ketchum, Idaho;
Geo. B. Moulton, of Ketchum, Idaho;
Frederick Gooding, of Ketchum. Idaho;
W tt.t.t \\j ]{
(Hh imaot
_ *
Ii.VND Office at Hailev. Idaho, Mav 7, 1884.
Notice of the above applies tion will be pub
lish d in the Ketchum Keystone, printed at I
Ketchnm, Idaho, which l he;eby desiKnate as
the newspaper published nearest'the land des
crioed in said application.
May lit
Homee L. 1N>UNI), Register.
Watchns itepuired.
r«rties residing in tlie vicinity of
Ketchum wm leave their orders for
wiiteh repairing, Ac., with Hilly Ste
vens, ut l'iiikliuni ,t Lewis' store.
E II. Hendrick.
Dr. E. <?. Wfst'3 Nkrvf. and Brain 'in at
MENT, a fltuamntoetl srveeiiic for IlyBteri«, 1 izr.:
neaa. Convulsions, rils, Nervoi.s N* i;raidir
Heaaaehe. Nervous Prostrrtion enuf* d by ti r ut
alcohol or tobacco, Wiikefidr ess. Meut it i D<
iirt'saion, 8*>ft*vnn« of the Brain roultii p in ii
sanity a*>d leading to nnst*ry, decay aid deal!
Pmimtnro Old Atr«, Burrenn«?«, Iajsp of powt
neither aex. Involuntary 1 .osst p, ard Hi eima
orrhœa cruised by over-exortion of the*brain, sei
ce. Fr.ch box coi Uiy.
Jd.Cfl (k box, or six box
.id o
to cure any caw\ With each «>rder receited by i
for six bt>x*'s, nccompaiti^Hi with $5.00. we w:
send the nnrehaser our written gn 'arm.tee to r
fund the money if tlie treatment does not elle»
u cun'. (5uarante<*s iwmed only by
fi «OS>AKD, UbAKK A CO.,
-'vnT'^ içEa lo olxiÎL 1 X'r-vagjC-®'^
Order» by mail will receive prompt*** tkw
>nc month*» trontreent.
Vor cent by mftUpreim
•oit t of prit
lîOXi «
!Votic«? No. r.fi.
United States Land Office,
Hailev, IdabOTv.. April !, isst.
Notice 5m hereby given tnat Wn
i of Detroit, State of Mieidto-ti, t
I fact. T. W. Huzzo.
! Ketchum, Idaho
I lion for a United
it. Stevens,
'"i nry in
- ■
... , , ,
I Mining claim and mill nite, »itu.ite i
- Sprues Cre-k Mining Dist rict, Al'ums
I Idaho Territory, <• i 1. ins. of about in
bet of the iode aol surface tvn
feet wide, 1 «iug Lor No. '■'> A and
< rlbed In the f,»hJ m :• and [ la
survey on tile in tiffs off:
ntion at is) deg e, as;. as tub
Ba.d Alien iniiung ciaii
m «seing at the north i nstconiertiierom' at post,
No. 3. wlieuee United Kteri -■ Mine-:,! Mi
, No. 5 bears B. t - si \y. r,\
1 thence from said corner S. lb
i intersection ot south line of Thom I:
. ! ' eet to said south line of Thom Roto
; feet to post No. i, stud thence s. 87
fe °t to place ot: hi
much there«! as is
Rogers claim. beim,
area in conflict ■,! s:: acres, and d
Hot No. R5 A. S;.nl Allen Mill Site
»*>' cemmeneing at Mu north cast cor, . r , , er .
"J «t post No a, „ hence United Mmes Mineral
Monument No. I ear N fi r,r W , huh 7 feef,
distant; thence iroin said e mer S. 6 vV.,Cm
feet to post No. M, : hence S. (•> l.V \\ . 282.5 foot
, to post No i; thence N. 2 k If/ \V., CO fe< t to po«l
! Nf. 1, and thence to place or bc«i nirur, N. 68*
A,, ' K. 3«0 feet; containing area of maj acres,
; and designated us let No. r>5 R. Tl.o said min
ing claim and mil. sil" b i g of record in the
: aflfaUev.Vu AliumsUoMt^ldahof 8 '"
ÄÄ W,,stk "
1 1 direct that this notice be pnl.liMued in the
Kktchi'm Ktmum 1 tin „ .«..i \ n. vi-»
*2 ■ M . the ?' ,m . vv **l-o-i r imbllBhed
[ nearoHt tlic said mining claim, for the p<.*ri(*d
: of sixty da vk Tin\?v h t i>r.i*N-rt
j as ^ » |' v J *
* Hailev attv "
| naiie>, atty. f Apri )
-■ 1
ob for tho
i Warm
nd nhint6<*>
•'» B LLd (i**F- -
•f Urn nmciil
;l>ed hvcom
i icet dpffaut;
is tent to
vs claim,
r 22' H\,
Vv. t 1148.4
: 1M4
/■ 4M.
1M1H.8 feet ti
«w feet to »i st No. 4 tlicuco N.u- :
po- No. m; thence N
inning, but ex
i conflict
pting *o
■ ill t
d Thom
, less
od d as
t ribed
n area of 15
' d
The. near
I, ad
In the District Court of the Second Judicial
District of the Territory of Idaho in and for
the County of Alturas.
John W.' Moore, Plaintiff, vs. Abra Mav Moore
The People of the United States in the Terri
torv of Idaho send greeting to Abra May Moore
Defendant: '
You are hereby required to appear in an ac
tion brought against you by the above-named
dlaintiff, in the District Court of the Second ju
<licial District of the Territory of Idaho, in and
for the County of Ahuras, ami to answer the
Complaint tiled therein, within ten days (ex
elusive o1 the day of service, after the
on you of this Summons—if served
county; or, if served out » f this countv, bat in
this district., within twenty days; otherwise,
within forty days— or judgment bv default wiJV
be taken against you according tothe praver of
aid Complaint
The said action Is brought to dissolve the
bonds of matrimony now existing between tho
aboved-named Plaintiff and Defendant, aileg
ing that on the aoth day of August ikh 2 at
Baker City, Baker Co., Slate of Oregon, 1'hiin
tiff and Defendant intermarried and ever sine«
have been, and now are, husband and wife
That said Defendant, without just cause or
provocation, deserted bed and board of Piain
tiff, on or about the 21st day of November, 1882,
and since said date y aid Defendant has lived
separate and apart from said Plaintiff, who has
made suitable provision for her..
The facts more fully appearing in Plaintiff's
Complaint, a certified copy of which is herewith
And you »re hereby notified that if you iaii
to appear and answer the said Complaint, as
above required, the said Plaintiff will apple to
pUint 0Ult ** ^ <UraaIiaed in aai< ' Ct)m -
° iven ™ ,!rr "»• haMl «»»1 Real
>*iCW\»of tue DiHWiit-J. uit of the rficoud
Judicial District of the Territory of
Idaho in and for the County of Alturas, this.
dav of May, in the year of our Lord one
Uiusand eight hundred and eVhty-four.
ithtn this
By E. E. Richards,
Deputy Clerk.
Dissoluticn Hotice.
Notice is hereby given tliat the co-partner
ship heretofore existing between the under
signed, under the firm name of Jam s Bros.,
is this day dissolved bv mutual consent.
The business will be continued by Geo.
James at the place of business lieretforeo oc
cupied by the old firm.
Said Geo. James is hereby authorized to set
tle all liabilities and collect all outstanding in
debtedness due said firm of James Bros.
Witness our hand and seals this, «th day of
(itoltoE James,
Charles James.
June, A. D. 1884.
No. II Kearney Street, San Francisco, Cal..
Treats all Chronic and Special diseases.
Voug Jim
Who may be Buffering from the effects of
youthful follies or indiscretion will do well to
avail themselves of fids, the greatest boon ever
laid at the altar of suffering humanity. Dr
Spinney will guarantee to forfeit Î5CU for every
case of weakness or private disease of every
kind or character which be undertakes and
faiis to cure.
There are many at tlie age of .tu to .... who avn
troubtert with too freqnei.t avaeuation iff tho
bladder, often accompanied by a burning or
smarting sensation and a weakemi g ot the syR
ten» Hi a manner the jaticni cannot account
for. On examining the urinary deposit a ropy
sediment will often be found, and si metlmca
small particles of albumen will appear,
color wilt bea thin.nnlkish hue, aRSinchanging
to a dark and torpid appearance. There are
many men who die of thiB kiniculty. urnorantof
the eautse, which is tlie Bccond 8ta«e of 8ominal
weakness. Dr. B, will guarantee a perfect euro
in all auch oases, and a healthy restoration of
tlie jjenito-urinary organs. Off ice hours 10 to 4
I c> , t0 Bumlftys from 1« to 11 A. m. Don
sul tat ion free. Ihoroiiehexaunnationandod
vice, $5. C'all or address Dü. . itnney «' Co.,
No. 11 Kearney Bt., San Francisco. LBept.2(--iy.
Middle-Açed Men.
t h<
The Great English Remedy
Mk Is a never failing cura
§1 for Nervous Debility,
W i a knees.
A5M, Sperniatorrhn a.
-'Vlffi LOST MAt HCCD.
1 In;] otciicy, I nralyalr,
31 Pros1 1 ;(-i rlurn : and all
JA terrible effects of Self
Sj Abuse, youl hful fol
9 lies, and excess
3 mat liver years—such
IS as Loss of Memory,
Lassitude, Noeferi si Emission, Aversion to
So«-civ, Dimness of Vision, Noises in the Dead;
list-wed into the
' D
the vital fluid imtwinjj
urine, and many other di sea ses loading to in
If«. lîl « > 'S K K will agree
i * a * i n for a
>*nuitv and death,
to forfeit l IEï?ndi'c«l It
ease of this kind the Vital Ite^Jouaiyc
(under hia special advice and treatment) will
not enre, or for anything iinpure or injurioua
found in it. Hit. iUINTSS-i tr* ats ail private
di' ea>es successfully wühont mercury, C'on
M ltalion free« Thorough examination
and ml vice, inoludinp analysis of urine, $6.
Price of Vital ISeMoraiive, fi.äüa bottle, or
iour times the quantity, $5; sent, to any &d
dn ss upon receipt of price, or C. O. D., ob
seme from observation, and in privat« name
Niimptc Belllf Free:
Sent on application by letter, staring Bymp
to.us, sc\ and age. Communications stricfly
contidontinl by »U*. A. E. Ml«TIE, »I
Ki uriii'i Slreet, San Erancisco, Cal.
■>IC. 171II«TIE'S Kidney Remedy,
Scphrel ion in, cores all kinds of Kidney
and gladder Complaints, Gononhrea, Gleet,
Leuchorrhioa. For sale bv all druggists; >1
per lajttle. or et* bottles for *5.
UR. MldTlE'S llaudrlion Pills are,
best and cheapest Uyapep««» and Rllisu»
euro in the market. For sale by all druggist«

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