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3bci!)o llîcckln Keystone.
Moore of this place, arrived on Tuesday I
. _ . !
evening from Baker, Oregon, to spend
b 1 . I
the season.
Webber's new livery stable is looming
iup grandly on Third street, and Ills
teams and carriages are already making
quick time over the roads.
Election for school officers comes off on
the first Monday in September. Par-'
ents especially should remember this if j
they desire efficient officers.
[From Thursday's Daily.]
A. B. Bottsford who was recently very .
111 has recovered.
The Metropolitan Saloon last night j
was made very musical by the brass
The Nevada Saloon opened last night
in full blast near the Cornucopia and I
v \
Bon Ton restaurants.
Mrs. E. S. Moore, mother of James
Why is the pavement at Fiukham A 1
Lewis' admired by all Irishmen? Be- i
cause it is sham-rock. Why is it like a
picnic basket? Because of the sand
which-is there.
A little ruin and thunder again yester- ;
The electric atmospheric j
day as usual,
conditions nlong these mountains are
nnsettled. Snake river valley is report
ed to be in a very heated ' state, ami
these mountains and snowbanks are nu
ture's own condensers.
"Some of the railroad boys do not rel
ish the idea of running to and from
Ketclium," says the Times, "on account
of increased work and pleasant social re
lations at Hailey."
this we are inclined to think they
not suffer seriously.
at home amoug the hospitable crowd
who will welcome them to Ketchum.
Mr. Ried coming ill from Lost river,
on Monday, got a ducking from the
heavy showers, but was somewhat re
lieved by discovering friends in a simi
lar predicament. Among these was a
wagon, equipped with guns, blankets
and everything ready for a good time,
containing Billy' Stevens and wife, Al.
Culp and wife and Billy Sliira. They
were on their way to Lost river to hunt
an s 1 —otherwise for tmii^ «nt». 1
Probate Judge. 1
w jU i
They will soon bo
Alluding to an announcement in an
other column the Inter-Idaho kindly re
marks, of u candidate for Probate Judge:
If them is any one tiling iu the w orld
we do like better than another it i:
vote fur
newspaper man—when we
find on honest one competent to fill the
In such a fix
oftlce to which he aspires,
sire we now; there's II. C. Street, an old
newspaper man in Nevada, and now in
Ketchum, who, ns will bo seen by refer
ence to lits card under "Announce
ments," aspires to the Probate Judge
ship of Alturns, and with God's help
and the Democratic hosts of Alturas,
maybe get there. Mr. Street needs no
words of introduction to our people in
the columns of the Inter-Idaho. He was :
clerk of the district court covoriug this
county when there was nota newspaper
published within 100miles of this place.
For years he has been a member of the
bar; three terms a district attorney— :
once in California and twice in Nevada; ,
honorably fulfilled the duties of a mem- ;
ber of the Nevada legislature one term,
and, in fact, has held numberless posi
tions of trust which are a guarantee of
his ability to fill the office to w hich he
aspires acceptably to his constituents.
Copper Ores.
There are some copper miners in Altnr
as County, and other portions of Idaho,
who are interested in keeping posted on
the market values of that mineral. An
official monthly report from Liverpool.
England, just received, states that the
arrivals of copper iu that port have been
for the month just passed, very heavy,
aud that the deliveries of bar copper
have continued on an extensive scale.
The smelters are reported us acting very
cautiously in their purchase of furnace
material, influenced by fear of tho Amer
ican supplies, and that the business has
somewhat restricted
The total visible supply was
44,305 tons, not including charters due,
and the imports of copper from the first
of January, 1884, to date were 34,082 tons,
being an increase over the suaie time
last year of 5,207 tons.
Mr. A. Hornby Lewis, of the Liverpool
firm of Jas. Lewis & Sons, is now in
been running on
Montana. He is reported as saying that
the "oopper market jn England depends |
altogether on the product of Moutunn,
and thnt there were 18,000 tons of cop- >
per shipped to England last year from
the United States, of which Montana
produced about two-thirds."
heretofore the largest producer of cop •
per in tho w orld, will, in his opinion,
bo surpassed by the output from the
United States this year.
For Sale—Easley's Station.
ami Kotch
of a good house nnd barn, and
On le
This is the station betw
It connin
haH cood warm springs on the place. For sale
cheap for ca«h. Inquire o J. \ . Easley, at the
tent saloon. My21-tf
Finfl pickle« by tho quart at OKI Joe
James Leffingwell, formerlv Sheriff uT 1
Lander County, Nevada, and Henry 81a
ter of Pioche, arrived here yesterday on
tllcir to tako a look at Houston, j
They may return here shortly.
» » ... -n f,. . 4 ,, I
Hon. T. F. Singiser, present delegate .
vi/t^ #.#. u m ■ . .. I
Mr. Joe. Morrell, Chairman of the
w . . ,
Bonrd of County Commissioners, and
, r „ a .
Mr. Singiser, left for Hailey last eve
n ing-a long buggy ride in a drizzling
R Uow C r.
Hon. John M. Cannady and Col. Brod
hend were among the arrivals from Saw- '
tooth last night I
j Lost River Smelters. j
- I
R. E. Reid was in town yesterday
from his mines on (he divide between |
Mr. F. Oliver, from Halley, was here
y( , g terday
from Idaho, and Mr. J. Morrell came
up from Hailey yesterday. Mr. Singi
Her met many old friends here, personal
and political. Mr. Singiser is an active
, . , ,, i 1
and genial gentleman, and is liable to !
make things lively for competitors in
botli parties.
Lost river and the North Fork of the
East Fork of Little Wood river.
He re
! ports the work going steadily on and the
His mines are
; prospects looking well.
j Q Bo it six miles from Houston, the new
: town on Lost river. The smelter is cx
peetod there soon, being on the road
from San Francisco. They are ltd-ton
smelters, capable of running eighty tons
daily of the eepper ore. The copper ore
will largely come from the Mammoth
lode. The smelters will bo located near
the head of the mine. Mr. Reid passed
over the Chnllis-Ketchum wagon road,
and highly recommends the work.
, ,
ceived to-day, and the date for the cele
„ , , , ,
bratiou will probably bo fixed in the
fore part of next week. Dodgers con
1 taining the full programme and list of 1
1 committeemen will be duly issued. :
i , j
v\o understand that a number of fast:
horses will be brought from Hailey and \
there will be some good races,
course is being put in good condition.
Vienna Starts Up.
i There are many large teams going along
over th e road smoothly.
The Celebration.
Mr. L. H. Russell received a telegram
from W. B. Doddridge, of the U. F.,yes- j
terday, dated at Butte City, and stating |
thnt as soon as possible the date would
j be given when a special train would be
run between Bellevue and Ketchum. ;
This information will doubtless be re- :
- !
From a gentleman who arrived from j
Vienna yesterday we learn that the Vi- ;
enun mill will start up in a day or two,
and will put ou au additional force of 100
men. There are 100 men at work now
iu conneetiou with the mine and mill.
1 ho prospects of lively times are giving
the town a business boom. When the 1
mill gets down to its work again several !
men are likely to find employment
Friday's Pally.]
Hailey and Bellevue yesterday,
, between here and the smelters.
; Herman Meyers, the veteran brewer
has returned from the Cœur d'Alene
Band practice last night.
Let ns have mes to ran flic county.
II. C. Street and Win. Hill visited
The railrond is almost to Main street :
L. Schweitzer has just received a full
line of Buckingham Ä- Hecht boots and
ladies' kid gloves.
The business men of Ketchum wear
pleasant countenances since the arrival
of the locomotive.
An excited horse out quito a figure
during the street practice of the brass j
band last evening.
The railroad track is destined to be- |
come a favorite promenade for Ketchum
ladies aud gentlemuu.
Tho young America succeed in eatch
idg large numbers of trout iu Wood Riv
er und Wurm Spring Creek.
Born: To the wife of Mr. J. Käme,
Wednesday night, the 13th instant, a
boy. Mother and child prosperous.
Geo. W. Richards announces himself
a candidate for Auditor and Recorder,
vauts to be District
and J. H. Harris
They suy that Hailey is beginning to
observe the propriety of letting up on
The late rains have laid the dust and
the roads aro now fine for pleasure seek- ;
ers to drive over. They also extin- ,
guished a large forest fire on Warm !
reaching for county offices least she
slops over.
A "Times" synopsis of Wood River,
printed in the shape of a letter-head,
states that there is a daily reduction
| pacify on the river of 78U tons. Whew!
The travel to Lost River is said to be
> on the increase, and there will be much
anxiety over there iu Huston until the
success of those copper furnaces is do- \
J. K. Morrell and Ike Garrett, of Hai- !
Icy, arc said to be after the Assessorship j
on the Republican ticket, but Bob
Campbell, of Ketchum, will probably
take tho cake. !
Spring Greek.
H will to* on Hie 190* Inalant. • Regular
Railroad Traflle to Ketchum
on the 20th. !
lUces on Hie Boulevard.—A Match Came !
As we anticipated yesterday, a series J
of telegraphic communications were re
oi tmegrapiiio communie niions were re
w o r\A,i !.i i
ceivea from n. 13. Doadriuge, General
. _
Superintendent for the Idaho Division
of the U. P. railroad, relating to the eel
diich we* produce verbatim.
In reply to Mr. Russell's first dispatch
to Mr. Doddridge, requesting a special
excursion train to run from Bellevue and
' '
Hailey to Ketclium, with a view to cele- |
brate the arrival of the first railroad :
train to Ketchum, Mr Doddridge replied
as follows: |
Market Lake, Idaho, Aug. 13, 1884. !
L. H. Russell, Sec.—W e will run ai
f fee excursion train from Bellevue and
Hailey to Ketchum with a limited num- ;
ber of people, say one hundred and fifty,
notent to pay UieTxpeuse ofhaulingout I
coaches from a distance. The track will 1
be in Ketchum to-morrow night,
I would suggest some day next week !
for the excursion.
of Base Ball for the Championship
of Wood River.
1 oration,
r will advise luter as j
to the day we shall connect with Ketch-'
Cen. Supt
To this telegram Mr. Russell replied, 1
nsking Mr. Doddridge if Thursday the
instant. First train to leave Bellevue at
W. B. Doddridge,
21st would be a suitable date, and the
latter answered with the following dis
patch :
Pocatello Aug. 14, 1884.
L. H. Russell, Sec;. We will run two
excursion trains from Bellevue and Hai- >
ley to Ketchum and return on the 19th I
6 a. M., and second train to leave Belle
vue at 10 a. m., returning, leave K. tcli
f rn m Ketchum
lrom Mtcwim '
Kn-runM in» 14 is<u
KLTt Hl 11 ' A,lg -
W. B. Doddridge, Gen. Sunt. Would
1 H suit your convenience to hold one
: trainhere nntil 4 *• M - the 20111 inst ' t0
j enable excursionists to attend our bail?
11 m at 3 l>. 51. und C p. M.
the round trip will be $1.00.
The road will be opeu to Ketchum for j
traffic on the 20th instant.
The fare for
W. B. Doddridge.
fn-u. Supt.
Later the following was received:
Pocatello, Aug. 14, 1884.
. L. H. Russell, Sec. I think Tuesday ,
i would be the best day aa wo shall run
the regular Shoshone train through
; on and after the twentieth.
W. B. Doddridge.
The following dispatch was then sent
Pocatello. Aug. 14, 1884.
L. H. Rcssell. See.: M'e will run the
! trains to suit you. iu case one train
j leaves Ketchum at 4 A. 51 . on the 20th.
; 4 w'ould suggest that one train leave
Ketchum at U P. 51 . on 19th.
L. II. Ri
Aud this answer was received:
1 rom this understanding the date for
the celebration has been fixed on Tucs
dav, the 19th instant, when two excur
1 .
sion trains will be run from Bellevue and
! „ ,
Hailey, at G A. ii. and 10 A. h. resjiect
: ively, returning at G p. M. on the same
! day, and 4 a. m. on the following day.
j An additional attraction to the eele
W, B. Doddridge,
Gen. Supt.
This will enable a full attendance of the
excursionists nnd citizens.
bration will be a match game of base
ball for the championship of Wood
The races will not occur on the old
: course as was at first decided, biyt w ill
be run on the Trail creek boulevard,
Father Nattini's Appointments.
Rev. E. M. Nattini, of Hailey, will lec
ture nnd hold divine services of the
Catholic Church in his summer visit,
August 18th and 19tli, Sho
shone; 20th and 21st, Rocky Bar; 22d
j 24th and 25th, Sawtooth;
j 2Gth and 27th Vienna; 29th and 30th,
| Bonanza; 31st, Challia; September 1st
and 2nd, Eagle Rook; 3d and 4th, Fort
Hall; 6th and 7th, Pocatello; 8th, Mont
pelier; 9th, Soda Springs; 10th, Lava;
11th, McCammon, 13th, Hailey,
above appointments will be kept strict
ly as given, unless uncontrollable cir
cumstances shall interfere.
Lost River.
A correction is in order this morning
in connection w ith an item which ap
peared in yesterday's issue stating that
Reid's mines, on Lost River, were about
six miles from Huston. They are at
least twenty-five or thirty miles, being
in the direction of Muldoon, and about
six miles over a natural road from the
headwaters of Lost River. Tho Mam
moth mine again seems to have been
misunderstood by our informant, as it
Mrs. J. K. Morrell, of Hailey, Mrs.
; Heury Harrison, of feult Lake, Mrs.
, Greeuhow' and Mrs. McCallum of Keteb
! urn, were guests at the Gayer Hot
contains little copper, while the bulk of
oopper for tho new furnaces will
j come from the Oopper King group.
$10 per month.
stone ofllco.
! -
For Kent
A good elwelliug house for rent, price
Inquire at the Key
uug.14 tf
j Springs last evening.
The Bears, Lion# and While Elephant.
in the Upper (ounlrj had Bet
ter hook Out.
It having come to the
knowledge of the peaceable citizens of j
Alturas county that a band of bald-faced ,
bears, lions and white elephants are run- j
ning at large in the vicinity of Kedflsh
Hakes in the Sawtooth range, and com- I
_ . ..
nutting divers and sundry depredations
, , , .
upon the game and intruding upon the ,
rig]lts ot tUe inhabitants thereof; .there- '
fore be it
Resolved, That ou Monday, the 18th i .
rinv Aumiot Hww , : f , 1C1 nsii fl011J
of August, the citizens of Bellevue, ;
Haile J' an<1 Ketchum and adjoining
toWD8 ' "^mble at Bolton's Hot Springs ,
and remain two days and declare war j i
n non said varmints and i»rnr*r*r*.i to thn
upon said varmints, and proceed to the
Hot Springs above Ketchum, and re
main one day; thence to Bedflsh Lake I
as soon ns practicable and commence ;
! hostluties - !
Then followsa long list of committee- j
men consuming many leading citizens
; of Ketchum, Hailey and Bellevue, whose j
names are appended to the above reso
I lution ' P assef l and published by "many j
1 ci,izena " of Hailey, wi
! Now,
rtesirous of ;
; having some fun in a grand old
e can't object to this, at all. pro
in ;
j vi , iinK t j 10 arrnv 0 f bear-hunters i
question will arrive here by the 19th to
assist in the grand celebration of the ar
rival of the O. S. L., and take in the
1 grand ball in the evening,
Wood River telephone biz, skips this
Territorial News.
Owney Geoghan, the prize-fighter, is
jngged for assaulting a woman the other
I ''Hello '-Fitzgibbon, manager of the ,
morning to Salt Lake where he will take
a more exalted position in the office of
the company.
James Fitzsimmons was down from
He says the nr
1 Ketchum last evening.
rival of the cars will he celebrated in
g 00 q 0 i,[ style in a day or two.
It. will
beat the elephant racket in Hailey and 1
the Fourth of July in Bellevue.
, ,
notice wiU be & iVcI1 through the papers, i
lirllevue Chronicle. i
The Minnie Moore, at the 300-foot ,
level, is looking better than it has at
Due j
any time in the history of the mine.
^ fine strike of three feet of solid ore
was made at that point last evening.
; The force is being increased.
Mrs E. J. Curtis, wife of Gov. Curtis. !
arrived from Boise lust evening aud is 1
; stopping at the Capitol Hotel.
Prank E. Ensign is mentioned by the
Democrats as the proper man for that
j party to nominate for Probate Judge.
Saturday'* Daily.]
The celebration boometh.
AV. T. Riley was up from Hailey yes-;
; terday.
! E. R. Leonard was up from the county j
seat yesterday.
No material change in the money
market yesterday,
Owney Geoghan is painting the "jug"
in which he confined at Hailey.
The new strike made by Messrs. Reifl
and Young is said to be a big thing and
right oil the improve.
E. O. Wheeler, of Ketchum, announces
; himself as a candidate for the Legisla
ture, subject to the approval of the Re
publican County Convention.
Tlie Ketchum Baud played a number
j bf selections last evening from the porch
of the Baxter Hotel. Quite a crowd was
• .. . ......
. attracted tlnther.
, t, ,, ,
Hi. New ton is down from Boulder and
reports some new finds on Baker creek.
... ■
The Ophir is constantly shipping ore, '
and other Boulder properties arc look- ;
ing well.
The Eastern mail gets in now at 8:30:
v. m., and is distributed in the evening.
This brings us mail and news matter
without any delay, and is a blessing of
great magnitude.
The children of rnion Church Sunday
School are hereby requested to meet at
the church this evening at 6:30 o'clock
for rehearsal, preparatory to the con
; cert Sunday evening.
Old Dad returned yesterday from a
prolonged trip over to the Chullis and j
I Bayhorsecountry, and is of the opinion
that Chullis possesses more grey-huired
more good agricultural
meu aud
lauds than any adjoining county:
For Representative.
Elsewhere in this issue appears tho
formal announeement of E. 0. Wheeler
for Representative of Alturns County in
the Idaho Legislature, subject to the
Republican County Convention. Mr.
Wheeler, now fulfilling the office of Jus
tice of the Peace in this place, was
' among the first attorneys who came to
Wood River, and has since shown him
self to be not only a competent lawyer
but nu honorable aud seliolnrly gentle
man. Ilis thorough acquaintance with
the resources aud reuqirements of Al
turas county, coupled w ith a practical
ability und independence of character,
will give him precedence in the coming
campaign, and we think ho is a good
man for tho Republicans to support at
the county convention,
! Mutton by the side at James' meat
A first-class sjore to reut. Apply to
R. C. West, Enterprise Restaurant, tf
market for 7 cents.
The Celebration.
Arrangements have been permanently :
made by our committeemen with the ;
Wood Hiver base ball nine and the Salt j
Lake nine to play a match game in
Ketclium on celebration day, and this
feature alone of the day will lend much
attraction to visitors, and doubtless be
evcitement and
' ! .
criticism The Suit T*nkp nine is a nret
U1UI,SIIL J1A< nine is a prêt- i
. . ,
ty strong club, having played a good
' many flue games in Utah ami adjoining !
Territories, while the Wood River nine
i . A , . , _ „ t 1
is to be picked men from the Hailey, I
Believe and Bullion clubs.
, will probably occur in the field adjoin- 1 P
j i ua boulevard
® ' i
The arrangement committee have he- '
arrangement committee have be
smn the distribution of aomp loro-A nnxt
I tliC «"""uaiion oi some large post
; era printed at the Keystone office yes- I P
! terday, and will see to the proper circu
j lation of programmes in due time,
There seems to bo a good inclination!
j in nearly every vicinity of Wood River 1
to turn out and give Ketchum a "send
j off," und doubtless wo shall have a rous- '
The game
heartily \
; ing time.
Our neighbors
vtlcomc and will be given a bounteous
supply of Ketchum 's hospitality.
; excursion trains, and such a low rate of
fare for the round trip, will induce many
in the lower towns to come if only for
treat to the famipes of Ketchum and
bile the races, certain to
be "way up," will enable every lover] of
the trip, and the arrangements lor one
train to leave here for down river towns
at 4 a. it., next morning, will be an in
estimable convenience to those wishing
to attend the grand ball.
Fifty dollars worth of fire works to bo
displayed in the evening will be a grand
, their friends,
fast horses, and every sport in the conn -
try, agood opportunity to be gratified
for once.
There is some talk about getting up a
procession of horribles, but we cannot
say whether or not it will be a feature of
the day.
The speeches of welcome to be deliv
i Metropolitan Hall, by Mr.T. E. Clohecy ;
i ann Mr. E. 0. Wheeler, will draw a good
, op ei ; audience, and we understand j
j ered from the balcony of Fitzsimmons'
some arrangement is being made for a
quartette and other musical features for
this portion of the programme in uddi
t i OU (.j^ mUl j c by the Ketchum Brass

The Bluejacket.
Col. Brodhead brought down a nuin
ber of samples from all parts of the Blue- ;
jacket lode Thursday and finds t-liat j
thirty inches of the vein contains ore,
the lowest grade of which is 42 ozs., the
highest grade 2G0, and the average 132 |
j posed entirely of iron, silver, copper. ■
gold and silica. The percentage of cx
ozs., silver, per ton.
This ore is com
cessive iron is from 20 to 40, rendering
the ore of a most desirable nature for
smelting. The gross cost of transport
ing and reducing the ore is estimated at
$16 per ton, and ore from other portions
of the vein that assays even much less
than the samples alluded to can be made
highly profitable at this rate. The body
is oxhaustlcs3. An increased force of
miners will soou be put to work on the
mine under A. H. Dollarhide, foreman.
! and Mr. Brodhead estimates a daily yield
; hereafter of six or eight tons, possibly
which will be shipped to the 1
: more.
: smelter here.
The "Old Ed," jumped bv Dr. Pitts, is
, an extension of the Bluejacket, and at
1 present looks almost equally as well.
We understand the Doctor is about to
find an adverse claimant, who may step
in and help eat the cake.
Eagle creek is attracting quite a num
ber of prospectors. James Stover re
! ceutly made a promising strike there, |
and has returned from Ketchum to de
velop his find.
For Assessor.
It is formally announced in the Key
stone this morning by Robert Camp
j bell, of this place, that he is a candidate
a lor Assessor and Collector of Alturas.
j County, subject to the Repuolieau Couu
1 Convention. Mr. Campbell is a w ell- !
j known
standing among our citizens is of the
highest order, aud we hope tho Rupub
pioneer of Ketchum, whose
lieuns of the place will give him a solid
support. The News-Miner says of him:
"He is an energetic young man of un
blemished character, and thoroughly
understands the business of the office,
haviug served as Deputy Assessor and :
Collector for two years under E. 11. ;
Leonard. He gave universal satisfac
tion as Deputy, is well and favorably I
known throughout the county, and if ;
nominated by the convention he will j
make u strong ran.
Mutton by the side nt James' meat
market for 7 cents.
Howard Jrey,
A well-known Ketchumite received j
yesterday a letter from Howard Grey, iu j
wliieli he denies the statements of eer- ,
tain Hailey persons to the effect that he !
, , ,, . .
has w ithdraw » from the candidacy for |
Sheriff iu the aim to get the office of As
sessor and Collector. Mr. Grey emphat
ically disputes this and says that he is
still in the field for Sheriff.
Wood River Ripples.
None but the careless and slothful will I
ne 6^ ec fc to register.
Altiirae county has the largest assess
tunt9 °* an J r county in the Territory,
T C Headrick, of Bellevue, and E.
Bartsch, of Hailey, are fishing and hunt-j
. T
mg on Deer creek. Their headquarters
are » nt Rnitnn«
" uuuu ".
Ota, connected with the U. P. Land De
nnr * nioT , f t.
I )nrtment * 18 looking over the Wood
P med t0 flnd so K ooA an agricultural
T i ,
Persuaded that Idaho is a good stock
country, and together with the vast de
P oslt of ore yielding mines, makes this
About ten miles from Hailey, in the
direction of Camas Prairie, there is a
hord of over 7,000 sheep. These sheep
ment roll and number of taxable inhabi- ;
Hon. S. M. Knox, of Princetown, Illin
River country. Mr. Knox is greatly snr
section in these mountains, and is fully
the most desirable region of the entire
"re being driven from California through
to Montana Territory. A few days ago a
herd of 4,500 passed through on their
way from Oregon to Montana.
Additional force will go on the Michi
gan to-moiTow.
The Queen of the Hills has an ore
chute lending from the upper dump to
the concentrator.
The new postofflee at Crichton being
open, at! mail matter for the eastern end
of Camas Prairie, should now be ad
dressed to "Crichton, Idaho."
Delegate Singiser arrived from Boise
on Tuesday and will leave soon for the
Cœur d' Alene country to interview A.
F. Parker, who he assisted to the post
mastership of Eagle City.
is very unanimous for the renomination
of Mr. Singiser.
Mr Parker

General News.
. ,,
temperance party regarding the propo
®ition "to put down liquor. ' The only
diff erence is the way of doing it.
All political parties ugree with the ;
Investments in mining property are
made more cautiously now than at any
time heretofore,
mines by flaming misrepresentations
The nge of selling
■ and trickery is fust passing away.
! man who buys mines uow-a-days gener- |
ally knows his business and don't put i
! his money where he can't get it again, j
The Statesman says thnt redflsh caught
j in the Saw tooth lakes hut Sunday and I
brought to Boise City by rail from Hal- ;
arrived fresh and in good condition j
| Wednesday morning.
very delicious and every way equal to !
■ ** resb Columbia river salmon, which they i
closely resemble.
These fish are i
The Black Hills World contains glow
ing accounts of the tin ]mines recently
discovered iu that section. The ship
ments of ores from the Etta mine have
been seut to New York to be worked,
and the result is highly satisfactory to
the mine-owners. It is esiimated that
$12,000,000 worth of tiu plates are an
nually imported, and. as the use of the
metal is steadily increasing, while the
product of the mines in Cornwall, Eng
land, are as steadily decreasing, the im
portance of the Black Hills discovery [
1 cannot be overestimated. The mines |
j extend over a large area of territory and
the ore contains a large percentage of
the metal.
„ . . , . .
The sting of a bee is only one-thirty- :
, . . , , ..... ,
second of an inch long; it is said to be !
only imagination that makes it seem as ;
long as a hoe-handle.
MTTNN & CO., of the ScnsNTmc AmtrîcaîT. con
tinue to act as Solicitors for Patents, Caveats, Trad«
Marks, Copyrights, for the United States, Canada,
England. France, Germany, ete. Hand Book about
Patents sent free. Thirty-seven years'experience.
Patents obtained through UUNN A CO. are notieed
In the Scientific American, the largest, best, and
must widely circulated scientific paper. $J.2Uu year. :
Weekiv. Splendid engravings and Interesting In
formation. Specimen copy of the Scifiuillc Amer
ican sont fre>>. Address MI NN A CO., SciENTinO
Amekican Office, 261 Broadway. New York.
O The Buvirs' Glide Is Is
sued March and Sept, each
year: 216 pages, 81x11$
inches, with over 3,300
illustratione—a whole pic
ture gallery. Gives whole
sale prices direct ta coneuTnera on all goods
for personal or family use. Tells hoir
to order, and gives exact cost of every
tliim' vou use, cat, drink, wear, or have |
. These invaluable books con
formation gleaned from the mar
of the world. We will mail a copy
p'ree to any address upon receipt of the
postage—7 cents. Let us hear from you.
Da. P. C. West's Nkuvk and Bkain Tseat
j ««•
j ^"«^^"wïïîrfttlSîî.'Meutai 1 Ds
, J^J°aàd°l-v«îSf to muwi^décajr'anÏÏ dea'iK
! ffi.iVmaU
orrhivs mused over-exertion of the hoiiu, self
| ibuw or ovw-induQenie. Each box
th's treatment,
for j»5.a\ sent by nmilprem
. rare any cane. With each order received byn«
,r mi boxes, accompanied with $5.0), we will
t,„nd the purchaser our writtrn iruarauteo to re
fund the money it tie treatment do«» nut effect
a care. Guarantee« issued onlvby
■C7Ui;lo«alo and Hrle'-I Xx-iafielats.
Order# by mail will receive prompt attention
tm ue
ît.COn box, or fix to
Wilt be Sent to Any part oft!*
For $4.00 a Year.
The Keystone
Shall strive to fulfiill the mi»*
si on of supplying the resi
dents of this prosper
ous town and
the Upper Wood river
country in general with a
Good Reliable, Newsy end
Local Journal.
Published in the Heart of the
Great Mining Region of
Wood River—the El
Dorado of Idaho,
Special attention will
be devoted to bringing
The Resources of this great
field before the eye«
of Capital.
__ ._
Jfth DfiD&Ttlllfi&t
Unexcelled in Idaho.
Job Printing of Every Va
riety and description turned
out in an Unsurpassed style
and at prices that
Defy Competition.

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