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Tffityo ttTtcWs Keystone.
pi •—
* fljpv. Ben« Butler announces that lie is
And willing to go ahead us the
TsaCiaidate of the Labor and Anti-Mo
popoly parties. The letter la brief and
informai, aa he proposes to waft until
Gov. Cleveland haa givep to the public
bis letter of acceptance and ontliued his
proposed policy. Gov. Butler has evi
dently been stirred iff) to action by the
repeated icmonstmuees from some of
fit» We »torn States over the protracted
jtiBy, Kbct may be the result of his
movements ts yet unseeu. There arc a
few doubtful Slates, and in these he
may secure sufficient support to change
flic result ns between the two lending
partie». Tliere la no btatc in the Union
lu which he can expect to secure a ma
jority ; not enough to semiro votes Mif
Ac lent to throw til» election Into tfiv
House of Repn-sc illative*; but perhaps
enough to confuse the canvass for a po
riod and create doubt In cert sip locali
ties. Them 1» a eortafn class of men of
fi floating nml doubtful diurnct«;, who | 'I*
will lie influenced by Ids name and up
penis to supptmod personal labor inter- j
ests; hut there is ny State in the Union
tliat is likely to full either to tho right
or the left on his account. The contest
is la^wqou Jllulu« and Cleveland, and ail
side issues and by-way* will amuso tho
gaping mob for a time, but not severely
interfere on tlw day ofoleetlou. There
are fonr or Uvo »o-cullod parties, ns usu
al, hut those will naturally go tho way
of all blackmailing and cranky
school** daring the jurogress
of the ratnpaigii. While they
lest they serve to stand each other off,
bnt representing no real Issue in Ainort
/•an thoir UvtJH are ephemeral
andeviinosouut. .Since tho Prosiih utial
election tliut Uto career of John
,Qulncj Admuii there has invariably in
terpmod aomo intenntMliato party, orao
oiUle<i parties, 56 l^oao figure-heatls have
attraoteit l^rief attention in ihelr aoll
.iude qrul perialied nuu*nf< tho dead unci
.uaelesa traah ç»f the campaign* Ah it
Jma been, It will ever !>©.
From a lengthy article In the Idaho
,Statc«iiian on the CougrcHsionul nomi
nation we take the following, which in
clude« the glut of the argument:
*'The quo*tJon of
thoroughly di«cii**cd iu Southern Idaho
during the campaign of 188J, and tho*©
opposed to Mr. Hingiser*» election loft i
nt> *h>ne un tamed to préjudice voter«
»gain«! Idâi ou this very ground of hi« I
lo th,- p-uplo of ihr north, yet ! •
he lauried A;U county, which was made
the iiattle flelil against him, by over 900 ;
majority. 1 Ids was proof positive lo
,tl,e people of the norther., counties that
the people of thin «ectlon "hh willing
that Congre« should deal justly with
t hose of the north, and that tlie Dele
inexatiou was
HuU- in Cuugmss should represent tbrir ,
There reuuiinod then only the
predictiott that Mr. Kinglser would not
, , , , , ,
keep his pledges, and this prediction
Hie people of I
Nortlioni Idaiio are sntlsflixl w ith Mr.
nrovun falsi*.
bliigtspr. arc ready to support him, as is
imidihI by letters reeeiied from that ,
local press.
and south, will ts; satisfied
right, but
and lull diseuasi;
bv the tom*
*f tho ;
Tko people of Idaho, north
ith what is
ill inaiat upon nit open, free
of all quest ion« atfoet
ing their interest«, thht question of an
nexation among thu rent; aud Mr. King
public officer, t»
a candidate,
will, we feel assured, Ik* mure than will
iaer a*
Ko fai Hä the pant can be |
a guarantee of tho future, tho people of |
Idaho have in Mr. Kinglser a
Drhgat© nud reprohentidivo of every
«eetion and of every legitimate interest.
The Btatemuun favors hi* renomination,
beans© ho understand* the duties of the
ing Id meet either friend« or opponent«
on lair terms.
position of Delegate,
*ho*n both lh« ability and the will to
ii<k./jaxge these duties.
nid beend*© he ho*
Arc we to understand from the fore
going article that tho Idaho NtntcMuaii >
tho dismemb* rshtp ot l»\a- \
>uld cousent t
ho? Or that it
> such
of ml- I
, , . .
yoiHfing the pcraonol intcroaU of nny
^ , , » . ....
congrcHMional candidate? I his matter
an arrangement for the
effwd» tho capitol of the Territory, und i
perhaps in another
jicople of Wood River* It is not
ptisan matter, but something which haa
something t« do with the existence of
ibjl Capitol of the Terri
tory. If there is u majority of over '200
in Ada county who are willing to cut up
the Territory, nud thu* emperil the lo
cation of the Capitol, the other counties !
ore apt culled npon tu object. Alturas
County is ready to welcome the Capitol
an, Up* Ada Count, j. willing gtve |
It iso reasonable inference ;
en*c afTeets the
pur- ;
it away.
that when four counties decliueany fur- j
tber intercourse with the present seat
of government that some other coun
tie« may second tbe.motion. — A4a Conn -
ty ^^senting. Those four counties
hare ifcntf constituted a balance wheel
oj this Territory, favorbie to Boise City.
"AThen they leave, tbe.Capitol will jaave
BoJjse jCipr. Perhaps Alturas County
.may.BOt object, tor what 1* Boise's loss
.may be JVopd jRirer'« gaip. There are
some available site« in this region fp/
€ - 'apitol groiHub«
Sun Saratoga Special: A consultation
was held until late to-night, between
lending Tammany chiefs. The idea ad
vanced and approved was that. Tammany
should, when the grand council meets,
formal endorsement of Cleveland.
pass a
This saves the organization from the
tafnt of bolting the regular nomination.
Then the members of Tammany, voting
individuals, will east tlieir ballots; for
Butler. Tammany ieodei s say Butler
will got nlueteon twentieths of tlieir
vote. They express the greatest pleas
ure over his avowal of hi* candidacy, a*
it mon ns Cleveland's defeat.
Boston. Aug. 9: Gen Butler snys: I see
the Democratic leaders eomplnln that I
have deserv'd the Democratic party.
there is no way of satisfying them. The
hist time they complained it wi
had captured the Democratic organiza
tion. lie it so, then. 1 have only lot
my captives loose. I huve a great debt
of gratitude to the people of Mussacliu
setls, hut nono to any other Democratic
organization, Htate or National. In no
campaign did I over receive aid from the
Democratic National organization, nor
tliut I
'I* 1 * ""T National Democrat from tlie
outside ever eomo hero or say a word i
, or In favor of tho Democratic
party while I was Hie unanimous nomi
nee. Whenever I huve nny nse for tiro
orgiinlzuttou of Massachusetts Demo
crats 1 w ill get It.
"O' * nv
Wahminuton, Aug. 9: Homo of the
politicians about Democratic headqunr.
tern are saying to-day that while But
ler's candidacy will hurt them In Now
York very materially, it may also he the
meuiis of carrying Pennsylvania for
Cleveland. They say that tho Republi
cans depend upon the labor vote for
tlieir largo majority in tho Kioto, and
timt Butler will take this from them.
Upon this assumption, they hold that if
Cleveland is beaten in New Yelk he still
may be oleotod. Tiie situation is looked
upon in all quarters ns anomalous.
New Yoiik, Aug. 9. At Republican
headquarters the opinion is general tliut
Butler's candidacy hus made Blaine's
election sure, and scoured New York
Htate for the Republicans. Secretary
Vrooman of the Republican State com
mittee, thinks Butler will poll more
votes iu tliis city than Cleveland.
Nt. Mary's Academy.
El»owhoro npiH'arM tho iidvortlsemont
of St. Mnry'a Aciwlcmy ut Salt Luke,
correspondent write«:
Tho Bt. Mary,« commencement« are a
t»w got to be
pleuaunt nuuuut event,
one of the institution* of the city.
eordiugly, laut evening a large nud re
i «poxuilvo audience, compriaiug the lead
I , , . . . .. ..
! • sltlzm " Wl ' r " » ,rwM>ut to '" ,j0y ,h '' flno
commencement exercises of St. Mary's
; Academy for lKg-l. Tho introductory
exercises were had in Academy Hull last
IhumUy evening, the programme of
' ,1,kU lm " tawn hcretoforo nnd
lilt were possible to particularize nnd
lug ofttcinln, th© clergy and prominent
, givo all (hoir just desort*, it would be u
ehnngo of
pleasure to us as Mell us to them. 8uf
liee it to say, all went well, and tho eare
I dislruelion and training told hand
soinoly lu thu publie exercises, as it
never fnUs to do with tin; careful and
, ..(ui^-ieutious diligenoe of tho devoted
î tüueher» t*f this tlu«©rveilly ftopulur
mo1hk)1. Several of tho ©««ays wore ox
Th© oxeroiMo* opened la*t evening
with the grand entrance of tho young
! ludion and mi««©« of tlio acliool, u«ml>er
ing about 200, nearly all drcHHtnl in
white, a lovely, animated picture; the
| munie to which they moved whh of three
piano* and two har))«, rieh in molod.v,
j and tho «cone altogether one good to
dwell in th© memory.
Iknimil's Piper Sold.
j Heury Bernard, t ho publisher of tho
; Pioneer, who killed Jack Knright, u
i printer, hud an examination und w
I committed, lie He cured
v«mu« to Se« P«voo MtMidy and
keu from the county tHH i retly one night
and is now lodged in juil at Lewiston to
In -
wait tho full term of court. It is gen
orally believed about Murray ami Eagle
that if Brrmiid escape* with ten year«
^ hto4> He did not go it on
. , . .
| tho bllUfl llke hl8 80 *'P'»™ 1
; but * iUl eyc *° pen '°" ti,e olrcu *
I ground* nt Shoshone, he turned him
i in the Territorial l'eu. ho will tw» ex
Enright, tho man
uuarmod, but Bornuid cluim*
i eeedingly lucky,
i killed, w
that he can prove that the former threw
! hi* hand behind him a* if to draw a gun,
and lu» shot in *elf-defi*n«e.
«mall «um to
in wwpnpcr was sold for
pay -hts attorney —Chronicle.
Sampson Demi.
self loose ou man und beast; cages eon
j taining wild fini mal* wero overturned
j and wo suppose the town was in danger
I of destruction.
! ' h "' «** ® le l* hant KOt on a
' lampo 8 e ' ,md tUal one llundrcd «nd
: 'wtnty shots were lsndefl iu his carcass,
; and bo is <***PP°»ed to i>e demi.
Coming down to facts.
informed by a passenger from
we are
' The Tombstone, Arizona, Epitaph ad
j .vertiscs for fifty minors to go to work
on a Tombstone mine at $3 per dAy.
Territorial Sews.
Hon. John Hailey expects to leave for |
Hoise City to-day, where he will remain i
until his wife is able to accompany him I
to Wood River. AH holders of contracts
for deeds to Hailey property, issued by
the Hailey Town Company, can get n
deed direct from Mr. Hailey, the holder
of a United States patent of the town
site of Hailey, by handing their papers
to F. O. Harding, notary public, who 1»
authorized by Mr. Hailey to draw up
the the deeds and have them ready for
signing npon his return to this city.
It is now officially announced that ar-'
rangements will be made for the open
ing to bnslness of the ruilrond station at
Ketelmm on the 26th of the preseut
month. The road will of course lie com
pleted lu a day or two, Imt no atation
business will be transacted until the'
ho Iiiih been n j
35th. A. O. Bin ith,
fnltlifnl mid liurd-working official here,
will occupy the hum a position nt the
Ketelmm station that lie did here, -that
of freight and passenger
rnldorliond, our gentlemanly mid oblig
ing telegraph operntor, will tuke Mr.
Hmlth's position ut thin station.
H inula y morning ut 3 o'clock n special
train of twenty stock t:ars arrived from
tlio Kast. to transport 4(18 horses and
colts from Hailey to Laramie City. Tho
herd was piirchuHtul of Honorable John
Halley by Messrs. Harris and Aldeu.
I,ast Wednesday Sheriff Fnroy went to
Shoshone on official business and while
there lie run across F. Ephraim, who is
wanted for selling cigars contrary to the
laws. As special Deputy United States
Marshal, Sheriff Furey arrested him.
John M. Lamb, being nt that time in
Shoshone, on his way to Boiso City,
Ephraim was placed niulur his chargo.
The Sheriff presumes tliat Ephraim lias
given the necessary bonds for Ids ap
pearance at the next term of court in
Boise City.
Chaltis Messenger.
Hnv. D. B. Tuttle will bo in Challia on
tho 17th of AugiiBfc and hold Divino 8or
Hull, at 11 a. m. and H
vice*, In lliiru'i
I». M.
Our Comniisslmirr, Col. Hhoup, de
sires to have specimens marked and a
brief history given of each mine from
which they are produced. Now wo will
*ny tills to aid tho good work: If any
olio will bring tho description to us the
Messenger will print if, aud also give
them an extra print of it to go to tho
Mr. nud Mrs. John A. Wilson, of Ba
ker City, Oregon, and their two children
arrived at C'hnliis Friday evening in ex
cellent health. Nothing could have
pleased an old greyheaded man In
Chain* so well; do you know, that's-our
eldest daughter? It was live years since
our eyes had lieen blesse;! with a sight
of tho dear little woman, ami, then, to
be called grand-pa liy that sweet little
child; all this makes our heart full of
gladness; and tlie youngest is u chub of
buby—cun t talk.
He tie cue Chronicle.
Died, in Bollovuo, at 9 o'clock x. M.ou
Thursday, August 7th, 1884, YV. M. Mc
Mullen, aged (Ü1 years.
Of tlie throe Chinamen arrested the
other day for cleansing a blether eel os
tial's bones in an irrigating dit, oh near
town, two, who proved themselves
eldeutal speetntors, w ere discharged and
the other whs tilled fill and costs, by
Judge Dllley. It will no doubt proven
wholesome lessen to tlie heathen scav
engers. The Chinaman disinterred liad
been buried nearly four years.
Whitton A Co's irrigating ditch is now
carrying water through town. It leaves
tlie river near tho head of tlie Brown
dlteli, crosses it twice,'nnd rises to tlie
top of the bench east of town, which
will make It available in ease of ftro in
town when tlie city sees lit to take ad
vantage of it. It carries nearly a thou
sand inches of water nnd is to be used
in irrigating laud of its owners and oth
*'*' Important purposes.
Xrt Fiver .Vrirs
Gen. Mile«, cmnmnmling Department
i>[ Cidumbia, hn* ordered that Ft. Lapwai
ill hereafter lie regarded us an outpost
of Fort Walla Walla, anil the commanding
officer of that post has sent one commis
sioned officer nud 12 cullsted men of his
command to garrison Lapwai and will
keep this detatuliiuent fully sttfiplled
from hts post, changing its personnel
whenever necssary. On Tuesday n dc
tatchment. under ootninnnd of Lieut.
Alonzo L. O Breln, troop II 2d Cavalry,
arrived iu theettv nud proceeded to take
charge of the Fort. To-day tin' company
of the 2d Infantry lately stationed nt
Lupwui, under command «I Cnpt. C.A.
Dempsey, will proceed to and take stn
] Uou ^ „ uisc Bttrruokfc
Tho Arizona Miner states that tho
cross Colorado river, at the
j Noodles, is now completed nnd all trains
1 are running through without delay.
a ; from San Francibco to Kansas City with
| out ehnnge._
I Pullman palace cars running through
, from Kansas City to San Francisco nnd
Mis* Ella Kingfley opened a private
school here last Tuesday. Miss Ella ia
j no doubt a competent instructress aud
| will give entire satisfaction, if such is
[ possible.—Idaho World.
Iluiiiriiii? the Horse Thieves.
Seven more horse thieves Jinve been 1
Their j
lynched In western Montana.
bodies were at latest advices hanging to j
trees at the month of Mosaic Shell. |
Downs and Felix are recognized among
the number. It is supposed they be
long to the Downs mid Felix Isold, who
have their headquarters in that neigh
borhood. Some twenty of Stuart's cow
boys are out after another band who
have made for the Woody Mountains.
They go fully prepared for all emergen
cies and when they overtake the horse
thieves there will be another hanging
bee, ns the settlers and stockmen are
desperat«! over the loss of their horses.
There huve been over one hundred
horses recovered within the last week.
Dr. Hogan lias discontinued the pub
lication of the Piaindenlor, and there is
no longer n Greenback paper in Nevada.
tli un
There is more snow on the Stern
lias b(!on known, ut tliis time m the sea
son, for twenty years.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To E. L. Gnunn:
hereby notified that I have exiiended
the Hum of two hundred dollar» in labor and
improvement* upon the Mountain View lode
mining claim, located in Warm Spring» Cheek
Mining District, County of Altur
tory of Idaiio, in order to hold »aid premise»
under the provision» of »ectlon 2324 of the Re
viaad Htatute» of the United Htate», being tho
amount required to hold the »ame for t he cal
dar vorn» of i««2 and 18«3, and if witliin nine
t be expirution of tld» notice y
refuse to omitrlljuto your proportion of
half thereof,
m u ijl become the prop
adcr »aid »ectlon 2 324.
John Covenky.
I 'I
ty day» fro
»aid exi>eiiditure. it being
intercHt in »aid elai
erty of the »ubnerlbed u
KeUdiuin, July 1, 1884-iHttd.
I River Mining A* Smelting Co.,
412 So. ad St., Philadelphia, Pu.
having resigned the pQ
as Superintendent of thiH Comp
;t» for tlie Co
Office Little W
Mr. J. W. Biillunti
I, 1HS4, all the
eea»e on tliat date.
king of tlie entire property
after lie carried on i
lautiuc, In* having control of the m
developing contract.,
lly order of the Board of Director*.
ï pi
r j. w. Bui -
e under a
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
•xecutlon issued out of Jus
tice L. B. Robinson'» Court, of Lcadville IT*
einet, County of Altur»», Territory of Idaho,
dated the tith day of August,
By virt
of a
_ _ . .. .... .. . irtain
herein Josenli IMnkham, as pluintifT,
:ovcred judgment against Joseph Miller, de
levied upon tho following desoclbod property,
Lot numbered i, in Block numbered 20,
in the plat
tlie 2 t»tli day of July, ls«4,
d survey of the town of
laid d
Ketchum, in Alturas County, Ida!
consisting of 66 feet front on Load ville Avenue
by loo feet deep on Fifth street.
Notify is hereby given that
At in o'clock a. m. of tliat day, at the front dt
ot the County Court IIouho, in Halley, County
of A It urn», Idaho, I
nud Interest ol »aid Joseph Miller i
above de»crlbrd propi rty, ut public auction for
cu»h to tlie highest and boat bidder, to »ntlsfy
»aid execution and ali eo»t»
Dated at Ketclmni, Idaho, tlie 7th day of Au
ch H. FURKY,
Sheriff of Alluras County.
ill »ell all the right.
u ,
I to
gU»t, 1884.
By J. H. Cashady,
Deputy Sheriff.
Notice to Creditors.
K»tate of Win. Bobbin», doc
Notice I» hereby give
. Robbins.
by tho
to of W
adnituistrator of tho 1
deceased, to the creditors or.
having claim» against, »aid dec
ith I he
four month» after the lir»t publication of tld»
Gee, to »aid Administrator, at Ills cilice in
Pont Office building, at Ketchum. Alt
ty, Idaiio Territory
Admini»trator of the Estate of William Rob
id all per»«*
u it hin
I Mai l.',
bins, decea»ed.
To the Public.
Th# undeiidgned wishes to infor
lie of Ketchum that he has pnrel
Riley hi» entire interest in tho
ne»» in thi» place, aud will endoav
hi» customer » iu a »atiafo^tory i.
community'» patronage i» solicited witli
guarantee of »atistactlon.
June 20 -:»od.
the pitb
d of Peter
ater busi
Edwin IIaukixuton.
Main street, one door below the Con
A share of the Public Patronage Solicited; also,
Bath Rooms. Baths, 50 Cts.
F. D. Wads,
• Proprietor.
July io-tf
Salt Lake City,
iducted by tho
" I
1 I
vill be
»d Dav Pupil»
iber ist.
Classe» for Boardm .
ed Monday. Septet
-»e of study embraces all the branches
of a t horough ami accomplished education.
d Vocal M
Languages, General Drawing
sic being Included in the English C
no extra charge.
Hmall l»oy»—lx
Half-fare tickets c
rdevs- veclved in a
cured r °i rhe
be or
i t" 1 «'* 1 "'
P. B. Higgin,
General Joli Wagon,
Always iu Roilinos« to «lo General Job Haul
ing to onv Extent anil to all l'art» in the Vicin
ity. Heailquartcrs at Barry's Shoe Store.
S^Oi^iers I'rotnptly Filled, *u\xl Satisfuctioi
Guarautceil iu Work
ul Prices.
G B. Lemmon,
a. M. Funk HOUSE!:.
Funkliouser & Lemmon,
TT *1 1
I I 'nntTin nt OH > Ulli I n OT!
llllll 111 Vl.l ■ III 11 « nilllllHI
yUilUl.UIUUUl Ö JjliliUUl I
1 1
itatt.p v .
Offict .Sooth side of Bullion Street.
Kotchxun, : : : Idaho.
S^Head inarter« at the Bon Ton Rc»taurant.
[My 17-tf.
Notice No. 68.

United States Land Office, /
H Wi
. nu l Allen, George Mm,.- ,
I if. Terry, by William II. i
v in fact, whose Post Office |
), July
Hailuy, Muli,
eroby given that Willi
. 1SH
Notice is h
<1 John It. Clark
(1 Kclwii
heir att
I is Hailey. Alluma Comity, Idaho '1
.States Patent fur the
le application for a United
Lode Minim? Claim, Rituale in Sec. 10. T. 4, N.
H. 1« E., Hoise Meridian, Warm Sprint? Creek
Minim? District, Alluras County, Idaho Terri
tory, oonsistim? of 1800 linear feet of the lode,
40, and described in the field
the official s
magnetic variation at 18 degree« and 30
east, as follows :
Commencing at the discovery point of this
claim, and
center line of claim 7r»u feet center west end
line of claim: tin
face ground 000 fool wide, being Lot No.
of es ami plat of
rey on file in tills office, with
North 74 degrees West along
t S. 45 e W, 830.0 feet
to comer No. 1; thence N. 46 ' K., 873 feet
corner No. 2; the
thence H. 46° W., C.
N. 74° W., 1600 feel
place of beginning survo;
ries; embracing
for. No conflicts.
corner No. 2 , Sec. Cor. Common to Sec
tions », 10, 15 nml 16, T. 4. N. R. 1« K., Boise Me
ridian, be
The said
office of the County R«
<lis trie t, h ^ Hailey, in
the "Park
"Alexandria." *
Anv and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of tin- Hfc. Louis" lode mining claim
; reeluired to lilc their atl
,hereto with the Register of the
United SttttfH Land Office at Hailey, Idaho
Territory, within the sixty «lavs* publication
_, or they will be barred by virtue of tl.c
ovisions of rtie Statute in such cases made
d provided.
ï a. 74 K., lVJOfeel to corner
! feet tu corner No. 4;
to corner No. 1, and
of extorter tmnnrta
a of 20.-47 acres applied
H. 50° us'ft»" W., 3ftoft feet distant.
of record in the
der of said minim;
ty, Idaho
' "Whistler" and
Inina ciaii
» U
flit; n»are«t known locat.U
Home« L. Pound,
I direct that the foregoing Notice of Applica
tion for Patent be publlHhed for the period of
sixty day a in the Ketchum Daily Keystone,
a per publiahcd at Ketchum, Altur»»
Idaiio Territory.
II0MF.B L. Pound.
W. If. Watt, attorney for claimant».
Notice No. 67.
United Htatek I,and Office, i
H atley, Iclslio, July 14, last. )
timt William H.
Notice iH hereby given
Watt, and John R. Clark, Hi
Montgomery and Edward H. Te
their at torney in fact, whose Font OÏ
!hh i» Hailey, Alturas County, Idaho
el Allen, George
y, by Wllllai
II. Watt,
tice addv
, have made application for
'aient f
Lode mining claim, situate in Sec. 10, T. 4, N.
R. is E., Boise Meridian, Warm Spring Creek
Mining District, Alturas County. Idal
torv, consisting of 16«*» linear feet of the lode,
<i surface ground 000 feet wide, being Lot No.
1 in the field
I plat of
tile in this office, with
follow « :
point of tliis
feet center
330.5 feet
871 feet to
West, 1600 feet to
3 feet to oor
foet to corner
50, and descril
the official
magnetic variation at ls°
moing at Mio di»
claim, and running N. 4.V E
I line of claim; thenceN
1 ; thence 8. 74' E.,
thence H. 4
: W
er N
•r No. a; thence N
N. 45° E..
f beginnin
ner No. 4; tlicnc
No. 1, anil place
rea of
applied for
;r No- 4, the section co
» », in, 15 and 10, T. 4, N. R. 18
c< »in
to Seetu
E., Boise Meridian, bears H. 51° 41' W., '
The »aid mining claim being of record in the
>f the Count y Recorder of said mining
f, in Alturas County. Idaho
The nearest known locations being
r," "Ht. Louis," "Whistler" and
t Hail
Ten it
tlie "I
. er »el y
of the said "Montgomery" lode mining
rfaoe ground are required to tile
claims thereto with the Register
ited Hiatus Land Office, at Hailey,
within the sixty days' publi
• they
isions of the Statute iu
s claiming adv
Any and
11 per»
of the l
Idaho Terrlto
cation th
of the jin
ill be barred by virtue
Homer L. Pound,
I l
I direct tliat the foregoing Notice of Applica
tion for Patent be published for the period o
sixty day« in the Ketchum Daily Keystone,
a newspaper published ut Ketchum, Alturas
County, Idaho Territory.
Homer L. Pound,
W. II. Watt, attoracy for cLaimant«.
Notice No. 06.
I'njtld States Land Office, ,)
Hailey, Idaho, July 14, 1H84. j
Notice is hereby given that William H. Watt,
ml John R. Clark. Samuel Allen, George Mont
by William II.
Post Office
u v and Edward H. Terr
Watt, their attorhey in fact, win
addre»» is Halley, Alturas County. Idaiio T
tory, huve made application for a United 8tatcs
l'a lent for tlie
nining claim, sitiutc in See. in, T. 4, N. It.
Boise Meridian, Wann Spring Creek Min
ing District, Alturas County, Idaho Tôrritory,
consisting of r.uo linear feet of the lode, and
tirfnce ground »'»hi feet wide, being Lot No. 48,
i and described in the held notes and plat of the
vey on hie in tliis office, with mug
s follows:
nctlc variation at l« c
Commencing at tlie discovery point of this
claim, and r
of claim, 6IKI fc
thence 8. ir* \\
073 feet to cor
feet to corner No. 3; tin
No. 4; thence N. 74 W., 15
feet t« corner No. 1, and place of beginning
of exterior boundaries; embracing
»0.27 acres applied for. No
I x omi corner No. I, the section cor
j to Section» to, 15 and It
Boise, Meridian, beiU.sl 5'f
! The »aid mining claim being of record in the
I office of tho County Recorder of said mining
district, at Holley, in Altura» County, Idaho
Territory. Tlie
•' E.,
iip^g N. 74 e W. along pouter line
conter N. W: end lino of claim ;
330.5 foot to
*r No. 1 ; the
; thence S. 74°
nee S. 45° W.,
N. 45' !•',
t-73 foct to cor
T. 4, N. R. 18 E.,
3' 58" W., 3505 feet
location» beiug
the "St. Louis," "Montgomery" and "Alexan
Any and nil persons claiming adversely
portion of the said "Parker" lode mining claim
fa'*'» ground are required to file their ad
cTatmk thereto with the Register of the
United Stute» Land Office, nt Halley, Idaho
Torr! torv, within tlie sixty days' publication
thereof, or they will be bOTTcd by virtue of the
j provision» of the Stutute in such
Homer L. Pound,
•arest know
ml provided.
I direct that tho foregoing Notice of Applica
tion for Patout b
ill the T.__
newspaper pulilisheil at Ketçli
Counly, Idaho Territory.
I Julyl6-0ed.
I W, H. Watt, attorney for claimant».
c loregoing notice Appuca
i^dilislied for L lie period of
Ketchum Daily Keystone, a
, Alturas
Homer L. Pound,
''ii'-lv!,'in'stock 'Â-.ï'is m" f
.ut nul consent. W. w. Stevens hav
j ing soM his interest to W.T. Lane.
, ... , ill be continued by 'NN hit e &
l.ane, at the place of business of the old firm.
The said White a Lane are authorised to set
; tl«> all liabilities and ctdleet all outstanding in
I debtedne-s du«' the old firm.
u hands and «*^^.1
C. C. White.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given .
! ship heretofore existing bctvvee
that the co-pai
W. \V.
I bv
The l.usi
; .Ti
MUNN A CO., of the Srtximnc Amxrican, eon
S> i Heitor* for Patenta, Caveats. Trad«
Mark», Copyrights, foi* th« United Htatos. Canada,
kfiglamt. France, Germany, etc. Hand Book about
Patents sent free. Thirty-seven years'ex perlene«.
Patent » obtained thniugn MUNN A CO. are noti«e4
In the Scientific American, the largest, beat, and
iu«>st widely circulated scientific paper, llauayear.
VVeekly. Splendid engraving* and Interesting in
formation. bpeclmen copy of the Hcleut I Ac Aner>
I C n n sent free. A it dress MUNN à CO., KciBHTinO
American Offlee, Ail Broadway, New York.
tlnue to no
hereby notified that we have cx •
j pended the sum of Six Hundred Dollars in la
■ bor ami improvement» on the Wire Silver and
Comstock lode mining claims, situate in Saw
tooth Mining District, Altura» Co., Idaho Terri
I tory, being the amount required to hold them
for lhc > ears l««li and l*«», and that unless
; vuur proportion of said expenditure due from
you, J. M. Langsdorf, it being ^75 (or one
eighth) lea* *25—amount paid by you, be paid
within 9u days after publication of this no
tice your iu »aid daims will become the prop
erty of the subscribers' under Section 2324, Re
vised Statute* of the United State».
Notice of Forfeiture.
To J. M. Langsdorf:
Joseph Bekoin,
Louis IIan>on.
May 24,1884.
First National Bank
Paid up Capital,.
Authorized Capital.
.I 50,000
ISAAC I. LEWIS, President;
E. C. Coffin, Vice President.
GEO. W. GRIFFIN, Cashier;
H. C. Lewis, Asst. Cashier.
Board of Directors.
1.1. Lewi«,
E. C. Coffin,
Geo. B. Moulton, Thou. La veil,
Geo. W. Griffin.
Generäl Banking
Business Transacted.
Advances Made
Time Depoait.
Interest paid
Exchange Sold
t, Exchange
ul Westen
1 1 J.otcest
liâtes, on England, France,
Germany, A
t stria, Xor
tray, Steeden,
And all Foreign Cl
gunerul bunking business
iu all its 1 »ranches.
Buy and sell Exglmngo on the leading
cities of the United States.
Sell Exchange on the principal cities
of Great Britain, Ireland. Switzerland,
France, Belgium, Holland, Norway,
Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Russia,,Ger
many and Austria.
.Collection« made w ith prompt returns
at lowest rates.
Certificate« of deposits issued pa 3 *uble
pu demand
Accounts solicited.
. Wells, F irgo A* C«.
San Francisco .
tjADT Lake,..
New York,.
.First Nati»
. Well», Fargo & Co.
il Bank.
J. T. Morgan & Co
sact a General Banking Bu-iue»». Buy and
Sell Sterling Exchange. Buy and Sell Ex
the Cities of the United States.
Certificates of Deposit issued Payable on De
mitauc*.» made
is and Bo
at tout ion given tocollccti
day of payment.
J. T. Morgan & Co,,
Wells, Fargo & Co.,
Wells, Fargo & Co.,
Deseret Nl. Bank, -
I Utah Nl. Bank,
Kan Fr
Jsl'w York
- Salt Lake city
Ogden, Utah
| "
For Sale—Easley's Station.
Thi* is the station between Galena and Kotch
. It consists of a good house and barn, and
the place. F
has good warm «prings
cheap for ca»h. Inquire o J. V. Easley,
tent saloon.
O Tho Bcttrs' Guide is U
sued March and Sept., each
year: 216 pages, 8}xlll
inches, with over 3,300
illustrations—a whole pic
ture gnllery. Gives whole
sale prices direct to consumers on »II goods
f i f* Personal or family use. Tells how
to order, and give* exact cost of every
thin^ vou use, eat, drink, wear, or have
i These invaluable books con*
j .• rmation gleaned from the maw
j -» ol the world. We will mail a copy
ifree to any address upon receipt of the
, po . ta ge-7 cenU. Let w Jiear from you.
' SS7 J. Wskmk tTCBMb ettam Ut
[tuest MEN?'
Dit. E. West's Nerve and Brain 'J rkat
ment, a guarHMte«d enecitic for Hystiri«, Dizzi
neea. ('onvnlsious. Fits, Nervous Niurulgin,
liemlaehe. Nervous Prostration can»r<n>y tl « use
of nlcolu»! or ♦ubncco, Wukefulnees. Riei tnl Do
preiieiou, Softening of the Bruin resulting in in
• , »unity and leading lo misery, decay m.d death,
Premature Old Age, Barrenness, Lops of poMer
in either sex. Involuntary
orrhœa caused by over-exortion of tliehiaiu,fcolf
i abuse or over-indulgence. Fach Lux con taire
! one month's treatment. $l.f0 a 1 ox, or six boxes
for *5.00, »nnt by mail prepaid on ri ceil t of r
to cure any ease. With each order received by me
for «ix boxe», accompanied with *5.(0, wo will
1 «end the parenrteer our written guarantee to
fund the money if tlio treatment does not eflcet
- I a cure. Guarantees)
ly by
lo OLXid. üctsill iTx-u.e:el«ts.
Oriiwb by mail w ill receive promut uttcutiou
"V'T" xxolc
r r UK—
Will be Sent to Any part ot the
United States
For $4.00 a Year.
The Keystone
Shall strive to fulfiill the mi»
si on of supplying tho resi
dents of this prosper
ous town and
the Upper Wood rive*
country in general with a
Good Reliable, Newsy and
Local Journal.
Published in tlie Heart of the
Great Mining Region of
Wood River--tlie El
Dorado of Idaho,
Special attention will
he devoted to bringing
The Resources of this groat
field before the eyes
of Capital.
Job Department
Unexcelled in Idaho.
Job Printing of Every Va
riety and description turned
out in an Unsurpassed style
I and at prices that
Defy Competition

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