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No. 2.
Vol. I.
$2.00 Per Year
An Organization Made Up of the Far
mers of the North Side Track.
Its Aims and Objects.
As organization is the keynote of
success in all branches of industry,
it is only in the past few years,
however, that the farmers have
found the need of a centralized or
ganization to combat the trusts ami
combinations in other lines, and as
a result, farmers throughout all
sections of the United States are
forming associations for mutual
It was not long after the opening
of the tract here that the need of
such an organization among the
farmers became evident, as, in or
der to ship the products success
fully, it was necessary to follow a
uniform plan in the selection of
seeds, etc., instead of each individ
ual planting a different variety.
Several meetings of the farmers
were held, which were addressed by
Alex. Mcl'herson, agriculturist for
the Twin Falls North Side Land
A - Water To., Major Fred 1L Iteed,
Hon. K. H. drub and other noted
men, who urged the organization
and pointed out the various ls-ue
lits to l»c derived from the same.
Accordingly, in SepteinlsT, lllOlf,
perfected to
an organization was
U- known as the Twin Falls North
Side Canal Users' Association, and
the same was incorporated in Octo
l»-r of the same year with tin- fol
lowing officers:
H K. Barrett, Wen
Vice Pres't, A. F. Bruner, J*-r
Sec'y and Treas, .1. M. Hale, -1er
Messrs. Burn-tl and Bruner still
A. T. Aiken of
retain their offices,
Wendell éueceedilig Mr. Hale as
secretary and (î. IL Hogshire «f
Jerome lacing chosen as treasurer,
it at once became evident that
the field was ti»i large to Is- hand
led satisfactory by oiicorgauizatioii,
so it was divided into three
branches, to I»- known as Jerome,
Wendell, and Shoestring branch.
The prime objects of these organ
izations were for mutual protection
and to U tter the condition of the
mcmU-rs along educational lines as
to farming under
tin- irrigation system, and also the
t ransportat i< m quest ion.
These meetings at once U-came
interesting and instructive, and we
are pleased to state have so contin
ued until the present time, new
memls-rs being added weekly until
rgiinization uuiiiImts over
now tin- o
, r gXl memls-rs, divided alsnitas fid
Wendell, 2Ô0 memls-rs; the Shoe
string district, ÔÜ mcml»-rs.
Another very interesting problem
that bus recently confronted tin- or
ganization, is the turning over of
the canal system to Uti
lité Twin Falls North Side Water
lies tin- question
•ttiers by

Co., and herein
that is the most vital of any to
every settler oil the tract
In accordance vv ith the contra,
between tin- company and the stall
the canal system is turned over
the settlers after Is-ing complete«
and all lit«- laud Is-ing sold, and in
accept ing I In- system it
portant that lia- plans and s|s-eili
eations should Is- gone over care
fully and an ins|s-etion of tin- -ys
leui tlHiroUghly made, in order that
act intelligently
is very mi
tin- settlers may
It would I»- utterly im|a«ssible f
• individiiid to a.anpli
any om
Ibis, so it In." Uvonn- im(a-rative
-ialion to make Ibis
ii|--n (be ii-sii
inve-t igat ion, which tlcv in mm
True, it is meiimls-nl iijs.ii
Ile- «tat.- to perform lid* laf««r, l»it
I fie history of some irngal»»! pro
imsutisfaelory that lie
jecl« i" "O
ossaa-intioii pn-fernsl to rely upon
their own resource-, and lime will.
jii-tify He-ni m Ho
we le-lieve.
W« (.»J that Hie
sleiuld I« -uj , • '
on the tract, and while perhaps
their actions may I»- criticised by
some, it should he the duty of every
fanner to Is-come a member of the
organization and assist in framing
its policy instead of standing hack
and criticising those who, as they
feel, are laboring for the hest iutcr
Attend some of the
ests of all.
meetings and learn what is Is-ing
done, instead of forming your opin
ion from the reports of disinterested
ICx-fiov. Brady is quoted as sug
gesting the following reforms which
he would have added to the Carey
act :
"Providing that irrigation com
panies file with the state a 20 jx-r
cent instead of a live percent l»md.
That all literature issued hy the
promoting companies on Idaho
Carey act projects Is- first inspected
hy the state laud hoard and other
officials of many duties.
That laws In- enacted giving the
state land hoard full power over
constructing companies and author
izing the state engineer to inspect
the works or stop work.
That funds raised from projects
I»- so restricted as to Is- audited by
the state auditor or some other offi
cial« and that every precaution lie
taken to protect the settler.
That a law he enacted hy which
it is possible for the state to take
over incomplete Carey act projects
and finish them so that settler-' in
terests an- not jeopardized."
We would add another clause
providing that a certain acreage of
sage brush should lie removed each
year. As it now stands, the actual
settler go«— ahead and clears his
land at considerable cx|»«-iisc, tints
increasing tin- value of adjoining
laud, which is possibly held by a
dreign spi-culator, who makes no
•ffort to remove the brush, leaving
it a rendezvous for rabbits, which
feed on his neighUtr's crops.
The suggestions of the e\-( iov.,
however, are practical and had they
»•**11 enacted into the original hill,
heen saved to settlers on Carey act
ands in the west.
dollars would have
Tin- county attorney of Lincoln
county has U-cn instructed by the
IsMird of county commissioners to
proceed to collect the sum of
$HH:$2.70 from the Twin Falls
North Side Land and Water Uo..
which amount, it is alleged, is due
tin- county for the recording of
water contracts. As we understand
the matter, tin* old Uuird of com
missioners entered into a contract
with tin- Co. to record these con
tracts at a price less than is pre
scribed by law, which contract is
now held unlawful, the amount
claimed U-ing the balance due the
county, at tin- rate« preserilied by
law. Tin- outcome will be watched
with interest by all.
Several gissl roads bills were
passed by tin- recent legislature und
have lieen sigln-d by tile governor.
The county commissioners are cm
I towered to impose a (sill tax not to
exceed g I .HO. which must Is- paid
in cash.
It is also made the duly
of the eoniniissioners to a|i|siiiit a
■ -■ad overseer for each «listriel, who
is under their instruction« at all
time« and subject to removal by
them at any time. A financial n
l«,rt uni-1 Is* tiled by the ,-onimi
•loners each year in n-gard to high
way-, and their appropriation- and
eKItelldil lires for the same.
riie appropriation bill- pa"-.»! by
tin- last b-gi-lalnre for the e%(s-n-e
of rmmmg lb*- -tale for tie* coming
two years, f.«d up a little over $•'>,
IIII.IMI, ami are div hI««I a- follow
Ino- I appr-'posli-'O
ps.tr:Ats 7»
M.n,i*l m
1.1-10,74» «i
Itoml i-sss
t isiloono g appropoalioiis
__ avrag se.Mti
. .
I hl» |s an ne-rease »*1 fl,.l<r,-l
h _
IP.'Jtl over lie- preceding twol
v.-ars, tail i« led «nrprisiiig wle-n it
n .-on-iden-,1 lie- rapel gn-wlh
of lie- popnluteai of lie- «tale.
To facilitate tile efforts of lioine
seekers in their quests for informa
tion regarding Idaho lands, extra
draughtsmen will Is- put to work
preparing maps and other informa
tion of interest to the homeseeker,
which w ill Is; furnished at actual
We take the following from the
Idaho Statesman of Tuesday:
"hlaho Is to Is- the only suite in the
union, where the eastern farmer, who
inquires after hunts hi this state an<l who
desires maps of the lands, may obtain
them at cost from the state.
It has Ihs-ii decided to allow another
draughtsman in the ollice of Register N.
Jeunes« whose duty it shall Is- primarily
to supply band Commissioner George
Hay and Mr. Jeunes» with numerous
maps showing land reservations which
art- needed in these ollice«.
Ills spare time will Is- «|s-nt in draw
ing maps, showing lands owned by Ha
state and the government, the various
streams and other points of interest to
the prospective settler in Idaho.
For these maps a small hs- will Is
charged. It is said that there is not a
stale in the union where these maps may
Is- obtained. When, upon orders from a
prosjieetive settler, a map is drawn of a
certain section, a numls-r of these w ill lie
si nick off and kept on tile.
N. Jen I less, register of the state land
hoard, in s|s-aking of the additional
draughtsman who is to Is- added to the
land department, yesterday said:
fee which will lie charged for the maps
will simply cover the cost of making
them and will go toward deiraying the
expenses of the draughtsman.
"It would Is- my idea to have a brief
statement, say in statistical form as far
as («issihle, of the salient facts of interest
to the settler in this stall-, placed along
the margin of the limp.
"lfis|Uests come into this office daily
for such maps and we are unable to
supply them.
"Concerning communications which
are received at the land Isiard. it might
Is- said that there is an ever increasing
numls-r inquiring alsmt the chances
for the dry fanner in the state and the
lands which arc available for this pur
"Ami every inquiry usually n-pn-scnls
mon- than one farmer, for the statement
is usually made that four or five neigh
Isirs an- thinking of coining to this state
h it la tin- h riter of the letter. We are
getting these letters in this ollice at the
rate of live or six a day, and the indica
tions an- that then- will Im- a heavy im
migration this year.
"Tin- inssl of an extra draughtsman in
the department has 1 «vu urgent for some
time past ami H ill probably l»-a valuable
aid in increasing the imputation of tins
For loti.
Tl»- pleasant weather, ami the pr-is|»vts
of spring c|»-miig. has also brought about
a pleasant and smiling contenance on the
(aces of the farmers of the tract, ami all
i-ni to I»* looking forward to a sue,-ess
fnl season this year. While the past two
years have U-cn somewhat discouraging to
most of us mi tin- tract, partially through
ignorance, and also the lark of water at
times when it was most needed, vve all
feel that the latter trouble will U- over
come this season with llic completion uf
the Jerome reservoir, which has Uvtt put
in at a large outlay hy the company, and
which it is claimed will insure suftieieiit
water for the entire tract during the irri
gating season.
While the scarcity of water has proven
disastrous to many on the tract in a li
iianciul way. the fact that they will enter
Ils- lields h ith renewed vigor this spring,
indicates the true metal that is in their
mak«Mlp,\nd, though they have
around and suap|N-d yarns and exchang
ed grievances during the winter, they will
■»Hin Is- in the fields again, and the pa-1
will Is- forgotten, and in its place
aish and
come only hrighl and rosy dreams ol a
I m n 1 til il ill harvi-st this lall That lb.—
i-ali/i-d is the
■ In .on- may Is
desire ul all
A JBU.UUU Riant.
'rin* survey U»r I'*»* i'tiiiv<*n|
\**\ur |»lsinl tu« <'t»ii(|»li'!***| 11 1 « -
. î, . j . î .. ai î î «
«if k and tli** «'«»idraid will U I« t in
• <»K **n«,in*l it*
•'«Mit-nniMMi «ill U* a «|iiart«*r|
• •f . infill .*m d<*l).H-.
rill* |*l.lf «I I* Ih'IMK l*«*ll*lfll« l#*»| ll%
|imI«'|ii'InI«'IiI <*a|»ilal U ii»k atliliaflr*l
willi it*-«tl*«-r IIm* Kilim *»r 1« linti*l<*,
llil«*f»'*t* I Im mam (»ur|*Mc *.f (In
j ten days.
Work I» -ebed 1 lied to
May )ir-l
1 In pi. ml w ill I» a
plant i« to furm-b |s<wer for a big
i|.<h ii
pumping irrigation system
Niiiki- river -■Irrigatemi-I
•• 1 * •«<, ». «lew
! birg.- lilliols-r of lew orehanl* w lie-h
, ■ t .
(will ts-gin U.ome tin- vear. He
'' ,,, I H,, 1,1 *"" 1 , " ,M ,l " 1 ,l '
••ewiM rvowl Dial .4 any •-«Ur
year by aUail *iô per mil
.1 He
< ousting Im now |»r«-lty well assured of
uii electric line between that )>Iu<•• • aud
Hagen nau, an grading lias already eom
TIic loeal police throughout llic state
have 1 s-eu asked to Hatch for three
young Is, y» who have run away from
Nampa. I >imc novel literature it is as
«erteil ha« maile would-lx- hamlits of
Two former Twin Kall« hoy«, Nimrod
t rie ami Frank Trammer, are on trial
for their live« for the monier of Mr. ami
Mm. (Juillieis near Imley, Xev. recently.
It I« stateil that one of the hoys has eon
fi*««isl to the ilitsI.
John McPherson came in from Boise
NiiUill BOktlOOO NO IIS.
Somlay night. He has hail a busy time
of it lately getting his appropriation«
through the legislature hut he is very
well satisliisl ami now has money enough
in sight to lake very gooil care of the
state horlieultural ilepartmett of which
he is the secretary .—Hm sling la-ader.
The town of Hailey, a few miles north
of here is hereafter to Is- a health resort
ami have an up-to-date sanitarium. A
ileal has just heen closed whereby tin
hot springs and Sim acres of land passes
into a syndicate known as the Hiawatha
1-anil f'o„ who will commence at once
the erection of the proper buildings.
The Oregon Short Line has oHered to
furnish alfalfa sissl to tin* settlers on tin
smith side Minidoka tract, and after a
conference with the President. Senator
Borah expresses the opinion that the
oflV-r will Is- accepted and that payments
due from these settlers will not Is- de
manded in advance, hut will Is* waived
until after the crop season of Bill.
F, II. Sic« fill is contemplating the es
tablishment of a tireless brick plant at
Wendell, and is putting up his proposi
tion to the hs-al jieople.
would Is- one of OO.om capacity,
brick have in them a combination of
minerals found in this vicinity in abund
ance. The brick can Is- sold for $S.öo a
thousand and this price would mean a
great deal to the community. The brick
would Is- made for line finished fronts
as well as for inside work. --Irrigationist
A business meeting of tbc Commercial
«'Inb was ealUsI lor Tuesday (•veiling fur
tin- purpose of clci i-o oliicers for tile
ensuing year and transacting other busi
ness that might come before the meeting.
President Minis presided, ami after the
adoption of the minutes of the previous
meeting the election of oliicers was held
uitli tin- following n-snlt :
President. Pani li. Kart/ke.
Secretary. .1. 11. Josepbson
Treasurer. F. K. Feliell«-rger.
Mendier of Executive Board.
Fence and \V. A. Heiss.
(poll taking the chair President Kartzke
thanked the memls-rs for tile honor eon
fered, ami urged iq-oli them to give
hearty siqqsirt as a Issly to tin- new
oliicers. as it Has through the united
elfort» of all that much good could Is
accomplished. He also suggested that an
ell'ort Is- made to secure ui-H inemls-rs.
which was heartily approved of by all.
The matter of the forthcoming election
coming I »-fore the meeting, it seemed to
In- the sentiment of all. that a list of
names 1»- suggested as projier candidates
to put la-fore the citizens of the town for
their approval. In order that it might
not I«- construed as a strictly business
men's ticket, the club meeting Has ad
journed and an o|n-ii meeting inaugurated
After some preliminary remarks, an in
formal ballot Has taken in order to bring
the tarions names Is-foie tin- meeting,
which resulted in bringing out :Vt nan»«
of suitable men.
While only live truste,«, an- to I»
elec Us I. it Has then divided to take
another ballot, nitli the understanding
that the eight gentlemen having the
largest niimU-r ol Voles should Is- de
clared tin* choice of the meeting, 1 1 « • a*.
giving llu- voters an opportunity to clas t
Ilia- memls-rs from this mimls-r
R< '- I| l | "I tin- ballot «bowed Ilia- following
as hiav ing t*.a- hagha-sl ianml«-r ot vole«
It. N Frazer. I', W «,erl«.|h. I «•
1 1 ,ao—. J H Situs, F. I
\nii-ltoiig, 1
It I. Felice Ml Nil!
I A I I •« ' f I
\ .1
i I Mill *fl **r*l«'i Hi.it 4 * m| iIh
1 iiM'ii Im* 1 mvhiil 4 i»Mj**ni) •»< llu %**ii**
II lt**l U' * **H0(ttMd 4* ll»«
I ii«é«v t*i I Im 4ii*l 4 iui
I l||M IlMloll IIm «li M*U ItMll« f H 4*
i» 4i»d 11»* iiiiiiiiitr
•*nl»*»»a hmImiv 4 m>
llll# IlMN l»l»V N 4 < 4 |.|>h*|.tMh* 4 ll*l
*%*\*"\A *4 < H4i Itcrp
tuili Um «»«««••
I and
iM'fl' I 4 IN«! Ill«
HtfUU 9
VV hde si- Islieve II» artesi taken It)
Ir iy. n^imi* U*4%* Ifirllirf
Hm «mi«m m»0lfi*g' |ImI 1**1 IIm- ««*4
(In l.fttii *Iim |.h«4Mlf*4i «ill In
I (k«-|i ill H*li«tiiitf 4 Im lii f I«* In
• l|s.l
Tlwl Ile f«s<soiiHlelat NUI- win, ID
wen- m.eb- l,v Ile-«Mtr le.rte iillnt il
ii*s(e»i«»r «ganiing«pray mg Inm
ln— «r, U mg • arnrd «ni tn-oerally
«ver lie- «tale, i- lie- mfonn ilmn of
lloitw ollnr di I l--l.ii 1 M. I'le r
Sunny Southern Idaho
t Now is the time. And the Twin Falls North Side Tract is the
Place to secure some of the best bargains in real
estate in the famous Snake River Valley.
Jerouie, the largest and best town for its age, is
situated in the centre of this wonderful valley;
surrounded by tin- Is-st fruit and alfalfa land that
has ever been offered for sale in any state in the
hu-iness lots in this litth- city can be purchased
now at a price 011 which you can double your
money in the next two years. Irrigated Lands in
any size tracts tributary to Jerome, can Is- pur
chased at this time for less than one third what is
a-keil for Oregon and Washington Fruit Lands,
and if there is any difference we have the advan
tage as to climate, soil, drainage and water right.
We have these bargains in lirst class lands, and
A-No. 1 business lots to offer at this time. You
can handle this property for less money now than
at any later date.
Si.. write us at once as the liest goes first.
♦ -«*
Nibley=Channel L'br Co.
One of the old land marks on the tract, still
continue to handle all kinds of
Lumber, Sash, Doors, Cement, Roofing, Etc.
Would be pleased to give you estimates on your materials and assure you
courteous treatment at all times.
A Car Load of Fence Posts Just Received
none belter on the Tract. Come in and see them
V. K. SKADÜEN, M'gr,
Jerome, Idaho
Tin and Sheet Metal Worker
After Monday March I 3, will be located in Amusement Hall,
Opposite the City Hall.
.1 Hit« »ME
Jerome Blacksmith Shop
JAMES KERSEY, Proprietor
General Blacksmithmy and Horseshoeing
A Specialty of Dimwivcd or Crippled Eeet
VI S4» ( v|;|!> VMM EIN» <•»
f 7 firm Implements,

If you havefriendwin thceant
whir arc interested in (hi» xcv
lion, send them a cop> of the
Lincoln County Time*.

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