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Ten Pages
A Weekly Newspaper
Devoted to the
Interests of the Settlers of the North Side Tract.
No. II.
Vol. I.
$2,00 Per Year
The official notice of an election
for the purpose of voting on the
question of establishing the Jerome
Highway District, appears in an
another column. The election is
called for Saturday, June 10th, and
the voting precincts will lie at Jer
ome, t'opp, and DeVoe. Head the
description of the houndaries over
carefully, and get thoroughly (Misted
the law liefore you make up your
mind how to vote.
The News was out with its ham
mer again last week, knocking tin
highway district law that has been
enacted, and which is being taken
up hy the Farmers' Association here
with a view of taking the prelimin
ary ste(»s toward tin- establishment
of such a district. The News frank
ly admits that it knows nothing
alioiit the law, never having -een a
.f it, hut we infer that, a- the
matter has lieen taken up hy the
Association, the editor of the News
U-lieves it his duty to "knock'' it,
as it does almiil everything els*- that
the farmers pro|Mise. We trust that
Hro. Nims will (M.st up a little lie
fore another issue of his pa(M-r.
I'.M.r highways cost utir farmers
according to the C. 8.
bureau of publie roads, some 8--5,
(KIO.UGO in added traii*|s>rtation
charges on the If.VI,<100,0* 10 ton- of
produce raised hy them,
them fifteen cents more to haul one
ton one mile than it cost the Huro
pea\i farmer.
000 annually on road improvement
under the present system, hut we
are not getting good roads and we
will continue not to get them until
the work of building highways is
put iijsiii a business basis and made
a special department.
It cost
\\ c s|M-nd $ 10,000,
The Supreme Court of the t'nited
States handed down a decision on
Monday, holding that the Standard
Oil Co. was a monopoly in restraint
of trade, and must Is- dissolved
within six months. At the same
time the court set aside the sen
tence of imprisonment imposed
upon Sam'I (lumpers and other ofli
d tin* American Federation of
I.alior, for a I lego I di solus lienee to a
Isiycott injunction.
Twin Falls has lieen made a I uit
ed States (sistal savings depository
and it is expected that arrange
ments will I« 1 completed to receive
deposits June 1st.
Farmers Watching Water
More than half a hundred farms
in this state are at this time seeing
experiments carried on in duty of
water investigations hy the govern
ment, under direction of Don H.
Bark, head of the government irri
gation investigation work in this
In speaking of the work he is do
ing Mr. Bark said :
farms near liighy on which wc are
conducting the investigations, 10
the South Side Twin Falls tract,
"Wc have 10
the same nundier on the North Side
Twin Falls tract, six farms near
Murphy, and 15 farms in the Boise
iHittoni and bench lands,
this we are »
extensively at thetioodingstation."
It is said that the results will l>e
most important to the state as a
whole, particularly in the distant
future, when water becomes scarcer
than it is right now, and when it
will of necessity he
conserved, for it is said the results
will show that certain crops will
grow better with less water, and
still other lands have need of more
These latter include both
■arrying on the work
more closely
water than they are using at this
The results of the Idaho experi
ments arc being watched with inter
est in every part of the country,
and it is said that they will be car
ried on similarly in* other states
where irrigation is as important
a factor In farming as it is in Idaho.
1 hr Measure Unanimously Endrosed
Hy 1 he Earmers' Association.
A Movement to Reduce Instead
Of Increase the Tax Burden.
The question of establishing high
i* now 1 H*ing generally diseussisl hy
the press, as several distriets
been petitioneil for, and we have
yet failed to see any logical argu
ment against the establishment
these distriets, although some
sons, and even an oeeasional
pa(H*r, who admit ignoranee of the
law, endeavor to raise an imaginary
objection to it.
At the meeting of the Farmers
Association held Saturday, the mat
ter was fully discussed, and after
a full explanation of the
President Bpeakman, the estahlidi
ment of such a district was most
heartily endorsed hy a unanimous
way distriets throughout the
ha Vi*
We have the law liefore Us, and
have read it over carefully, and fail
to lind wherein it is going to heap
any additional burden u|>ou the tax
payer, hut on the other hand, its
tendency w ill U- tir lower the road
The law of the state authorizes
the l»>ard of County Commissioners
to lev \ a road tax not to exceed 10
mills on the dollar, or 81 .00on each
81 ( K M K I of assessed valuation, and
should a district 1 m- established, this
limit cannot 1 h- exceeded, as the
old law still remains in force relative
to road taxes, and the new law sim
ply transfers the handling of the
road funds from the County Com
missioners to the Highway Coin
ni issu mers.
One prominent and very desirable
feature of the new law, is the fact
that all moneys collected in a dis
trict so established, must he spent
within the territory of that district
only. As the law now stands a
portion of the taxes jiaid hy the cit
izens of Jerome and vicinity, go to
improve roads and build bridges in
some remote part of the county
which is sparsely settled. Surely
no one ran argue against keeping
our money at home, to improve our
own .roads. The interpretation of
the law is very simple, and it will
readily lie seen that under no con
ditions can the establishment of a
highway district increase the taxes
Si much for that argu
one* penny.
It must necessarily follow that
with the money derived from the
regular tax levy,
hands of a competent and efficient
road overseer, and with the work
much more
placed in the
done systematically,
id work can lie accomplished with
the same amount of money
under the present arrangement, and
consequent tendency to a lower
Regarding a special tax levy, the
has not been change«! from the
present form, as the
missioners have
comity cent
al ways had the
to make the special levy if
order to sei'itre availahle cash at
once to cover the entire district with
gm si roads. These ImuiiIs, however,
can iiuly he issue«l upon the sane
tion of the residents of thedistriets,
as expressed at an election called
forthat (.uriH.se, and the vote on
the estahlisluueut of the district in
no manner sauetious the issue of
These Ik.u.Is are to run for twin
. . . s .
ty years, and the interest lor ten
years must he paid out of the money
derived from the levy for road pur
poses, which, as the law states must
believe it
they so desired, hut we
bus never Ik-cii exercised, and prob
ably never will be should a dis
trict lie established.
The crowning feature of the new
law, however, and one Tun Timks
record as heartily entlors
goes on
ing, is the section that gives the
highway commission power to bond
the district for n stipulated sum in
not exceed 10 mills,
hugahoo ahout heaping burdens up
on the taxpayer, is simply a myth,
concocted in the brain of the indivi
dual who has not taken the time or
inclination to even read the law
The money that could be derived
from the sale of these ImiimIs would
equal the amount that could possi
bly be expected from the present
mode of deriving money for road
So the great
purposes, for the next ten years,
and we could have our roads at
once and be enjoying them for ten
years with no additional expense.
At the end of ten years a sinking
fund is established for the redemp
tion of these bonds, but at that
time the assessed valuation of the
property in the district will have
increased many times and the great
burden, as some are pleased to call
it, will dwindle to a very small item,
and the beauty of the whole matter
lays in the fact that new settlers com
ing into the district ten years from
now will be taxed tbeir pro rata for
these good roads, instead of setting
down and enjoying the fruits of the
lalmrs of the pioneer, as would la
done under the present arrange
As we slapsl at the outset, We
can lind no logical objection to the
system a- proposed, and as we have
if the law in our office we
would In- pleased to show the same
a copy
to any one who wishes to inform
themselves clearly on the matter.
The sentiment expressed at the
meeting of the Farmers' Association
last Saturday, clearly indicates the
interest our farmers have in the
matter, as manifested by the follow
ing signatures to the petition asking
for the establishment of tin-district,
as embraced in the call fora special
election appearing in another col
umn ;
\ a mi:.
Kill lieo. II. Isiwshe,
so A. I'. ,V !.. I ». Stevens,
So S. S. Shaw,
tlo Jens T. Hansen,
so G. V. Doughty,
So t>, S. Howell,
|o liiiuisJ. Anderson,
tun K. \V. St* ill/,
Su M. J. Bridgman,
,Vi K. \. t lakes,
40 Arthur Johnson,
40 1*. li. Kairman,
So F. S. Newell,
PJU \V K. Hill,
uo W P. Hill,
IU0 Oliver Hill,
Hit M. A. Holimn,
PJU H. t'arlson,
IJii L. Humphrey,
lia t !.. A. I.imehangh.
pm F. K. Shsum
4u F. I'. llolmuuUt
SO t'lias. Mel'aU
80 Walter L. Clark,
So H. A. Janes,
SO W. C. (iishrey,
pm W. (J. Bell,
so \V. M. Cunningham,
pm Kniest Kummer,
I jo Italph Mimiiv.
40 C. A. McIntyre.
HO Fred H. Zahn,
5 J. Gorman,
500 Geo. B. Hawlnsker,
40 A. L. S)H'akman,
SO Walter A. Heiss,
Pm B. C. Baker,
pm K. 8. Frazer,
;USt Towle I soul Co.,
40 Geo. D. Petrie,
1JU T. I. Rolierson,
pm F. J. Brich,
SO W. F. Peterson,
40 Claus Uathman,
40 (iisi. Za'igler,
4o L. W. Lynn,
40 F. F. Bc< k.
1J0 F. It. Hills,
pm ,1.8. Carlton,
40 W. A. Brittan,
pm Jos. Schneelicrger,
J. \\. o t "iincll,
^ j; Palmer,
ÿ p. Alexander,
40 Fnsl N. Olson,
Him C. W. IH'N'ne,
w ( . (H) p , lo(tH , lilv>
so yvni. Sheplar,
mo (,. M. Whitehead,
14,1 Mctaivn,
luo 8. L. IsM-kwood,
^ ,, , { s , lsl | t
j,,,, |„ Sehinershall.
pm t. Good,
100 L. G. Phillips,
ho O. Oliver,
HO K. Prentice,
40 W. F. Zal.11,
4o .1. II. DeMass,
!.. G. Neuman.
S. !.. Hughell,
I*. It. Kartz.ke,
H. J. Linke,
Chas. Tagt-,
C. F. Massey,
K. F. Adams
C. K. Harper.
I-, Nurriss,
C. A. Titus,
Jas. Kerscy,
A. W. Hart,
W. F. Daly,
H. F. Thomas,
J. H, Ashenfeltcr,
F. P. Carr,
Norman Amiett,
1. 8cbris-der,
F. F. Nelson,
C. F. Annett.
• ,i
The general sentiment of this
eommunity is voicisl in the follow
ing from the Shoshone Journal;
*Tn all probability there will he
a tremendous gain in material ad
vancement in Lincoln county dur
ing the present season. The big
irrigation projects are all new and
it takes time to improve and «1« -
vebip them, lint many of the new
farmers have secured a g.
hold and are now in shape to take
advantage of their surroundings
and to make things hum in a ma
terial way. The gloss l, U s worn off
and there is 110 whoop and commo
tion, hut it now comes down to Un
steady work of getting results. If
this were a rainfall farming country
the future crop would l.e too uncer
tain to hank op, hut with irrigation
and the Ih-~ 1 soil in the world, re
farmers will undoubtedly raise big
crops to sell and will bring a lot of
money into the country the like of
which has never been witnessed lie
fore. When people have something
to sell they are hound to buy tilings
they have long waited for. That
business for the towns and
1 f.Hlt
year tis
prosperity all around."
Demand for Idaho Fruit Exceeds
Boise fruit is in great demand
this year on the Pachte coast, and
growers in the valley say that the
demand will more than use up Un
available supply which the season,
under tile best
if conditions, will
Idaho fruit is even invading Cali
fornia, and many dealen* in that
state have expressed themselves as
being w illing to handle none other
than Idaho grown apples, which
have a ffavor and delicacy of color
which is characterized hy no other
apples in the country,
mauds for Idaho fruit from these
sections of the country which have
used it in the past are as heavy this
year as they have ever lieen, and
the general outlook for the fruit
dealer in the state was never better
than it is now.
In several parts of the state the
growers are getting together, and
will send one of their own men
down south with their fruit, as
some of the potato growers did last
year, and thus they will cut out the
profit made hy the middle man.—
The de
Before Judge Walters lias tiuishe«!
the spring session
court in Shoshone Judge Stockslagcr
every other
namely :
of the dislrhd
will have held court in
in the district,
Home and Hailey,
largely from the transferrenee of
the Hailey hank cases to Shoshone.
Had the last legislature tailed to
provide for the appointment «if au
additional judge for this «listrict.
Judge Walters would have been
completely swamped and the judic
ial machinery of the district wouhl
have lieen clogged beyond vedeiup
ti> m .—Shoshone Journal.
A gray mare, weight almut !MK>
Brand on left hip, roach«!
Left last Friday,
mane and in foal,
went east from W«*n«lcll.
will iiotif.i Shepherd «V Barrett,
Real Estate, Wendell.
► o
Yellowstone Special Flour
Is sold by leading merchants of our city and is guaranteed to give j (
satisfaction or your money will be returned.
insist on Having Yellowstone Special Flour
when buying and you will be sure you are eating
Jerome Milling & Elevator Co.
R. L. PENCE, Jr., Manager.
We carry a full line of all building
material; Dimension Slock, Common
Boards, Ship-Lap, Rustic, Lap Sid
ing, Pine and Fir Finishing Lumber,
Flooring, Cement, Lime, Plaster,
Sash and Doors, Screen Doors, Mould
ings, Fence Posts, etc., and it will pay
you to call on us and get our prices
and look over our stock, before buying
for the summer. We buy from the
best mills in the Northwest and our
grades are as good as can be bought
any place.
Nibley-Channel L'br Co.
V. K. SKADDEN, M'gr, Jerome, Idaho
Burkhead-Heiss Realty Co.
Wc have several houses and lot* to sell on easy
payment*, with small amount cash.
Some of the liest resident lots, with a small cash
payment, and balance in either monthly or
yearly payments.
A good business lot opposite Fir*t National Bank
must he sold in the next few days,
sell this at a price that will please you.
owner must raise money, lienee the low price.
Farm lands?
front 81
and location. We have a few exceptionally good
bargains w hich we would lie glad to show you
and which will make the buyer money.
\\V can
Yes, wc have ail kinds of them
(ier acre up, according tu the quality
We Write Fire Insurance in some of the Old and
Tried Companies that pay Losses Promptly
We will look after your rental property and see that it is rented
Burkhead-Heiss Realty Co.
A RE the Flies Begin
ning to annoy you ■
And there are but
Certainly they are!
two things that will stop the annoyance
Screen Doors and Window Screens, of
which we have a full and complete line.
Assorted styles, sizes and prices,
look over the line before you buy. Don't
forget the Sifotubes.
Call and
Ostrander Lumber Co., Ltd.
\VM. O'BRIEN, Local Manager, Jerome. Idaho.

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