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U T. Alexander, Publisher
New Meadows has a population of
200 people, all of which came to that
section since June 1, 1911.
Mrs. Beulah Caplan. wife of a lead
ing business man of Weiser, died July
13 of hemorrhage ot the lungs and
brain. She was 111 but a few hours.
That the Bnmeau tract Is pretty
sure to be financed and 600,000 acres
of the choicest land in Idaho will be
soon open for entry, is the latest news
from that section.
The state pure food and sanitary ln
epector made a raid on Idaho Falls one i
day last week, securing twelve con
victlons out of twelve arrests for vlo
lation of the pure food laws.
David W. Moffatt, a former promin
ent citizen of Iowa and Nebraska,
resident of Nampa for the past three
years and a veteran of the civil war,
died at his home in Nampa, July 10.
A new road is being surveyed to the
Arbon country leading from American
much shorter one than surveyed twe
years ago, with easy grades and little
expensive construction.
As a result of a conference between
the state land board and a représenta
Uve of the government, this state se
cures undisputed title to approximate
ly 75,000 acres of the best timber land
tn the Clearwater national forest
Trees have been planted in the new
city park at Caldwell, the drives lead
Ing In fenced, culverts constructed, a
well sunk, and contracts for draining
the plat let to a local «fvm. who are
to complete the work within 30 days,
M. Wilson, formerly of La Junta,
Colo., was shot by an Oregon Shorl
Line brakeman and seriously wounded,
after being thrown
freight train east of Shoshone.
•on is in the hospital and will re
The new route is said to be a
from a moving
Recent heavy rains that swept over
north Idaho have eliminated danger ol
forest fires in the mountain regions
for at least two months, is the belief
of Major Frank A. Fenn, supervisor of
the Salw'ay forest reservation with
headquarters at Kooskia.
One of the most progressive moves
of the citizens of Rockland and the
surrounding region is to observe a
"farmers" day In September. There
never has been an oimportunity to get
such an extensive or such a compre
hensive display a sthie season offers.
The sheriff raided the Elks'
rooms at Lewiston and confiscated all
the liquors he found there. Now the
members have instituted replevin pro
«eedings to recover possession, con
tending that the liquor is private prop
*rty, located in a private club.
What might have been a serious
Bre at the Boise barracks was extin
guished through the timely discovery
of the conflagration by one of the sol
ilers, who saw the fire on the grass
creeping close to the powder houses of
ihe several hardware firme of the
William Cooper, the negro convicted
of making an assault on Miss Bertha
Bauer In Boise on Sunday
April 23, while t£e young woman
on her way hume from her work, has
been given an indeterminate term of
from one to fourteen years in the state
Qusidia Darriuda, a Spanish boy,
was drowned in the Boise river near
Eagle, despite the fact that half a
dozen young men came to his assist
ance in an endeavor to rescue him.
Thè boy, who could not swim, joined
the other bathers and got into deep
water. '
New Meadows is the headquarters
of the Pacific & Idaho Northern Rail
way company, which is also building
large shops. It has the finest passen
ger station In the state of Idaho, beau
tiful In Its architectural features and
modern throughout, built at a cost of
Secretary of the Interior Fisher has
suthorized the purchase of the Hub
bard reservoir and reservoir site, 1^
tween Ten-Mile and Indian creek, four
ailles from Kuna, to be used as part
sf the Boise Irrigation project, accord
: ng to advices received from Wash
J. S. Neil was shot and killed at
Darby, in Teton basin, by Ellington
Both men are farmers and
the killing is the result of a row over
right to water in an irrigation ditch
although a bitter feud has existed be
tween the two men for a number ol
The sugar beet crop in Idaho will
he enormous this year. The St. An
thony or Sugar City factory .has 7,000
acres of beefs out; the Idaho Palls
factory has out 6,000 and the Black
foot factory has out 4,600 acres. In
addition to this Burley has out 2,000 |
Govenor Hawley has issued a proc
lamation intended to remove all dan
ger bf importing sheep infected with
scab or scabbies. The governor says
he is Informed by the state veterinar
ian that this disease exists among the
sheep ot Canada and some ot the
rounding states.
A Greek shot and probably fatally
wounded Fred Wilson, at Ashton, and
»ttempted to escape, but was captured
later by a posse after a short fight at
Hamer river, twelve miles above Ash
ton. The attack was entirely unpro
Deadly Fire Damp Probable Cause of I
Most of Deaths. Men Being Found '
Clasped in Each Other's A
in Death Embrace.
Dubois, pa.—An explosion in the
shaft of the Cascade Coal and Coke I
company at Sykesville late
night caused the death of twenty one
miners, most of them being killed al
most instantly,
Dine Italians, eight Slavs, one Lithua
nlan and three Americans,
Twenty-seven men were at work In |
'he mines at the time, and whether j
they were killed by the explosion
died as the result of inhaling the
deadly fire damp is not known. A few
bodies recovered show that they
killed by the explosion, but the
fority had their dinner pails with them I
and were making their way towards |
the main entrance when cut
presumably by the fire damp. There I
were two sets of broihers and a father
and son among those killed. George
and John Hook, brothers, were found
clasped in each other's
Frank Pavelick and his
old son were also found in a death
Among the dead are I
arms, while
Commanding Pan
ama Canal Entrance, to be Neu
Washington.—Negotiations are
der way through the state department
whereby the Galapagos islands, off the
coast of Ecuador and commanding the
Pacific entrance to the Panama canal,
will be forever removed as a factor
to be turned against the safety of the
United States in the event of
Abandoning the old plan ot
chasing the islands from Ecuador,
Secretary Knox has called his ' dol
lar diplomacy" into play.
Not only then will the neutralization
of the Galapagos islands be
plished, but one of the pest holes of
the world will be cleaned up, namely,
Guayaquil, the seaport of Ecuador,
and control of the railway in Ecuador
will be retained in American hands
and the stock and bondholders of this
road will be fully protected in their
The long discussed $3,000 000 loan
to Ecuador Is the means by which
these ends are to be brought about.
It is Believed Congress Will Adjo
on August 7.
Washington.—All legislative paths
now lead to adjournment of congress
quickly after the vote on the Arizona
New Mexican statehood bill is taken
in the senate on the legislative day
ot August 7.
The senate probably will then be
ready to adjourn, despite the general
tariff revision threat of Senator Cum
mins of Iowa and other insurgents,
and the house will not interpose any
fresh legislation to disturb the
ate's program for winding up the ex
tra session.
May Still Buy Oil From Trust.
Washington. — Attorney
Wickersham has decided that it is not
unlawful for the United States to deal
with the corporations recently
dared by the Supreme court of the
United States to be illegal combina
The question came up in con
nection with contracts awarded to the
Standard OH company for
supply of coal and gasoline for the
military department of the east. The
attorney general holds that the
poratloas declared Illegal combina
tions are so only
trade. The sale of materials by the-se
corporations is not in itself illegal.
a year's
in restriction of
Aeronaut Collides With Street Car.
Denver, Colo.—Wayne Abbott, a lo=
cal aeronaut, had a narrow escape
from death Sunday afternoon when
he dropped from an estimated height
of 4,000 feet
and in landing collided with the front
end of a trolley car.
caused a panic among the passengers.
One woman fainted and a number of
others were injured in their wild rush
to safety.
in a parachute
The collision
Plague in North Carolina.
Asheville, N.- C.—An epidemic of
prevails in
Mitchell county, and is baffling skilled
physicians. The malady manifests it
self by small blood spot stains on the
tops of the fingers, passing through
the arm into the body and resulting
in death within a few days,
plague has claimed several victims,
one of whom was Dr. E. P. Slagle.
Tragedy in Montana.
Great Falls, Mont.—James W. Cor
nell, a saloonkeeper of Cascade, shot
and seriously injured a woman of the
redlight district
Graham and then put a bullet through
his own brain,
drowned and two more narrowly es
caped a like fate at the Lake of the
Wcods near here on Sunday, when a
an unknown
known as Goldie
Boat Capsized.
South Rend, Ind.—Two men were
sailboat In which they were riding
. Vo
7 ,
ml ft

I ■■■■
tCopyrlxht. 13 ID
An Area ot Three Hundred Miles Laid
Bare by Flames Which Brought
Death to Many and Financial
Ruin to ôthers.
North Bay, Ont. —-.Pour towns—Co
chrane, Kelso. South Porcupine and
Potts villi
•have been destroyed, a
dozen other towns and villages are
burning or are surrounded by Wrest
fires, probably 100 persons have per
ished, thousands are homeless and
suffering from hunger and exposure
and a property loss of above $2,000,000
ha« been suffered in one of the worst
disasters North Ontario ever experi
An area of 300 miles north from
North Bay and from ten to twenty
miles wide has practically been laid
The fire raged with such fierceness
and fury that the people of the vil
lages had barely time to save their
lives and abandoned everything in one
frantic rush for safety.
At Porcupine thirty men and wo
men were driven into the lake by a
wall of flame and drowned.
Every mining camp from Dome to
Whitley is gone. The mines burned
include the Dome, North Dome, Pres
ton, East
O'Brien, Philadelphia, United
pine, Eldorado, Porcupine, Standard,
Imperial. West Dome and Success.
Vipond, foley,
But Not Until Area of Ten Thousand
Square Miles Had Been Burned Over.
Toronto, Ont. —Reports from north
ern Ontario are that the forest fires
which for several days have swept
over a section ot country extending
300 miles northward from North Bay,
and covering a wide section east and
west, either have been extinguished or
are under control.
The towns of Cochrane. South Por
cupine and Pottsvllle, have been ob
literated. The fire swept clean the
townships of Langmuir, Eldorado,
Shaw, Deloro, Ogden. McArthur and
Cripple Creek districts.
The known dead total 122, the ma
jority of whom lost their lives at
South Porcupine. There are believed
to have been many other fatalities,
and estimates based upon unverified
reports run as high as 400.
Refugees from the burned area say
that it covers 10,000 square miles,
comprising a district Inhabited hy 20,
000 people. From every quarter have
come fugitives who escaped
flames, many of them badly burned.
Scores are missing and are believed
to have fled terror-stricken into the
wilderness. They possibly survived
the fire, but are believed to have died
from exhaustion.
Some of the survivors tell of stum
bling over bodies of those who tod
run before them and died on the way.
The first trainload of dead and in
Jured reached Cobalt Thursday.
Ten Injured in Train Wreck.
Edmonton, Alberta.—The Canadian
Pacific Edmonton express was hurled
Into a ditch one mile south of Pono
kao on Thursday, seriously injuring
ten persons and slightly injuring five
Captain Assumes Responsibility.
San Francisco.—Captain J. O. Faria,
of the wrecked steamer Santa Rosa,
on Wednesday assumed, at an official
inquiry, all responsibility for the loss
of his boat on Point Arguello, 260 miles
north of here on July 7.
Crippen's Lawyer Suspended From Bar
London.—Arthur Newton, who
fonnd guilty of protessional. miscon
duct in his defense of the wife
derer. Dr. Hawley Grippen, by
mittee of the Law society, has been
suspended from the practice.
H 11
a com
Attorney-General Charged With Hav
ing Permitted Statute of Limita
tion to Run Against Alaskans.
Washington.—After secret consid
eration of charges made by Delagate
Wickersham of Alaska that Attorney
General Wickersham deliberately
permitted the statute of limitation to
run against agents of the Alaska
syndicate who defrauded the govern
ment through perjury to the extent
of $50,000, the house committee on
judiciary has determined to report
favorably a resolution of inquiry of
fered by Delegate Wickersham.
Investigation aimed at impeach
ment and removal from office of At
torney General Wickersham for cor
, . ,
ruptlon in the administration of jus
tice in Alaska is proposed. j
The resolution will call upon the |
attorney general to furnish the house I
with any documents, affidavits and
testimony in his possession relating ,
to an affidavit submitted to him
more than a year ago. and sworn j
to by H J Douglas, former auditor
or the Alaska syndicate in 1908.
Delegate Wickersham startled the
ses- ;
sion. he produced a copy of an affi
davit relating to an alleged criminal
act by Captain D. H. Jar
committee when, in
vis. of the Alaskan syndicate and for
Ä 7
w yÆ
m\ 'I- m
merly prominent In the
cuter service, who
mitted suicide in Seattle on June 2,
the day following the Introduction of
the Wickersham
resolution calling
for production ot the papers in the
case, and by John H. Bullock of the
John J. Sesnor Coal
of j
Through connivance of these men,
it was charged, the government was
defrauded on coal colnracts. and evl
dence to that effect. It is alleged, j
was permitted to remain unacted up
on by the attorney general's office j
for more than a year until the stat- !
ute of li mitations expired last May.
McNamara Trial Set for October 11 1
Ix>8 Angeles—The trial of John J
McNamara and his brother James, on
charge of murder In connection with
the dynamiting of the Los Angeles
ÄftÄÄtt. a;
„ , „
Beef Supply Short.
New York.—American beef packers
must go to Argentina for their pro
duct, said J. Ogden Armour. If they
wish to retain their hold on the ex
Portation of beef. Mr, Armour ar.
rived Friday from Europe.
Convicted on Finger Print Evidence.
Chicago.—Thomas Jennings, colored,
the first man ever convicted
tenced to be hanged in this
on finger print evidence,
country I
granted a stay of execution & by the
..... , w , . ro
and sen
Bailey May Resign.
Washington —Because of
r r* »• «""s
tu.ll.5 ot ..luis UI b" il , 'Z t , :
du., .. .b. "
All Candidates on Insurgents' Slato
Ara Successful. While Amend
ments Offensive to Progressive
Element Are Tabled.
San Francisco.—Carroll
Pearse, euperintcndent of schools of
Milwaukee, was elected president of
the National Education association,
the largest pedagogic body In the
world, at tbe annual meeting ot its ac
tiv? members Thursday. Miss Kath
erine D. Blake of New York was elect
ed treasurer.
With these were elected all candi
dates bn the Insurgent state of which
Pearse was the head, and an Insur
gent majority of the executive com
mittee. and late Thursday the board
ot directors elected two members to
the board of trustees, considered fa- ;
vorable to the progressive wing of the
The insurgents succeeded in tabling |
until 1912 an extensive report on
amendments to the by-laws submitted
by a committee appointed two years
ago, and decidedly unpopular with the
progressives, who asserted that it took
away from the rank and file much of
whatever power it now has.
more liberal amendments were offered,
but these cannot be voted on this
year. The insurgents felt that they |
had done all that they started out to
do. and more than they expected to
Statehood for New Mexico and Ari
zona was Indorsed by the association
Governor of Colorado Issues Call
Which is of Interest to Westerners. I
Denver,—Pursuant to a joint résolu- |
lion of tbe legislature. Governor Shaf- j
roth has issued a call for a public lands
convention, to be held in Denver Sep
tember 2g _ 29 and 30 of thl3 vear No
8ta te Is asked to send delegates which
not contain 1.000,000 acres of
publlc i and> there beinK
no desire for
a packing of the convention by slates
no t interested
The state3 and territories which will
take part in the public lands conven
tion are Arizona. Arkansas, California,
Colorado. Idaho, Minnesota, Montana,
Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North
Uakota, Oklahoma, Or P c„„, South Da
kota. Utah, Washington, Wyoming and
The purpose of the convention Is
well stated in the words of the call:
"The real issue is whether the pub
lic domain, other than tbe little re
maining farming lands, shall he held
in perpetuity by the national
nient, free from taxation by the states,
to ho administered by leasehold for '
revenue for the federal treasury, and i
under bureaus at Washington."
Founder of Absolute Life Cult Con
victed of Abduction.
Chicago—Evelyn Arthur See. foun
der of the Absolute Life cult, the chief
tenet of which was said to be tho
tablishment of a perfect race, Thurs
day night was found guilty of the ab
duction of Mildred Bridges,
year-old disciple of the cult.
The jury was
minutes and is said to have taken but
one ballot. The statute fixes the
the 17
out only forty-five
alty at from one to ten years in the
The jury also returned a verdict of
guilty of contributing to juvenile de
linquency, which has been incorporat
ed in the abduction charge.
Spanish Festival at Saltalr.
Salt Lake City.—What promises to
be the most thrilling and Interesting
amusement spectacle ever held in the
w est is the Spanish festival which be
gins at Saltalr beach Saturday July
22nd, and with the exception of Sun
day continues through tho
Twenty bull fighters trora Mexico
eluding some of the very best In that
county, and twenty genuine .Spanish
fighting hulls, reached Salt Lake Mon
day and arc now at Saltalr ready ?„ r
î, he f f 8tlVal t0 1,e " in ' Tl,e Hippodrome
10 OOoTèats '7nd mil ""T* U ' an
way the big arenas In Sm nVn.T 0
Ico. Eight Inches 71 \ , MeX '
ulace.l nn ts h of dirt has been
~~ r r ""
rSLTS « • Ä
.*Ill play Mexican music during the
week- Special arrangements
i b ? t^relv? *?". dl V he ,arKe crHW ds
run frnm JÎÎ 1 Bxc ' ,r8l °ns will be
mSntry and lt°I« r thn
nural ers o , , ? CXI !? Cted that lar ^
"hT Is the ' fl "o7t7 '.
ever held In Utah ^ (Adv )
are he
Rioting at Tlaxacata.
Mexico City.—It Is reported that a
riot occurred at Tlaxacala as the re
suit of an attempt by Maders.as to
tioLst 1 llTd.7'l th" inaurrec '
!h. Adi"? s „"l h ' d ,l "
Williams Rebukes Heyburn
wrasse rrsr
'Vim.». o. M.,
lit«., " " 1 " 1 " IU
Btorm of Few Minutes Duration Bring«
Sorrow and Desolation to Resi
dents of California Town.
El Centro. Cal.—A storm ot cyclonic
violence, In which two lives were lost
several persons injured ami buildings
throughout the business district bad
ly damaged, struck El Centro Satur
day afternoon.
Sweeping in from the southeast
:i 1
3:20 o'clock, the storm passed with
great speed and force over the
tral part of town. While It
only a few minutes. It damaged pro|>.
erty to the extent of at least 130,000.
The two whose deaths were caused
by the storm were Leslie Novak who
died at SL Thomas hospital two hours
after being injured In a falling build
ing. and Singh Sunda. a Hindoo, who
Ion his life In the same way.
Many persons narrowly escaped In
jury while in building« which
lapsed. or In the streets dodging de
bris. which was carired more than two
blocks by the storm.
Patrons of a Wild West Show in Chi
cago Thrown Into Panic When
Canvas Collapses.
Chicago.—Five thousand persons at
Buffalo Bill's Wild West show
thrown into a panic Saturday even
ing when half of the largo tent was
blown down In tbe electric
Several men and women were injured
by collapsing seats and falling poles
The greatest damage was done la
the "extension tent" which is just be
yond the ''marquee," or entrance pa
villlon, and which was occupied by
an audience of more than 2,Oik). The
band had just finished the second
overture and the performer», mounted
on horses, were crowding in the ap
proach of tho arena before the grand
march, when the accident occurred
Will Fight for Fortune,
Hempstead, L.
I.—Eva Ihiryea
Thelberg of Stockholm. Sweden. * ster
of Waller E Duryea. the millionaire
who lived for twelve years with a
broken neck and who built up a for
tune from a small sum left by his
father, has begun a contest In the sur
rogate's court of Nassau county for
her brother's estate, which he left al
most entirely to Eleanore Peregrin,
who had been his faithful nurso and
$2,000,000 and two handsome houses
The nurse received over
Painter'« Lucky Fall.
New York.—Joseph Kinward of Tnr
rytown was In a swing paini ng th«
water tower there late Saturday,
when the rope broke.
150 feet, struck a wire, turned a com
plete somersault and landed on his
feet. He smiled and said: "I didn't
He dropped
( ' xpert to come down this way. but
1 m a " r *ght." Although somewhat
Hlîake n up ho was able to walk home
.. , r
Mrs Armour Sl:es Former Companion.
Kansas City.—Mrs. Margaret Kloek
Armour, widow of Simeon n Armour,
tho packer, filed suit In Ihe circuit
court here Saturday
against Miss Harriet Bylngton
for *112,000
cover peculations alleged to have been
made hy Miss Bylngton while serving
as companion and housekeeper
Mrs. Armour.
Sees Husband and Children Drown.
St. Louis.—Frank
DuclervfBe. 41
years of age, was drowned Sunday
with his son and daughter. Thomas
and Mary, 3 and 13
years respective
ly, while a crowd on the Mlss'sslppl
river bank restrained the wife and
mother, who tried to leap In after the
struggling trio.
Editor Fall» to Hi« Death.
Hiawatha. Kan.— Daniel W. Wilder,
author, pioneer editor and political
leader, died at his home hero Satur
day night as a result of Injuries sus
talned Saturday when he walked out
of the window of h'e bedroom,
su posed he became confused and mis
took the window for a door.
It is
Famous Southern Woman Dead.
Atlanta. Ga.—Mrs. Sarah K. Gahot
known throughout tho south as Mi»
designer of the Cror-; of Honor of the
^onfederacy. en emblem given con
federate soldiers of valor, died nt her
home early Sunday morning. 8b
was seventy-eight years old
Bud Mars Will Recover.
Krle. Pa. J. C. ("Bud') Mar«, the
a'lator. hurt In a fall with his aero
plane, will recover and will he able
to leave the hospital l n about
days. His Injuries
arc not nearly so
severe as at first reported.
Kitchener British Agent to Egypt.
London —Official
announcement wn*
made on Saturday that Field Marahal
Lord Kitchener hau been
British agent to Egypt. [
Sir Eldon Gorst, who tiled
He succeeds
. July IS.
Brand Bryan as Traitor.
Omaha, Neb.—A Nebraska Demo
7. «nm nVen " 0n on Sa »'irday rteclar
ed William J. Bryan a traitor tn the
Democratic party and passed strong
resolutions denouncing him for hav
ing bolted the state Democratic ticket
Gave Life for Friend.
Evansville, Ind.—In an attempt to
save her friend, Anna Griffith,
'rown'ng while they were bathing In
the Ohio river, Bonnie
years old. was drowned.
Uh was rescued.
Walton. 21 •
Mi <8 CJrif-

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