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Cattle Buying for
Swift & Company
_Swift & Company buys more than
9000 head of cattle,
every market day.
Each one of them is "sized up" by
the packer's buyer and the
commission salesman must judge what
amount of meat each animal will yield,
and how fine it will be, the grading of
the hide, and the quantity and quality
of the fat.
Both must know market conditions
for live stock and meat throughout the
country. The buyer must know where
the different qualities, weights, and
kinds of cattle can be best marketed
as beef.
If the buyer pays more than the
animal is worth, the packer loses money
on it. If he offers less, another packer,
or a shipper or feeder, gets it away
from him.
If the seller accepts too little, the live
stock raiser gets less than he is entitled
to. If he holds out for more than it is
worth, he fails to make a sale.
A variation of a few cents in the price
per hundred pounds is a matter of vital
importance to the packer, because it
means the difference between profit
and loss.
on an average,
Swift & Company,
U. S. A.
Lights Beautify Garden.
'he terrace in front of u large laun
plant has been beautified with ■
Tlllarly beautiful sign which I» the
»•fined product of nu electrician's
I » gardener's skill.
Dutllned In electric bulbs set In a
|et inetal frame which Is painted
Ite on the Inside to reflect the
Each Idler
tité area Inclosed by each metal
«■ geraniums have been planted,
sign Is very beautiful by day. and
»ly so at night when the lights
pinsle the flowers, according to
Blur Mechanics Magazine. The
Iric bulbs are Covens I with ordl A
Melly glasses, to protect the flow
pom the heat and the bulbs from
fluenza and kindred
leases start wi th a cold.
►n't trifle with it.
I the first shiver or
jeze, take
1- ms • pteture. At AU Dm* Osone
hind Rashes
ith Cuticura
1 OtnlmanlSAM «>.■ __MS
1 %
City, Ns. 1-1*1*.
Aa Old Lady Explained It, Woman's
Neighbors Had a Right to Their
Two women were discussing a third.
''She's a splendid worker, but still
she Isn't popular," commented the sin
gle one. "I wonder why?"
An old lady who had been listening
broke Into the conversation. "She's
t«s> handedy," she told them.
Both of the two young ones looked
their wonder.
"Yes," explained the old lady, "too
handedy I mean. Doesn't the Bible
say not to let your left band know
what your right hand does? Rut she
doesn't do that.
If she lends her
neighbor on one side a cup of coffee
she has to tell the one on the other
side all about It. When she gives any
one anything she tells all about It. And
you both know' that no one likes to
have their weaknesses advertised. She
keeps one hand too well Informed of
the other hand's doings. That's why
I say she's too handedy."—Indianapo
lis News.
How's This ?
We offer 1100.GO tor any case of catarrh
that cannot 1m cured by HALL'S
es Internally and acta through th. Blood
on the Mucous Surface of the System.
■old by druggists for over forty years.
Prie So. Testimonial, free.
F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Accurate Knowledge.
"Say, Jim, what are them seismo
"Why, they're th- signal for earth
quakes to start goteg, bo."
When a husband and wife are of
the same mind it Is a pretty safe bet
that the mind belongs to the wife.
Dr. pi.rre '1 Pfeeual Prllrt. put an rod te
aftrk and bilks* hHduk*. ron.ilp.Uoo, dlaal
- and ledliMttan. "CImd benu.." Adv.
One man In every sixty Is partly or
wholly color blind.
When Vour Cm Need Care
_ Try Marine Eye Remedy
In a canvass of the Carey valley In
ths Red Cross Christmas roll cull drive
practically every adult was enrolled.
Weeds are becoming n serious prob
lem to winter wheat farming, but offer
less difficulty when spring wheat Is
Eight carloads of freight were ship
ped from Fairfield one day last week.
It consisted of three cars of wheat,
three of hay, one of hogs and one of
The, distinguished service cross has
been awarded to Corp.
'Vatllnau. of Kellogg,'for extraordinary
heroism In action west of Flsmes,
France, August 5.
Consent of D. W. Davis,
elect, has been obtained for the hold
ing of an Inaugural bull and reception
on January 0, for the Incoming offi
cials and members of the legislature.
The new gymnasium of the Idaho
Technical Institute at Pocatello Is
practically finished under the present
contract. It will require about $15,000
to complete It under the original plans.
Charles Crlsplno, 10 years old, Is
charged with burglarizing the Bliss
Mercantile company's store at Bliss.
He Is charged with having taken
watch, cigars and other small articles.
General Pershing has awarded the
distinguished service cross to Corp.
John W. Carmer, H. Company, 36 Inf.,
of Halley, for extraordinary heroism in
action at Audonarde, Belgium, on No
vember 1.
Four Boise citizens were fined $25
each In federal court Inst week for
violations of the feder.il migratory
bird law that provides that no mi
gratory birds shall be shot later than
one-half hour after sunset.
Approximately 1000 pounds of poul
try consisting of ducks, turkeys and
chickens, being held In a Pocatello
cold storage plant presumably for the
Christmas trade, was confiscated be
cause of alleged Improper storage.
The city council of Pocatello has
passed an ordinance forbidding the use
of red or black flags of anarchy or
any emblem opposed to organized
government or derogatory to public
morals. This Is against all meetings
of a Bolshevlkl nature.
The Idaho Technical Institute night
school at Pocatello opened last week
for registration and mure than 80 stu
dents have already been enrolled. By
December 30, which Is the last night
for entering ihls school, the registra
tion will no doubt run over 150.
The reported average wage per
month of farm labor In Idaho has In
creased approximately 24 per cent
over last year ; wages per day for day
tabor for harvest, 15 per cent; and
wages per day for day labor other
than harvest work, practically 25 per
Ten Ada county men who failed to
file their questionnaires and four who
Emmett W.
failed to report for physical examin
ation are being sought by the Ada
county draft board, and will bo re
ported as deserters unless some In
formation as to their whereabouts can
be learned at once.
An appropriation of more than $38.
000 will be necessary If Idaho Is to
take advantage of federal aid for vo
cational education work In the state
In the biennium ending December 30,
For the year beginning Feb
rnary, 1019, the federal appropriation
for this state will be $20,000.
An answer In Intervention asking
that the Boise Railway company be re
quired to prove allegations made In its
petition to increase fares to 7 cents
on Its lines, and to discontinue Its
Soldiers' Home line and operate one
man cars has been filed with the public
utilities commission by the city of
Twelve thousand acres of state land
In Madison County, which was In
volved In a sale bold July 10, but after
wards cancolled by the stale land
board because bidders at the sale
Joined In a lottery system to prevent
competition, have been ordered thrown
open for one year leases by the state
land board.
A man named John E. Beckman was
brought before the council of defense
at lila ho Falls, charged with refusing
to buy Liberty bonds and making un
complimentary remarks when asked to
Join the Red Cross. The committee
decided that he should buy $500 worth
of thrift stamps and donate $25 to the
Red Cross, which he did.
In the latter part of 1919 or early In
1920 airplanes may he landing close to
the federal building In Boise, deposit
ing mall. This Is not chance Imagin
ation. Boise Is on a direct flight line
between Salt Lake and Seattle.
Word has been received of the death
of Capt. Clifford Hughes of Caldwell
from wounds received at the front.
Captain Hughes was a member of the
Caldwell company and saw service on
the Mexican border as a private.
Children of school ages will not be
compelled to attend school during the
epidemic of Spanish Influenza. This
la the decision reached by Edgar Meek,
probate Judge and truant officer of
Canyon county.'
Constructive Critic.
"Of course you approve of 'freedom
of the seas.' "
"Thoroughly," answered Senator
Sorghum. "It's ns fine a phrase as ever
came under my observation. All* It
wants now Is to be supplied with an
exact meaning."
Overstepping the Limit
"De trouble wlf dis 'divine right' no
said Uncle Ebon, "Is dat a man's
table to figger dat It gives hlm de
privilege of carryln' loaded dies 1»*°
a ernp gams."
w -i J \ -•
Bave you ever stopped to reason why
it is that so many products that are ex
tensively advertised, all at once drop out
of sight and are soon forgojtenf The
reason is plain—the article did not fulfil
the promises of the manufacturer. This
applies more particularly to a medicine.
A medicinal preparation that has real
curative value almost selb itself, as like
an endless chain system the remedy is
recommended by those who have been
benefited, to those who are in need of it.
A prominent druggist says, "Take for
example Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot, a
preparation I have sold for
many years
and never hesitate to recommend, for in
almost every case it shows excellent
suits, as many of my customers testify.
No other kidney remedy that 1 know of
has so large a aale."
According' to sworn statements and
verified testimony of thousands who have
used the preparation, the success of Dr.
Kilmers' Swamp-Root ia due to the fact
that so many people claim, it fulfills al
most every wish in overcoming kidney,
liver and bladder ailments, corrects ur
inary troubles and neutralizes the uric
acid which causes rheumatism.
You may receive a sample bottle of
Swamp-Root by Parcel Post. Address
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., and
enclose ten cents; also mention this paper.
Large and medium size bottles for sals
«t all drug stores.—Adv.
Short Period With the Mind Keenly
Focussed on a Subject Will Pro
duce Amazing Results.
A college professor said to his faith
ful but poorly prepared class: "Judg
ing from your worn and tired appear
ance, young people, you are putting In
twice too many hours on study." At this
commendation the class brightened up
visibly. "But," he continued, "Judg
ing from your preparation, you do not
study quite half hard enough."
Ten minutes of really hard concen
tration are worth an hour of fitful ef
fort, and are actually less tiring, be
cause of the satisfaction felt at the re
sults obtained. This is another reason
the beginner In attention training
should at first be content with exceed
ingly short exercise periods, of fre
quent occurrence.
His real need is to acquire not sim
ply the ability but the habit of keen
rather than prolonged concentration.
He wants to accustom his mind to
focus Instantly and vigorously on any
subject presented to It for concentra
tion.—Chicago News.
Watch Cutlcura Improve Your Skin.
On rising and retiring gently smear
the face with Cutlcura Ointment.
Wash off Ointment In five minutes
with Cutlcura Soap and hot water. It
Is wonderful sometimes what Cutlcura
will do for poor complexions, dandruff,
itching and rpd rough hands.—Adv.
Dawn of a Great Peace.
fixed an Emporia colored man who has
•been In Jail several times for failure
to support hls family went to work in
order to claim dependency. Monday
morning, when he heard the peace
news, ho quit hls Job.—Emporia Ga
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOIUA, that famous old remedy
for Infanta ..0 rWUir.o, ..d ,ro,h„ „
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
"So you think people are too fat as
everybody was thinner there'd be
room for more people to stand up In
Valuable Space.
a rule?"
"I do," replied the conductor.
Never Judge a Joke by the way worn-1
en laugh at It.
Sick. Women *
your duty during these
times your health should he your first
consideration. These two women >
tell how they found health. /
To do
Üfe >
Helium, Pa.—"I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound for female troubles and a dis
placement. I felt all run down and was very weak.
I had been treated by a physician without results,
so decided to give Lydia E. Pink ham's Vegetable Compound
a trial, and felt better right away. I am keeping house
since last April and doing all my housework, where before
I was unable to do any work. Lydia E. Plnkham's Vege
table Compound Is certainly the best medicine a woman can
take wbenln this condition. Iglve you permission to publish
this letter."—Mrs. E. R. Cruuxiko, R. No. 1, Hellam, Pa.
Lowell, Mich.—"I suffered from cramps and dragging
down pains, was irregular and had female weakness and
displacement. I began to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound which gave me relief at once and restored
my health. I should like to recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's
remedies to all suffering women who are troubled In a simi
lar way."—Mrs. Elise IIiim,R.No. 6, Box83,LoweU,Mlcb.
Why Not Try
New York Alderman Puta Forward
Idea That May Be Taken Up
by Employers.
The service flag, with Its stars of
gold and blue, never will be forgot
ten. But with the signing of the
armistice and the return of thousands
^o civil life another banner has been
needed. It Is the "Victory flag," with
stars of gold, of silver and of red. It
wfll signify that "in this factory, of
fice or mill one who went away to war
has returned to his position, has died
giving service or Is so badly Injured
other employment is necessary." Its
originator believes It should fly be
side the service flag, so that the gen
eral public "cun count the stars and
read the meanings."
A New York alderman suggested
the "Victory flag." At a recent meet
ing of the board of aldermen he re
quested a resolution of appreciation
to the employers who take the boys
back who went to war. By way of
registering this appreciation ho sug
gested the flag. The alderman pointed
out that this Is no more than prac
tical gratitude to the men who were
willing to give everything.
Men of Iron.
Capt. Edward Beck of South Bend,
Ind., at present In France with the
black Senegalese troops, recently
wrote home concerning them.
"They are Just like cur own col
ored troops," he writes. "No wonder
they're great fighters. They never
feel any pain. They remind me of a
colored laborer In South Bend. One
day, to test the hardness of this fel
low's head, a mason on the upper floor
of a blulding dropped some mortar
on It. The fellow' never moved ; in
fact, he hadn't felt a thing. So the
mason dropped a brick.
"Crash !
"When the brick hit his head the
colored man looked up at the mason
languidly :
" 'Look out whar you'alls done drop
pin' dat mortar,' he said."
Times Had Changed.
Jane Addams, at a Hull house tea.
was commenting on the 1918 fashions.
Illustrating the trend of the times she
told of a poor man. who had hardly
been able to clothe his wife and family
until one day he managed to invent a
new kind of depth bomb.
The government paid him liberally
for the Invention and he went to his
wife with tears In hls eyes.
"At last, my dear," he cried, "you will
be able to buy yourself some decent
"I'll do nothing of the kind," she re
torted. "I'll get the same kind the rest
of the women are wearing!"
You can afford to believe that the
office seeks the man If don't want the
°® ce -
For centuries GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Oil has been a standard household remedy
for kidney, liver, bladder and stomach
'r ouble ' and aU **•"•". "nnected with
. unna 7 or * ans : The kidneys and blad
are J: he "tost important organa of the
J*-"* '51
your system through the blood and stom
ach are not entirely thrown out by the
kidneys and bladder, you are doomed.
Weariness, sleeplessness, nervousness,
despondency, backache, stomach trouble,
headache, pain in loina and lower abdo
men, gall stones, gravel, difficulty when
urinating, cloudy and bloody urine, rheu
matism, sciatica and lumbago, all warn you
to look after your kidneys and bladder.
All these indicate some weakness of the
kidnevs or other organs or that the enemy
microbes which are always present in your
system have attacked vour weak spots.
GOLD MEDAL Haarleih Oil Capsules are
what you need.
They are not a "patent medicine." nor
• "new discovery." For 200 years they
Those of ns who are past middle sgs
are prone to eat too much meat and in
consequence deposit lime-salts in tbs
arteries, veins and joints. We often
suffer from twinges of rheumatism or
lumbago, sometimes from gout, swollen
hands or feet. There is no longer tbs
slightest need of this, however, as ths
new prescription, "Anurie," is bound
to give immediate resalts as it is many
times more potent than litbia, in ridding
the impoverished blood of its poisons
by way of the kidneys. It can be ob
tained at almost any drug store, by
simply asking for "Anurio" for kidneys
or backache. It will overcome such
conditions as rheumatism, dropsical
swellings, cold extremities, scalding and
burning mine and sleeplessness due to
constant arising from bed at night.
Bend to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N.7., for a 10c. trial package.
Mama a. Cal.—'I nccauund Doctor Plcreo'o
Anaric very highly. I have nffend for tbo last
throo years with catarrh of the bladder, haring
tried every remedy I heard of but without relief.
I saw Annric advertised in the paper, and Ilka a
drowning man grabbing at a straw I thought 1
would try It also, which I did with great enccess.
as it relieved me almost immediately, before 1 had
taken all of the trial package, and having great
confidence in the remedy 1 immediately sent ta
the drug store and bought a full-eise package,
l can say to all suffering from any disease of
the kidneys or uric acid troubles, try this remedy
and suffer D9 longer. 1 have great faith ta Dr.
Ftena'a iwimilaa."—8. P. Uusuy.
f * TPA?f MAP» «'G.U.S.PAT fff
Will reduce Inflamed, Strained,
Swollen Tendons, Ligamenta,
or Muscles. Stopi the lameneagand
pain from a Splint, Side
Bone Spavin. No bliiter, no hair
gone and hone can be used. $2. SO a
bottle at druggists or delivered. De
scribe your case for special instruc
tions and interesting horse Book 3 R Free.
ABSORBINE, JR., the antiseptic liniment for
reduces Strained,
Bone or
ment». Swollen Gland», Veina _ _
Heala Cuta, Sore», Ulcer». Allaya pain. Prie*
il.2Î ■bottle« dealer*ordellrerad. Book "End me*" fraa.
«. F. TCUKC, P. 0. F, 310 T lapis Strut, SpflggMt. Mm.
Torn Ligm
ot Musclas,
Had Its Drawbacks.
Mrs. Carter's maid had been married
three months, and she was visiting at
her former mistress' house.
"Well, Emma," asked Mrs. Carter,
"how do you like being married?"
"Oh, It's fine, ma'am, getting mar
ried; yes'm, it's fine," replied Emma.
"But lor. ma'am," she added, "ain't it
j tedious?"
' Many a
J something to his widow who kept up
1 hls life insurance.
worthless man is worth
have been a standard household remedy.
They are the pure, original imported Haar
lem Oil your great-grandmother used, and
are perfectly harmless. The healing, sooth
ing oil soaks into the cells and lining of
the kidneys and through the bladder, driv
ing out the poisonous germs. New life,
fresh strength and health will come as you
continue the treatment, When complete
ly restored to your usual vigor, continue
taking a capsule or two each day; they will
keep you in condition and prevent a re
turn of the disease.
Do not delay a minute. Delays are es
pecially dangerous in kidney and bladder
trouble. All druggists sell GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules. They will refund
the money if not as represented. GOLD
MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are im
ported direct from the laboratories in Hol
tit y and convenient form, are easy to take
and are positively guaranteed to give
prompt relief. In three sires, sealed pack
ages. Ask for the original imported
GOLD MEDAL. Accept no substitute«.—
They arc prepared in correct quan-

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