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Lincoln County times. (Jerome, Idaho) 1911-1919, January 16, 1919, Image 2

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Are You to be Married
in June?
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the way.
ice main mm
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tl«B. tTtwd Car D«*..
Asie Ce- ult Uta de
In Turkey the Stationary Tub, So Fa
miliar in Western Lands, Is Ah
solutely Unknown.
The Turk in spite of his constant
bathing (bathing being enjoined by
the Mohammedan religion) has no sta
tionary tubs nor wash bowl
Turkish houses are quite Innocent of
plumbing, says Edith Ollfallln. In an
article on the colorful ancient capital
cf the Ottoman empire. But as the
Turk never bathes save In running
water the brick floors contain drains
that carry the water to the garden out
aids. Always before eating, a »errant
pour», from a pitcher, water over an
oriental'» bands; which seems a wise
provision, for they do not nee knives
nor forks ; spoons only are used to eat
loop or sherbets.
They do not alt aronnd a table as
we do, bnt alt on cushions ronnd foot
klgh table trays. All over the near
hast they have but two meals. Break
fast is a sort of movable feast op to
eleven o'clock. It consists of coffee,
fruit and various hot breads.
Turk Is enabled to eustalo life until
his dinner at sunset by drinking
Innumerable cupfuls of thick, hot,
heavily-sweetened coffee.
Dinner, which Is consumed In tbe
evening, la the only meal the Turk
takea In the bosom of his family. It
often Is on elaborate affair of twelve
courses: Tomatoes and squash and
hWPlant and other vegetables stuffed
with rice or minced meat or cheesa,
fish swimming In oil, mutton stews,
goat fricassees, roasted chickens, rich
pastries and candles, preserves of
plnm and quince and fig and peach,
and always coffee and tbe narghll
At some of these dinners they drlak
• sort of brandy celled rakl ; but alco
holic drinks are anathema to tha ortho
dox Turk.
World Been to Hava Little Use for
Pleturasqus Character Whose For
tune Was His Sword.
If It shall now come to paaa. aa It
well may, that there shall be an end
pnt to ware, tbe old-time aoldler of
fortune will become an extinct ape*
The world, of course, can get along
very well without him, and yet ho will
be missed.
For he Is a very ancient
Institution, Indeed. He wa* with Alex
ander and Caesar, Napoleon, tbe cap
tain* and the kings of every nation
der the sun wherever there
knife to stick or a bullet to shoot
hut surely, however, th*
ground has been cut from ander the
feet of the soldier of fortune, end
It seems that, at last h* la to dis
appear completely.
H* hod a good time, though, while
It lasted, aad It did last a long time, at
where, a Job waiting for him. If thing*
went stale on the Spanish Main, he
could cross over to the other side of
toe world and find another banner
oer which to light
It was all tbs same to him, which
■Ids ha fonght with or «gainst Ho
had no enmities, no hatreds; he had
Bo grudge to satisfy. His business was
fighting. Th* doubloon of Spain
looked Just as good to him as the sov
ereign ef England or th* yen of Jo
was a
Tor there was always, some
Real "Handy Man."
▲ Tasmanian Jack of ell trades
«elm* that he Is a hairdresser, tobac
co««, cycle repairer, electrical certi
ficated engineer, certificated marine
gtneer for the Derwent, organist and
Choirmaster, stencil cutter, fretworker,
billiard hall keeper, proprietor circu
lating library, and la manager of tbe
local town hall.
Lava Warm Attar Thirty Years.
Newly ejected lava from Veenvin*
baa been tested and found to be at a
temperature of 1.600 degrees Fahren
heit. On the volcaao'e slope* lavas
from various outbursts are definitely
Isolated,' and even now lava thrown oat
BO years ago Is quite warm.
Gay New York.
"So this is gay New York»"
"It la."
"And who era those hurrying, wor
rying faiksr
"Tb«y are tha gay New Yorkers
fnm haar ao much about In musical
Floya."—Leularlll» Coorler-Jouraal.
In fityta.
"And this porous plastsr." mid th*
{fashionable lady. "Oaayon recommend
• ** 'HI"
that's what they're _
ïdtoariUa Court sr-JoarnoL
President Has Agreed to Retirement of
Thomas Watt Gregory on March
4, but Has Not Yet Appointed
Hie Successor.
Washington.—Thomas Watt Gregory,
attorney general of the United Stales
since 1914, has resigned because of
"pecuniary responsibilities."
return to the practice of law. Uresi
and will
dent Milsou has agreed to his retire
ment next March 4.
Mr. Gregory's letter of resignation,
dated January 9. and the president s
reply, cabled from Paris the next day.
were made public Sunday night at
the White House. The attorney gen
eral's letter disclosed that he had long
considered retiring from office and
had discussed the matter
•ilh the
president before Mr, Wilson
Mr. Gregory's successor has not yet
beeu appointed, and there has been no
official intimation as to who he will
In speculation the names
Frank L. Polk, counselor of the state
department and acting secretary while
Mr. Lansing is In Europe, and Senator
James Hamilton Lewis of Illinois
Mr. Gregory is ihe second cabinet
officer to resign recently on account
of personal financial considerations,
William Gibbs McAdoo having retired
last month as secretary of the treas
ury because he could not support his
family on the cabinet member's salary
of $12,000 the year. Mr. Gregory is the
fifth man to leave the cabinet during
the six years of President Wilson's ad
ministration. Others were Secretary of
State Bryan, Secretary of War Garri
son, Attorney General McKeynolds,
Mr. Gregory's predecessor, who was
appointed to the supreme court, and
Mr. McAdoo.
Great Polish Leader Slightly Wounded
by Would-Be Assassin.
London.— Ignace Jan Paderewski,
the Polish leader, has been slightly
wounded by an assassin who entered
the room of his hotel In Warsaw and
fired one shot at him, according to an
Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Co
penhagen, reporting advices from Vi
enna. Several Bolshevik! Implicated
In the plot to kill him have beeu ar
Labor Board to End Strike.
New York.—The marine workers,
whose strike had tied np the port of
New York for three days, voted Sat
urday night to return to work as soon
as possible. In compliance with the
cabled request of President Wilson,
according to an announcement by Ste
phen J. Condon, secretary of the Ma
rine Workers' affiliation. They agreed
to leave the whole controversy for set
tlement by the national war labor
Many Want Hun Guns.
Washington.—Many towns want cap
tured German cannon and other war
souvenirs for use as dvlc decorations.
More than 125 bills to authorize do
nation of captured field pieces have
been introduced in the house and re
ferred to the military committee.
Action on Relief Measure.
of tbe house rules committee have re
versed the committee's previous ac
tion and ordered the report of a rule
giving immediate consideration to the
bill appropriating $100,000,000 for Eu
ropean famine relief, requested by
President Wilson.
Twenty-one Killed in Wreck.
Batavia, N. Y.—Twenty-one persons
were killed and three were seriously In
jured In a rear-end collision on the
New York Central railroad at South
Byron, six miles east of Batavia, early
Monday morning. Both trains were
west-bound, running behind schedule.
Farmer* Name Delegates.
Washington. — Representatives se
lected at the farmers' national recon
struction conference here last week to
attend the peace conference nt Paris
were announced Sunday. They In
cine G. H. Gustafson of Nebraska and
Dr. E. F_ Ladd of North Dakota.
Five Lose Live, in Flea.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.—Frank Bllzek,
his wife, their six-year-old son, 14
year-old daughter and two-year-old
daughter, were all burned to death
early Thursday afternoon, when their
farm home at Oxford Junction was de
stroyed by fire.
Craw of Japanese Steamer Lost.
London.—The crew of the Japanese
Steamer Nanyo Maru was lost when tha
▼easel was sunk off Hokkaido, January
2. according to a dispatch from Kobe.
The steamer was on its way from Kobe
to Marseilles.
Kills Wife and Two Children.
Creston, Iowa.— John Hoskins, a
farmer residing two miles north of
Prescott, killed his wife and two step
children, severely injured bis own
daughter and than tried anaocceaafally
to kin hi imw> ir
Declares tor Square Deal for Labor,
Fair Treatment of Railway Owners
[ and Closer
Under«» anding Be
tween Roads and CovemmenL
i D. Hines,
Washingtou.—The policies of Walker
newly appointed director
general ,vf milroads to succeed William
J G. McAdoo.
five-year continuation of
ill bo advocation of a
j control, or early relinquishment of the
, roads to private control unless
gress promptly enacts remedial legis
! xatious,'
j regional
"Mr. McAdoo's policies are my pol
icies, ami I intend to carry them out
through the existing railroad
he telegraphed Saturday
directors, following
j nouucement of Ids appointment, which
as made by President Wilson by
hie. and on recommendation of Mr.
The new director general
also declared for "a square deal for la
fair treatment of railway
and closer uuder
ers and patrons
standing between the government and
Before the interstate commerce
mittee, which is conducting investiga
tion on railroad legislation, Mr. Hines
next week probably will make an ef
fort to show the government's diffi
culties In supervising the railways with
the control period limited to twenty
one mouths. As assistant director
oral, he advised Mr, McAdoo during
the formulation of the recommendation
for five-year extension of federal
agement and many other policies of
the railroad adit inistration have been
developed on his recommendation,
was called in as Mr. McAdoo's prin
cipal assistant immediately after the
government took charge of the rail
ways in the final days of 1917.
Mr. Hines first official act Saturday
was to delegate the railroad admin
istration's case In the New York
rlne workers' strike to the war labor
board for settlement. In a statement
he pledged himself to '"a square deal
for labor with not only ungrudging, but
sincere and cordial récognition of Its
partnership in the railroad enterprise."
Later he discussed his policies with
Grand Duchess Maris Gives Up Palace
for Chateau.
Metz.—Luxemberg was proclaimed a
republic oat Friday, when the Grand
Duchess Marie returned from the cap
ital, taking np quarters In a chateau
The chamber held an excited meet
ing, the clericals quitting the house in
a body.
The grand duchy of Luxemberg Is
bordered on the north and northeast
by Rhenish Prussia, on the south by
Alsace-Lorraine and on the west by
the Belgian province of Luxemberg.
The grand duchy is presided over by
the Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide,
who was born In 1894. By the treaty
of London of 1807. Luxemberg
declared neutral territory and Its In
tegrity and Independence were
At the outbreak of the pres
ent war, h* vever, the Germans passed
through Luxemberg In their Invasion
of Belgium, notwithstanding the pro
tests of the grand duchess.
All Must Teach Illiterate.
New York.—Co-operation of the
tire nation in spreading to the alien
population of the country the spirit
and truths of Americanism and In end
ing Illiteracy among the native-born
population was urged by Franklin K.
I ane. secretary of the interior, at
Americanize Ion dinner here which
was attended by more than 1000 promi
nent citizens from all parts of the
ii n
Seattle Reds Fight Police.
Seattle.—Shouting sedition from the
rostrum nt nn open-air meeting Sun
day, Bolshevik sympathizers numbering
nearly 2000 defied the police and at
tacked a police captain after the meet
ing had been closed by the authorities.
A riot followed. In which a force of WO
policemen, aided by military police
and other solider*, was request«! to
restore order and disperse the crowds.
Sahara Ruler Killed by Wife.
Westbury. N. Y.—Jacques I^haudy,
known as "emperor of the Sahara,"
was shot and killed by his wife as lie
entered her home. "Phoenix Ledge,"
Saturday night. The eccentric million
aire. who was a son of the late Max
I^haudy, the "sugar king" of France.
had been separated from hi. wife for
Noted Actor Dead.
Stamford, Conn.— John Mason, one of
the beat-known actors on the Amer
ican stage, died In a sanitaria in here
Sunday. The cause of death was given
aa Bright's disease with complica
Spartacan Lead e r Killed.
London.—Dr. Karl Uehknecht, the
Spartacan leader in Germany,
killed daring tb« «reel fighting on
Thursday evening, according to a Co
penhagen dispatch I« the Exchange
Telegraph company.
A Coated Tongue?
What it Means
A bad breath, coated tonne, baa
a» in the mouth, languor and debility,
signs that
the liver is
out of order.
Pxof. Him*
metes says I
"The liver la
an organ
secondary in
only to the
_ We can
L manu lao
^ turc poisons
within onr
own bodies
which are
aa deadly as a snake's venom.
The liver acts as a gnard over onr
well-being, sifting out the cinders and
ashes from the general circulation.
A blockade in the intestines piles a
heavy bnrden upon the liver. If the
intestines are choked or clogged np,
the circulation of the blood become«
poisoned and the system becomes
loaded with toxic waste, and we suffer
from headache, yellow-coated tongue,
bad taste in mouth, nausea, or gas,
acid dyspepsia, languor, debility, yeflow
skin or eyes. At such times one should
take a pleasant laxative. Such a one
is made of May-apple, leaves ol atoe,
jalap, pnt into reody-to-use form by
Doctor Pierce, nearly fifty years ago,
and sold for 2S cents by all druggists
as Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
Stockton. Cauv. — * Ptar «matipstkai. afek
h «a rl»rh », an lasctiw liw, irullcotion sad bUt
then I» nothin» to «quai Or. Plano'»
Plaaaut Pallet». I have tried other thins» but
like the * Pellet» ' beat of so»,*— Mu W, CAM
n ei n , sa» s. Giant Sum.
Don't wait until your
cold,develops Spanish
Influenza or pneumonia.
Kill it quick.
In M--— _ _ —j - ,
back if it faila. Tha etnidna box haa a Rad top
with Mr. HOI'» pictura. At Ail Drug Otoraa.
99 U«h«'s Nàtunl
— _ mu now
™ rhoowotUm, nerrononeoo and otouneh
evnwpn. Be bottle at dealer». Wootod -Lodj
scent», rood p»j, lain C», Seda *r~' |! Mobs
FUriia Oyster Fan»
■Mtnetak G T. AsSuwi "
res. Pla.
The wife of a henpecked husband
hasn't much to crow
Important to all Women
Readers of this Paper
Thousand» open thousands of v
have kidney or bladder trouble and
Women#' complainte often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
remit of kidney or bladder dieeaee.
..J. f H>e kidney# ore not in a healthy son
ditioa, they may cause the other organs
to become diaeued. ~
a m«v Buffer pein in the heck, head
end loeo of ambition.
you nervous, irrita
ble and maybe despondent;
anyone so.
But hundred» of women claim that Dr.
A kidney medicine, poeeeeeing
real healing sad curative value, .hould
b* a blessing to thousands of
over-worked women.
o r * •ample bottle to
nîl* 8 T m H p Æ 0€ * t * tb « $r«at kidney
tbSi. »Hl do for
tuem. Every reader of this paper, who
cent# to Dr. Kilmer A Co., Binghamton
S.JLi' n £y nce ' re ••mpl* bottle by
t'arcei Fort. You can porch**« th#
^nd large six« bottles at all drug
Nothing provoke* a proud woman
like the pride of some other
Wbj me ordinary cough remedies
when Boschee'a Syrup has been need
■o successfully for fifty-one year* in
Ml part, of the United Bute, for
coagfas. bronchitis, cold, settled In
throat, especially lung tronblesT
gre. the patient • good night', re«,
free from coughing, with easy expoc
'? * he raorn,n «' ***•» nature
chance to soothe the Inflamed part»,
th * dl helping the pa
rent to regain hia health.
America an <l sold for
Made In
more than half
Cutlcura Comfort. Baby, fikln
When red, rough and Itching with hot
Graft by any other name would pro
duce Jurt as many plums.
Also make ns.
_ A ^ t ' h * a <rf ^ th,t ««BHaltely acant
ad dusting powder. Cutlcura Talcum.
2**, °* ***• ,n dispensable Cutlcura
ToU« Trio,—Adv,
8o«na people make
killing time for other«
■ specialty at
Preliminaries Disposed of end the
Lawmakers Are Getting Down
to Real Business.
Boise, Idaho.—The first week of the
fifteenth Idaho leKislature found that
body well organised to fetal adminis
trât inn and other necessary and Im
portant hills Into the hopper. For a
body composed largely of new men, It
has done remarkably well. Not only
has it disposed of one lm|sirlant
pledge which both the Republican and
Démocratie parties promised the people
In their respective platforms—ratifica
tion of the federal constitutional pro
hibition amendment—hut It has started
on the way n number of other timely
and Important measures.
The house organized Monday with
the selection of Speaker Klger. Had
Introduced and passed by unanimous
vote the house resolution to ratify the
amendment to the federal constitution
prohibiting forever the manufacture
null sale of Intoxicating liquors. Heard
the strong message of Governor Davis.
who presented many progressive re
form measures especially dealing with
the state government. In which It Is
proposed to consolidate and weed out
useless commissions and boards and to
Consolidate others. Received und tabled,
temporarily, u resolution to place the
legislature on record In favor of u
league of nations.
Blared on first reading, und luter
passed under suspension of the rules,
house hill No. 1. appropriating $75,000
to meet the ex|>enses of the législature.
Held memorial services In honor of the
late Theodore Roosevelt, after passing
resolution of sorrow. Received memor
ial to those senators in congress op
posed to woman suffrage, urging them
to vote for the Susan B. Anthony
amendment, together with act approv
ing the new codes compiled by the
code commissioner. Standing commit
tees named by the speaker for the ses
sion, and mileage of members reported
and approved.
The senate organized with the elec
tion of Senator K. IV. Whitcomb at
president pro lent., and swearing In ol
attaches. Received first official com
munlcation from Governor Davis,
ing that the constitutional prohibition
amendment he ratified without delay,
and passed the house Joint resolution.
Approved memorial
or of the memory und because of the
death of the late Theodore R«s>sevelt.
Urged the governor to Issue proclam
a Hon calling for state-wide observance
of funeral hours for the ex-presidenL
Received new hill having for Its ob
eet the protection of the civil rlghu
of soldiers In the service of their
try and act proposing to Indorse the
league of nations, as proposed. First
county division hill Introduced to
ate the county of Jerome from terri
tory-In Lincoln,
doka counties, naming Jerome as the
county seat.
f sorrow ln h»n
■ ..h,.
I re
Gooding and Mini
Struck at the Bolshevist by introduc
ing a measure which makes It a peni
tentiary offense to raise the red ling la
•he slate of Idaho, as well a.» subject
heavy fine.
duced to reimburse stock
•dock condemned anil killed under
or federal orders.
Measure a I
owners fo
Standing commit
lees limned by Lieutenant Gov
Moore. •
• h. > i
Boise, Idaho,—With the appointment
>f the standing committees In the
t w<
houses of the legislature accomplished,
the Fifteenth Iduho legislature I
prepared to luindle the volume of busb
ness waiting to he turned Into Us eliun
s now
S|H-uker Klger ended the
Ktispense In
Hie house on January 10, when he
named the committees. 1
cun majority announced the selection
>f W. L. Adamson of Blulne county ns
majority leader, and A. L. McMahon of
.Shoshone county ns "whip." Repre
sentative Storey of Ada Is permanent
caucus chairman and Ezra |*. Uouson
of Franklin \n
The Hcpiihh»
senate has i '
Moyd Adams of Mndlxon
Senator Ralph
county caucus cnulrninn. and Senator
'• H. Nash of Franklin.
selected Senator
ns "whip;"
Nelson of Kootenai
more Important
re assigned In the house by Speaker
Klger us follows;
State affairs—Monvon of Franklin,
chairman ; Gudinundson of Cassia'
Feu I her« one of Shoshiine.
W nxliingtan.
, MVHBMaoclL
Storey of Ada and Schroeder of Idaho
Inst Itutlons— Hugo of
I-ntnh, chairman; Bourne of Bannock
Oudmiindson of Cassia. Baird of Fr«
mont. ..arpenter of Ne* Perce, Snow of
L«*mhl and Schroeder of Idaho.
, , -— of Canyon,
chairman; Anderson of Utah, Sever
*<>ti of Jefferson, Cur|ienter of Nez
I'erco, Young of Ada. Stanger of Bon
neville and Foley of Canyon.
That county division 4s going to play
« more Important part this
than wa* anticipated I*
_ . conceded by
tolon» with the launching of two more
u vision bill» on January 10. The flret
division bill was Introduced In the
•enute January 9. It seek* to create
the county of Jerome.
On the 10th bill, to organise the
county of Clark out of
mont county, with Dubois
county seat, and the county of Carl
bou out of Bannock, with Soda Springs
a* the county seat, were introduced.
western Fra
as the
Told by Herself. Her «u
centy Should Coo.**
WBce Others.
Christopher, 111.—"For fm,
BUtiered from irregularities, wlakmi,'
wa *,m a rundoti
® u .*; beet doctor»
foiled to do m»U?
good. - 1 hewd**
»bout uktt
Ve KeUbuSi
P^uml haddooeJJ
oU '> rs > 1 Wed k
and Ws» cu^j ,
bîn no longer hm.
vou *. •« regauT
health. I believe thé'compo'Â*
euro any female trouble. "-M^Aiîî
U ELLES, Christopher in.
Nervousness U often à »vmnt«. -»
we ^ n «".of «orne funotion^ÂL*
ment, which may ho overcome bîT"
famous root and herb remedy,
E. Pinkham a Vegetable Com&jnfi
to your
The roault of lu long
•t your service. 6 -'l*n*oc* g
f /
Aa* make a hör« Whre 7e
Row. have T hick Vv , L .J
er Choke-down, can ÜJ
reduced with
i: .
•] ZjZ
f A }
»1» other liunrhei or Swell,n«, N^hUm
bo hair gone, and ho,« kepfi
no.mcal-only.fr« trT u i rtdi ,„ 1 f?
* ?]?*?• toper boule delivered. ImiTEa
LEV- 7— "• ■»•••«ptic liniment form,
kmd, reducer Cy.u, Wen., Painful bLST
Ml -75 » battle at daÏÏï
delivered. Uook' , E*l lence" (,«.
OfJ.TMN, P. §. F ., 110 Ttm» H, 1^,^»^
Sugar Lid Off.
Three-year-old Bobble'» »(inM)
nap being unusually short, be m.
drwMm-d and isnoltM
winder through tl»- big home »!
his mother prepared tier toilet. |
bl» font d many Interesting ihlnp
do; |M>ur«-d water off tlw yotd I
kitchen Kink I
mnde cement out of his brother'! a
climbed Into the
Ir on the holMlng toy.
Bobble was sternly taken I« «
Ma mother relating ht» "Util* i
one by one. Penitent RohMe'i i
feaalnn wna ; "Ye» hut mother, I
wa* not all! I dipped my haad b
sugar howl and Ju»i ale »u|»r. i
ate augur and ate »ngnr."
Bobble »•«« not piminhed twl I
mother camouflaged her xiniln.
For What Ailed Him.
The nervous wreck ImJ ciplilnda
great lengths his symptoms. ADM
were described In II» mcdltsl MOj
he had. and sonic besides— snefvüfl
were described at great length. J
"Do you midciKlnml meT hr kH
asked the doctor when he had m|
hi* enumefntlon. J
"1 do," replied the ikxTor, "ui®
give you something for your
A Mistake.
"ni bet the cnAvn prince sewr
on Ihe firing line,"
"Oh, ye*, he »»».
three cooks."
lie'll j*
J e
The Popular
People of cutejjj
taste ana renr*|
ment arekeen^jl
health, sirrporjl
and contenimert]
Thousands of tng I
people choose
cereal drink 1
instant j
Just a
l Nf »i it,I
or coffee
Econoinic 0 *

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