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Red Cross Sale Saturday, October 19th
Fayette Enterprise
1 #
No. 42, VOL, XIV
Horrors of War Again Come Home to
Payette People.
urdaj by A. 1. MoClanahan, anno me
ing the death of t tie : r son Thomas
whi was killed in action on the bat
t 1 » field in France September 23rd.|
Thuc another Payette boy has madi
the supreme sacrifice for his countryj
Tern was 23 years cld and a grad
A telegram was received last ISat.
and freedom for the world.
n.a .* from the Payette High School!
in 1915. He has lived in Payette I
almost all his life and had many fri ;
emir and intimate a sccLtes whc
will, learn of his death with stdn ss j
ye' proud tc Ikncw that he was »
true American rnd died a h<-ro f gnt
ng for thp greatest cause the world j
• as ever known. He was a volunteer
w •
Th° Local Draft Eoard has teen
working top speed and over l me icre
' the past ten days, classifying r g
aminations. Dr. Drvsoale o? New Ply
mouth, doing most „f the examining .
trants and conducing physica. ex
tho the local physicians have toxe
to his aid to some extent.
The Master List came Monday and
the work of assigning the cider num
bers was quickly done. Reghtran's^
.. , ... , : ,
are now rec iving their classiii :at.on
cards. The board is new ready to
furnish men from the new reilatra-1
tion list. No need to slew up the
war on account of any delinquency of|
Payette ccunty. Win the war by
keeping up with the schedule
Mies Gaylord cl the Auditor's o'
fice has be'n cn tie skk list this
week but st this writing '.e -

The Ccmmissicners met n regular
Mond: y.
quarterly sessicn
Burke and Tuss'ng were
Giesler being reported sick. .
Jutjg- Bryan was over iront Cald
well Mcndey and held a rhtrt ses.
slon of court, adjourning tc Nov. 9th,
on acccunit cf the orders o" th: state
beard cf health. |
< -Sheriff Hanlgam cepfis'-at'd the
tin dippper that les hung by the
water jar for tKp past summer and
served every bedy alike, regardless of
race, eclor or previous condition cf
servitude, but some enterpre ng in
dividual russled a tin cup to take
its place. So tho?e who (hirst may
drink regardless cf death in any
fornf. G:c, who's afraid.
Martia Hanigan has been finally;
inducted intc th' S. A. T. C. at
Gonzaga Coljrgp, Spokane, Wash.
'file six men reported last week
» dra " n t9 80 lo l *' ort Rpa e« aps '.
Will be entrained Monday tha
Fort Kcsecruns .s near San Diego,-that
of !
r?a No. 6,
Ca|., in the extreme southwest
t-he state and near the coo3t.
Following is the list ol m>n
Eai+-Nel6cn Dibble
IVijliam E. (Stipn
John Albert Bowurs
Clarence George Ficken
C|iffo d Byran Gresham
William Fped Srhmld '
Dcqver Dayton Nicholas cf Stone
County Missouri, who goes with the
Payette County boys.
Albert Harland and Frank Thiel
left Tuesday evening for Moscow, to
enter the Student's Army Training
Harold Golden left the same eve
ning for Boise where he will enlist
in the U. S. Marino service.
Bert I.attig went to Whitman. Wn«
'I'uesiay evening.
Geo. W. Patterson of New Plymout
went to Vancouver Barracks.

FOR SAI F.: Cabbage, Kraut Cab
bage; Extra fine Netted Gem [rota
toes. Phone Fruitland 27-22.
the service, leaving Payette April
26th, 1918, and enlisted at Brighton
Colorado, going from there to Camp
Funston, and sailed for Europe about
Juu" 10, landing in England June 20t
He was a private in a Machine
F it tlion. His older brother Ross, taj
new First Lieutenant at Camp Fre
ment, California. The Enterprise jo nt
with the entire community in extend
ing to the bereaved family their
be art-felt sympathy, and share with
tfcsm a degree of pride that another
gold star will be placed on the eçr-i
vice flag in memory and in honor cf
another Payette son who has surrend
-red his life that the world might)
live in freedom and peace.
In 1 lle Pr °bate Court Of The Coun-,
,y of Pa y f "'. State of Idaho
In the Matter of the Estate of George;
W ' E « tebermer ' p ec as:d.
. w fur ™ to at Order of said Fre
bate Count, made on the 14th day
of October 1918, notice is hereby giv
! en that Friday the 1st day of Novem

ber A ' D 1918 at 10 °' clock A - M of
id day at thc Court Room of 6a " d
„'Court, at the Court House in
- '
C;ty of ! Jyette - Ccunty of Paye«:. ,
h f s b ' <n appctat ' d as ,be t t,Ire and ;
lI> acc f:r provItt? th * win cf
Geor?e W ' Beteb ' CDîr de:easfd ' Bnd j
for hearlrg a Prliea'ion of J'.liaj
E ' Fet?b nner 1 r ,hc Usuanc " to hei
of Ietterfi *TWta««t»ry when and
wtl rc *** P ' TS ' D ^ a >' ap *
peFr and ton teat th? same. I
Dat?d Octcber 14, 1918
Oct. 17, Oct. 31.
Word hag been received irom
E. Bobbitt, pastor cf the Christian j
Chirch at Woodland, Calif., ani form-jso
er pastor of the Christian Church tt
Payctte . that he has passed the ex
aminatlcn and is waiting for his111c
p sspert to leave for France where)
hi wl I ;ssist la the Y. M. C. A. work
fcr th: C'ovc-inn-.ent.
I on t fo get the Rel t r ss .Falc
op Saturday. Just remember there
w-i 1 be articles th r? that you wll
2i9t.jw.nt. /aid no doubt but what
have many th ugs about your home
you can s are that some cne
will be glad to buy. Every Cent re-i
ccived at this sale will go to the
Red Cress. No charge for selling or
adverlis ng, absolutely jic expens -
Anything you have will sell. >-Uf
it with Auctioneer Swans n. or bring,
it "n on day of sal?. When you help
the Red Cross you are helping the
mod worthy Institution the
has ever known.
L. T. Eaton of Midvale came
down yesterday to attend to some
business matters, and will return
FOR iSALE: A few boxes
saps orchard run, at $1.25
ed. Phone 285-J8.
Cider right from the Press
1 to 5 gal.
5 to 15 gal.
15 to 30 gal.
Over 30 gal.
Payette Vinegar and Pickling Co.
35c. per gal.
30c. per gal.
25c. per gal
20e. per
I Motor En., 2nd Ammunition Train
A. E, F., A. P. O. 710, France.
None can know the soldiers joy.
Which tims or scene cannot alloy
While in the battle they deploy,
By Wagoner Jay D. Keifer,
: For Just a word from "Mother."
All the world at once seems brighter
Hearts within them all grow lighl
Each cne grips» his rifle tighter.
comrade, then is brother,
Firmer grows the measured tread,
Fast and faster rains the lead,
Retribution cn the head
Of Huns despotic madness
Gun'Deeper set the purpose true,
Glcry in the chance to do.
For the old Red, White and Blue,
The mijhty ta k with qladn-K*.
Soldiers in a foreign land,
Fiihting for the rights of nan,
Guided by a mother hand
Shall not be defeated.
When the cause is just and right
They will battit day and night
Unto da- kn or e bringing light
Until the tasks completed.
I With a million men as one .
They'll engage the m rder ua Hvi
Me must pay for all he's done,
When on his awaking.
Where the fires burn most hot
1 He m st surely cast hi? lo ,
whet 1 er 'tis his will cr not,
Th° hell erf h'6 own making.
Bound v ith chains there'll be nc
Thinking oaths there'll be no mak
There will be no hopeful beamin'?,
There will be no sunlight gleaming
When he wakes up from his dr'amin#
Of word dominion ch at d
Everywhere from east to west,
America will send her best,
Everyone wUH stand th- test,)
Pledges then, ht'll net be breaking
AH h'a s'rengt'i d?plet d.
Each for one another.
Back the Kaiser to the wall,
Frussian rule must surely fall,
Answer to the Nation's call,
All for 'home and Mother.'
There will be union servicss
l|Sunday afternoon at the Baptist
Church lawn. Open air services. From
to 3:30 o'clock there will be a re
{view 0 f the Sunday School U&son.
After this the pastors cf the local
churches will cenduct a public wor
W.ish'p. Everybody is Invited to be at
the Sunday Sch"ol survie s and al
a* the p eacbing services. let usj
not forsake the assembling of our-]
selves together fcr the sake of pub
—Payette Ministe rial Ass'n.

Ivan A. Lindqr who underwent an
i operation about one month ago at
j Holy Rosary Hospital, Ontario,
th' hands of Drs. Woodward and:
W'oodward is again about the streets,
and , n exceUent condition. He says
jthat he has gained eight pounds and
that he is feeling fine. This opera
tion consisted in the removal
his right leg at the hip. Four years
ago Mr. Linder underwent an am-|
putaticn at the middle of the thigh
which gave continuous trouble to
such an ert - nt that (b „ present oper
at!on becanie ne cessary. Mr. Linder
think9 that now he wi „ becom e
f ect ly well.
Pauline Ainey and David I. Patera
were married at Delta, Colo, last
Tuesday and left the next day for
West Virginia. This information was
received by Mr. and Mrs. Ainey by
letter. Pauline left some time ago
for Delta to visit friends, and Mr.)
Peters is a fruit buyer and was there
In that : wt~rrs', and th'ir hon-ynwon
trip to West Virginia will be occu
pied in th: handing of fruit. The
gal.(Enterprise extends to this young
couple congratulation«. 1
j ' SILOS.
Four new silœ have been built in
i P "- veU e County this season-3 pit
^ ° n e concrete silo. Not only
dairymgn but sheepmen and beef
ni"n are getting definitely interest
Jed in growing and feeding corn en
!ril„g*> to save feeding expensive hay.
; Ensilage makes animals thrifty.
j About the middle of November we
I will begin a campaign of Farm Bu
I reau reorganization. School house
j meetings will be held and ranch prob
j lems discussed by farmers and ex
J tention men. Better farming will be
I Ih" text of these meetings.
I We have appointed the last three
days of October as Gopher Poisoning
Days You may trap if you prefer,
but poisoning is much cheaper and
quicker. Get ycur poison ready and
go over your entire ranch Oct. 29, 30
and 31. Repeat this trip 2 days later
to re-poison gophers still at work.
Another trip 2 days later will secure
enough more to «total about 75 per
cent on these 3 trips. Still another
trip 2 days later is advisable, get
ting all but a very few best secured
; by traps. Kill gophers Oct. 29,
and 31 and prevent the increase that
is due next Spring.
Bonds put the Dam In Potsdam,—
Buy Liberty Bonds.
Bonds build ship?—- Buy Bonds.
On the last 3 days cf October the
County Agent will make 3 trips dem
onstrating the Government method of
poisoning gophers. Next week
will give a list of the ranches and
time of day for each step. The Oct.
of the
29 trip will be up one side
Ppyotte River ami back on-the other
side. The Oct. 30 trip wifi' be
land. New Plymouth and Whitley Bot
tom. Thc Oct. 31 trip w-ili be Sand
Hollow and Little Willow.
Don't wait until you lose a valu
aU.- calf before having it vaccinated
for Blackleg. You may get the Veter i
inary to do tt for a moderate fee;
or you may own your own pill outfit
n?xl|us'Dg pills costing lOcts. each, or
you may buy your own hyperdermic
syringe (about $5.00) and get free
Government vaccine from the Coun
ty Agent. If your calves have the
disease vaccination will not cure—
merely prcloDg the dying. Hence vac
cinats before they become infected.
Buy Bonds and Baak the Guns that
Hil the Huns.
Ponds buy ariplanes. Buy Liberty
From time to time we hear report
of human beasts cruelly beating hor- ;
sw«. If you will promptly report these:
cases we will see that the offenders
S't a chance to mend their ways.
y° 1
Be sure and get your feed-using
or fped-selling permit before
dispose of your feed wheat. You may
leave your sample at this office for
County Food Administrator Turner
IL issues the permits.
The County Agent.
Five barrels cf fruit were sent
today to the Canteen at Huntington
by the Womans committee cf the
per-iCouncil of Defers:. This will be
|greatly appreoi-ttd bv our bovs as
they pass through. It will add tc

|trhcir ei pj ly of pro' isions whle en
route and make them feel that thc-y
are not forgotten by the people a
home. Bcs'des sending fruit, the fol
lowing monthly pledges go to the
canteen: the Red Cress, ten do!-;
Woman * Committee, Five dol
| Rre; p ort j a club, five dollars; W. R.
c._ f( ve dollars: There- are several
0 t ber crran'zati ns flat int nd add-
^ lr ' 811,1 ^^ rS - Uat' Dibble are spend
ing a few days In Emmett this week
ing thrir subse t tiens
1 f
a * lbe " r altep Kplth home.
WANTED: A wash man.— Payette
42 t2.
Steeple Jack Mendcza, dare- devi
of the air, will give the people
Payette a chance to get a real thrill
Friday (tomorrow, at 3:30 in the
afternoon and at 7:30 in the evening
He will climb seme of *he
buildings in Payette, going up the
side like a fly, and when once
top will perform some daring f^afs
Don't miss it.
Owing to the present influenza epi-(
demie, the Red Cross Department of
Nursing desires to get in touch with
ever - v graduate nurse, every woman
^ 1x26 ^ ap >' timing, every
Practical nurse, and every woman
who ^ taken the training to be a
Curses' aid. The Red Cross offers
to graduates $75.00 and expenses, and
10 undergraduates and Aids from
to laO.OO according to quaii-jand
dations, with expenses. Division
fice will direct assignments. If
ter£Eted apply tc Dr. J. C.
w-ard, Chairman Payette County chap
ter American Red Cross.
Woe :
farm noith of Fr-itland, will bod J
public sale at his place Monday Oct
D. J. Wampler who has
cod h
, , . , ,
<»>« 21st, common mg at one odokj.
at which «me he will sell all stock
^ arm machinery and houseko.d goods
J. M. Swansea wi.1 conduct the sale.
Thor» are many fake advertise
mPr, t Just to get your money.
Jubilee Sparii Intensifier
Fruitalsewhere m this issue by D.
H. Snowberger is worth your consid
eratiou. We have tried it with a dis
carded broken plug with the best of
rtsi.'ti. It is a simple little attach
mem that is fastened to the top of
ä ' p ' I ' k plu § we be]ieve ev<?r - v
c ' ,r rWDer 31101110 have a £et even ;f
he never has any trouble. It is a
hummer in starting a cold car.
Fcr week end ng Oct 15, 7 p. m.
Highest tempsraiure 82, data 13
Lowest temp. 37, date 9, 10
Means 59.5
Precipitation total, .42
Greatest prucip. 24-hrs., .42
Clear days 4
Partly Cloudy 1 ! V
Cloudy days 2
Prevailing direction of wind, S.
E. F. ALLEN. O beer vor. j
R"gistraticn books close at 9 i
W Saturday, Nov. 2, 1918.
! Do not burn the leaves from yojrl
Put them on th: grade and'
'ippow them und^r. It is claimed by'
the fcoa d of healt.i in some cl i s
that smoke from burning leaves have
a tenancy to rr:ta e :h_ th.oat ma k
ing on? more susceptible to the epi-|
domic «at is r.pcrtid to b? preva
l"Ot in some parts of this country,
as well as cth-r throat trouilî.
( ta-wn
children and Mrs. Fahy of Westfall,
Oregon, drove down to Payett? in
a car, combining business with plea
Mrs. Pauline Z mmerman and two
I Miss Madaline Manning of Wallu
Walla. Wash., is visiting at the
heme cf E. C. S. Bra nard during
the period the Walla WallaJ Schools
arc closed on account of the preva
Hnt influenza. .
All books belonging to the Library
arr called in. Please leave them at
th» Bakery or with your Grocer not
later than Saturday October 19th.
Having decided to change my lo
cation I will sell the following des
cribed property:
One brick building, one hundred
thirty-five feet long with fifty
basement known as "The
Worry -Store."
One six room house, 840 North 6th
.Street, in the beet neighborhood in
One concrete mixer with tools.
Nova Lathrap.
Personal aud Local Mention
The Kay family were Ontario visi
tors Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Lester visited
the .Tomlin home on Dead Ox Fiat
Sunday afternoon.
Charles R. Smith and wife motor
£ Bo "? la f lSunda:r and Spent the
aay * 1UI lnenas -
Baking day is a snap, with Cole's
Hi Sh Oven Range. The oven is ghoul
der high- Ask your dealer.
FOR SALE: Pie Pumpkins, 2c. per
Kb. delivered in not leas than 50-lb.j
j lots.—H. Pugh, 289-J2
j Miss Rhena Tomlin was taken
; the Ontario hospital Tuesday morn
ing where 6he underwent a serious
i operation this morning.
W. E. Dunn will leave
jfor Halfway, Oregon, to look
some business matters and to ccn
duct a at tiat place
and Sixth Avenue North, moved
the house lately vacated by G. B.
Parsons on Sixth Street.
Clifton Blakesley came in from'Mr.
ibis ranch on the bench Monday, feel
ing considerably under the weather
is confined to his bed at the
of-jhome of his father, E. W. Blakesley
Harry Clay, having sold hi-* rcsl
dence at the corner cf Sixth Street
Thacker and Bannister report th
80 acres
! sale of the Leo Schmidt
southeast cf Fruitland, to Fred Spen
cer, who for several years, has oper
ated the Mrs. Erwin ranch. Consid
eration $12,000.
Leo Ball enger. Traveling Salesman
for the Rex Spray Co. went to Ny
ssa this week to canvass
the fruit
.growers of that section. He is meet
success i
spray material and other equipment.
Carl Jacobsen went to Baker Fri
day evening where he refereed
Foot-ball game between Weiser
Baker Saturday afternoon. Carl
g"tting a reputation as a referee, hav
been called several times late
ly to officiate at out of town games.
ty chairman for the Red Cross, re
ports that the quota for clothing tc
be sent for the relief of the suffer
ing Belgians and French, was
pounds, and that through the generös
ity of the people over 9,000 pounds
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Albee and daugl
ter Leona leave this week for then
old homo at New:oc Iowa. Their 6tay
Dr. J. C. Woodward, Payette Coun
were sent.
will be indefinite, but in our opinion
(after making their home for so long
in Payette they will not be satisfied
to live in the east. We regret theii
going, but wish them success in any
Miss lone Cartwright was taken t.
Boise last Friday where she under
went an operation for appendicitis
She is reported to be doing nicely
She was accompanied by a trained
nurse at the expense of Mrs. Berry
(landlady of the Hotel Bancroft where
IMiss Cartwright has. for some «me
: been a very satisfactory waitress.
The Rsx Spray Company has be<
making quite an improvement in
I their office. The parution has been
! removed, giving much more room tr
;tho front offiw _ aTld a stock ro -n
added b y. cutting a doer through the
partition into the back room adjoin
ing on the north. They h«v? als;
j add"d to their fixtures a counter fo:
lth? ! r ccnvenience. This is a fin«
piece of furniture made by D. H
Snowberger. The chance is quite an
improvement in the appearance o;
the place.
J. C. Lewis returned from Cascad
; Monday evening where he went
•look after his ranch located
miIes north ct that P 1 * 0 "- WhUo
^ ascade he call « d at 1119 °" cM€
News 0fflce and w ' aE given a spef:
" an of Lon « VaHey Votatoe* by Mr
-'enable to bring dowro and show the
pe ° rle down here Valley Count -
18 s ^ coad to "one when tt comes tc.
raising spuds. Th" speciman was
dandy. It was of the early Rose var
iety weighing two pounds and mea?
uring nine inches in length
Mr. and Mrs J. G. Precht left Tues)
(day for Manning. Iowa, where they
expect t- make their h'tme at less
fora while. Mrs. Prechfs parents are
living there and are quite o'd whieb
is largely the reason for their g
Ing. Mr. Precht will engage in farm
ing. Wc are sorry to lose thee«
young people from this community
but must yield to clrcumstan-e*
which take them away. We theref-re
w-'sh th:m succees. Pefore going they
arrargei to have the Enterprts
visit their home çaeh week.
Attorney Jchn H. Norris went to
Weiser Wednesday on professional
! business.
FOR SALE: hous-hod goods, an<
child's wicker cart.—Mrs. Geo. Soth
cj raan -
234 Ninth St.
42 42.
More than a thousand Negros have
! been commissioned captains and lieu
tenants in the U. S. Army. •
Clint Wood drove to Huntington
• Wednesday to lock after some mat
ters fer the Idaho Powed Co.
Mrs. H. A. Daubenberger of Ontario
j was in Payette Wednesday doing a
j little shopping with our merchants.
Mrs. Frank Shafer who has been
nursing at FTuitland the paat
weeks, will return to Payette Friday.
Mrs. C. A. Gsuer and daughters
Edna and Marie, went to Weiser Sat
urday to visit friends at that place
Mrs. Frank rhaw of Weiser mo*.
for a
' Mr. and Mrs Grigga cf Em me:
were Sunday gnests at the home of
and Mrs. Carl Giesler. Mrs. Grigg
is a seter of Mrs. Giesler.
r Mrs. Ernest Kummer and baby ar
rived on the nocn train today from
Seattle. Wash., for an extended visit
°red to Payette cn Monday
^ £ w days visit with her
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Hiatt.
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Mrs. A. J. McMillan. l"ft Wednes
; day for Wenatchee, Washington to be
wTth her husband who is assisting
Denney and Co. in moving the big
fruit crop at that place,
An old woman recently died
.starvation in Jersey City
estate cf $125,000. Living* is
and left
surely high when a fortune of that
s.ze wont keep One from starvation.
ment than bonds any way
money will Har the Huns.
Well, we bcugtt ad the Liberty
Bonds that we ré alloted to us, but
we can still buy War Savings'
Stamps. They are a better invest
and the
Jack Whalen, Conductor on the P.
was taken to Ontario iaat
evening by Dr. Wccdward who
moved his tonsils. Jack
troubled with his throat fob several
Mn» F. H. Hogu? leit l"uesday eve
n ! ng for Wenatchee, Wash., to get
acquainted with her husband, who h
a busy men in the fruit business ai
that place. During her ahsense Mrs.
Ain y will take care cf the boys.
V train
years, but is done with it now.
j. H. Connyers and Nephi Purcel
left Tuesday evening for
County on a hunt ng trip. From all
reports there is pi eut y of big game
in th t section and it is quite like
ly they will return with their limit.
Valley County is now having a
County Seat fight. Burt Venable,
Editor cl the Cascade News, is rath
er a light weight, but he is there
with the goods when tt comes to
si nging type in a fight of that kind.
DeMcnt Judd has bought the Harry
Clay house cn Sixth Street end will
soon take up his residence there.
DeMont is cne of the cream wrang
lers for the Farmer's Cooperative
Creamery end does the cream of
the business. *
We note in the Bo^- paper in a
special die, atch where
Ern-sx F. Marquards:n was commis
sionçd last Saturday in. the Medicai
Corps. Ernest is a grandson, and the
only grandchild cf Mr. and Mra. W
H. Platt of this city.
The weather is remarkably
for this time of the year. j5o
no killing freet. There has
plenty of good showers to
the ground fcr fall plowing and start
ing the range grass. And it is warm
irjsnough to make a good growth.
C. W. Buckley returned to Payette
Saturday from Ycrk, Neb., where he
has been for the last two or three
weeks attending to some business
matters. He reports that country a*
befnjs quite badly damaged
by the
drouth, but says all business is good
Mr. Adams of Buhl, kiaho, a clergy
man of the Christian Church. was
here over Bunday looking over the
with reference to locating
here as r«stor <rf the Christian
Church. Owing to the recent Board
of H«?alth Rulings tho conditions were
not very favorable to such an enter
prise. However the Churflh seems
to be in need of a pastor and Mr.
Adams seems to have made a very
favorable Impression cm those with
whom he met and there seems to
jbe some encouraging features about
hia visit.
• -4

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