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Payette Enterprise
No. 44, VOL, XIV
At a special meeting of the Pay
ette County Board cf Health he'd
a the Court House cn the 31st day
of October, 1918 it was ordered that
on account cf the prevailing
demie of Spanish Influenza, a quar
antine cf Payette County he decla 1
ed. and that the bringing in and de
barking of passcngeis frem. points
without the county by any common
* carrier be prohibited.
it is further oidercd: That ail
open air me: tin: s and social gath
erings be prohibited. 'That all st-res
and places of busin ss b; closed at
6 p. m. daily with the txcepti n of
, Drug Stores, which n ay be allowed
to r- mam open pro'ided that no
drinks or ice cream bs serv d after
6 p. m., and that the news stands
be allowed 'open after 6 p. m., pro
vided patrens b: net allow.d to ton
gregate in the ro:m whi e a.'ait ng
* the mail. Restaurr-n» aud Cafes
N close at 8:30 p. m.
, ire main open provided no loaf
Parent® are requested to see that
children do not congr"gat° in. groups
• about their neighborhood, end the
City police and hea th ;ffc re and
regular authoriti s are instructed to
aid in enforcing Ih s request and to
dispers- group® of portons found
congregating at any pit ce in the
g. Homes in whi h case® of Spanish
Influenza txist shall be rigidly quar
antined until all members cf
househcld are free from 'nfection.
It is further moved end carried 1
that city and village authorities and I
hc;^th officers throughout the
ty be empowered
jdlace in quarantine any
persons arriving with-'n
county by common carrier,
carry out the above rules
Board of Health in every respect.

tc de* an and,
person cE
Payette :
and to
cf the
We suggest a study of tha Sun
. slay School lesson Sunday mo. n.ng
from 10 to 11. This may Ua uaie
devotional, inspirational and with
practical applications. Let the pa.
e3ts help the chi.drtn in their own
The adult lessons are now dealing
with stories of ths Patriarchs. The
text for Sunday'® leseonj
•found in Gen. 25:27-31, with
tional material to be found in 1
may be
"Appetite and Greed'' is the titla
given. How sugge.tlve. How- api 1 ca
ble to Nations as well as to iad vil
•r common; Only by having high
ttonktes and keeping Inviolate our
spimual standards. How about
Çany having become common and
Jne; How about any natica or
fe found the çrux of the whole ques
io n- !
Yonrs for a ' ew study cf the hook
H. K. WALLIS. Pastor.
thanks to the many k nd friend«
and neighbors for the help and
sympathy given in our rent
reavement. And for the many flop
al offerings. They were indeed num
s VOR SAJ,E: Pumpkins, bath for
stock aiwl cooking, at 3-4c. per lb.— !
Donald David Sheldon was formal
\y inducted Into Utaole Sara's Army
Wednesday and left on No. 6 for
• Camp Colt, Gettysburg, Penn., to
take up training for Vank Service.
8:1-13, also 10:23 33.
Esap is referred to in the New
^Testament as ''A prefane pe sen" be
cause for a mess of pottage he eod
his birthright, in. olden times the
ground in front of or outside of a
(ane was called "prefane'' ground,
defame ground is common ground—
aound walked over by all kinds of
, wrn and beast-. A profane nan is
estin.at s
one w'ho disregards h''gh
and spiritual values and make® him
self common— common gromd fro
common appetite» and canumn
How can we - avoid being profane
individual whe yields to common ap
petite and gr- ed
In the lines and between the line«
ol this Sunday Schorl le son may
, of books,
We wish to extend oir h-ar'f'tt
erous and beautiful.
Clarence Barker and family
Th« Channer family.
A. R. Albee.
Baker, Oregon
Oct. 23rd, 1918.
H. O. Musgrove, Esq.,
Payette, Idaho.
Dear ßir: '
- other day for information
to the integrity and abi ity of John,
3'. Jefferis as an oiicer, w e b:g to
»täte that wc are glad to report ;o
Fou relative to such. While UiV.nl
in Baker Mr. Jeffer.s was constable
and Deputy Sheriff. He was feirless
in performing his duties, and never
failed to do his duty according to
law, regardless of whom it might
affect. Und'-r the provisions of the
Oregon law it so happened th:.t he
w as often called upon to take charge
of violations of the laws against sell
ing intoxicating liquor, gambling
and kindred vie*». Wc could always
d pend upon "John," ?» we all
called him, to get results and to
round up these violators. He ref the
Answering your request of the
Justice Court has jurisd'eton over
ja large amount of business, both
civil and criminal. In civil matters
Mr. Jefferfs was careful In making
service and attend'ng to the busi
ness of the Court. As a Deputy pher
iff he worked under the Circuit
Court and his services were just as
satisfactory as they were under the
Justice Court. For these reasons we
lare free to state that, in our opinion,
you will be well served ;f John is
elected Sheriff of your County,
Trusting that the foregoing answer,
fully your wishes in th's matter, we
very truly yo-rs,
R. P. Andersen. Sheriff «
Bak?r County, Oregon.
F. L. Hubbard, ADo-ney
and Justice of the Peace
for DPt. No One, Baker
Countv, Oregon
C. T. Godw'n. EX-Distri-t
Attorney for Baker
County, Oregon.
We have too many wheat varieties
and too many classes. Plant
adapted and cease experimenting. For
Fall sewing Turkey Red is best for
both irrigation and dry land farm
For Spring use on
farms sow Blmetem
irritât d
This Dicklow variety is a much
heavier yielder than Burst:m and
is the main variety of Forth Idaho.
For dry land sow Blueetem cr Early
Bart, a bearded wh'aL This is 10
days earlier than Blues'em. It shat
e»-Valley, fre. range and reserve
permit; Your fuel for life time, al
EO fine !ot saw timber, is well im .
proved, common buildings. To trade
for land in this distret.
proved, in good district for farm
property. Cam give you the bist
6n ,i ^ this deal as owner is compell
ed to make a change owing ta ppoor
S00 acres stock, dairy and grain
ranch im Colorado, well Improved,
bam, granary, s.lo, gooi
roads, and desiiable, for goo ! stxk
ranch for valley -and, this party
be-compelled to make a change to low
er aJtltude. These are maps for
parties who wish to make a change
lands ta th se districts. Can
rnake you econo money. i
Bring your property you desire to
sell or exchange to the Old Re
liable Payette Va'lty Real Estate
Agency —Oldest In this District;
The Only One Advertising and Put
ting out Reliable Literature.
Also want few car loads cf apples
would buy standard varietl' S, o -
chard run. with worms out, If can
get enough for car loads,
ter£ less than Fluestem. Early Baart
yields from 2 to 5 bush Is
than Bluestem. All 3 above Spring
varieties grade in C'ass 1, Common
White. We
pure seed wheat.
can help you sscure
A fine brick hotel of 50 roums
b st
for ranch
well furnished, in one of ihi
ex-pities in South Dakota,
land in Idaho or Ortgon.
320 acre stock ranch in Garden
Good Missouri 80 acres well 1m
Two resident properties in
ette to trade for»20 to 40 at re tracts

A. E. Wood, Manager, \
Somewhere, Sept. 1, 1918.
Dear Mother:
Well I guess you think its
; long time since you have heard from
me but it can t be helped as I am
a little crowded, hut considering
everything it his to be dene. I
was sick the fi:st three and one
half days and have net felt any too
good since then as the sa.t water
don't seem to agree with me. Don t
think I would be a very good sailor.
What are the boys doing now.
Guess Jim is ready to go to soncol
when it starts Would like to h'ar
from him as w-J] as the reet of the
k-ids. f \
Have any of you folks heard
from Curley Harshbarger lately. Goes
he is across the pond by this t me
and giving the Kaiser his med-'ine.
*There are lots cf things I would
like tc tell you but I cant tell you
r6n '!
not at Camp Fremont any morn
We have had a very nice trip only
on account ot the mall being
sored. I
I Cave a lot of corresrond ng to
attend to today so I will
bring this to a close without saying!
very much of anything,
Write often and please don't wor
bave to
as ji
ry about me as Uncle Sam will takej
good care of me over here,
I will write again as soon
get straightened around.
Your son.
Pvt. Chas. W. Pearce
7th Provi-ional Co.
A. E. F., Siberia
Care of Depot Quartermas
San Francisco, Cal.
X aim a cand date for tht MT.ce
of County bUipeiinterment of o-.hoos
because it is an o,p->r«.uni.y
greater service. I am not, for
minute, a cand.datï for tht
merely for the salary. If I did n~
believe I can put gr.aLr vitalLy in-j
to the schools of the County I uo-ld
not court the responsibility of the
t-r i
utiRe I
t !
The center of emphasis in educa
standpo.nt of the
is the r-rai
tion, from the
County Superintendent,
school—the sole education,. 1 oppor
tunity of most of our Bgrieu.tural
c,f the
population. The bet.ei ment
rural schools cannot be ac-Ojiplish
ed by fme theora s from the county
Ta" o^ vV^
law s are a step in the ri-ht dir.c
tion but without the winnn- of the
people to desire h.tter things in
eudeatien the laws will prove fu
tile and fruitless.
I préposé if elected to sp.nd
comparatively little time in the o.
fice and mucll ,: me wi h rur.l!
schools and the rural people, mak
ing almost a ho.st-tc-houie .an.at-s
when nectssarv to instruct inf-rm'
convincTa" ' conU ^thTÜTo
convert tarm ^°
,. .... . , ,
than m hs livee.ock on the farm.
Objections to improvement must be
mo1 - mistakes remedied, and new
Ib* of advancement initiated. Mi®-:
conception» must be removed, and
valid b o peal
and ^ 8tly ai23Wtrfd - My
eadeaVOr BhaI1 » lp make the /' ,ral
school» more ttfkient by relating
their work to the community life
of tbe PeoP'e, educating their ch 1
dr<?n for country life instead cf
away troln 11 ' Tbe «cboole are not
* oat blarue * or the d ® sire 01 t e
farm-bred boy to move to the city
bec a«se they have not train d the
boy for tb ' e farrn - ' vlt b the co-opera
tid11 ot the Coun'y Agricultural Agent
1 sbould ' ,vant thoroughly wide-awake
boys ' and * ris' agrl ultural clubs n
training ch ldren
1 oil ' fu ure work 011 ilK ' farH »- 0211T
111 1 28 way 0812 we 1116116 F 00 *! c,tl -
zens 0,2 the tarv ' * d k€e/ p go-d citi
zeivs 0,1 lbe f 1,rnl - To this end *
pledBe aU ™ y e ° |C1 « y to the chll
dre ® Payet * 6 Coi '® ty -
Very r apectful y,
t*®* Johnson.
seel ng that there is greater
in his children and their
For week ending OcL 26, 1918
Bechler, John
Chambers, W. S.
Cheney, Mrs. Otis
Durfte, Mt». Glady« 2
total subscription of $22),25<>.0Ö.
$ 190 ,
! Final figures for Payette County
for the Fourth Liberty, Loan show;
1578 individua.1 subscriber» with
Payette County quota was
000 . 00 .
At this time the County or.aniia
tlQn fce , thjU a wonJ Qf thanks «aid
appréciation 8 hould be given to the
captains and work rs for their un
Urlng work -j-j^ cre <iit for the splen
d work In the county Is due the
individuals of the county who neg
lected their personal work and gave
their entire time and energy to
thig part of ^ war work
Thg foIlowtag ain eI . ract from
a communication received from State
Liberty Loan Headquarters.
.. Tb ' credlt for in your
county Xiongs to your organisa
tiem and to the peop'e who so stlen
d ^jj y supported with their r^ereonal
a j d caeb ■>
^s County Chairman, I wish to
thank all those who assisted towards
j the great cause of humanity in which
cause we are la v oring t'day.
Signed, J. F. Orr,
County Chairman
The Payette Valley Real
Agency reports the following
this week:
The home pla-e of M. G. Riebettne'
t North 9th STeet to L. S. Me
Gregor of Newt-n, Iowa. In this
sale Mr. Riebeling takes in ex
change as part payment, some City
Property in Newton.
Mr. Wood is doing consd-rable
advertising in the East and is brine
ing the results.
sa es
160 acre» for the Payette
Bank, in Oregon, to W. N. Brown
of Redman, Oregon.
has requested that the seven organ
dations which they deem indispen
sible to our war work, go in for
budget campaign. They have all
The great dr.ve fer Y. M. C. A.
War Funds will be Nov. 11 to 18th.
This time it wi 1 be a United War
Work Campaign. Our Government
and so have we. Tbe
Y - M - C. A. wil! of coursa receive
th e largest porii: n. Payette County
asl£ ed to go o'er the top
■''00. Let us make a great tham.iS
jiving for the boy» over there.
. , ,
for reflection "to the office cf judge
of the Seventh Judicial Eistrict of
Idab °. embracing Adams. Washing
tQn ' Payette, Gem and Canyon coi
tiee '
In thte both by law andj''
practice 11216 off ' ;ce is entirely non
Partisan. If the vatirs believe I
,iave discharged the duties cf th's
important office in a fair, hon-st
and w oi-thy manner, their support
*- 1 the election is respect
fully ^Ucited.
- -
W if e ^ Clarence Barker a WaSho.,
died t ^gjj. bome Thursday erf last
Wbfck WM ^ ca Saturday
^temoon. Funeral services were at
the house, conducted by Rev. M. D.
Reed of the Presuyterlan church,
with the assistance of the cho.r of
the thurx . h
Typhoid fever was the cause of
d€alh sbe su f£ tred frQln it nearly
ftve weekJ5 _ but was un der the Doc- !
tor» care only three weeks. There
"as a very large attendance at the
fmeral £howing thc blgh esteem in
wb i cb bctb Mr. and Mrs. Barker
were beld Sbe ] eave s a ten months
M ^ gjrl> who w|(h
band e-oostituUd her own
She is the first cf the. ten chii
dren to go over into the 'great be
yond.' It was a heavy stroke of be
reavement to them. Mr. Barker,
Olarence as he is known. « cue of
five boys who were fathered and
mothered both by their father, the
mother having died when they wer©
little fellows. They grew- up in this
community and are universally spo
her inis
Qf her parents family, Mr. and Mrs.
ken of aß splendid men. All erf them
and the father as well, were present
ita expression of deep sympathy with
at the funeral. The Enterprise adds
all the bereaved ones.
-- little while ago the pity ci the
was awakened by the an
nounccmem that seme American boys
^ bec» sentent d to death because
they were found sietping at "the post
ot duty, i'ney had been gently rais
od w dh the shelter, moderation and
^tistacticns ct the centrai western
homt. Lnuacd to the hard dii.1 and
inexorable rigors of army life, they
found themselves too wearied to re
mein awake through tiw- night even
while amid the iri^htful dangers and
POsstbil.Ues ot pi< ket duty where the
lightest breach might mean the tatal
'fad of nations. Nothing was lett
tor the couit-martiai but to p=< the
head sentence. Lut happily that
was not the last resort. An appeal
was made to Presiieat Widen, who
reviewed the cases and following the
precedent of an illustrious predeces
tor, the dictates of his own judg
ment, and the great chivalrous and
tender heart of the American people,
gr«-nud pa-uon to the boys and they
were s ut back into u-e grim reali
tics ol the dcspeiate struggle. They
did not compmin cr ilnca. fheir
icamiacits in arms were i-ap, y and
took up the work of inspiring and en
couragme teem. Lor even wh.n the
resident pardons, the pardon or the
soldrers must a.so he experienced.
life to the pardoned would be miser
aJ>ie - ^ ten tue (Treat God pardons
wayward children,
. . „ . ,
Lte 11111 J°> s OI eai'ation do not
eome - >|
lhe Pardcmu -o.dier boys went
j auk—«io doubt with a new apprécia
tlCal OI -' üe o^lig-t.cns and a deeper
eB * e U ^ ti " s Luat bind—and their I
taitufuiness and courage proved their
wo rth m esa et_ Uns sœ urn d . n h aa c s
None of the so:diers fa.ed the storm
tire and dcaih with tetter met
tie than they. |
1113 6rrU4 ^ and
ms people must also pardon tnem
Tue other day attention was call
ed afresh to One ot these young soi
diers. He had gene over the top and
made the suprtme saeiitice. If any
trace ot blame sd.l rested upon him
tor the human taiiUre ot that fate
lui night when he slept at tee post
duty, the blood or his own i .r.m o-'
rntion upon the aPar of his coun
try has washed it away forever. He
reached the heghts. He won the
To the Voters of Fayette County: j
As the duties cf my effi-e make itj
impossible to make a personal can
crown of the happy warrior.
va£ <* 1116 Cou * ty 1 wlsb to ^ank
you fcr P 1 " 51 fa vors and to mvite
lour bU PP ort at the coming elect.on.
° r °' er a - 6ar novv t - le gT - atcr
: f, art ?f. tl4IK b " s teen devoUd t0
ar " ork ' Far tb!S service a mem
r of a Local board for a ' ointy
OI thli> size 18 ea!ltIed to . and may
^ elv f- a saLaiy ° f not to exceed
01 f 3rs bUt
,,Lr tbls t)oaid bas ever c.iarged
0n f c * ot ** Stlrvices rendered. My
e0mbted " e tQ
do thls ' Atccld ^ *» the Regula
Lons we are as effectually Drafted^
35 are those who go to the Camps,
and the Provcst Marshal asks that
regardless of political aff liatiens'
there be no changes in the member
skip of LccalToard" LT wîtk
out pay is a burden I am porly
able to carry, ,nd 1 submit the mat
ter to your sense of justice ant as
sure you whatever your verdict mav
be I shall accept it cheerfully '
Youre for the winning of the war.

Miss L-mora Fitzgerald returned to
Ontario Monday after spending a
week with friends m Payette.
J. H. Han'gan.
--- j
Standard bred horse, color bay,
s;.i-nci i mover, perfectly gentle and
safe for women, elderly people and
children, good new Henny top buggy,
a!-} larness, new whip, blanket,
laig > buffalo robe, haulter, a splen
did pig for sale cheap or exchange
for g —>d automobile, or good milk
Miss Eda Gorrie of Seattle, who is
visiting her mother, Mrs. Driscoll, n
Weiser, spent the fore part of
w ck in Payette with her
Mrs. Ferin HarLnd
cows—A. E. Wood,
Democratic Candidate for Commission
or, First District, Fayette County, lat
Personal aud Local Mention
Mi». Rmma Hodsoa returned Tues
day from a weeks visit among fri
ends at Caldwell.
Bom at the Brown Maternity Home
Oct. 5, to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bee
ords of Boise, an 8 1-2 lb. girl.
Born at ^ Browa Maternity Home
^ 23 to Mr _ and i]ra _ Jccaa Bro » n
of PayelU: .oregon Slope an 8 1-4 lb.
girl *
a ° W dowtt the ^ .«
at ° r at ^ piace
ü». J. E. Crouch who has charge
of the yam far to.diers' sweaters,
announce« that a new supply has
arrived. Ail desiring to knit can
now procure the yam. j
Dr. A. V. Straus» returned Tues
day from a two weeks trip to Cas-,
cade and vicinity on a business and.
hunting trip. The business part was
a success alright—but,
Mrs. danderson and son
left a few days a^o for a
Irwin Thurston returned
from the big hunk on Salmon river.
He report» the game plentiful and
that his party all got their limit.
f .r
V. L. Roberts, who has been
some time operator at Minadoka, has
been transferred to Payette and is
California to be with Mr. aandeieon
who is manager for the Bean Spray,
Co. in the assembling department,
Margaret Mcph-r-on, st.nocraphtr
f0r the Rex Spray no„ left Wcdn.s
day on the noon Lain for
mm it,.-..
in response to a message
m g t q t serious iUntas of her grand
„ '
if you want to bid on the beat of
rw .,j . , „
fiae Delicious appl.s m Rezac's wn
d<JW the procetdß cf whi h gQ tQ
the Red Cro«, you had be.ter hurry
^ the bi<1<lil ^ clo6£ Saturdav a .
4 p m '
_ Noa h Frwin . . .
fa ^ NewMeTdowi are
Uv - Sq , uTI tr
' "*
ere on a vis.t, dnvqng through
from California by auto.
Charley Fulton, Geo. R. Fulton,
® u Tt Stearman and John Pearce re
turned Monday from a trip .n, the
bills nAr New Meadows. They re
P or * seeing plenty ot deer and some
bear signs, but were unab.e to bring
;1 ®T home as their time was lim.tid
John C. Hickey, who is stationed
at Mare's Island in the Navy, was
taken some two we ks ago with Span
bah Influenza, and was repor.ed in a
serious condition, is now
danger. A message to h.s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bennett,
conveyed the good news.
out of
Christmas packages for the
ov-r sea, has requested us . to
nounce that the cartoons have ar
rived. And that par ies desiring to
send Presents in th:»e cartoons must
apply to her by presenting their
label to hçr.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Medar.s cf
Parker, Washington, arrived m Pay
cUe tbt for " iart 01 ^ week 10
visit among friends for a few- da..s
and to attend to som« ousmess mat
ters " Mr ' " d ilrs ' Medaiis — ^
dents of North Payette se.tkm an
til last spring when they moved to
Parker, Wash.
Seattle t"h rIle t la
, ff ^ ,. ' r e . ^
^ heTo 11
hi h . , '
^ f 1PPCd !° ^
N make ^ h . elr T
f d S ^ t<?6 UOVtrameat 36 rele -
mSpeCt ° r '
Mrs. I. R. Woodward, chairman of
committee tn charge of the
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Chap
man on Monday evening at the home
of Nurse Shafer, a 6ix pound daugh
ter. The little one was supplied wi h
a name by her father who is at
Camp Lewis, and we are pleas d to
say little Anna Mai garet will be
wafting to see her papa when thu
Kaiser hive» up the gun.
John Patterson and family are
moving back to Payette from N.w
Meadows after spending the sum
mer at that place. They wil move
lnto lbc property belonging to Mrs.
M - °- Luther, known as the Water
2211112 house near the High Scho-1
build.ng. Miss Carriebdl Clay, a
trained nurse and sister of Mrs. Pat
ter »on. who recently came from Butt,
Montana, and her father H. H. Clay :
wdl also make their home with Mr. 1
and Mrs. Patterson.
LOST: Between Mrs.
residence and the creamery, a méd
ium weight log chain. Please leave
this office, and get reward.
for Baker, Oregon, where he had aa
J. H. Norris left Sunday evening
important cast to handle.
Prof, i weedy and a corp« of his
assistants were busy in. the Bocal
Board rooms Monday and Tuesday
helping to win the war.
Mrs. Hogue returned from Western
Wanning ton, Wednesday evening on
No. 6, where she has D*-en visfting
her husband and numerous friends.
,mea tms week for war purposes. The
| lawyers of me town are boding form
day about, helping the registrants
till out their quesUonaires.
Louie Hubert, who has been em
pioyed Dy Ltsur Sewell in luoa
mg after his interest m the sheep
business in Colorado, returned to pay
ett " Sunday and win l.k<-ly remain
al home for several weeks.
call tor seven men to be
The Local Beard has received a
for Camp Lewis -Nov. 11. These men
will be taken out of the 1917 regis
Tlie district court room i& oti&g
The Public Sale conducted by W.
' E. Dunn at the Deseret Stock farm
f° r Anderson and Hazeibarih,
Tuesday, wa» attended by a large
crowd and the prices received were
sood. Mr. Anderson, one cf the pro
prietor», donated a fine cow to the
local Red Cross at Weiser which
brou « ht »107-00.
A. C. Patheal was in from the
Fruitland district Wednesday, hav
ttle attention of a surgeon. Pa
theal had a little argument with
some body or something (he saye
. ' „ t
it was a Etui, and that mav have
been his n-mel any way Patheal is
WeürmÄ m Mee 111 3 maSk> PF ° b '
ably to ward off ■ Influera."
Mrs. Hinkley, chairman of the
committee on codec ling fruit pi.«
be Ufied " "" maiül « 01 ^as
masks for the soldiers, announce»
tbat »b* 1136 shipped over a
which have oeen collected by the
c jj ildreil o( Payette County.
T h* is certainly a fine lot but Mrs.
Hinkley desires that the good work
be continued as all pits that can
be gathered, will be needed.
A few days ago little Johnie (Shhnp
on Little Willow who had been very
much interested in some of the
office seeker» that were out on »
campaign trip, ask-d his grandmoth
er after they had who they
were. Sh» said, 'Oh, they were just
some candidates.' The little fellow
stood for a few minutes, then said:
-Candy-dates. Say, Grandma, I wish
they would bring me some.'
the quality is as goed as the qnan
tity. He brought to Payette three
potatoes that weighed 18 pounds,
And one hill tipped the scales at 16
pounds. Jim has found out that in
tensive farming and proper care is
the only system.
Mr. B. Wheldon returned Man Jay
from the Wultamette Valley when.,
te visited aid fri.nds and relatives.
He brought home with him
load cf high grade dairy
which will probably be sold at
oubli«- aucticn \lr Whddon like
^ th , r . ,
C o^ will hTild un tH dairy busi
" u " r '. t v«llev amt
. .. . . " shinned
* * bKb '* Sh ' PPed
L „
> * 7' VI,
feed yard and running water. Oal
J. B. Trevy is the Potatd King
Payette-Oregon Slope. He has just
digging three acres cf
Netted Gems that yielded a little
over 600 bushels to the acre, and
a car
Honorable Isaac F. Smith, who is a
resident of Weiser, Washington Coun
ty, is a candidate for the office
of District Judge to succeed himself
at the coming election to be held
November 5, 1918. Mr. Smith has
{been a resident cf Idaho since 1880
and has been actively engaged in the
practice of law for many years last
past. He is a lawyer, a student, and
above all a Man. Since the creation
of Payette County he has been one
0 f the Judges of tbe Seventh Judi
cial District and during that time
has rendered efficient and energetic
service. We believe that he well
merits yaur support and feel
tain that if he is elected that he
will continue to render the
'competent and energetic service that
he hae in the past.
FOR SALE: A few load» of a»w
dust.— F. S. Hurd.

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