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Mrs. R. G . Wilson
"AS 'TWAb TOLD 70 ME".
Personal Notes
Todd of Payette
Mrs. H. Tv.
spent several days with.
Flcken last week.
E. A. Fumphrty kit for Un on,
artgon Tuesday where he has leas
ed 100 acres o 1. nd. The fami ly ex
pect to move in F bruary.
P. E. Johns n, on o Fruit and 's
merchants, received a gove nm'nt 11-j
cense, Saturd; y for hind liny feedl
and grain.
Airs. 1- L. Park cf Co orado spring
Cole., arrived tni-s we k at the hone'
of lier sister, -Mis. Ira Mel< her.
Mr. and Mrs. 1. K. J ms n and
daughter Miss Mildred, and Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Johnsen n oter, d
Big Willow, Sunday w litre 'h y visit
Emmett were visitor- at the Chas. I
Judy home Sab rday ai d Sunday. !
Mi s Gertie -Melber return d Fri
has :
a home 1
W. O. Marlur and Ce:. Koontz
ed Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ayers.
day from Brogan, win re she
been helping in th fruit.
Mr. Lrcd Ahistrand was
visitor frem Brogan over iSuniay.
Mrs. Chas. W. WhFe of V.'hitlryling
Bottom was br tight home f om the,
Pendleton, Ore., Losi Prl Fr day. Miss
N. Zimmer, a re'ati e from Wiacon-j
sin, cams with Mrs. White.
Noble Peaccck aid Harold
entered the Government
vice and wer
Because of their ag
sent t NiTc, W. Va.
they were not]
accepted fur »he Ma- ferns
Mr. I. A. HIT r: t rned from Yaki-jMiss
ma. Wash., las' we k. •
Miss LaPriT Chrp'n of
visited her fath r. 'r. Ch . p'm Sat-,
urday and Miss Kern Chapin visit-j
ed h'm Monday.
Mrs. A. L. Jeukius vvho hes been
visiting her aunt Mrs John Ander-,
son, - turn- <1 to Spckane Satirday.
She returned sooner than she cxpec'-j
ed been vs of sickness.
Mr. S. M. Burns of Merid'an
over Sunday fer Mr?. Burns who has
br.® visiting her d. u ht r, Mis. M.
E Bowers. Mr. and .Vis. M. E. Bow
o tlic Bow i rs ranch
ers will meve
near Payette next week.
Edith and Elsie Clomstrcm
cf Payette visited the N. A. Peacock
home several days las: weak.
Miss Edna Dlc-m trom of Payette
visited Miss T na Hi 1 ever Sunday,
W. E. Dorathy and Chas. Lam ear
motored to Weser Sunday.
Hazel Lanfcar returned home
her father. Mrs. L. C. HIJby accam
panied them to Payette.
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Wrmp'.cr
son Lyman left for Feauiron', Idaho
Monday where Mr. Wampler
bought a 65-acre farm f ve
expe Vd
from Nanipa. They
leave, kst week for California Lut
because cf so much influen a th y
changed their mtad ,: .
Mrs. G. I. Hollenbeck moved into
Flock who has be n on
the sick list some time is imprzvin .
her now house last week.
Frank Barnard who has
busy at No'us at his trade was
home visitor Sunday.
H. B. Straw® parked o'?t
of Wincsaps last week and will pack
out another car cf appl s this week
which he is shipping to Kansis.
E. W. Madsen is tu ÿ this we k
hauling lumber for his new
which is to be 48 x 30 feet.
A. Grimes is moving the hot me
which Chas. Winters bought from S.
M. Thomas, to his ranch. Mr. Win
ters is having t p'ac d on th? old
building site moving the o'd house
Harry Ilcckvs is employed at 3u
5 ;
jf m
^ .
This is one of theqaestions
men and women
It i* an open
of a bank ac
-.-fui employer often asks voung
of trust.
a cm
applying for a position
acknowledgment that the possession
count places its possessor on a higher plane.
r *
F. E. ilaaech was a homo visitor
from Brogan, Sunday.
U*v. and iirs. Wm. Smith
gar City in the Sugar factory.
The II. E. Boykin family moved to
Ontario this week.
Eagle are visiting relatives atf. Fay-.ten
ette and Fruitland.
| Boise last Friday where he under
went a® operation cn h.s eyes. ;
Mr. cind Mrs. Ford Northrop are!
[spending the vacation with relatives
|ou Payette-Oregon ßlope.
Mr. and Mrs. John hands received
[word last we, k mat their little
igranddaughter Miss Laura Rands whe
1 is with relatives near Baker, Ore., I
Andrew Smith was a VaJo busi
ness visitor Monday.
Lester Beckwith rsiuiintd
tojand att- udmg echo 1, was recover- !
ing from the Flu.
day. Mrs. Davis Is now cn the !
sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ski],pen had]
as guests Sunday. Mr. and Mis. D. B.j
Coats and Mr. and Mis. P. Christen-,
sen cl layette.
Miss Myrtle Ltegner who is help-!
of Missus Lulu and Mamie j
Mrs. .Vic oar
J. L. Davis who has he n very i'll |
cf'was able to con.e dov.n town fca'.u -
in the Newe 1-tt gner st.re
Letha, was a hom e visi.or Sunday.
Miss Elsie Berg was a
Bayer Sunday.
Rev. Chas. McC'aard returned from
Granilvi- w
and 6cns Arthur and Frances,
Mrs. E. A. Linck and daughter,
Helen, vis.tcd th; Wiilard
Chas. Tussing's friends will te
Hall home nsar Ontario list week.
•will be
Chas. Tussing's friends
glad to h'.ar cf his promotion
Sergeant in the M. G. C.
John Heckus writes he lias been
made a Corporal and will soon be in
----- .
Mr. and Mrs.. H. B. Soit rbeck and j
Wyatt Flock'i writ s cf buying aj
dozen small appl.s for which he paid,
$2.40. We can ifcagtee hiow good an!
Idaho apple wlil look to our boys,
Miss Stella Anderson visited
John Nelson heme in Parma Sunday.
Gus Davis and family ha\e mov
ed to their new home recently
ch-sed from W. E. Dorathy.
Mrs. Ralph Carpenter of Emmett
*M. W. Hezeltine
is visiting the
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. HezTttee or?
moving back to Payett".
ill thî pas* week.
Mrs. E. E. Silkett has be n very
The E. E. Silkett family who have
ed back to their home in
be • living in Whitley Bottom, mov
last week.
to ;
Mr. Allen Newell who
Boise last week to consult a Special
ist, underwent an operation Satur
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Gupto® of Chi
co, Calif., arrived at the home
Mr. Guptcn's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. W. Gupto®, 'n Fruitland. Thurs
day. They expect to lo ate here.
Blaine May who has rented
C. S. Miller blacksmith shop,
Mr. l
moved into Mr. Russel
h use cn Minnesota Avenue.
Miller is employed in the
garage at Ontario.
The E. J. Ami k family have ]mov
into the Henry Bowers house re
cently vacated hy A. A. Gardner.
M. R. Johnson went to
last week to look after bus'ness in
Albany, Oregon, Friday
taken up her new werk in the Fruit
Uand Bank.
B. W. Grover returned from Po t
Mrs. Roy M. Kinsey arrived from
and has
land Thursday. H« vas an Emmett
visitor Friday.
Miss Myra Burnett who vas teach
ing near Caldwill return'd home
last week.
Miss Josephine harden® is very
proudly shoving to her fritnd:( the
pretty bronze medal with her name
engraved in gold letters on it which
she received last week from the/ Na
tlonal society of the .Sons 'ctf the
American Revolution. Miss Pardon® r
received the medal for having writ
the best es-ay on the "Princi
the Revolution." ' These
the Salvation army fund,
has now given $171.00 for this war
fund. Only $26.00 came in through
the Pest office. It takfs personal wor! |
jto get good results, end a good deal |
of credit is due th-s? girls.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E Channer ; of
Corvallis, Oregon, visit d Frui landi
relatives this week. They were call
here by the death cf Mr. Chun
p es of
essays were written last winter,
Fruitlend !
Misses Iona Jthns'n and Joy Jcnte
w"re out »his week soliciting
ner's sietem' Mrs. C. A. Parker erf
Mrs. Elia Ycst and childr n of
Yakima, Wash., airived last Thurs- 1
"lay at the hon e of hsr par nts,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Eatcs.
A card from Mrs N. W. Lewis whoj
with Mr. Lewis, are visiting in Rosv-.ent
[burg, says it is nice weather there'
and people are making garden. Theyj
expect to go to San Diego soon to,
spend the winter. |
Miss Howell who has been v: 6 'ting
Mis« Irma Roystcn, If ft Mozday eV£ ';
ning for her home at Wendell, Idaho.,
Miss Clara Roystcn who has been
[teaching at Picabo, Idaho, te home
until the schools are re-opened \
Mr. Shoffner and family moved
to Ontario this week
Mrs. E. W. Fitzgerald of Bote ,;
and Mies Pauline and Ro'ot. Strain;
of Meridian were week-end visitors!
at the J. E. Meeker home. 1 I
And the German Dropped.
An Americim aviator, forced to land
within the German lines and taker
prisoner, returned a few days after
ward to American
and sound, in his owr machine.
headquarters, safe
lu sounu, m...» u», ......—
The commanding German officer in
formed him they were after certaiD
information and had decided to send
him up in his own machine accompa
nied by a German officer, who would
shoot him if he deviated from orders.
He took his machine up. his German
companion sitting beside him with a
drawn revolver at his riba.
He said : "I determined that the Ger*
man officer should never return, even
if it cost mo my own life. I was think
ing how I could do it, when I realize*
that the man beside me was not
strapped in. 1 looped the loop."
i*low Has Third Officer Husband.
To have lost two husbands and mar
ried a third during the war has been
the experience of Lady Michael War
den, one of London's recent brides. She
is a daughter of Sir Daniel Cooper, an
Australian millionaire. She married
first the late Viscount Northland, who
lost his life in active service in 1315,
and left a will in which he expressed
vhe hope that his widow would marry
again. She fulfilled his hope when she
was married to Capt. Geoffrey Mills,
who was killed a year ago. Her third
husband is also a British officer.
Surely Has "Done His Bit."
"I think this man is doing his bit,''
writes an army correspondent who
sends the following dispatch to the
Army and Navy Journal:
"George Borden, a negro, of Golds
boro. N. C., has furnished sons to the
war in the sum of nearly two squads.
He is the father of 35 children, 27 ol
them living and 14 of them in the Unit
ed States army either in this country
or In France.
"He has been married three times
and on four occasions has been the
father of quadruplets."
Many Feeble-Minded.
A complete census of the feeble
minded in the United States hns never
been taken, but It - is estimated that
there Is one feeble-minded person to
every 250 of the population, or ap
proximately 400.000 in all, nccnrdlng to
the secretary of one of the New York
mental hygiene organizations. About
12,000 men have been rejected from
the now national army on account of
nervous and mental disorders ; and
one-third of these were rejected on
account of feeble-mindedness.
Walter Watts
Ail Kinds of Light
and Heavy Hauling
Prices Right
Automobile Trucks
House Phone 88-j
Quick Service
Sand Hollow
A. J. Harker Is giving the Pleas
ant Valley school house a coat of
paint. [ , I
Mrs. Fred Hoot and daughter Inez
of the Cove wore calling on several
of the ladies in the Hollow Wednea
Jim Wilson and Frank Wisdom are
hauling rye hay from the Salisbury
ranch. |
Most of the seeding in the hol
it seems
Eli Holbrook and daug er ' ra
Gilmore were in Weiser Ue ay '
Clarence Cravens of r>s-. * ,
iat Clyde Benas cne da> ast w
through last Friday. ^
Ray Bruce of - anu s re "
in the Hollow last week.
Lee Inman of Payette was cut on
low this yeax is rye, as
to make the best crop on dry land.
Mrs. J. C. Beua and Mm. Dan Pat
terson were trading in Payette last
Jo" McGee of the Cove
business last Tuesday.
M. Cheek brought several of the
County candidates cut last we;k.
They were passing their cards arount
to the voters. ,
Thelma Harker is home at P
as the school is closed in "
Ttje open a j r meeting at the Bol
ton 6chool hoase which r pv . Wall s
announced for Nov. 2, has hern post

Little Willow
indefinitely owing to
as precautionary
out the sp-rading of
later regulations
steps to stamp
the Spanish Flu. At the meeting two
weeks ago $16.00 were taken up for
the Army fund.
Mr. and Mrs. David Kelly and chil
dren arrived in the vailey last week
from Long Valley where Mr. Kelly
had been at work. The little daught r
Elizabeth was taken quite ill and a
Doctor was calif d out from town Sun
day evening.
Miss Estell Seawell cf Bo s»
up the Valley Saturday, accompanied
by her brother Lester Sc-awell and
family. Miss Seawell went up to
the old home which has had many
changes since the family went away
about 8 years ago.'
Mr. Johnson of Boise came up the j
valley the first of the week with a
few prospective laud buyers.
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Roe spent the|
week-end in Payette with relatives j
Elmer Wicklund spent the week
end in Boise with Mrs. Wicklund
We must;
N^xt week is election.
forget the time, place or party, ^
and if there are any good
and if there are any good
ments for State reform, let us study i
them cut and vote for them.
Milan Davis is erecting a barn on;
his ranch. A good house will fol ow
as soon as building is permitted agai j
Miss Catherine Stirm is at home;
again having spent several weeks in
Payette assisting in the apple pack
Mr. and Mrs. MaTicot were called
to Weiser last week owing to the s;r
illness of their son William.
The little hoys cf Sorcn Gissel
gave their pet lamb for the
Crose Sale in Payette last week.
Candy dates are not very
in this valley but little Jobnic ShtmP j
discovered a full auto load and feltj
quite badly tha* he wasn't given aj
Walter Slump had a 5 days exp-eri-]
enc*» in the hospital with the
but is all O. K. now.
Burrel Windle w-ho te in the
east, has also had his tussd
flu, I

John McKinney is hav'ng a good
house built on his ranch w-hi h he
the Flu but is well again.
C. C. Ycunt has sold his island
to W. T. Lampkin cf Payette. Mr.
Lampkin is making improvements hy
bud d ng new ha ns
will probably bui d
has rented.
poison way.
this neighborhood waa un the Jas.
McGrevey farm. |
Jno. Beeson went to Matin's ersek
last week to get a load of lumber
to build an addition to bis house.
The men employed by the
tain States Telephone Company,
keep up the toll Imcs were
the Wood Spur district doing some
repair work oh the local Unes.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Medaria of
Parker, Wash'., are here looking after
their property interests.
Mr and Mrs. R. G. Thoitetm went
Mrs. 1
and shads and
a 'new house
gopher c.n'ro' ty the
Th? dem nstratio'n te
This is the week set aside
to Falk last Sunday to visit
C. J. Lundt.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthtew Qualls! are
here from Crane, Missouri, visiting
their son, Osco Qualls.
Ruth Jackson te staying with Mrs.
R. L. Jiroerson while Mr. Jimerson
is away seeking health.
Mrs. Paul Walker te staying
few days with her mother. Mrs.
A. White, while Mr. Walker Is em
ployed on "Willow
Creek- Miaa
Money Saving Prices
Buy Your Underwear of Us
and Save Money. .
Notice Our Prices
Our stock of good blankets
are complete in every detail-
we can give you as good
blankets as formerly and due
to our early buying, we can
save you money on them.
We here quote a few prices
on our best selling blankets,
Ladies good cotton unionsuits
white and made with long
sleeves or with low neck and
short sleeves at only
Ladies heavy weight fleece
Full size Cotton Blankets,
double size, felted finish,
made in gray, white and tan,
plendid blanket for $3.50
lined unionsuits - - good and
warm at
Ladies fine grade
ivool unionsuits; made in low
neck and short sleeves at the
special price
a s
Extra large size double blan
ets--made of good cotton and
good weighs, just a few left
Childrens fleece lined union
suits, closely woven and good
and warm
Sizes 2 to 10
Sizes 10 to 14 at
Heavy Woolnap blankets in
attractive plaids--made good
large size - - and extra soft
finish at onlv
Childrens Sleeping Suits
3 pound batt, size 72x90
3 pound batt, size 72x90
All kinds of pretty Comfort Coverings.
Don't forget your SILVERWARE COUPONS!
Wool finish batt $2.50
Wool mixed batt $3.50
'A full line of
Grape Fruit, Oranges
Cranberries; and
All Kinds o{ Vegetables
Groceries, both
Fancy and Staple
Phone 258
Alberta Wainwright is also a guest
at the White home.
The L. S. U. he'd an out door
meeting with Mrs. C. C. Yount last
week. Mrs. Cy Ander en was Invited
to become a member of this
cial order. The Club r.djcumed
m»et in four weeks with Mrs.
P. Lattig.
Alviha and Amanda Cornelson
who have been packing appl?si in
Brogan, are expected home this wek.
the nrghbor
hood have been ha\ing »he grip,
but no OESes 0 f influenza have been
as t 0 tell you what church dfnaml
League advocate voting
farmer's interests and against
f ron , the majority of the
Several families in
The Red Cro s yarn has arrived
ail( j knitrng unit in Bist No. 1
'are agate busily plying the n edhs.
Campaign literature of every des
cription is being distribvt d among
the farmers. One parer goes so far
nation to vote against. The N. P.
c'in d
biz" and "pay-trots," worts
f or occasion® like this. The o'd Foe
parties are asking for support at the
vot s
coming election will receive
CM Wire of Your "Eats."
Tf there's a certain food that you
uncertain about don't eat It, ad
vises a physician. There nre too many
good things in the world to eat that
you know - are good for you.
At the Party.
Dorothy was Invited to a party
iTbere a n the other girls were a HW
years older than she. Op
'tome she said to her mother: "Moth
:r. I had an awfully good time, und l
vus the buhlest ouc there."
That good
Gravely taste ■
Real Gravely Is the
common-sense chew for
men. It is economical A
man gets his tobacco sat
isfaction out of a smaller
chew and fewer of them.
The good Gravely taste
lasts a long while. Two or
three smalisquaresof Real
Gravely stays with you
longer than a big hunk of
ordinary plug. Each piece
is packed in a pouch.
These are the plain facts
about Gravely Plug To
It goes further — that's why you
can get the good taste of this class
of tobacco without extra cost.
Real Gravely Chewing Plug
10$ a pouen-a/zef worth it
J . A. Lauer & Brother
GLENN C. LANDON, Funeral Director and License
embalmer. Lady Assistant When Desired

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