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Payette Enterprise
4 k
No. 49, VOL, XIV
i,ust thursday alternoon about 1:3»
o'clock, juc.t as the people w re pre
paring for a sumptuous Thanr.s = Mng
dinner, fire started in the roof oi u-e
August Jacobsen house, a large two
story brick on Second Avenus South,
It was first noticed by Mrs. W. H.
Färber who ran a rcss the street to
give the alarm and found the o.:cu
pants of the bouse happily enjoy ng
themselves preparing dinner witl) a
big turkey in the ov<n. unaware of
what was soon to take place. The
alarm was turned in whi h so;n
brought the fire department and a
large number of people who worked
frantically in an endcaver to ex
tinguish the fire and to save the
furniture. Lut in spite of all eforts
the entire roof was destroyed and th
house completely soaked wi h water.
Pradically all the furn ture was sav
ed. There were a few articles In the
garret, seme cf whi h belcnged to
-Mrs. Brundage. which were lost. The
• *
people worked splendidly in rescu
ing the large quantity of nice furni
ture which was carefully taken
with but little 1 damage, for
Mrs. Sewell is very grateful
has kindly asked that tbe peoile be
thanked through the columns cf th*s
paper. The loss to the hot's was fui
ly covered by insurance
which was
promptly settled for and a contra- 1
has been
let to Contracter A.
Williams to replace the damage done
Se '
The Sewell family and Mrs.
mercial Hotel and are very comfott
ably located while the work is b-ing
done. The main part of the furniture
is stored in the N. A. Ja-ohsen build
well's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
sen, have rented rooms at the Com
ing on First Avenue North.
The election of directors was held
as per notice last Saturday. The re
sult seems to be an endorsement of
the work in the past, in the same
way that the Deacon's nap was an
endorsement of his minister. He
didn't need to stay awake, because
he knew that everything would be
perfectly orthodox.
The few people who voted cast
their ballots so that Mrs. Crump was
elected chairman of the Board of
Directors, Miss Anna Johns n sec
ond member, and Mrs. Muller tied
with Chas. Bolton for the third place.
The decision between the two has
* '
not been made yet. Rut wh-ethrr the
one or the other we have a Board
that will hold the confidence of the
supporters of the work.
The Board will meet «con and ap
point the chairman and other officers
for next years activities, whi'll will
probably be equal to those of the
year past if not even greater.
Friday, Dec. 6, our even ng meet
ing wiill beheld at the Chapter Hous
• north of Payette and Saturday night
at the Falk Store School. Next ,won
day, Dec. 9, we are at the Bolton
school on Uppir Litt'e W How; Tues
day night at Dist. No. 6; Wednesday
night at Sunnyside Sthool; Thurs
day night at the Parker Sch.ol on
Big Willow. The stereoptican shows
Army pictures taken ln Fr nee.
Come at 8 p. m. and bring the fam
The Brotherhood of American Yeo
men will hold the Children's Fe®ti
val next Tuesday evening Df»c. 10th.
All parents wishing their children to
take part phase report to Mrs. J.
Frank Draper, phone 285-r3.
Mrs. C. E. Rhoads. Corsp.
The Portia Club will hold a short
sesslcn at the roomm In the Y. M.
C. A. Monday at 2:30, and then ad
Journ to the sewing room In
Hotel Bancroft building. This is e.
v ry Important meeting and a'l mem
< v
bers are requested to be present.
1 %
FOR SALE: My household goods
at my home, !>4. r > S. 12th Street.—B. '
W. Andorsoo.
0. S. L. AGENT
The patrons of the O. S. L. will
be pleased to learn that K. L. John
*o n bas recently been prou.ot.d to
Agent at this place, to fill the
v a
cancy caused by the death of
father, who so efiicLatly and satis
factorily filled that posjtLn for
many years, it is s.l®pni the public
jg fortunate in having a man to
fill the position of railroad Agent
and be as pleasant and couiUo. s as
has been the case during the past
years at Payette. WhLe Kay h s
really had charge of the business for
the past year during the il ne-s of
bis father it was not until last
week that'he was plated ln fu 1
charge as Agent. He is an cxcep
tionally bright young man fuily
competent to fill the prs.ti.n, aad
W lth his pleasunt and accomduing
manner the pub i ■ is uore than
p i €ased to tb at he will have
charge of the business in the future,
Y _
Ev rything Prfs-.yier.an no,>-a days
säys forward. The world being ready
f or re making we count it
henor to be in the ranks of the re
doubt that the
a high
makers. Th<re is
ye a rs ahead are to be great
mereially. Eut unl.ss there has-been
a let of hypocritical talk there
t 0 be an unprecedented aJvan.e in
things of unseen values. And in i
we have thot; we hope we have s-m
skill; and we trust that
vision. The meeting next Sun
day night will b; a forum, touch
ing the command of Jesus
.. Rich man -. to al he
charity uses. Mr. Cram will lead the!
meeting. The morning sermon topic
to the
had for
will be ^'Inheriting the
God's gifts to men."
al |
the trustee
The First National Tank of Pay
tte, Idaho will receive bids for the
Laundry building at the end of First
Avenue South.
Bids to be opened at the Regular
Meeting at the Board of Directors
to be held Tuesday, December 10th.

First Na'iODal Bank.
Fayette, Idaho.
Rev. D. C. Peters, a fermer pastor:
who has been for several months!
in the Y. M. C. A. work at Camp
Lewis, will preach at the Christian |
Church next Sunday morn ng at 11 j
o'clock. Rev. Peters is pastor of the
Church at Honolulu and left his
pastcrial werk at that' place to as
sist in the Y. M. C. A. work dur
ing the war.
Last Sunday brought us another
large Sunday School coleition.
Thank you. Come again. One or
two more collecthns l.ke that and
we will be over the top with ex
penses for supplies.
Among the good things in store
for next Sunday will be President
C. W. Tenny of Gooding College
He will preach at 111 a. m. Let
him have a large attendance, ©s
pecially of the ycung people.
Epworth League at 6:30. Subject,
"Our Visible Bond of Fellowship."—
Mai. 3:16 and Heb. 10:24.
Platform Meeting at 7:30. Subject,
wh »t Shall we do When Our Boys
Conte Home " We are entering ul>
on a new era of progress. What
shall our contributicn be
to that
new era; Many Interesting and help
ful things upon this subject will
doubtless be voiced by the laymen.
Mid-week services every Wednes
day evening.
Next Sunday afternoon the chll
dren will meet fer the organization
of a Junior Epworth I eagre. Will
the parents kindly assist the chil
dren to remember this and see that
the children have opportunity to
H. K. WAT,US. Pastor.
FOR SALE: Sow and pig».— V. G.
Karp, phono 1B3-W.
Word was received by Mr. L. C.
Moore last Friday morning that his
«en, Lee Moore, had been killed in
action on the battlelield in France
sacrifice for his
October 32nd. Thus another son has
made the supreme
country. He has paid the price that
the world might be made free from
the iron grip of autocracy. Le"
"as Inducted into the service of the
United States from Hailey, Idaho,
September 5th, 1917, and at that
time entered the training camp art
Camp Lewis, and on August 1st, 191S
sailed for France. He was a big
husky young man 22 years old
with the best of moral habits. Just
before sailing to take up his Part in
the world's struggle, he was home on
a few days leave and stated at
that time he was anxious to go
and do what he believed to be his
patriotic duty. He also took out
bis full quota of insurant w-Mch
will be left to hi« relatives. He
m any
will ever be remembered by
friends who also extend to -the rela
tives their sincere sympathy In the
J us t a. TNtle mound some
mark the spot, the last resting place
of a boy who gave his all tu th«
Toss of a true American who leaves
where to
cause of freedom for the world,
Wednesday of last wetk
Huntington and Dr. W. B.
C. K.
whüe going from Payette
Huntington ranch near Fruit.cnd,
hi aa"'aato. met with an
that might have been very seilous.:
Just after they had cross d
railroad track south erf the Payette
river bridge and had made the turn
going straight south, they met two
lin c men from Ontario comng at a'he
furious rate and just before meening
the Ontario car skidded to the wrrng
side bringing the two cars together
with disastrous results. Dr. gins
was thrown out beside the read and
[beside« being jamed up with a sprain
ed ankle, received a bad cut on the
of the
back of the head with some
flying debris. One cf the lin men]
was also thrown to the ground and
quite badly h*irt. Both cais wore
almost totally demolished Dr. S mre
taken to the Fouts home which
his !
was nearby and after hawing
wound dressed was t' ken on to Mr. 11,
Huntington's place where his b'.ood
stained cloths were exchar g d fer
hi* patient, was brought to Payette
land his wounds properly dressed
aa <i ^ now doing nicely but s sll
wearing a bandage. The injured line-
man was taken to Ontario in a
passing car where it was dißcovered
that several ribs were troken
otherwise not seriously Injured. Mr.
Huntington and the other man es-|
caped with but slight bruises.
i n a letter from Wpsley Rhoads)
to his parents he states that he
has been promoted frem First Ser
gent to Second Lieutenant. We .-»re
pleased to make thio announcement
for Wesley has faithful y fled the
position of F'irst Sergeant for a long
time which envolved much r spnns -j
billty. And it shows that he has
been a good soldier and hss applied
himself to military training for which;
he now has received his reward.
W. H. Swartz will give a
lecture on the Symbols cf
the old
Testament, Sunday night. Sea's are
fre'e and everybody welcome. Mom
ing service at 11 o'clock,
There will be no service Sunday,
pastor being at Boise.
Sunday School "ill meet at 10:30
for regular session. Everyone is ur
gently requested to be presrnt
the rehearsal of the Xmas
Please come and bring your rarts.
Let us make this Xmas one of ser-!
ivlce and love, and for th e we n=ed
the co-operation of everyone,
unto you Is born this day. a
lour, which Is Chrirt the Lo-d "
F. Cart Rirepgeberg. Minister.
Below we are publishing a
jjy Mrs. Hattie Shafer, writ
ten in French and translated by Mrs
C. F. Muller, which we peLev
be of interest to our readers:
Dear Madam,
Dear Friend:
receiv'd vour letter ard 1 '
>" cn tor pUaj5ure W S?' e
me In sending me your photo; you
can count on mine.
I thank very s.ncerely the friend
who trapolatod my letter, pKase give
me her address, because she has bee
In France, she is surely a good fri
end. , »
-Cliff is very nice and we love hi m
like a brother because he loves us
much and speak* every evening et
your country, your habits. That gives
us pleasure because we have a Urge
number of Americans coming to cur
Sunday, Nov. 3, 1918
house. All apeak with respect of theii
families and always particularly of
their mothers.
I often sing for cur wounded sol
care to the «ick ones—ea h cne
b:« duty. This terrible war will
finished soon and your dear
diers, and like you, we give great
will return to see you dearer
Î am glad that you are a
mother. Give my complimcn'«
Grand -
the Mama also to your sen, and may'saved.
God guard ycu and keep close to you|tl*"
as long as possible.
W'hen you will have my
graph you will sec your little corres
pondent of 15 years. I believe that
you will answer all my letters be
cause my only diversion is letter ,
6how" :
I am waiting for Qliff to
him your letter. He will be
because he eo often asks
write you, but I believe
my letters very uninteresting. But I
am happy to have a reply 1
If Mr. Shafer come« to France will'year
come to see us.
I have news to give you— Cl.ft
speaks French very well and we un
derstand him well now. I speak Em
lish 'very well also but I cannot
translate a letter. There ie so much
difference between hearing and speaj
1°^ Englteh. I find the spelling so
I am going to take lessons because
for business it is almost necessary
especially after the War.
Awaiting the pleasure of a letter!
beet wishes, an.
from you, my parents add my
sisters send their
my friendship and my regards.
Your good little friend gives her!
respects to Mr. axtd Mrs.—your son
3 rue St. Land
Cafe St. Cecile
Maine et Loire

We were well pleased at the out
look of the Church last Lord's Day.
[and evening.
Mrs. E. A. Blair, Musical Director,
has added an Orchestra to the
Musical Department of the Church
There were seven additions to the
Church Membership during the day
and others are expected soon.
Bible School is doing well though
belfeve In the Hands of Brother
Martin Luther it wi.l soon revive.
Morning Services ad 11 a. m.
A good attendance both
Junior Endeavor 3 p. m., Mrs. J. C. 1
Chapin tn charge.
Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m.
Evening Services as follows:
7:30 p. m. Orchestra, followed by
15 minutes song service,
s p . m . sermon, Subject,
think you of Christ."
We thank you for your attendance
In the paet and invite you to come
A. J. ADAMS, Minister.
There will be preaching services
a t the church or God next Sunday
norning and evening.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Wednesday night Prayer
this week at Frank Powell's H-re
after the prayer meeting will be held
In the Church.
N- H. Farn ham, Pastor
resident of
The Editor asked the
tue raun nur.au lor his impressions
01 uns -ergamaaiRn. and this
wnat he says:
'Alter ren months of Farm
reau and; Bounty Agent worx
tnis county, we might ask ourselves
in this day of commercialism—what
d*d it cost, anu « hat did it pay.
>arm Burfcau £ua:ifi come '
from 1116 Gove rnm£nt on- tnousaud
dollars, from Payette County two
t-ousuiiu doJars, from membership«
one hundred sevtntj-s:x do-lare.
These pay the expends of maintain
ing an office, a lord, the Count}
Agents salary, vaccinating outfits,
the farm problems tak^n up dur
mg tue year wrne rest oon.ru, -ai.y
tug, jua^-sieg control, crop Impruvt
ment, kg>s and Lins Ciub
Livestock improvement, concerning
tnese, tne Bi-cuuve Committee
elected to direct this werk report
that deiimte progrès- has be.n made
as follows: that ü—cß v»aa P —r^h—s
eu *iun otuer u,Ji.f t arm oureaus
ax low rates and s-iu o-t to iar^er-»
top recent couirei. The Co-a.y
to'Agent gave 42 demun-trai.ons in ail
parts oi the county and this w-s
toucVfd by poA^u-ng s.me
a.res of squiriel and gopher infcS.
ea territory, if ea_u a.re pro^u-ed
only oat bushel more or 3 .su uusu^ls
wortn »2.UO each or over $i5u0.0b
Over 32W teaa of yo-Lg ^at
have been prcte.ttd nom ülac a -
leg without a cont of expense to
stockmen. This prck.otRn s^ved over
*2_oiM)b wcith of ca.tle tha t would
have died, and saved SlttoO.oO vet
erinary fees as alt va.cine is fu.n.s_
a free by the Govtrnm-nt.
By having this c.ntral labor office
eitHi *" wages have-fcgr n lar*e.y
prevented and at least JlaOO.OO has
been saved by having a central of
fice where farmers ph-ned tor and
secured 233 farm hands,
Personally 1 btl.eve that another
can double the ben.fi.s
tained from this sort of work. The
figures I m-nt-tned above are only
part Q f t he good work tho they to
] the medtst sum of $12,.>0 j.i, 0. in
addition about $,2.c00.00 wo.th of
hay orders have passed over the
Farm Bureau desk.
Next year the organization must
be stronger as the a.falia weevil
must be controlled. A b-tt.r orgam
zation can secure better ro .ds, bet
ter farm management, etd Several
hundred men praise larm
work—several dezen kto k t. How
ever the knccktrs appear to be
'non-members and in most cas.s men
who do not live on ranches.
The officers this year are G. L.
Cruiekshank, W. H. B< ary, H. R.
Boomer, and L. D. Carpenter of
New Plymouth; Jas. H. Poor of
Fruitland; John Kill, H. Gregory,
E. F. Harper. A. A. Stroup and my
self of Payette.
I believe it has dene
work in ten short months and ranch
ers who wish to boost this Bureau
for next year should corre
to the
annual meetirg a week from Satur
day or December 14th, and help plan
for another year."
President. Payette CounLv
Farm Bureau
The "Payette Va'l y Rex Spray Com
pany has purchased the Coil bus;
5 «« ot the Maule Co l Company, the
change to take p'ace January 15, at
which time the Fprsy Company will
nter into the coal business in con
»ection with their regular Tne wh'ch
"ill make a very nhe comtination.
They will do business from fhe of
fice where they are now located, and
when the n-w add'tion to this prop
erty which they have recently pur
chased has been erected, the s'al-s
will Ije moved to t^e n w location.
Mr. Maule in reli-'ng from
coal business wishes to
that he will continue in the Instil
and -will
and endeavor
as before.
aoce business
take up the Real Estât"
with renewed erergy
make that hl« main occupation.
Personal and Local Mention
Rex Bradshaw motored to Boise
Sunday, returning Tuesday.
Mail your Xmas parcels early to
avoid delay In congested maii.
Earl Hurd is very sick with
Flu ax the home of his parents.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lou
scher, November 30, a daughter.
Clemm Dunn, sen of E. G. Dunn,
„ ' will ... a _ notQer
• ' ' rh e Portland mar
set tomorrow,
Miss Lewis, daughter of Mrs.
John Hill, is Feeovenng from a*
attack of influenza.
is home on a few days leave of ab
Loren Arment who has been very
ill is a little better at the present
Mrs. A, Wells was entertain"d at
Thanksgiving dinn"r at the home of
Norse Shafer.
Marian Bowers whose wife died at
Baker City with influenza, is visit

WANTED: 4-inch centrifigal pump
—D. E. Wilcox.
dome j
Miss May Oeburn has returned fx>
m Ontario after spending
tinw> at G z Arment*.

Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Keela
at the home of Le.rge F. Ke.le, a*
8-pound daughter, Nov. 27, lal8.
H B. Orcutt received woid
his brother W. W. Orcutx wno lived
at Bend, Oregon, had recent. y died
tr-m influenza.
Mrs. Muller and Mrs. Wilstn motoi ]
^ to Boise Tues -ay in coa-ie.tion
w *th some work of the Women's Fed
is !
eration of Club«.
now changed from the Y. M. C. A.
to the room in the Bancroft Hotel,j
formerly occupied as a Billia.d Hal. (
The Red Cross sewing room
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ballender and
Mis* Margaret M-Phersou returned
from Boise Sun-ay evening
spending several days in the capital
Verne Spaulding returned to Camp
Lewis Tuesday after teing home on
days furlough. W^hfle here he
made a trip to Boi-e on some bus.
a ten
ness matters.
Portland market last
' T - tIlh on^Danied
' ^ p Port
■' l ' m ' E s ° remalQ
J. R. Banks shipped a car of fat
laud fer a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Lowry cf Jo.
don Valley, are the preud parents
a big eight pound boy bora N-v. 3.,
at the Brown Matemi.y Home, 411
South 12th Street, Payette.
G f
Earl -Crump who has been working
In the ship yards at P-r-land
fhs last six months, returned
Payette this week, and will assist
his father in the sheep bus.neas
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Korupp and
son Hans and family were cRter
tained at Thanksg.ving dinner at
the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Korupp. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Korop
remained Until Monday.
Burt Venable. Editor of the Cas
cade News came dowa Thursday to
^ bis family Thanksgiving, re
n, rn m f t0 Cascade Monday morning,
gun. is a busy man these days get
tin g ou - lde yjews without any as
We wieh to make a correction m a
article which appeared in th«. Enter
prise last week under the heading—
Thanksgiving." The art.c'.e as
printed stated 'There is to be a
cal] for $3,000,000, and it should have
read $30,000,000.
FOR SALE: First class dairy cows,!
Short Horns and Hereferds, also a
... _ ,, ,_
f ed grinder.— W. B. G.lmore tele
•iho °0-' tô
p one -
Hank Williams, a former Payette
Valley man, now living at Boise,
cam© over to Payette last Friday j.
and on Monday purchased the Gre
0ry jgo acres on Wll'ow Cr ek. Pro;
ertv ta that valley is bound to sell
now that p^nty of water is assured.
Geo. Wright, who bas been absmt
from Payette for almost a year, re
turned to Payette last wetk.
has been visiting among
and friends at Sa't Lake and differ
ent places In California,
there Is no place that suits hhn as
well as this.
F. H. Hogue cams down from Yaki
ma to spend Thanksgiving with hia
family, returning the latter rart of
the week. The big potato deal
the Yakima Potato Growers As'oda
tion. which Mr. Horue Is giving his
personal attention to. wiT k ep him
rather busy for aotac töah.
FOR SALK: A Retort Oak sialic
| Ulmer, and 3UÖO lbs. of pea coa. .—C.
C- Springston, phone 2*2..
Bee Connerley and w.fe w. nt to
Weiser and spent Thanksgiving with
! Mr. and Mrs. Loldfkld.
F. L. Hubbard cf Baker, Oregon,
stopped off between tia.ns Tn ; *day
for a short visit at the hon.e of T.
J. Jefferls.
Mrs.;F.^ti. Hogue and Mrs. D. \V.
Jack drove
Ainey* Ph}.lis and
to BoijBfc thru morning in Mrs. Hogue
Bezel tine
k Mrs. Walter
)tThanksgiving dinner to
>éf their Fruitland fr.ends
® !4Ve a
a nurn
and re
There vfl he a meetin
Home ^Mi»*fenary S
home of Mrs. E. Q
of the
ty at the
inter, Thurs
day afternoon, Dec!'land
Ralph Spauldimi a«.e da**
Weiset Sunday and" ir otag^d to
Boise wixh his father, L. W. Spauld
ing. aae brother. Verne who was
'home on a ten days furlough.
P Mrs. C. H. Carpenter of Pendle
toc. Oregon, a daughter of Rev. and
Mrs A. J. Adams, came Tuesday eve
ning to spend the holidays. Her hus
band will also be here about Jan. 1.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Cal'en
batk tQ Payette for ^ wintcr . M r.
Callen has closed down his saw mil
jj^j. Cascade until spring,
finished the contract for a'quantity
& i um ber to be sawed.
Mrs. C. M. Wicktam of Portland
^ bere visiting her daught rs, Mrs
McGilvery and Mrs. H. B. Catron and
faxniiy at the Catrcn home. She will
spend a couple cf weeks here, then
Mrs- McGilvery will accompany her
The W. C. T. U. «ill meet at th»
-y» T.arUca Rest Room on Tuesday
at 2:30 p. m. December 10th. Every
present. All
4rho have net sent h their do'l-'r to
member is urged to be
the French Orphan Fund are
to bring or send it that day.—Sec.
Elmer Cole, sen cf O. D.
proprietor of the Payette Phirma-y,
has received his discharge and
rived home from Camp Lewis a few
a few
days ago. He repors quite
are being disehrrpod. Abo-t tw'enty
reached Boise the day he
Considerable hay is going to be
needed for shipment to No.th Idaho
and western Wash.ngtoa and Ore
gon. In response lo .et, ere s n.
by Mr. Hariand. a wire was receiv
ed by him Tu--scay from one party
stating that their needs w>.uld be
100 car leads. Elfor'.s are being
made to secure this order at a
figure which will not a good price
to our growers.
On Tuesday evening Ncv. -d, while
the snow was qu. t.y ttlLng, Mr.
W. O. Blinn "as arous.d by a loud
clatter at the doer which reminded
him of ano-her 'Victory' c.la-ra.ion.
Arriving at the door he lehelu neigh-
bors both ycung and o d who united
in wishing him many happy returns
of the day, thus reminding him of
his birthday. After his surpiise was
over he welcomed them in, ;n
usual genial mann r. foon all w : re
seated at tables where they passed
the hours in progressive high five.
Refreshments were served at 12 after
which music and games fin shed the
evening. The gues's relrctently de-
parted at an hour too late to men-
As the autumn days are tnd.d
And the winter days appear,
The hearts and home is gladden_d
Moss is Daddy—What
y es Daddy of a Girl.
came last Sunday n orn n.
And the home is in a whlrL
With a little one so dear
gjj e
Tou ought to sec Fred hit th' ■walk
When business hoi rs are don ,
He never fools along the way,
But would rather had a s n
Now, Fred, keep up your courage.
For you're young and may yet 1 n
joy. ,
The satisfaction it would giro you
To he Daddy of a Boy.
wood and stove wood, and red
and tamarack ports. In carload',
price* writ«, L. !.. F'.ltharr,
Meadows. Waho
FOR SALE : Pine and fir oord

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