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Payette Enterprise
No. 2. VOL, XV
The local Red Cross are in receipt
oi a request Horn Washington, Ü. C„
which we give below and which
should receive the attention of the
people who can afford to give.
another urgent appeal
From Washington. D. C.
have been asked by the De-i
t oieign Relief whetb-l
er the worum who have been pro-j
ducing such a remarkable quantl.yi
of surgi al dr.ssings and hospital sup:
plies and garments for the last
year can produce in the next sixty
day.s a coji iderabie addi ional
tity of réfugié garments,
answered that w-e
our experience of the last
a half that the women
'4? 1 » "
parTm-nt of
We have'the
believed froni|
year and
would fe-,
abroad !
a . they have respendtd to the cail
for help from the Army and Navy ln !
spond to the cry for help
their sisters and brothers
winning the war."
"We w
v/ieli egain to call your at-
to tim fact that in this new ]
producticn order, as well as In the!*
production of Ml your back ordeers!»
Tlie garments that wai
to the other side in the nex*|tbeir
of 1
sixty days may be the nivans
saving thousands of lives.
that cannrt be s"nt within thstjrrau
time will arrive too late to help
cut this winter. !
"Cive tluse refugee garments
pAa don** over all other ord-^
er«'ti:at you may have."
iJun to attend at Payette at
Saturday, January 11th.
Cora Show, Exhibit of White,
Yellow, Pop and Sweet Corn.
Clover S c ed Production, George
Farm Bureau Teamwork, F. Will-!
Agent Leader.!
Bring your neighbor to this
feast cf good things planned for,
1919. You can't afford to mlsm
hearing thes° men from Cunyrn
Ccme at
Obendorff. of Farma.
iatns, Boise, County
Repport of the County Agent.
"Pr«fc! irs of 1919." as chosen ty
delegates election of Farm Bureau]
how th y succeeded.
Ada countRs who come to te'l l ' s
how tbey euc'feded. Come at
o'clock.0 Free lunch at noon. Phone
your neighbor now.
W R PALltrEf,
County Agent.
a n
Last Sunday afternoon, Dr. I. R-j
•J driving his new Overland,
and Lester Sewell with a big National
Roadster came together at the four
corners near the Burt Venable home
with disai .rpus results to the outos
one hurt. The Doctor vva 3
east 13th street and
bot p
4r, ■north 011
het.. is crossing first avenue South,
struck square in the center by
Wv 11 v lio was driving from the
th cars wore running at a fair
will the side curtains up and
ne ther saw tho approaching cars un
t', they w* re within a few feet. The
Doctor's car was thrown clear around,
landing against tho curb with such
force that a chunk of cement was
broken from the curb, the right side
of tho car was smashed in and one
wheel demolished. Mr. Sewell's car
was somewhat damaged in the front
end. Mrs. Sewell and the baby were in
the car at the time, and it was very
fortunate that no one was hurt.
Sewell was carrying accident insur
ance on his car, which will cover the
damage done to both cars.
Church of God.
Mid-week Prayer and Praise service
10 A. M.
7:30 P. M. Sermon subjects: ''Home
ward Bound by Airship." Evening,
'.'Clocks Turned Back."
Sunday school
, 7 P. M.
Preaching, 11 A. M. and
and a
h For Sale:— Good Heater
y splendid Copprrdad range, geed
[ new, 1 fine office desk. Mre, T. F.
■' s":
Storage.—Plan now to build a suit
able gtorage for that bumper fruit!
crep that we expect next fall. Plan
now, and build next June. If desir -1
able this office will get a government
-storage expert here in the spring to
discuss plans.
worth of clover seed a few weeks a S 0 '
A successful grower in Canyon coun
ty is Mr. Geo. Obendorff and he will
be at the Farm Bureau meeting Sat
to tell us how he does it. **
Clover Seed Production.—One grow
ler in this county sold nearly $5000
w-eevil threaten to drive you out ;
0 f alfalfa then this topic may ir.ear. j
dollars to you. At the "Y" building
Satuiday 11 A. M.
Returned Soldier >. Wherever
; ; b j c we w dsh to give our returned
(soldier boys first chance at desirable
eniJ j oyment . W ork must be found
for them—many of whom have fam
The Farm Bureau office will be
1 les ' .
r eadquarters. for all labor inquiries.
thi. service is appreciated by farm
cr * and merchants they may send
membership dollar to Farm Bu
eau treasurer Mr. John Hill, and b
plan for bettering ranch pros
-lerity and farm life,
Sparrows.—Now is the time to start
,-pcrations to poison English spar- ;
10ws that are eating so much grain 1
land the chicken's feed. Bait then-]by
for a week until you get your who! '
bunch of 500 coming at cue time Dojlt
this br. ing where it will not
bothered by the chickens. A flat roof;
good. Use whole or cracked whea:
this L- brat to poison them. Bait J
then- this next week and get ready fo- !
the poison mixture wh ch we wril'i I
, .. .. . ...
n.en ion m.x n< n ' Pa
nrolled as believing in the Farm Bu
'"v | _ . a7inua [
arnl aF ' , u ' .
meeting 13 held ba.ur ay, January
Hth* at the Payette "T bunding
Fayetje coun.j is
* 1T
farm]George Obendorff of Parma, and our
CW n Senator Ross Mason cf New Ply
,- lou t'-. This will be a real feast cf
and^bettcr methods of cron and stock im>
Improvement, better reads, labor cor
Tlie com and seed show will
ery man :n
ed. Imported speakers
1 Mr I'. L. Williams of Boise,
s ! t r ol, etc.
be an added feature. Program opens
;r.t 11 A. M. and runs to 3:30. This
jis the most important teamwork meet
j ing of the year for Payette county
] ranchers. Come early,
i Seed Corn.—Who grows the best
seed corn in the county and what does
it yield? At the Corn Show Satur
day you can see the best corn and
can learn what it yielded. Show opens
I at 11 A. M.
Rabbits.—Next week we will take
! up plans for wholesale poisoning o
I jackrabbits. Ranchers on the Ore
r* on slope should get busy also as it
is too late for successful drives. Only
a small portion would be gotten by a|
drive as they run into badger holes
only during the breeding season
which is now on. County wide team -1
work at poisoning is the only feasible
Better Roads.—The incoming coun
... . . • * ,
ty officials are definitely interested
in better roads for Payette county.]^
At the "Y" budding Saturday our new
Senator, Ross Mason, will offer a leg -1
'slative plan that will improve our
roads 100 per cent. Hear this plan
at the Farm Bureau meeting Satur
won the
war. And teamwork will solve our
ranch problems. Tho state and coun
ty and the government cooperate in
furnishing a county agent. Their
iperation is dependant upon your will
to maintain a farm bureau,
each member contributing $ 1.00 per
year. This membership money aids to
naintain the office. The Government
considers farm bureau membership!
the first essentia, among ranchers as
'ndicative of their willingness to co
ipcrate. Any man may belong. Your
J ., ,, „ f „ om
.villmgness and a dollar aids the team
.vork necessary if real farm bureau
vork is accomplished. A big program
wHl bo adopted Saturday at the an-j
nual meeting;.
phone 283*
Wanted: Baby calves,
and Durhams preferred.
» N.?
advantage of it to
1Jear Howard:
Deec. 3, 1918
Received your letter a few day*
ago and as I got thiu work this ev
cn.ng an hour and a half ear.y
| a going ^ take
| write a few letters.
Now that I can write more fully
what I bave been doing since I have
been over here I can perhaps make
a little more inter«- et. ng letter than
usual. We sailed from Hoboken on
July 18 on the George Washington, a
large liner that was formerly a Ger
man boat. She is quite a large
vessel, 725 feet long and has
remodeled into a transport and can
carry a large number of men. Our
ship was the flagship of the convoy
'which consisted of 13 transports, one -
pos-jerusier and three torpedo boat de
jstroyers. Nine days out we were met
by 13 more destroyers and on the
evening of July 30 we reached Brest
f ra nce.
rke aext mornin 8 w e marched out
to Fort Pontigan, an old stamping
ground of Napolean's. It i* surround
ed by a large stone wall and near
the niaia entrance is another email 1
gate on inside leading into a small -1
er inclosure which contains a large]
store house set in the midst of 1
garden. This I presume is where old |
Bony used to live. In tha main in
closure ther are numerous low roof-'
„a stoae buildings that were the
barracks which are now being used
American troops cs well as wood
en barracks they have built there |
serves as a rest camp before pro-j
belgressing on to the front. 1
We stayed 'here three days and;
then boarded a train for "Nevers'.j
though we didn't know it tin». We
W€rP loaded into horse care 40 men
'° a car which was labelled on the!
joutside, "cheveaux 8" Homme*
j which is 8 horses or 40 men.
j We passed through a good many
; large towns a grea t many smallj
j towns and villages and among them
'"-(was Toms. We reached Nevers in
I th " afternocn of the aeeond day only!
to find we wer* needed at Dijion so
] we | ai< j OV( , r t bere until midnight an<]
1 made some "real coffee'' over a
fire in the yards. The follow'ng eve-]
ning we reached Dijion In the midstj
of a soaking rain. The b auty part,'-®
of it was that about he if of us
left our raincoats in our barrack
bags instead of surplus kits andjns
couldn't get at them so wie reaped
all the ben fits of the shower. We
used 28 j
slept that night in an old
Mill and bakery which is
warehouse rnd bakery by ü. S. ba-j,.
kers. The next day we marched out.
to the bakery camp and set up tents.:
We baked only one week, being
on guard most of the time and also,
doing some stevedore work of which
I think I wrote you about. We werej
there a few weeks and then came,
up here where we have ben baking j
steady. We are about a mile from
Is-Sur-Tille and also npar Marcily. j
The bakery here is the largest in j
France and claimed to be the l ar &'i
jest in the world under one roof j
We turned out 780 000 lbs. yesterdav ,
runwing normal. Th* bakery is B,
'two buildings econected by a corer-'
led walk and consists of S batterie* cfj
.,7 double ovems each. Most of
k , s don{1 by machinery now t ho]
^ ^ WM most]y hand work .:
geveral field bakeries are eet
outside and we were baking out
side until the laßt two week*. We
are still on 12 hr. shifts but
told today they would start 8
I will
hour shifts tomorrow and
have charge of one shift
in the
sponge room,
(details now so as
news for next time.
I think 1 will not give any more
to have a little
Thanksgiving day brought forth
roast chicken, fruit cake and pump
kin pie (camoflauged carrots! and it
was certainly appreciated by us. We
worked as usual but I didn"t
that for we could hardly have
' raining again this week
J Z and we have
DUl 18 ral,,Pr co,u 1 .
expectIng MO w. The t»nt ropes
w „ re covere d with frost nearly all,
d ^. 1 ' I
I think I will have to clo»e for thlsj
tlnri as It is nearly supper time and
C- _ j *r ümivWr
Baker Co J
v. a°p. O.t«
I certainly have a
over he»'».
Pengueux, France,!
Dec 8 '18
'"* * frV^celnfhaonv w"
" Breft France and duV in
ianded in Brest, France, and put ma
'few days in a rest camp a few miles
out of that place. From Brest we took
a train to Perigueux and we are now
try and you should see the trains. One
of these engines could run a race :n
the fire box of one of our old en
«fines. But they get along just the
j) ear Uncle Will:—
fixing up a new base hospital for tr.o;
wounded. This sure is a great coun
We see quite a few of the boys fror,
.he front but suppose we will se.
,nore in a few days as we will b
2 b le to handle them then,
When you get this let the folk
know for maybe some of the letters
wa ll be lost.
Am feeling fine and holding m;.
Qwn an j 23 pounds heavier than wher.
I left home.
Let me hear from you folks once ir
a while.
A. E. F., via. New T ork.
rtlllPf" flT
||H|f*|" lip
Ulllfel Ul
nrv I inP nrPIOlIf*
U||| Il U nM lK |
Sheriff Elect, J. T- Jefxnes, ha» re
signed his office as chief of police o
the city of Payette, and the same took
on Monday evening. Afte.
Base Hospital No. 95, A. P. 0. 794
; turning in his star to the city Mr
Jefferies took the west bound pa;
serger for Raker, Oregon, to be gon
ceTEra , days 0I1 business and p'.easur.
Mr Jefferies has serv ed as chief o.
Uce for nearly two ye ars and dur
; , filled the duties o
, n? . ' ' _ satisfae-i
" s °* ,c ^ * n a " lan " 1r ' e: j "t_~,
or Y 10 t " e P eo P' e , a ' 6 ' e ns,
!,e€n on * ne ' e ' e! v '^ everyone, anr
the best of our knowie ge .eavre'
h:s office without the ill feeling o. <
ringle citizen. He will take his sect
sheiff of Payette on next Mon-;
day, where his duties as peace officer
Till be extended over a little larger
territory and will without a question
make a record in that office equal to
he one j. c ba s just resigned,
are pleased to announce that
Wayne Keith who underwent an oper
a *ion some time ago at a hoscitaJte:
g 0 j se j s getting along very
~ VH
1 ■».
Mrs. J. R. Brown left for
land, Oregon, Tuesday evening
from M r^ti
which stated come at oncfV
response to a message
Mae Anderson formerly Mae Hutc
A few days before Mre. Erown had
received a letter from her sist
Mrs. Lawrence Hutchinson saj„»|
that Lawrence was very sick,
at once wired to know if help
needed, and the above message *^s
th> reply. When Mrs. Brow® arrived
with the Flu,, but getuA' along
fairly weil as a trained rM was
. ... ._ _ . Jl
In attendance.! Vf
- 4
is 00 REWARD
, the
I will glT« $5.00 rejard to t
person giving inform#«» Hading to
the arrest and conv&'on of the
Party who on last September, stoke
my whTtT^ b rind le greyhound. _
J ! '/
John Hutchinson who underwenf
aa operation Christmas morning for
a very bad case of appendicitis, and
who it was thought could not re
lcOVer ' *» COIUiider€d Wel1 tht
a *° r ® C ° V€ry For several da} ' 6
lt was CQn2i{ iered by the attending
physician and others califd in cJun-Z'f
c u, that his case was hop-less but'
his determination to get well and
Mrs. Hattie Shafer, is in weilst of j
a letter from her son Cliifo.d. stat
ing he would start for U* S. A., De-jorai
cember 24th. He should by this time
be landed in New yerk. Mr. Baker
j is a member of the Sunset Division!
land has seen some of the worst
close attention by do tors and nurae
will pull him through.
, part of the fighting.
J. F. Orr, Division Manager for
the Idaho Power Co., h ?s sold his
80 acre ranch cm Payett^O.-egon
Slope to Thomas Heslup. The deal]
was closed by Mrs. Heslup a few
days before Mr. Heslup returned fron
the training camp, they have taken
possession and are now living In th c i
new home.
! Miss Alice Perry, w --0 f-r o\er four,
iyears has been cur effic.tnt Line-!
type operator, has resi.n.d her po
s * t ' cn 00 accou nt cf somewhat im~;
paired health. We regret v.ry muchLany
her leaving as she has teen a main is
stay in the Enterpriie fo ce. She
.has always taken a great inter.at :D j
j ujg affairs of this office and has
done'her werk pleaianty and ac
|curately. The gotd wishes of the I
Hnterprisut go with her as she

(leaves our employ and the time
she has spent with us will be
memb^red with a great deg-ee
°f pleasantness. W*> have tempore
al T arrangements made for
a few b ouis alter t-. h
_ baby bcy y te body w as
tQ p ayftîe and slipped to Cakiw-"!'
; f or burial beside two children who:
proceeded her a few years
Mrs. Murray was 43 years of age
and has made friends wi h all who
will grieve at
the work dome ty Miss P c rry, unt 1
■ a perminent operator can be secured.
Mrs. Anna Murray, wife of
j Murray, died at ber boue ons mi'e
west of Payett", Wednesday marning,
b r th of a
jknew her and
j sudden departure in this life. The
husband with the infant babe will,
have the sympathy of a large cir
cle of friends in his sad hour hour!
of affliction.
_ ______
u 1
On nf;-t Monday the new county of
it ficers will all take the oath of office !
to serve the
, Vo
r*i begin their duties
|nhle of Pavette cocnty.
iF*t,-ost confidence in the entire
.lot who are to deal out justice to th<-'
IK* , ,,
Wople of our new county. If there
I* one in the bunch that does not
us an administration that we may be ]
jVièssess the best of qual'fications. w-e,
■ don't know it. Let us lend them our|
to gJVe
-.oral support, and help them
proud of.
Once mere the Yeomen will
enipt to hold the * , Chr's , n:as Fes-]
rival". Tuesday. Jant-arv 14, is the!
date Children who are to take
P a rt please be ready.
Mrs O E. Rhoads. Corsp.
Evangelical Church.
g() fer ^ npw known t u ere wi n
b ^ preaching service Sun
* u . pp,n ' ;
^ *" present plans n emigre ;
will be notified. Let us all read Psalm
| 0no ;
Mr. Kay received word tb's week
from Clay Center Kansas of the
death or his nephew caused from 1
wounded severely and one killed in]
Personal and Local Mention
Hr. and Mrs. Frack Korup and:
Hans Korup and faöuiy were down
(from Weiser Sundaj^JL-. guests at the
'Carl Korup home.
Mrs. \V. F. Crochford received
word Wednesday announcing the
death of a sister, Mrs. J. C. Mac not
of Winnepeg Canada.
Mr. ana Mrs. Leo Ballenger and
Miss Margaret McPherson were Sun-j
, 6 , . . ,.
ä *' a I1Ve ° clo< £ d " 1 " er .
thehome of Mr ' "" Mr5 F ' E - Seley.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wicklund of
Kittle Willow Valley have recent
y moved into their new bungo.ow
^ "* nöw Uvü * at hoB » * the
pnper style.
Attorney John H. Norris was
west-hound passenger last Saturday
=v«-ning bound for Portland and. s^v
otner points on matters ot le
»ni importance. •
xeil Fitch returned to Goat Island
iuesdaj evening after a two weeks
furlough at home, he was sick aP
most all the time and got to
few of his friends.

Fnm £he box ^ ar Wiws in the
^ of the 0nLar;o ^ overj^
. „ . j
l0re ass - stlng m ^ Cr0Sa
work than Payette.
C. T. Curry, a former express op
.rator at this place is again back on
the job. Mr. Curry has moved hi
lamiiy back from Logan, L tan, when.
ne has been for several years.
FOR SALB: —MO feet of 4 inch
wood pipe.—J. F.* ORR.
There is one businese in Payette
;aat nas been having a mighty gooo
business without a^vcr.icMg, e^P-o
the last two weeks, and thatjàent
the County Treaisurtr s ofâce.
Herold Prtaiei of Eugene, Oregon,]
arrived in Palette a few days ago

ana spent a few days vrêiting am-ng;
nis Payette frienns.
Prestel family getting a,on g fine
and doing well.
He report*
Colonel Patek writes send'ng his
before.'regards to the Enterprise from Spain.
ig e also mentions a trip across Franc
in an Automobile.
E. A Blair is now prepared
the hot weather next summer. Last
week he filled his ice house with a
fine quality of Re about 12 inches
ti..ck. It is seldom we get ice in
this locality as good a* that.
The people of Payette are now
rejoicing over the fact * that during
]the last year the City lowered the
the continued cold
water pipes,
s PCll would have frozen prac.Ral.y
it is sc
all the pipes in town, as
we have heard of but'
W» presume the
; c < 5^3 as jf be might be out
;; t tie pleasure trip,
Cel. is attending some kind of busi
ness for Uncle Sam, but it rather
on &
The City of Emmett has made an
appeal to the p°opla» of Payette for
help in taking care of their
They report over
"nza cases.
aewn with the des^ase and almost
to get doctors and nurses.
they have closed their school*
have discharged the teachers
U term.
The two-vear-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. H. Newell, living
badly scalded
PearCP bousp ' was .
la * "V***
a kettle of hot water from
^ ^ ^ ^ bad]y
burned over th» neck, left arm and
Dr. I. R. Woodward was i™*
mediately called and render'd
medical aid and it is be'ieTCd
c b 5 ij ^jii recover without any 6 »rlou*j,.]
5 - de
Mrs. Emmett Brubaker and chil
dren arrived in Payette from Morenci.
Arizona, last week to stay permanent
3dto in the spring as soon as the
•roads and the weather is fit. After
experimenting with other places for
several years they have decided Pay
-•tte the best after all. Th people of
''ayette will welcome this family
imong them again.
Emmett will drive through in his!
** ** Ï
and 60 far in January ba* been real
winter weather the temperature
registering around zero every night.
It , g rathPr bard on (he
coal' but the fruit grower should re
joke. It will freeze out many pests
'that live through during a mild
. , . ,1
winter. It is also benefictal to all
crops to hare the ground troren.
Everything indicates a bump r crop
for 1919. and it wil all find
r*«4r «t tool H**"
The Royal Neighbors
meeting- at the h<
Kirkendall Frixlay
j 10th, at 7:30. All
*° he pn ?nt.
a former Pay
wecA announch
which occurred
W'edÂéa, from Portland Mr a few
weeks visit wi_. relatives at>d
friends. She is certainiy a
comp guest among a host of t
»>«1 Saturday even ng far
-hicago where he will en. er a
school 1er young m n. He will
return tc Fayette in tr.e Spring and
a ' f st ,Lc: D aIld H - IJr * £t ' k Lo ••
ia the care ot a ^rge bun-h of
cattie ' n range.
rne c
ng, Ja
Harry Olsby of D
.n and &
of Mrs. C. O. Gri
Mrs. Frank Case arrived in Payet:e
she has known from
Richard Hogue was an east bound
and Mrs. A. JL
Pocatello arrived in pay
day-even. ng to spend a
reUtives and frfr
|go to Boise Sunday even!
Doctor will adend a m<
re the
State Dental Board oi
is a
Clarence Hink ej, who has had
three ycais txptr.enee in auto
mecaaniiai work, a now employed
at the Payette Modem Ga.ag..
Mrs. Kay and sister received the
sad news th-s morning of a relative
being killed in acticu, also an ac
count of the death of two Kansas
friends caused from Imiuenva.
G. L. H.ckey, g
of transportât
trip to Payette the latter -u . of
.veek and visited fora * ...... a
d of a
rirnan lines of Omah 2 ,
j. M. Barrett home.
■s. H:
thejmicghter of Mrs. E re:?
been here visiting for sei
she returned with her k;
:t who nas
aid Sun
day evening. Mr. H. E. Duns
er for the P. 4- I. N.
tor at the Bennett h
The executive cor
Payette Commercial <
week and appointed
posed of J. F. Orr a
ard to draft a new set of by-laws
which would permit the
dude the entire county, ant
is the Payette County (
Club. We believe this to
n the right direction. Psy<
covers a small territory a.
no reason why we should n
together. Industry
in the county is good for us a !.
Mrs. Storche,
returned from Camp Funstor
Tuesday. Mrs. Stonekockcr ha
visiting her son at camp and othrr
relatives nearby for the last three
months. Claude has mai
record while at earn
if the
:omnutlee com
E. C. S. Brain
a step
OT ii
quite a
a mo
discovered a
artist. Shortly aft -
camp his ability as a n
orcycle rider
he was
to the position of
patcher from Camp Funston to Fort
He has also
and other P* '
unperformed some wonderful stunts
'bis wheel for the- amusement of the
boys in camp.
account of change of time
'the Tayette Banks in conformity with
tinw gchedules of banls in other lo
tbejj-jjjtjgs will open at 9 a. m. and
ie at 3 ; oo p. m.
First National Bank.
By M F. Albert, Cashi'r
Payette National Pack,
By C. E. Larson, Cashier.
Bible School U A. M. Come and
bring the familv. The Scripture In
junction to parents is "Train up a child
n the way it should
old it will not depart from it."
Morning services 11 A. M. with
communion and sermon. Come and
and win it is
^ Christian worship,
Also bring an offering for the Ar
tnenian re!ier - work .
Progressive proeram. \oung people
are invited to th» Endeavor Society.
, - s at r. j
" ' >
Christian Endeavor at 6 P. M. New
officers have been electee!, and we
hope to begin the new year with a
Tho invitation 's t*> v»u.

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