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Payette Enterprise
X0.8, VOL, XV

What Is Your Opinion of the New
High School I'roposijion?
/ It is a good suggestion.
citizen of Payette, who has the pride
he ought to have in his home com
munity, will realize that one of the
oest inducements we can offer to the
home-seeker is a first class school
system housed in a first class build
ing. The fact that it may serve the
double purpose of providing a mem
orial arrJ, at the same time, filling an
absolute need appeals to me. I am
for it first, last and all the time.
J. F. ORR.
I can not conceive of a more fitting 1
c n . " . . 01 f ^
menymal recognizmg the service of,
of our boys than he proposed H.g, ;
School. Its assembly room might bej
rat/p"" " zU"ä,h e .r
ings g Furthermore my Ion- fonn~c
tion with the Payette schools as a
member of the Board of Education
convinced me of the absolute need oL
a new High School building to relieve!
the badly congested condition which !
, ■ : , , , ,
has existed for years. I an, for the;
pioposi ion an< wi pie« ge a m> •
■ nergy in helping to secure it Pa>
ette can not afford longer not to have,
a well-equipped modem educational
workshop. By all moans let us have,
I believe in giving our children th' '
best we can provide in the matter of i
education. If a new High School,
{îuilding is needed we ought to build
t now. I will vote for it and I do not j
j ink anyone who has children to edù
-ate will oppose it.
* The High School outgrew its pres
ent quarters several years ago. A
new building is ba«lly needed and now
is the time to build. The memorial
idea is also a fine one. The move i
has my unqualified approval ar.d sup-'They
Everybody knows that the schools ;
are so overcrowded as to cripple their i
efficiency. It is about time some of;
it without delay.
- »>.
9 1
the public schools began to realize
that we still have an obligation
the matter of education. I received
all the education I have in the free
public sc i ools at public expense and
am under obligation to help support
public schools for the education of the
children of the next generation so that
the state mav have still better citizen-i
ship. I will gladly pay the little in
crease in school taxes for the sake
making adequate provision for tho
children of Payette
I favor the new High School propo
sition. We have needed more school
room for years and, in justice to the
children of Payette, we can not afford)
to delav the building anv longer.
Payette is'sadly in need of a new
and modern High School building that
both students and teacFcrs may have
a fair chance. Payette is the best
town in the state and should have th« -
best schools in the state and all we
( now lack is this proposed new build-
'mf ing. We should have enough interest
in the welfare of our children to make
The progress of the community is|
judged largely by its public school;it
this new' building a reality. It must
come sooner or later and why not now ?
» •
landings. A few years ago the pres-jour
'V building supplied the needs, but
community and the school have
..grown it and the time has come
for a new building.
I favor the new High School for
both purposes. It will be a fitting
memorial and we need the additional
school room.
». 5
Better late than never. Everybody
in the district knows we have needed
it for years. Justice to our children
demands it now'.
I wish to express mv personal ac
I preciation to the Board of Education
B for bringing to the attention of the
^ public the necessity of a new High
! School building. It certainly is need
i cd, the present quarters being a dis
£ grace to a progressive community
I such as ours. We have some fin"
8 church buildings which are a credit to
i the community, but our present High
j) School building is a trap jeopardizing
I the health and lives of the children. It
f is time for us to wake up and build
a High School building.
We are heartily in favor of a new
S High School building as a memorial

N. T. Mela of Halfay, Oregon, was
in Payette Monday. He had pur
chased 250 head of cattle on Payette
'Oregon slope, and expects to bring
tj,em over cn the Idaho side to feed
providing he can find the hay at the
rigrt price. He was accompanied by
Mr. Locket and F. J. Berry' of Weiser.
The Library Committee U planning
for the near future a dancing party
for the Younger Set and one perhaps
St Patricks night for tho—shall
we say Older Set.
likely to spend too much time, thought
and money on practical education.
T? H wnnn<?
favor of the new High
,n ^ J J*"
0 ? th " ""Bitten
:!'1 » ^ T.«; m tv:r.f
High School building. The one now
thing forr our benefit. For the last te
existing is not a credit to the com
"unity and the present crowded
condition in the schools should not
tolerated any longer as. apart from
,u pHiipntmnal nf over
the educatim» disadvantages;«d^.
. health of the children
■ ' H4RRIS
In my opinion no public improve
ment is more needed in Payette than
a new High School building. The
(inadequacy of the present building Is{
deplorable and this condition has long
been realized by the people. This
the logical time to start this fine
movement. I,et it be a Memorial High
School. E. W. PEASE.
I am heartily in favor of the pro
(posed new Memorial High School. I
am particularly anxious that the hui-'l
ing, if it shall be built, shall be strictly
modem and up-to-date, and adéquat
the needs of the community for th:
present and for a long time to com:.
We can not dm less for oOr ÆïïdTOTr:
are entitled to the best.
It has long been my opinion that j
grave injustice was being done to j
both the children and those who carry)-he
educational work in Payette in

conditions which are actually in.iur
in|ious to health. Payette is far behind
uur neighboring towns in the pro vis
lion she has made for her children,
Ijand it is high time that her citizens
provided school building and '-quip
mont appropriate to the time in which
we are living
As a member of the School Board
ofifor six years, I was convinced of two)
things especially. First, that we have!
a spîendind school system, and second
that we haven't an adequate place
put it. In justice to our children let
us get busy at once and provide more
and better school room.
In anv community the thing that
strikes nearest home is the education
of the children of the community. We
should provide fully for the real needs
of education. The High School build
Let us build it now.
ing is necessary.
I believe the present High School
building to be insufficiently lighted
improperly ventilated, unsanitary and
inadequate to our needs as a commun
ity, and am in favor of a new, mod
cm, up-to-date building and the re-i
modeling or repairing of the present
building to such an extent as to mako|'
as near a safe and healthy place
The City Council, to whom the ques-j"'*
tion of the proposed new Memorial
High School building has been submit-)
ted for consideration, after due de-j
liberation finds itself in favor of the;
erection of the building for the fol-j
lowing reasons:
(1) The present facilities are en-!
tirelv inadequate to the need of thej
(2) Good schools and modem
school buildings are most powerful
agents in the upbuilding of any com-,
(3) Our children are entitled to the
best and it is our duty to provide it.
(4) The public have long realized
the condition of the Central School
building and a modem, up-to-date.
sufficiently large and nropvrly equip
ped building is demanded.
For these and many other reasons:
we desire to go on record as favor-1
'tig the erection of a suitable build
children to attend as possible.
(jj t y Council Dccidcä to Honor Boys
Coming Home.
Payette's returning soldiers and
; sa.lors will receive fitting recognition
nom this city for tile patriotic ser
vice performed, for Monday nig.'-t
Mayor Woodward and the city council
at a regular meeting at the city hall
! completed plans for paving tribute to
«»« returning men, not only those of;
this city, but to all those of the county 1
W which the City of Payette has the
"***honor of being the county seat. Pro-j
vision was also made for special recog
- •»« «•» «»-»«•
sacrifice while serving the colors
The council authorized the purchase
400 Certificates of Appreciation to ;
be distributed among the returning;
ol<ilers and ^ors and more will be ;
j P. ,ocu " :d .> f needed.,city of f.oak ;
also decided to arrange a suitable
of sympathy a nd condolence |
in the form of a testimonial to be'&
presented to the gold star mothers o,
P nearest kln ^ lhe depamd
and sajlor8 ;
. . .
The meeting Monday evening was)
decidedly patriotic and each ciy offi-1
cial voiced the opinion ihat the pro-;
position of paying tribute to the re-j
turning soldiers and sailors was one '
of the paramount topics before the ;
community today. Their action is the j
result of considerable careful con-j
sidération. A committee consisting)
cf Councilmen E. \V. Pease and W. F.i
Sherwood was appointed by the mayor '
to look after the details of the matter.j
Although plans have not been com ';
plctcd for the prewentation of the cer- ;
rificates, it has been suggested that, .
a public gathering be held at some;«™
suitable place, at which time Payette 1
County's returning men would receive).
certificates and be the honored,
guests of the city. i
Another the cer-:
tificates which has not yet been de
termined is the method which will be
used in procuring the names and,
branches of military service in which
each man served. It is believed that
the Payette Chapter of the Red
be available aid in this matter as:
a registration bureau has already been)
i established.
: The Certificates.
The certificate is engraved on the;
best quality of parchment paper and'
will bear the signature of Mayor!
to'Woodward and City Clerk Luther andi
will be impressed with the seal of the)
j city
To the soldier the certificate vvibi
prove an innovation which, it is trust
pd 'bey will^ccept in the same spirit
in which it is offered and will preserve
it for the rest of their lives. It is a
i message of welcome, hospitality, ap-
J pr^-ciation and patriotism from the
I at home.
The mayor, city council and the
othe r cit >' officials were unanimously)
ir. favor of the project and were alsr
bbe °P' n ' 0n that the parents or
other relatives of those soldiers or sail-
i nr s who ma-de' the supreme sacrifice
-'hould receive special recognition,
Therefore a special testimonial is be
n ? devised for presentation in honor
our gold star boys.
. Wording of Certificates.
Th e text of the certificates which
11 be presented to those returning)
j' s as follows :
In Behalf of The Citizens of
Payette, Idaho.
We the Mayor and members of th,
cit y Council hereby express to
' . our gTateful apprécia
!ion of his patriotic service with the,j*
American Forces whose achievements
have mad e possible the glorious vie
tory of the GREAT WAR for WORLD
p REEDOM, and upon his return we
extend to him a hearty welcome.
Given this .... day of ... .A D 19.
(Seal) City Clerk
w - R - c - NOTICE
Rorps members take notice, the
badges and other supplie are here to
be distributed at the next meeting.
Press Corespondent. W. R. C.
If you dosire eome high quality
Netted Gem Nan-irrigated
Sc« A. ». WOOD. Ytf,
At the regular meeting of Lie
Council on Monday evening the coun
cd ordered Street Commission ?r
F. Rupp to employ extra help in
way of men and teams and
gravel on the city streets beginning
at the State Highway at the .do..
comer on 6th Avenue South and con
necting with the highway at the city
limits on the north. Fifth street fro;,
the freight depot to the city limits
also to be graveled for the benefit
the travel from the Payette-Orego;
slope as is one of the streets Ic-adin^
from the business section to the Low
er Payette Ditch for the benefit of the
, ,
Willow Creek travel.
Whole gravel will be put m at thus
time to form, a base and later th'
loose rock will be removed and a cap-1
ping of crushed rock applied. Th
supervision of Street Commissioner
Rupp, whose we known ability
street work will be a guarantee,
against a repetition of the lamentable
condition of some of our streets this
Some time ago the city council rent
ed the city rock crusher to Maney «fo,.
Co., and have just recently received
check for $600 for its use.
this money the city purchased th
gravel pit just within the ciri
„ » -,
l.^ts adjo.mng ^e reservoir and wih
* J n ^rte estehlf/b
0 P P F - b ' h crusfc
P ' a " d 1 " S °
J cr tte emproveuu - n t of our
1 jK
rhrislian rhurrh II
The Bible Sc.-.ool under the aoage-,
® nt of Br °' F ' A - Ly0n ' ls t'amiBg :r.
ntelest and n " m , bc 'T' Ne ^. te g" ers
D ln ^ added .o the woriorijrf»«*.
' I n V' ieCt t y {^ at „ " lb-e ^ . next
ùu " rtaj ' a lw A ' M '
T er ?™. I "£- pastor " 11 *■ **' ^ ub
1 Bunding on the Foundations
tber ? Ha ' e I T 1I<b '' , .
J " mor at A P. M. Train up a chile
way it should go, and this l _
°r _T' !ac - ° ®P n '
L. L. at 6 i. M. Y oung people have
is a
: y 1 - mvitation to attend the Christian
: Endeavor. M
. p rrnon 1.+,,', cbject: " what
j hl " k y0 " of chnst .'
; — rmisïc wi i be arranged b\
Cross. air 0r ca ch service. Come,
rvices in ne rna '" a u ® njm -
. A - ADAMS, Minister
: .. ' Irs ' cha P m , superintendent of the
! 'r
S ' d "° I and ».so of the Junior work-i
Pertained the children Friday even
at the Christian church. Abou
xt >' were present and a goed tmv
had by «f*? which aI1 Sa
I'Ovvn o a splendid dinner.
^ Çbap.n has been in charge o'
ne worx m the local church for nin
vcars and she has not missed tha:
. 1! '>' oimttoys fre i her work m that
She is also recognized r-s the
est -hcrough ar.d efficient worker ir
.- line n the state.
were several of the Payette
„ , t ,
11116 «»muuiit.v according
r' 0rmatl011 r^celied they should land
New York ab ° ut Baterday the 22n
are sailing cn the same boat
witb Preaittent Wilson,
ant Pitch conveying the glad news
that he, with the other meunbers
the 146th machine gun battalion w«re
will be Gdings of joy to the people
to th"!
Last Satrday evening nine of Pay)
_, .. . ,. . .
« 7WS l«dies decided to have a
*e Part» b> their lonesome, and
accordingly gathered at the home of
Edith White all togged for the oc
easioo, part of them were doned in
hoy. clothing. And to say they had a
jolly timri would be pittliyr It mild,
Ice cream, calrie and coffee were
served and ji®t how the evening was
Mrs. Scott Fitch has received a
cablegram from her husband Lieuten
on the waters enroute for home. Th -r
af their retumlrg
for our soldier boys. We
are no
«pent, we are unable to say but one
thing we do know, it was absolutely
unnecessary Vr any of them to pose
as young men with a »core of good
looking chaps around town just look
taf for eqcb a job.
We understand there are, a few
ci Den, of Payette who are making,
objections to the action, of the Mayor
and City council regarding the- gravel
iqg D f the streets within our city,
on t^e grounds that it is to expensive
It ig true the pian outlined will cost
considerable money, but we centeno
it ^ ^ nearly as expensive as to
have QUr streets ^ a dtplorabl
h condition that patron« of the tv-vr.
. , ,, . _
W ' w ea p ^ >f,er ' app ' ' ra ^ el
is absolutely the only remedy that
will come within the means of the
can get no farther than the city
limits. We have a few examples on!
our streets that show what gravel
^payers. We say grave! the streets
^ an graveling until
*«ets into town can be traveled
™ —» - "• «*»•
The Portia Club meeting. Monday
^February 24th, program is in th
Æands of the "Art and Travel" com
mittee and there will be mterestin
: ,w of Hawaii by Mrs. Wilson
I who spent the winter there some year
Withlago. Her subject will be Honolulu
. Following this w 11 be a song "Th
Hawaiian Farewell," by Miss Pearsor
, , * __
; accompanied by Mrs. Peterson. There
^ ^ ot - r - ood1 ™ s ' c ' T |* e ' e
;,^ " or r 1J?ma l arUten by
P „ prow "', Phe s ® ene
| ; a ' d m Holland and she has chosen for
! bbr subject Kha^.. and Woode
i P°'son can afforri to miss thi
meering. It is going to be extremel:
interesting ,rom start to finish.^Pleas
remember the aate: Next Monday
^fbruary 24th, at 2;.,0 sharp in th
Librarj- rooms of the Y. M. C. A.
- <-
Private Sale.
Leaving Payette, will sell:
Heifer ,Ca!f 7 month old, mother
tests 6.1.'
50 vrJlori ras tank
2 Rockern. 1 Chiffonier
i The subject for tie morning will
|X/ chur, ) nrd r th= covenant
Chnst^n Church under the covenant
of *°' teI8 ' Decalouge o'
''I :
e 0 ° ' ' ' R ' J a i
i will come under review and all
,vont people are invited. ;
W. H. SWARTZ. Pastor.
o Bookcase
-5 See
sr.wcd oak
rr-.ed fruit
The National Holiday, Waha ngtotTt j
Birthday will be obesrved
post office .
by the
No mail will be delivered by eithe
Fteral or CityCar-icrs. Patrcns dasir
ing their mail will please call bet we
the hours of 10: 3«.* and 11:30 A. M
E. T. Bowman, p. M.
Mrs. Van Hauten, teacher in die-'
trict No. 6 was given a surprise
Tuesday evening, Feb. IT,at the
| Lome» of Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Hansen
; "nd playing games, aftre which a
; delicious lua hecn w as served
Mrs. Van Houuten »vas presented
w-ith an ivory manicure set as a tokc
0 *' stceni and appreciation of the
°xoellent work done in her school.
| The local red cross has received
)S0 pounds of yam to be used in
knitting socks and sweaters for
ichildern and shawls ands-an'e fo
women to be sent to the refugees
ieverytm« who will i s asked to taire
honre yam to be made up. Mrs. J. E.
Crouch , Chairman.
The evening w as spent- in music,
C. T. Hall. A. T. Bishop and A.
A, Steriler were in attendance
the Horticultural meeting at Boise
llast week.
On" three and t^re" quarter w-agon
wph Bid Paid Hay Rack.
Several good oowe and calves.
James E. Anmret, DA Imams ran
Personal and Local Mention
J. R. McKinney and J. JL. Weljs
shipped three carh of lat cattle to
! the Omaha Market Sunday.
Attomey F. ri. Lyon, C. E. Larson
and J. A. Laugr were in Weiser Tues
day' on matters of importance,
i Wait for Farter's white sale.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Cox, of Drewsy,
j Oregon, are > Payette visitors this
I week. Mrs. Cox is a daughter of Mr.
A. T. FultonLf this place.
Mrs. A. ' Wells is imprroving nicely
:tr;,m «""c* « erysipelas
net - ral S ia from which she has
! ** aerin ® witb for lbe tw month
Mrs. Opal Nichois, who for the last
three weeks has had charge of Mrs.
A' ^ clis during her illness, spent Sun
day with her parents near Crystal
nom uving 4 mues ease 01
Payette has resi^d his farm
b® 1126 JWChaned the John Robinson 1
piaofi <* ^ acres on north sixth!®'
street. The deal was made by 8
D. Thacker. :
„ „ 1
Mr Y. R. Bogard, of Twin Falls,!
tUlr f dow " to Payette the latter part;
01 the week and spent a few days with j
" la w t Ie who faaa t>«en spending the;
winter with his parents Mr. and Mrs.
J. \V. Reimers.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Morrell
rejoicing over the arrival of a «laugh-
ter on Saturday. Mrs. Morrell is at
the home of ter mother, Mrs. Geo.
-Mrs. Guy Inman, of Cascade, who
recently underwent an operation at
the Holy Rosary Hospital, has been
able to return to this place and is
visiting with her mother, Mrs. Bow-
Bruce Shafer who has been in four)Mr.
difterent training camps since leaving
Paj ette, arrived home Tuesday morni'of
He is home this time to stay and
will take upthe work of his professio
Loat rJ cl i J L£j*maceuLißt-
Salt Lake
»'ait for Farber's white as le.
Mrs. H. J. Barns
City Iasi Saturday to visit her son
Tbe frimeds of Mtb. J. E. Turner ;
wv=nt to
who is living there. Mrs. Bams
raiseo and lived Ü>- most of her life
near Salt Lake and while there will
visit her old time friends.
Weck wb€rP ***« ^ eaCPr 31
H " pittl for specllU traing —
aurs ''- u 'e believe Miss Schju is
ÄcU adapted for that kind of work an'
p ^, ct ^ wm ffiake good _
cade' fcjJn°dn^ to
p a vott Maria ~
Ad-j^te Mcmday eveo^. He i*portt
about two te« of snow at that place
*'hen he left and still snowing.
be pleased to lèam that ah» is
now improving atter a kseige of
illness. She has a trained nurse with
her and while she still is confined
tq her bed, it is hoped she wftl
=oon be r'-stored to normal health.
Mias Vivian Schutt exppects to!
leave for Boise the latter at this
Mrs. J. F. Whalen is now rerovering
nirely after quite a seige of lagnppe.
Wait for Färbers white sale.
The Rev. Thomas Ashworth assist
ed ti»" Library ' Committee / in the
management of tK« floor. Mrs. Cat-
0 ^ _ jjrg q p Johnson and Mrs.
Swank were responsible for the decor
'ations and many said thle hall was,
never prettier. Mrs. Fenske and a
■good committe' had charge of tickets
;The ppublie knows thos« workers be-,
cans« of the rather thorough canvas
that was made, and be it said to thei
Credit ' 11 was a fiaanciaJ EaC . ceoS
Letters from our solder boys
across the »as mdicate they are
all very anxious to get home, and
blame them, they have I
flrished what they w*>t over there
to do, and their waiting to be re
turned is like sitting in a grand
stand after the garm is over, and
many of the boys that expect to,
go back to the farm, are anxious to
get home in time to start in with!
the spring's work. However from
sent indications, many of them will
be home within the next thirty to!
sixty daj-e.
for Farber's white tale.
Hi Dunn Manager of tire P and I.
N. lailroad has had made for hfe prb
rate use a speeder with a regular
Auto top and will maire time equal
to a passenger tram. We can expect
him down to see his Payette friends:
quite often Hi is a charter member)
of the Liar's club who hold forth at
*'e don't
th 1 ®
body will be pleased to have h» at
tendand" cnee la a wh'l«, Ms pres«nc
has a tendency to etfcnwlr<r
rfnclpal object of organization. To
Rezac's drug store ev»nings and
we are sure th« members of
sftv«c MHm
Mr. Dave Kam iias bean bedfast
with lumbago this week.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis V. Ken
kel, of New Plymouth, at the Shaffer
Maternity Home, a daughter, on Feb
ruary 17th.
Claud Hurd was down from Nampa
and spent Sunday with his family.
It is rather inconvenient lor Claud
until he can Änd a. house to occupy.
Färber and Son are now located
in their new quarters one door north
of their old location which is more
conveniently arranged and n
for displaying their
Frank S.-afer has purchased the
livery business of Lee Inman at the
Banks bam and is now in charge. Mr.
Shafer will also buy and sell or ex
change horses
livery business.
Wait for Färber s white a sje.
:k of goods.
as do a general
as we
The county commissioners were in
, .- ,.
to «nahe a tnp over me coun
'-^. * s **' ' " . t ' C c ^ n . ,0 "
^ . ads and 0 find out
.|the necessary improvements to be
^ t L '
nave deferred the matter as at pres
en t we have no roads.
The county jail i
rather a quiet
place these days, the only occupant
for some time was a young man who
was sick and without means asked
lodging until he was able to get work
and he is now gone. We guess the
crooks don't like the looks of Sheriff
Jefferies and are giving him a wide
Mr. and Mrs. P. Monroe Smcxdc
came down from New Plymouth Sat-
urday evening and remained over
night at the Hotel Bancroft, and
Sunday afternoon went to Vale where
Smock will take part in the de-
f en se with Attorney John H. Harris
an inmportant criminal case which
comes up for trial Monday morning,
jf t be sports
of this community
overlook stocking the Little Willow
Creek reservoir with fish, they
P^sinp n P a good proposition.
raost ever >' one enjoys fishing but the
opportunity for catching good game
fish around here is very scarce. It
would be but little expense to stock
,the above mentioned reservoir as we
(understand the government will fur-
lsh the desired amount of fish with-
| thf vai FVn\r m\Tf
The custom of a % alenuoe Dane«
; aa a Library Benefit was remaned
;this year to the satisfaction of many
^ ^ *** ^ gathered
" Woodwards Hall Frriday night
^ that either the Library is
jverry popular or the dancers of th»
out any cost except delivering them
from the railroad to the
Last fall there were several cans of
I trout furnished by the government
j for the Shambarger slough. These
; were brought from the government
h atehery at Boseman. Mont. We
would suggest that the Payette Gun
club take this matter in han«L
community needed a dance. The floor
was crowed uncomi ortatlv so
1 ^ a complaillt
was heard, everybody
was in good spirits and the Home
|Swe * Home came all to soon. Th«
ui 'iSit was good, and the musicians
( under the abl, lçodership of
Hazel tine, w re always willing to
j respond to n cores no matter how
man y .
Mr. and Mrs. Max Gerlich were
very pleastnxly surprised on th"
ererÜD * at E-bruary IS. when a few
of tbe '-" friends came in unexpectedly
help them >ot:bmte their fifteen
Wt dd - 1 * amuversary.
A very enjoyabte evening was
e ' v ' T t after which the guetss partook
°^ a da '' r t . supper
Tbos " present a ere Mieses and Ma
" U!ns - l!a nsen, Asmussen and Hann
Tnig is an .notation to ev-ery
0 ®*- bttt ain »*" cocduct ^ by the
jfnemb^rs <* the G. A. R. and th«
j, ^ > ?" r and U* n
the crowd at th- A. next Sat.
jurday at nooc wbere everybody will
^ a basket d nrer Coffee wdll
bn aer»-ed by the W R C at
a son able
^i, ^ ^ad immédiat!y
a re»
after dinner.
price, a suftable
Tire Brotherhood cf America» Y«i>
m»n regular mrtetirg will be held
next Tuesday, Feb. 25(h ag It» th«
2 2nd anniversary of tbe B. A. Y. tirer
will be a clac« ado^ti a an refresh
^ pre*ict.
ments. All members
urged tq

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