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Pa y ette Enterprise
No. 9, VOL, XV
I am sitting here a thinking of the
things I left behind:
I natc to pul tit paper what's runnin;
tjircugh my; mind:
V,'o dug a thousand ihrenehes clcarct
ten thousan«! miles of ground;
A meaner plate this, .side or hell 1
know could not bo found.
Bui there is still one consolation
gather closely while I tell;
When we die we'll go to Heaven, for
we've done our Hitch in Hell.
Wc'vc built t. hundred kitchens, fo:
the- cooks to stew ou. beans;
Wi.'ve stood ?. hundred guardmount:
and cleaned tho camp:- up clean;
W<'ve washed a million mess kits anti
peeled r. million spuds;
.Vc'vc rolled a million blanket rolls
! a million duds.
The number of parades we've made
would, bo hand to tell;
Rut they will not parade in Heaven
for wo'vo done our Hitch in Hell
and wa
e kiilci 1 a thousand rattle snake?
thtf tri« d to take ou" cols;
a thousand centipedes j
Wc'vc marched r. hundred thousand :
:, cs and built a thousand camps; j
pulled million cactus thorns j
We've : hook
iiom on. - army socks;
Wc 'vi
Iron out our arm} pants.
Kut when op earth our work is doue!
our friends behind will tell:
When they died they went to Heaven
for they done their Hite:, in H«'H
When the final tap.- arc sounded, ant! ;
ve lay aside life's care:
And make the last parade up the shin
in-- Golden Stair:
The angels meet us with a welcome
ar.d the harps bqgin to play;
We draw a r.iiilion canteen checks and
spend them in. r. day.
It's then v.c'll hour St. Peter loudly
with a yell;
"Take u front scat
Infantry, !
you've done your Hitch, in Hell.
( Signed) A Soldier cf Company A,
Twelfth Infantry j
Camp Ü. S. Troop:;
Lamberts Point. Norfolk Va.
February 10 19IT
, , !
" c\. v co .ipo.i !
and writ ni' bv a soldier o Company
A, 12th Infantry, which might appea.,,^
Dear Sirs:—
Enclosed is
to you.
Yours truly,
—A Soldier
Attention Red Cross Supervisor c
The Red Cross workers trill onl., j
l ave o. short rest and then anothoi
allotment ei relugee cut garments t. j
lie completed in two weeks. A re- j
quest from Washington asks that full
speed be given to the work fo? the
next three months to supplement
that is being done by the women them
selves in the devastated districts, as|
every able-bodied person in this dis- 1
trict is doing their utmost to prepare,
thc fields for this year's crop.
Mr. W. Sherwood returned Friday
evening lYrm Walla Walla and North
Yakama. Whio at WaLLa Walla he
/sAnr-hsed a car of equipment
fcïis brick manufacturing plant. The
now equipment is an improvement in
dryiag brick, which eliminates the
damage done by rain while drying
and makes the finished prouct ab
solutely perfect Mr. Sherwood has
already acquire«! the rpuetati n of
making the best brk-Jt in the en-i
tire north west but be believes in
the very that hence the purchase or
this improvement I
Mr Sherwood'* NA"ces Mrs lY>rn
and Miss Lucy Roberts' of Yakama
While at Yakam
returned wiith him.
Mr. Shewood had thin pleasure of be
Ing entertained at dinner at the home
Mr. and Mr.s T. J. Brown, he says
they are both looking fine and*dolng
I'QgY j
Cocker Spaniel dog, about one year
old. Solid black, very curly, answers
to the name jack. Suitable reward
to fludor.
E. W. Equals.
well In tho nlewsiiaper business.
Alfalfa Hay.
Henry Peutz, phono 283-jl.
Ray Prindle, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Mark Prindle, ha« been with the U.
army in Prance for almost a year
, ..... ,
.iaa r.ceivtd h.s discharge and ar
home Saturday He Paid this,
of .ee a visit and while very mode
_ his experiences he
us enough for us to know that he has
'in telling
seen his full share of Urn war. He en-i
listed at IP nver Colorado with the;
30th engneers which was later knownj
as the Am -ri can Gas regiment In
fact the only gas regiment from the
U, S. His regiment was in the en
gagement at the Marne, and many of
the worst battles. Mr. Prindle was
one of the fortunate of his regiment
who escaped being wounded, but he
says he was an eye witness to many
of the unfortunate who were mangl
ed in every conceivable manner, and
at least 50 per cent were lost.
v AY r T n E T ° BE , CO ? RECT ™ E
E. C. Dunn operator for ,h.. West
era Un ' ;on ha;i ®ticceded in making ar
system of
with ^
nihgements to instal
Western Union clocks
business, houses of Payette-, he
now 24 firms who have signed agree
mentt to have installed in their place
oS businLss a Western Union clock
which will be automatically cored 1 ««
twice each day from a central clock
never fall to give the correct time.
ht the Western Union o'fice.
are self winding clocks and
Advertised list, Post Office. Pay
ette, Idaho. Week ending Feb. 2-nd
ilsath, G. A.
!!radle -' • J,r - J - "•
Robert*, Mrs. W. M.
Mr ' CurtU. R. 1.
St Clair, Rrs. Mary.
Thomas, Mr. Leonard. R. 2.
Wilburn, Mr. Tlios.
E. T. Bowman, P. M.
Mch-3- 7 P. M. Praise Service
7:3l) Five Four Minute address,
M -thoui3t Minute Men.
8 addrets by Uistrict Supcrintenent.
8:30 St-r opticc-n Lecture
Dr. J. Lace
Mch. 4- 9 A. M. Devotional Adress
Reconstruction- Dr. Mecklenburg
10 , Iow j use constituency List
p B FinlGJ .
10:30 Practical Personal EvanigeliSi;
Rev. W. J. Luscomb.
11 The Practical Aspects of Churh
Finance-Dr. C. J. Bernhardt.
1:33 P. M. Departmental Confèrent
es- Methodist Minute Men. B. Leader
C- Unit Secretaries
2.30Urg,nixing the S. S. for the Cen
tanary Program- H. K. Wallis,
3 Misaionary Pogam in the S. S.
3tSsion rJIwin Deacon .
jj r j laco.
4 Round Table Discussion- Led by
4 . :!0 Centnary Litrature- Dr. George
7; 15 The Wyandotte Mission-Person
a ] recollections by Dr. D. L. Iugard.
7 Praiso Service.
8 Stereoption Lecture. The World
Challenge a 1- the Methodist C.hurc by
Dr. G'coij'.'e Mecklenbug.
Music each evening by Prof. Neil
son and the Glee Club.
Next Sunday at 11 A. M. Sermon b
R v. Dr. George Mecklenburg.
7 P. M. Talks an Pictures upon
Conditions in tho Philippine« by Mr.
and Mrs. Lewi«.
S. S.. Junior League, Bpoth Leagu
at usual hours. You are invited.
TUs entretainment given las; Sat
urday at the Y. M. C. A. in honor of
the birth of Lincoln and Washington.
was a decided suooss. Aitter a ip
had been Served with a sumptions
|dinncr a pprogram was given. Then>
were three selections by
School which were greatly enjoyed
Rev. Wallace gave a splendid address
on Washington. Rev. Swartz and Mr.
Slinker botli gave an oxoelent talk on'
Abraham Lincoln.
Little Frank) Hogue capped the
<=>»> la x ^ ^Ing The American
creed ' and litUa MaUlle read
an ssay on Lincoln, which was very
go«id indeed.
3 heifer calves 7 months old 2 milk
oows, good team and heavy harness,
J. R. Hetzer, phone 219-w. It
One of the most delightful pregram
of the yfear was given Mono ay after
uo-n in the Library rc-.ms. .Mrs. D. C
Chase, chairman of the art
traye] <x>mmiUée arrangcd and
^ ^ ^ , he program .
flrgt numbcr a plano duet by
boldly an(] Mrg p eU)rBOI1
who roapcndtd tj cncorcs willingly.
Mr. sAJberi. Wilson
who with
1 .aughtcr spent several months
j Hawaii was able to give customs
many interesting' word pictures
iffercnt pieces, and also a concise
history of Queen Liliuokalani an-l
with a large collection of postcard*
oi' places and preducts, made it enter
t'uning as well as instructive. Hawaii
an music was represented by Mis*
N'aomi Parsons who sang Queen Lilis
Farewiell to thee' and Hawaiin Moon
light, Mrs. Peterson
From this pleasent sojourn in a sunn
island we were taken to Holland with
! it's dikes and windmills anj quaint
^stones of it's people, by Mrs. P. HT
Brown, who very cleverly wove in th
description a short story of a kahaki
dad tidier and a sweet dutch lassie.
Mrs. Brown has lived in Holland, and
h.r descriptive powers proclaimed the
fact. Now the stress of Red Cross ie
practically over at least until further
orders. We should have an instructive
and entertaining program ax each
The club sends five dollars each
month to the Canteen at Hunting-1
ton. Mrs. Paul Walker surprised us
to resignining as recording Secretary
and a new one will be elected at the
next r.eeting. Mrs. Walker has made
efficient secretary and the
club gives her up wLb reluctance.
. , « A Tv
Tow mmbers at this meeting are Mr
v c Nabbs Mrs N W Douglass an.
Mrr O D.' Coles. ' The ar enhance
taxed the seating capacity of th
room and have been tr-ken to
put in more chairs, so it wont be so
rowed the next meeting, Howevkr
it is a good sign to have no empty
•hairs, and enthuses the on:» who
always give their best.Time; secono
. fourth Mondays- 2:30 P. M.
youngest eon:
Little Carrol Anson,
of Mrs. Florence Walkt r, mit
sudden death at Cascade last Satur
day while playing in the switch yards
last Saturday
of the logging camp
aft"rnoon. It is supposed that he at-j
tempted to cross in front el. a mov
ing car and was struck on the h-au
and. chest causing insmu death. He
was picked up by one of the work
moving car
men after the
crossed over the body.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker went to Cas
cade several months ago and have
bo-u employed as cooks at
where the accident hap
camp near
pened. Littie Carrol
child and the pet of the family. He
was four Years, seven months
four days old at the time of
death and his sudden and untimely
departure brings saddeness to many
a heart. The body was brought to
Payette Monday, the funfcral was held
from Lauers undertaking
Tuesday afternoon conducted by Rev.j
Thomas Ashworth, interment was made
at Riverside «■emetry beeide
father, and twin brother who preced
ed him about a year ago. He leav*s
to ni -urn ms 1 ss, *a step-father, niotn.
er and
other relatives who have the tender
sympathy of many frieade.
two older brothers besides
About fifty friend* and neighbors
of G. Z. Arment surprised them com
pletely by appearing last Saturday
gening with well filled baskets Jack
H» reported to hav^ hiden behind the
*ove and »aid, well but we aro go
tag over to Farnham'a for supper.
J* 1 * left Saturday morning
Cascade, where they have leased the
Ered Woolf" stock ranch. Mrs. Arm 11
Ixirin and Hollace will go about the
middle of March with a car and Ho
race will stay till the close ot Bchool
Howard and Frank Goodwin both ar
rived homlo this morning. Howard
has been in the service In Pranas Ho
over a jriar. We have not geen
Howard yet to got any of hie exper
inees, but we will venture to say
lias had plenty that he would'mt care
to repeat. Frank has bean
at New Port Tor somta time.It was|
nice that the two brother* returned
home at the mtab «due. 1
I Another loi -ly dancing party was
oujojtu by a crowu et raye tic s
>' ULL ng peoida at the Ho-.-.l Bancrott
Washingtons hirthuay. Xt was
a nice awning regardless ot mud
and people from our neighboring
cities were pleased to come.
Mrs. Berne is a gracio-a; Hostess
| and every one is sure made to ieel
at home.
The music by the Hazel tine Or
</f the best and
floor is in dancing trim.
andichteetra was
ST Patricks Day, March 17th will
again see the Hotel full of mus.
laughter and charming people and
■ the lure ofgood mus.c and dancing
'should without fail be with us
«, p. _ ^ rl cy.iyrrp
The people or Payette, and. part
icuiarly the old time residences were
«.»-.».w:,«« "r
bome ia Burns Oregon Monday
wv f , nin .„ February 17ti Mrs clevengi
rw ,. v „ rwi from / mon , h
o{ lyp hoid fever whne it be
ÏJ^ry Jr 1er to undeS
j2 ope at ions from which she did not
The body was brought
V* mam8d ",. Mas Mln "
BeIIe Johason about 2 ' >' aars «e°-'-will
And lirtd °° s;x,h for £€veral yearE
and about thc year 1901 mOTed to
^' ale whei^ they lived tor twq
years and fp,m there to Burns where
«* y ba ^ co " ti " aed *° live unti ' the
of b « r d ^ There were born
€U1 ^ ree c 1 y €n ' or * e pa f se
away "' b - ^
w , Cte T* Dge ^.** JA ^' 1Wp
a 6 . _ r -rS 6 e
j, r ™ L a Brother of Mrs !
* ' . - ' *|
- " >rlH xfr - r]ev
[warm friends who will truly sympa
Payette where the funeral was held,
:Feb. 22th conducted by Rev. Ward.
side cemetry, beside a little daughtr
'who preceded her many years ago.
Interment was made at the River-;first
It wiB be remembered by the old
residents of Pay«tte that Mr. Cleve
Ihise with the bereeved husband and
children who will keenly f ; -el the
loss of a kind wife and mother.
, I
Last week Barnard Eastman, See-
T.'tary of the Payette Oounty Com
mercial club
while at Boite
bénéficiai to
several propositions
Payette county, attended the
Cattle and Horse Growers Association
and after a strenous battl- between
several other locations, landed the
next annual convention of this associa
t.oa for Payette, which means that
4rom five to six hundred stock men
the conv 3 ntion, which will be a stim
I ulus to the
as tu good advertisement
the County, The State Horticultural c
the State will be with us during
Btock industry as well
* or
convention is also slated for Payett«
th» year.
At the Bums Wednesday March 6t
will be shown one of the most ma.
nificant moving picture ever on the
scren. It is entitled. Four Flags.
This film is sent out under the auth
for;ority of the Government, not as a
j money maker, but as an educator.
j This Is a thrilling scene of real
action on tho battle fields in France
it is strictly a high priced fäiow
but under special arraugemint, ^iil
be shown fit 10, 20 and 30 cents and
all soldier boys in uniform will be
admitted free.
On April 28th. another similar pic
tuT° will be shown, the announce men
of which will appear later.
Mr. Clliford B. Gresham and M'
Ir^ne Ludrick, both of New Ply
mouth were mouth were united in
marrtagO- at the Court House Wed
M. O. Luther offlci
Probate Judge
Pfoture* evtwr «jght *hia w*»*k.
INCUBATORS. Hen incubators will
probably always be the most satisfac
method for rancit egg hatchin
However the hen too often delays her
•intention to set until very late in the
season—too late to produce plump
broilers for June sale. It takes 10
, .,
weeks to grow a plump broiler anci
. .. , _ . ,,
.nose ready May loth bnng more than
those sold in June. To secure early
chicks many ranchers will buy incu
bates this year and hatch by the
1 . t, , •
artificial method. Buy your machines_.
.'•'Ow and get some experience before,
a11 traps. The ma,n thingj
3 , a _ early. ^
SQUIRRELS ih- squirrel:, art
iout and a gallon of poisoned oats (cost
75c) -will now do more to kill them oft
'than 5 gallons after a new bunch .rtl
. d en as3 is pientif
' "U' , ai kale''
' ' A C . , a
P Iy of e ood
twice postponed the Drainage Meet
' n g to be held at the New Plymouth
high school is now definitely booke
to-for Tuesday, March 4th, 7:45 P. M.
Drainage Engineer M. R. Lewis of!
__ ' I
««» «» a « K you!
find many typhoid Hies hiding
ic-ady to start egg laying just as soon
as war:.', days come. Destroy typhoid |
Aies now.
VACCINATION. We have been vac
inating young cattle in Whitley Bot-,
pmthicw(ok . Next Thursday. March
6th, we \vill be vaccinating in South
-begin March 11th, and schedule will
bs listed next w - eek -
as a fine universitv at Moscow andi^
«m I» «i «0» Annual!»
County Agent Conference the pres-i
dent and faculty made our stay very
Boise will be the speaker and will give
If interested in drainage plan to hearj
(this talk cn March 4th. .
FLIES. Every breeding fly killed i
j es '
hand facts about local conditions.;
now means one million fewer
pleasant. The Farm Bureau plan of
teamwork among farmers is more of i
la reality now than ever before and
definite program of daily work
each county i s demanded by the U. S
'Department of Agriculture and Di
rector Fluharty of the extension di
j'ision. Here in Payette county we
' ave the lines of work including pest
control; blackleg control, orchard- -
jand farm crop improvement. Import
;od workers on these subjects will b-
imnc-unced lata?.
-The County Agen .
Company K,361st Infantry,
Axntrican E. F. A. P. O. 77.
8th Janurary, 1919.
From Commanding ofieer, Com
ua ' '
pony K, 361st iniaatry.
To: Mr. Charlie Moore,
Subject: Private, Lee E. Moore,
I regret to state that Private,
Lee E. Moore, 22581S7 Company K,
361st Infantry, was killed in acikn
in the Meusa-Argonn« Of eus.vc, n.ai
the town of Gesnes, France, on Oc>
ber 9, 1918. Private Moore was
Automatic Rifle Gunner,
advance on Hill 255, ho was struck
by thc fragmSntsof a bursted shell,
; :;
killing him instantly,
Private Moore was
battlriield, and refer you to the Chief
Graytrs Rerristaticn Bureau. Ameri
^ E F for ccrctt Rcatlon of gave,
1 extend to you the entire sympath;
* mybrif, and the men of th s Com
pa py. You have tho oonsclati n that
p r jvate Moore died, honorably, while
execuuting his duty as a soldier,
buried on the
Curtiss R. Gilbert
Capt. 361st Infantry
Conidg. Co.
The above letter was re«nxlved bï
f, c j t[>0 .h fp-m his son at Haley
After suffering intensely for the
last eight months. Mrs. J. W. Gray
pass«! away quietly Fob. IS at 7 P.
M. at th b home.of her daughter Mrs
Reeder a* Halfway, Oregon.
Personal and Local Mention
Mammie Cou lie went to Emmett
Saturday to viait her slater Mrs.
Henry Busche.
Meeting of Woman's Auxiliary
'Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock wish;
all member*
Henry Lynder hag arrived at Pay
ette, he was in the machine gun
service and carries the scare of many
narrow escapes.
F. E. Seeley manager .vor the Paye
Valley Ib i Spray Co. was in. Salt La.
, , , , _ , . .
for several days last week on b usines
L. ^ company,
„ S - X aDd Wife 8Peat last
Reiser, where Mr. Ifenepp
preached in the B reihern Church botJ
morning and evening.
m <tfiaa „ certainly olea
guw ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
tuning home with a welcome such
th-y never have received bfore
A welcome grieei arrived at
b ' JU " of Mr - ** Culler las
-'««icay morning, his full name is
- vlllvl n Judd Culler, and he weighed
eigat pounds avoirdupois.
S»- »"<*. «-a- B* ««.
phone 216
Burt Percell was do»i Srom his
310014 BO*b of Weiser for a
^ » a « week. He says ar
" ac on ' ran ^ aud
tiey have but mtle MOW '
LK>ct miss tue big white sal«
Faroeis Saturday.
*-"*uu rtwea returned horn« from
c *-nip mus oauuuay cieuni aau use
al1 ^ " tb- wan glad to
ëei û a ui^uiar fe e ana he hoiae a^am
^ ^
ceic vis dxiig uiei^ds ana relativt*.
bntk aouse m Dkxik 18 oc second
a '- nue south and wUl move there
1U U * C near fUtUre '
J- B-Tre\y returned Monday moni
nom Walla Walla where he wem
«W». «. «« K»
1 "" 1 ' 6 lor W. A. Loughauour which
W€re snipped from Noth powder!
ranch anu were sold readily at a
al -ar
roceiv-d a
frv -mm»u> iiom ntr son wno
»,ui une A. b. t. in Fraxu/,
u-a just armen m New
« o* s anu h oulu irnuy oe nome in
cüï near lutnre.
iufi. i'icLUtL ^na*.er
a ay mrUier seivice.
Mr— W. B. nurd of Cascade
tu ainsi worth has purchased the
Mrs - F - O. Yearn left for Boise
in'^Ay w L«re she will take a course
31 St Lukes Hospital. She ha* many
frif -Qàe who regm-t her leaving Pay
elte - but wiU wi8h her «access and
hope 11131 may r e tu rn when she
has rinished. i i
oOtxi price.
For bargins in white goods attend
Donald Edward Perkins arrived at
the home of hi« parents, Mr. anti Mrs
bu t
Färbers white sale Saturday.
w - E - Verkins, last Saturday
He only weighed nine pounds,
believe me he is some boy, when be
putonthe scales to be weighed
he called out, All aboard for
! Meadows.
Mr. E. Traver of South Dakota*
four years
Mr. Traver says he can see many
improvements in Payette
his absence. He may decide to locate
with us again.
ca|me in lats wek for a visit
relatives and friends. After
absent from Payette for
Expert Funiture and piano moving
and packing. Independent Transfer an
Storrge Co. phone 216
N f rs.
called to take care of her mother
who is quite ill at thv> home of her
Miss Evlyn Skippen who is employ*
ed at the Gorham M^rcantite Co. will
make her home with Mrs. A. Wells,
Mrs. Opal Nichols who has be^n with
Wrils 1er several weeks was
a W. Dunn returned from HW
way Oregon last week where he has
fQr a-.yeral weeks. Mr. Dunn
wa s taken sick shotiy arte arrivng
Halfway and for two weeks was con
fined to his bed, and for S"veral days
a fi er reaching home was unable
mother Mrs. Frank Powell.
|bo out, but is now rftum"d to norme!
1 Floyd Blurton of Willow Cre"k
who has been In the service in
France, returned home Saturday even
lug. Floyd was in actual service at
the front and knowB some of the hor
great pleasure.
^en staying with her parents during
b * 8 absence.
FV>r banglns In wh'te goods attend
rors of war. His returning to find a
new baby in the home must be a
Mrs. Blurton has
Itaten white «rte Saturday.
Mr. ami Mrs. Albert While receiv
ed a telegram from uimr son Albert
i Junior stating that
Russia Tuesday, Feb. 35th.
he left
The M. H Church will hold their
annual Winter Picnic at the church
5 P. M.
Färbers big white sale starts next
Mr. E. Traver left Monday Feb.
24th on number 18 fçr Miller, South
Dakota. His leaving was rather un
expected, but duty called.
Our Big Cadillac- Truck is fast and
easy riding. We can move you n l.-s
; time and with the least ware and
i tart- on your Suniture. I:id pendent
t Transfer and Storage Cc. ; 1.. 216.
' even thousand inhabitants, arriving
läge two miles ou, ot Sul-Sen-Cher;
taking leave here we left the 41st Di
■ > m
i i
December 13th, 1918.
Dear Mother:—
Well, it has been a long time since
I have heard from you, and it has
also been a long time since I have
written. So Tv^11 start at -.he begin
ning. First be landed in Liverpool
after a seven days' trip «■-. the "Olym
the famous White Star liner.
After five hours in Liverpool we en
trained to Winchester, staying there
"two days; then on we went to South
ampton and boarded the little St.
George to "La Harve," Fiance.
Here we stayed in rest camp (No.
2) fo-- two more days; then took train
'for Sel-Sur-Cher, a town of about
We laid in Champ-Coal, a small vil
to-1transferred to the 149 M. G. Battalion
of the 42nd Division, or the r.otevl
Wc- stayed m Cr.anoy :. few days
and then went into the lines at Gar
raine, holding the Luneville and Dac
carat sectors. After one hundred and
vision and went to Chanoy, and there
ten days here vo? v- - ' to the Cham
pagne front. Here came the final
Görmar offensh e of -July l->, 13
and ending the latter daj -
A few days later v.e moved to Chateau
Thierry and drove the Germans fo
eight days, taki-., part in tue ghts
of the Hill 212 a;,<: ;i. hi
te wn of
On leaving Chatau front we arrived
in Rabicourt forty miles from Chaa
mont A. E. F. headquarters. Staying
two weeks ve went t - tlv Sc
salient capturing one hundred and
fifty square miles in twenty-seven
We went hpre to our last front, this
being the Verdun. Here we struck
again, hfing th final blow whlfch
crushed the German army. O Nov
from the Verdun to the Rhine. First,
all these moves were made fror? one
1 we moved forward again and did not
stop until a few days ago.
We now lay in a small town a few
on the Rhi" -
miles from Ccblenz
river. I will try and write you a few
lines now, and tell you of our moves
Berlie, on again to Stony; a (min to
Anthe from Hue to .M -itr 'd>. Th?
next day we went to Yiton. Belgium,
on to Irion. The next day e ■ n' .0
Mush-Luxenburg; on the r.tx' to K
town to the other each «lay.
First from Bazancv we went to La
len, Luxemburg, staying here a little
over a week. Then on to Gi : zcn; o
the next day to Kopp, Gertnany, on
a P ain to Stepplen and to Gimbrxh and
here we are. I have told y »no: our
travels in Europe. Well, writ*'me a-,
soon as possible and tell me you aro
feeling as good as I am.
Wit v love to all,
Co. B. l-titAh -M. G. Bn.,
42d D'v. A. E. F. France.
■- - - !
y ifiyf
Light and heavy hauling, Indepentf
«nt Trt»n«U*r and 6toiuge Oat tel»

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