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F a y E r STE Enterprise
N T o. 7, VOL XVI
Tlie following resolution was re
cently sent the House and Senat
and the four representatives in Con
gress. There were also similar resn
lutions sent by the Board of County
Commissioners and by the Boards ot j
from the Payette County Commer
cial Club:
"Believing that the Government .
each of the Highway districts, anti :
aid for the building of Good Roads
throughout the U. S. to be of great
benefit to all citizens and believing
that much aid should be continued—
Resolved: Tiiat we the City Conn
teil of the City of Payette, Idaho, do
earnestly urge our members in Con-,
. egress, both Senators and Représenta
tives to support any measure to coil
tinue the appropriation for
Roads throughout the U. S.
T. R. Woodward, Mayor
E. A. Biair, Councilman |
O. H. Musgrove, " ;

J. M. Swanson, "
W. F. Sherwood, "
E. VV. Pease, "
L. W. Spaulding "
Feb. 2, 1920.
Hon. I. R. Woodward,
Mayor, Payette, Idaho.
My dear Mr. Woodward:
I have your telegram of January ;
31st in which you set out resolutions;
adopted at a recent meeting of the
City Council of Payette, relative to j
good roads matters. Responding
thereto will say that I have at all
times favored the appropriation of
irge sums of money by the Congress
.or the construction of good roads
and highways. I was instrumental in
bringing about the appropriation of
more than $200,000,000 last year
I am, and at all times have been, of
the opinion that good roads are vit
ally necessary to the development of I
• Idaho and the well-being of her peo
pie as well as the people throughout
the West generally. I shall continue
to do all that lies in my power to
bring about the enactment of legis'a
tion by which large appropriation«
will bo made from the Federal trea
in building
sury, to be expended
With kind regards and best wishes
I am.
Very sincerely yours,
Fel). 2, 1920.
Mr. I. R. Woodward, Mayor,
Payette. Idaho.
My dear Mr. Woodward:
I am in receipt of your
gram of January 31st giving résolu- |
tion passed by the City Council
Payette. Idaho, and wish to thank j
I assure you of my very deep in. j
terest in this whole matter, and
you for the same.
giving my hearty support to the
question of federal co-operation with )
our states looking to good road build I
With kindest regards.
Very truly yours,

The City Council held a meeting j
Monday evening for the purpose of !
hearing any petitions for withdrawal i
from the sprinkling district as per :
previous notice published in the En
terprise. No petitions were filed.
* A# this meeting the matter ot ad- j
in salaries of City
came up. and the following advance
Superintendent of Water, $20 per!
month <*■ ssistant superintendent of
water, /25.00 per month; both City
It is
Marshals, $20.00 per month.
no more than right that these ad
vances should he allowed as theli :
salaries were fixed when conditions i
and prices were normal. The public
can not expect the service of com
petent help unless a fair wage Is
We desire to express our sincere
gratitude to the many friends who
were so kind und thoughtful and who
rendered their assistance during the
sickness and death of our dear aunt,
and especially to the ones who gave
the beautiful, floral offerings.
Mr. and Mrs. John Alden.
Mrs. Homer Settle was over from
Vale Wednesday, visiting relatives
gnd friends.
There has recently been organized
j n this state what is known as the:
Idaho Game Breeders' Association.
The purpose of this organization is j
t0 build up industries throughout j
the state to further htq propagation !
game and fur bearing ani
mais, it being generally known that!'
many of these valuable animals and
. a [ so tbe feathered tribe are becom-1
: 0 f w j] d
j ng almost extinct. Some of Idaho's
mo8l prominent citizens are inter
j este( ) j n a nd a j the head of this As
socialion. The executive committee
aB elected at the first annual meet
, illg are: j h. Richards, E. H.Dewey
Co | j, y. Patch. Officers: J. H.
President; Ex-Governor
Hawley, Vice President;
rs B silversmith, Secretary; H. L.
Streeter, Treasurer; A. B. Hulit,
1 James H.
Manager. At a recent meeting here
in Payette the following citizens
i )e came members of this Association:
[) r q jj Avey, M. F. Albert, W. A.!
Chris Henrichsen, D. L. Ingard, E.
E. Jarvis. Col. L. V. Patch,
C. A.
[Smith. Jr., C. A. Smith, J. E. Turner
and X. L. Thurston.
Mr. Guy Flenner, manager for the
Idaho Press Bureau in a recent com
munication said in part:
"This Association, in my judge
ment , will be responsible for build
inf? up a big industry in our state in
tbe propagation of wild game, more
particularly fur bearing animals, in
which, is generally known, there
which, as is generally
is a fine profit. Many iand owners,
and especially those having dry
farms and land with swamps, can
make such a profit of fox, skunks,
muskrats, coyotes, etc., as to enable
them to equip their now comparative
ly worthless holdings to make them
A woman living with her family
OI1 a dry f arm . after inquiring into
t h[ s project said: "And to think that
[ h^ve been driving $8 to $12 skunks
away from 4 cent eggs!" That tells
the story.
"The Idaho Game Breeders' Asso
ciation is entitled to he known as a
public benefactor. Moreover, Jt will
prove a good money making institu
tion in itself. It has already acquir
ed a large farm in Hagerman Valley
—the Paul Bickel place—where it
will conduct a demonstration farm
for wild and domestic animals as
well as a recreation park. Its busi
ness w ju yield splendid returns on
its stock and, above all, will consti
tute the inspiration for innumerable
individual operations that will in
dustrv for this state and bring to it
s j de f rom natural resources that are
the aggregate form an immense in_
a large sum of money from the out
at present worthless as a productive
f ar tor if not an enormous expense,
[Think of paying royalties on coyotes
;— a bout $60,000 a year—of the peo
p ] e ' s money when their pelts
a ) one valuable enough to form
large incentive for capture and pro
pagation! That is only one item.
"A million dollars or more a year
j„ id ab o furs is in sight—OUTSIDE
MONEY. Do you know that re
cently one firm in St. Louis sold at
auc tion in three days jus( such furs
as can be taken in Idaho for more
tban $15,000,000?"
You will note in tlip issue the
announcement by Mr. H. J. Thomp
son of the opening of the dining
room at the Hotel Bancroft,
should meet" with the hearty approv
al of all the people of this commun
Restaurants at one time in
ity. Mr. Thompson conducted two
land, Oregon and later two in Boise
which many of our Payette people
ve patronized, and thru the knowl
edge of his splendid ability to con
duct a place of this kind was induc
ed to come to Payette. Since
opening of the Thompson Restaurant
and Cafe Payette has enjoyed a real
up-to-date eating place with patron
age far beyond our expectation. Wc
understand Mr. Thompson expects
to conduct the dining room at the
Bancroft in the same up-to-date man
The weather the last few days has
been the kind "we have all been pray
ing for. Auyoue who would
about this/will certainly have to be
in ho gets to Heaven
. chained w]
he ever gets there).
Aunty Hayes passed iron this life
int0 the great beyond at the home of -
12 ;
,ier neice, Mrs. John Ahlen, at
o'clock last^Monday night after
illness of about six week.; with can-|
cer of the stomach. She had been !
11 feeble health for several months !
! and remained in her own home until
s,x weeks ago she gave up and went
j ,0 the home of her neice where she
might receive better care and atten
j tion and where everything possible
was done for her comfort and recov
ery, hut owing to her advanced age
and the incurable affliction which
soon became apparent, all was to no
avail and the death angel came as
the only relief at the mid-night houi
on February 9th.
Aunty Hayes will long be remem
bered for her life of devotion
others. She was not blessed with j
children of her own, but sought to |
1)6 a true mother to all with whom
she associated. Her noted character 1
score years. To say that she will be;
missed in this community is but
speaking the truth. She will be
missed in sickness and by her fri
and her devoted
work in church. She became a Chris
Gun in early life and has lived true
to her fuith in her Maker, and has
for kindness and a good word for
everyone, and speaking ill of no one
stands as a monument of her careei
in this world of more than
ends in distress,
now gone to be with him and
ceive her reward for the life shs
has lived. May her life be an ex
ample to others.
Mary Dixon was born in England
near London, March 1st, 1839 and
departed this life February 9, 1920
at Payette, Idaho, at the age of -S 1
years, 11 months and 9 days. Shs
came to the United States in 1872.
living in the state of Michigan for
North Dakota, and in 1900 moved to|
Payette where she continued to make
her home untiI the tirae of her death -
Funeral services were held from
Lauers Undertaking Parlor Wednea
day afternoon at 2:30, conducted by
Mrs. Guss, First Reader of the
several years. She was united in mar
riage to William Hayes about
year 1875, who has long since pass
ed from this life. She moved from
Michigan to Illinois where she lived
until 1888, moving at that time to
Church of Christ Scientist. Inter
ment took place in the Riveraide
Henrietta M. Bosley was born in
New York, January 25th. 1835; died
in Payette, Idaho. February 9. 1920,
at the home of her daughter. Mrs. j
L. E. Keeler. She leave* to mourn
her loss one daughter, five grand
children and two great grand chil
Mrs. Bosley became a Christian
early in life and has lived in the
Faith having made the Bible her
companion, finding great comfort
in it. -
The body was shipped Wednesday
to Ottawa. Kansas, for burial. Rev. ;
A. J. Adams conducted a brief ser- !
vice at the home Tuesday evening. I
Theatre patrons of the Emma
Theatre will surely he pleased to
hear that "Baby Mine"
Clark's wonderful stage success is to j
appear at the Emma Theatre on
Tuesday night for a one nights en
gagement. This is the supreme com
edy success of the decade in Amer.
ica. and with all of the serious thots
in the mind of the world today, a
good clean comedy like "Baby
Mine" will he doubly appreciated.
The cast with this company is a
notable one. the equipment xeeep- !
tional and you are promised an eve
nings enteretainment that you will
long remember.
H. J. Thompson returned Wedues
day evening from Portland where
he went last Saturday on business
matters. He brought with him sev.
erai people who are experienced help
in all lines of restaurant work, to
assist in his up-to-date eating house.
Mr Thompson says the weather was
exreptionaliy nice and warm in
Portland, and between here and
them the roads were dry and dusty,
excepting the route thru the
Blue Mountains
Club loyalty will be put to the
test, by the different committees in.
raising or no't raising the minimum
amount, as the contest was voted nil. ;
The education committee, Mrs. Un
derwood chairman, turned in $ 15.00
! which was obtained by giving the
! Commercial Club dinner one evening
This sum is five above the minimum
; Mrs. Swank reported that the
; dance had been postponed for awhile
And until the public health is nor
mal again, committees may be kept
at a stand still. Also some commit
tees are coming up missing by their
absence. Such chairmen should ask
for new names.
The Art Committee is one that
needs bolstering up and the privilege
is usually given new members to
the watch word.
Mrs. Stamey. who has been a wan-;
derer for months, returned in time
to arrange a conservation program
Mrs. Kostenbader had a poem, about
wasting other people's time, that has
specify their choice,
The Civics chairman reports that
the "College Girls
rehearsals for
Farce" is conning along nicely and
»-e can assure the public generally
that Payette talent is always No. 1,
and February 24 is the date in the
help the club as value received
Give us your support and
a lesson for each one of us. A very
interesting description of a humming;
bird's nest and bird life, by Mrs. *-•
a city
J. Lattig. and published in
paper by the Audebon Society,
Mrs. Stamey closed with reading
a plea for the Mountain Laurel as a
National flower and giving the vari
;0US flowers chosen, by other coun
Mrs Albert White. Jr. "was elected
a me mber of the Club.
The next meeting will be held on!
Library day and the chairman
book j
V V i\- «1CHIVI
Dr. H. B. Catron has recently in.
stalled an exce p tlonall y fine X-Ray
machine , n his office. It is one of
»the latest tvpe and perhaps the best
of klnd in the state . with
machlne photographs can be taken
showing the exact location and con-'
dition ^ any defects of the human
one bring a good book as
j that every
a gift to the library,
body. He has also installed the lat
est improvement in an operating
Don't forget, to-night is the big
commercial club mass meeting at the
Court House. There will be some
stay at home and then kick forever
after because the Club is not run to
suit you. Come Out and have your
say now. New plans for the manage
ment of the Club are going to be
tbing to eat and a good time.
ladies are especially invited. Don t
adopted. This is a Payette County
Club and every one who is interested
in good roads and general county
ride improvement should be at this
The Keelen Service Station has
recently changed hands. Mrs. E. M.
Kilbourn is the new proprietor, hav-j
j nK purchased the plant with all
equipment. Mrs. Kilbourne will re
ma j n with her father, Mr. R. E.
Haynes, in the law business. The
pl a ce of business will be known hers,
after as the Evergreen Service Sta-!
tion and will be conducted by Miss
Leah Haynes who will serve all auto
mobile owners with gas. oils, a few
accessories and frbe air, and we be. j
]i e ve we are safe in saying, in
j very satisfactory manner,
; Don't fail to see Howell Concerti
I Company at the Emma Theatre. Feb.
I 20. A guaranteed entertainment.
American Legion meeting
I day evening, Feb. 16. Important busi
i ness to come before the meeting sc
| ail members are urged to Pttend.
The Woman's Auxiliary of the
American Legion will meet in regu
Ur session Monday evening. Feb. 16
In the Library rooms, at 8 o'clock.»cess.
Something special so come.
Miss Myrtle Chapin was in Boise
Friday and Saturday. 13-14th—D. W
Griffith's "Broken Blossoms."The
dance of the fairies by five
Payette's beautiful girls.
Arbuckle in "The Sheriff."
* atty (
• •v „ ,,, ,,
For Bette, For Worse. 8th
yf onday ^_Cecil
B. Dernell's
episode of "The Invisible Hand."
Tuesday 17th—"Baby Mine."
Wednesday 18th—Big Bill Russell in !
'"Sir Feet Four." Harold Lloyd
Comedy !
Thursday 19th—"Piease Get Mar- I
ried" Comedy "Her First Mis. j
take." The manager will give 325 j
to any couple who will be married I
on the stage during the perform j
Friday, 2dth—-A guaranteed treat to j
ail show goers ni the well known I
Hollowell Musical Company. You
will not be disappointed In this
-Company. See it.
Armenia bleeding, starving, tac - 1
ing destruction, is crying for heIp -,
Amprioa having demonstrated her
America, naming uraumsuai™ -
courage and generosity during the j
must now prove her qualifies
' ' moral leader >
tions a ia ^ e 1 'f mora |
of t ie v.i - - mer'ca n . i
S raclous > dn promp y aasu ® ''
responsihUity or conte** . h »er*« a
^' r ^ „„"without our help !
a Britain is doing her full share
L, lrea( j v and other nations are fully
occupied by their industrial prob
lems. Let Payette County do hex
Payette County Drive.
Beautiful And Remunerative
H ' jmcs An<1 Investments.
W 10s, 20s and 40 acre tracts witn
good improvements in bearing fruit;
also, 40s 80s and larger tracts in.
diversified farming, in Hay, Corn.
Cereals and Vegetables. For II 16
largest earning power investments
caplul invested, see THE PAY
Ï d a HO '
"They Twain shall be one flesh."
(The Bible.)
This passage of scripture is
practically universal acceptance, no
matter how much skepticism there
may be on other points. True
have our bachelor men. and bachelor
women, hut they don't count
much in the history of the race.
"In the spring most young
Lightly turns to thoughts of love.
And they mostly find there are
others with the same fancy and of
the opDOsile sex .
Among the latest to decide that
- n j ove - s blender, "now is the ac
ceptab i e time", are Ruth Paine and
Frank V. Johnson (Victor).
Thev were married Sunday. Feb
8th at the Paine home, by Rev.
Reed -phe near friends
there to join in wishing them happi-,
more than they have ever t
known, or ever could know except ]
in wedded life. Delicious refresh- j
nients were served, and then we ]
obeyed the Poet's injunction: - |
"Friend speak thy wish and go thy ;
Whoever comes, comes not to
This is love's hour, and love must be
Today love's own best corapauy " j
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson will make
their home with Mrs. Paine.
Johnson has a responsible position
a t the O. S. L. Depot in Ontario and j
will go back and forth on his motor- :
. !
On Wednesday evening. February
18th the Bancroft Hotel Grill will be
re-opened by H. J. Thompson with a
$1.50 pei
cover. The general public is invited. ;
Dinner Dance at 6 p. m.
Reserve your tables now.
Seats are now on sale for the en- 1
gagement here of "Baby Mine" Mar-1
garet Mayo's, greatest comedjJ^Aouse.
It is heralded as the MbVrt
(play ever written and you wffl^Kpwere
that it is when you have :>een !t. JJP*
"Baby Mine" will be the attraction !
hWe. Tuestfay. Feh. 17. *
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dunifer spent
the week-end in Boise.
Walter Keith was down from Em-j
mett the tore part of the week.
Hart is spending;
this week with her mother, Mrs.
; Ba(ler in N - ampa
Mrs. Clifford
Mrs. Harry Morrow of Weiser was
Payette Wednesday visiting her
friend, Mrs. A. V. Strauss.
Henry Hansen is now driving a
new Nash with all the trimmings
ithat belong to an automobile
lllat l)e,ong IO an autom obile.
C. E. Dunifer purchased the Lind
en Property on 10th Street this week
and will take possession the 15th ofj
this month.
James Applegate each shipped two
cars of cattle to the Portland market
J. L. Wells, J. O. Bowker
last Saturday,
Judge B. S. Varian was down from
I... . „ , , .
Weiser Tuesday and disposed of sev
er a i cases of minor importance be
I f ore the district court.
_ ,
Vet Connyers of Cascade came
I . .. , :. _ . .. ,
down the latter part of the week on
, . . .
: business matters and to visit rela
1 gon returned Sunday evening from
Boise where the baby wes receiving
i, _ , , ,
- treatments. It is reported much bet
> Lee Connerly was in town a few
| hours Tuesday evening and Wednes
i day morning on his way from Vale
to Emmett where he expects to rent
# ^
W. C. Hinkley and son Ralph of
Sioux City, Iowa, came this week and
are visiting at the home of their son
; tives, returning Monday morning.
■ Mrs. Ferrin Harland and
and brother. Clarence Hinkley
Payette-Oregon Slope..
Mrs. Geo. I. Taylor and daughter,
Mrs. M. J. Hamilton of New
City, came Tuesday morning for
extended visit at the home of
Taylor's son, Mr. A. F. Taylor.
; pearance at the Will Griggs home
| some time during Tuesday
(At least there was a ten pound boy
arrived early Wednesday morning.
: There was practically no opposi
tion to the school bond election last
Saturday, although the
The Flu must have made its ap
very light. 64 votes were cast in fa
vor of the bond6 and one against.
Mr. A. J. Vanderford being sick
and unable to be at his place of
business this week, C. F. Callen is
janitor, head salesman and the
of Mr. and Mrs I
whole push at the Chevrolet
Duano Wilson, son
A. T. Wilson, came home from Al
bion. Nebraska, Tuesday evening.
and was taken to the Ontario Hospi
tal to-day for an operation on the
Mr. Dunifer s mother who
been visiting at the home
gQn tke pas ^ seTen weeks, was called
tQ ker bome } n Denver by the Beri- j
; ous of Mr Dunife r's father..
the fore part of the week .
within thirty days, to receive
new spring goods. They intend
have the most complete line of mer-j
chandise to be found anywhere.
F. M. Satoris has commenced to
remodel his store building and
pects to have everything completed
t h. C. Dopp, representing the Idaho
Mutual Sugar Co. of Weiser, will :
in p aye tte County-all this week.
eliciting acreage for the growing of ;
sugar beets. The Company is offer,
j n g fancy prices and it might be'
well for some of our farmers to con- j
sider the proposition. |
Little Charles Woodward, son of !
^ ^ p Woodward, was suddenly j
lakell last Saturday with what at : '
, bp infantile Daralv
J" H^SlUca lor a time appea'r-1
^ ^ ^ yery cril j ra i but later de
ve i opinent proved his case not to be
first indicated and his condition j
not so serious. He is improving nice
i ly and it is believed he will soon be
! fully recovered.
The Geo. Shurtleff house north ot
Payatte was totally destroyed by fire
Monday morning about 9 o'clock
Mr. Shurtleff's daughter. Mrs. Young
and family were living there, and
she and the children were alone at
there was no fire in that part of the
Mrs. Young managed to save
of the household goods. They
preparing to move to Payette,
as soon as they could find a house,
Everything was covered with insur
the time. It is thought the fire was
from defective wiring us
C. E. Dunifer left the fore part of
this week for Salt Lake to attend the
Auto Shov..
and Jack Graven
C. C. hargrov
stein are attending the Auto Show
in Salt Lake this week.
Mrs. P. E. Short left Wednesday
ni e ht for Eugene, Oregon, to visit /
der daughter, Mr. . Harold Prestel.
K. C. Enos who lias recently pur.
chased the Doctor Holmes property
un tenLÜ Street, is moving his family
t0 new home today,
"' ld '■ " ' • kelson are in
Portland^ this week taking in the
sl e hls ol ,Ae cuy - Vrs ; Le" 0 " '»
als ° attending a meeting ol the
Eastern Star Lodge.
Chariotte Swatman, County
Supt., was called to New Plymouth
the fore part of this week by the
serious iilm
of her father, B. F.
-riwatman, at c:s home.
Wayne Keith celebrated his 21st
birthday Tuesday evening by invit
;ng?.iu à few friends for dinner and
" ,
cards. The guests ere Misses Flor
• .. , _ . . , r~ .
cnee Hobb . Daisy- Crump and Earl
Mr. Langdon, nronrietor of the
. 7 ,, , , _..
ate . ' btc --'- me!U ™ a ' e 111 a
missioners proceedings regarding
smallpox ai the Commercial, as there
has been no case,, to his knowledge,
Specialist, will be at Bancroft Hotel,
Thursday• F"«. ■ 19th. < r<>ss eyes
straightened, nerve strain adjusted
lhat causeb Ueada:ae ' ha>fever * ®"
DR. STEETLE. Eye and Nerve
etc. Reanove
cause so nature can do its duty. Call
early. Consultation free.
male disordi
Bernard Eastman returned
evening from Lewiston and
points along the Evergreen
way where he went in th^ interest of
better roads throughout the north
west. He reports much Interest be
ing taken in Highway improvement
-nj the out-look is good for real
North and South Highway passing
thru Payette.
Joy Williams who has been suffer
ing for several weeks with a severe
attack of pneumonia, was taken
the Ontario hospital Tuesday
ning where he underwent an opera
t j on Wednesday morning which prov
ed hig trouble t0 ^ complicated with
a large formation of puss about the
vlower part of the left lung. The op.
eration was quite successful and un
less other complications arise,
is believed he will speedily recover.
Hap Chapin left last Sunday morn
ln 6 on No - 1S - for Cleveland, Ohio.
.in response to a request that
to that city and enlarge the fa
mous K. W. Band, of the Atwater
Kent Ignition Company. He was giv
a important position in the
generator department of the above
company by E Flat Hatch, a musi
His remarkable ability as a musi
trical and
togethe- with his general elec
mechanical knowledge.
was brought to the attention of the
cian of great prominence in the east
and middle west cities, and fam
ed throughout the Naval Bands of
the Pacific coast. Also, besides be
ing an excellent musician he is a
very remarie ble man along his line.
It was during Haps sojourn in
the Navy that he made the acquaint
ance of E Flat Hatch. He was called
upoa t0 " rk olu SCY " ral mechanical
proWems t ;'" t originated in tue and
house at c at I sland - < alitornia.
Whl5e workin * on he d'splay
very mueh ,alent and " 8eei,W
11 made a !astlQ 8 impression on the
:n>ind of the above mentioned per.
Mr. Hatch secured the personal
help of Mr. C. E. Tubbs, well known
in the state of Pennsylvania, an ar
dent worker in the past for the Re
liance Type-writer Company's band.
of Kittanning, Pa. He is at this time
re-organizing the K. band and
is foreman of the generator depart
ing unturned and kopt the wires
"hot" until Hap's services were fl
nally sectfaftL
Payette TY«s lost a splendid you»*
man. but tho £ood wishes of all ms
friends and fellow citizens go with
him to his new habitat and poettfot.
Mr. Tubbs, upon the. advice of
Hatch, gave such testimonials to Mr.
Atwater that the company left notb-

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