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No. 14 , VOL, XVI
The Idaho-Oregon Base Ball Lea
gue held another meeting the first of
the week at the Club rooms when ali
the towns taking part in the League
were represented. The By Laws were
adopted and an agreement signed up
between the managers of the differ
ent teams. H. J. Thompson, manager
of the Payette Team ; Geo. Donnart of
Weiser, and Mr. I obot o iitano,
for the seasons games, it vas e
cided at this meeting that the sched-j
ule will begin Apiil lHtli at w nc i j
tim9 layette »i,l P Ia y n^ano 011 ;
the Ontario diamon , eisei at un
ington; and Parma at Vale. At pres
ent the Idaho-Oregon League com-1
prises Parma, Ontario, Vale, Payette,
Welser, and Huntington, but Mana
ger Thompson says there is a possi
bility of the league including Mid
vale, Cambridge and Council. There
v/ere delegated to fix the schedule
, _j
will positive y e no ou u e payers
in any of the teams oi sa arie men •
employed. It will be strictly home j
boys, and good clean athletic sport. 1
The by-laws provide that no vile or
profane language shall be permitted
the diamond and any one violating
these rules will be fined $2.00
the first offense and for the second of
fense will be dismissed from the Lea
The proposed line-up for
home team will be Ray Forbes, catch
er; Shake, Dr. Wells and Bain, Pitch
ers. Crump, first base; Art Lattig.
second; Long, third; Hosea Shafer,
short; Ensign, Bain and Bruce Shaf
L. er field. With this line-up there is
1 absolutely no question but what Pay
; ette will have a team that will be in
the game to win. They are practicing
every evening on the home diamond
to get in trim. E. H. Murphy was u
nanimously chosen as umpire for the
Payette team to serve during
and according to the by-laws
adopted, no player will have
right to question any of his decisions.
If any question is raised the matter
will be settled between the managers.
Farmers thruout the county are
being visited by traveling poultry
wlio claim to be representatives
of the state poultry association work
ing with the Farm Bureau,
men do not represent the Idaho State
Poultry Association which is a branch
of the American Poultry Association
and has no paid agents in the field.
The Association which they represent
is undoubtedly a commercial organiz
ation, the primary object of which is
to "sell poultry dope" at exhorbitant
prices. The Farm Bureau works only
with the State Poultry Specialist Mr.
Pren Moore who is paid by the Uni
versity of Idaho Extension Division.
At Weiser last Thursday the Wei
ser-Payette Co-operative Cow Test
ing Association was organized with
the following as officers: R. T. Davis
of Weiser, president; C. H. Sargent
of Fruitland, vice president; J. C.
Anderson of Payette, secretary-treas
urer. It is planned to start the test
ing work early in April.
A circular on the Hatching and
Care of Chicks, by Pren Moore, has
just been received and is available
for distribution to those interested.
"Wheat Marketing through Paci
tfi-_N<ujtliwest Non-Profit Co-opera
tive Marketing Associations" is the
bulletin which every whe'at
Utle of a
ê^ïlwer should read.
Monday evening of this week
Fruitland a meeting of those interest
ed in Jerseys was held and
Cammack, Field Dairyman of
University Extension Division gave
a report on his recent trip to the Jer
farms of Western Oregon. Several
F. R
fine herds are for sale and the out
look for bringing some high produc
ing pure bred animals to Payette
County is very bright.
On Tuesday and Wednesday eve
nings of last week fruitgrowers meet
tngs were held in Fruitland and Pay
ette for the purpose of getting those
districts organized for the campaign
of education to bo waged against the
codling moth this season.
P. T. FORTNER, Co. Agent.
If you are looking for a real bar
gain In a used car in first class con
ditlon we have It—a Studebaker, 7
passenger; $1,060; Overland Model
$0, $1,000.— F. M. Moss ft Bro.
tl. ,
April 5—11.
Monday—Go and see the Dry
goods stores and Groceries, decorated
Jin true Western Style. See what the
west hag to offer
Tuesday—Visit to -the Creamery
and get a drink of buttermilk and to
tbe Flour >^lill to see bow the miller
makes our bread gtuffs -
Wednesday—The Art. Committee
at Mrs. James^auer's will give a
gn ver yea and evening a ball at!
the paviHon Mueic by a fiv? . piece or .
Friday or later a Club dinner at
the Bancroft and a committee will
place a limited number of tickets on
sale or get out and sell them. This
dinner is not yet completely arranged
but. watch. . j
Friday—Domestic Art Exhibit ,in :
Lauer , g
. j
Saturday—Bread Baking Contest j
in Electric Rooms by Miss Scrivener' !
County Girls. Also Auto Parade; For-'
tia Booster Parade. If you want to j
enter a car in that parade, phone
Mrs. Hobbs for conditions. At the ,
Special meeting Monday a committee J
was appointed to try to find a place j
to put the Library. At the next regu- j
lar meeting a certain fund will
be j
set aside for a building fund and if ;
any enterprising citizen wants a liv- I
ing monument he can donate the site :
Please don't all speak at once.
Saturday at the Library, the Li- !
brary committee will give a Library I
Tea and receive books but none will j
be issued.
4 REAL surprise
W alker Bivens of Payette and
Marie Smith of Weatherby, Oregon,
sprang a surprise on their friends last
Saturday by quietly going to Weiser
and entering into a little contract be
tween themselves to both live in the
same house the rest of their lives.
Marie to look after the household af
fairs according to her own ideas, and
Walker to rustle the necessary dow
to defray all expenses. They will take
up their duties according to
little agreemen* on the Bivens ranch
four miles east of Payette. Mr. Biv
ens was born, raised and has lived all
his life in this community and is
bright energetic young rancher and
in our judgment will hare no diffi
culty in fulfilling his part of
contract. His partner is second
none in every respect. She is highly
accomplished and is well known in
Payette having lived here from child-1
hood until a few years ago, moved
with her parents to Weatherby.
extend our best wishes to these splen
did young people and congratulate
them on their good judgment.
Notice is hereby given that a spe
cial election of the qualified electors
within the corporate limits of
City of Payette, Idaho, will be held
on Tuesday the 13th day of April, A.
D. 1920 for the purpose of submit
ting to the qualified electors of said
City the following question, to-wit:
Shall the City Council of the said
City of Payette, Idaho, pass an ordi
nance permitting theatres and mov
ing picture shows to keep open
Sunday within the corporate limits
of the City of Payette, Idaho?
Notice is "hereby further given that
for the purpose of this election the
City of Payette will be deemed
constitute but one ward and
the voting place for the entire City
will be at the City Hall in said City
of Payette and that said voting place
will be open from nine o'clock a. m.
until seven o'clock p. m.
hereunto set my hand and caused the
attestation hereof under the corpor
ate seal of said City, all on this 29th
day of March A. D. 1920.
I. R. WOODWARD, Mayor.
City Clerk.
April .1, 1920—April 8, 1020.
E. W. Dunn is at Halfway, Oregon
this week on a business trip, going
over Tuesday by auto.
At a meeting of the Republican
County Organization on March 27 th,
it was agreed that precinct caucuses
should be held in the various pre
cincts and towns of the county on
the 3rd day of April, 1920 at 7.30
o'clock p. m. for the purpose of elect
ing delegates to a county convention
to be held at the County Court
House on April 10, 1920 at 2:00
o'clock p. m. f and that an apportion
ment of the delegates for the various
precincts of the county would be as
North Fruitland, 3 ; South Fruit
land 2; New Plymouth 4; Stuart 2;
French 2; North Payette 3; South
Payette 2; East Payette 4; West
Payette 4.
the matter the widest publicity possi
ble and see that a representative dele
You are therefore urged to give
gation of the Republicans of your
precinct meet at the time above stat
ed for the purpose of selecting dele- '
gates, to be held in Coeur D' Alene. j
It was decided at that time that the j
caucus for the towns of the county :
should be held at the same time and
Place; and the caucus at New Ply
mouth will be at the city hall ; at
Fruitland. at Frank's Hall; at Pay
ette at the County Court House. The j
committeemen for the other precinct; j
will arrange places and let it be •
known among the Republicans of
the county attend the caucus in their
their precinct.
It is urged that all Republicans of
various precincts as this is a matter
for the Republicans of the county
to pass upon and determine.
County Chairman.
The San Jose, California, Evening
News of March 16, gives an interest
ing account of a new community
: Theatre which Is gaining momentum,
! and numbers of prominent people are
becoming keenly interested.
Mabel L. Dorsey is at the head of the
m ovement. Miss Dorsey being a grad
ua t e °f the Marden School of Music
j and Expression of Chicago, one of the
111081 f amou8 schools of its kind in
! the world.
"The idea of this theatre will be to
interest and instruct not only chil- ;
dren but adults in the use of their !
voices upon the stage, in theatrical
technique and in the drama , said
Miss Dorsey this morning. "Incident
I ally we shall supply the community
| "'ith valuable theatrical entertain
ment from the very best of modern
P' a >' 8 > staging about one group
j Plays a month. ^
j "The best plays of every sort will
j be staged. The plan is strictly educa
tional along several lines.
"Miss Dorsey has been playing in
and directing similar plays since
childhood and. with excellent special
ized training, will bring expert knowl
| edge to bear."
Miss Dorsey will be remembered
| by many of the Payette people
1 head of the English department
j the Payette Schools.
j she was for a number of years at the !
covery. She has had' a long hard I
seitre and has been very low at differ
seige ana nas Deen >ery low at amer |
ent times, but the attending physi- ;
cian at the hospital in Boise tele
The many friends of Mrs. M. F.
Albert wiH be pleased to learn that
she is now again on the road to re- |
._. ... . ;
^ shfwa, doine n.Velv Ind
noon that she was doing nicely and
baring any unforeseen complications. I
she woflld be able to be removed to
her home before long.
Just before going to press we learn
of the death of Mrs - G - F - Tha Y er
which occurred at the home of her
daughter. Mrs. Mark Prindle, at '
seven, o'clock last evening after an
illness of six weeks. Her death ;
caused by influenza complicated with
*eart trouble. The funeral will be
issue we will publish an appropriate
! Mrs. Francis Fuller left Wednes- |
day for Manhattan. Kans., to make :
her home with her mother. J
held tomorrow. (Friday! at 2 o'clock
from the Prindle home. In our next
From all over the state conies de
mands for changes in the Idaho game
law so as to permit individuals or
associations to propagate fowls and
fish. Several Idaho newspapers have
taken up the case for the public,
pointing out that there should be no
legal prohibition placed on the indi
vidual or an association raising fowi
and fish on their or Us own property
the same as they can raise chickens.
These editors
whatever with the prerogatives of
the sportsman. In fact, the avenues
for replenishing wild game life are
increased, they declare.
The issue was raised in the case
of the Idaho Game Breeders' Asso
ciation. The state game warden per
mitted the association to engage fur
raising but refused to grant a
mit for game birds and fish.
While this does not interfere with
the prime objects of the association
it might rob it of one of its features
as to its Hagerman valley farm, wher
it had been planned to place wild,
see no
birds and water fowl as an attraction
for visitors.
-— ;
f _
Notice of Meeting
The Women's Auxiliary Unit No. 1 ;
of John Webster Rhoads Post will j
hold their regular meeting Monday
evening, April 5th at 8 o'clock in
the Library room of the "Y".
Auxiliary is planning a membership
drive to commence with this meeting,
Wives, Sisters and
All Mothers.
Daughters of members of the Amerl-i
Remember, Ladies—it i.
not every body who can become mem
can Legion are urged to attend this
meeting and enroll their names
members of the Women's Auxiliary i
Unit No. 1.
bers of this organization, therefore it
is hoped all who are eligible to mem
bership will avail themselves of this
The Payette Auxiliary Unit has the
distinction of holding Charter No. 1
in the State of Idaho, and we aim to
keep the lead in all Auxiliary activi
LISTEN! A social time in connec-'
tion with the Legion boys is planned
by the entertainment committee
follow the business session, and the
committee are leaving nothing un
done to make this a success. The la
dies are requested to wear aprons and
the boys overalls. Refreshments will
be served and an enjoyable time is
assured to all who come.
As Tuesday. April 6th, is the Third
Anniversary of the United States en
* , ,
tenng the war. it is planned to make
Monday night's meeting suffice fpr
that occasion also, by making it
real live affair.
So COME and have a good time.
Corp. Sec.
Henry AuguSton who recently pur
chased the H. M. Bell property in the
south part of town, purchased, this
week, the Swanson 15-acres in Wa
shoe Bottom.
Mr. W. F. Sherwood, proprietor of
the Payette Brick Company, has laid
in his supply of coal for the season
„JL"' 'iTve^buri nZ "Ü
p ^ op ! > ,el ° r the \\ er ; bu m ®- s al
the Banks Barn, Mr. Inman having
so id his business to him a few days
ag0 ^f r Lesley will conduct a stock«!
at the brick yard, and is making
preparations for a big seasons ran
which will begin, as soon as the wea
ther will permit.
exchan S e — ,hat of buyinB and selIin *
ca (£] e 8 nd horses in connection with
the other business. Mr. Inman wili
move onto his ranch on Pavette-Ore
- '
gon Slope.
On Thursday afternoon, the home
0 f jj rs ç A Smith on North Tenth
St. was the scene of the last of the
delightful Lenten Teas, which have
been given by the Ladies of the Epis
copal Church. The hostesses were
Me s d ames Mary Wilson. J. L.
p ona id, L. V. Patch, and C. A. Smith,
while Mrs. Will Reilly assisted in
serving. Between the hours of three
and five visitors came in a constant
streanl to ^joy a -dish of tea', and a
chat with their friends. The ladles|
who have worked this Lent to make
tbese jmpular affairs a success, have
every reason to feel well satisfied
witb what they hare accomplished.
Friday,2—Mary Pickford in "Heart
of the Hills, Harold Lloyd comedy
Saturday, 3
;onstanca Talmadge in
"A Lady's name''. Animal comedy.
Matinee at 3 p. m.
Monday 5— D. W. Griffith's "Girl
Who Stayed at Home" and
last episode of the "Invisible Hand'
Tuesday, 6—"Romany Where Love
Runs Wild." Scenic "Sheep
Wednesday, 7—Pauline Frederick in
"Out of the Shadow."
Lloyd comedy.
Thursday and Friday—William Far
num in "The Tale of Two Cities"
from the book by Charles Dickens.
Mack Sennett comedy,
15th and 16th—Mary Pickford
Resolutions of sympathy and res
pect adopted by W . T. Sherman Corps
>.o. 1 1 of PayetfS, in memory of Cora
D. Slinker who died March 14, 1920.
14 hereas once more our Corps has
been visited by the grim reaper, who.
one Q f oar m0 st loyal and efficient
members; Resolved that we the en
tj re Corps do sincerely mourn our
has taken to her eternal resting place
ioss. and extend our heartfelt sym
yathy to the family in their great
sorrow, and commend them to the i
loving Father for comfort,
Resolved a copy of these résolu
tions be sent the bereaved family, a
copy be printed in our local papers,
and also be spread on the record of i
our corps, in memory of our sister. ;
Mary E. Kostenbader,
Galena Coughanour,
Anna E. White.
The Payette Mills offer lOOib of i
j Sunshine Flour to the woman who
makes the best loaf of bread but of
Sunshine flour, and 501b for
j second best. The bread to be brot to
I Anson & Hart's Store by 3 o'clock
] on Thursday of Home Products Week,
We are informed that in all proba
' bilities Denney & Co. will build, this
season, a drier at Payette and also
one at New Plymouth. At both places
to}the drier burned down during the
: drying season last year. However
there is as yet no definite plans'and
perhaps will not be until the season
is advanced sufficient to determine
as to the fruit crop. If the prospects
indicate a crop of fruit there will be
no question but what a drying plant
will be erected at both of the above
mentioned places and we understand
u -U-.»
the plan is to construct the buildings
of concrete and a new system adopted
wherebv the plant will be practically
ifireproof. A drier is one of the essen
liais in a fruit section to take care
of cull fruit which otherwise would
be a total loss. We sincerely
that the above plans may materialize
Denney & Co. are loading out ap
p] es every day from the Cold Storage
p i ant for the eastern market.
the quality of the fruit is exceptional
]y fine. There are about 25 cars in
storage yet which are all sold and wil
rive from the purchasers.
be loaded out as fast as orders
Camp Pike. Ark.. March 29.—Rob
ert Heidltman of Payette. Idaho, was
accepted for enlistment in the United
States Army, at this, place on March
2Mh HeidUman WaS former!y a H
borer at that place and his Father
T .
there. Heidltman *as enrolled at the
Camp Pike College an institution'
maintained by the United States Gov
ernment at t.ii; p aie w ere en i.n
men can learn any vocation they de
gire and at the end of tbeir enll5t .
ment be discharged as skilled work
Liaison Officer
Camp Pike. Ark.
The storm of high wind and dust
rather put a damper on the Com
merciol Clnh meeting which was
evening. Oclv one man had the nerve
scheduled for Fruitland Tuesday
to weather the blast from Payette
and be present at the meeting. R C.
Graff, president of the Club.
never fails, wind, rain or shine, and
is there when U comes to boosting.!
was the only man. We presume an
other meeting will be called in the
near future t hen it is hoped a good
turn-out frhii Payette will ha there.,
August Young motored to Boise
Tuesday on business connected with
his firm.
Miss Maud Aldrich, teacher in the
Nampa school, is in Payette this
week visiting among her friends.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. McDonald pass
ed through Payette last Monday.
route from Nampa to their home in
Mrs. Cloe Brassey and little daugh
ter of Boise spent last week in Pay
ette at the home of her aunt
uncle, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Thacker.
Alfred C. McCormick and Loise R.
Drahm both of Weiser were marriea
at the Christian Parsonage Thursdaj
March 25th, Rev. Adams officiating
The Yeomen will meet Friday eve
i nln 6. April 2nd and Thursday eve
! ning, A P ril 8th of next week,
Yeomen take notice and don't forget
! the dates.
Misses Carter and Shipley, mem
bers cf the faculty of Gooding Col
lege, are visiting with Miss Luella
Kirkendail, who is now home for her
Easter vacation.
w. Equals went to Ontario Mon
da y help check up the loss at the
Golden Rule Store caused by being
burglarized Sunday night. The loss
amounted to between $400 and$500.
The Junior Endeavorers will serve
refreshments in the dining room of
the Christian church, Saturday April
3rd from 2 to 6. A welcome to all.
Money to finish missionary pledge.
C. C. Anderson, the Golden Rule
man of Boise, was in Payette Tues
day, driving over in his Cadilac Se
dan. He went from here to Weiser
to attend to business matters at that
J. M. Swanson who was taken to
the hospital at Boise last week, suf
fering from the etfects of a kidney
stone, returned home Saturday eve
ning and is able to again be on the
FOR SALE; Good second hand pi- '
ano. Inquire at this office.
Dr. E. L. Wells, Dentist, has mov
j ^ office to the Jacobsen building
j over the Post Otfice. The rooms form
; gj-jy occupied by Dr, Weiis over the
^uima Theatre, will be occupied by
ü r and Mrs. Hughes as their living•
Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Judd who sold
out their holdings here and left for
california iast £ a jj returned Friday
eTemn g ^£ ler traveling around for
several ' months they decided that
p ayeue was j USl about the best place
alter all. They .expect to build a fine
home and again become good citizens
of this place.
bunch o{ riderg driTing a
Sunday about half wav
Jy Reiser on the
^ y a mUe to(J bUar .
w ' ' .......
ious and wound up m the ditch be
^ ^ ^ Fonunate]v a few
. ..
etches and a little shaking up was
a11 'he injuries received. _ The " r
doweTer was considerably damaged.
Noot Crawford who left Payette
eighteen years ago, was in
Monday and Tuesday. Noot looks just
a little older but he is just as full of
the old nick as he ever was. While he
remains in this neck of the woods it
will be just as well to turn the dog
lose and lock up things around the
place, but don t tell him we
anything about it.
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Ainey served
a birthday dinner on Monday eve
ning in honor of their daughter. Pau
line's birthday. Covers were laid for
12 . Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
G. W. Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Whalen and Kathryn. Mr. and Mrs.
David I. Peterson and Phyllis. Mr.
Cottrell and Mr. Williams of Salt
Lake City, and Mr. and Mrs. Ainey.
B. A. Y. Payette Homestead
I12S invited the Ontario Home
stea< j ovar last Thursday evening to
help celebrate their 16th anniversary,
A program was given, followed by a
general good time and refreshments
the latter being furnished and serv
ed by the men. The birthday cake,
bearing the emblem of the Order,
and 16 candles was a work of art.
mouth. We are glad to know
Mr. and Mrs.
moved this week back to their beau
tiful farm home east of New Ply
these people are not moving away
from Payette County. Mr. Eastman
booster in Payette County and while
he still lives here hê will continue to
boost. We regret their moving from
Payette, but we realize it is to their
financial Interest to move on the
place for a «me at least. .
is just about the most progressive
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Paine are re
joicing over the arrivai of a
baby girl who arrived last Sunday.
W. W. Dillon of Portland who w;.j
here some time ago to assist in the
Y. M. C. A. drive was in Payette be
tween trains Wednesday.
Mr. G. L. Bixbv of Atis
who is just returning from a visit to
the east, is here for a few days visit
ing at the home of his neice, Mrs. F.
M. Satoris.
Mrs. Fern R. Hart. County Treas
urer of Canyon County, and sis
Miss Williams of Caldwell were
Payette Monday evening, returning
Tuesday morning.
na, Idaho.
The Street sprinkler made its first
appearance on the street:
morning and was greatly appreciated
by the merchants and others
were on the streets.
Mr. Whalen received a wire from
Pocatello on Wednesday morning ad
vising him of the very, serious ill
nea^ of his daughter E;3e. He and
Jack left on No. 4 for Pocatello.
The A. B. C. Club was delightfully
entertained at the home of Mrs. Earl
Färber Wednesday afternoon. A love
ly two cource luncheon was served by
the hostess. About ten guests were
If the parties who are responsible
for the condition of the rough roads
in some sections of this County
would take advantage of the damp
ness on the roads this morning and
give them the once over with a drag
it would certainly be appreciated.
Talk about March coming in like
a Lamb and going out like a Lion.
The Lion sure did some roaring the
last two days, but when we see in
the daily papers of the death toll and
destruction to property by storms in
other sections, we have no complaint
to make.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Baird arrived
in Payette this morning to again
make their home here. They have
been making their home in Caldwell
for the past year or more but find
Payette more to their liking. They
were lucky to have a home of their
to move into. We are glad to
haTe them back.
Dr. A. V. Strauss who has been on
] a business and pleasure trip at vari
ous points in the east during the last
two months, returned Sunday eve
nlng - 7116 1)00lor so!<i out his busi
ness and Practice some time ago, but
«I** 15 to remain in tMs comlnUnity
and glTe hls attention to his prune
orchard on the bench,
evening jn honor o{ 0)ger 0isby who
left Mondav evening for Portland.
where he will attend a Commercial
Colleee . He has beer , employed at
fhp p avpnp Pharmaov the vear
the Fayette Fnarma y xne pa-t >e<x
Co vers we re laid for eight. A basket
of daffodils formed the centerpiece.
; The Payette Valley Real Estate
Agtacy report the sal« this week
' the old Bliss 40-acres near New Ply
month to C. E. Lewis. This tract is
Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Davis entertain
ed at a seven o'clock dinner Sunday
in bearing app'-s. The consideration.
$ 14 . 000 . 00 . A'.so the Rodgers home
on Sixth St. The purchaser in this
deal will be left to guess. He expects
to need this home in the very near
When Sam Deardorf came down to
the Barber Shop this morning and
started playing a time on the razor
strop, there came a sound like thi
Dady-o-dad. dady-o-dad. dady-o-dad
d a d. dad, dad. and the smile on his
f ace told the story. There is nor
; three in the Deardorf family but the
voung barber won't need a shave o,
a hair cut for some time,
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Ingard are mov
ing to their beautiful country homi
—Santa Rosa
jj r ingard will superintend the
ranch this year. He will continue as
manager of the Payette office of the
Jdabo-Oregon Fruit Growers Associa
tion. We understand Mr. and Mrs. T.
r Xeilson who have b^en living cr.
the ranch, will move to Payette,
Elmo Rotering, who has been
the employ of the Idaho Power Co.,
as local man. and Jack B-assfie!d,
who has been Wire Chief with
Mountain States Tel. and T-l. Co. for
the past several years, hare covered
their relations with tl-' ahr. named
companies for the purpose o' opening
quarters will be at the office of th ■
Payette Valley Rex Spray Co.
these young men are familiar
the electrical game and their years o'
experience will make this shop ait as
|wtt to Pa>«tt*.
up an Electrical Shop. Their head

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