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The Filer Record
An Independent
Published Weekly
for Filer
8oviet Troope Have Compelled Ru
manians to Begin a General Retreat
Into Beasarabia, After
Heavy Fighting.
London. — On the Archangel front
south of Seletskoe on April 15, a de
tachment of the Russian national anny
raided a Bolshevik post, virtually
wiped out the garrison of sixty men
and captured two machine guns, an
official statement from the British
war office says. Only six men out of
the garrison of the post succeeded In
escaping. Russian casualties were two
killed uud five wounded.
Russian soviet troops, after heavy
fighting, have compelled the Ruman
ians to begin a general retreat Into
Bessarabia from the line of Kamenetz
Momiev along the Dneister In Poland,
a Russian wireless message says.
Further north, in western Ukralnla
tho message adds, the troops of Gen
eral Petlura have been driven from
the line from Kamenetz-Prosgurov
A retreat of ten miles In the Mur
mansk region Is admitted by the Rus
sian soviet government In a wireless
mesage received here ' Tuesday.
message says:
"In the direction of Murmansk our
troops have retreated ten miles to the
I ha
south of I'ros station and Uras lake."
Increase Shown in Casualties.
Washington.—Revised army casualty
records made public April 15, show
274,860 major casualltles, an increase
of 1755 over the total announced a
week ago. One of the striking feature*
of the record Is a reduction of 337 In
the number of missing, brought about
largely by the Identification of dead
and the return of prisoners.
Warns of Perils of Bolshevism.
San Francisco.—Hope that the prin
ciples of anarchy and Bolshevism that
now sway portions of the world will
not get a dominant foothold la Amer
ica. but that the "golden rule" eventu
ally shall prevail here and elsewhere,
expressed by Mayor Ole Hanson of
Seattle In an address here at a mass
meeting in the Civic auditorium.
Trainmen Blamed for Wreck.
rear-end collUlon
Wash i n gton.—A
between two New York Central pas
senger trains near South Byron, N. Y..
last January. In which twenty-one per
were killed and seventy-one In
Jured. was due solely to human error,
according to a report by the bureau of
safety to the Interstate commerce com
Glass Asks Quick Response.
New York.—Widespread distribution
of the fifth and final Liberty loan—
the H ..'»>>.000.000 Victory loon—as an
antidote to Bolshevism, was urged by
Carter Glass, secretary of the treasury
In an address hero before 4000 loan
campaigners of the New York federal
reserve district
Y. M. C. A. Losses In Wsr.
New York. — Eleven Y. M. C. A.
workers were killed In action.
thro« died from wounds and fifty-six
from disease and other causes sine#
tho beginning of the war. according to
announcement by the national war
work council of the organization.
Telephone Income Share# Decrease.
Washington. — The net Income of
sixty telephone companies, with un
dual reveuues above (2f<0.00d showed
1 decrease of (220.000. or 3.7 per conh
during November. 1918. as compared
with the total of (5.9» t ;000 for No
vember. 1917.
Wilson Pleased by Packer»
Washington.—Secretary Wilson baa
written the five leading meat packer*
expressing gratification of the depart
ment of labor at their expressed wtll
.-ontlnue existing labor
Ingness to
agreement, for a period of one year
after peace 1# signed.
D. A. R. Oppoa* Miaute of Flag.
Washington.—Enactment of a fed
eral law to prevent general miauao
end desecration of the American flag I
advocated in a report Tuesday to :
twentv-eighth congress of the
Daughter, of th* American Révolu
Strike at Cork.
Cork. Ireland.—The workingmen la
Cork are Idle as the resnlt of a pro
clamation of a strike by the trade
unionists as a protest against martial
law. Electric and gas companies of
the city have been cut off.
Belief Expressed That Allies Hava
Already Indicated Final Peace
Tarma and Have Assurance#
Conditions Will be Accepted.
Paris.—It seems now only a ques
tion of a few days until final peace
terms are signed. The Midi expresses
the belief that the allies already have
Indicated to the Germans the final
peace terms of the entente and have
assurance that the conditions will be
A statement by President Wilson In
behalf of the council of four says
that the qustIona of peace are so near
complete solution that they will be
quickly and finally drafted. This an
nouncement was contained in an of
ficial bulletin, which added that the
German plenipotentiaries had been in
vited to meet at Versailles on April 25.
The president hopes that the ques
tions of Italy, es|MK-ially relating to
the Adriatic, will he brought to a
speedy agreement. The Adriatic ques
tion will be given precedence over
other questions.
The settlements belonging especially
to the treaty with Germany, the state- j
raent says, will thus be got out of the
way and at the same time other set- j
tJemeuls will he completely formulated.
Sum Asked of German People for 1
Damage Caused by War.
Purls.—One hundred billion gold
marks is the amount Germany must
pay the allied and associated govern
for losses and damage caused '
by the war plus other billions to be j
determined by a special commission,
on which Germany is to be rep re
g ,. nted
This is the final and definite conclu
slon which has been reduced to writ
lug after weeks of negotiations which
took a wide range and involved fre
queBt changes and modifications. The
payment of the one hundred billion j
gold mark* Is to be divided Into three
distinct amounts, as follows:
First, twenty billion» within two '
, . »«in .» «
S ^ LS, l!! !
fort, Will.«, »hen . „.mm!,.loo „h.ll
. , _i„, k««- i» .h»ii j...
rerolne unJlr nL ^ trrotv
„ ! ,1 . The
must pay g,\O.X).Of».000 In en h or the
equivalent in commmlltles b..fore May
1. 1921. She must also Issue immedi
ately to the allied and associated gov
ernments $ of interest
bearing bonds.
Th# interest on the bond« until 1926
will be either 2 or 3 per cent and
after that date will be 5 per cent, ac j
Washington —Transportation of In
toxicatlug liquors for beverage pur
poses through a dry state Is not pro-1
htblted under the Reed prohibition
amendment, the supreme court held
on Monday in an order Interpreting
that act. I
cording to the present plan.
Wets Score in Court Decision.
Editor Out on Bond.
Richmond. Mo.— Rotiert 8. I .y on. edi
tor of the Richmond Conservator,
charged with murder In the first de
grec following the death from knife
wound, of Judge Frank P. Dlvelbls«.
was released under bond of (15.000. j|
- v
■. V "
Right Hon. W. F. Massey is tho
premier of Now Zealand and one of
the leading «tstoemen of tho British
Hard Colors to Harmonize
too Ml tH
FW «1 1K i fwLl
K wM*



i I
German Delegates Will be Summoned
to Versailles Within Fortnight.—
Expected That Achievementa of
Conference Will be Lasting.
Paris. — The peace conference has
reached an agreement on ail questions
concerning peai-e with Germany, re
(«mitions. Indemnities and the fron
tiers of the Rhine und Poland, accord
mg to an Interview in the Petit Jour
u *l- with the private secretary of
Certain details
Premier Lloyd George.
remained and It is added they will be
settled In two or three days. :
The German delegates will be sum i
monwl Versailles within two or j
three weeks.
The British premier, his secretary
ls Quoted as saying, thinks that If th.
alUes **"» ** W * U »* P™"™* ■"/" r
lu * the the »ohieven.ents of the
^ ,re c#B, f eoc * wt J*
' nolu ' ,ln ' BoUlM M
' " * S1 " ,
hito thft tftxt of thft Monroe <loc
"*" .. . . . ' » "*
"* "*"t"
suasions Thursday night is withheld. ,
IU sub.Untl.ll,
" loa * th " fO,l0W "'*
. Artlcle X-Nothlng in this cove
n>m , ha „ he construpd invalidai
Ing any agreement such as the Monroe :
doctrine for the maintenance of peace " j
Dlactuates of the Monroe doctrine
amendment by the league of nation» i
,-ommisjdon | h described by those pres- '
ent as having been of a dramatic char
actpr concluding with a speech by
President Wilson deprecating the op
position which had be«-n expressed and
upholding the doctrine as one of the
ereat bulwarks against absolutism |
The d ,q >atP nM |,te in the s.-sslon.
after other subjects had been passed
- j
Hundred Thousand Trainmen j
Granted Increase In Salaries.
ir age advances ag !
gregatlng 965.000.000 »ere ordered on
April 11 by Director General Hines I
. , i fire
and frP | eht „errb-e-inem
le-rs of the Big Four railroad brother I
hood» retroactive »luce January I.
The Increase» were arranged accord |
ing to contemplated te hedule. one of I
the aim« of which was to restore the j
wages relationship exlstlr^ before llie
railroads' Increase In wages last year
TJie average advance In pay per
roan per year will be about (lilt).
Mr» Phoebe Hearat Dead.
San Francisco.— Mrs li.oet- Api-er
Hearat. mother of William flan
dolph Hearat. died at 4 :30 Sunday af
ternoon at her home, the Hacienda del ;
*o«o de Vernons. Pleasanton.
Hearat waa born on I»er«mber 8. 1M2 I
In Mlsaomrl At the age of Ut. Phoet»c ■
Apperoon married George Hearat. who
was later one of the leading figure«
la the western milling and financial
world, and finally a Cnlted »Ute*
French Bride a Stevedore.
New York—The transports K. L
Lockeni.ari». Tumalha and H:*a-o ar
rived hero Sunday from France, bring
250» offlrer* and enlisted men. 88
nurse* and oae "negro steve
a r;; y
dore." who proved en route to be Mile.
Alexandria Boyer of Marseille» l.ride
elect of Mi.-tutel Black of Mun ie, lnd..
a first -das« boatswain's mate.
Cabinet Minister is Dragged from Of
fice by Members of Mob, Thrown
Into River and Shot When He
Attempted to Escape.
Copenhagen. — Herr Neuritig. war
minister In the government of Saxouy.
was killed at Dresden Saturday by
disgruntled soldiers to whom the min
ister had refused a hearing. The war
ministry was stormed by demonstra
tor». who dragged out Herr Neu ring
and threw him Into the Kll>e, where
j fa* wus shot and killed aa he tried to
: swim to the bank.
i Wounded patients In the Dreed en
j hospital» says the Dresden dispatch,
collected In the morning In the th--:itr
square to protest against an order by
n rrr Nearing to the effect that the
bounded in future should receive only
peu centime pay. Five or six bun
dr, ' d "«•" » pmcra-n... to the
min Inter and *ent a deputation to
«ver to receive them
cU ST 1 »c™* MM b,
.I..™,-! .h. «.
see the BilnlsMr. who refused, how
, trance to the building. The M-utriv
w ,. re „v.-rpowcre-l .„d «.»rammer.
-root»» dec lare.! they would not .tu.-k
, h , ,. rowd UD> , „»n heu off .f, #r , ur .
| rendering their arms.
At 4 o'clock In the afternoon, the
demonstrators had forced their
lalo thp m<lln building, followed the
war Rlint » ter to , h e um«-r story, where
tip had and qr,,,.«! j,lui out Into
, bp KtrVH ,. (
maltreated by the crowd, he «raa
hnriw i from th< , bridge Into the river.
wTien he tried to swim lo the bank.
tbp demonstrator* fired st him and
a fpw hp disapfieared
After the minister had been »rverelj
under the water
Fix Quotas for War Loan.
Washington—Quotas <4 ni-st com
munities of the Victory Liberty loan
«rill be three-fourths of the quotas In
rbe fourth loan, the treasury départ
,n '' nf ha * expinlned. since tho (4 «*>.
OOO.OUO total is three-fourths of the
quoi» of the
The goal **>!.:m-d euch comm' Ity an t
-*• - «I .
rr *' rT " district loan organtsattuo and
" "*'« detertatood by the tre».ury
I !
Raymond Robins of Chicago, who
told the ran ate committee much about
Russian bolshevism.
Fo-mer Girmin Colonie» and Tha
Tarritorle» of tho Ottoman Empire
Are to bo Administered in tho
Into root I of Civilisation.
Parta. —An official summary of tha
revised covenant of tho league of na
tions laaued April 12, makes specific
mention of the Moorue doctrine with
respect to Its bearing «n the future ac
tivities of the league.
The summary follows:
"(1) The league of natioos Is found
ed in order to promote International
co-operation and to secure peace. The
league will include : (a) the belligerent
states named In a document annexed
to the covenant ; (b) all the neutral
states so named, and (c) in the future
any self-governing country whose ad
mission Is approved by two-thirds ot
the states already members of the
"A state may withdraw from the
leugue. providing It has kept Its obll
p.ttlons to date, oa giving two years'
"(2) The league will act through an
assembly comprising not more than
three representatives of each of tha
member states each «täte having only
one vote, and a couaclt comprising for
the present one représentative of each
of the five great I lowers and each of
four other powers as selected from
time to time by the assembly.
Ons Vets for Each State.
"The number of powers of each
class represented on the council may
be Increased by the unanimous con
sent of tha council and a majority
of the assembly. Other powers have
the right to sit as members of the
council during the dee!»km of matters
In which they are especially Interested
In the council, as in the assembly, each
state will have only one vote. • • •
Armaments to be Reduced.
"(S) The member states agree: (a)
To reduce their armaments, plans for
such reduction being suggested by the
council, but only adopted with the con
sent of the states themselves, and
thereafter aet to Increase them with
out the concurrence of the council ; (b>
to exchange full Information of their
existing armies and their naval and
military programs ; (c) to respect each
other's territory and personal bi
dependence. and to guarantee them
against foreign aggression : (d) to
submit all International disputes either
to arbitration or to Inquiry by the
rounrll. which latter, however, may not
pronounce an opinion on any dispute
whose subjes-t matter falls solely with
in a stale's domestic Jurisdiction ; In
no case to go to war till tbree months
after an awarvl or a unanimous recom
mendation. has beea made, and even
then net to go to war with a stata
which accepts the award or recommety
dation : (e) to regard a state which
has broken the covenant as having
committed an act of war against the
league, to bresk off all ecnoomlc and
other relations with It sod to allow
tge through their terrltorioa
free pa i
to the troop* of those otateo which aro
contributing armed force on behalf of
the le» rue. • • »
"(♦) The covenant <*oow not affect
the validity of Internaibmal engage
ment«. «m h as tree ties of arbitration
nr regional understandings like tho
Monroe doctrine.
**<5) The former German colon te»
and the territories of tbo Ottoman
empire are «• be administered In the
Introot* of civilisation by states which
are willing to be mandat orte» of tho
league, which will exercise a general
«uper» isloti
"(6) The member states accept rer
tala responsibilities with regard to
labor rond i t low» the treatment of na
(Ire*, tho white slave
oplaiw traffic, the arm* traffic with
unrivltlsad and aomlefvtllsed roenfries,
transit aad trad# conditions, public
traffic, tho
health and Red <'rooa «octetles
"(7) The league |a recognised aa the
centra! body Interested In coord*nat
ing and assisting International actlv
Itloo generally.
"(8) Amendment« to th# rovenaat
roqalre the approval of all tbe states
an OR wildl ■> 0 a Maple majority
which signify their d i ssen t from
amendments thus approved are not
ot those In the assembly.
Leipzig—Tbe students on Ratur
day voted unanimously to clone the
■ulreralty »»d enlist In the border |
defense force«. They urged all the
German high institution» of learning j
bound by them. hut. in this case, cease
to be member« of tbe league."
Studect* Join Dofonse Force»
to do likewise.
Nampa» rari^nters. m«*in**er» of tha
inUiti, wilt cocuururt a UaaHNail intul
•laiul at tha high wbool fruutwla ta
ami TOO
O. II. Harber. Ainrrlnii fall" iwb
Usher, ban beets a|>|»>tn(r»l by the gov
ern! >r aa > ••mmiiuMoner of IroinigraUeo.
tabur ami statistic*.
TW i'ocalelio Insurance A Trust
company «III begin IhuIiwm iimnetll
aMy. the com pony having been formed
daring the pa«! week.
Kuna ha> put In a bid for the south
trn tdabu tuberculusis sanitarium au
thorised by the last legislature In a
bill providing for au Institution In
north Idaho «Un.
Karl Haine». 37 year» of age. and
Albert T Uriah, lit year» of age. V»
cape*I from the reaervation of the
Idaho state penitentiary where they
were herding cows.
Work I» progressing rapidly on fahl
well » Mémorial park which is being
Improved at a cost of (HMWO. expsa»
diture of that amount having been au
thorised by Use tit y roaurti.
Idaho's agricultural condition at
present la sut-b as few statist In the
union are enjoying, according to a
summary of weather am) crop Condi
lions Issued by the state moterolnglst.
The city council of Nampa has
pasaeai an ordinance for a l»«d issus
to meet tlie expenses of the proposed
enlargement of the sewerage system,
laying additional mains and the erec
tion of a septic tank.
A proposition to build an aulo road
from Saimou lo lake Williams la be
ing considered. Lake Williams is a
natural beauty spot twelve miles from
Kslmon. where good fishing and bunt
ing are to be had In uasn.
Valley county will he asked to vole
175.011» highway bond» which will be
augmented by federal and state ap
propriations to a total of tower than
a quarter of a million dollar« to be
expended on the cownty road»
All land» between Bob
and King
lllll which bs»e no« yet been taken up
have been withdrawn from settlement.
location or filing of any kind whatso
ever, according to a notice from Frank
lin K. I -une.
inisrj of the Interior.
The rewldciM-e of William llallowell,
about one mile south of Halley, waa
destroyed by fire last week. The fire
originated In Ihe smokehouse,
there la communicated to some adjoin
ing sheds and then ranched the dwell
Sali I.ke City has raised (25.000
and Ogden ha» ralaed CHMAI0 to he
unevl aa additional security for I'ocm
I el la's pledge» of f ltXiUMO which will
be offered for bringing the WUI.rd
Deinpaey chaiupionehip match lo Poca
A ear load, or 35..MO pound» of re«l
clover seed waa «ont by cxprrm from
Bolae one day last week to a large
seed bouae la OiNsge The cur was
value.) at more than PWl) and the
eip re — chargea alone were |I(IJV with
out the war tax.
Dr. Km eat K lAUhaugh, appointed
«täte ba.teriOi'gl«t by J. K White
.-»•ramlaaioner of public welfare, baa
wired his acceptance from ('amp
Stuart. Va., where be is stationed with
an army medical eorpa, with which be
Is serving as captain.
Twenty five farmer« from the l-ake
vlew and Riverside district» «rpeared
before the Oatdwell rommerrial dub
last week, urging the n eie a el ty of the
prolongation of the Caldwell Traction
tine» a distance of five mile» to ac
commodate that territory.
The 16year-oM daughter of D. B.
Morrison of Osblw.ll vu taken to
Boise to reçoive tbo posteur treatment
to prevent hydrophobia. Kbe was bit
tea by a pet black Bpits dog «bleb
acted queer! y although ft showed few
of the symptom# of rabies.
Jesse Smith, aged 20. and Eltvto
arrested »ear Twin
Be»», aged
Full» roof rased that they bad burglar
lied the It.qer*« Mercantile roov
pony's store at Itofrrwa as the ntgbr
of April 8, taking from It several
art hies of rlothlng and «"toe rash.
|'urt«Mltig to stage In one event a
rousing wet.««roe for returning service
n»«-n and s f..na of entertainment that
will prove the center of attrariloa for
over a radius of 100 mile*. Twin Falls
this year will celebrate the Fourth of
July by «twsing a gtgaatu roundup and
wild west show.
The Idaho State Si*>rtstnen's »"O
riatlvn'» tenth annual trapshooting
tournament, which will tie held at
Lrar lat oo. Ida. April 27, 2S and S».
under the auspice» of the Ix-wtstou
Guo rlub, promises to be one of the
really big events of the trap game iu
tbe west tbl* y ear.
Issuance by tbe Twin Falla Inde
landen t school diatrict of t H M M
worth of bond* to ca rry out a building
program to provide for a large addl
thin to tbe present high school buikl
i n g to be used aa a Junior high school
equipped with swimming pool and
«hops for vocational training, was ap
prove«] at an election held

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