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In Endless Variety at SAVAGE & EMERSON'S.
CHE&F TOYS FOR THE CHILDREN'. I! Examine Our Stock Before Buying Elsewhere. WE CAM SILIFE YOU HOMEY
Bolivar Bulletin,
1'iis "tiger No. 1 7 37, '..
Pasc ;nj:er So. 3 4 21 p. m.
Local J a Kxcept Sunday 8 50 a.iu
Passenger No. 2 3 2" a. m.
Pasnentrer No. 4 8 23 a. in.
Ix;al,Iaily Except Sunday 3 4" p iu
Tanneasee Midland II, H: Time Table
vVest lkund.
No 51, Pasaenger, Leaves Jackson at G:30
o'clock a. in. Arrives at Memphis at 11:53
(.'cock a. in.
No. 01, Freight, leaves Jackson at 12:50
a.m Arrives at Memphis, at 8;2" a. in.
Fact Iiound.
No. 52, Passenger, leaves Memphis at 4:30
o'ylock p. m. Arrives at Jackson at 7:55
o'clock p, in.
No.t2, Freight, leaves Memphis at 4.10
p.m. arrives at Jackson at 3 p. ui.
The Star is authorized to annouuce
i'rof. Henry J. Fusch, of Bolivar
a caadhlato Cor C'liuly S-vdrinten-dent
of Public Instruction for 7ar
denian County. Election by the
County Court, tha fust Monday iu
January, 183'J.
County Court meets next
Turkey dinners were enjoyed
yesterday by the citizens of B livar.
Thanksgiving services were
held at the Episcopal, Methodist
and Presbyterian churches yester
day. What has become of the pro
posed railroad from Henderson to
Bolivar? Are wo goin to have
it or not ?
Mr. George Carter, who waa
struck on the head some weeks ago
by a falling piece f lumVer, is im
proving. Dr. T. E. Moore spent several
days of last week in Arkansas, On
account of the bad weather, he did
very little hunting.
Subscribers who have hereto
fore been served by curriers will
please call at the postoifice for their
pnpers in the future.
Bolivar is one of the very best
cotton markets in West Tennessee.
Our merchants are paying Mem
phis prices lor the staple.
Our farmers aro taking advan-
tago of the lew day days of thi- and
hut week, and are getting out their
cotton as rapidly as possible
The Bulletin will be glad to
receive communications from
iconic in different paits of the
X 1 -
county coutaing items of interest.
Ihe tower on the insane asy
lum that tell some monllis ago is
again Hearing completion. The
contractors hope to have it ready
for use next spring.
We hope the readers of the
Bulletin will excuse us for giving
so little local news this week. It
will be ditHeult to get up a good
paper uutil we are bettor ucquainted
Mr. A. J. Moore, who has had
charge of the typographical depart
ment of this paper for several weeks,
leaves to-day to take a position
r,i tliaTitd.nn Rer-ord :it ("viil"ton.
Many or tne lanncrs estimate
that fifty per cent, of the cotton
r.ronof this county is still in the
Held. The fall has been bo very
unfavorable that it was impossible
to gather it.
Prof. Mat Kose, principal of the
academy at Toone's, was in Bolivar
vesterdav. Ihis 13 the first time
he. has been out for a considerable
while, being confined to his room by
a severe spell ef sickness.
The young people of our little
city enjoyed a most pleasant eveuiug
at tho residence of Col. P.. L, Light -foot
Wednesday. These social gath
erings provide goldeu hours for those
in the bloom of life.
A. J. Coatts, Et-qr., has return-
ed from a fporting trip of about one cut, of any kind, call and see Sav
week in Arkarms. lie brought ago it Emerson's stock
Lac c the quarters ef a fine deer, but
there are doubts in the minds of
some of his friends as to who killed
lho young men ot the town
held their aunual thanksgiving
least at. the office of X. C, Nuckolls
l.-t evening. Smiled turkey, bark-cued
shoate and kid wore served
iu fine style. Rev. Edward Woolen,
Ex-Editor McDnuiel and Cashier
Dorion wert among t tic invited
We understand that the levees
across Hate hie bottom on the Boli
var and Jackson road, and also on
the Bolivar and Cranesville road.
are in an almost impassible condi
tion. This is detrimental to all
interests and fchould be remedied
once. The levees are new, and the
travel since the recent ram3 has
cut thera to pieces considerably.
No time should be lost by the
proper authorities in having them
The festival at Middleburg last
Thursday evening, for the benefit of
the Methodist church, was a com
plete success. The ladies had pre
pared a delightful supper which was
spread on an elegantly decorated
table. The hungry throng appre
ciateu the supper from the fact that
the proceeds derived therefrom
amounted to over eighty dollars;
Much credit is due Misses Jennie
Morrow, Jennie Mathews and other
ladies for so great a success.
In this issue of the Bulletin
will be iound the advertisement of
Beck k Gardner, 179 Mam Street,
Memphis, who are the southern
distributing agents for Hiram W.
Davis & Go's celebrated buegies
and carriages. Mr. J. L. Gause, of
'lipton county, with whom the edi
tors of this paper are personally ac
quainted, represents the southern
house, aud we take pleasure in tes
tifying to his business qualities.
Order given to him will receive
prompt attention.
The Bolivar correspondent of
the Nashville American iays we
nave made no such crops in West
Tennessee for twenty years. In
Bome iiutances in this county ne
groes have averaged twelve bales of
cotton to the mule, besides making
abundant corn crops, potatoes, etc.
The ditneu ty now is m gathering it
in good condition Ever since the
1st of November the weather has
been abominable, and much of the
ungathered crop is greatly damaged
by the frequent nud copiou3 retina.
The committee appointed by
the Quarterly Court at its Ootober
term to have the Circuit Court room
repaired, is having the work rap
idly completed. The p'astering
overhc,J has been taken off and
white pine ceiling put on in its
stead. Inside blinds will be put to
all of the windows and the gallery
dosed up with panel work and shut
ters, which cun be opened should
it be desire4 to use t lie eallerv.
The stairs and aisles will be cover
ed with matting. This h an im
provement which has been needed
for sometime, and will add very
much to the appearance and comfort
of the room. Baker & Taylor have
the consrftct to (lo the C:Upenters'
Hcst Quinine, JO cts, per
oz. at Jludson's Druy Store,
We will sell you Good Calico at
five cents per yard. 1). E. Dukivett.
Don't fail to call on Savage A,
Emerson when you visit Bolivar.
Cheapest stock of Dress
roods in
town at D. E. Durrett's.
Jiest Quinine, JO cts. per
ox. at Hudson k JJruft Storp
One ounce of Pure Quinine fcr
50 cts at Savage & Emerson's.
For the Bst and Cheapest boots
and shoes, go to D. E. Durrett's.
Best 0 la, 5 cts.
per pound at
lam i.
Quinine 50 cts per ounce at Sav-
age t& AJmersorTi
Go to Hudson s Di ng Store, if
y'i want to buy things cheap.
Quinine 50 cts. per oz at Savage
Be mington Single Barrel Breech
loading shot guus at D. E. Dur
A good Lamp, complete, for 25
cts. at Hudson's.
u e will sell Quinine at 50 cts
per oz. lavage iV Emerson.
Don't t rg't to call and examine
D. E. Durrett's immense stock of
If yo-j wish to make r nice nres-
A Box of nice Paper and Envel
opes for 10 cts., at Hudson's.
A large line ol Ho'iday
a i
Holiday Lamps
just received atSavacre A: E
merson 3
call and see them.
Beautiful Wall Paper, just re
ceive !, 10 cents per roll at Hud
son's. I will sell to anybody an fevery-
b.xly at Wheel prices D E. Duk-
Three Thousand Six Hundred
Mitches f r 25 cts. at Hudson's
For Drugs, Paints, Oils, Win
dow Gins. Go to Savage A: Em
Best Quinine, 50 cts. per
at I Hudson's.
'Busticus" has not forgotten the
Bulletin, nothwitstandmg his si
lence f or a few weeks.
Our little town is still made mu
sical, or to make nice distinctions'
neisy, by the hourly tones of Ihe
school bell, the saw's dull buzz,
and the planer's constant whirr,
and the occasional shrill notes of
the locomotive.
Maj. G. W. Garrett's steam gin
waa burned last night about 7 o'clock.
Several bales of cotton were burned
also. The Maj. had just bought
and planted a new engine for his
gin, No insurance He takes his
loss with charactenstic coolness
and cheerfulness.
Mr. James Garrett, and family,
have moved to the Bluff City
Mr Garrett will establish a lumber
yard. We regret to give them up.
We learn that Mr. Warren has
rented, and will soon move into the
house occupied by M r Garret. Mr,
Warren comes to take charge of a
boarding houso for students attend-
in g the Normal Academy. "Rus-
ticus" wishes both families success
iu their new homes.
Mr. II, C. Moore got his ankle
badly htirt one morning this week
in a cotton press. May he soon re
cover. A concert was given on
Saturday night last, by the acade
my 6tudents, and the young people
of the town. The proceeds were
donated for the benefit of the church
The academy hall was well filled.
and we had most excellent order.
The troupe all acquitted themselves
with credit. Maj. G. W. Garrett
made the opening speech in a few
very appropriate words. II. K.
Whit ten closed with thanks to au
dience for attendance and attention
and to troupe tor their efforts in so
worthy a cause. Busticus.
A good Lamp Chimney for
5 cts
at B. V- Hudson's.
For Gentlemen's Underwear, go
to D. E. Durrett"3 He will sell them
to you cheaper than any house in
tow n .
Gentlemen, when you are iu to wn
elling your cotton, don't fail to
call at Mrs. Fiizt E well's restau
rant for your meals. It will co.t
you only o0 cets.
Fine and large nssortm ent of La
dies New Markets, Wraps, and
Jackets at th e lowset Wheel prices
at my store. D. E, DUR7ETT.
An intelligent person when hurt
will at once procure a bottle of
Salvation oil. It is the best thing
to cure swellings, burns or wounds.
All druggists sell it at twenty-five
cents a bottle
Two charming little girls were
found dancing "the racket" in the
streets. "What makes you so hap
py?'' a gentleman asked. "Oh 1
our mas have thrown away all our
horrid medicine, and we have only
to take Dr. Bull's Uough Syrup and
that aint bad at ail."
St ati of Ohio. City op Toledo.)
Lucas Co , S. S. j
Frank J. Cheney makes oath
that he is the senior partner of the
firm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doing
business in the city of Toledo, coun
ty and state aforesaid, and that said
firm will t,ay the sum of $100 for
each and everv case of catarrh tht
cannot be cured by the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
Frank J. Cheney.
Sworn to before me and subscrib
ed in my presence, this Cth day of
December, I0S0.
A. W. Gleason,
seal. J Notary Public.
Hall e Catarrh Cure u taken in
ternally and acts directly upon the
blood and mucus surfaces of the sys
tem. Sand for testimonials free
F. J: Chenet & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75 cents.
But J. A. Wilson succeeded in
getting a Few Hundred pairs of
those Sixty cent Ladies Shoes, and
a Few Cases ot those One-dollar-
and-Fifty cent Bots and a case of
Gent's Wool Cassemere Suits at $3
a suit, before the Republicans put
the tariff on them. Now is the time
to cet bargains. Call ami see him
A Scuni Legal Cpinlcs..
E. Bainbridge Munday, Esq.,
county attorney ot Clay county.
Texas, says. Have used Electric
Bitters with most happy results
My brother also w as very low with
malarial fever and jaundice, but
was cured by timely use of the
medicine. Am satisfied Electric
Bi-ters saved his life.
Mr. D. I. Wilcoxson. of Horse
Cave, Ky.. adds a like testimony,
saying: He positively believes he
would have died had it not been
lor Electric Bitters
This great remedy will ward off
ns well as cure all malarial diseases,
and fir all kidney, liver aud stom
ach disorders stands uneqjaled.
Price 50 c .-: aud $1 at Savage &
The subject of this sketch waa
born in Washington, Penn. In
1851 he entered Washington Col'
lege, and graduated in 1856 from
that institution. Believing that
his duty called him to preach the
gospel, in the fall of 1856 he enter
ed the theological department of
Cumberland University, located at
Lebanon, Tenn., and finished hia
theological course in 18-58 and waa
at once called to take charge of the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church;
at Fayetteville, Lincoln county,
In 18-58 ho married the daughter
of Rev. A. G. Smith, and was em
ployed by the Board of Missions to
take charge of the Mission Church
at Paducah, Ky., where he was la
boring at the outbreak of the civil
A circumstance, trivial in itself,
has made Lis name famous in near
ly every household in America.
In visiting the family of one of
his parishoners, his attention waa
directed to a singular variety of
herbs in their possession, and he
made inquiries regarding them.
He was told that many )rears ago,
during the early settlement of Ten
nessee, a kinsman of this family,
emigrating from North Carolina,
pitched his camp for a night in the
Cherokee Nation's reservation in
North Georgia, near an Indian vil
lage. In his family was a girl about
fifteen years old, just passing to
womanhood. During the evening
this girl wr3 attacked by violent
pains, which threw her into spasms
An old Indian squaw witnessed it,
and, without a word, went to her
wigwam, selected some herbs from
her store, prepared a decoction, and
administered it to the suffering girl,
in five minutes the pain was en
tirely relieved.
The grateful mother of the girl
begged of the squaw a small quan
tity of the herbs. Afterward, when
using them, she found a few seeds
in a bud of the herbs, which she
planted and raised the herbs from
year to year for half a century.
The herbs that attracted Ml
McElree's attention were descend
ants of this stock. Ho waa told
that they possessed wonderful qual
ities in tLc cure of diseases pecu
liar to females.
Mr. McElree carried away some
of them with him, and was aston
ished at their miraculous action in
cases of female complaints supposed
to be incurable. He raised the
herbs in his garden and furnished
his neighbors gratuitously with a
wine made from them for several
years; but its repatation spread
abroad and the demand was
Boon beyond his limited means to
supply. Iu 1879 he solicited the
Chattanooga Medicine Co. to take
charge of the manufacture and sale
of the Wine.
The Medicine Company sent a
quantity of the Wine to their
customers all over the coun
try, instructing them to fur
nish it free of charge to every
afflicted lady they could hear of.
About seven thousand cases were
treated in this way and less than
five hundred Svilures were reported.
Every class of female, disease waa
treated; chronic cases of twenty
j'ears' standing were eured. Old
and young, rich and poor, doctors
and clergymen all testified to the
wonderful virtues of McElree's
Wine of Cardui. It was found that
the Wine was not only an
Einmenagogue, but the most as
tonishing tonic for women known
to medical science. Ladies who
were weak, nervous and debilitated
discovered that the Wine restored
their strength, quieted their nerves
and increased their flesh and ener
gy. Young girls were carried over
a critical period in their lives by it,
in perfect health and safety.
The manufacture of the Wine to
supply the demand has taxed the
capacity of one of the largest medi
cine companies in the country.
Thev have however been equal to
ii . J lf.n :
the emergency
of Cardui, or Woman's Relief will
be a household ord in our section
from this time forth.
Mr. McElree has done and is
till doing much good by preaching
the gospel of Christ; but his discov
ery ol McElree's Wine of Cardui or
Woman's relief is likely to hand
his name do.vn to posterity, follow
, 1.1. V.. iV-.-.l.V V 1.
ed by the blessings of thousands of
name on a package of COFFEE is
guarantee of excellence.
COFFEE Is kept In alj first-cla-stores
from the Atlantic to the Pacif
I3 never Rood when exposed to the an
j Always buy this brand In hermetically
-0 FOR
A Live, Progressive Paper tor
The Mechanic,
The Farmer,
The Merchant,
The Lawyer,
The Doctor,
The Teacher,
In faqt all classes will be ben
efitted by perusing its ample
pages, while its low price (81)
places it within the reach of
every one.
is equipped with
appliances necessary tor executing
all kinds of Job
Letter Heads,
Note Heads,
Bill Heads,
Cards, Tags,
Dodgers, Posters,
Horse and Jack Bills,
Legal Blanks, Briefs, &c.
Our charges are as low, quality
of materials and workmanship con
sidered, as any office in the State.
We employ none
men and guarantee every job we
send out. Give us a trial.
Orders by mail will receive our
prompt and careful attention.
Address all communications to
Bolivar, Tenn.
cincjnnati and st. louis
Buggies, Phaetons, WagonsyCarts
' 179 Main Street, MEMPHIS, TENN.
Represented by J. L. GAUSE.
THE o-
Bu lletin
- - $! Per Annum.
Job Department
all materials and
Printiug, such as
but skilled work
factory prices duplicated.
yy" E WILL ON DECEMBER 3rd. 1888, open in the roeahont.is Academy a
The course will-close February 15h, which includes two and one-liall months (10
weeks). The course embraces Philosophy, Physiology, and all other branches tan;lit in
the common schools of Mississippi and Tennessee. Physiological charts, and Philo
sophical apparatus will be used to explain and throw light upon all obscure places. -thus
enabling beginners to become thorough in both sciences in ten weeks.
All class work will be conducted upon Normal principles, Tho outline system will
be fully explained and used. All leasoii3 will be given byjsubjects and topic. Variety
of texts will be used for reference.
The term will be made a thorough and interesting view and re-view of the free school
work- Thost who wans higher grades can secure thaniby availing themsejves of this
opportunity, thus securing; better positions and more lileral salaries.
EXPENSES: Board, $7.00 to 110.00 per month? Tuition, $1.00 per month, pay
able in advance. Address
WIIIXXEirS: CORKELIVS, Focnhoutaa, Torn.
THE Only
n V
lilO I H i "
To CUR ' ffT
ALL D15tt. Ma rTD Kf I
e B LO O D o
Sold EVEcVfYKtftV
The Appetite
May be Increased, the Digestive organi
strengthened, and the bowels regulated,
by taking Ayer'S rills. Thesa Pills ar
purely vegetable in their composition.
They contain neither calomel nor any
other dangerous drug, and may be taken
with perfect safety by persons of all ages.
I waa a great sufferer from Dyspepsia
and Constipation. I had no appetite,
and was constantly afllicted with Ilead
ache and Dizziness. I consulted our
family doctor, who prescribed for me, at
various times, without affording mora
than temporary relief. I finally com
menced taking Ayer's Pills. In a short
time my digestion and appetite
my bowels were regulated, and, by tha
time I finished two boxes ol uiese i'uia
my tendency to headaches bad disap
peared, and I became strong and well.
Darius M. Logan, Wilmington, Del.
I waa troubled, for over a year, with
liOSS of Appetite, and General Debility.
I commenced taking Ayer's Pills, and.
before flnlshine half a box of this medi
cine, my appetite and strength were re
stored. C. O. Clark, Danbury, Conn.
Ayer's Tills are the best medicine
known to me for regulating the bowels,
and for all diseases caused by a disordered
Stomach and Liver. I suffered for over
three years with Headache, Indigestion,
and Constipation. I had no appetite, and
was weak and nervous most of tho time.
three boxes of Ayer's Pills, and at tha
same time dieting myself, I was com
pletely cured. My digestive organs ara
now in good order, and I am in perfect
health. P. Lockwood, Topeka, Kans.
Ayer's Tills have benefited mo wonder
fully. For months I suffered from Indi
gestion and J leadai he, was restless at
night, and had a bad taste in iny mouth
every morning. After taking onu lox
of Ayer's Tills, all thesn troub!s dis
appeared, my food digested well, and
rny sleep was refreshing. Henry O
Ileimnenway, ltotkport, Mass.
I was cured of the Tib s by tho nse of
Ayer's Tills. They not only relieved tua
of that painful disorder, but Rire me In
creased vior, and restored my health.
John I.aarus, St. John, N. K.
yer's Pills,'
rrcpsred by Di . J C A y cr k Co , w. , Uw.
Sold by U Druggists tod Lim la Utdttaa.
IS the best newspaper publUhed In
the South.
Because :
Its able editorial from th pen of
accomplished writers deal with the
great and live iue of the day.
Its complete telegraphic service, es
pecially its Southern service, ha
reached a point of perfection never be
fore attained by anyjournal published in
this section ; and to day the Timh
Demockat stands abreast with th
leading papers of the United State.
Its commercial and market reports
are carefully prepared and can be relied
upon for accuracy and completeness.
The Sunday edition (u to 16 pages)
has in addition to the news and other
material contained in the daily.colurnns
Of original and contributed reading
matter carefully selected, giving th
latest events in the world mind f
Fashion and of Society.
fA special feature is its unsurpassed
translations of the choicest literature
to be found in the foreign press.
The Weetly Times-Democrat
embraces the best features of the Dam. v
and Sunday editions with an additional
department devoted to agriculture, as
best suited to the South.
The rates of subscription are:
Daily and Sunday, per annum . . $ i a oo
Sunday only aoo
Kainple copies, free. . .
All remittances should t-e made by
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order to , ,
THTrnas-DEMocRAT Plblish'o Co.,
New Orleans. La.
One copy of the Times-Democrat
sent free lor one year to any one f fr
ies UP plub of four subscribers.
m vwASKvrux.TEiw.'
............ i.k.y.w... ...
tJie most wonderful Palvi
Cure tho world has over
kfiOwn. Your in o nt s i 1 1
be returned if not ubC
T represented.
drew Cry for l vc,tO'rs,r
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u man. rynp-psia, Const li;llon,l!Ul-i
'lli'. I'tll wl T.i I. . ii . . I
rfonenr, llnkive lVrsnir-tt l..i ntir Nil 1-1
litiir g l.i n , ..II . ' . I . V. . K
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ire. supremely lmipy,
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Dr. 8. li. llartllian V Co (Jiml!i.men:
r'tiod bless you for Mnn-n-In; 1 1 tuts dom
mo more eoou ir l'vuions n limn nil tn
pills I have ever taken.R It has reKiilateil
my iivtr, uuin tip my Bj-mem, ana my
jowels work ns reirnl.tr as c look -work."
ill Lho year l- I was so bud t hat I eoulii.
scarcely wa! it. 1 r.i- -l Jiiinn-I!i',auua
huh h iii'imny i nrvvg ever open. a
9 JnSKPH tll M..v, Knst Ilrndy Pa.
Kold by uli drii.r.'lstj ni.d elealers. f 1.0(0
per iKTtie, o iorf ).i;:i. s-icnit (or Dr. Hart
mnn's IkkjIc, "Tl: r ;:! : J,lf ; nont froeJ
H. If AK'i'M AN' .v' ..CnlnTnfiiTH.O
IHAT7T nmw
i iii a aj m iii &
AH effective remedy for all
Liver 5c Kidney Complainta
Price 50 cts. a Bottle. Trial Bottles 25
'OS tail Z7X87WHXSX. Frtptrtl tij ij
SO 2 . Fourth 8tret ST. LOUIS, MO.
fWll fpr Oopy t Hook "OUR FAMILY TROUBLES."
tM mmi mt mdl stona, w hu( fur Iwu iwut rtowv..
PnmmAmiitl nill ol KIT. UHii ERi.l f.
Cheaptst A Btst Butinen College in the World.
J'lkt n mr SI4 M.1,1 iw .11 Mh-r rv.ii.... . t
"'I'll KiKnlii... f..r i. .una f H"k Ktvpl ' '
--rmI iiu.li.Ma Ktfarall-a. UDiio l.r(1ui.l' In
II..I.M& 10 Tw.kn upiorwl. f.Kf ll ""'"
' mw. lorf.fllr. Talt'on Station... .t.il H...r l. (.
1tpfclVrltl.(. TlrphT. l -l.itl...
VSMllM. IW, Hot. lir..lu.t lini.- il.K ' "
VxUlHIm '1r.. i,br.l. W. Nillh. .it: 'T
WUbhr U- tliSv. J"r.ll. ol. lilnt". S. t-
Extraordinary Premium List!
fcS t?eul. Itollsious. rrleoL
Sw'itMkeKbl te rul:y rjporta.1 In , tl.e
"n.1 price l ,:y P'r V" hn
It. t- trr. a nat
tut Jiruomnro. 1 Apsl's
t intra! lJlt ri u -i tJ " ' .
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For Beeond largent list of new subscribers.. IS
For Third larvcst ilt of new subcrllers. B
For Fonrth largest Ut of new subscribers
For Fifth largt-st list of new subscribers.-. E
For Blxlix Urgesi lut of now subscriber.. H
For tha next Tea largest lut of new sub
scribers, $10 each
For tha Twenty-three next laziest list '
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