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Jolivar Bulletin.
& WILLIA1IS - Editors.
A BILL cjjking tram robbery a
capital crime has become a law is
B. A. LIcElwe has the united in
dorsement ol the Tennesseeans for
minuter to Ilayti.
P. Vi Dawsox, editor of the
Charleston Newa and Courier was
shot Tueaday afternoon by T. B. Mc
Dow, a physician of Charleston.
Tn report of the Railroad State
Commissioners states that six thous
and men were killed or maimed for
life last year while couplinar cars.
C. H. Myees committed sui
cide at Covington Tuesday evening
by shooting himself through the head
with a pistol. Business troubles
Raid to be the cause.
Rev. Wm. Normeut, of Whiter
ville, has been chosen aB one of the
commissioners to General Assembly
of the C. P. Church which meets
in Kansas City iti May.
The rush of miners, adventurers,
and speculators to the newly dis
covered gold fields of California is
almost as gieat as that of the poli
ticians of republican stripe, to
The legislature has reccom mend
ed the appropriation of $20,000 for
finishing the West Tennessee Insane
Asylum, and $45,000 for furnishing
and stocking the farm attached to
ame. In regard to the accident
at the rylum. Dr. Jones and his
associate were exhenorated.
II eke is something lor the larm
era of Hardeman to answer: If a
person can make $30 per acre on
his land by raising and bailing hay,
working perhaps about thirty days
during the year, why will he per
sist in raising cotton, from which
he realises about $15 per acre, and
works about thirteen moi.tbt?
Tax Appeal gives good advice
wten it says that "the friends of the
public schools in the bouse must be
alert and not allow themselves to
be taken unawares. They must
watch for the introduction of the
uniform text book bill and be pre
pared to defeat it. Any scheme of
uniform school books must bo op
roaed as if it was in fact a job to
tax the children of the people."
Commissioner IIord said to an
American reporter after returning
fiom a visit to the Giles county
farmers: "I propose to hold Buch
institutes as this dunng the next
two years throughout the state.
intend to inaugurate a system of
farmers' institutes wherein may be
discussed farm methods and quet
tions of all kinds, including the
breeding of live stock, tillage o
soil and everything that will tend to
develop the agricultural interests of
the state."
THE bill to require all persons
liable for poll tax to pay the same
as a prerequisite to voting, was de
leated in the lower house on Tues
day last by forty -nine to thirty-one
f?e lose in Hardeman county every
year $2000 in uncollected poll taxes
and it seems impossible to get the
legislature to remedy the evil. Our
representative, Mr. Caruthers
warmly supported the measure, but
Our floater, Mr. htainback, opposed
It bitterly, making a Isng speech
against it.
Br reading the Memphis papers
it will be seen that northern capita
is pouring into her gates at a rapid
.t A wealthy company has re-
mmw r
rntlv nurchiaed property iu the
above city upon which will be erect
d a large factory for the manufac
ture of all kinds of wood work
This will benefit the whole country
adiacent to Memphis by furnish
ing us an additional market for our
timber, which hereto I ore nas neen
considered worthless. Memphis is
v. ftiv in the South, and
tUw VW J -
here we people of Boliyar are with
in sixty miles of her, and still have
no direct communication.
It is said that the bagging trust
company own all the jute in -this
country. I this is true, they will
have their own prices fir bagging
aSain this faU. Instead of paying
the extra prioa for the trust bag
ging, let the farmers tax themselves
about one dollar per bale and erect
abating factory of their own.
This wonld be a benefit in more
than one way. It would be the
means of giving employment to a
number of people, besides furnish
ing a market for things now con
sidered worthless. It the bagging
is sold again at the prices demand
ed for it last fall the farmers of this
county will pay out almost enough
to build the factory: This is a mat
ter requiring immediate attention.
The surest way, however, to reme
dy the evil, is for our farmers to
raise less cotton aud more wheat,
oats, clover and grass. Diversified
farming always pays better, be
sides rendering your lands morefer-i
tile, while the raising of cotton con
tinually impoverishes the soil.
The life of the Tribune, the new
republican paper recently started
in Memphis, was short and full of
trouble. In one week's time that
gigantic enterprise and savior of
the republican party has "passed
under the rod." "When the time
arrived to pay off the printers Sat
urday afternoon, as is customary
in city offices, the manager gave
them checks on thb bank for their
respective amounts. Banking hours
were over, but some of the printers
were fortunate enough to get their
friends to cash the checks. On
Monday morning when the bank
opened, the checks were presented
to be cashed, whereupon the hold
ers of the same were informed that
here was no deposit. The manager
of the Tribune now looks through
iron bars.
The Quitman (Ga.) Herald had a
paragraph the other day away down
n an obscure corner which ought
to be brought under the eye of ev
ery farmer in the South. "Last
fuesday," said the Herald, "Mr.
W. B- Long drove into town with a
oad of home raised bacon and lard
which he disposed of at paying fig
ures to Mr. W. J. Powell. Mr.
Long moved from Middle Georgia
to Brooks county about thirteen
years ago. The first year he had
to buy meat. 'But,' said he I sold
more before leaying my old home
than I had to buy here.' Since
that time he has never bought a
pound of meat or lard, but has
made enough each year for home
consumption and to buy such things
as he needed through the spring
and summer monlhb. 'I sell enough
meat and lard every year,' said he
'to keep me from UBing my cotton
money.' " Until they have tried it
let no Southern farmer say farming
does not pay.
The Jackson Times in comment
ing on the Midland draw bridge
attempts to make it appear that tke
Bulletin and the people around
Bolivar wish to force said road to
construct the bridge simply because
we failed to get the Midland road to
ceme here. It is true that if the
road had crossed the river above
the I. C. bridge this expense would
have leen saved, but they decided
to cross it at a point where the leg
islature had declared it navigable.
We beg the Times' pardon, but it
is not our porposo to be spiteful to
any corporation or person. The
reasons lor keeping the river open
are numerous, ii tne rauroaus
were to raise the prices of freights,
a boat could quickly be placed into
the river to compete with them.
Uatchie river is a natural outlet
used long years before the railroads
ever crossed it, and it behooves us
to protect our natural rights. If
the Times had read the articles in
the Covington papers in regard to
this matter perhaps it would have
accused that town of being jealous
because it did not get the Midland
People who live alone this river
know what an advantage it is, and
we want it to remain unobstructed
A New Eailroad.
We have been shown by Col.
Clifton Dancy a map of a proposed
railroad between this place and Dy
ersburg. The route of the proposed
road is a yery level one, and it could
be constructed at a minimum cost.
We do not know how great a pros
pect we have of getting the road,
but we are in favor of it We know
nothing in the shape of a railroad
that we are not in favor' of. We
do not consider a read in that di
rection, however, to be so desirable
as one to the coal fields of Alabama.
What Jackson wants and must have
if she expects to become a great
manufacturing center is cheap coal.
Already the cost of coal has been
reduced by the construction ot the
Midland toad to such an extent
that the saving to the citizens of
Jackson on that one iteur alone will
pay the entire interest ou the Mid
land railroad bonds. The saving
ou each ton ot coal is at least 50
cents. The interest on the Mid'
land bonds amounts to $7,500. Fif
teen thousand tons of coal is a low
estimate tor the city's consumption.
Fifty cents per ton on 15,000 tons
amounts to 87,500. But if by tap
ping the coal fields we can still
greatly reduce the price of coal the
great problem of cheap fuel has
been solved Times.
Capitalists Coming Eauti.
A special from New York in yes
terday's Chattanooga Times, says:
John II. Inman and John C.Cal
houn left to-night with a distin
guished party, among them Abrara
S. Hewitt and ex-Mayor Edward
Their iutentiou is to visit Charles
ton, Suvsnuah and Brunswick with
a view to examining those ports as
outlets for the vast amount of new
business that is to be developed by
recent railroad alliances aud the
prospective growth of all material
interests of the South.
The party is ostensibly goiug on
a pleasure trip, but is whispered on
good tautlionty that Messrs, Hewitt
and Cooer will not be bent on
pleasure solely. Mr. Hewitt is reli
ably reported to have said tJiat his
principal purpose in making the
trip is to carsiully examine some of,
the coal fields and iron ore districts
of Tennessee and Georgia, aed that
it his examination confirm the ac
counts he has had of the vast coal
and mineral resources of those States
he will probably move his entire
iron manufacturing plant, now in
Pennsylvania, to the South, and
most likely locate in Tennessee or
Georgia. This possibly foreshadows
a mov3 of the greatest importance
to the South, as Mr. Hewitt now
employs in his Pennsylvania iron
industry over 2,000 men, and a
change of base would involve his
carrying all those hands with their
families to his new field of opera"
Why Sme Twns Die.
From Tb Humboldt (Tenn.) Messenger.
More towns die for the want of
confidence on the part of business
men and lack of public spirit than
from the rivalry ot neighboring
towns or adverse surroundings,
When a man in seaieh of a home
or business location goes to a town '
and finds everything brim full of!
hope and enthusiasm over the pros
pects of the place, and earnestly at
work to bui.d up the town, he soon
becomes imbued with the same
spirit, and as a result be drives I
down his stakes and goes to work
with the same interest. When,
however, he goes to a town and ev
ery one expresses doubt and appre
hension in the iuture prosperity of
the place, moping about and indulg
ing iu mourning complaints about
imaginary evils which are likely to
befall the town, he naturally feels
that it is no place tor him, and at
once shakes the dust from his feet,
while he pulls with all possible speed
for some other Uwu. Consequent
ly, try and make a live, and enter
prising, progressive town out of the
one in which you live. When you
are working for or saying a good
thing for your town you are accom
plishing all the more for yourself.
Ceurt Sous Cast.
The days are beginnin g to length
en and the warm sunshine of this
weea increased the crowd of loafers
around the temple of justice. A
Bullet ix man passed through the
building Tuesday afternoon and
found a crowd of gentlemen assem
bled on the western side -of the
house. One among the number, of
undoubted veracity, opened the bal
with the following. "Years ago there
were born within the borders of old
Hardeman, two brothers, both
without teeth. I saw one of these
men in Bolivar about two weeks
ago, who is now fifty odd years
of age, and until this good day has
never bad the sign of a tooth in his
head." "Fact, to my certain
knowledge," chimed in another
one of the faithful by way of a
cii ncher, who is equally noted for
the truthfulness of his remaras.
Some fellow was about to mutter
something about the poor showing
dentists would stand if the entire
human race was so constructed,
when he was inteirupted by another
member of the company who deliv
ered himselt of the following. "To
those afflicted with rheumatism it
if a well known fact that there is
nothing more pailful. During my
life I have been a considerable suf
ferer with this complaint. A friend
of mine told me if I would carry an
Irish potatoe in my pants pocket
and not allow it to get out of my
possession, I would never be both'
ered with rheumatism again. I
took him at his word, and six
months ago I placed this potatoe in
my pocket, never allowing it to
leave me, and up to the present
time have not had the slightest
touch of the disease." Here he
dived down into his pocket and
pulled out something resembling a
black rock, which at one time he
said was a potatoe. "This has
never left me since the day I first
put it in ray pants." Some wicked
fellow asked him if he slept in his
breeches. "No, sir." "Well, do
you have the rheumatism at night?"
and luckily for the rheumatic, just
as the last question was propound
ed, which was destined to knock
the black out of the potatoe, he was
called acoss the street.
it jirci, thbsc&xbe.
CslaabU (TVno.) HsraM.
1. There was blood upon the moon in
atrapy of the Crock! Spoon.
2. For in the day of Grover the Just,
in the fourth year of hi reign, behold
certain ones desirous of a new deal did cry
aloud, saying:
Z. "By the beard of ITiblii, let us de
throne Isham the kin?!"
4. And the people aaid unto them:
"Why, what harm hath he done?"
5. But they cried out the more: "De
throne him! Dethrone him!'
6. And so it was that they caused
much strife and contention, and many an
aspirant after more pie, bit instead, the
dust of political abasement.
7. Nevertheless, all the commotion was
of nooe effect, for when the Sanhedrim
did cart their lota, behold the choice fell
upon Inhara.
8. And in the same year, and the same
month of the year, there was much strite
for the spoils.
9. And the Province of the West did
desire that Charley the Bolivarite should
be the scribe for the satrapy.
10- And that Wat, the pon of Allen
should sit in the seat of him who nhoutd
oversee the public accounts.
11. And that Manse, of the tribe of
House, should keep the treasures of the
12. And it came to paw that when the
Sanhedrim did meet and did cast their
lots, that the etrife waxed hot.
Absolutely Pure.
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More economical han , he ordinary kind
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the multitude of low test, short weight,
alum or phosphate powders. Sold only
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Wall St., N. Y.
13. And it was bo that they did cast
their lots a score or more times, and the
opposition did fume and rage, and did
iU leyel best to swamp the Bolivarite,
but he would not be swamped.
li. And when tbey had cast their lots
a couple times more, behold the Bolivar
ite got there Eli.
16. And one of the Sanhedrim cried
out with a loud voice: "Can anw cood
come out of Bolivar?" And another said
unto him: "Come and ee."
16 And behld a follower of him who
sat in the seat of judgment said nnto Wat
the son of Allen. "Behold, thou art from
the West Province, for thy speech betray
eth thee."
17. And he, answering, said: "By the
ghost of my grandmother, I wist not of
what you speak." And he swore muchly,
and with vehemence did deny hia coun
18. And whn he thought thereon he
wept sorely, and went out to see a man
19. But when the Sanhedrim had met
again, lo and behold, they did all with
one accord choose Wat above all others,
for he was fair ta look upon.
IV. And when Manse, of the tribe ot
House, heard these things he rejoiced
muchly, and slapped himself upon the
shoulder and said unto his better half:
"Of a surety, though my enemies compass
me round about, 1 will get there all the
21. And it was as he foretold, for the
self same day he was chosen by lot to bis
22. And when these doings began to be
noised abroad, behold one mighty in coun
cil, from the City of Mules, did groan
within himself and did cry out with
loud lamentation: "Can these thing be
thusly? Unless one hails from the West
he is ol no account in this political scram
23. "Behold, the West have the earth
and now they wish a fence around it.
24. "For have they hot two Princes of
the land, and now they have scooped in
the Scribe of the Satrapy, and the Over
seer of Public Accounts, aud they own tKe
better!) all ol the Keeper of .treasures ol
the Satrapy,
25. "By thy beard, I like this
Are not Harpeth and Duck, rivers of
Middle Province, better than all the
tersof the West?
26. "Have we not within our holders
the finest ot wheat? and are not our hora
ea world beaters?
Zi. "And what country can compare
with us in mules?
28. "Are not our young men the most
chivalrous in the world, and our young
n-aideus lairer to look upon than the wo
men of other climes?
29. "O, my country, that things should
so happen! '
30. And when he had made an end of
his lamentation, he went out and was
seen no more forever.
Many lersoiis
Are broken down from overwork or household
cares Brown's Iron Bitters
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Diabetes Cured.
Xew Orleans Picayune, Jan. 20, 1881.
Mr. Mathiaa Doll, business place No.
23 North Peters 6treet, residence Royal
street, between Jeanne and Bartholomew,
New Orleans, has been a most intense
sufferer from kidney trouble (diabetes) for
the last six long and weary years. He
aid to us: " Even earlier than that I fre
quently suffered from pain in the back,
and frequent making of water, but gave it
no thought until about the- time stated,
when the almost constant desire to make
water became unendurable. The pain in
the back, and sometimes in the legs, made
me so lame at limes that 1 could scarcely
wane 1 consulted one ot the best doctors
in this city, and was under his constant
treatment for one entire year without da
riving the least benefit. I then consulted
from time to time, dunng the last rive or
six years, six other physicians, each one
standing in the front rank ot the medical
profession in New Orleans, and though I
sometimes was a little relieved of some
excruciating suffering, yet upon the whole
I was not only no better, but in many re
spects much worse. My limbs became so
swollen and sore that I could not cross
my legs when sitting on a chair all of
which, they said, was caused by diabetes.
I then tried some highly lauded patent
medicine. But they all turned out to be
humbugs. I had given up all hopes of
ever getting; relief, much less being cured,
when I noticed in the papers some won
derful cures that Piruna had made in
this city, as prescribed by Dr. Hart man,
giving the name and address of each per
son treated. I called to. see him; he at
once prescribed his Fikika, which is not
over three weeks, ago. I am so much
better that if I would not improve anf
more, I would not for any amount that 1
had not claced myself under his treat
ment. All my pain and lameness is gone.
The swelling and stiffness in my legs has
disappeared, and instead of making water
every fifteen minutes, I now make it once
in three hours dlrinf the day. and onlv
twice in a whole night. I am, indeed.
quite well again. Don hesitate, don t
say humbug, but get the Piruna at once
and take it as its printed label directs, or,
if you think this is only an advertisement,
and not strictly true, call and eee me and
see for yourself."
Mrs. Holdah v Riple, Smethport, Me
Kean county. Pa., writes: "Dr. S. B.
IUrtmax, & Co., Columbus, O. I have
used your "pKitUJf a and it has done me a
great deal of good. Have recommended it
to many of my friends, who have since ex
pressed themselves as wonderfully pleased
with its virtues."
)uy i g tun u 13
person la advanced of
IbH la ir. Wire
I On, itrrvp ta nl4 MOy ta
reinwi Trmi-Mju-k to vt i
A Hurl jmu tn tri,s
tit'g iH 4 jitX Juw c Sato
fhew Lance's Pines Th rr.t T . la,
J as EL Mseyr
Manufacturer of
Fine Harness & Saddlery
And Dealer in
Success Sweat Pads,
sacs-banes, unmn whips, etc
Orders solicited and satisfacton guaran
teed. Cash paid for hides, furs, wool, tal
low, beeswax, genting, etc. Give me a
a a
fta Shrt TEEQUiS Car Lire East nl West
Four raly Through Trains, four Pullman
Bieepers, making an important
Connections. ,
East via. Lyacfcturg and Washington:
No. No 4
Leave Grind Junction..... 1J.17 n't. 1J.M m,m
Arrive Chattanooga.. . 10.20 a.m. 9.35 p.ra
JnoxTUle B.uop.m. J.oua.iu
Bristol 8.00 p.m. 6,20 a. Ji
Roanoke 1.25 a.m. 12.30 p.m
livnchbun? 4.15 a.m. 2.25 p.m
Washington 11 .18 a.m. 8.40 p.m
Baltimore... 12.46 p.m. 11.35 p.m
Philadelphia S.10 p.m. 3.00 a.m
Kew York . 6.50 p.m. 6.20 a.m
Laare Grand Junction...
Arrire Boanoke
" Luray
H Hagerstown...
" Philadelphia....
New York.
12.17 n't. 11.67 am
QK urn 12.30 nm
8.04 am S.S5 pm
.....11.40 am 9.55 pm
S. om 12.20 um
........ 6.50 pm 4 25 am
.... 9.35 pm 7.10 am
No. 2 carries Pullman Buffet Vestibule Trawing
Boom Sleener to Washimton via Lynchburg : car
ries Pullman Kuffett DrawiHg Boom Hleeper to
Mw xork via Harrisburg.
No. No. 4
Leare Grand Junction..........12.17 a'U 11.64 am
Arrive Norfolk 1.25 pm. 9.40 pm
Richmond... 12.00 am, . 8.15 am
CnnnA'tiorts for Atlimta and Tlorida fointa In
Union Depot, Chattanooga, with through sleeper
i nattanooga ana jacKsouTiue.
West Bound via. Metnphie
Vol Ho S
Leave Grand Junction... 4.20 am S.26 pm
Arrive Memphis .. 6.10 am 8.20 pm
" Little Bock 2.15 pm 7.20 am
Fort Smith .........a0.40 pm S.20 pm
Texarkana... 8.20 pm 2.50 pm
" iLansas Ulty o.oo us..
With close connections beyond.
and checks.
Through tickets
B. VV. WRENN.G. P. & T. A.,
Knoxyflle, Tens.
C. A. DeSAUSSURE, A. G. P. A.,
Memphis, Tenn.
J. P. SEABROOK, Grand Junction, Tenn
VfltfTPn SALRSHEN by the oldest, larg-eat
Man I fc.W ami beat-known nurseries in the
West. Permanent positions; (rood pay. Outnt Iree.
Assistant Cashier.
Transacts a general hanking business.
Deposits solicited. Collections made and
prompt returuc. Money to loan on reason
able terms.
of losing your chfld by permitting- Werans to
work out its destruction. When a child fails to
sleep well, is restless, anaataral is its appetite and
erinda its teeth, you have strong indications of
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pecial attention given to gnesU. Teruia
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fect fits guaranteed. All orders
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Irw bud V.) a
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Jrers which only tickle the palate. The time-tried
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you value the life of your child, dont wait until
spasms ana incurame etexnes seize it, out get
tlua reliable reoieJjr at oscci it never fail.
llil llilll
Saw Mill Locatedat BOIjIKAIZ, and Planing Mill at JACKSON.
Boil it Dressei Lute, Doors, Sasli, Siflinji,
Flooring, Ceiling, Laths, Shingles, Paling, Brackets,
Oldest and livest lumber firm in Madison or Hardeman
Attorney at Law,
Office, Norlb side JSquare, Corner
Mam and Jackson Streets.
Bolivar -:- Bulletin
Wo have recently added, to our office a
jlite selection of Job Type and
Guarantee Satisfaction.
tSen&uyour Orders,
Attorneys at Law,
VEaat Side of Court Square,
The Original Wins.
C. F. Simmons, St. Louis, Prop'r
M. A. Simmons Liver Medicine, Est'd
1840, in the U. S. Court difiats J.
H. Zeilin, Prop'r A. Q. Simmons Liv
er Regulator, Kst'd by Zeilin 1S68.
M. A. S. L. M. has for 47 years
Appbtiti, Sour Stomach, Etc.
nev. Ja li. Keams, Pastor M. E.
.Church, Adams, Tenn., writes: "I
ihttik a snouia nave Deen deaa but
ror your Uenuine M. A. Sim
mans Liver Medicine. T hum
IMfttM Bometime had to substitute
wria I -euin-s stutt" tor your Medi
cine, tmt it don't answer the
OPUl Dr. J. R. Graves, Editor Tit
Baptist, Memphis, Tenn. saysr
Medicine, and have used half of it.
It works like a charm. I want ns
hetfrr T.jvr Knl -.t anrY
tainly no more of Zeilin's mixture,
Stonewall House,
Furnituie all new aud table first-class.
Special attention given to the traveling
Peterkin Cotton seed I
Predicts 39 ti ill hi Cest. list,
10Q cr200 Bushels to Esll.
1.50 Bushel Dcliv'd !
Fcr eila j SAEEST! W Mm,
'Who did you eay ia to be next
Presidentf" "Oh! I don't kno and
I don't care. I'm not looking for
Presidents I'm looking for a pain
remedy." "All, you've only to a.k
at the next corner for Salvation Oil
it kills pain every time."
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ace benent and endowmen life in
surance. The best and the cheap
est. Agents wanted in every county
in the state. Anyone desiiinj' in
formation in regard lo agencies or
life insurance address, Kusstll &
Fisher, State Agenta, Covington,
Tenn., or Boli?ari Tenn., care I3ul.
EanllaWe Fire Insurance Company.
WriUs all kinds of town ind
country ritska at close3t rates. For
further information address Kossell
& Fisher. Gmngton, Tenn,, or
Bolivar, Tenn., care BiriXETiS.
We want a good man to represent
both of the above companies :n Bol
ivar and llardeman.
Eucklen's Arnica Salvo.
The bet fciilve in the world for cnt,
bruinea, sores, ulcer, wait rheum, fever
sore, tetter, chapjied hands, chilblains,
corns sjk! all akin eruptions, and posi
tively cures ile, or no pa required.
It ia guaranU--d to give perfect fatislao
tion, HT monev refunded. Price 2-3 cent
per box. tor sale by bavage & iumtisnia. '
1 n
V V 1
elsewhere. Orders from a distance solicited.
S, R. CONGER, Proprietor,
Phoenix Mill
Shingles, Laths, Etc., Cut on Short Notice.
Address all Communications to
A. II. Goodman. C. N. Churchill. 8, B. Chism.
Tobacco and Oigar s,
233 ,OiT1, S,X,3323,I,,
G. C. Howard.
C. Li.
And Commission Merchants,
p. S!S3 gt Ifp-gtair?, jfcqjW.
Best Offer Ever Made to Subscribers!)
rOP. 1883 ta
r - v v rr" fir k v r r a "A
A'jjr fjatingS300O.G0.:paaoiItt.vv X - - --.ILY
Uorses, New3 iv and'aFnaSei o , V VPIIP
Harness ono Gift. Every Per h on, S X K f .1 L i i U 1 1 0
trbuhou viiiReeeivtttt.a'v
C : 1 1 ; n Factors r.r.d
No. 361
Ai2 i a Vicstt to ms JS - r
I minmhiXjyl "V f the I'wplc-
irihutbnsr A pmnnrxHr a Pfinrir,! and I W In lis fe.
Is Be
a.. ill
Dry Goods, Carpexs, and "Upholstery
Wm. Williams. W. L. Mitchell.
Liquoes, Tobacco, Cigars, Etc.
irso. mi) maiu stuheiet,
The Jug and Bottle Buuineaa a Hpwlnltv. tloona eeut V. O. 1). to all J'utnte
on Jitrttr or JiailntuU,
Counties, Get Prices before
T. C. Howard.
fk r ft r v
- , . .
Refer to any Bank in the Country, or Dim oJ
Bradstreet's Mercantile Agencies.
List of Furiuor IrtstrHiutlon. FllEIi.
ubh; a t
a rj
Whohsah hm,
Front Street,-
To Jl 11 G f4 fel ; ,
li MM (J, BBBi).

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