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The Bolivar Bulletin.
Efffvlivi- Sunday, Dec. P, 1000.
Sn. S-uTir. Hn, North.
35 C :lt p.m. 20 7.1S a.ra
13 7.4. a.ia. 21 9.11 p.m. I
J- lUChl.. ......... '.I-IHI H3J. 4 11KH.JM 1 -J j'.tl'.
W. A. HOUSE. Agent
We nrc uutli(iriz-l to unnounoc N". F. Iliz -r ;ih a
candidate fur Marshal of the town of Hoiivai . E! c
lion, Tuesday, January 22, 1901.
Mr. W. J. Williams and family
Lave recently moved from t It o 2nd
to the 5th district.
Mr. W. T. Clift, who lives
four milt's southwest of Bolivar,
has six children sick with typhoid
Mr. C. T). Durrett and family
have moved into the residence va
cated by Mrs. McGuiro and family,
on Water Street.
Mahel Warren entertained a
number of her little friends on the
afternoon of December 25th in hon
or of her seventh birthday.
Prof. J. A. Hudson e.'Pects to
leave for Memphis about the st of
February, to attend a course f bse
tures at the Memphis Medical Col
lege. Jesse Crowley, the 16year'l
son of Mr. W. S. Crowley, of tne
13th district, had -his arm broke"
on the 17th of December by a fall
ing tree.
A number of friends enjoyed
an elegant Christmas dinner at the
hospitable home of Mr. John L.
Foote, Ilartiemau County's popular
On the 21st of December, Mr.
J. A. Carter, of the 8lh district,
killed four eighteen months old
hogs, (Poland China and Berkshire
cross) whose total weight was 12G9
Mr. S. II. Clinto'i and family
are occupying their new residence
on Main Street, recently purchased
from Prof. Hudson. The family
of Prof. Hudson has moved to the
Mr. li. F. Majors, who has
been living on Piney Creek in the
l;Uh district for the past three
years, moved the latter part of De
cember to the Ragan farm in the
game district.
The many friends of Mr. Book
er T. McKinnie will be glad to
learn that he has recently been pro
moted, lie is now running as con
ductor on the Illinois Central be
tween Water Valley and Canton.
Messrs. Wirtworth and Mel
ville Wood entertained a party of
friends at their country home,
"Red Cliff" on the 27th. Those
present are indebted to the hospi
table hosts for a most enjoyable
Our old friend, Mr. Nat Ilud
dleston, of the 13th district, came
in to see us a few days ago and re
newed his subscription. For near
ly thirty years he has been one of
our most highly appreciated sub
scribers. Read our clubbing list publish
ed elsewhere. If you desire to sub
scribe for any paper or magazine
that does not appear upon the list,
we will send for it in connection
with the Bulletin, giving you the
benefit of publishers' rates.
Capt. J. W. Smith, a popular
citizen of Grand Junction, was in
town Friday on business and paid
us a very pleasant visit. We are
glad to learn from him that his son,
Edward, who was injured by the
late cyclone at LaGrange, has re
covered and resumed his duties as
depot agent at that place.
. A. G. Duncan, son of J. II.
Duncan and Mrs. Evie Scott, died
December 11th of typhoid fever,
aged 19 years. The remains were
buried at the Bailey graveyard in
the 17th district, in the presence of a
large number of sorrowing relatives
and friends. The funeral service
was conducted by Rev. U. A. West.
We direct the attention of the
-voters of the corporation of Bolivar
to the announcement of Mr. N. F.
llizer, candidate for Town Marshal,
which appears elsewhere iu this is
sue. Mr. llizer is well known to
our people; he is a man of courage
and honor, and if elected he prom
ises to do his duty. He will appre-
Nte the support of the voters.
"Watch-night Services"- were
held at the Methodist Church, Dec.
Circuit Court convened Tues
day. The proceedings will be pub
lished next week.
Miss Jennie .Mitchell entertain
ed a number of her friends on the
evening of the 311. I
Mi-" ?it-Ii Clinton entertained a
number of friei'tls very pleasantly
on the evening of the 25th.
Miss E!!a Crawford entertain
ed Doc. 20th, in honor of Miss Sal
lie May Fiilghum, of Jackson.
For want of spa-re, we are com
pelled to leave out several interest
ing communications, this week.
Mr. Leon W. Mashhurn left
Wednesday morning to enter the
University of Tennessee flt Knox
ville. Mr. E. S. Blavlock, section
foreman on the Illinois Central, has j
been transferred from Malesus to
ATi.l.lIl.m.r I
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Wilkinson
entertained a number of their
friends at their home on Sycamore
Street Dec. 28 ih.
Mr. Charley Warren, who is
taking a course in book-keeping at
Jameson's Business College, Jack
son, spent Christmas at home.
Cascade and Paduoaii Club,
two of the leading brands manufac
tured. For sale by R.M.Redfearn,
Coates Block, Bolivar", Tenn.
Attorneys J. M. Greer and G.
P. Smith, of Memphis, and Chester
Bond and Ernest Bullock, of Jack
son are in attendance upon court.
Miss Fannie Patrick died Wed
nesday evening at the (residence of
her father,Mr. T. M. tf'atrickjiu the
14th district, after ran illness of
&evera! months.
During the year 1G00, the
number of marriage licenses issued
by the County Court Clerk was 225,
51 of which were issued during the
month of December. .
The senior class of St. Kathar
ine's School entertained quite a
number of Bolivar young men New
Year's eve. A dainty lunch was
served and the evening was spent
very pleasantly.
We mail this week to our de-!
linquent subscribers statements of
their accounts. Unless the amounts
due are promptly remitted, or satis
factory arrangements made, their
papers will be discontinued.
It's a gentleman's whiskey, a pure
delicious beverage and a grand ap
petizer. Don't forget the name
I. W. Harper" whiskey. The
hind your grand-fatber used. Sold
by Skddess & Co., Bolivar, Tenn.
Esquire D. W. .McAnulty, of
Hickory Valley, was excused from
iury service at the present term of
court on account of the sickness of
his little daughter, who has pneu
monia. We are glad to learn that
she is improving.
Mr. R. II. Jones, of Houston,
Texas, arrived last week. For the
past three years Mr. Jones has been
connected with the Southern Pacific
Railroad in the capacities of civil
engineer and in the maintenance of
way department. Within that time
he has built three branches of the
road, aggregating 05 miles. His
operations have been confined to
Louisiana and Texas.
A sufficient sum was realized
from the sale of tickets to "The
Heavenly Twins" to liquidate the
indebtedness against the Public
School Library. The entertain
ment, given on December 21st, was
a success, and Mrs. Wellons, who
directed, and the young ladies and
gentlemen who participated, de
serve the thanks of ail who attend
ed for an evening of pleasure.
We announce with sorrow the
death of W. D. Galloway, which
occured at his home in the 9th dis
trict, December 31st. Mr. Galloway
was born and reared iu Hardeman
County and lived here all of his life,
lie was an honorable man and was
one of our best citizens. At the
time of his death he was 53 years of
age. A wife and seven children
survive, who have the sympathy of
man7 friends.
We wish all our Patrons and
Friends a Happy and Prosperous
ISTew Year. May all their best
wishes he gratified, and we hope
that by fair treatment and honor
able dealings, w e w ill continue to
share in their GENEROUS PAT
The fragile babe and the growing
child are strengthened by White's!
Cream Vermifuge. It destroys j
worm's tets digestion at work, ami;
so rebuilds the body. Price 25 cents.
Sold by W. J. Cox. I
At a meeting of the Hoard of
Aldermen held Tuesday night, the
following business was transacted:
The shed oppoite Nuckolls' stable
wu condemned and ordered torn
down, unless owner ha' saimr re
paired at once; au ordinance was
parsed prohibiting cows from run
ning at large upon the streets for
the next thirty days; N. F. Hizer
was elected to collect taxes of 1900;
a committee, consisting of G. "-M.
Savage, G. A. Black and "John
Redd, was appointed to settle with
the Mayor, Recorder, Treasurer and
Col. Jerome Hill, of Memphis,
was in the city several days ago and
met with many old friends. Mr.
Hill formerly resided here. He
came to Bolivar when 12 years of
age, and was successfully engaged
in the mercantile business here for
many years, afterwards moving to
St. Louis, later to Memphis. He
is still a loyal friend of Bolivar ami
of Hardeman County and never
loses an opportunity to 8 peak's "good
word for both. Many are the
young men from this town and
community who are indebted to Je
rome Hill for a start in lite. Mr.
Hill has traveled a great deal
throughout this country and Eu
rope, and he says he knows of no
country where a man can live as
comfortably and for as litth? expen
diture as iu this Mississippi Valley.
He says that his experience fully
convinces him that there is no se
curity so safe as real estate; that
the South is now just emerging
from a long period of depression;
the small improvements now, he
believes, is only the beginning and
he anticipates a gradual and lasting
increase in values. Mr. Hill says
our people do not seem to realize
how cheap real estate is at this
time, and those who are so fortu
nate as to invest, he believes, will
be rewarded with profit in the fu
ture. Marriages.
Mr. J.W. Iluddleston, of Draugh
on, Ark., and Miss Callie Baker,
were united in marriage Dec. 30th,
at the residence of the bride's father,
Mr. Abraham Baker, near Craines
ville. .Mr. Benjamin Sadler, of the 5th
district, and Miss Nonie Hundley
were united in marriage on Dec.
19th, at the residence of the bride's
father, Mr. James Hundley, near
Vildo, Esq. D. J. Campbell officiating-
Mr. Robert Walton and Miss Ida
Ervin were married on the 24th of
December by Esquire N. F. Hizer,
at the residence of the bride's father
in the 5th district.
Mr. A. M. Womack, of North
Mississippi, and Miss Carrie Lam
beth, of Middleton, were united in
marriage at the courthouse in Boli
var, Dec. 25th, Rev. J. M. Scott
performing the ceremony.
Mr. W. S. Bryant, of Saulsbury,
and Miss Nannie Ijee Harris were
united in marriage on the evening
of Dec. 26th, at the residence of
the bride's uncle, Mr. James M.
Taylor, in East Bolivar, in the
presence- of a number of friends.
Rev. D. M. Mclver officiated.
Quite a number of valuable presents
were given to the handsome and
happy young couple. They left on
the evening train for Saulsbury,
their future home, followed by the
good wishes of our people.
Our (Baby Sister.
A happiness lias come into our home,
Atnl filleil us full of chper,
And added a sweetness to tlie love
Of mother kin 1 and dear. .
I efnnot tell you liow I felt
When I sav the little girl.
With her little hands and tiny feet,.
More precious than a pearl.
She is pood a sirl as ever was,
And hardly ever cries at, all :
Itut when she eri s, and cries sure enough.
You never heard such a squall.
lUit this does not keep her from being good ;
She is just as good as ever;
she's not much bigger than a mouse,
And almost as light as a feather.
William 1. Jkwell, 11 years old.
Mr. Unfits Wilki nsori visited At
lanta last week.
Mrs. Ella Meet and family left
for Wynne, Ark., Thursday.
Col. Fraiuis Fentress, of Mem
phis, was in town last week.
Mr. Hali.im W. .Goodloe, of Al
amo, was in the city last Friday.
Dr. Dickson iiml family spent
Christmas with Whiteville relatives.
Mr. L. S. Hazlegrove, of Fulton,
Ivy., visited relatives here recently.
Mr. A. G. Shelton has returned
after an absence of several months.
Miss Floreuce Boswell, of Collier
ville, is the - guest of Miss Maude
Wilkinson. -
Mrs. H. O. True, and daughter,
Miss Myrtle, of Memphh, spent the
holidays Lere.
Mr. J. P. Warren, wife and baby,
of Thayer, Mo., visited Bolivar rel
atives last week.
Miss Sallte May Fulghum, of
Jackson, spent the holidays with
Bolivar relatives. . .
Mrs. W. 11. Koberson, of Terrell,"
Texas, visited her sister, Mrs. N.
F. Hizer, recently.
Mr. B. F. Iluddleston and fam
ily, of the 13th district, moved to
Jackson this week.
Mr. Wiley F. Price, of Italy,
Texas, spent Christmas with rela
tives in Hardeman.
Mr. L. B. Fish, connected with
the "bridge gang" of the I. C, was
at home Christmas.
.Mr. J. L. Mayfield and wife,
of Barrettsville, Ark., are visiting
relatives in Hardeman County.
Mr. Hugh Caruthers aud sister,
Miss Dickens, visited relatives in
Union City during the holidays.
Mr. J. A. Prewitt, of Belton,
Texas, spent Christmas with his
half-brother, Col. G. T. Ingram.
Dr. J. T. Robertson and little
daughter, of Cabool, Mo., visited
his mother, Mrs. Myers, last week.
Messrs. Albert Amnions, John
Warren, Jr., and Tate Baker, of
Memphis, came home to spend
With profound gratitude to all our friends
for their generous patronage in the past, and
the hope that the year 1900 has been a
most prosperous one to them, we enter the
Twentieth Century with renewed determi
nation and a desire that our relations may
continue both mutually pleasant and profit
vC v4 t C
Wliite'ille, -
Additional Local News.
Miss Julia Jones left for Troy. X. C, last week.
Miss Ora Taylor is visiting at Moscow ami Vil
io. Miss Mclnltle entertained tli "Social Club"
last week.
Miss Annie Mitchell, of Mason, Is the guest of
Mrs. S. Dickson. !
Mrs. Woodson Savage and child spent the hol
idays in Xashville. j
Iitth? Marj;areet Withers, of Jackson, spent
last week in Bolivar.
Miss Virgie Cinnie, of Augustus, visited Boli
var friends last week.
Mr. Jno. lloyd, of Memoliis, was in ISolivar
the first of the week.
Misses Mattie Tielle Itaker and l'earl Taylor
visited Saulshury last week.
Misses Edith and Elsie livUe Kahn, of Mem
phis, are guests of Mrs Jake Kahn.
Mr. Jno. Kose, of Fordyce, Ark., was circulat
ing among his old I.olivar friends last week.
Mr. Clarence HoberFon, of Terrell, Texas,
spent the holidays with friends near Kolivar.
Dr. J. V. Douglas, wife and little son, John,
spent Christmas with friends in Tupelo, Miss.
Misses Jennie ITardaway, Sadie Durrett and
ISessie Statler returned from Memphis last week.
Mrs. W. II. McCJuire and family have removed
to Whiteville, much to the regret of their many
friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Ware and Miss O. Hills at
tended the funeral of Dr. Jo. E. Martin in Jack
son last Sunday.
Miss Kathleen Collins, of Memphis, and friend,
Miss Wittie, of Canton, Miss., were guests at Gen.
15. P. Xeely's last week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Withers and little son,
Leon, of Jackson, spent Christmas Day with the
family of Mrs. MarT Ttills.
Mrs. Robt. W. Tate entertained her Sunday
School class on the evening of the 27th of Decem
ber in a most charming manner. lames were
played and refreshments served.
The "Christmas House," at the Presbyterian
Church, on the evening of Dec. 24, was filled with
presents and the building was crowded. Around
an old-fashioned fhe place, well filled stockings
were hanged, and the hundreds of valuable gifts
and presents they failed to held were conveniently
arranged and distributed among the happy throng.
The "Christmas House" was uuique and a suc
cess. Bolivar Camp Xo. 36, Woodmen of the World,
gave an oyster supper Tuesday evening to its
members, visiting brothers and friends in the old
Cumberland Presbyterian Church building. The
occasion was highly enjoyed by all present. Boli
var Camp is composed 'of t number of the most
prominent citizens of our town and community,
and numerically is one of the strongest camps in
the State.
children, of '
Lloyd, I exas. visited his parents
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin rish, near
Bolivar, lat week. This was his
first visit in eight year?.
Mr. William Webb, a former
resident. of Bolivar, now of Aek
worth, Ga., was here this week on
a visit to his sister, Mrs. William
Taylor, whom In; had not seen in
thirteen years
Whosoever has suffered from
piles knows how painful and troub
lesome thev are. Tabler's Buckeve
Pile Ointment is guaranteed to cure
piles. Price 50 cents iu bottles.
Tubes, 75 cents. Sold by W. J.
Mr. Mclver's Departure.
Rev. D. M. Mclver and family
left last Thursday for. Henderson
ville, N. C, to the regret of the
people of Bolivar. The following
resolutions were adopted by the
congregation of the Presbyterian
Church when they agreed to the
dissolution of the pastoral relations
between them and Mr. Mclver:
...."Kesolved, JThat as a congrega
tion, we unite with our pastor, Rev.
D. 31. Mclver, in asking Presbyte
ry to dissolve the relations existing
between us as pastor and people.
"We do this with heaviness of
heart and at his request. We have
nofault to find with him. During
his stay with us the past four and a
half years, he has performed well
his part as pastor and preacher and
by his faithful ministry has greatly
endeared himself to his people and
the christian community generally.
We part with him aud his family
with sincere regret and earnestly
pray that the choicest blessings of
God may attend them wherever he
may call
them to go.
Ilerbine should be used to enrich
and purify the blood; it cures all
forms of blood disorders, is espec
ially useful in , fevers, skin erup
tions, boils, pimples, blackheads,
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L . '
eueciiini i y emu. x i
Sold by W. J. Cox.
ice, 50 cents.
t5 J M
- Teiiiiesscc.
On last Tuesday evening the bright dreams
and fond anticipations of the social element of Bol
ivar were more than realized when the "Xew
"Year's Ball'" materialized. The new hall of the
Public School building was brilliantly lighted and
suitably decorated for the occasion. A band from
Jackson of fou r pieces with piano accompaniment
discoursed sweet music to which the graceful forms
of "fair women' and the rythmic tread of "brave
men" kept time. The hours sped all too rapidly
for the dancers but not for the chaperones.
A telegram received liere last 1- riuay, announc
ing the death of Dr. Jos. E. Martin, Hctnr of M
Luke's Church, Jackson, was a shock to his many
friends and admirers. Dr. Martin, fr a number of
years, has identified himself with the citizens of
Bolivar. His popular lectures on Shakespeare and
Jackson are recalled, pleasantly, by tkose who
heard him. St. Katharine's School has lost a true
friend. His cenial smile and pleasant voice will
be sadly missed. His place, not only as a minister.
(for be possessed the true missionary spirit) but as
an orator and a friend will be hard to fill.
On last Friday afternoon a party of ladies.
chaperoned bv Mrs. T. M. Moore, took a "Tour
around the world." Promptly at two o'clock the
bjgiiage was checked and tickets were procured for
the journey. As the most successful voyacrr. Mis
M. V . Bills received first prize, a souvenir waste
paper basket from Japan. Mrs. Kahn received the
consolation prize, a tiny bbip. On the return de
licious refreshments were served. A second fea
ture of the afternoon's entertainment was a ''Men
agerie Contest," for which Mrs. Pitser Miller re
ceived the first prize, a dog match stand. Mrs. J.
Will Gate was awardtd the consolation prize, a
Xoah's Ark.
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Liniment possess a range of use
fulness greater than any other
remedy. A day seldom parses iu
every household, especially where
there are children, that it is not
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We will pay the above reward for any case Liver
Complaint. Dyspepsia, Sick headache. Indigestion,
Constipation or Oostiveness we cannot cure with
Liverita, the Up-to-dat Little Liver Pill, wheu
the directions are strictly complied with. They
are purely Vegetable and never fail to give satis
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substitutions aud imitations. Send bv mail; stamps
taken. NEKVIXA MEDICAL CO.," Cor. Clinton
and Jefferson St. . Chicago, 111. For Kile by W. J.
Cok, Druggist, Bolivar, Tenn. june'22-ly
Many a bright and happy house
hold has been thrown into sadness
aud sorrow because of the death of
a loved one from a neglected cold.
Ballard's Ilorehound Syrup is the
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year to any address for
in advance. v
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All subscriptions must
Confederate Veterans
Xew Orleans, La., Dec. 22.
IIeatIUMrlers United Confederate
Veterans, Xew Orleans, La., Dec.
- i - -
"General Order No. 294:
"1. The General commanding
announces, tne department com
manders concurring, that on account
of the urgent request aud insistence
of 'our host,' the next annual meet
ins and reunion of the United Con
federate Veterans, which is to he
held in the city of Memphis, Tenn.,
will take place on May, 2S, 29 and
30, 1901, i uesday, Wednesday aud
Thursday respectively.
42. With pride the General com
manding also annouuees that 1,300
camps have uow joined the associa
tion and applications have been re
ceived at these headquarters for
papers for 100 more. lie urges
veterans to send to these headquar
ters for organization papers, form
jam'ps, and joi:i this association, so
;ts to assist in carrying out its
benevolent, praise worth and patriot
ic object. By order of
"J. B. Gordox, General Com
manding. "Geop.i;k Moorman, Adjutant
General and Chief of Staff."
Items From Toone.
Mr. J. 1$. Jones, of Harry., Tex., visited in the
neighborhood recently.
Mr. James Pirtle and son, of llazen, Ark., spent
Christmas with relatives here.
Dr. T. 15. Uradford and wife, of t'ott'n riant.
Ark., were anions our vit-itors this week.
Mr. J. T. Hums, of Columbus, Ark., visited rela
tives here recently. He was accompanied by his
mother, who will make her home with Eiilre W.
n. Tate.
Mr. V. A. Voting and wife, of White County,
Ark., have lieen recent visitors to our neighbor
hood. Mr. W. 15. Deming and wife, of Sardis, Miss.,
are guests of his father, Mr. C. W. Deming.
Mrs. G. W. Herman and children, of Evansville,
Miss., are visiting her father, Mr. J. X. Hillhouse.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I- Hillhouse are the happy par
ents of a fine ten pound girl baby, named "Helva
Mr. Ed. Robinson and wife, of Jackon, spent
the holidays with Mrs. Robinson's father, Ir. L.
M. I5ray.
Mr. C. W. Fawcett, the Illinois Central agent at
Torrance, Miss., came home sick a few days since.
We are glad to state that he has recovered.
Wade Hopkins, aged 12 years, accidentally shot
and killed himself Christmas day while hunting.
Twelve car londs of holly were shipped from
Toone to St. Louis, Chicago and Cincinnati, le
tween the oih and 17th of December. The net
profit to shippers was at least S100.00 per car.
Louis Whitford, colored, was accidentally shot
by Mr. Austin Pirtle Christmas morning while
bird hunting.
Mr. W. 15. Uradford, agent for the Aver & Lord
Tie Company, paid out J7,800.OO during the month
oC December for cross ti s. These ties were deliv
ered on the L C, between the points of Medoii and
Hickorv Vallev. XXX
Srrti'ntn, Vlcrr. fIl Srrs, Hour -1'tiitts
Triftl 'lrrittm-nt '.
First, second or third stages jiositivelv cured by
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The following have subscribed
for and renewed their subscriptions
to the Bulletin since our last issue:
L. M. Carrington .. .McKinnie, Tex.
W. N. Sparkraan Saulsbury.
J. J. Ilazlegrove Bolivar.
Doke Calahau Saulsbury.
J. E. Fitts Bolivar.
N. Iluddleston Crainesville.
J. W. Iluddleston .. Draugbon, Ark.
N. F. llizer Bolivar.
T. J. White Bolivar.
W. T. Perry (c). . . Hickory Valley.
Mrs. M. A. Brooks.. ..Barry, Tex.
.1. It. McKinnie.. ..Jackson, Tenn.
Dr. G. M. Don is Dorris.
D. L. Ay ers Opha.
W. p. Xuckolls Bolivar.
B. Uedfearu Toone.
A. S. Anderson Toone.
T. K. Anderson Toone.
Dr. L. M. Bray Toone.
B. F. Majors Bolivar.
Mrs. Anna Coates Bolivar.
Jerome Hill Memphis.
Caroline Paukey (c) Bolivar.
J. W. Smith Grand Junction.
B. F. Iluddleston . .Jackson, Tenn.
P. M. Smalley Middleburg.
Henry Grcyson .... Hickory Valley.
Alex Black Bolivar.
S. B. Baker.. Bolivar.
Thomas Shea Pocahontas.
Mrs. M. E. Fish Bolivar.
W. J. Tipler Pocahontas.
J. T. Joyner Bolivar.
Ike Kahn.. Memphis.
J. Will Gates Bolivar
Henry Flexner Louisville,Ky.
Kahn Brothers Bolivar.
J. L. May Held . . . Barrettsville, Ark.
T. B. Ferrell Dresden,Tex.
II. M. Weed Bolivar.
Mrs. L. J. Myers .Bolivar.
Mrs. John Warren Bolivar.
T. W. Tate Toone.
Published in the United States for democrats aud
for all readers is the
Twice a WeekCourierJournal
The equal of many dailies and the superior of all
other semi-weeklies or weeklies. Issued Wednes
day and Saturday. 104 copies a year aud you get
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m.OO a Year.
The Wednesday issue is devoted to News Matt ?rs,
the Saturday issue to Home Matters. A liberal
commission to agents. Sample copies cheerfully
sent free to all who will ssk for them Write to
Louisville, Ky.
I?y special arrangement you can get the Bcllk.
tin and the Twice-a-Week Courier-Journal both
one year for only SI. 25. This is for cash sulscrip
tionsonly. -11 subscriptions under this combina
tion oiler must be sent through
The liulletin,
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Manhood
Cure Tmpotency, Night Emissions, Losa of Mem-
sstsr. ory, au wasting diseases,
Ktti all effects of self-abuse or
t'?5T JcTcesa and indiscretion.
.W6 A nerve tonic and
the pink gi
low to sa
cheeks and restores the
a - U r. ,0,l
sfi SOc ner box. 6 boxes for
2.50, with, our bankable gaurantee to cure
or refund the money paid, bend for cin
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Immediate Results
Positively tmaranteed enre for Loss of Power,
Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs.
Pavesis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostra
tion, Hysteria. Fits, Insanity, Paralysis and the
Results of Excessive Use of Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor. Bv mail in plain package, Sl.OO a
box, 6 for $5.00 with our bankable gruar
antee bond to cure in SO days or refund
money paid. Address
Clinton & Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILK
for uli U W. J. COX, Miglii BoIiysr.Tena
- Tennessee.
Mechanical aud Oner.itive Den
tistry, Crown' and Bridge Work,
doue in lest style and at popular
Office over J. T. Joynek's Stork.

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