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The Bolivar Bulletin.
1, C. li. li. TIME TABLE.
Effective Sunday, Dec. 9, 1900.
No. Solth.
25 6.31 p.m.
23 7.45 a.m.
95 local- 9.00 a.m.
No. North.
26... 7.16 a.m.
21 ..9.11 p.m.
94 local..-. ...... 1.55 p.m.
W. A. HOUSE, Agent
We are authoriz-d to announce N. F. Iliwr as a
candidate for Marsnal of the town of Bolivar. Elec
tion, Tuesday, January 22, 1901.
Miss Sara McNeal is in Mem
Mr. John V. Wright, of Sauls
bury, was wi the city Sunday.
Frank Baker has returned from
a visit to relatives in Memphis.
Mr. Thos. Neely is visiting his
parents at the Western Hospital.
Mr. J. I. Irwin of-Grand
Junction, was in the city Wednes
day. Messrs. A. J. Coates and C.
A. Miller visited Nashville this
Mr. G. W. Childress and wife
have moved to their new home,
near Milan.
The "Current History Club"
met with Mrs. Eloise Miller lues
day afternoon.
Mr. L. A. Kenny and family
are occupying the Mask place on
Market Street.
Miss Mary Lou Farley, who is
teaching in Pontotoc, Miss., was in
town this week. ,
Mrs. M. J. Clift, of Memphis,
is visiting her brother, Esquire D.
J. Campbell, of the 5th district.
Rosa Lee Kahn, the three year
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Kahn, of Memphis, died Friday
For Rent or Sale The
Nuckolls Livery Stable Lot.
Bank of Bolivaii.
Mr. T. D, Newbern has return
ed from the Memphis Poultry
Show, where his birds captured a
number of prizes.
Svveeton & Black have just
received another car load of
the celebrated Studebaker
Buggies and Wagons.
Cascade and Paducah Club,
two of the leading brauds manufac
tured. For sale by R.M.Redfeaux,
Coates Block, Dolivar, Tenn.
Mr. Lawrence T. Sammons, a
popular member of the firm of Mor
rison, Sammons & Co., Whiteville,
was in town Monday on business.
Mr. Wiley Price, who has been
visiting relatives in Hardeman for
the past three, weeks, returned Wed
nesday to his home in Italy, Texas.
Dr. S. Dickson will visit Mid
dleton Thursday and Friday, Janu
ary 24th and 25th. Those in need
of dental work are invited to meet
"We return thanks to Dr. Doug
las for a copy of the Sixth Biennial
Report of the Board of Trustees aud
Superintendent of the Western Hos
pital. Mrs. Mary Miller left Wednes
day morning for Memphis to visit
Mrs. Williamson. She was accom
panied as far as Holly Springs by
Mrs. Eloise Miller.
Low rate of interest given
by the Bank to good borrow
ers. Bank of Bolivaii.
pi TiT TrrTr irSfc T'tt'"
Misses Cole, of Arlington,
Lawrence, of Texas, and Arnold, of
Louisiana, have returned to their
homes after-a pleasant visit to Dr.
and Mra. Douglas.
Drs. J. S. Neely and J. D.
Sasser and Mr. J. S. Sasser, three
of the Bulletin's good friends
from Middletou, called last week
and renewed their subscriptions.
Our handsome and jolly old
friend, "Governor" James Ilund-
ley, of Vildo, was in the city 1
Monday. He has recently returned j
from a visit to his brother in Gib-1
son County.
Foe Sale Farm
190 acres; 80 acres in cultivation,
balance timbered with cypress and
willow bottom. Good double-room
.i .. I
dwelling ana two otner settlements, j
also horse gin. Located seven
miles northwest of Bolivar. For
terms and further information ap-
ply to E. V. Hall, Yum Yum,
awards at Pari, 100; Chicago, 18i:i;
New Orleans, 1885. Unbeaten and
Unbeatable! Sold by Skddens &
Co., Bolivar, Term.
The fragile babe and the growing
child are strengthened by White's
Cream Vermifuge. It destroys
worm s gets digestion at work, and
so rebuild?-the body. Price 25 cents
Sold by W. J. Cox.
. Messrs. A R Fulghum, II. M.
Milstead and I. N. Roland have re
cently opened a store at Craines-
ville, under the firm name of A. R.
Fu'irhum & Co. They carry a
stock of general merchandise.
Mr. Joel G. Johnson, one of
Vildo's highly respected and popu
lar citizens, made a visit to Jackson,
Miss., Jast week aud returned with
a bride, to the surprise of his many
friends, who extend congratulations.
Wanted to Buy Rent
Notes, Land Notes.
Bank of Bolivar.
At'the January term of County
Court, B. L. Martin was appointed
administrator of Benagy Martin,
deceased; the will of Robert Polk,
deceased, was probated; Bunyan
Galloway was appointed adminis
trator of W. D. Galloway, deceased.
Prayer service at the Baptist
Church Friday night conducted by
the pastor. Theme Sunday morn
ing, "lne t li st ana 1 wentietnueu-
tury Preacher;" a discussion of the
relision of Christ. Services in the
evemnc also.
All welcome.
J. F. Ray, Pastor.
Mrs. -G. S. Ware entertained
on Monday afternoon the teachers
of St. Katharine's and a few invit
ed friends. Mrs. Ware's "after
noons" are always a source of pleas
ure to those attending. Her rooms
were darkened, brilliantly lighted,
and decorated with ferns. Delicious
refreshments were served.
Dr. 11. W. Tate, County Health
Officer, was called to Mr. Hugh
Wright's place, near Saulsbury,
Monday night to examine a negro
from Mississippi supposed to have
smallpox. The supposition was
well founded and the case was pro
nounced genuine. The negro and
the family with which he lives have
been isolated.
Mrs. John W. Carulhers died
Saturday evening at the residence
of her husband, near the Western
Hospital. Her remains were bur
ied in Union Cemetery Sunday
evening, Rev. "W. M. Norment con
ducting the funeral services. De
ceased was an invalid for several
months before her death. Her suf
ferings were borne patiently and
without a murmur. She leaves a
husband and a little daughter four
years old, who have the sympathy
of many friends.
At a meeting of the Board of
Directors of the Progress Telephone
Company held Tuesday night, the
following members were present:
G. T. Ingram, R. M. Mitchell, F.
S. Luther, G. M. Savage, P. F.
Wilkinson, W. J. Cox, W. T. An
derson. W. J. Cox was reelected
president and F. S. Luther was re
elected Secretary, Treasurer and
General Manager. A dividend of
ten per cent, for the past six months
was declared, payable on or after
January 24th. The company is in
a healthy condition and its business
is steadily increasing.
Pleasant Hill.
The health ofj our community is
very good.
Our school is progressing nicely
under tbe gentle management of
Prof. E. A.'Black.
The Xmas tree at Pleasant Hill
was a grand success and all report a
nice time.
Misses Maggie Lambert and Min
nie Derryberry visited the Misses
Ilillhouse of Cloverport recently.
Mr. J. N. Pirtle has added a new
addition to his residence.
Messrs. J. C. Lambert, G. II. and
A. A. Pirtle visited relatives at
Sharon during the holidays.
Wonder why Alvin Pirtle didn't
ask the girl himself instead of send
ing a note next morning.
Mrs. M. E. Barham and little
daughter, Myrtle, are spending the
week wiih her father's family.
Vh8.e8 "eiuf Aaie' "4
Antioch, spent the day recently
with Misses Lorena and MasrErieLam-
Mr. John Overton and wife, of
Antioch, spent last Sunday with
their sister, Mrs. G. II. Pirtle.
We are glad to report that Mr. I
vesiey Pirtle has made the school '
at cloverport more bright and
pleasant by starting last Mon-
,lay m0rning. Hope that he will
learn rapidly.
.Quarterly court.
i Proceedings January Term.'
To the Honorable County Court of
Hardeman County.
Your Chairman most respectful
ly submits the following report of
tbe financial condition of the Coun
ty on the 1st day of January, 1901:
In hands of Trustee last rejwrt $6,231.60
Collections from all sources since last re
port . . 1,947.29
Disbursements for quarter ending Dec. 31.. 3,361.98
Amount on hand ........ 4,816.91
Amount of warrants Issued during last
quarter 3,132.58
Amount of warrants in hands of Chairman
uncalled for 435.8G
Respectfully submitted,
"W. J. Cox, Chairman.
Commissioners ot the J oor re
port the inmates of the Poor House
taken care of according to contract.
At present there are eleven inmates,
nina white and two colored; dis
charged tince last quarter, three;
received, three; died, one. The
term of William Smith, one of the
Commissioners of the Poor, having
expired, he was reelected for a term
of three years.
It appearing to the court that a
number of persons elected by the
popular vote as Tax Assessors for
the several districts iu Hardeman
County have failed or refused to
qualify as the law directs, the office
was declared vacant and an election
by the court was held, with the fol
lowing result: No. 1, G. W. Tip
ler; No. 3, E. B. Stewart; No. 5,
W. B. Baker; No. 7, W. J. Wheel
er; No. 8, S. D. Jacobs; No. 11, W.
T. Yopp; No. 17, J. S. Looney;
No. lit, P. P. Blassiugame;No. 20,
J. T. Sweeton.
The following were elected con
stables for their respective districts:
No. 1, W. F. Stroup;No. 14 James
M. Nuckolls; No. 15, H. F. Kellar;
No. 1C, J. S. Moody; No. 10, Con
nor Shea.
The Chairman's salary was fixed
at $230.00 per annum; Commission
ers of the Poor, 815.00 per annum
each; Superintendent of Public In
struction, $200.00 per annum; Coun
ty Court Clerk for ex-officio servic
es, $50.00; Sheriff for ex-ofiicio ser
vices, $200.00.
The following order was passed:
"Whereas, it appearing to the
Court, from a petition tiled, that
the Trustee's and County Court
Clerk's offices are badly furnished,
and in their present condition the
officers while working are exposed
to outsiders and annoyed by being
crowded, there being no partition of
any kind behind which tbe officers
can go to protect themselves
and that they have no suitable desks
it is therefore ordered by the
Court that G. T. Ingram, T. M.
Moore and J. A. Wilson, Jr., be
aud they are hereby appointed a
committee to furnish said offices
with suitable desks and that they
have a portion of said offices cut off
or enclosed with wire, such as is
used in euclosing offices, and that
they report to next term of this
S B Powell 25 00
B II Moss 0 00
Andrew Shearin 5 00
William Prince 5 00
J M Avent 119 78
Julius Crawford 3G8 00
G A Black 19 20
J W Eastham - 2 25
Dr L M Bray 20 00
Dr G M Don is
G P Vaughan
Sweeton & Black
J R and W A May field..
S F Nuckolls
J A Foster
5 00
0 00
151 82
73 05
0 00
9 00
0 30
A J Coates
W 11 Gibson
J V Curlin 22 32
R J Pirtle 15 35
J A Wilson, Jr 94 73
J A Barrett 15 GO
John T Morrow .". . . 10 00
J E Smalley 2 00
B V Hudson.
C T Hudson.
11 85
3 00
W J Cox 23 18
C E Robinson
5 00
J R Reaves 1G 00
Brewer & Macon 75
Bolivar Bulletin 21 20
Andrew Johnson 1100
James Bryant.
W B Sammons
Dr P 11 McKinnie
John Bryne
William Collins...
S D Jacobs
J W Phillips
W S Doyle
Arthur Maxwell . . . .x
Racket Store
2 50
5 00
2 50
5 50
4 60
t o
Racket Store 301
Jas K Tate 3 5Q !
T "ji'r"' o -n
Ingram b co L-.'v
II W & R W Tate 5 00.
"Marshall & Bruce Co 77 50
' ----
Of the Public Roads in Hardeman
County. f
In acciirdance with the new Road Law if 1899, we,
the undersigned, will receives sealed bids for' the letting of
all roads in the County up to 12 o'clock M., .February 4th,
1901. No bids will be received later than 12 o'clock on
said day. All work must be done in .accordance with Sec
tions 4 and 5 of the Act creating1 this law. All contractors
will be required to put in six days on the roads as required
bylaw. We reserve the right to reject any and all bids.
Good roads cannot be made without room to build
them, we therefore request
ed upon the roads to move their fences back this winter, so
there will be no obstruction when the work on the roads
begins in the spring. We will do our best this year to im
prove our County Koatls. This January 10, 1901.
Road Commissioner.
B F Murdaugh 23 87
R II Leeper 2 07
J B llerriman 30
Ilerriman and Scott.. ...... 2 05
B F Fulghum : 2 72
W A Breedeu 39 94
W J Milstead 21 10
G II and J N Pirtle.. 18 00
Ed Carter G 50
John Bishop 54 90
Tom and Arthur Clift 45 00
Mrs Mary Franklin 1 07
I II Cross 8 00
Henry Caldwell -r . . . . 9 13
John T Moore 225 75
John Coates 2G 00
Alf McKinnie 11 50
James McKinnie
G 00
7 12
3 GO
1 50
8 10
2 25
4 87
3 00
1 15
William Allen
William Harris
Tom Patrick
Brown McKinnie
Will Vaught
Walter Parker
Frank Newsom
Will Franklin
W M Norment 90 00
J I Fields 25 50
R A Boyd , . 5 75
T A McClarty 9 45
G W Prewitt 4 80
Jas A Black 100 00
T J Kellar 30 60
G M Savage 02 50
Jeff Moody 15 00
James Chandler 4 00
P N Luttrell 22 43
J W McCarter 2 80
J D Sasser, Jr 1 00
N D Sain .. .. .. ' 13 95
James Bryant 33 50
II B Wright.. 30 00
A. J. Coates and J. A. Foster, of
the Finance Committee, report that
they have examined the books, ac
counts and settlements of the Trus
tpp. Cnnntv and CireuitCourtClerks
- ' : j ------ j
and find the same correct. ' I
Wash Jackson, colored, was re-'
leased from poll tax. !
Thomas M. Smith was released
from poll tax and road work. j
The resignation of N. F. Hizer
as Justice of the Peace, from the i
6th district, was offered and accept-1
It is ordered by the court that
the rate of taxation in Hardeman
County for the year 1901, on prop
erty, for road purposes, shall be 10
cents for every $100. For good
and sufficient reasons the tax levy
for other purposes was postponed
until the April term.
Resolutions of Respect.
At a meeting of Bolivar Camp
No. 30, Woodmen of the World, on
Tuesday evening, January 8, 1901,
we your committee appoiuted to
draft resolutions in regard to the
death of Sovereign J. A. Lambert,
beg leave to report as follows:
Whereas, on the morning of Jan
uary 4, 1901, the reaper, Deatb,
took from among us our esteemed
Sovereign, J. A. Lambert; and
whereas, we his surviving Sover
eigns in Camp assembled, desire to
express the esteem in which he was
held, aud our sympathy with his be
reaved family, therefore be it
Resolved, That we bow with
reverence to the will of God, know
ing that he doeth all things right
and feeling assured that our loss is
his gain.
Resolved, That we will cherish
fond remembrance of him, and
that we extend to the bereaved fam
ily our profound sympathies in their
hour of grief, and pray that the
goodness of God may ever be upon
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutions be spread upon the min
utes, a copy furnished each county
paper and a copy sent to his family.
Julius Crawford, )
J. R. Sweeton, Coin.
R. C. Wilkinson, j
all persons who have encroach
Ch'm Co. Court.
Card of Thanks.
I desire to express my heartfelt
thanks and gratitude to my neigh-
bors,and especially to my friends of
the Western Hospital, for the faith
ful and untiring attention shown
my wife during her protracted ill
ness and great suffering.
The blessings of a gracious Prov
idence can only repay such noble,
generous-hearted people for their
many ministrations in acts of kind
ness to myself and wife in the
hours, days and weeks of our sore
aflliclion and deep distress. May
the highest heavenly blessings rest
upon them, for I feel that 1 am un
able to.compensate them in this life
for such unbounded kindness.
J. W. Caruthers.
January 15, 1901.
The properties of Ballard's Snow
Liniment possess a range of use
fulness greater than any other
remedy. A day seldom passes in
every household, especially where
there are children, that it is not
needed. Price, 25 and 50 cents.
Sold by W. J. Cox.
The following is a list of letters
remaining in the Postoffice at Bol
ivar, Tenn., Jan. 15, 1901. If not
called for in 30 days, will be
sent to Dead Letter Office, Wash
ington. John Redd, P. M.
Jennie Anderson Rose E Beach
J Bradshaw
Kisha Benlch
J W Davis 5
James Gibson
II Jpans
Maxie Jones
J C Lowery
Ed Mitchell
P H LeBurg
Jno J Delp
J T Faucett
W B Hall
Mary Jordan
Ben Leney
W T Marsh
Milton McLean
Mrs Nan Newtou Mack Reaves
L A Ray
Lena Scott
Robert Woods
George Ghurcy
G W Willis
Lucie Keres
Reece Hammond Co.
Many a bright and happy house
hold has been thrown into sadness
and sorrow because of the death of
a loved one from a neglected cold.
Ballard's Horehouud Syrup is the
great cure for coughs, colds and all
pulmonary ailments. Price, 25 and
50 cents. Sold by W. J. Cox.
7r Dlwnl 1'uittnn, Scrnfuta, Eczema,
Jfhfitttittti.itn., mul All Jllouil W roil! leu.
The BDtanic Bl.od Bal-n (B. B. D.) treatment for
impure blood and skin disea'se is now rccoji'ir.ed es
a wure and c rtain cure for the mo.t advanced Maues
of cancer, eating sores, i'zena, itching skin humors
stabs or scales, syphilitic blood poison, scrofula
ulcers, persistent eruptions, pi. iplt s, lvoils, aches
and pains in bones, joints or but k, swollen glands,
risings and biitupson the skin rheumatism or ta
lairti, or any form of skin or blood t'issjscs. Men,
wo. nen and children are bfini; c-ted in evoiy state
br ijotunic Blood 1 aim for pur.fyin the blood,
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4're sy.neai, leaving tlio skin free from eruptions,
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sufferer need longer despair, help is at hand. no
matter how man v discouragements you may have
met with, Botan'c ulood raliu (u, u. n.) curs per
manently and quickly. To sat inly the doubters we
will cive to any suHL-rer a tii.il treatment absolute
ly free so tiiat they may test thi.-, wonderful remedy
B. i:. n. (notanic Blood i:almsoM by all drug stores
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pi-r larje lottle. For free tiial trt atun-nt, address
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by using iil.tod Balm. Thoroughly tested for 30
yeais. Sold by W. J. Cox, uolivar, Tenn.
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piles knows how painful and troub
lesome they are. Tabler's Buckeye
Pile Ointment is guaranteed to cure
piles. Price 50
Tubes, 75 cents.
in bottles,
bv W. J.
$5oo HEWAKD.
We will pav the above reward for any case Liver
Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick headache. Indigestion, t
Constipation or costiveness we cannot cure wnn
Liverita, tiie Up-to-dat" Little Liver Pill, wheD
the directions are strictly complied with. Tbey
are purely Veg?table and never fail to give satis
faction. 2oc box-s contain 100 Pills, 10c boxes ion
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substitutions and imitations. Send by mail; stamps
taken. N EliVITA MEDICAL CO., Cor. Clinton
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Cox, Druggist, Bolivar, Teen. june22-ly
- Tennessee.
Mechanical and "Operative Den
tistry, Crown and Bridge Work,
done in best style and at popular
Office ovee J. T. Joyner's Stoke.
The following papers will be sent one
year to any address for the price quoted, cash
in advance. m x m m . h h
Bolivar Bulletin and Home and Farm.. $ LOO
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rier Journal 1.25
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