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ANDERSON, of Virginia, is at present in Washington, D. C, as
Corresponding Secretary of the Higher Educational League, of
that city. Cured of la grippe by Peruna.
I 43 Corresponding Secretary of the
! 2 Higher Educational League, writes
k lJ I from "Astoria," Washington, L.
& 3 fi C, the following:
"About two months ago I was taken
'?y ill with la grippe and was obliged
tc o to bed. I took three bottles of
Peruna with very beneficial results,
and was able to leave my bed in a
week and regained my usual strength
very soon.
I have nothing but praise for Peru
na and recommend it to those simi
larly afflicted whenever I can."
Frances M. Anderson.
La grippe is, strictly speaking, epidemic
catarrh that is to say, a variety of acute
catarrh which is so contagious and runs a
course more or less definite, the same as
ncarlet fever, whooping cough, etc.
During the acute stages- of la grippe it is
not a very fatal disease, but the condition
in which it leaves the system has- caused the
death of a countless number.
Indeed nearly every person who has had
la grippe within the last three years finds
himself more or less deranged by the per
nicious effects of this disease. The major
ity of those who have escaped death find
life scarcely w )rth living.
If this vast multitude of people could only
know with what certainty Peruna would
relieve them of all the bad effects which la
grippe has brought upon them, what an un
told amount of suffering could be averted!
Thousands have already heard how quick-
1.. j mi ii 7. j
iy mis remeuy wiu cure in mese caaes ami
have been saved; but tens of thousands have I
not yet heard, and continue to suffer on,
dropping into the grave one bv one.
Peruna cures catarrh in ail stages and va
rieties, whether acute or chronic, and is
therefore the most effective remedy ever de
vised lor removing ail the derangements
which iollow la grippe.
Samuel M. York writes from Union
Grove. Ala., the followins letter:
Dear Sir: '"Last week I was taken witn
la grippe and catarrhal deafness. I wrote
you for advice and followed your direc
tions. After taking two bottles of Peruna
I found myself well of la grippe, and my
hearing was fully restored. My health ia
better than it has been in five years.
"My wife improved in health very much
after taking Peruna." Samuel M. York.
Miss Caroline J. Kahl, Otisco, Ind., writes
as tollows:
Three years I had la grippe and
pulmonary trouble. I was very sick.
I had hemorrhages of the lungs nearly
evrey day tor a year, and three bottles
of your Peruna cured me. The doctor
said I had consumption. I am now in
better health than I have been for
many years.
"I highly recommend Peruna to all my
neighbors and friends. Peruna is my favor
ite medicine. I shall al ways have Peruna in
the house. Miss Caroline J. Kahl.
If you do not derive prompt and satisfac
tory results from the use of Peruna, write at
once to Dr. liartman, giving a tun statement
of your case and he will be pleased to give
you bis valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of The
liartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
Dr. Bull s Bough Swrui
Cures Hacking Coughs, Sore L.ungs, Grippe, Pneumonia
and Bronchitis In a lew days. Why then risk Consumption?
Get Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. Don't be imposed upon. Re
fuse the dealer's substitute, it is not as good as Dr. Bull's.
Salvation Oil cures Rheumatism and all Pain. Price. 15 and 25 cents.
"NQwRivsii, " ' Lender' and "Repeater 99
Insist upon having them, take no others and you will get the best shells that money cu bay.
Two hundred bushels of po
tatoes remove eighty pounds
of "actual "Potash from the
soil. Unless this quantity
fitk is returned to the soil,
iB: the following- crop will
S25i.Rjb materially decrease
The Memphis Meeting- Will Be tho
Largest Ever Held.'
The People of the Bloff City "Will See to
It That the Old Soldiers Are Royally
Entertained Names of Some of
Those Who "Will B Present.
We have books telling about
composition, use and value of
fertilizers for various crops.
lney are sent tree.
93 Nassau St.,
New York.
1S. MeT" fc'iiiriJItr V Till iJDmltm.
I r r i in
Genuine stamped C C C Never sold In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
"something just as good."
VS :9S?'K T3IAI in your own home. a
4? :-tiir''- furnish the penuine and
. v- .J ai unm i aw mi hi cdiit
tSi w SsTTV S 10 UJ reader of tni paper.
-S CMltposUlwirasrutea. COSTS
With most all ether treatments. Core whem all other !
trl belts, sopllaaces aa nmcdira falL rillCK CURE OT
more than oUaiJmer.ts. OiXI SL BEt i KK lor all nervous
diseases, weaknesses hnd disorders. For complete
cla.iurue, rut tlii ad. out and ma.il to us.
Little Liver PiUs,
Must Bear Signature of
5ee Pac-Slmlle Wrapper Below.
Tery sbI1
to take
and as eaay
untaxed Aataral Iit.rTobatCt direct from
crower. in nu ana iuu noun a boxes. Chcw
Id(T SO pound. Smoking l&e pound. Ko xxx1
j. ik v;orresponaence FO'.iciTpn. KWIXo
(Glenraven Plantation), GLEXHAVE.V, Tenc.
I if Refers by permission to any National ila.i
at Nashville. Teuuessett.
Memphis, Tenn., Jan. 14. The re
union of Confederate veterans which
will take place in this city May 29tb,
30th and Slst, promises to be the great
est in the history of the Confederate
organization, and will mark the gather
ing- of more old soldiers than ever took
place since the flag of the Confederacy
was furled forever at Appomatox and
on the plains of Texas. Memphis is
pecularly well situated for the great
event. It is in the heart of the South.
It is equi-distant from Texas and Vir
ginia and all of the other States east
and west of the Mississippi river that
gave their sons to the Iost Cause from
1861 to 18C5. Memphis lealizes the fact
that her greatest achievement is before
her. The ex-Confederates of this city
and adjoining territory are keenly in
terested in the success of the reunion.
and every citizen of Memphis feels it
to be his patriotic duty to lend a help
ing hand toward making the coming
sojourn of the survivors of the great
est army that ever faced a foe a thing
of pleasure and comfort.
The city is working on the principle
that nothing is too good for the old
soldier. The commercial men of the
city realize the fact that nothing can
be done without money. The finance
committee, composed of many of the
most active men of the city, has already
gone to work. This committee wiil not
be satisfied, with anything lesa than
50,000, and it is understood that if
8100,000 are needed to entertain the
visitors the amount will be forthcoming.
One of the first contributors to the fund
was a gallant Federal soldier. Captain
Sam S. Brown, of Pittsburg, Pa., who
cheerfully writes that everything pos
sible should be done for the comfort of
the visitors, and expresses himself as
keenly appreciating their valor, and
quaintly closes his letter by saying that
he sends S500 to help keep the "pot
a-boilin,'" and that if his friends in
Memphis require more, then more will
be forthcoming-.
The finance committee has thoroughly
brought its affairs into system under
the able direction of A. 11. Pickett,
editor and proprietor of the Evening
Scimitar, himself a son of a g-allant
Confederate soldier. This committee.
says Mr. Pickett, will have every dol
lar necessary for the occasion. The
work of the other committees is alsa
being thoroup-hly mapped out. It is
the intention that the railroads shall
be prevailed upon to make extra
ordinary low rates from all points
from Washington City in the East to
El Paso, Texas, in the West. It must
be said that the general officers of all
the railroads in the South and of the
northern railroads having branches iu
the southern territory, have, many of
them, expressed their intention of
most heartily co-operating in every way
that will tend to make the reunion a
success, it is intended that the vet
erans shall be properly looked after
when they arrive. A special committee
for this purpose, composed of some of
the best men and women of Memphis,
has already been appointed and is ac
tively at work. A bureau of comfort
will be established. A corps of physi
cians have been pressed into service and
all of the details that will be conducive
to the well being of those visitors upon
whom the burden of years presses
harder and harder will be carefully ar
ranged. It is the intention that no
soldier, whether he wore the general's
stars, the sergeant's chevron, or bore a
musket as a private, shall be neglected.
A committee for the selection of
quarters, one for publia halls, one for
hotels, one for parade, one for music,
one for transportation, one for horses
and saddles and one for the entertain
ment of sponsors and specially invited
guests, have been appointed. A general
reception committee, headed by Mayor
Williams, has already been formed. It
is composed of representative citizens.
At the reunion the few of the
surviving generals who led the hosts
of the Confederacy through all the
bloody days that marked the course of
the war, from Sumpter until the early
spring- of 'C5, will be present. Gordon,
the Chevalier Bayard of Georgia, will be
here. And Gordon, one of the young
est generals of the war, he of Ten
nessee, who rode over the breastworks
of the enemy on the bloody field of
Franklin, will receive the Georgian of
the same name. Forrest sleeps in Elm-
wood cemetery of this city, but the
survivors of his command who are liv
ing will see to it that those who fol
lowed him and are now scattered from
the rolling waters of the James to the
chapperals beyond San Jacinto, lack no
attention and want for no comfort when
they come to the city that was the
home of their peerless leader who lay
down his sword, accepted the issue of
the war and devoted his declining years
to the building up of his own ruined
fortunes and rehabilitating the land he
loved so well.
Simon Bolivar Buckner, now four
score and ten, who rests at Clen Lily,
in the evening of his life, will be here.
And Cabell, of Texas, "Old Tige," one
of the bravest men that ever faced a
bullet of a foe, will come and greet
Wheeler and Lee, veterans of two wars.
Stephen D. Lee, of Mississippi,
soldier, educator and gentleman, will
meet "Red" Jackson of Tennessee.
And the men who fought under Forrest
knew Jackson. Wade Hampton, the
beau sabreur of the Army of Virginia,
patrician and wise councillor in the
halls of the nation, will come from his
home in the Savannahs of Carolina and
meet the gallant Moorman of Louis
iana, and mingle with the men from
Missouri who fought with Price and
Brave men love brave men. A com
mittee has been appointed to visit
Washington and confer with President
McKinley, himself, a gallant soldier,
and ask him as the president of the
mightiest nation on earth, to lend his
presence and show of the world that in
the dawn of the twentieth century this
nation stands united, one for all and all
for one- '
Unreasonable Expectations
A lady who was unfamiliar with th
treeta of New York was much confused by
the jargon used by a car conductor. When
she thought she must have arrived near her
destination the conductor poked his head
into the car and said: "UmDtv bazazas!"
What street did you say?" demanded the
passenger. "Ulty-umpth! said the con
ductor. Much annoyed the lady from the
suburbs went out on the platform and re
buked the conductor for his careless use of
the vocal organs. He only glared at her and
said: "What do you expect for $3 a week!
A. tenor solo?" N. Y. Sun.
I do not believe Piso'a Cure for Consump
tion has an equal for coughs and colds.
John F. Boyer, Trinity Springs, lnd., Feb.
15. 1900. -
Sherlock Holmes.
"What will vou trimme on this?" asked
the musician. '
The Dawnbroker took the battered tuba.
fingered the keys, noticed the wire netting
across the big end and asked:
bay. does a feller have much fun trav-
elin' with them one-night burlesque com
panies: Indianapolis Press.
Dte3 colors more goods than any other dye
and colors them better too. Bold by all
Rather Ancient.
Criteek "That western Napoleon of
finance whom you have written up in to
day a paper must be a man of enroumous
rJditor Whv:
"You say, 'He is reputed to have made
J.000,000 in as manv years.' " PhiladelDhia
To Core a Cold In One Day-
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists' relund money if it fails to cure.
He "I've lost a wealthy aunt." She
'By death?" "No. Her neice lilted me."
Town Topics.
Instead of buying- an article you do not
need of an agent pay what you owe. Atchi
son Globe.
Drorsv treated free bv Dr. H. H. Green'a
Sons, of Atlanta, Ga. The greatest dropsy
pecialista in the world. Read their adver
tisement in another column of this paper.
Know thyself, by all means: this is an ac-
auaintance which never ripens into love.
Detroit Journal.
I To Abolish th. Wnlpplna; Post.
The law makers are wrangling over th
abolition of the whipping post, ine man
who succeeds in passing such a bill, will
prove as great a benefactor to the breaker of
man's laws as llostetter's Stomach Bitters
has to the breaker of nature s laws. If
you've neglected your stomach until indi
gestion, constipation, biliousness, liver ana
kidney troubles are upon you, there's but
on? cure, llostetter's Stomach Bitters.
Don t fail to try it for la grippe.
'See here!" exclaimed the shopper, ex
citedly, "there's- a man just dropped dead in
mat Dargam crusn:
"How inopportune!" cried the floor walk
er. "We have not yet opened our under
taking department." Philadelphia Press.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
tem when entering it through the mucous
surfaces. Such articles should never be used
except on prescriptions from reputable
physicians, as the damage they will do is
otten ten told to tne good you can possibly
derive from them. -IlaH's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo,
O., contains no mercury, and is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. In buying
rial! s Catarrh Cure be sure vou eet the gen
uine. It is taken internally, and made in
Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testi
monials Iree.
Sold by Druggists, price 75c per bottle.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Dickerman 'There's one thing that pui-
sies me.
Rawley "And. nrav. what is that?"
"How it happens that the new woman
is generally not a very young one. Boston
Iranscnpt. i
The Best Prescription for Chills
and Fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinins
in a tasteiess form. No cure no pay. Tice,
On Ohio man aged 112 years is threatened
with nervous prostration. lis physician at
tributes it to the excessive use of tobacco
during the last 97 year.
, If you want "good digestion to wait upon
your appetite" you should always chew a
bar ot Adams l'epsin l utti x rutti.
A feast fit for a king is not always fit for
a man who has to work tor a living. .Fuck.
'I"!HW",T !,""H,J 1 ''! '" "I1" I'" 'I '!T ""I1 ii'"ir!HMn.'iiiii ih.ii; "pi n' wi 'v '. i mi.i. i iw 11 , ' nmni i i .
a "i '
This picture tells its own story of sisterly affection. The
older girl, just budding into womanhood, has suffered great
ly with those irregularities and menstrual difficulties which
sap the life of so many young women.
Ijydia E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound can
always be relied upon to restore health to women who thus
suffer. It is a sovereign cure for the worst forms of female
complaints, that bearing-down feeling, weak back, falling
and displacement of the womb, inflammation of the ovaries,
and all troubles of the uterus or womb. It dissolves and
expels tumors from the uterus in the early stage of develop
ment and checks any tendency to cancerous humors. It
subdues excitability, nervous prostration, and tones up tho
entire female system.
Could any thing provo mora clearly tho ef
ficiency of Mrsm PSnkham's Medicine than tho
following strong statement of Grace Stansbury?
" Dear Mrs. Pixkham : I was a sufferer from female weakness for
about a year and a half. I have tried doctors and patent medicines, but
nothing helped me. I underwent the horrors of local treatment, but re
ceived no benefit. My ailment was pronounced ulceration of the womb.
1 suliered from intense pains In the womb and
ovaries, and tho backache was dreadful. I had
leucorrhoea in its worst form. Finally, I grew so
weak I had to keep my bed. " The pains were so
hard as to almost cause spasms. When I could
endure the pains " longer, I was given morphine.
My memory grew ,nort and I gave up all hope of
getting welL Thas I dragged along. To please
my sister I wrote to Mrs. Pinkham for advice. Her
answer came, but meantime I was taken worse
and was under the doctor's care for a while.
After reading- Mrs, Pinkham's letter, I con
cluded to try her medicine. After taking- two
bottles I folt much better; but after using six
bottles I was cured. All of my friends think my
cure almost miraculous. I thank you very much
for. your timely advice and wish you prosperity
in your noble work, for surely it is a blessing- to
V 1, J 1 J J 1 XI w .
l nave iuu unu compieie iaim in tne Lyuia
a. --!
V r Mi; - . 5 J
Vgetable Preparationfor As
similating theFoodandBcgula
ling HiBStomacbs andBowels of
L JlJ llaJ.yr'JJl,JlJl'.JspBSMJssp?-
Promotes Digestion,Cheerfur
nes s and Res t .Con tain s neither
CtawraIciitdun.e nor llincraL
JP&m Seal'
Chvifod Super
Aperfecl Remedy forConstlpa
Tion, Sour St0upch,Diarrfoca
and Loss OF SLEEP.
Tac Simile Signature of
1 1 5a
r - S
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
: Always Bought
Bears the
,of .
For Over
Thirty Years
tmi ckpttau R eesnuit. mkw vowk out.
'Tjf Ajffm'
lave Tooi Mr with
broken-down women.
12. Pinkham Vegetable Compound." Gbace B. Stansbubt
Vy Visa
Owing to the fact that some skeptical
people have from time to time questioned
the genuineness of the testimonial letters
we are constantly publish ictr. we have
deposited with the National City Bank, of Lynn, Mass., $5,000,
which will be paid to any person who will show that the above
testimonial is not g-eouine, or was published before obtaining the
writer's special permission. LYSLa K. fWSSAM Medicinb Co.
a . 1 vi a
ti VVV
For 14 Gcnis
W. Kan tb. fouovinf rar. Md Br.Kia.
lkg.BlM BJm4 TmuK Bm4, S ,
BMHriumiNH, .11
Ham.'. FaTwrtf Outn 8.., .10
EaanltCnMCKubwtwL .10
City eanUa BmI Bmd, .10
S-Dr Radiak 8m4, .jo
u UI.IirtlLiUmsMl, .(
BriUlaal Flawar 64, .it
Worth $1.00
A bar. 10 paekaf. rar. bot.IUm v. will
nail ym fra, togetliar with ear gnat
lUutrsted Seed Catalog, tailing ail about
Palzer. Billion Dollar Crass
AIm Choice Onloa Seed, titfe. a IK
Together with thooand of aarlieat vega.
table and farm Med, upon reoelpl oflaa.
and t Kl. notice. When one. yon plant
Salter. Seed yon will never do without.
And light dressings of CUTICURA," purest of
emollient skin cures. This treatment at once
stops falling hair, removes crusts, scales, and
dandruff, soothes irritated, itching surfaces,
stimulates the hair follicles, supplies the roots
with energy and nourishment, and makes the
hair grow upon a sweet, wholesome, healthy
scalp when all else fails.
Assisted by CuTiCURA OnrrMEVr, for preserving, purifying, and beautify
ing the skin, for cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the
stopping of falling hair, for softening, whitening, and healing red, rough,
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poses of the toilet, bath, and nursery. Millions of Women use Cuticura
Soap in the form of baths for annoying irritations, inflammations, and
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gest themselves to women and mothers. . No amount of persuasion can
induce those who have once used these great skin purifiers and beautifiers,
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Ingredients, and the most refreshing of flower odors. No other medicated
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Complete External and Internal Treatment for Every Humor.
vudwiu ui uuiiuuu or iwc1, w ciennse me seih OI cruets ssS
scales and soften tho thickened cuticlo; Cuticura Ointment (50-c),
to Instantly allay Itching, inflammation, and irritation, and soothe and
heal ; and Cuticuka REf-oi.TEjrr (50c.), to cool and cleanse the blood.
SMfya ,nvi m ejf.'wug-iy f v.ir.'rP'' ?!' '1 I .. , aciLn obt ts onen sumcient to cure tne most torturlni?, dlHtijrurlnK.
.VJ-PS 2-SZZS?AiZmil. 1 TUC CCT C j OC ltchin bunjlnsr. and scaly skin.. dp. and blood hn mow wiUltoss S
ifcaJ ' kJT I N.III4. Vllnli i?ItW hvlr.-wten all else falls. Sold tarougaou the world.
The Iand ofBIg Red Apples Is the title of
sb attractive ana aigniy interest ing- oooc recently
Issued. This book is handsomely Illustrated with
views of Couth Missouri scenery. Including; tbe
famous Olden fruit farm of 8.000 acres in Howell
County. It pertains entirely to fruit raising- In that
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tne osarss, ana win prove oi great value, not only
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seeker In other States looking for a farm ana a
Home, this book wHi he mailed rree. address
J. E. LOtRWOOD. Kansas City, Uh
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Free Dr. H. H. GREEN'S SOUS, Box I, Atlanta, Ua.
A. N. K. F
please state that you saw the A.dwerttse
meat la this paper.
SM Lull
a av 1
nntr.t all LLZt tAiLO.
Beet Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. TJse
in time, fold by d--aff8-l!ta.

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